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Reviews and Complaints

Canadian Tire verified

unacceptable treatment of customers

I purchased a small handheld appliance and shortly after I brought it home, I had some issues with it. I didn't know if there was something wrong with it or if I just didn't know how to use it, so I packed it up and brought it back to the store 2 hours later. The issue got resolved at customer service, so I was happy to keep it. On my way out, the person checking the receipts told me I had to wait at the door because the receipt was 2 hours old. She called another staff who came and looked at the receipt and then contacted the manager Jordan. They made me wait for an excessive period of time while Jordan was supposedly asking the customer service staff if my story was true. I waited 10 minutes and Jordan had still not arrived. I told them I was leaving - meanwhile the sales person was excitedly telling me I had to wait and that this was store protocol.

Your store protocol violates my human rights and you should hope that the media does not get ahold of stories like mine. What if I had figured out the problem on my own and not ended up going to customer service for help? What if I had misplaced the receipt? Would that give you the right to detain me and accuse me of stealing? As far as I know if you want to accuse someone of shop lifting you need to catch them in act.

The sales woman advised that due to store protocol, I was obligated to wait, for an indefinite period of time while they checked out my story with customer service and whatever else they thought they needed to do.

The store had NO right to stop me leaving the store. They had EVERY opportunity to flag the merchandise as something that had been brought in - not out. They had not taken the opportunity to do this, they could have put a sticker on it or something when I had passed by the same sales person on the way in. But seemingly there is no store protocol to stop innocent from being mistreated.

I expect to be treated with dignity and respect. That did not happen.

I understand Canadian Tire's need to crack down on shop lifting, but treating innocent people in this manner goes too far. So if this is your new store policy I will not be shopping at Canadian Tire again.

Canadian Tire verified

auto department

I'm writing this review to warn others not to deal with auto service department here.

I walked into Canadian tire on Monday night for a quote for services (rear brake job) they quoted me $310 and set an appointment for Thursday afternoon, saying my car had to be in by 3p for work to be completed, Great sounds good, booked the appointment and left. Fast forward to thursday 3pm and I'm told they wants o inspect the brakes before commencing work, fair enough. No mention of an associated cost they just requested the inspection and I said sure. I don't go to mechanics very often since I like to do my own work most of the time, but I don't like doing rear drum brakes...It's messy and annoying work so I thought I would outsource.

Well they do the inspection and tell me the price has jumped to $550 all in and at that point I decide it's a better deal to do the work myself instead. They say fine but first they drop a $40.00 fee on me for the inspection that they requested and until this point had never mentioned any associated cost. Both employees I had death with up to this point both admitted to not mentioning an Inspection fee.

I'll pay anything i've agreed to but won't be charged "surprise" fees after the fact.

So when I refuse the manager who is now involved at this point refuses to release my car or give me my keys so I can remove things from car while this gets sorted ( I'd called CT head office by this point). I had live oysters for client sampling in a cooler and a few other high ticket items I wasn't happy having to leave in my car any longer than needed.

So in the end my car is still at CT and I haven't Heard back from head office yet. Very frustrated as you can imagine. It's a principal issue here. You didn't notify me up front and when I refused to pay you held my keys and property hostage. Terrible way to run a business...My dad shopped at CT I've shopped at since I was a kid. Currently won't be going back