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CB Banks Pentagon Federal Credit Union Fair housing act violation/ heloc
Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union review: Fair housing act violation/ heloc

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Mortgage, Bank Loan, Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Lender Manager: Amy Hermes

Work Phone: [protected]

Case Summary:

On October 16. 2023 I applied for a Home Equity loan of $45,000. Monthly payments would come out to $100 a month. My credit score & proof of income got approved. I went through the whole process for a month to submit all the legal documents they requested. On November 8, 2023, I was told to pay their

appraiser a $580 fee. On November 20.2023 I got an email from the processor telling me I didn't qualify anymore due to me being on Paid Family Leave. I informed them that was considered discrimination because it violates the Fair Housing Act and they said to contact their Legal Department. The name of this bank is Pentagon Federal Credit Union. If I knew I wouldn't qualify I would never have gone through this whole process for a whole month especially since I paid a $580 fee for nothing while getting my credit checked.

The current market

value of the property is:


The approximate

amount owed on the

property is:


Claimed loss: A month of processing paperwork & documents. $580 appraisal fee after being told I qualified, Fair Housing Act violation for denying loan while being on Paid Family leave.

Desired outcome: $140,000 for Discrimination

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