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Reviews and Complaints

Canadian Tireautomotive

I went into the automotive section looking for a replacement fuse. After much time looking around and no one around to help I finally find it on my own. 300 fuses to pick from and none look like the one I have. I grab the one that looks closest to it and walk up to the counter. I simply ask the lady if this fuse looks like the old one I have on me. RUDELY she quickly tells me "I'm not a electrician, so I can't help you. ELECTRICIAN!!! I'm at the front desk for auto-motives with a auto-motive part. So I tell I don't know if this will work and she continues to look at me like I'm an idiot while slowly walk away saying "I don't know if this is the damn part!!"
Long story short, [censored] Canadian Tires stupid auto-motive section. All she had to do was look at the damn part and tell me if it was the same.

Canadian Tireauto centre

This was my complain

Good afternoon,

Since last many years I only go to canadian tire for my vehicle service and other vehicle related issues.

A year back I went for oil change and told them to change rear wiper blade, they were super nice and changed front an rear both the wipers and since then rear wiper doesn't work. After that visit, every time I go there I tell them to fix the rear wiper but still they didn't fix it.

Secondly, since last 4 visits. Every time I go there I tell them that when I start my vehicle, there is a scratching noise coming from engine can you please fix that. When they take vehicle they say yes to everything but they don't fix it. And in vehicle report they mentions everything is fine, however, on my last to last visit I told them can you please send someone with me so he can check my vehicle in front of me? They sent mechanic and he did found the issue and I was been told the person who did oil change and everything is deaf and can't hear any noise (I believe when there was a specific instructions regarding engine noise then someone else should have checked my vehicle too). Then this another mechanic said it will cost me $248 to fix that engine noise issue. I said okay!!!

My my last visit which was on september 5th, I specifically told them please fix that rear wiper and engine issues as well as car service as I am going to bc with my family for a week and I want to know if it is safe to use my vehicle for that long drive. She said alright.

After 5 hours, I received a call from canadian tire that your vehicle is ready for pick up. I went for picking up my vehicle and paid $336 and when I checked my vehicle still same noise was coming out of my engine (this time it was louder than before) back wiper wasnt fixed even and full vehicle inspection wasn't done and on the top they said I should change the front 2 tires. Upon asking why rear wiper isn't fixed, she said they can't fix it I have to get it done somewhere else, I said I can still hear engine noise then she said it's not at all possible as we have checked your vehicle after repair. Same mechanic checked my vehicle and said sorry we shouldn't changed the tensioner and belt this noise is coming from timing belt. Great!!! Now I asked did you guys able to do full service inspection, they said, sorry we had no time?? Seriously?? Then why did you take my vehicle and did experiment on my vehicle for 5 hours?? Now she want me to change to tire as well.. I bought these tires from same canadian tire in 2017, it's still in warranty, still the same answer... Sorry can't do anything.

Now I have to use a rentle vehicle for bc trip and still my vehicle isn't fixed,

You suggest what should I do now??

Invoice number — . [protected]
Contact number - [protected]
Name - mayank mehta

This was the reply...

Dear mr. Mehta,

I understand that you have contacted our office once again for concerns that you are having with your vehicle. I would like to take this opportunity to try once again and clarify the situation.

In regards too the repairs that were done, (replacement of the belt tensioner) on your vehicle. Our associate store 695 never diagnosed the repair nor have they ever charged you for diagnostics. Our associate store 695 cannot take any responsibility for this repair if it did not resolve your concern as they did not recommend it. This was done at your request.

The tires you purchased in november of 2017 are under warranty for manufacturer defects and road hazard. The concern you have is regarding tread wear. There are many contributing factors that will determine tread wear. One of these is tire rotations. It is recommended by vehicle manufacturers and tire manufacturers to have your tires rotated every 10, 000kms. Looking at your service history, the tires were installed on your vehicle at 96, 672kms. On sept 5th your vehicle had 155, 465kms. A difference of 58, 793kms. I don't see any rotations performed on your vehicle.

Our associate stores work very hard to schedule all our customers appropriately in our auto centres to try and mitigate tardiness in completing any work being done. Scheduling a time to have your vehicle serviced and once arriving asking them to complete "extra checks or work" doesn't always work. Also, any investigation or diagnostic work has to be scheduled and charged out. Now I realized that at times this can become costly depending on what needs to be done, however, the technician performing the work is being paid to complete a service therefore a charge to the customer needs to be done.

Think of it this way. If every time you click your light switch in the kitchen the bulb burns out. You ask the electrician; what is the problem. He tells you, I don't know. Maybe it's the switch. But if you really want to know, pay me $100.00 for 1 hour and I will investigate and tell you exactly what the problem is. You think about what he said, then you decide to have him change the switch. Electrician changes the switch. You click the switch and again the bulb burns out. Does this make the electrician responsible for the burned bulb issue? No.

I'm very sorry that you are having issues with your vehicle and we are certainly here to help. However, I cannot find fault with anything our associate store #695 has done.

I hope you have a great day.

Then my reply to the store manager

Hi andy,

I believe there is some confusion here, the time I booked an appointment I specifically told them that there is a scratching noise coming when I start the vehicle so please check and fix it. I never said, that don't want to pay. Your staff told me this is the problem and will cost $248, I said fine fix it. If they would have told me that this will cost you $100 to check I never said that i'm not going to pay. But they didn't cared about customer service and they never said anything.

Secondly, every time I booked an appointment I told them please fix all the issues and never said that i'm not going to pay but if your mechanics don't want to fix my vehicle then I can't do anything about it,

Last visit when I booked an appointment I specifically told the lady was at the counter, i'm going to bc next week so please do the vehicle inspection and tell me if the vehicle is recommended to drive that far, again I never told them that i'm not going to pay. So that was her responsibility to put all the notes and tell me that this will take more than a day time and I was okay with that too.

But if you people don't take initiative to help customers then what a customer can do?

About the belt tensioner replacement, that was your mechanic who told me that this noise is coming because of that, i'm not a mechanic, he is, so what he said I said okay. Now after changing belt tensioner, he was the one who said, sorry that wasn't a problem we changed it unnecessarily. Still, I didn't argue about why i'm paying for this. Every time, whatever amount people said, I just made the payment for it. So I believe, that is completely your fault for charging me hundreds of dollars and still my vehicle isn't fixed, if you would have told me, it will take an $100 for vehicle inspection, and then you going to tell me how much will that cost, I had no issues, but what you people did is just said pay me this much and I will fix it. I said okay,

Lastly, about the winter tires. When your people changed my all season tires to winter tires, you people have never returned my old all season tires. Upon asking, I was been told that sorry we threw it away. Seriously?? Without even asking me? Still I said okay and paid full amount.

Now, because of you people. I have wasted my money and time both and still having issues in my vehicle. I want my vehicle to be fixed and front 2 new tires for no extra cost. And if you can't do anything then please provide me your head office contact details or your legal counsel details so I can talk to them directly.

I'm sorry, I know you might be thinking people just want everything for free and that why keep complaining but this isn't true. I would prefer to spend $1000 dollars instead of taking a headache.

Mayank mehta ...

Then he replied with this

Hi mr. Mehta,

The is head office. The exact department you are currently dealing with is canadian tire corporate customer relations. We deal with all customer complaints. You can email us, call our [protected] phone number or contact the presidents' office directly. All complaints will be directed to us. We do our best to work with our stores and try to come to a resolution. Unfortunately, we're not always able to resolve all issues. This is one of those situations where we will have to agree to disagree.

We don't have a legal department that take calls or information from customers. If you have concerns about your rights or duties under the consumer protection act, you should contact the ministry of consumer and business services. If you feel it necessary to take legal action, it is your right to contact your local court system and speak with someone regarding small claims court.

Have a great day.

Then again my email

Thanks for the info, and you can't do anything to resolve my complaint, right? ...

And then no reply...

Do you realy think that this is right customer service?

Please reply...

And I want to talk to someone from head office please,... Because this gentle man thinks he owns all these canadian tires and his decision is final...