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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Burger King / Service

Rocketsmom on Jun 18, 2018

Store# 10803, in McGregor, Texas June 17, 2018 Went to drive thru was informed grill was under maintenance, so instead of ordering a burger, I ordered 3 orders of chicken fries, French fries and sodas. Waited in line, when I got to window I then was informed they were out of chicken fries. So...

Burger King / Limited menu overnight

Jonnee on Jun 18, 2018

Every time I visit this one particular restaurant it's either they only serving whoppers or they don't have any Jr sandwiches mainly chicken I live around the corner from this restaurant on broad and canal I'm not understanding how come they can only serve what they want at night then when...

Pizza Hut / Non-Delivery Lost order

Mike Winship on Jun 18, 2018

June 17, 2018, I ordered a veggie lovers pizza for delivery to my home from the Dahlonega, Ga store. After an hour and half of waiting, I called the store and the person answering the phone said that the delivery was on the way but there were four other deliveries in that trip. I was told...

Tim Hortons / Service

Nadeen on Jun 17, 2018

I was travelling from Windsor to Burlington and I have a special food for my son but it was cold and it's in plastic container with cover (save to go to microwave).So I did ask the employee her name is Anna( she refused to heated for me), However other restaurant acceptable that request...

Burger King / Manager

CathyDavisss97 on Jun 17, 2018

There is a girl manager at the heber store, she has brown hair and wears a tie with her uniform. I have been in a couple times this month and everytime I order food, she is sitting in the lobby and not helping the staff. I have overheard her say she's is overwhelmed and can't...

Burger King / Chicken sandwich meal

Emmaanne on Jun 17, 2018

I ordered a chicken sandwich meal I wanted onion rings instead of fries I was told they had none. The fries were old and burnt my chicken was so old that there was hardly and chicken just burn breading. My soda had no carbonation and was flat. This is not the first time I have eaten there...

Taco Bell / taco bell in oakland, tn 38060

KLOMAX529 on Jun 17, 2018

On june 15, 2018, I placed two orders through drive through and when I got to the window to make my payment, I needed 3 dollars to be taken from my debit card and the change I paid cash (.47 cents, I gave the lady.50 but clearly stated I wanted 3.00 taken off my debit card). She did.5o...

HMSHost / Roy Rogers rest stop lunch

MacMerc on Jun 17, 2018

This was my first visit to Roy Rogers. It was in a thruway setting in Massachusetts, so prices were ridiculously high. Thought I would be safe ordering a cheeseburger and fries. Found it was a lunchline cafeteria situation where I pick up a tray and take what I want. Hmm, ok, I found the...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / Question about hours

Kristy80 on Jun 17, 2018

I'm inquiring about the store hours on the door and online. Both say closed at 11 Friday's and Saturday's, is that accurate? The doors were closed at 10:15. This was 6/16/2018 at the hwy 210 location in Benson NC . If the hours are accurate that's fine, the door and website should be...

Taco Bell / Customer Service

Tiffiny G on Jun 16, 2018

This occurred in the drive thru - the order taker actually yelled at my son - he ordered a charito - and she asked 'what kind' - he repeated "a charito", then she absolutely yelled "WHAT KIND OF CHARITO" - first time for us ordering one and did not follow - then she yelled a third time...

Burger King / Original chicken sandwich

Brettw. on Jun 16, 2018

Norfolk, Nebraska. I stop for a chicken sandwich even though 75% of the time it's poor quality but this time takes the cake. The chicken was completely black the bun rock hard and the fries tasted like they have been sitting out over night. Worst fast food I've ever had. I wouldn't even...

Burger King / Chicken fries

Mussette Salcedo on Jun 16, 2018

I'm a loyal customer of BK and order the same thing every time. Today I was utterly disappointed with the meal I received at the Burger King in Daveport Florida. I order the number 13 chicken fries and a spicy chicken jr.! The spicy chicken sandwich tasted odd and very different from usual...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / Not complete meal and unprofessional attitude from associates

michelle324 on Jun 16, 2018

Had ordered 3 meals at the Rosemont, IL location last night June 16, 2018. All 3 meals were supposed to come with a drink never received any of the drinks, then we also requested a side of ranch that never was included in there either. One of the orders had the regular fries drink sandwich...

Wawa / Deli

Alexandriaa on Jun 16, 2018

At 12:30 on 6/16/18 I ordered a Italian hoagie with extra mayo and pickles on the side. I got my hoagie with a SLAB on mayo on the one side of the roll and had to ask for my side of pickles. Less conversation and more focus on the task at hand if you can't do both. I'm annoyed, should have...

McDonald's / Customer service

Angelam71 on Jun 16, 2018

Every time I go to this location in Waxahachie Texas I have a horrible experience with the employees. One day they were closed when were supposed to be open and last night was horrible service. They laughed and about 12 of them went to the window to look at me and my kids as we went...

McDonald's / Service

Robert cutting on Jun 16, 2018

McDonald'sHello, I am writing a complaint about customer service in McDonald's Northolt.Today 16/06/18 I went there around 14.36 pm.The person who served my takeaway meal she was very rude.As a customer I think it's important to hear thank you from the service provider.Instead being nice she just...

Tim Hortons / Overcharged and rude employee

Stacy72 on Jun 16, 2018

Tim Hortons - 152 Street & 104 Ave Surrey, BC June 7, 2018 @ 7 pm I was going through drive thru on my way to work ( working 12 hr shift)... ordered an XL coffee and a muffin. When I drove up to cashier to pay, the cashier quoted $4.07... I asked if the price of coffee went up as I usually...

Burger King / Service

John Herring on Jun 16, 2018

I ordered 2 sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits in the drive thru at 6am. I was told that the biscuits had another 7 minutes to bake, so I was asked to wait. I waited 15 minutes until I had to walk in to find out where my food was and it was still not ready. It took a total of 28 minutes to...

store service / manager

ManuelMM on Jun 15, 2018

store serviceManager busy on cell phone, forgets customer is waiting for order, bad service. Arrogant manager, real need to clean place and send someone from corporate to find out what is going on. Never buying from Pizza Hut and will tell all my friends never to go there again. instead of apologizing manager...

Burger King / Drive-thru experience

BFSkinner on Jun 15, 2018

BK has more flavor, etc. But this one, there were two cars ahead of us at the drive-thru. The one sat at the order thing for 17 minutes. The next car went and ordered right away and the both went to pick up their food from the window. It took 33 minutes for the same car to leave the pick...