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Wells Fargo Complaints & Reviews

Wells Fargo / fraud and investigation

Lisssad on Oct 15, 2017
This complaint... to who it may concern is for your fraud and investigation claim area.. One of your employees name Jordan on Sunday, October 14 about 9 o'clock... Jordan was getting a little loud with me and getting upset... because I wasn't listening, which I am was the customer kind of...

Wells Fargo / a transfer of the appraisal that I paid for

Jodibvanwormer on Oct 14, 2017
I was asking for a transfer for the appraisal I had paid $850.00 for this. The law states as of 4 years ago that we own the appraisal that we pay for.. the Service Link company provided the 3rd party appraisal for Wells Fargo ..1st I am asking Wells for the xml format which a ssr i...

Wells Fargo / debit card being declined

Mandie1273 on Oct 14, 2017
I have had my debit card declined on endless purchases for over six months now. I can't even buy a $10 drink without them declining my card. I have had to call almost ever single week to get my card unblocked for every charge they block. It's embarrassing and not necessary. I have told...

Wells Fargo / customer service

tttom1963 on Oct 10, 2017
Oct. 10, between 4:50-5:00pm. South fremont 44029 osgood rd ste 100 Fremont, ca, 94539 510-946-2362 I dealt with the person in charge of customer traffic and answering questions. I only wanted to exchange a $20 bill for quarters. She asked if I had my debit card and account number ready. I...

Wells Fargo / loan modification / denial / sale date

Hea M on Oct 10, 2017
This case has a sale date 10/27/17. We submitted a loan modification package with self employment income but after a few months I was switched over to w-2 wages. In my submission a profit and loss was submitted. So we get denied due to discrepancies but they are not giving me the reason...

Wells Fargo / service

Daniel2314 on Oct 6, 2017
I sent the below email to the CEO of Wells Fargo but the email bounced back with, I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below. : 550 5.1.1 ... User unknown Final-Recipient: rfc822;...

Wells Fargo / service manager

Manuel morera on Oct 5, 2017
We arrive to the bank at 9 am October 5, 2017 after 1 hour waiting with not explication the service manager Michelle Fuguay came outside with my check all stamp and void she say she could not talk to the account holder, which we call and wells Fargo never call him, black people walk in...

Wells Fargo / teller, assistant manager

Anonymous/displeased on Oct 3, 2017
I went in to a local branch yesterday suggested by a customer relations rep. They did not do much to try and help me or help my situation. Patricia Araujo NMLSR ID:1472877 Did nothing to try and help. I asked for the branch manager Mari Velasquez (645209) proceeded to the office after...

Wells Fargo / credit management group in phoenix arizona

Pamela Beaver Lewis on Sep 22, 2017
Due to reasons beyond my control, we have fallen behind a couple of payments on an SBA loan. I have been offered by a WF rep to make 750.00 payments every week. Well out of five weeks I made three of these payments. This past week I talked to my representative, Patrick Stephens, and I told...

Wells Fargo / fraud/scam

sadafkhan on Sep 19, 2017
I am very disappointed very upset with my wells fargo bank. I have an account since 2000 this bank cant do nothing to stop the scam that was my money and i did call and stop the payment right away. The customer service are not well train they don't know what to answer i lost my $150 and...

Wells Fargo / service

latoya yacoubou on Sep 19, 2017
Good morning. I went to wells fargo to make a deposit. The line was very long and I notice the teller on the drive on Facebook she looked at us on the line and turned back around to be on facebook. I asked for a manager because the teller on the front is making a business deposit the...

Wells Fargo / my personal account being discussed about to my employer

Giovanna Pineda on Sep 16, 2017
On monday of September 11 2017 at 12:40 pm I had went to the bank to pick the remaing deposits from my job (churchs chicken) from over the week end as I am going over my deposit slips in my office at my job I realise one is missing so I call the bank( greensboro downtown ) Nc and ask to...

Wells Fargo / personal banking services

richard withey on Sep 13, 2017
When travelling overseas recently my atm/debit card ceased to function . I was informed that the card had expired as it was a temporary card. I was not informed of the pending expiration before I travelled, when I filed a travel itinerary with WF.. I explained to the WF rep that I was in...

Wells Fargo Dealer Services / dealer services - vehicle financing

Beninaustin on Sep 13, 2017
Well Fargo has not informed me over the last 18 months that I have been receiving a late fee every month. Each month I pay a little extra over the amoutn due, which covers the fee and the monthly bill. However, in the way back machine I missed a payment or something. That is fine, but...

Wells Fargo / customer service

Terri Ashby on Sep 13, 2017
I was profiled by Joe Spencer. I have been a member since 2012. I have deposited checks into my account since I've had it. After Hurricane Irma, I lost my card. I went into the Port Orange branch off of Nova and Dunlawton. Raymond Graham was wonderful with helping me replace my card, I...

Wells Fargo / falsely increasing credit limit

DAMN6700 on Sep 8, 2017
on 9/8/2017 I used an Wells Fargo ATM machine. I used my debit card numbered XXXXXXXXX 6373 to withdraw from 40.00 total from two different accounts. The machine asked if I wanted a receipt and I chose no as my response. After my transaction was completed the machine issued me what a...

Wells Fargo / checking account

Alicia Hurst on Sep 2, 2017
Wells Fargo has caused me to be in the negative 4, 062 at USAA because they didn't realease my funds to the bank. They told me I have insufficient funds and charged me fees but the money was in my account. Now unless I pay USAA 4, 062, I will have to close my account. Well Fargo treated me...

Wells Fargo Dealer Services / auto loan

Relish on Aug 31, 2017
Last year, I paid off an Auto loan that was for a used Chevy Coblat 2009. The loan was through Wells Fargo Dealer Services for 5 1/2 years. I paid it off in full in 2 1/2 years. I have never received a refund check for paying it off early. I did receive the clear title...But never even...

Wells Fargo / short sale refusal

Timothy Toye on Aug 30, 2017
3055 Skyline Dr, Kelseyville, CA 95451 Loan #0066531955 This is about a short sale application where the borrowers were approved for the short sale, but when the bank countered the offer, the buyer decided not to proceed and now we have another offer on it which the bank was informed about last...

Wells Fargo / waseca branch manager

RickisloveMortyislife on Aug 28, 2017
I heard the branch manager for Waseca Minnesota, Michelle Meyers, call the construction outside of the building "retarded", as well as making fun of meat service workers and their titles. All of this happened as I was converting my account, with the help of an amazing clerk named Ashley...

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