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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Dairy Queen / Your parksville location in particular your cook/manager

Patchman101 on Feb 19, 2017
Good evening me and my girlfriend had a terrible experience tonight between 7:15-7:30pm at your parksville location. All of our food we orderd was not correctly cooked as in our fries were both cold and white not cooked, browned or crispy like they should be and our burgers were cold and...

Jack In The Box / Foreign object in my chicken sandwich

Kayleann on Feb 19, 2017
I had ordered a chicken sandwich from the Jack in the box in Monroe by the Evergreen Fairgrounds. Since it was after 10pm, I went through the drive-thru. On the way home my family and I ate our food. I was in the middle of eating when I bit down on something really hard. I grabbed the...

Tim Hortons Devon Alberta / Unfairly terminated

Patsy Negus on Feb 18, 2017
I have worked at this location for 11 months. I have never been written up, always displaying great leadership, haven't had any problems with any co-workers! I have been an asset to the company, and had this in writing from the owner who a day later fired me! I have been told me knee...

Burger King / Not being able to order food at 11:45 when drive thru closes at 12:00am

Isaak junkeer on Feb 18, 2017
I wanted to order from the drive thru at 11:45pm when it close's at 12:00am. The location was the Beaverton Oregon location on canyon rd located next to the Beaverton Fred Myers. The worker a blonde lady named Victoria told me she was getting her vents cleaned and that once every 6 month...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / Hot wings and (2) 2 piece chicken combo

Linda@1963 on Feb 17, 2017
I went to the KFC on 6512 Sorenson Park Plaza, 6512 N 72ND Street Omaha, Nebraska 68134 on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 around 6:30p.m. and I ordered a 20 piece hot wing with a side of macaroni and cheese, (2) 2 piece dinner with mashed potatoes for both. When I got to work my wings were...

Hardees / Supper last evening

eatbeets on Feb 15, 2017
Been going to Hardees for the $5.00 bag deal (retired on fixed income) and been so happy with my meal (hotdogs, fries, pie and drink). Last night at 8PM went for same meal plus onion rings and 5 pc chicken strips and milk. My meal was bagged right away and given to me; no way it could be...

Steers Gateway / Service

Naicker on Feb 15, 2017
Hi my name is Lloyd and I took my family to steers gateway on the 14 February 2017 .I went to steers and ordered a double rack and chips with three cokes and one greek salad, the lady who took my order was very polite, I took my buzzer and went to sit down, the buzzer rang and I went to...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Management

Mawmawjozie on Feb 13, 2017
I visited rhe store on Bessemer Road in Gastonia N.C on 02/05/2017. As I entered the store I noticed an employee smoking by the door. I proceeded to order. The employee came in and did not wash her hands and put her cup by food that was being served. The cup had been sitting on the...

Taco Bell / Entire order

DannyC#1 on Feb 13, 2017
My wife and I hadn, t tried taco bell in a while so with the new nkd chicken out we decided to give it another try. We arrived at 6:30pm on 2-11-2017 and our order was taken by sandra at 6:34pm. Our order consisted of 2 bf chal sup -sour cream Taco Lg mtn dew Chalupa only Nkd ckn chal After...

Chowking / Hygiene/sanitation

MyraER on Feb 13, 2017
ChowkingGood day. I would like to inform everyone and file a complaint regarding the pansit canton that I ate in chowking with used bubble gum on it. That used bubble gum was inside my pansit canton and I didn't notice it until I chew it. Sobrang nakakadiri and hassle too on my part, from one saliva...

Carl's Jr. / Service and food

tweetys on Feb 12, 2017
This took place on tropicana/mountain vista las vegas nevada address is 4606 E tropicana phone #702-458-3537, 2/12/2017 6:57:11 pm drive thru #2071 / 2147 order was 3 dbl calif chbgr, zucchini total price $11.31, it took about 3 minutes at the order box then about 12 minutes just to get to...

Del Taco / Unethical behavior

Audreybriann on Feb 12, 2017
I'm an employee at del taco in robertson blvd, culver city. I really upset because the general manager is always annoying all the employees, she irritates us for everything we do, no matter if we are doing everything good... Sometimes she says that I can't do anything good and yells in...

Taco Cabana / Poor service

Linda Beene on Feb 12, 2017
The time taken to deliver an order to our table has been getting slower at Store #20126 in Round Rock, Texas, but today (2/12/17) was the worst yet. We waited almost 30 minutes for our order and, as has happened on several occasions recently, it was not correct. We asked for refried bean...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / Drinks

PRG1313 on Feb 11, 2017
I stopped by KFC about 8 PM and ordered two meals both with non-sugared ice tea. I repeated this twice at the order board. My wife and I are both diabetic and don't drink drinks with sugar in them. When I paid for my meal the attendant did fine (didn't ask me if I wanted anything such a...

Bojangles’ International / Becajun.com / Chicken

Isa213 on Feb 11, 2017
Bojangles’ International / Becajun.comI'm really disappointed on recieving hair on my chicken apart from that the workers were about to not give us our biscuits that were already paid for, they were rude, and they also took forever on just giving me my food. I hate to say that this isn't my first time recieving bad food, the...

HMSHost / Untimely wait & given wrong size food

peachesg on Feb 11, 2017
on 1-26-2017 we stopped for a quick bite on our trip at your Roy Rogers location was at the north somerset travel plaza, store id 4PASTA35. We had to wait a very long time for our food more than acceptable and it was a simple order, in my opinion. Finally, got our food and sat down to eat...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / 5 dollar meal

CA Hutchinson on Feb 10, 2017
Tillicum, WA, Union Ave, went to get lunch at 12:05, ordered 5 dollar meal. got to the window and they didn't have my order right. all I ordered was the 5 dollar leg and thigh meal with strawberry lemonade. they wanted to give me mountain dew and they didn't have original thigh so i got...

Panera Bread / Size of bagel, issues with this location

Sandra Mundy on Feb 10, 2017
This morning I stopped at panera in englewood ohio (N. Main st). My reward for february is one free bagel everyday. I decided to have a bagel. When I got to work and opened my bag, this bagel was particularly small. I have never had a bagel that looked like this before. This particular...

Wendy's / Extremely rude obnoxious worker

Fred cash on Feb 9, 2017
On February 8 2017 i stopped in Mansfield for a quick bite to eat. I was met with a line at the counter. All you could hear was some loudmouth in the back, running his mouth putting the other workers down. The nice girl at the counter was apologizing for the slow service. And a customer...

Wendy's / Service

Leigh Howard on Feb 8, 2017
On 1/30/2017 @ 5321 Waters Ave. Savannah Ga. 31405 Store # 3136. (ticket # 40137) I went for late lunch, 2:06 PM. My purchase at drive through was spicy Caesar full & coke zero. I get back to my office (10 minutes away) and have no dressing. I drive back to location, go inside, ask for...
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