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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Hungry Jack's Australia / Missing meals

Jeess on Dec 16, 2018

Hungry Jack's on gnangara Rd. Ordered whopper meal small, nuggets bucket from penny pincher range and a 6nugget meal large, small chips and a cheesy cheeseburger. Was busy but I walked away thinking I was missing large chips, went back in and got them, drove home to discover I was also...

Bojangles / Employment fraud

shackledlion5 on Dec 15, 2018

Someone filled out a job application at a bojangles in chattanooga tn. Thus was in the summer of 2017. It was a paper job application. I have never worked at a bojangles. This is employment fraud. I have complained to the ftc and as well. I would appreciate this websites help...

McDonald's / Management/Drive Thru

MacoMom on Dec 15, 2018

The management at the Lightfoot restaurant in Williamsburg, VA is horrible. They are not very friendly and act as if the customers are more of a bother. The employees running the drive thru need to have more training. Every time that I am there it either takes at least 15 minutes or they...

Taco Bell / Wait time/store un-clean/no manager/

ytrew789 on Dec 14, 2018

waited 30 min for our order. store a mess with dirty tables, floors, glass doors, food on floors etc... other customers wait was just as long as others announced their wait times. order was to go; bc the drive through is just as horrendous, but from what I could hear the team members talk...

Panera Bread / Quality of food and lack of substitution

Anbl on Dec 14, 2018

Panera BreadToday I ordered a delivery order (pregnant and didn't want to leave house). The salad that arrived was tiny and the "sprouted grain roll" was 2 slices of crappy bread that resembles what you can buy at a grocery store. Receipt still showed roll and no mention of a substitution. The salad...

Sonic Drive-In / Employee fraud

shackledlion5 on Dec 14, 2018

Someone filled out a job application at a Sonic in chattanooga tn. This was a paper job application. This was in June of 2017. I have complained to the ftc as well. I would appreciate this websites help in this matter. The Sonics are a fast food chain. I have complained to a...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / Employee fraud

shackledlion5 on Dec 14, 2018

Someone filled out a job application in Louisville ky. It was a paper job application. This was in May or June of 2017. I have never worked at a Kentucky fried chicken. I was not residing in Kentucky when this happened. I would appreciate this websites help in this matter. Their website i...

Taco Bell / taco bell 029079

hotelier on Dec 13, 2018

Haven't made a purchase from this location in 3 years. Decided to try again tonight. Huge mistake. Husband picked up order and brought to me at work since I could not leave for dinner. Shorted the order to begin with. Left out one taco and the cinnabon 4 pk. Quesadilla was scorched, bone...

Bojangles / employment fraud

shackledlion2 on Dec 13, 2018

Someone filled out a bojangles job application in chattanooga tn around June of 2017. I have never worked at a bojangles. It was a paper job application. It was not filled out by me. I was not living in Tennessee at the time this happened. I would appreciate this websites help on this issue. I have been dealing with this issue for over a year now.

Taco Bell / the customer service is horrible!

Hali Pate on Dec 12, 2018

Taco bell in Rayne, Louisiana. On Sunday December 9, 2018 my husband my children and myself went through the drive through to order dinner. We get to the order screen and the worker says "im sorry we are shift changing right now this register is closed so you will have to get down and come...

McDonald's / quarter pounders with cheese

Susan Hutten on Dec 12, 2018

It seems like all the McDonalds restaurants in the Joliet/Plainfield, IL area serve undercooked quarter pounders. Have complained numerous times by filling out the receipts but nobody seems to care. Eventually someone is going to become very ill by eating what is basically raw beef. i...

Johnny Carino's / heater not working

Belinda Chairez on Dec 12, 2018

My friend and I had lunch on Dec 8, 2018 we sat down and realize it was cold (keep in mind our Texas weather that day was cold and rainy). So I asked our server if they can but the heater on and she stated the heater was out. They should've told us this before we sat down I know busine...

Tim Hortons / the cleanliness of restaurant and mainly men's washroom

Barry Conley on Dec 11, 2018

I recently visited the Scarborough Tim hortons on 4820 Sheppard ave east. I'm a delivery driver all over the GTA and this restaurant by far is the most disgusting one that I have ever been in. I purchased my coffee and noticed the bathroom door said to ask staff for entry yet it wa...

Burger King / employee totally order something different from what we wanted

Brenda Poirier on Dec 11, 2018

Store#4mebkg11, Order #329, #394049, was the cashier, Dec 9, 18, my husband and I were returning home after a quick trip and decided to stop for a quick bite. The sales girl was pleasant, there were no other customers in the restaurant. We ordered a number (2) #12's as I have an...

Panera Bread / rude customer service, cold food (that was suppose to be hot! mac n cheese) and forgot food for the prder

TaylorAW on Dec 10, 2018

This evening at the store located on Eaugallie BLVD in Indian Harbor Beach FL 32937 around 8:15ish pm, I placed an order through the drive thru ( 1 Large Baja Mac n Cheese, 1 Bowl of chicken noodle soup, 1 cup of Tomato soup, 1 small bacon mac n cheese, and Spicy thai chicken salad) the...

Arby's Restaurant Group / arbynator

Joemilo85 on Dec 10, 2018

Arby's Restaurant Groupi ordered the new Arbynator sandwich in Drive thru. After I received my food I continued driving and then started to open my food. When I opened the box the sandwich was on its side and looked like stuff was just thrown together in the box. It was really sloppy with all the sauces in the...

Steak n Shake / cleanliness of store

daniel connors on Dec 10, 2018

1. the waitress (Wendy) kept picking at her ear, wiping her face with her hands, pushing and pulling her hair back and as I watched not once did she ever wash her hands. It grossed me out seeing her touching things people were going to either eat off or from. Very dirty person. She wasn't...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / workers being loud and obnoxious

R3short on Dec 9, 2018

Got to Haines City Florida Wendy about 9:00 pm on December 9, 2018 and we were only ones in there and the guy that took our order was not loud and obnoxious like the other workers but we were eating and they were yelling at each other and joking with each other. It was a bit much...

Burger King / 1cent whopper campaign

deane hibbard on Dec 9, 2018

Dec 9 2018 Portsmouth VA 23703 High Street/Western Branch franchise. i appreciate BK as a eating establishment; often redeeming the coupon found on the back of my most current receipt, as I have done for years. My issue concerns first) the Android Mobile application and second) the local...

Whataburger / service

piranhallama on Dec 9, 2018

I went to the Whataburger in Grapevine Texas, on hwy 121 near Bass Pro. Every time I go there the service is slow. Last night I got to the drive through at 01:08. I didn't get my order until 01:38. That's 30 minutes waiting and way too long. When the guy read my order back to me they...