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Wells Fargo Complaints & Reviews

Wells Fargo / Customer service

finally frustrated on Feb 22, 2017
1.) Don't make promises you can't keep. Such as calling me back. 2.) Lengthy holds at the branch level. I am tired of being placed on a hold or not getting an answer. I came into the Destin branch today and withdrew some money on my lunch. I asked if I could turn off my debit card and have...

Wells Fargo / Branch palm beach gardens

UnknownCZD on Feb 21, 2017
I believe this branch is violating the EEOC. I have been applying to this branch for about six months and they have had no openings. when a opening was acquired seems they weren't hesitant to hire a female. I feel they are hiring based on "sex" as all of there tellers are females other...

Wells Fargo / Credit card - visa services

Michelle Meinke on Feb 18, 2017
I applied and received the Visa zero percent interest card approx. 60 days ago with original application with request for balance transfer for american express. I never received the balance transfer, called x 5 phone calls, I was told transfer request was missed and they would have to send...

Wells Fargo Insurance Claim Check Department / Wells fargo withholding insurance funds due to ineptitude!

Wls123 on Feb 16, 2017
Wells Fargo Insurance Claim Check department is the most inept group of clueless people that must walk the face of this Earth. They are more than useless at helping the homeowner get the correct paperwork to them - and they are SOOO pedantic about every tiny detail, even if the information...

Wells Fargo / Unethical behavior bestowed upon us, by wells fargo... February 15 2017

Edlin on Feb 15, 2017
My husband and myself have two mortgages with wells fargo starting in 2004... Our payments on both properties were never late. In october 2012, superstorm sandy devastated one of our houses. We maintained 3 insurance policies... Flood, homeowners and loss of rental income. Well, after...

Wells Fargo / Rossi Merritt, can't deposit my promissory note

Rossi99m on Feb 15, 2017
I went to several local bank to deposit a promissory note to purchase a car, they would not receive my promissory note I was told that I have to take out a car loan in order to purchase a car . They said I could not use a promissory note I'll let them know that I was a private Banker...

Wells Fargo / Fraud

Cat Chen on Feb 13, 2017
Have filed fraud with Wells Fargo but they told me since it's over their coverage liabilities so they are blaming me for not checking my account REGULARLY. As results. they won't pay me back even though those are frauds and Wells Fargo has finished their investigation. And didn't provide...

Wells Fargo / Rude employee

Nancy Reagan on Feb 13, 2017
On Monday, February 13th I called Wells Fargo Personal Loan Dept. as I was in arrears on my personal loan payment. A gentleman by the name of Kyle had called me, so I was returning his call. I spoke with a woman by the name of Kathy. I explained to her that I had had medical bills and...

Wells Fargo / Negligence

aka583 on Feb 11, 2017
Recently I was scammed. I was sent a cheque for $2, 550, told to deposit it, keep $400, withdraw the balance & deposit into another account. I discovered too late it was a scam. I showed the cheque to a bank associate, he immediately told me it was fake. THE TELLER SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT...

Wells Fargo / Unjustified charges

SeanHaigney on Feb 9, 2017
Letter #1 - may 19th 2016 To whom it may concern: I recently was informed that I owe around $600 for not having the correct level of insurance from november throughout april. My issue with this is that I was never notified about this giant fee until it was too late and I will now be...

Wells Fargo / Deposit a check

yao luo on Feb 6, 2017
i tried a deposit a check with my and my husbands name on it to my checking account. I thought it is an easy task and went to the cowel branch in Davis, ca. First the tell told me that I need to open a joint account for depositing the check but she was very polite. If not, the check could...

Wells Fargo / They are discriminating....

LaDonna72 on Feb 4, 2017
They are discriminating. I have “proof” of what they did to me over 3 years ago. With the help from my ex husband and Wells Fargo “locked” me out of my home loan. My ex husband still lives in the house and both him and Wells Fargo has “treated” me to sign back into a “new loan” after I cave...

Wells Fargo / Redirection of funds without proper notification

Suzyq275 on Feb 2, 2017
Took my payments and placed them towards their insurance instead of car payments, then repossessed my car stating it was 93 days late when my bank clearly shows a bill pay direct from them to WFDS less than a month before. I was not even contacted prior to repossession until it was too late...

Wells Fargo / My services

Davine Wilson on Jan 31, 2017
My name is davine wilson i know that i jave made overdrafts in my account i called someone about that i made them i told the man one the phone that i was going to pay them back when my check hit my account like always because i didnt want to be hit with the overdrafts fee he said ms wilson...

Wells Fargo Home Loan / Home/renovation loan

Angelia Pilcher on Jan 25, 2017
This is the worst experience I have ever had in my years of real estate with a home loan lender. I will advise any and everyone that ever decides to purchase a home stay away from wells fargo!! My client is 87 years old, seller and wf buyer. Wells fargo has sent all parties through hell! This has been going on for 90 days—unacceptable!

Wells Fargo Bank / How you close my bank account ?

Mohamed Elkazaz on Jan 23, 2017
My bank account was closed for some reason I don't know why and my local bank open new account for my company I am out of the states, We have consign who is tacking care of my account when I am out of the country, now I received and activated my new Visa Debit Card My problem is ..I can't...

Wells Fargo / Communication/customer service from wells fargo branch to customers

Francois Lemieux on Jan 19, 2017
To whom it concern; As I am a canadian citizen with no banking business ties to wells fargo, I have been named 'personal representative' by the circuit court of fort lauderdale to be the 'executor' in my uncle's will. I have serious concern about the branch manager at which the assets were left as it is impossible to get return calls and emails...

Wells Fargo / Mortgage refinance loan

Cynical Soldier on Jan 14, 2017
My name is kenneth l. Davis. My current home loan is with wells fargo: acct# 0214260747. I retired from the us air force in 2003 and started working for the tulalip tribes in 2008. My employee retirement plan, from tulalip tribes of washington, is also with wells fargo. On sep 8th, 2016...

Wells Fargo / Mortgage refinance

Kaye Maughan Adamson on Jan 9, 2017
Dear wells fargo, Since we contacted wells fargo about our complaint with the mortgage refinance, we have been promised many times that the issue would be resolved in a timely manner. It has been several months and it seems that every week we receive a letter from the customer care and...

Wells Fargo / Bank teller

Sandra Leone on Jan 7, 2017
This is the branch at brassfield in greensboro nc. I have been banking with wachovia since 1980s and have never been talked to the way I was on jan 6 around 1pm. Old black lady with glasses drive up teller very nasty. Scolded me for giving her a deposit slip when I wanted a withdrawal. My...

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Fraud Seeks Personal Information In Exchange For Tax Rebate
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