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Application 04-03-2022

10 Gore street, Forest, Ontario

N0N 1J0

Dear Sir / Madam:

My name is Constantin Crintea and I am the owner of the Hyundai Elantra Gt vehicle with registration number CEWC-569 and chassis series KMHD25LHOFU250944:

I hereby inform you that since 2019 I have been maintaining the vehicle mentioned above at one of your service stations, namely the one located at 84 Union St, Forest, ON, N0N 1J0.

This can be easily verified given the history of maintenance work for the vehicle in question.

The purpose of this letter is to repair a fault that appeared in your service, after it was worked on the exhaust system.

The defect consists in the occurrence of a major oil consumption (about 4 liters per 1000 kilometers traveled). I discovered this consumption as a result of a trip between Forest and Gatineau on February 28, 2022.

To keep it short, at the destination Gatineau, the engine stopped abruptly, appearing on board the fault code engine. Not knowing what was going on and benefiting from a Canadian Tire towing card, I called a towing platform to drive the car to the Canadian Tire service in Gatineau. The service found that there was a very small amount of oil in the engine oil bath as well as a low level of coolant. It took 4 liters of oil for the level to return to normal, as shown in the documents attached.

Please find attached this invoice and the details of the work performed at the Canadian Tire unit in Gatineau at: 355 boul de la Carriere, Gatineau QC J8Y 6W4

This defect found in Gatineau occurred, as I said earlier, as a result of a work to change the exhaust system of the vehicle, work which was made in Forest at your unit and we attach to this the supporting documents.

In addition, inspections were carried out at the Gatineau service to detect the area where the lubricant was leaking, but no traces of oil leaks were found. We are able to consider that these oil leaks are made on the exhaust gas route because the gas smell is not normal and due to the fact that there are no visible traces of oil leaks.

Please note that before this operation the oil level was maintained at the appropriate level, from oil exchange to oil exchange, without the need for additional fillings.

As a result, we hereby request a thorough inspection of the joint surface between the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold where cracks usually appear when proper maintenance is not performed correctly and if defects are found to be remedied.

I mention that this is the only car that my family owns in Forest and our home is somewhat far from the daily activities.

As a result, we need the vehicle to function properly in good condition.

We look forward to hearing from you

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