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Wells Fargo Customer Service

1266 Reviews

Wells Fargo

420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco
United States - 94104

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 869 3557(General Banking)
16 45
+1 800 956 4442(Online and Mobile Banking)
7 13
+1 800 642 4720(Lost / Stolen Credit Card)
6 7
Emergency Contacts

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
+1 888 818 9147
+1 515 213 7700

Home Equity
+1 888 667 6059

Personal Credit Management
+1 888 667 6059

Investment Services
The Private Bank: +1 888 715 0380
Abbot Downing: +1 888 648 8157
Wellstrade: +1 800 872 3377
Advantage Funds: +1 800 368 1610
Investment Management & Trust Services: +1 877 719 4048
Wells Fargo Advisors: +1 866 817 7940

Credit, ATM & Debit Cards
Credit Cards: +1 800 642 4720
ATM & Debit Cards: +1 800 869 3557

Wells Fargo Education Financial Services (Student Loans)
+1 800 658 3567

Small Business Banking
+1 800 266 7883
+1 800 225 5935

Retirement Plans (401(K)) Through Your Employer
+1 800 728 3123

Wells Fargo Complaints & Reviews

Wells Fargo / Billed for account that closed 2 years ago and impacted my credit and increase rates on mortgage

Anita Hewitt on Oct 12, 2018

Retail credit card through Wells Fargo Bank on behalf Mattress Firm. I never had a late payment and account was closed 2 years ago (in Jan 2017). In June, 2018 I received a invoice for $2.65 under Wells Fargo. I had no clue what it was for but paid it because I am in the process of...

Wells Fargo Dealer Services / Unable to payoff car loan

Mel W on Oct 11, 2018

Not that I think this will do anything but WFDS has lost my payoff check twice now. I have been on the phone many times during the week for the last month to try and resolve this but they seem unable to find my check and deposit it to my account to I can be done with you. My name and...

Wells Fargo / poor customer service

Da'Nasia Lavon on Oct 9, 2018

Fraudulent activity was done on my account as well as 2 other accounts were opened. I've been speaking with over 8 different people since 9/25/2018 and not one person has worked with me appropriately on this matter. And now I'm being told that Wells Fargo won't work with me anymore. I had...

Wells Fargo / Tellers

Michele Wright on Oct 6, 2018

We have a business account with Wells Fargo and I have been going in there over a year getting a check cashed (each week) plus making deposits. It is petty cash. Nothing over $300.00 I always have my company badge with my picture on it as my ID. Have used it for entire time I have been...

Wells Fargo / personal checking

Lyndseyvogel on Oct 5, 2018

I had a terrible experience with Wells Fargo. I had a tax refund check that had my name and my wife's name on it. It was from the state and not some random person. We both signed the back of the check and it was deposited in the ATM. I thought it would clear but a week later I looked and...

Wells Fargo / customer service/ disputed claims

Lakeishia Dunn on Oct 4, 2018

Good evening, Let me start off by saying how disappointing Wells Fargo have been over the last month. The customer service is ridiculous not to mention there's never a "manager" available for escalated situations. I don't want to expose my personal issues on this site but would like for...

Wells Fargo / general banking

SM602 on Oct 3, 2018

Banking with Wells Fargo has been a horrible experience! I've started banking with Wells Fargo for the sole purpose of being able to take control of my funds. Opening an account in June by July they have blocked my card more times than I can count. In July I noticed little funds missing...

Wells Fargo / fees

Tolurak on Oct 2, 2018

I was charged a returned check fee for a payment that did not appear on my account as is custom with other banks. I had a direct deposit scheduled to cover the fee but the money came in late as it is a new account and i just changed my bank with my employer. Although i kept checking the...

Wells Fargo / home mortgage

Kendranoblitt on Oct 2, 2018

Wells fargo fraudulently forclosed on my home. We had payments that we were trying to make that wells fargo refused to take prior to forclosure. Also we recieved a check from wells fargo that was enough for 2 payments that was returned to us prior to forclosure.wells fargo used dual...

Wells Fargo / mortgage - foreclosure

Jessica Shockley on Oct 2, 2018

It is now 3:00 in the morning - Central Standard Time. I logged on to file another complaint with you and checked to see if there was a comment or update from my previous complaint the seems to have been removed. We are facing the sale of our home today. After 3 1/2 years of fighting with you...

Wells Fargo / investment banking

maxmill on Sep 21, 2018

My parents havea trust account at Wells Fargo. They are both deceased. I have been trying to close the bond for over a month. They keep sending me the incorrect paperwork which I do not need as they named me as both the executor of their estate and their successor trustee. Despite having...

Wells Fargo / my direct deposit

jetsalvador on Sep 21, 2018

Today I supposed to be able to withdraw funds but I finds out that its not in my open account but my payroll sent it to the old account which was closed. because I forgot to give them my new account my payroll ended up depositing it to my old and closed account. My biggest frustration is I...

Wells Fargo Mortgage / wells fargo corrupt executives - michael devito, liz bryant, liz djokovich bryant, perry hilzendeger

the banks on Sep 16, 2018

More wells fargo corrupt executives responsible for one of the biggest banking fraud schemes against the american public in history. Michael Devito, Liz Bryant, Liz Djokovich Bryant, Perry Hilzendeger, Brad Blackwell are executives of wells fargo are responsible creating fake account...

Wells Fargo / rewards

Michael Maynard on Sep 14, 2018

I have been trying for 3 weeks to redeem some of my rewards points on your website. Tried to order music several times and the website freezes and returns me to lead page. I call customer service on august 25 and very clearly explained what was happening. I spoke to anna (francis) at 877...

Wells Fargo / foreclosure threats

Justice Willprevail on Sep 14, 2018

Wells Fargo has threatened to foreclose on my home, even though payments were sent to them. Regular mail, registered mail, and certified mail were ways in which payments were made, but the company returned all payments! There is no access to the online account, as there was previously, so...

Wells Fargo / cash deposit

Cholo2376 on Sep 13, 2018

I was asked to make a deposit for a friend who was out of the country but, when I got to your bank with cash I was turned away. I was informed that your bank doesn't accept cash deposits unless you have an account and ID. What???? That is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. One...

Wells Fargo Bank / cash deposit

Edna2505 on Sep 13, 2018

are used to have an account with you guys but I canceled it and my sister has an account it's ridiculous when I have to deposit $25 I have to go out of my way to go get a check to deposit it doesn't make sense I'm very disappointed with your service every other bank...

Wells Fargo / atm claims

christina orona on Sep 10, 2018

On Saturday July 7 th 2018 I made a $1000.00 ATM Deposit the atm has a maintenance message and shut down gave me a receipt I immediately called customer service and explained what occurred I was assured by representative that he did see the deposit and that Monday morning 7/9/18 the money...

Wells Fargo / executives are criminals

enter0 on Sep 8, 2018

All Wells Fargo executive level should be in jail for fraud. Unauthorized accounts, 'mistaken' LOL foreclosures, insurance and services charged for but never asked for. Wells Fargo is a criminal organization. As CEO and President at WELLS FARGO & CO, Timothy J. Sloan made $17...

Wells Fargo Intuitive Investors / they are a total fraud!

ron9004 on Sep 7, 2018

Please do not invest in Wells Fargo Intuitive investor I invested $10, 000 and lost hundred dollars in less then a week. And the response I got from Wells fargo was to take a money and go as they said they cannot help. Yap! monkeys would do a better job! See what they responded with, "...