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Wells Fargo Customer Service

1227 Reviews

Wells Fargo

420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco
United States - 94104

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 869 3557(General Banking)
15 39
+1 800 956 4442(Online and Mobile Banking)
7 10
+1 800 642 4720(Lost / Stolen Credit Card)
6 7
Emergency Contacts

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
+1 888 818 9147
+1 515 213 7700

Home Equity
+1 888 667 6059

Personal Credit Management
+1 888 667 6059

Investment Services
The Private Bank: +1 888 715 0380
Abbot Downing: +1 888 648 8157
Wellstrade: +1 800 872 3377
Advantage Funds: +1 800 368 1610
Investment Management & Trust Services: +1 877 719 4048
Wells Fargo Advisors: +1 866 817 7940

Credit, ATM & Debit Cards
Credit Cards: +1 800 642 4720
ATM & Debit Cards: +1 800 869 3557

Wells Fargo Education Financial Services (Student Loans)
+1 800 658 3567

Small Business Banking
+1 800 266 7883
+1 800 225 5935

Retirement Plans (401(K)) Through Your Employer
+1 800 728 3123

Wells Fargo Complaints & Reviews

Wells Fargo / banking

Laurie Balinski on Jun 21, 2018

A loyal customer of Wells Fargo for 10 years, they closed my nearest branch and pulled the ATM, leaving a 50 mile round trip to ATM. When asked about waiving fees for closing my branch, they refunded me $40.00. Out of hundreds of dollars in fees this last year, I get 40 bucks. No help, no...

Wells Fargo / change of address

Clarence Rider on Jun 12, 2018

I have a small account with Bonwell Financial Advisors in Charleston, WV. I recently moved and sent a change of address signed and in writing to them. Your policies put my information at risk. I was told my mailing address had to be verified with a phone call. This was after the phone and...

Wells Fargo / merchant service fail to process nightly batches

Gregory D. on Jun 11, 2018

I have reached out to customers service multiple times to no avail. I will not stop until I get a favorable resolution to this problem. My business account was accessed three overdraft fees due to "glitch " in the merchant service batch closeouts. I called and was assured that the...

Wells Fargo / manager & teller customer service

Bigmemz on Jun 7, 2018

On 6/7/18 I went to the wells Fargo branch located at 5625 Woodruff Ave Lakewood Ca I went in to cash & deposit part a personal wells fargo check for $8200 the check was from my sister she banks with wells fargo I bank with wells fargo so I didn't think there would be a problem but the...

Wells Fargo / personal loan

France2 on Jun 5, 2018

Hi, I was supposed to get a call fro a loan (3k) to cover some medial bills and nobody called me Then, I called and told me that declined, without any explanations / reasons. I know yes I know that s discrimination smell.. Closing all my accounts and spraying the words with my friends about how some banker do their job with some discrimination

Wells Fargo / money orders

BP57555 on May 31, 2018

May 31, 2018. I am not a account holder of your bank and one of the tellers had asked me if i were and i told them that i wasn't and was told that the account holder can put in a complaint and I told her i would and was told i can as a noncustomer.I had went to deposit money into my son...

Wells Fargo / customer service

Taline on May 29, 2018

I walk inside the bank & need to be seen, I sign the paper which the first page was all filled, the rep told me to sign on the next page and I did. I waited for 25 minutes and a random person comes In, signs & gets called first then me. This person signed on the 1st page all the way down...

Wells Fargo / depositing cash in a account

Jt Currens on May 29, 2018

I tried to deposit cash into a friends account to cover vacation cost and was told wells Fargo no longer accepts cash deposits unless you are the person on the account, however you will accept a check or money order (even though I had all account information). That is the stupidest thing I...

Wells Fargo / account takeover dept

Larry Sizemore on May 27, 2018

This morning, I learned that my account was taken over by Wells Fargo due to suspicious activity on my account...I completely get this and appreciate it. However, a loop of not well thought out policies have left me without no way to access my own money during one of two 3-day weekends I...

Wells Fargo / service

Joe Glasgow on May 23, 2018

My name is Dr. Glasgow and a member/customer of our (Wells fargo Bank) for the last 10 years. Notwithstanding, I visited your Bank Branch #0067476 4 this morning 23th. Instant, 2018. to conduct some transaction, i.e. pay house mortgage in addition to other transaction... Conversely, I wa...

[Resolved] Wells Fargo / branch manager

PutOut93 on May 20, 2018

The branch manager, Amber Burgess at the Northside office on Hwy 268 in North Wilkesboro NC is extremely rude and ugly towards customers and her tellers. The other day a teller told her she needed some coin from the vault and Amber's reply was "get your own damn coin". I've heard her talk...

Wells Fargo / moving funds from an existing retirement plan

Mad_Alex on May 18, 2018

Wow, called to move funds out of Wells Fargo. Was told they will be sending us paperwork and then we'll have to get it notarized and then we'll send it back to them and then they'll send our money to us. No wonder they are the subject of so many lawsuits! No wonder no one should do...

Wells Fargo / unauthorized purchases made by my debit card no...5875 &...5867

Abu Johir on May 14, 2018

5/14/2018 $99.99 (GOOGLE *pixe Ca card 5867) 4/30/2018 $71.47 (p00000000079412342) 4/23/2018 $28.46 (P00000000877555588) 4/23/2018. $33.54 (S388111625171278) 3/19/2018. $4.39 (S588076808629054) 3/15/2018. $2.19 (S388073138050768) 3/9/2018. $10.99 (S308067610922915) 3/8/2018...

Wells Fargo / money issue from the buyer

Aravind kumar polanki on May 14, 2018

Hello, I sold a mobile to ur Clint and he made a payment for us to our syndicate Bank but the money was not came to us, when we called to bank they said us to pay tax we accepted and paid the tax of 10000INR again ur bank mailed us to pay 25000 as a tax is it a kind of joke for u I don't...

Wells Fargo / lack of tellers

Tharvie on May 11, 2018

I live on St Pete Beach, FL and I use the local SPB bank. But EVERY time I go in there I just stand in line waiting and waiting. The reason I'm waiting is because they only have ONE teller working. They have greeters, advisors, managers, drive in window tellers, but at the front they have...

Wells Fargo / home mortgage/late payment

Bridget C on May 11, 2018

I am a 48 year old home mortgage client who up until a 30 day late payment notification from Wells Fargo had near perfect credit. My credit score was 811. It dropped to 696... yes that's correct. I have never been late on any credit payment almost 30 year consumer history. My husband and I...

Wells Fargo / branch employees

carol sue tittman on May 10, 2018

Recently closed out of a huge banking enterprise, had a checking account, decided to open a credit account with Wells Fargo, that is when all hell broke loose. This particular banking location has changed banks (at least names) 7 times in the 37 years where I have resided. Over the last 10...

Wells Fargo / customer service

Johnxxx on May 4, 2018

Wendy medina at Glenwood branch, Boise, Idaho. I am a Construction Contractor in Boise. I wanted to open a Buisness Account at this Branch. I deal with multimillion dollar construction of Custom Homes and Buiness buildings, Office Consruction. Wendy Medina the Personal Banker there wa...

Wells Fargo / complaint on wells fargo

Jeff W. Rogers on May 2, 2018

We moved into our house in 2010 while my wife was working full time. I currently work part time. We were doing well financially. My wife lost her job in August of 2014. Around that time, Wells Fargo raised our mortgage payment to 1309.00 per month. They put us on a forbearance plan and...

Wells Fargo / received counterfeit money from wells fargo

Nonaccountable Banks on May 2, 2018

On 5/30/18 i withdrew $1860.00 out of my account at wells fargo, left the bank and went directly to another bank to deposit. When i was informed that one of the bills was counterfeit. That bank took the counterfeit bill wrote up a report, and told me to take it up my bank. I did and wa...