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Wells Fargo Customer Service

Wells Fargo Inc.

420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco
United States - 94104

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 869 3557(Customer Service)
7 1
+1 800 378 0575(Portfolio by Wells Fargo)
2 1
+1 800 556 0605(Express Send Service)
1 0
+1 800 626 9430(Foreign Exchange)
1 0
+1 855 872 2932(Military Banking)
1 0
+1 800 642 4720(Credit Cards Account Management)
7 7
+1 925 825 7600(International Collect Calls)
1 0
+1 800 932 6736(Apply by Phone or Online)
1 0
+1 800 967 9521(Application Status for Visa Credit Cards)
1 0
+1 877 514 3717(Application Status for Propel American Express Cards)
1 0
+1 877 517 1358(Redeem Rewards)
1 0
+1 800 869 3557(Debit Cards)
17 46
+1 800 357 6675(Home Mortgage Account Management)
1 1
+1 877 937 9357(Home Buying and Refinancing)
1 0
+1 866 936 7272(Mortgage Military Customer Service)
1 0
+1 866 820 9199(Home Equity Account Management)
1 1
+1 800 289 8004(Auto Loans)
2 0
+1 877 700 9345(Auto Finance)
1 0
+1 800 378 5526(Student Loans)
1 0
+1 877 315 7723(Student Loan Consolidations)
1 0
+1 877 269 6056(Personal Loans and Lines of Credit)
1 0
+1 800 946 2626(Personal Lines of Credit)
1 0
+1 800 728 3123(401(k) Retirement Plans)
1 0
+1 800 222 8222(Individual Investors)
1 1
+1 888 877 9275(Investment Professionals)
1 0
+1 866 765 0778(Institutional Sales Professionals)
1 0
+1 866 281 7436(Current Brokerage Customers)
1 1
+1 866 243 0931(New Brokerage Customers)
1 0
+1 800 872 3377(WellsTrade Online Brokerage)
1 1
+1 866 281 7436(Current IRA Customers)
1 1
+1 877 493 4727(New IRAs and Rollovers)
1 1
+1 800 352 3705(Trust and Managed Investments)
1 0
+1 888 715 0380(Wells Fargo Private Bank)
1 0
+1 800 956 4442(Wells Fargo Online)
7 13

Wells Fargo Complaints & Reviews

Wells Fargo / customer service banker's

Mike W. Fisher on Dec 6, 2018

I called on December 5 the at about 830am.Talked to male banker from Well's Fargo told him my account had $26 in my account. I told him only had $6 in account. After telling 4 times he said I had all my charges taking it was$26.So I went to the store.Next morning checked said was over on...

Wells Fargo / fees

brinaco2 on Dec 6, 2018

I am very frustrated with WELLS FARGO AUTO LOAN DEPARTMENT-- The late fees STARTED BEING CHARGED ON MY ACCOUNT every month-this started over 6 months ago. I wanted to see if this would continue so I paid twice in one month and I was charged a late fee again. I called and of course I wa...

Wells Fargo / home mortgage

Don and Regina on Dec 3, 2018

:-/I will tell you a story will try to keep it short.We have lived in our home coming up on 13 years.In Nov 2015 my husband got laid off from the job he has had for 15 years. He was out of work for 17 months.However we diligently made every house payment for 15 months.Thankfully he found a...

Wells Fargo / bill pay

S Sedillo on Nov 26, 2018

On 10/19/18, I scheduled a payment through Wells Fargo Bill Pay for Conexis Wage Works for $1, 188.50. This was sent by bill pay on 10/22/18 in the form of a check. This was to pay medical insurance for both my husband and myself for Cobra medical insurance. Through emails with Conexis for...

Wells Fargo / fraud

Kaylee Stringer on Nov 22, 2018

Im very mad! Ive called wellsfargo about five times this week. I was told my money woulld not be taken out by speedycash and it still gets taken out. And then you guys charge me a over fee of 35 after I said its fraud I don't want the money taken out. I want all my money back and for well...

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage / foreclosed home

jami83 on Nov 21, 2018

Hi, I am sending this because I've about had it up to here with your company. I've had a mortgage with you for a long time and made necessary arrangements and you still took my home. I seen this dispute on the news and called in on 8.26 I think it was and spoke to an Amy Dink manager of...

Wells Fargo / can't believe how I was treated by your personal

Randy5217900 on Nov 17, 2018

I have bank with you guys before for many years before I was put on disability and for the last 7 years my mom was my representative payee but then she got sick so I had to start doing it myself so I had to open a checking account in my name but when I went to go do that the lady in your...

Wells Fargo / customer service / payment to account

Clint J on Nov 15, 2018

As a customer who had previously been very happy with Wells Fargo, and had used the card for many years, I was disheartened by what occurred on Monday, November 12, 2018. After scheduling a payment on Wells Fargo website, I realized the payment date was not correct. I wanted to edit the...

Wells Fargo / funds transfer to wells fargo - client fraud

Glen Stephens on Nov 15, 2018

Fraud company - EWERTON CONSULTING AND INVESTMENTS - registered in FEI/EIN 47.4314379, L 15000105053, - address at 20900 NE 30th ave, suite 200 Aventura MIAMI FL USA - phone +1 786-609-3554, - emails:; - represented here by C.E.O MR. RICHARD VAIRO...

Wells Fargo / foreign currency; poor telephonic customer service from an assistant branch manager

beth cassioli on Nov 6, 2018

Called to discuss ordering Turkish Lira for an upcoming trip to Turkey. In order to save $7.00 to have the currency mailed to me, I asked if I could order over the phone and pick-up in the bank. The LA CaƱada, CA assistant branch manager told me I would be charged $7.00 whether or not the currency...

Wells Fargo / heloc and mortgage fraud

BillyA on Nov 4, 2018

I was trying to get a HELOC on my house and the process wasn't moving as expected and when I inquired about it I was told that because some of the information that was put on my original mortgage (which was with Wells Fargo and I still have it) was mistakenly entered and I can get the...

Wells Fargo / reordering checks

Suzanne111 on Nov 4, 2018

My mother, who is elderly, tried to reorder checks from inside her branch (on Dallas Hwy, in Georgia). She has been a customer there for over 18 years, had proper identification and they know her. They told her they could not order the checks and she had to do it on line or over the phone...

Wells Fargo / safety deposit box - wells fargo stole my property and breached my confidentiality

hbbii on Nov 1, 2018

On Saturday, September 15, 2018 I went to visit my safety deposit box in Santa Monica, CA. I've had this safety deposit box for decades originating with First Interstate Bank before Wells Fargo acquired them. Upon my request to enter the vault I was notified that my signature card was not on...

Wells Fargo / mortgage

Norma Rothamel on Oct 31, 2018

I contacted a mortgage officer to inquire if someone with a chapter 7 bankruptcy less then 2 years old had a chance at getting a mortgage. The mortgage officer would not give me a clear cut answer and then said I had to file an application online in order for him to give me an answer. He...

Wells Fargo / I am complaining about a personal account

Wilson268 on Oct 30, 2018

We have had this bank for the past three years since moving here and it has been a horrible experience we have had incorrect balances, which incurred overdrafts fees incorrect transactions and missing money and when speaking with customer service no valid reason just a run around...

Wells Fargo / please teach your id about different id must be submitted to immigration the us not to their friends

natasha barbie kuddack on Oct 30, 2018

please an the english consuakte or difent ocnulate fr thei copy granted by us army and immigraton sevice thri diffeent gvt id form and formatting bofre stealing and saying its fake 5852536350 fl my aprents wre the royal french ireland colonit form mom said rd empire father please get...

Wells Fargo / services

Tabeacc on Oct 27, 2018

I have been going to this bank in forked river for 20 years. This is the 3rd time I had to deal with a teller that was absolutely terrible to talk to. Her name is Jennifer. She was on her phone the entire time I was trying to get cash back. I put my debt card in the machine and wa...

Wells Fargo / opening an account

Nitin Romain on Oct 27, 2018

I visited Wells Fargo to open a bank account. What I had thought would be a quick and pleasant experience, turned out to be a long and shady one. I was helped by Teresa, who was initially charming and kind but that's where the good ended. She kept overselling the bank and their feature...

Wells Fargo / escrow

slgnj on Oct 25, 2018

Wells Fargo sent an Escrow Statement on September 10. In "Part 4" they use actual and estimated payments to project the Oct 2018 Escrow account balance. However, while Nov 2017 through Aug 2018 have actual payments and Oct 2018 has an estimated payment, Sept 2017 has $0. So their ending...

Wells Fargo / they decided to close my account instead of helping me

Hanna Shakhnazaran on Oct 25, 2018

I called Wells Fargo 5 times to see if they can help me to wave the ovedruft fee. Every person was so careless. They said that they cannot help me. I said that I never dispute charges like a lot of people do and I never complain. Every family member has multiple account with Wells Fargo...