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AAMCO Transmissions reviews & complaints

AAMCO Transmissions complaints 145

AAMCO Transmissions - Transmission Installation

In March/April of 2021, I paid $6500 to have a new transmission placed in my 2017 Dodge Ram 3500 truck. This new transmission came with a 36 month/500k miles warranty. After several weeks of my truck being with Aamco, I picked up the vehicle- with the expectation that the work was performed right. I relied on Aamco to order the appropriate transmission and install the transmission as they were the experts. Months later (December 2020), I started experiencing problems with the transmission again. I was told I could take the vehicle to any Aamco to be fixed and that it would be covered under the warranty. So, I then took the truck to Aamco in Randallstown, Maryland and after being there for 2 weeks, the explained to me that the wrong transmission was placed in my vehicle. They proceeded to tell me to pick up the vehicle and take it to the Aamco on Pulaski Hwy (Baltimore, Md) since they performed the work. Today, a week later, I spoke to Joe at the Pulaski Highway location, and was told that the warranty company may not cover the cost of a new transmission. He proceeded to say that they may request that I pay additional funds. I am very frustrated because I went to the subject matter experts to diagnose the issue, and fix the issue. I also trusted their advice in terms of the transmission. So, to learn that no one is taking accountability is very unfortunate. I am requesting to elevate this issue and speak to someone immediately about the unprofessionalism, misguidance, and lack of accountability. All I ask is to have the transmission replaced so that the truck operates properly. I have been out of work for almost 1 month and have not gotten to a resolution.

Desired outcome: All I ask is to have the transmission replaced so that the truck operates properly in a timely manner.

AAMCO Transmissions - Fluid leaks (transmission and engine), shocks, front differential, check engine light

12-30-2022 The truck was smelling with fluids (driving home and still leaking today [protected])}, shocks not working, front differential making noises. Why change oil pan gasket? (Did not ask for...

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AAMCO Transmissions - Scam

I recently sent you an email but did not send you my contact info. My name is Robert Bluitt
email: [protected]@comcast.net

This the complaint against Aamoco/KLM Transmission in Vineland, NJ They are scammimg people. If you donot see my complaint please contact me. I just sent it.

Thank you

Desired outcome: total refund

Dec 01, 2021

AAMCO Transmissions - Poor work performance

My brakes abruptly required intense pressure to operate. I brought my truck to AAMCO on N. Florida Ave. in Tampa on the morning of 11/22/2021. I was told they required a part to fix the problem and...

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AAMCO Transmissions - Warranty Coverage

I have a life-time warranty on my transmission. It was obtained when my 1971 Pontiac had it's transmission rebuild in 1973 at Aamco Morrow, GA. I have had my transmission serviced every year since per my original contract. July 13, 2021 I took my car to Aamco Warrenton, VA because it was leaking fluid. They pulled the transmission and sent it to Aamco Winchester, VA. They fixed a bad seal on the air pump. When I picked up the car, returned home I saw that it was leaking worse than before. I returned this to Aamco Warrenton and I was sent to Aamco Fredericksburg Virginia because Aamco Warrenton did not have anyone to fix; they said the torque converter was leaking. All of this was at the direction of regional manager Michael Macoff. Aamco Fredericksburg said the cause was the engine crankshaft and they could not replace the torque converter until I had the crankshaft fixed. The car has a new engine with less than 3000 miles on it. I next took my car back to the shop that had installed the engine. They checked the crankshaft and said nothing was wrong with it and allowed me to watch them check and explained how they were able to show the crankshaft was not the problem. When they pulled the pan they also found metal shavings in the transmission oil and said the torque converter clearly had play in it and that the transmission needed at this point replacement or rebuilt. I contacted Michael Macoff via Ricky at the Aamco Winchester, VA store. Ricky who was familiar with my car said that they would probably have my builder do the repairs because it was on the lift at his shop but that he had to contact Michael Macoff first who was out with Covin. He called me back and said the shop in Warrenton VA had been sold on 10-1-21 so he could no longer be involved. That I needed to take the car back to the Warrenton Aamco shop. I called Bobby the new Aamco owner of Warrenton Aamco. He checked with his regional manager and came back to me that I should take my car to Aamco in Harrisonburg, VA which is the closest to where my car is on the lift at Mt Crawford, VA. About 6 miles away. I called the new owner at Harrisonburg Aamco and he said he didn't have any bays available to dignoise my car.
The shop where my car is now on the lift said he can install a new transmission and torque converter for $2500, all in including labor. He is offering me a discount because of the amount of business I have done with him in the past.
I have been trying for 5 months to get my transmission fixed while taking my car to various Aamco shops as requested. It is now at the shop that installed the engine per the request of Aamco and I am not inclined to move it again without being fixed. I have been told numerous times that Warrenton Aamco and other Aamco's are not able to repair my transmission do to lack of skilled mechanics. It is now at a place where I know it can be repaired properly.
I am asking for approval for the repairs to be made at Custom Autoworks and they be paid the $2500.

Frankly I am tired of trying to get Aamco to honor there contract for 5 months and if this can't be resolved at this stage I will turn this over to my lawyer and at that point the requested amount to cover all of my cost will be much higher.
Ralph Wright

PS: I do have a lot more detailed information and emails and invoices from Winchester, Warrenton and Fredericksburg Aamco's.

Desired outcome: Pay to fix my transmission as per contact

Oct 28, 2021

AAMCO Transmissions - Reprogramming transmission

A couple weeks ago, I was told to take my 2011 Subaru Outback to the local Aamco place in Melbourne Florida. I took the car over and dropped it off for diagnosis on a Friday. On Monday of the...

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AAMCO Transmissions - Transmission warranty

I put in a new transmission with AAMCO in Las Vegas Valley view than relocated to South Lake Tahoe for work I than had my transmission go out up here so at the time I was close to being evacuated for the fire by the police and military so I new I could be covered being inside of 3 year warranty but at the time the paperwork was in a storage in Las Vegas so I went down to Carson City, Nevada and told gentleman that I not sure if covered or not but can't find paperwork but need truck running ASAP cause fire was coming and I needed vehicle to pack and leave so I just decided to pay $4100.00 to make sure had truck thinking if I found paperwork and under warranty would just be reimbursed now I only paid $2500.00 for the Transmission in Las Vegas.. so at this point I have tried for resolution I don't expect to get the $4100.00 I paid in Carson City but do expect $2500.00 to come from finding it was covered but at this time nobody wants to pay anything for being under warranty 3 years saying when I could not find paperwork and paying than it not covered cause could not find at the time.. I'm a fair person and customer feel like I'm being taken advantage of being misplaced cause of fire and company does not want to help rectify so I'm going to BBB and Yelp if I can't get this resolved!

Desired outcome: $2500.00 for bad Transmission under Warranty

AAMCO Transmissions - Poor customer/repair service

After speaking by phone to the "manager" Erick of the 4701 S. Halsted, Chicago IL. 60609, location on Aug, 11 2021, I was directed to bring in the vehicle on Thursday Aug.12, 2021 at 8:00 am. I did...

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AAMCO Transmissions - Transmission not been repaired, problem has not been resolved.

On 7/26/2021 my wife took our daughter's car to AAMCO service center located on 133 South Euclid Street in Fullerton, CA 92832. Kevin, the AAMCO representative, stated that he would call back once they were finished diagnosing the problem . We had written the following, "Car hesitating when pressing gas. Check engine lignt will turn on shortly after driving and the car will hesitate further. Even when putting gas it will not accelerate. When in this state and parked, the car cannot go in reverse even while putting gas."
Kevin the AAMCO representative called back the same day in the afternoon stating they found the pro lem and stated that the repair would cost around $3500.00. We asked him if he knew that the repairs would be $3500.00 or around this cost and he restated they would be $3500.00.
On 8/3/2021 Kevin called around 04:00PM notifying us that the car was ready to be picked up, we picked the car around 04:30PM, but within three blocks of driving from AAMCO the car began hesitating and, the previous problems start reapearing. We turn around and slowly bring drive the car back and leave the car with Kevin again, he received the keys and state they will check the car next day first thing in the morning.
On 8/11/2021 we called AAMCO to hear from them, Kevin told us that thety will call us when know what was the problem again, he answered the phone call and state, "another part has been failed and they had to order this part, but, they were waiting for this part from the dealer to arrive." On 8/13/2021 we received a phone call but, not from Kevin but Michael from this AAMCO shop, he letting us know that the car was ready to be picked up. We asked Michael what the problem was, and he stated that another actuator on the transmission failed and they have to replace it, and, they had one from another transmission that they were able to use it and it will not be no charge for it. We drove the car to the house and parked, this was on Friday evening. On Saturday 8/14/2021, we decided to drive the car to the market to continue testing if the car was ready for real, but, after 20-30 minutes the car start hesitating and the check engine light come on again, and, the car would not advance when pressing the gas, and worse of all will not reverse again. We brought the car back to AAMCO on Monday 8/16/2021 and Kevin asked my wife to leave the car running until the car start acting with the problem, my wife decided to drive the car aound and, not much after mayve 10 to 15 minutes the car start hesitating, my wife tood the car back and Kevin came out to check and feel the problem for himself, trying to reverse the car but, he was not able to do so, he called a mechanic from there and pushed the car back, he grab the keys and told my wife that he will call when the car is ready.
On 8/18/2021 Kevin called my wife and told her we needed to pick up the car because the problem was the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and that they will not be covering this because it was electronic.
We picked up the car from AAMCO and try to understand why they will not repair the car when they were the one who told us what will be the cost of correcting our complains. Kevin did not show any concern about the matter, and he just state "Have a nice rest of the day", turn his back and walk away, but, before that, he state that, "Your only choice is to taking to the dealer for a recall, or if you want we can take care of it, but, this will cost you $1200.00 for the part and $500.00 for labor." The point is, the car is doing exactly the same symtoms or problems that had before, even after they claimed been fixed.
Post: we contact the dealer and asked if there were any ongoing recall on this vehicle for transmission proble, and, they confirm it is no recalls for this vehicle involving the transmission.

Desired outcome: To AAMCO Transmission service center reimburse what they charge for something they were not able to fixed.

AAMCO Transmissions - Tansmission Service

AAmco/9177B Knox Bridge Hwy, Canton, GA 30114, United States
Phone: +[protected]) - issue with 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport.

Below is the documented order of events:

•July 27, 2021 - drop off Jeep. AAmco tech ran transmission diagnostic tests, and identified problems - seals leaking only. Transmission reseal service.

•July 30, 2021, @ 5:30 pm pick up Jeep after transmission gaskets were replaced. Had an issue with the transmission slipping when leaving the parking lot. Also, transmission is not shifting smoothly.

Paid $1041.88 for repairs. Invoice # 112446

•August 2, 2021, spoke to Martin about having issues when the Jeep has been sitting overnight or engine cooled. The transmission clutch is slipping and not shifting smoothly.

•August 4, 2021, still having issues with Jeep setting overnight or when the engine cooled. The transmission clutch is slipping and not shifting smoothly. Went back to AAmco and the tech adjusted the TV cable to get the transmission to shift smoothly.

•August 5, 2021, dropped off Jeep at 11:15 AM and was told they would run diagnostic tests and identify the problem then call me back with a solution to fix the issue. The transmission still slipping when the engine is cooled.

•August 6, 2021, have not heard back from Mike as of 3:00 pm. I called at 3:00 pm and was told Mike would call me back. I called again at 3:30 pm and 4:31 pm and was told the same thing - that Mike would call me back. At 4:32 Mike called me (from cell phone number [protected]) and told me he would call me back in 10 minutes and give me the solution to fix this issue but, he was heading to the airport right now. He did not call me.

•August 7, 2021, Mike didn't call me back yesterday and I don't have my Jeep for the weekend.

• August 9, 2021, I have not heard from Mike as of 1:45 pm. I called AAmco at 1:45 pm and spoke to Martin about the status of my Jeep and what is the diagnosis to fix it. I asked to talk to Mike and Mr. VinBrink (Owner) and neither were in the office today and no one can decide what to do until Mike comes back to the office on Tuesday.

• 1:57 pm Martin called me back with their mechanic to discuss what they think the issue is but they had to talk to Mike to decide what to do tomorrow.

• August 10, 2021, @ 10:13 am I called AAmco to talk to Mike - was told he was not available. I called AAmco at 3:30 pm and spoke to Mike. He said the transmission needs to be rebuilt and would call me when complete.
I told Mike that because the problems were misdiagnosed, that he should reverse the charge for the first invoice. He said the charge had already been processed and it could not be credited back. I thought that was strange because credit card charges can be reversed/credits issued.

All phone calls can be verified from my phone log.

Finally, after 22 days of dealing with AAmco, the Jeep is ready to be picked up @ 2:45 Pm.

Paid $2170.91 Invoice # 112478

The Jeep is finally running normally.

I'm requesting that the first payment of $1041.88 be refunded to my credit card because of the misdiagnosis and the fact that the Jeep was not tested before being released to me. The issue that brought me to AAmco was not resolved at this time.

I know this shop is shorthanded but that should not cost me.

Thanks, Carl Bruffy
[protected] [protected]@windstream.net

Desired outcome: The issue that brought me to AAmco was not resolved at this time.

AAMCO Transmissions - Refund 4200 as still have to repair car

Need to submit attachment is 11000 characters outlining 19 month fiasco, 3 trips to aamco lauderhill, corporate arranged another more experienced shop to mediate, diagnosed unacceptable repairs for 3...

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Aug 13, 2021

AAMCO Transmissions - Labor fees

Other companies charge 600.00 for 6 hours labor to change out my old transmission and put in my new one my warranty company is paying 75.oo an hour total of 6 hours. Ammco told me I would also have to pay another 622.00 plus what the warranty will pay. Total of 1222.00. It seems like the are taking advantage of there customers. I have been a customer of Ammco since 1986 I won't be doing any more business with them again

Desired outcome: To inform othe people of the practices of Ammco

AAMCO Transmissions - Car storage bill of 420.00

I brought my car into AAMCO on Tuesday to have the transmission repaired. The car was parked there for a week and each time I called they kept telling me that the inspector did not arrive. I have...

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AAMCO Transmissions - Not completing the job, honoring warranty

I took my 1996 Chevy suburban in and was told my transmission was going out. It was so I went through with it, had to use a credit card he then asked for another and kept adding new issues. They kept my vehicle for 3 weeks, causing me to Uber everyday. A couple weeks after I received my vehicle the check engine light came back on. Took it in and they said it was fine, cleared the dark light. And tried to sell me on rear end parts, brakes and a few other parts. Light is back on and I've been through 2 jugs of coolant already. Why won't they honor my warranty?

Desired outcome: Fix my truck, I spent over $5,000 with them

AAMCO Transmissions - Had my truck 3 months

I dropped my truck off . They told me 2 weeks and I said fine. 3 month later they lie to you. There corporate bosses lie too. There isn't one honest person working for Aamco clued in their bosses. The vehicle is already paid for and still can't get it back excuses excuses excuses horrible company do you not take your vehicle there you won't get it back let me

Desired outcome: For reimbursement

AAMCO Transmissions - Rebuilding a transmission on a vehicle that required more work than the car worthas worth

On June 2nd I purchased a 2000 Lincoln Continental from a private car dealer in Stuart, Fl. On June 4th I was having problems with the transmission and brought the car to AAMCO 3821 S. US 1 To have...

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AAMCO Transmissions - Transmission repair

I dropped my truck off 7 weeks ago . They told me 2weeks. You call to complain and the regional manager Joe Pcolla doesn't care to call back.they keep your vehicle hostage . They don't give a time because they have to think of ways to lie to
You. Blackwood Aamco is a horrible place to take your vehicle . They tell you what u want to here. They don't produce .

Desired outcome: Compensation

AAMCO Transmissions - Clutch slave cylinder repair

Brought my Jeep into AAMCO in Antioch CA and they didn't bleed it correctly, I called saying my concern about it simply not going into gear without having to put the clutch to the floor with the tip...

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AAMCO Transmissions - Car inspection

To whom it may concern if anyone: So today May 3rd 2021 at about 2:40 pm I went to a Aamco on 6508 Escondido Drive in El Paso, Texas 79912. I have past by it many times and always see it with very...

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AAMCO Transmissions - Transmission cooling lines

I was told I needed a radiator when I asked how much it was gonna cost me I was quoted 250 so looked the repair was never called and told it was done I had to call them the next day I brought it back...

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