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D Oct 08, 2019

Advertised tires at a great price .. went in to confirm the price and availability, arranged to come in the next morning at 9 am for installation. Service manager said they would call first thing in the morning to ensure the tires were there from another location. Never called. Then i noticed at the same online page the tire price was up almost $50 per tire. Typical 'bait and switch', which is highly illegal. It gets better. About two weeks later, another service manager from the auto centre calls and says he noticed that i ordered tires to be installed. i said i wasn't impressed that i never got a call back to install the tires at the sale price. he said, "oh well, you know we get busy and things get overlooked. So I asked for the tires at the same price i was originally quoted. He says ok, gives me a total price and says come in tomorrow morning at 1030 for installation. Then once again, says he will call first to confirm. Then he tries to sell me an alignment over the phone! I said no thanks, the alignment is fine. Guess what? Same ploy .. he never called back as he said he would. I'm done with your second rate company. Aren't you supposed to be a tire company first? Disgusting tactics and total lack of care and concern for your customers. You just lost another. Got tires installed at Costco.

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