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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / unethical behavior from a manager

Luella Knight on Oct 17, 2017
October 16, 2017, about 11:50 AM Steak & Shake at 1709 S. Neil, Champaign, IL I am taking the time to write this complaint after being very upset with the way I was treated by a manager at this location. Name J. R. Ruggeri. I was going through the drive-through. At the window I handed the...

Burger King / Quantity of Food/Overcharged

Oodee on Oct 17, 2017
Burger KingI placed an order at the new Burger King in town. After sitting in the drive-thru to approximately 25 to 30 minutes, I finally got my food. The wait wasn't a humongous issue since I know when there is a new business in town, it usually stays busy for awhile. What bothered me was the fact...

Burger King / Manager chastity moore

Latatum Cooper on Oct 17, 2017
Chasity Moore kept a job for a employee while was arrested and taking to jail when another employee went to jail she was told that she was not a rehire and I feel like its a conduct of interested there they lie about making others managers then keep jobs for a person that went to jail no...

Wawa / premade breakfast sandwich

Bryonna Taylor on Oct 17, 2017
I go to Wawa just about every morning before work and they never have sandwiches without cheese. I'm can't eat cheese and neither can my family and it would be nice to have no cheese options because if I go to the counter to ask them to make it they always are out of croissants. It would be...

Taco Bell / manager said something about my wife and the drive thru window was still open

Simplyplumbing on Oct 17, 2017
Taco BellLogan was the managers name, not sure if that is right since he wouldn't even talked to me afyer uncalled my wife for him so he could apologize. My wife went there around 7:50 and wanted to add another quesadilla and the girl at the drivethrough yelled out she is adding another quesadilla...

Pizza hut walton ky / store manager

Amber Fuller-Wehrman on Oct 16, 2017
I ordered alot of food... The family deal pasta meaty marinara & bread sticks, fries, and I order pizza so often that I had a free medium pizza through hut rewards. When the driver delivered my stuff We paid almost $30 for the food & gave a $4 tip. This pizza hut is literally 5 minute...

Long John Silver's / service

LJSmad on Oct 15, 2017
Saw a LJS in Spring, Texas, while driving home & pulled in. It is a combo KFC & LJS restaurant. Pulled into the drive through. At the order speaker there is a sign "KFC orders only - LJS orders must be placed inside". So I drive up to the payment window & ask why I can't order LJS in the...

Whataburger / unsafe seating area and capricious loitering policy

kris schludermann on Oct 15, 2017
You wrote a review for Whataburger 6 minutes ago 1.0 star rating 10/15/2017 WILL MAKE YOU LEAVE AFTER HALF AN HOUR. Flavourly, Stuck in the past with their old style burgers. WhataBurger has decent burgers, but if you were expecting to leisurely enjoy them with contemporary technology, you out of...

McDonald's / nfl show of disdain to fallen warriors.

Jeff Ruiz on Oct 15, 2017
I can NO LONGER watch football, knowing the hatred many of the team's player's have for the country they make their million's of dollar's in. How can these pampered fat cat's be so disrespectful of a symbol, when there are military in front of them, MISSING limbs, standing at attention. ...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / drive-thru/ customer service

Travis S. Farmer on Oct 15, 2017
I visited the location at 7681 South Raeford Rd., Fayetteville NC 28304, on October 14 around 11pm. After sitting in the drive thru for at least 30min just to get to the speaker, the guy asked for my order. It was my wife, our children, my niece and myself and I ordered 5 4 for $4's, or at...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / manager being aggressive/shouting profanities-alameda, ca location

Michael & Amanda on Oct 14, 2017
Incident on 10/14, around 3:30 pm During a local neighborhood walk with my wife and 5 month old daughter I needed to use the restroom. My wife pointed out a local KFC and we walked over to use the facilities. There happened to be a closed street event happening a block away and I noticed...

Wingstop Restaurants / I am complaining about my service

Ravenwadley on Oct 14, 2017
I called in and ask for a special. I was told they didn't have a special. So I ordered 40 wings my total came out to be $48.00. When I got to the restaurant it was a October special where you can get 20 wings for 22.00 tax included. So I ask if I could just get that special since I ordered...

Dunkin' Brands / horrible service from the manager

j hOGAN on Oct 14, 2017
I visited a Dunkin Doughnuts location on 10/14/2017 at 9:45 a.m. in Sanford Fl located on Rhinehart Rd. I went to order a Baskin Robbins mango smoothie because I do not like the original dunking ones and the manager Marco proceeded to state "Well, this one cost more" and I stated that it...

Taco Bell / felicia b

Rondo Moore on Oct 14, 2017
Taco BellOn Tuesday Oct. 10, 2017 I visited Taco Bell with my family and the store was nasty. Employees were rude. One manger that was making my food told me she would spit in my food if I didnt take a seat and she would call my name when my food is ready. I only ordered two burritos. So after 30...

Whataburger / person at the register and supervisor

Rdzalfredo on Oct 14, 2017
Today I took my kid to eat breakfast at the whataburger on 2741 N Stemmons Fwy On Dallas Tx We got there right before 11 am. There was 3 people in front of us ordering and when they finished ordering and it was our turn I was going to order breakfast and the supervisor screams to the...

Jack In The Box / burger combo meals

Gee Ramirez on Oct 14, 2017
On Thursday Oct 12, 2017 I went to jack in the box on charter way in Stockton ca, i ordered 2 combos 1 was a bacon & Swiss buttery jack combo specifically ask for curly fries with it did not get them all 3 combos didn't have curly fries i ordered 3 Oreo cookie shakes i got those 2...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / the service

Ranj62 on Oct 14, 2017
I went to kfc as usual on a Friday lunchtime... I love kfc and I paid at the first window where I also ordered my meal... Then drove to 2nd window and the young man was so rude... He handed me the order and closed the window... Whilst I was trying to ask for a straw... I thought hes busy...

Burger King / poor service - unfriendly attitude

Tim Virbick on Oct 13, 2017
BURGER KING® 1025 N Hills Blvd Reno, NV 89506 Arrived 7:50 pm on October 13, 2017, with my wife and her aged parents. They sat down while I stood to order. Waited for quite some time with no one acknowledging me. Instead I had to listen to arguing in English and Spanish among the employee...

Burger King / people fighting behind the counter

Nancy2222222 on Oct 13, 2017
So I went to South belt burger king in saint joseph missouri early this morning to get some breakfast but I also got something I didnt ask for. There were two people behind the counter being so very disrespectful arguing and cursing and its just totally unacceptable. People shouldnt go...

Hungry Jack's Australia / chicken burger and fries

Carlo Ignacio on Oct 13, 2017
I came to hungry jacks yesterday early morning from work as i did a night shift and i was so hungry. I ordered long chicken burger large meal take away. Then when i took it home and ate it the fries tastes like old and not that crispy and fresh, after a 10 minutes my stomach started to...
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