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Canadian Tiresecurity at canadian tire

I would like to bring into attention to the GM of Canadian Tire. The security at the Canadian tire store in Edmonton South region who manages it is a total flop and a crooked one. I have seen it and worked it, the manager never seems to be on time, and never trains the employees. One day he quits and after 2 weeks he comes back. HOnestly just look at the record of how many shoplifters they have apprehended in the last 3 months, i won't be surprised if they have caught a single one. The south common store is a huge one but the guys who work and do manage don't care a penny. They watch movies and manager just come and walk around for few minutes and leave. INfact the manager harasses that if you don't work on the off day, he will fire you. i would say the company CASI security is a scam and they are ripping CAnadian Tire big time.

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    Canadian Tireauto shop

    Hi there,

    I have a concern which needs to be addressed recently I purchased 4 tires from Whitby North Canadian tire (4100 garden street) where I was provided with tire bags to pack my tires in my car to prevent my car from getting dirty. I went to another Canadian tire in Scarborough Cedebrea mall 3553 lawrence east a week later to buy 4 more tires from another car and asked for tire bags the sales reps indicated that they are not allowed to give tire bags! I find this a bit rediculous and poor customer service that I cannot get a bag for tires that are dirty that I purchased why would I want to put dirty tires in my car? I even offered to buy tire bags just so I can bag the dirty tires. I received garbage bags which barely fit my tires however I am concern with the lack of curtesy and poor customer service experience I have encounter and I will definetely reconsider when shopping at Canadian tire after this incident.

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      Canadian Tirei'm complaint about 2 cashiers.

      Hi I came in the morning to buy a few products . My receipt say Canadian tire # 118
      Trans # 39
      Operator #114
      Time of purchase 9:58
      Products viva pet 8 roll and cttnl ultra 24d
      Total 24.84
      My complaint is I put my daughter in the car cart to shopping in . I didn't see the recent sign and the seat belts .( my overlook) we were shopping and the entire way threw the store the employees never said anything to me about it or bothered me . As soon as o got to the cashier . The first register cashier said that because another child got hurt it requires every child to wear a seat belt ( which I entirely understand ) but she scolded me as if I was a 10 year old child in front of other customers . So then my cashier proceed to bark in and I told her I understand about other parents not paying attention and it's not canadian tires fault . I just wanted to pay for my stuff and leave well then she proceed to to scold me like a child as well . So I paid for stuff and my daughter went to ask for a stick and I proceeded to tell my daughter not to bother with it let's just go ( because I'm embarassed at this point ) and the cashier proceeds to yell and tell me ya that's a really good example . ( even more embarassing) i shop a lot at canadian tire( in the last 2 months I've spent over 2100 dollars there on summer products ) and would prefer to buy there but after this I will be going to the rona across the street and spending my money there instead.

      i'm complaint about 2 cashiers.

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        May 08, 2019

        Canadian Tire — garage door opener installation service

        We ordered two garage door opener installation service for my two garage doors of my new house, April 2019...

        Canadian Tireexpress terminal 7 not reading chip credit cards on 650 erb st w, waterloo, on n2t 2z7


        I tried 3 times to make a payment at express terminal 7 on Canadian Tire Gas station located 650 Erb St W, Waterloo, ON N2T 2Z7, it kept giving card read error.

        I filled gas and went inside to make a payment, there were two employees inside and one was dealing with one customer and other one kept busy while knowing that customer is waiting in que to be helped.

        I made a complain about card reader not being able to read my card, with multiple tires buy cleaning the card with tissue.

        The response from one of the employee was we can't guarantee 100% operation they are electronics machines.

        I was expecting that they will say, yes we will check it make make sure it is fully functional.

        Later I found out that person as per her statement, Assistant Manager Christy.

        I expect better customer support.


        express terminal 7 not reading chip credit cards on 650 erb st w, waterloo, on n2t 2z7
        express terminal 7 not reading chip credit cards on 650 erb st w, waterloo, on n2t 2z7

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          Canadian Tirecanadian tire-deerfoot city calgary.

          I'm writing about Brianna, she was handling exchanges and returns on Monday May 6th. I had purchased two bags of potting mix along with other items on May 5th. I went to return the soil and she told me that there was only one charge for the soil. I was confused and looked at the receipt and she refunded the money for one soil. Because I was the one who held the both bags in my cart while cashier scanned it the day before, I was sure that she might have charged me something else so I wanted to take a look at the receipt to look if I recognized the charges on the receipt. I handed one packet to her and took one packet of soil and stood on the side of the counter so me and my brother can take another look at the receipt. She called the manager and accused that we were going to run off with the packet of soil. She made a huge deal out of it. When the manager (Chris) arrived, he was all confused too. He kind of understood what we were trying to do. It was humiliating and she never apologized. I understood that its her job to be careful. However, if we wanted to steal the soil why would we bring it to the store to return it and why would be stand for 5 minutes after getting the refund if we were trying to run off. I even told the manager to check the security footage from the day when we purchased the soil, it wasn't our fault that the cashier didn't scan both packets. We are a regular customers at canadian tire and it was so humiliating what happened today. It might not sound a big deal to you but it is to us. We are honest people and I request that this should be brought in attention to the cooperate and to the store and I would like a sincere written apology. I can provide all the receipts and strongly suggest to check the security footage. I can be contacted at [protected]@gmail.com. I sincerely request that you look into it.

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            Canadian Tirevehicle towed away from parking lot waiting to be safetied

            I am not sure of the Date when this started but here how it starts.
            I brought my 2000 GMC pick up truck to the Canadian Tire store on the corner of Rogers rd. and highway number 2 in Cobourg to have it certified. I never had the ownership yet so I left it in the parking lot until I get the ownership.
            A few weeks went by and still no ownership so I went into the store to explain the truck being there. I explained everything to a gentleman (Colin) behind the counter. He suggested we fill out a job/shop sheet with a phone number and my name on it so they knew why it was there. I though it was a great idea so we did that.
            About a month later I went to pick up my truck and explain to Colin I still don't have the ownership so I was just going to take it home until I do. Well to my surprise my truck was gone, not there anymore. So I went to speak to the manager who had a tow truck company come in and take a few vehicles away including my truck. I asked him where my truck was. He told me where it was and he was extremely rude to me from the beginning. I told him I want him to bring it back and asked him why he had it towed away. He told me that the truck was sitting there too long and he also said he doesn't allow vehicles to sit there over night or he will charge a daily fee??? I told him I had a work order open on it through Colin with my name and number on it. No one called me with any concerns about my truck being there. So I left to see where my truck was.
            When I found my truck I noticed right away that my $2000.00 polished aluminum tool boxes in my box of truck are gone. So now I am really furious and went back to speak to that manager. I told him my tool boxes were missing at first he lied to me and said it's not his concern he knew nothing about it. So then I told him that I know some one who works at his store and saw a mechanic remove them and take them. The manager then changed his tune and called some one on his phone. Obviously the guy who stole my three truck bed boxes. When the manager got off the phone he told me that the boxes will be reinstalled on my truck the following morning. I then told him I want him to get my truck back because now there is a towing fee and now daily fees which are up and around $200.00 by now I'm sure. He refused and said it's my responsibility. So what gives him right to do what he did and authorize a mechanic to steal my truck bed boxes? I only hope the brand new battery was still in it. The truck is still in the impound accruing daily charges and the towing fee. I want my truck back now and this manager should pay for it all because he made the wrong decision that day not to mention how rude he treated me when I have spent thousands and thousands of money in that same store. I want something done or I am seeing a lawyer. I wish not to but this was wrong. Thank you
            Craig MacAusland

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              • Om
                Omeomya May 06, 2019

                Why would you leave expensive tools in a truck you abandoned in a parking lot? That's on you. Secondly, you left it parked there for far too long. You needed to get it certified, why didn't you make an appointment to have that done? Why didn't you have the ownership? Was this car actually yours? Was it stolen? If it was missing, you could VERY easily go to the Service Ontario Office. It is JUST next to the mall in Cobourg - you can walk to it from Canadian Tire. Your car was there for over 2 months. Of COURSE they towed it.

                Good luck seeking out a lawyer who will take your case. You have none. You abandoned a vehicle that you can't even prove was yours in the parking lot of a store. They have every right to remove it at your expense. There are signs in the parking lot that state this.

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              May 05, 2019

              Canadian Tire — mastercraft table saw

              I purchased a mastercraft table saw which was a defect product. The roving blade did not align. The customer...

              Grande Prairie

              Canadian Tirereturn policy

              Went to your store in pa sask to return a 1/2 breaker bar... They wanted photo id I forgot it in my other pants I did have the receipt of course and 2 days old... Nope would do anything about it... Something about fraud and perhaps I had a friend return it for me... Wth?? I will help canadian tire stop fraud and shop somewhere else... I get my parts online rock auto save money and no rude service!:) my last parts order I saved half price. I did my very best to help those people... It was like they were npc's very strange. I swear I will never spend another dollar in those stores... Period! Shop online!:)
              Princess auto for tools... Nice people over there

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                Canadian Tire[protected] sc 26"1800 m

                I booked an adults bike from CT Agincourt on Thursday 25th April 2019 and paid for it upfront and was told it would be assembled and ready for pickup next day (26-Apr-2019). The customer service person from the sports section said that the bike is available in store but not assembled, the assembly staff will come in the next day (26-Apr-2019) and I can come in to pick up the bike the next day after making payment to the customer care section. After making the payment upfront, the customer care lady asked me to come in the next day to her and collect the assembled bike.
                When I went to pick up bike day after the next day (27-Apr-2019), they said it is not assembled since the assembler has not come to the store and the bike will be ready next day (28-Apr-2019). The sports section personnel came to me and started arguing with me and is telling me that I'm picking up a fight with him. I spoke to the customer care and then to the sports section person and then back again to the customer service. All of them were arguing with me saying that the bike will be ready within 7 days and that they will call me. The customer service lady said that "she can't talk to the customer" and asked me to talk to the lady with the black shirt, and she also repeated the same thing that the assembly guy is not in store and they will call me back. She also said that it takes up to 7 days for a bike to be assembled by the store (7 days ? to assemble 1 bike ? disgusting)
                I told the sports section personnel that If I had the tools, I would've done it myself, the sports section replied shamelessly "Do you want to do it ?" He also said that the bike is normally assembled in 48 hrs, which was already up.
                All the 3 personnel I spoke to were insensitive to the customer (i.e. me) I had bought the bike in order to take it with my kid for the weekend. And the actual purpose is destroyed.
                I called and complained to the CT customer service number, that guy also said they will call. The CT customer service rep said that he will create a case and ask the GM of the store to call me. It is over 4 days now and I've not received any call. The money is debited to my CT Master Card and no bike, no call and I don't know if I will get the bike. I've wasted over 1 hr in store and 1 hr with the CT customer service rep. No commitment from anybody. This is the worst service ever.
                Resolution required: 1. An apology from the CT store manager/responsible person
                2. Compenation for rude behaviour with customer, mental harrassment, wastage of customer's time etc.
                3. Delivery of product to customer's residence.
                I've been to stores across the globe (Europe, USA, Asia, UK etc.) and I've never encountered such behaviour from a store staff.
                Please resolve.

                [protected] sc 26"1800 m

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                  Canadian Tire6 station metal swing set

                  I went into store 477 ordered and paid for a 6 station metal swing set product #08-40035. I did this on April 19 and I have yet to receive it. The lady said it would be a couple days. Called Thursday and I was told it could take up to a week. Where is the product i ordered and why does it take so long to ship stuff from a store in Calgary to Edson. It's 5 hours to travel from Edson to Calgary.

                  6 station metal swing set
                  6 station metal swing set

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                    Canadian Tireno product available for the store on advertised items

                    In Melfort Saskatchewan Canadian tire on there current 4 day advertised sale. Product no. [protected] Dewalt batteries advertised price 99.88 ea . Store location never ordered any for the promotion when asked if they could the answer was no. I was informed however I could drive an hour away to a different town because they had them is stock and would not rain check!!! I would believe that if you sold out a quantity then no rain checks but if you never ordered then why even have them in your flyer?????

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                      • Ma
                        Mark306 Apr 29, 2019
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Princess Auto offered to have it shipped to my house for free because they didn't have it in the store on sale...I buy parts at ROCK AUTO half the cost of Canadian tire shipped right to my door...i go where im treated with respect...example CT wanted 20 plus tax for a belt they had to order...i got 2 belts and a rad cap for 24.00 bucks shipped to my door...ROCK AUTO.
                        Canadian tire wins...they are right and i was wrong to shop there...sorry!

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                      • Bu
                        buildere Apr 26, 2019

                        To the child that asked why put the item in the flier. Here is the answer. They probably put something else in the flier. Words "At participating locations." So just because your store does not have what you want does mean that they should not put it in the flier when other stores sell the item.

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                      Canadian Tirecar battery product #[protected] mot48/l3/h6

                      Purchased Battery from Ottawa East Store#174
                      Canadian Tire January 22/2017
                      January 3, 2018 boost needed
                      February 24, 2018 battery replaced voucher #1020650
                      January 13, 2019 boost needed
                      January 15, 2019 Boost needed and towed to dealer
                      April 22, 2019 Boost needed. Was informed battery working at 50%
                      Purchased new battery from CAA as Canadian Tire batteries are obviously unreliable.Very disappointed in this product.

                      Would like to get my money back on this purchase $144.99
                      Pauline Biggs


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                        Canadian Tireservice

                        Robin Munroe Canadian Tire store #297. She's very unprofessional, ignorant and rude. Never replied to a greeting, just gave back bursts of commands and when asked why she's been so rude she didn't even answer. Just because she's a cashier manager doesn't mean she can treat people with disrespect. I feel sorry for the cashiers she manages. No thank you, no goodbye.

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                          Canadian Tiregarden supplies

                          I Bought a Peach tree at the New Minas Canadian tire store for $65.00 plus tax .The person who sold this to me at the Garden Center said the tree was guarantee for 1year from time of purchase which was bought in May . The tree died 3 months after I planted it . It was planted with the soil and bone meal bought at Canadian tire and had lots of water and sunlight. I had the receipt for the tree and an employee told me to bring back the tree with the receipt which I did .The receipt said no refunds but a swap out can be done at end of season I waited until spring to name sure the tree was dead and took it back today April 23 which is less than 1 year .They said tfey won't refund or trade for a new tree because they can't send it back of resell it My question is why would they say this to me because the tree is dead .I would just like to trade for another tree if possible.

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                            Canadian Tirepropane tank refill

                            We bought a propane tank from Canadian tire 2 years ago and it had a gauge to show how much propane we had left. We kept refilling from Canadian tire then one day they told us they stopped refilling and they only do an exchange now.

                            We were like ok so we exchanged. Then the gauge didn't work. So we thought no problem have we will use this tank till its empty and then we will go and get the proper tank back because we will show them that we still got the Canadian tire gauge (See picture).

                            We went to the gas station told them what happened, they said "oh yea that not a problem" If you go to a Canadian tire store they will give you a new tank, unfortunately in the gas stations its only exchange program now"

                            So we go to the store in meadowvale town center at 4:45 PM. I spoke with a customer service representative. They told me "I can't help you with that." I told them the story they said the gas station Canadian tire shouldn't have done. I asked them ok so how do we fix this? They said they do not know. I told them isnt this your gauage they said but the doesn't mean anything. The lady didn't move or try to help.

                            I want to be reimbursed for the additional monies I spent on the gauged tank and for the time I wasted.

                            propane tank refill

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                              Canadian Tirepoor customer service

                              I went into the north Edmonton manning location to purchase 6 patio chairs. The chairs aren't stored on the floor so I asked an associate for assistance. She told me that she'll look in the back to find the chairs. I stayed in the aisle for about 25 mins before I tracked her down. She didn't return I had to find her. Again she said she'd go find them in the back. Another 20 mins I waited without so much of an update on the products I wished to purchase. I left without purchasing them because I could not find her. All in all I'm very disappointed in the customer service. I went in for two things and left with 1. This is incredibly poor customer service.

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                                • Cr
                                  CRNe Apr 29, 2019

                                  Drove 20 minutes to the nearest Canadian Tire store in Hanmer Ontario to get in on the last day of the Road side assistance offer featured in the latest flyer for our area. My husband and i searched up and down in the store to find the R.S.A cards with know luck. Stood in a lineup at the cash for a while and when I was making another purchase I inquired about the cards only to be told by the cashier "Oh i'm not sure" and then to be ignored about my request. I then asked her again and she yelled out to another employee who stuck her head over the cash register to make some kind of pointing gesture to us " I think its over there". Needless to say we were surprised to think that she would actually thought she'd send us on another goose chase through the store (not happening). We were upset the employee wasn't going to bring us the cards herself. We were good customers of Canadian Tire. No More!!! They just lost a couple hundred$$$.

                                  -1 Votes

                                Canadian Tirerepair vehicle in canadian tire fabreville

                                Ello, this is not the first time that I receive bad service from this branch.
                                I have corolla 2011, went there to change disks and plaques. The agent there notified that they will do an inspection first to evaluate the problem. After she returned back to me, I confirmed to go with the installation and repair. She puts me on hold around 30 mins and she returned back for the same question if she goes with the reparation or not. I answered I already confirmed. She told me that you did not sign. I answered you did not ask me to sign in anything. You who should be aware of the procedure you must go with to start the repair.
                                So, they started the repair, after we finished, I paid the amount and when I went outdoors to pick up my car, I found the doors open, while I took time to pay the bill. When I entered there I found that the central lock of the doors is not working. They are not all synchronized (I had this issue with only one door, and I was surviving with this issue).in adidition I found black fingers traces everywhere on the dashboard. I returned back to the agents discussed with someone called jordon calve. He was very aggressive with me notifying sorry we do not have time we finished work for today. I told him how I can go with these open doors, he told me you can leave the car here and come tomorrow, how comes I can leave my car during the off hours and return to take it the next days.in addition, his way of answering was impolite and when I asked him, is that normal to reply to your clients like this way, he answerd I have witness that I was polite with you. Even his answer miss courtesy.
                                What I noticed in this branch that those employees are not honest in their works, she should keep the car clean, keep the client updated that the car is opened, and the additional issue arised after their repair, and they are not have enough wisdom of how to treat loyal client. Very frustrated from this branch.
                                Usually, I receive an evaluation email from the service quality to assess and provide my feedback. This time I received nothing and I waited for this email but finally I decided to submit this complaint

                                repair vehicle in canadian tire fabreville
                                repair vehicle in canadian tire fabreville

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                                  • Updated by Tamer Fares · Apr 18, 2019

                                    Please reach me on my cell phone anytime for more info

                                  Canadian Tirecanadian tire credit card

                                  Canadian Tire triangle credit card and department, Recently I had to get a replacement card as there had been fraudulent use and charges on my card, at that time the lady was helpful, actually don't use my card regularly but, In Feb. I had to do an online course and also had to purchase security update on my computer, so I used the card, then when I got my statemen I realized there kept on being charges on my card so in March I called, they reversed them and said the only way was to re issue a new card. At that time she did not explain that the charges would be carried over, and I waited to see my next months statement. I have always paid more than my minimum sometimes paid over what I owed . so in April 10 I tried to renew my office 365 and my card did not work . I had received new card but had not activated it . I activated it online so I thought and proceeded to try and buy 365, however it still did not work I called the # for Canadian tire and they said the system was down and try online . I thought ok I've done that and I should be good to go . I only have a $300 limit . and the balance said $129.90 and when I had not received the statement Today . April 16th ( March' s Statement...) and said differently, and that it was due on the 16th . today . Yesterday when I called it said I had not made a payment since Nov. 2018 at that Time I had only used it 1 or2 times for small amount and had not used it till Feb. … and they said until the $129 was paid It would be blocked I tried to explain the situation and they did not help only restating policy, I tried to explain that I had contact with Canadian tire re the fraud . so not Like I did not communicate, and that I was waiting for the statement first . for the new card to see all was well as and charges had been removed . they didn't care so I went directly to a Canadian Tire Store to make Payment in Full for $130. and thinking with this day in computers it should be quick and almost immediate. however not the case the card would not today work and when I looked online the credit payment had not been applied, and when I spoke to someone again today I was told it will take 2-3 business days .. and yesterday I was not told that .

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                                    Canadian Tirecanadian tire options mastercard

                                    Card number [protected]

                                    I have just been notified that my card has been cancelled because I have not used it for six months. I do not recall ever seeing something that states I must use my card every six months or lose it. I called the service number and the woman I spoke with was incredibly unhelpful and rude. She informed me the card has been closed, my Canadian Tire money is gone and cannot be retrieved and there is no way to reactivate my account and move my Canadian tire money over to it.

                                    I just wanted to let you know that if I do not hear back from anyone with a satisfactory resolution to this I'll simply shop elsewhere. I have been a Canadian Tire card holder for many years but, as you are aware, you have competition and I'm happy to use them instead if needed.

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