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World Financial Network National Bank / DID NOT MAKE MINIMUM PAYMENT


Last month I never received a statement in the mail, which is not my fault. I did not make the minumum due this month and now they are saying my acct. is not in good standing. I owe them 30.00, but its not my fault I never received a bill, now they will charge me penalties. Instead of...

Royal Link Financial / cashiers checks--fraud


Received a cashiers check for $3, 900.00. The letter said I won $39, 000.00. Beware it is a scam. I called the number on the letter and the guy, Michael Smith, told me it was not a hoax. So I took it to my bank, and they told me it was a scam. The name of the bank is Hanvit Bank that the...

Nordstrom Bank / APR


I've been a loyal customer of Nordstrom in the last 2 years. Never late on my payments and always paying above my minimum payment. Yesterday I got a notice from Nordstrom: "...We recognize that times are tough and many of our customers are affected by what is happening in the...

DOM / Money taken from my account


i have had £21.49 taken out of my account. i want my money put back into my account and i don't want anymore of my money taken out of my account. if any more money is taken out i will take further action.

Citizensbank Of Canada / Fraud and scam

I want consumers to know that the mytreat gift card offered at this time of year for a Christmas gift is a rip off. My girls received one each 2 years ago and have been saving it for a special occasion. That time had come only to find out the balance is gone on monthly charges. The...

Next Millenium Bank / Scam charges

New Millenium Bank ripped me off for $99.95 with a credit card offer. Deducted money from my account, took all my personal info and never received my card and there is no way to stop them.

First Bank / 4% Money Market


The First Bank branch in Rocklin, CA posted a 4% Money Market account banner outside of their branch. I went in and opened an account. I wrote a check from brokerage account on Oct. 24, 2008, the check cleared my brokerage account on Oct 27, 2008, the money was no longer in this brokerage...



Beware of opening a checking account with WoodForrest Bank. Their brochure and their employees will tell you that you have immediate availability of your deposits. The truth is you only have immediate availibility of cash deposits that you make. If you deposit a check into your checking...

OnPoint Community Credit Union / Scam and cheating

I have a credit union account with Schools Financial Credit Union in Sacramento, CA which is where I retired before moving to the Northwest. I decided to find a local credit union and switch the direct deposit of my pension. I visited the branch in the Safeway at 63rd & Andresen where I...

Washington Mutual / Scammers!


This bank is a rip-off!! They withdrew $$'s from a working check account to cover another overdraft of $74 in another account without telling me (I had over $2000 in an attached Savings account that they should have taken from) and therefore threw my other 1 account into overdraft. Of... / taking money from my account without authorization


this company or whoever is responsible is taking money out of may account twice now at 44.00 a whack. I want it back. that would be 88.00 now. someone please e-mail me at ravonda.[protected] and let me know a phone number is something to contact these people if possible. thanks

Wells fatgo Bank New Mexico NA. / cashing our chq. collection


Date: 31 October 2008 Our Ref: COLL.299/2008 Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico, N.A. 7412 Jefferson NE. Albuguerque, NM 87109. Dear Sir / Madam, We refer to our cheque collection reference No. COLL- 299 / 2008 issued by Keizo Hirata. Cheque No. 539 for USD 280, 000.- Pay to Somhansar Co. dd...

NBD / Network


On 29th mid-night I rushed to Safest way super market on Shk. Zayed road, from Jebel Ali to buy some urgent grocery, including milk for my kid and other necessary items. I tried to use my debit card, but the transaction got declined thrice. Thinking that might be a problem with super...

West Coast Bank / ach deposit being held by bank


See details of email sent to bank below: Mr. patterson, we will be unable to comply with your request. the funds are being returned to bank of america per their request. thank you, carrie craigcsr supervisorhablo españolcardholder servicesp. o. box 2039vancouver, wa [protected]...

Sonic Bank / Harassing Phone Calls


I got a call from someone with a heavy Indian accent yesterday afternoon. Phone number on my caller id was [protected]. The guy was too hard to understand so I said politely 'sir I cant understand you I dont want a payday loan good bye' He called me back with in seconds and said "no...

Downey Savings / Mindless ###s


This company doesn't have a single individual who knows how to work with long time customers that have gotten into financial trouble. They don't have a brain in the work out department, no one qualifies, they use they same old standards of yesteryear x 10. They have a simple rule...

National City / Scam and fraud

I have had problems with their online banking system - THREE times in the past TWO months I have had mysterious overdraft fees placed on my account when I never carried a negative balance. Each time it cost me over $90 in fees. They say it is b/c of their system assuming their will be a...



Steve hibler owes me 1500.00 of unpaid wages. I have e-maled him twice with no responce. I will go to Rick Warren of Saddleback church and blog the church web site. This is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I will be going to the labor board and small claims to get my money. This guy is a rip off...

GE Bank / Deceptive practice

My dentist offered me an opportunity to pay my bill over a period of 12 months. I signed up. I received a credit card from GE Banking ( and got my first bill which informed me of the minimal payment due. Nowhere could I find how much I actually owed to pay the bill off without...

Gateway Bank & Trust / incompetence with my money


I have moved to North Carolina in a small historic town called Edenton. Unfortunately, I had taken my inheritance from Chase Bank in New York and deposited it in Gateway (a CD, a savings and a checking). I have been declined three times on my debit card when I know darn well I had...

Linkpoint Central / fraud


I was contacted by First Data in California which insisted that they had 'internet' merchant account 'deals' that were very reasonable. I was told it would be 25.00 a month to have one, that seemed fine, and I signed papers that were mailed to me. I'm a law student...

Wachovia Dealer Services / Excruciating Collection Dept (Jane)


I wanted to add to my previous post from yesterday (Excruciating Collection Dept Cus. Svs), that I was active duty for number of years at the time I received the car loan from Wachovia. I fell into a spiraling health condition (severe heart complications, and recent open heart surgery...

IndyMac Federal Bank / Terrible bank

I had a short sale handled by Christerfer Boyett as well. You can't get him on the phone. But if he needs you, he will e-mail and call you back. I find this not a problem to me considering he has many files to handle. What bothered me most is that an offer of $199, 000 submitted 3...

WaMu / Debit .cards


I have a new debit card.never used before, always had ATM. First month using it I had 100 od limit. I had made several debit and because i had not received PIn # the checker said press credit. The bank charged me 15 OD charges that did not come up on my account for 5 days along with debit...

Standard Trust And Finance INC / Scam


I recently got a letter from Standard Trust and Finance INC stating that I won $95, 000.00. In that letter i got a check for $2, 950.00 to pay government taxes of my winnings. I call the Claim Agent Jones Brian he seemed so desperate to deposit the check on my bank account and to call him...

Wells Frago Home Mortgage / Commission despute wrongly fired


Donald Tilkins was my boss for eight months and stole my commission from day one I am seeking 11, 890.00 in back pay. When I confronted him he fired me.

Washington Mutual / Fraud and scam

I am closing my Washington Mutual checking account today, which I should have done years ago, when this pattern began. What they claim is that customers who have a home equity line with them get free checking. What they actually do is give it free for a while, long enough for you to stop...

BBZ Internation Finance / Swiss Personal Account


I have sent them 178.90 EUR for opening an account and that was it. No response from them whatsoever.

Advanta Bank Corp / Overcharged

With no warning... and after 10 years of never having a missed payment and having never even made a late payment... AND... after drawing me in with an 8.99% promotion, Advanta has raised my rate to an incredible 36% !! Supervisors are unavailable to take phone calls (the CSR claims I will...

ERSolutions, Inc / Pesonnel


I never ever send complaints. I called ERS to verify them as a collection agency and explained that I wanted to verify with the bank that this is who they use. Their "debt collector" as she called herself, would not let me get off the phone. She wanted to know why I had to call the bank...

icardservices / withdrawing money


You have been taking money out of my checking account. I dont know why and i would like for you to contact me by phone or email. thank you

ES Palma De Mall / unauthorized debit


an unauthorized amount of $34.67 keeps getting withdrawn out of my account. I have not authorized it and want it stopped and i want full reimbursement



Mayan Group (Mayan Resorts) is now together with the FIA Credit Services (Bank of America). They give you credit, taking it away from other credit cards that you might have with the Bank of America. They just want you to get in debt, they collect the interest and the Timeshare gets the...



FIA Credit Services and their credit card RCI Elite Rewards are together to get you to buy their timeshares. They will give you the credit but be aware that it comes from other credit cards that you might have with Bank Of America. They just want to take your money, get you in debt, they...

Loan / non-disclosure


In February, 2017 my husband and I took out a $30, 000 unsecured loan from MNBA (now Bank of America) at what I thought to be 13% which turned out to be 16%. In April, 2017 and after paying $16, 144 (approx.) on the loan, I asked for an additional $1, 000 to be deposited into our checking...

Advanta Bank Corp. Small Business Card / Class Action Lawsuit


I was ripped off just like the rest of you good business card holders. They claim they sent me a notice on 8/13, that I never received that they were jacking my rate from 10.3% to 35%. I have an excellent credit record and excellent FICO. They claim due to the current market condition...

Smart Step Insurance / fraudulent


i have nothing more than the company name that is charging my bank account monthly. i did receive a call from smart step insurance. they stated i had 30 days to review the information they would send - they never sent anything, so i have no information to contact and cancel with. they...



During this week, I received a letter with a check for $3, 950 in the mail from a company called TD Financial (addresses: TD Financial, PO Box 284, Grand Jct, CO, 81515 and Sooper Cu, 2454 Hwy 6 &10, Grand Junction, CO 81505). The check was issued to a member of my family. The letter...

CPIPAY.COM / Fraudulent activity


Charges were taken out of my bank account that I did not authorize. The amount was 10 dollars with an ATM fee of 30 cents. I am filing a complaint with my bank.

Diane Tekippe / withdraw my money out of my bank


I went my bank I want my 15.00 but the teller said not enough in my bank I really scary. Who took my money out of my bank she gave me phoen number and credit history I called there said give me I do it and submit. I accident on subit last Oct 1st I applied loan...