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Wells Fargo Customer Service

1240 Reviews

Wells Fargo

420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco
United States - 94104

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 869 3557(General Banking)
16 43
+1 800 956 4442(Online and Mobile Banking)
7 11
+1 800 642 4720(Lost / Stolen Credit Card)
6 7
Emergency Contacts

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
+1 888 818 9147
+1 515 213 7700

Home Equity
+1 888 667 6059

Personal Credit Management
+1 888 667 6059

Investment Services
The Private Bank: +1 888 715 0380
Abbot Downing: +1 888 648 8157
Wellstrade: +1 800 872 3377
Advantage Funds: +1 800 368 1610
Investment Management & Trust Services: +1 877 719 4048
Wells Fargo Advisors: +1 866 817 7940

Credit, ATM & Debit Cards
Credit Cards: +1 800 642 4720
ATM & Debit Cards: +1 800 869 3557

Wells Fargo Education Financial Services (Student Loans)
+1 800 658 3567

Small Business Banking
+1 800 266 7883
+1 800 225 5935

Retirement Plans (401(K)) Through Your Employer
+1 800 728 3123

Wells Fargo Complaints & Reviews

Wells Fargo / wells fargo hiring home mortgage consultant - presidents leaders club

Bill Wells on Aug 18, 2018

I was a Home Mortgage Consultant in the Philly area a few years ago and I recently tried to get rehired and was never called back. One of my former coworkers told me they arent rehiring anybody who worked for Wells Fargo from the time when Greg Gwizdz was the manager because they hate him...

Wells Fargo / mortgage lending

Janine C on Aug 17, 2018

Please please please stay away from this bank they are horrible! My husband and I applied for a line of credit and made the horrible mistake of starting with this entity because they are our mortgage lender (not by choice of course!) We waited what seemed like a lifetime for an answer and...

Wells Fargo / merchant line

Leon Willard on Aug 17, 2018

I have been a merchant with wells fargosince the 1980's and I liked how I was able to get in and out quickly through the merchant line considering I'm the only person that is in the office. Now you have taken away the merchant line, NOW I have to stand in line for 15+ minutes waiting cause...

Wells Fargo / unethical behavior

Chantel Mccraney on Aug 14, 2018

August 14, 2018, I do not have a client, I am writing this complaint about the Wells Fargo at 3300 Preston Rd, Plano TX 75093. The level of customer service at this bank is unstable! I was depositing money and I took at my driver's license, and handed it the teller. And once the transition...

Wells Fargo / coffee and tea available before has been discontinued

theresa demello on Aug 13, 2018

Hello good day to you. Recently we had been to well fargo bank for our annuities and it took us quiet a long time getting our work done. this is not a complaint about any one in particular. since it was a long time we took at the bank almost three hours working on our annuities I tried to...

Wells Fargo / bank advisors

Reggieperry2011 on Aug 13, 2018

So I open a business account and while in process the banker advised me about a business loan...I'm in the transportation industry and new equipment can always be used..a number of things happened that was not mentioned...first wells fargo has a 2 year stipulation that a business must be...

Wells Fargo / customer service

olague on Aug 12, 2018

Bank located "food 4 less" . Needs better managers at that bank, only had two bank tellers working the window stations. The bank line was long, moved very slow. Other customers where not happy. bank needs better trained tellers .. the bank, needs better trained managers that stay in the...

Wells Fargo / lies about policies

Jacario Horton on Aug 9, 2018

When injoined them a few years ago. Going through the whole opening an account process. I was told if my account had a discrepancy or anything that if I reported it in a timely manner no matter what my money would refunded no matter what. My account was charged over $2, 000 not by me. I...

Wells Fargo / credit card

Joelle Evans on Aug 9, 2018

It's a long story but here goes on 07/28/2018 I made a 1000.00 payment with my loadable walmart card it was never posted as available credit I received a letter saying needed account proved I sent a fax of it and, went 75 miles to nearest wells Fargo bank proved it there was told it would...

Wells Fargo / wells fargo allowed a state agency to steal money from an elderly woman on social security

cody1314 on Aug 9, 2018

Wells Fargo bank allowed the Wi.Dept of Revenue to seize money from an elderly woman's Social Security check deposited into her bank account. This account is only used to pay her bills with the income from her social security. This woman had no money owed to the Wi. Dept. of Revenue for...

Wells Fargo / refer to my personal and business account

patel36 on Aug 8, 2018

I had the worst experience to deal with Wells Fargo Bank. Most unthankful customer service. No value for customers only concerns with their own ways. I had my business and personal account with this bank for last 12 years, but one wire transfer send by one client and later he denies for not...

Wells Fargo / mortgage fees

Jaymelynn on Aug 5, 2018

I had to file chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2014 because I fell behind in payments. I filed for a loan modification so I wouldn't have my house foreclosed on. After a month of them dragging their feet and asking me for the same paperwork repeatedly, I had to end up going to a lawyer to file...

Wells Fargo / home loans

Cls5267 on Aug 5, 2018

Yes was one of the many that was handle right on my home loan. And after 28 years in the home. They took it from me. And said I own double the amount I bought it for. And I think I was treated right at all. When they should been trying to fix they were foreclosing on the house. Today they...

Wells Fargo / fraudulent charges

Fuwellsfargo on Aug 5, 2018

Fraudulent charges on my account since March even after getting a new card associated with Amazon. Today $119 charge! Amazon reports 10 accounts opened using my card! It seems that this has been an ongoing issue and obviously wells Fargo is doing NOTHING to solve the issue. I've filed...

Wells Fargo / Check cashing policy and rude service manager

Jason Porter on Aug 3, 2018

I came to Davidson North Carolina to put in a water heater. The customer wrote me a check on Wells Fargo and when I took it to the branch in Davidson I was informed there would be a 7.50 charge and I explained to her that there is no Wells Fargo Bank anywhere near me. The closest one is an...

Wells Fargo / Account charges

Truth031089 on Aug 3, 2018

My account was charged an overdraft fee due to the poor quality of your online banking system. My account should reflect he proper available balance so when I'm paying bills I am able to know if I have the funds available to pay them. I called your Cust service number and she acted like...

Wells Fargo / loan process

Steven Scott on Aug 3, 2018

What happened to personal service? I got stuck here, USA, on my first visit since a year from working overseas, without vacation money and just need a simple $3000 loan for which I can pay off in 2 months not 12. Guaranteed in writing! I make $93, 000 annually, pay no federal taxes. Ye...

Wells Fargo / customer service

Dmhlmt on Jul 31, 2018

I have been trying to close my WF account for almost a week. Everything has cleared the account. Balance shows zero with nothing pending yet each 20 minute call through the phone system and customer service results in "sorry man, we can't close it today, you'll have to callback tomorrow."...

Wells Fargo / teller profiling customer, calling police, asking for confidential information outloud,

BennoMcg on Jul 27, 2018

This has been the single most insulting, humiliating, offensive and illegal conduct which I have ever had at any banking institution in my 46 years of life. I was unable to safely operate my vehicle after the treatment of the teller "Jesus" and the supervisor that was the one who had...

Wells Fargo / atm deposit technical issues

Anamaria5 on Jul 27, 2018

Your online service and atm deposit technical difficulties should be brought to EVERY customers attention especially if the problem was already well known. NOW customers are depositing their paychecks, unknown to them that they wont be receiving their money and are now dealing with a...