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Chaturbate is 70 to 80 percent bot traffic.

And worse, if you're not paying Chaturbate money to play you don't get to work with their producers (who are also bots) so Chaturbate can recycle your performance and make your 50% earnings back tenfold on their multiple pay-per-view sites.

This bigoted site hires I.T. to, basically, %&$# with people every step of the way. Sometimes, Chaturbate I.T. interact with the models in a variety of emotionally coercive ways. But, mostly, they tweak the AI.

Those who've not paid Chaturbate for 'promotion' will be continually subjected to a host of automated scenerios. The most popular of these scenerios is to load Chaturbate bots into a models room and program bots to either linger in their room forevor or flea when unpromoted models attempt to engage the bot.

The irony of it is that these bots 'subscribe' to 'non-promoted' models. That they would flea when greeted by the models is but one use of Chaturbates crowning tool. Agitation.

Chaturbate uses agitaion to get models to change what they're doing, get them to do what Chatubate wants them to do and give Chaturbate money to promote them.

Sadly, doing things Chaturbate likes is simply futile unless accompanied with payoffs.

Yes, models must pay Chaturbate to work.

When models pay Chaturbate to work they will have hundreds to thousands of people in their rooms. The percentage of bots which occupies those numbers is dependent on how compliant models are to the dictates of Chaturbate.

Lovense lush toy? Check.

Garments bought from Amazon? Check.

Dark Chocolate Electro Pouncer? Check.

And so on.

My reason for writing this is simple. If you're thinking of becoming a model you will be treated like garbage on Chaturbate.

It is a lose lose situation.

Pay to play and you lose money you make, as Chaturbate makes back your half of the earnings tenfold on their pay-per-view sites, while destroying your enjoyment of sex.

Choose to grow organically and you will be psychologically demoralized, mocked and/or exploited by Chaturbate I.T. -- or simply subjected to layers of automated de-incentivization, while being ocassionally used for video productions which Chatubate will sell endlessly on pay-per-view video sites.

It should be noted that the latter strategy immediately qualifies you as a 'customer' to be used to sold things to on the platform, so that (while your being algorithmically bulllied), bots of pay-to-play models will make their way in and out of your non-existent room.

Yes, Chaturbate take pride in their honesty. Their platform gives everyone an opportunity to succed and effort is rewarded well.

So they say.

Update by Ghost5228
Oct 24, 2023 1:25 pm EDT

Chatroulette is run by ruthless horrible people. The horny imbeciles who dominate the site are ripe for being exploited and, unfortunately, good people like ourselves get caught in the crosshairs.

We just want to go on the site and meet some people and talk, yet we find ourselves in the middle of a wannabe video Tinder where grown horny men are treated like children -- encouraged to talk to each other through the encouragement of accumulating 'quids' which (no matter how many they collect) will neither make them Featured Members (as all females are) nor insure that they won't get banned for no reason.

This BS site has the nerve to ban you for no reason then, presuming you think with your delusional penis, ask for your GMail so the Russian Racketeers can gleam your personal information before banning you and asking you for $7.99 to get back on.

Andrew Ternovskiy, you should know better.

You've employed crappy AI to bully grown adults around for profit as you harvest money and personal information from them.

What a lowdown scummy thing to do.

You and your fellow sleazeballs -- Andrew G Jacamone, Andreas Koestler, Andrew Done, Jack Berglund and public relations madame 'Eva Bottana' -- add nothing to culture, humanity and well-being.

In fact you subtract all of these things from the world through your abuse and coercive practices.

Think you're so cool, 'Eva', for sending me a bunch of Russian Code when I requested that you unban me for standing up?

Well, great, now I'm writing this review to tell the world how barbaric and abusive Chatroulette are to people.

Want to do something noble? Stop incentivizing men to use the site as a Dating App and and start incentivizing intelligent conversationalists, like myself.

When you treat us like petulant children (who's only purpose is to be coerced and exploited in the most literal of senses) you show your true colors as human beings.

My verdict? You're all horrible people and your company, Chatroulette, should be banned from the Internet for emotionally abusing people, extorting money from them and harvesting their information.

It's clearly apparent you are awful people who have zero regard for those you share the planet with, no matter how hard you would try to convince us (or yourselves) otherwise.

Your site is little more than a Scam, a grotesque Farm for syphoning money and information from people you gather within it's fence under false pretenses.

In a righteous world you would all be stripped of your clothes and publicly flogged in global town squares, so we can all enjoy the absolute vindication of your suffering.

Stop this and stop this now. Seriously.

It's wrong on so many levels.

Thank you.

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Palm Beach, Florida, US
Oct 31, 2023 5:24 pm EDT
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Christ! Anyone can post any delusional BS here. There is no way that chatter bait is spending any money reviewing any of this crap. What a waste of time this was for me

Nov 01, 2023 5:24 pm EDT

The review is spot on. This review doesn't sound so 'delusional' if you've ever worked for Chaturbate. They do, in fact, allow this to happen and anybody who has worked in Big Tech would tell you: 'it would be surprising if they did not'. Unfortunately Greed has come to define all traffic / influencers

, US
Oct 26, 2023 6:42 pm EDT
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