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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / steak n shake employee cursing and threatening another employee

Centuryman2018 on Feb 23, 2018
We came in and sat down, and there was a lady in partial uniform walked over to another steak'n shake employee, cursing at him and threatening to drag him out to the parking lot and beat him up. Loud enough to where everyone could hear, even the customers. This was at the Bristol TN steak'n...

HMSHost / basic management principles at brioche doree in orlando airport store #mcobdc01

Dennis D. on Feb 22, 2018
On February 21 at 11:54 AM my wife and I stopped at the stand to purchase salads for lunch. The gentleman in front of us ordered a turkey sandwich on Cranberry bread. He asked if a couple of extra slices of tomato could be added. You would have thought he asked to remodel the store! The...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / found and object in my home style chicken sandwich

Vannismom901 on Feb 21, 2018
Wendy’s International / The Wendy's CompanyHello let me start by saying I'm a loyal Wendy's customer however tonight I brought a homestyle chicken sandwich and there as a black foreign object in my sandwich. I usually don't complain about things like this but my daughter took a bite of my sandwich and that's when I saw the object...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / company worker

mjozefac on Feb 21, 2018
went thru the drive thru placed my order which was fine, when i got up to the window i asked if she could add on a large soda, she shook her head "no" said there were cars behind me and that she could not add that on. unreal. never ever to eat that crap again. to many better fried chicken...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / host-georgia at store located at: 2409 post dr, indianapolis, in 46219

PissedCustomer001 on Feb 21, 2018
Georgia was working as the host, taking customer ordersfor the gentleman operating the drive-thru cash register. In doing so she was extremely RUDE as she rushed us to finish our order. She actually cut us off while we were spraking to give us our total. When we stated, "Ma'am, we weren't...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / given incorrect order on purpose

aquiksilver2 on Feb 20, 2018
Steak 'n Shake EnterprisesI placed my order at the Steak and Shake located on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Highspire travel plaza with Celia on Feb 19 at 6:02 PM for a burger and vanilla milkshake as listed on my receipt. As I'm waiting, I see her and another associate looking strangely at me, it made me somewhat...

Chowking Store / attitude of the service crew

Angelica Paguio on Feb 20, 2018
I just want to file a complaint about the service crew at chowking mabalacat branch. I decided to take my order by drive thru then I waited 2 minutes and keep blowing the horn of my motorcycle for how many times but no one tends to take order so I haven't seen any person on the first...

HMSHost / starbucks at o’hare oasis, schiller park il

Alma Latham on Feb 19, 2018
I'm complaining about the supposed 5:30 am start time. Shouldn't that mean open for business at 5:30 am? Feb 16, 2018 I was there at 5:30 but the staff was just starting to remove the gates and set up the kiosk. They weren't ready to take my order until 5:40. This 10 minute delay means a...

Mcdonald's / customer service

7comanche@gmail.com on Feb 19, 2018
On Feb.19 I stopped at the MacDonald's in Bolivar TN 38008 and ordered a med. Mocha Frappe and paid my $3.50 at the first window. There were two cars in front of me. The first car moved fairly quickly. The second car took forever. I waited for at least 10 min. Or more in line for this car...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / the whole store

shayworth77 on Feb 19, 2018
We went to the local Wendy's and it was terrible. We waited in line for nearly 30 minutes, with only 4 people in front of us. The area around the checkout counter was filled with smoke most of the time from where they make the french fries. I am guessing the exhaust fan was not working...

Sonic Drive-In / coneys with chili & cheese

Gerald White on Feb 19, 2018
I ordered 2 chili & cheese with onions & mustard and 1 plain. I got 3 with chili & cheese. I called in for onions & mustard and she said they would be right out. They never did bring them . The girl who took my order talked so fast you couldn't understand her. They get in such a big hurry...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / poor service, cursing among employees in front of customers, customers seated after us were served before us.

kmorg on Feb 19, 2018
Monday 2/19/18. We have been going to the Carbondale Illinois location for lunch of and on over the last 8 months. Each time has been hit or miss if we received good service or not but today was the last straw. I will never patronize your establishment every again. We walked in around...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / food/wait

Emmacullen0 on Feb 19, 2018
Steak 'n Shake EnterprisesI visted your Erie Peach street location today and am horrified . I waited 15 minutes to order then I waited another 15 for my food. I didn't have anywhere to be so this would not have been a huge problem if the food was good. I ordered a #5 and upgraded to the large. I got my burger with...

Stanford, Kentucky McDonalds / stanford, ky mcdonalds management and employees

John Curlis on Feb 19, 2018
I don't often get on social media to complain about a business but I think today was "the straw that broke the camels back" with Stanford McDonalds restaurant!! I have been going there almost daily since they came to Stanford but over the past several months I've noticed that there service...

Chowking Online Store / unethical behaviour

cassidyscarlet on Feb 19, 2018
Well, I just called the hotline a minute ago and the one who took my order was not polite at all. She sounded irate while talking to me and taking my orders. It's not my fault that I have to call because my order was not available and I cannot update it again since I used online delivery...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / rude comment horrible service

racheldemarco94 on Feb 17, 2018
When going through the drive through at the Wendy's at address 4450 walker road in Windsor Ontario we asked for two large cokes. When at the window to pay the young white female employee said loudly while the window was open "why would anyone buy two large cokes, like why wouldn't you just...

Panera Bread / drive thru service

DeniseHane on Feb 17, 2018
Panera BreadI just went through the drive thru then got onto the freeway. After a few minutes I realized Lupita didn't give me my bloodorange lemonade I had ordered. I called the store 2 times. The first time I hit the prompt that said manager and it just rang and rang. Then I called and hit the...

Rally's / this is an old complaint, that has never been resolved

Jason's on Feb 17, 2018
I have a complaint from thanksgiving day about 8:30pm. My family and I was denied service at the driv thru for no reason. I am wondering why it takes so long do fix a problem. I spoke to a person who said his name was David Terry on 12/28 he asked me to text him my address so I did he said...

Taco Bell / taco bell drive thru

Rod on Feb 16, 2018
The location in royse city, 548 and i30 needs help in the quickest way, whoever is managing this store needs help. For the last year or so, this location during business hours takes 1 order at a time, that's placing the order with the employee's always asking hello, how are you??? No, it'...

Huddle House / I was overcharged.

cynthia duren on Feb 16, 2018
I visited this location on 02/16/2018 and had breakfast and once my meal was over i paid for my order with my debit card for the amount of 26.81 and once i left for home i received a alert text on my phone and it showed i was over chared for 32.81 and i also left a 3.00 tip, and as i...
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