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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / Smores Milkshake

lovebxny on Oct 22, 2017
I visited the Roswell Road location in Sandy Springs. It took me a long time to receive my smores milkshake, no one informed me why there was a delay nor did they apologize. The drive thru team seemed confused and was moving at a very snail pace. When I received the milkshake, it looked...

Applebee's / Poor Management/customer service

DeeDee7474 on Oct 22, 2017
My family and I came in to dine at Applebees' before seeing a movie. When we arrived we noticed it a nice crowd but was happy it was only one family ahead of us for seating. We waiting about 5-10 minutes and was seated. Once seated we waited about 15 minutes with no waiter/waitre...

Waffle House / Service and waiter

Christie Chastain on Oct 21, 2017
At 945 pm on October 21st 2017 we stood there for almost 5 minutes waiting on someone to wipe the table when they were not busy at all, the waiter had walked away and the cook had to get us what we need, and then we sit there for another good 5 minutes to get a to go box while we were...

Pizza Hut / Service & experience was below average

Nicole A. Ricker on Oct 21, 2017
Service was slow due to only one waiter for a bunch of tables on a Saturday night (10/21/2017) around 6pm. Worse experience at Pizza Hut in a long time. Everyone in my party of 6 got there food & my pizza was forgotten even though it was written down. I did get a pizza after asking where...

Pizza Hut / Two hours after recieving the text that said the pizza was on the way and my kids are still sitting here hungry!

Jamie1234567 on Oct 20, 2017
On 10/20/17 I put in an online order for the fall deal for two large pizzas and breadsticks. I got the first text at 6:04 stating my order was confirmed. At 6:30 I got the text saying the pizza was on the way. The pizza hut location is literally 4 min or 0.9 miles from the delivery...

Sheetz / Car wash

Pamelavt on Oct 20, 2017
SheetzI went thru your car wash today & my car is filthy! Very dissapointed! I came home & hand washed it. I have pictures & a receipt. Really bummed, I can't have the convenience of going to this just opened Sheetz in Raleigh to use as a quick car wash. I posted pictures on here of the dirt. I...

Taco Bell / Dishonest Employee

Jonnemay on Oct 20, 2017
I visit this particular taco bell frequently because its close by to my job. Today (10/20/2017) I visited as normal, service was good however I lost some money and did not know until about 30 mins later. My coworker who was with me told me the manager found said money. I called to see if I...

Hardees / Rude cashier/don't get what u pay for

Cassie Kinman on Oct 20, 2017
HardeesOn October 20th around noon ordered a Mushroom Swiss burger pulled up to the window to the cashier handed credit card machine to swipe my card I swiped my card she proceeded to yank it out of my hand finally after 10 minutes away at the window for my hamburger...i got home and it was cold...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / order was wrong

Elaine Adams on Oct 20, 2017
I order a spicy chicken sandwich and an Oreo cookies and cream milkshake paid $7.66 order online. Receive the correct sandwich but with fries, I didn't want fries, I wanted a milkshake I didn't get a milkshake. I contacted Steak 'n Shake #518, 950 Market Place Boulevard Irving, TX spoke...

Taco John's / poor customer service

Kostucha on Oct 20, 2017
Taco John'sFor starters... I shouldn't be able to smell your weed when I'm standing on the other side of the counter from you. What you do in your free time off duty is of no concern of mine, however when customers can tell you literally JUST came inside from smoking a bowl...then that's an issue. Second...

Carvel Ice Cream Shoppes / ice cream

RamonGT on Oct 19, 2017
Horrible customer service, I ordered the strawberry cheesecake ice cream, it tasted old and like freezer burns/ it was icy and just terrible. Manager refused to acknowledge my complaint. His words were too bad you payed, no exchanges or refunds. For years I've been shopping at Carvels all...

Sonic Drive-In / slow bad service

Pissed off fam on Oct 19, 2017
Good evening so the family and I decided to go eat out tonight instead I’m mad and still hungry. We went to the Middletown NY Sonic on Route 211 the worst service everybody is rud slow lazy and full of attitudes. To include the manager like seriously these are the people you hired. Seems like...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / taquitos

Ron Ruba on Oct 19, 2017
Carl's Jr. RestaurantsI Just visited your Santa Ana location (2511 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704) today 10/19/17 at approximately 12:30pm, and ordered the chicken quesadilla and 3 piece chicken taquitos. The quesadilla was OK (it would have been nice to know it had onions) but the taquitos... Well, two of...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / the treatment of, workers and quality of, the food

Brandon Segal on Oct 19, 2017
My friend works at this store along with a few co workers and they all have the same story the management there sucks they take way to many smoke breaks and most of them take it to get out of doing there daily routines they don't like to do which is causing other workers to have to pick up...

Panera Bread / substandard food and service

Paul Quattrini on Oct 19, 2017
We had the misfortune of stopping for dinner last on October 18 at a Panera Cafe 2320 in Washington, PA last night. Our check number was 332619 and our cashier was Alexia. We used to frequent Panera regularly and the food and service were always of high quality. Alexia couldn’t seem to get...

Mcdonalds / service and quality

SandzS on Oct 19, 2017
I have had a multitude of errors at this store, Lemonade that is soda water, cheeseburgers without cheese. The most recent a few weeks ago I rang to complain as the Family box was missing a burger and nuggets. I suggested implementing a quality check at the end process to help with the...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / extremely long wait time

Yeppppp on Oct 19, 2017
The employees at the Wendy's in Westerly, RI are literal [censor]. Everytime I go through the drive through, EVERY TIME, no matter I'd there is 1 car in the parking lot or 5, I am told "We'll be right with you." And I am forced to wait at least 5 minutes, sometimes more...

Steers / steers montana crossing - no service to white customers - disgusting

#disgustedcustomer on Oct 19, 2017
Good day, I would just like to inform you on how disgusted and disappointed I am in the service at Steers at Montana Crossing. We were trying to order last night and after about 15min of waiting (while being in front of the line) the lady and gentleman helped to other customers and...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / dead fly in the family size mashed potatoes

Neal Johns on Oct 18, 2017
Popeyes Louisiana KitchenHello, My name is Mrs. Johns, on Oct 18, 2017, My three children and I went to popeyes in Euclid ave in Euclid Ohio. I went in ordered through the drive thru. I purchased a 12pc spicy chicken family meal with the two sides. My sides were the red beans and rice, and the mashed pototaes it...

Pizza Hut / pizza

Karen Raines on Oct 18, 2017
We have always been loyal customers at our Pizza Hut here in Keyser, WVa. And have had some small problems no too much to worry about. But today was not one of them. 10/18/2017. We had ordered two medium pizzas and had added a few more toppings. Our Pizza Hut doesn't deliver so we have to...
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