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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Taco Bell / store number 016774

layna on Apr 29, 2017
on 4/29/17 at 1:02:41 my husband went thew your drive threw and ordered 6 loaded taco burritos, 3 soft tacos, 1 cheesy bacon rice burrito, 2 soft tacos with no lettuce, 1 chili cheese burrito and 2 sierra mists. Cashier was Domanicc W and our order # was 308255. Well we did not get any of...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / Wendy's Melbourne Florida A1A

Neihl Williamson on Apr 29, 2017
Wendy’s International / The Wendy's CompanyWhy do they leave water on the floor so long I have a hurt leg and I believe I mest my leg up once again there has been a huge puddle of water on the floor since I've been here did not notice it till I twisted my leg in it why would you do that and just leave it for the older folks to fall...

Pizza Hut / Lack of customer service and following order directions

LaCreisha Ross on Apr 29, 2017
I order from Pizza hut often and my order has been delivered Cold, or hard, no cheese, i do not like alot of pizza sauce so I request easy on the sauce...they never go easy on the sauce...so, I can never really enjoy it... I think f they got 1 order right I wouldn't complain on them . I...

Tim Hortons / Custom Request

Brittany51089 on Apr 29, 2017
Hi I visit the Lincoln park location on Southfield closest to fort st my job goes here all the time also does friends and family but lately there coffee has been tasting old not good at all also my husband went this morning to get us coffee and kids donuts they tell my husband they don't...

Del Taco / very poor customer srevice

Shatee on Apr 29, 2017
On 4/27/2017 at approx 0830am, I went to Del Taco on Pico in San Clemente, CA via drive-thru. There was an older Hispanic woman in a black polo-like shirt yelling at a customer in front of me. The customer inquired about missing cheese with nachos. This employee started yelling at the...

Chowking Online Store / delivery

Nerielyn Gonzales Maceda on Apr 29, 2017
(4-29-17)I ordered 2 hours ago through chowking online and had a follow up for 3 times but sad to say until now there was no food delivery. Namuti na ang mga mata ng mga anak ko sa gutom... I ordered at around 1:20, had a follow up call at 1:32 just to make sure that our order was right...

Panera Bread / Shift Supervisor/extremely rude and bad customer service/unprofessional

Jennie.M on Apr 28, 2017
This happened several months ago, and i didn't know who to reach out to at the time or how to vent my frustration with my Panera experience. Since then, it has continued with this specific person and now I think it's important for the higher ups to know why their cafe health is so low at...

Chicken Express / Management and lack of customer service

Lele Marie on Apr 28, 2017
Well this is the second time I have had an issue at the Lancaster location. Last night I had class it was 10 mins until 10pm. I knew it would be close but I should be able to arrive and order before ten. I pull up at 9:57pm to drive thru there is a black charger at the order menu. I...

Subway / Sub sandwiches and menu.

kskalec on Apr 28, 2017
Store 1118 Columbus St. Ottawa IL. Order Number SPM20170426125036. Saw ad for the $5.00 ft long spicy sub. I had to ask about it because it wasn't on the menu. No where did it say what was on it. It looked good. When I saw them making it I asked for a couple of slices of Hot Capicola. No...

Red Rooster Foods / disabled toilets

Luggy on Apr 28, 2017
My wife and I decided to stop at Red Rooster Fairfield Heidelberg rd Melbourne Australia Thursday 27th April 2017 and as I am in a wheelchair (Paraplegic) needed to go to the toilet, well they don't have a disabled toilet in this family resturaunt, this is disgusting in this day and age...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / spicy chicken nuggets

kkaufmann531 on Apr 26, 2017
As a frequent customer of Wendy's I am very disappointed to hear you are no longer carrying the spicy chicken nuggets. I have no understanding of why they would be removed from the menu. I believed they were very a popular item on your menu, and many people miss them. My friends, family...

Wendy's store 00007976 / mistake in cheeseburger order

Dayanira on Apr 26, 2017
I went to get 2 plain cheese burgers to the drive thru when i got the order one milk and tea was missing after I told her many times what I wanted it. Becuase I realized the same cashier never gave me the receipt and thats odd for me because she didnt even bother to ask me if I wanted it...

Taco Bell / management and quality control

Ing1220 on Apr 26, 2017
By far, THE MOST unprofessional and unorganized Taco Bell is located at 1075 West 49 Street in Hialeah, Florida. On several occasions, I've gotten home only to find missing items from my order. Although I do my best to go through my bag before I leave to make sure I have everything, there are...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / taff: shift manager jeffrey/spencer restaurant #y300072 fishers, in

Tony McDonald on Apr 26, 2017
Upon entering the "restaurant" tonight, the cashier (who is apparently the "shift manager"... i.e., team lead) didn't speak to us except to say, "original or crispy." After watching two people who ordered after us leave with their food, I asked Jeffrey (nametag)/Spencer (receipt ID) what...

Culver's / Regarding your so-called 10 pct discount to veterans and seniors

Tom Bones on Apr 26, 2017
Hi there. I'm asking you about your 10 pct discount for vets and seniors. Yesterday after my order and paid my bill and sat down I remembered abt the 10 pct discount. They usually ask if your a vet or senior. Culvers said, "We don't ask customers this anymore. They must tell us". When I...

Cici's Pizza / Horrible service

crystina tijerina on Apr 26, 2017
I am at a Houston location store #605 and there's no pizza literally. My kids are eating old cold pizza. I don't have anything on my plate because they ran out and said they don't put certain pizzas under the vent but yet the other location does. This place is trash, I don't know why I...

McDonald's / Roach on table , making food without gloves.

Diamond Curtis on Apr 25, 2017
I work at McDonald's in Philadelphia pa 501 franklin mills circle. I seen a roach and also a spider in the store . Also have a lot of flies in the bathroom . The owner come in all the time making food without any gloves, the drop food on the floor & useit all the time, it's just...

McDonald's / Making food without gloves, spiders & flies in the bathroom, roach on table.

Diamond Curtis on Apr 24, 2017
McDonald'sI work at McDonald's in Philadelphia 501 franklin mills circle . The owner come in all the time to make food for himself and also for costumers without any gloves . (I have him on video) there was a roach crawling around & spiders & plenty of flies in the bathroom. I also I have that on...

Panera Bread / Employee

Sctmillr on Apr 24, 2017
I normally like Panera but recently had an incident that caused me to walk out and get lunch elsewhere. A week or so ago I went to the local Panera for lunch. Local being in North Buffalo/Amherst New York While waiting by the counter for my bag to show up on to counter I noticed that there...

Subway / Rotten vegetables

Adrian on Apr 24, 2017
I bought a sandwich in my local Subway and it had a terrible taste. It felt like something was rotten, vegetables didn't taste good so I asked them to give me another one or return my money. They were very rude and didn't help me. There were three Subway employees and they all claimed that...
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