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Wells Fargo reviews & complaints

Wells Fargo complaints 1518

Jan 25, 2022

Wells Fargo - This very unethical inhumane matter in demand

Attention on asap, I sharon brecht hunt have just took notice on the internet that when I google yvonne brecht astoria oregon. Up pops this very unethical matter that took place in 2019 after I...

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Wells Fargo - Auto loan

I have an auto loan with Wells Fargo that was started in June of 2021 when I bought out my lease. The monthly payment is 378.98. When I can, I try to send additional money towards principle. This ha...

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Wells Fargo - Money sent through Zelle

On Dec. 8th, I sent $1000 to my 79 yr. sister money through Zelle. Unfortunately AS SOON AS I clicked send, I noticed that the phone number was wrong. I IMMEDIATELY called the WF in town where the banker immediately brushed me off and gave me a number to call, which I did, but took over 30 minutes to get any assistance. Upon telling him what had happened, he assured me that it was no problem, but had to file a claim which would take about 10 days as they wanted to make sure that this was not a scam. I called several times before the 10 days to make sure that the claim was being processed and again I was assured that it was being processed. After the 10 days, I again called several times and was told the same thing. On Monday, Dec. 26, I received a letter notifying me that the claim was denied as it was NOT fraud ( I never said it was fraud). I went to the WF bank, again explained the situation and again filed a 2ND claim. (I was surprised that these bankers have no authorization to assist in such matters.) I called on Wed, Dec. 28, I spoke to someone who said that the bank was getting in touch with recipients bank and was I given a number to call to check status. Same day, I received an email where I was notified that the claim was closed as WF was not at fault so I had NO recourse. I called several of WF numbers which took hours and finally spoke to several reps and no one could or would help. So I am out $1000. I am very upset as I have dealt with WF for over 25 years (checking, savings and mutual funds, and CD's) and when I needed their assistance to recoup this money, I felt that they just didn't care. Customer service stinks...I am 78 yrs old and on social security. I will be closing all accounts with bank.

Desired outcome: Claim denied


Wells Fargo - Credit card

I closed my account months ago for Wells Fargo credit card. Called last month and rep told me I had a refund coming. I explained to him that I didn't and they made a mistake. He argued with me and said he would sent the refund to my checking account. I asked him several times, are you sure? He was confident he was. Checked my credit card again today to find that I have a balance and late fee and sent to charge off. I called and they had made a mistake and refunded money they shouldn't. I closed out all my accounts including a $34000 savings account and of course the rep could have cared less. Would never recommend this bank to anyone.

Desired outcome: Apologies would be great. Or write off the amount due to the stupidity of the rep who did it

Wells Fargo - Unethical behaviour acct# [protected]

We have a business account with you, somehow an employees check was cashed for $20, 000.00 more then it should have been. We have been trying to get this corrected for more then 2 weeks. Bottom line...

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Wells Fargo - Unethical behavior, negligence

To Whom it May Concern

My mortgage application has been approved in March 2021
I bought house with Closing date Oct 25th and got confirmation everything is done " nothing is need from you at this time" 10/21/21.
On Friday Oct 22nd nobody knows anything why.
Kevin Washington and Marcie Roosevelt working hard trying find out what went wrong and help me.
Turns out that person Amanda Navarro supposed to process and without noticing anyone took vacation "I will be back Oct 27th".
Running out of time, more likely losing my new home, $8K deposit and other expenses, facing living on the street since my place sold with closing date Nov 5th.
Got almost heart attack.
I do not know what Kevin and or Marcie did bat somehow by the end of the day Friday Oct 22 they activated money transfer. Again, I am grateful to Kevin and Mercie. Couldn't make it without they help. But what Amanda did is very unethical, unprofessional. The stress she created was unbearable.
Perhaps there is more but I do not wish anyone to go through this hell procedure.
I am expecting action from WF as well compensation for the unbearable stress and fixing process so this will not happen to other people.

Ryszard Wieckowski

Wells Fargo - #1 Negligence #2 multiple accounts opened

Negligence as of June 2021 . I am just finding out my bank account information was changed fraudulently in Texas . I have been in Oklahoma since January 2021 due to domestic violence. I received a letter from Wells Fargo Bank with a address I never used.

400 N Ervay St
Dallas Texas.

Also I have many alerts involving sales opening accounts in my name and closing for the purpose of employee gain. I still have not received a letter explaining my payment from this law suit.

Desired outcome: Payment


Wells Fargo - Credit card service/resolution dept hangs phone up on customer

Today 12/28/2021 1:15 PM. Florida time. Spoke with a rep for Wells Fargo. In Resolution dept. CREDIT CARD (Propel) A lady by the name of Raquel. Said she worked in the Alabama office of Complaints. We discussed Wells Fargo's security requirements. I told her I was against some of their requirements and explained why. After a short conversation, This rude lady. Hung the phone line up on me'!' She represents your bank. She should be addressed for her rude behavior and reassigned to a different position. I'm very angry by her poor attitude. I want some action taken on my behalf. Thank you.

Wells Fargo - Credit card application

Was encouraged to apply for a Wells Fargo credit card by credit karma, to improve my credit worthiness. I have a 811 credit score. No late payments in over 15 years. Currently have less than 3% usage...

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Wells Fargo - Home mortgage

After several years of disputes, complaints that were the result of fraud/identity theft, Wells Fargo approved mortgage assistance. After the trial period of making payments per the agreement...

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Wells Fargo - Fraud tru zelle

Hello, my name is Rosa Harvan, I have a son John Harvan with mental illness. He receives Social Security benefits monthly. I have a bank account at Wells Fargo together with him. Recently my computer...

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Wells Fargo - Delayed direct deposit of funds

I've been an excellent customer for 22 years with Wells Fargo and they are continuously posting deposits late. I call Wells Fargo and they claim they post the funds as soon as they receive it which doesn't make sense when other banks post other people's checks sooner and Wells Fargo is late. This is just an unacceptable practice. Wells Fargo doesn't care about their customers and I'm ready to switch to a customer friendly bank. I've tried called customer service and I just get the runaround so I'm not happy.

Desired outcome: Post deposits in a timely manner

Wells Fargo - Predatory/negligent behavior re an inmate's account

I am an attorney. My name is Mark Mausert (Nevada Bar #2398); 729 Evans Avenue, Reno, Nevada 89512; [protected]; [protected]@markmausertlaw.com
I represent Samuel Howard who is incarcerated at Nevada's High Desert State Prison, 22010 Cold Creek Road, Indian Springs, Nevada 89070. His inmate number is 18329. Samuel has a Wells Fargo account, and has had this account for many years. Account #[protected]. I have a Power of Attorney re this account. Wells Fargo was provided with that Power of Attorney years ago. For some reason, which has never been explained, Wells Fargo insists on de-activating this account and then trying to escheat the account -- EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE BEEN PROVIDED, REPEATEDLY, WITH NOTICE OF THIS SITUATION.

Desired outcome: Re-activate this account; cease any escheat activities; send Samuel Howard the last five monthly statements, using his inmate number on the outside of the envelope.

Wells Fargo - Closing an account for your Dad when his wife has passed

Went to the bank today November 15, 2021 to transfer all account that my mother had at Wells Fargo in this past June. Sat with a representative for well over an hour and produce everything they needed including a death certificate. We thought all the account were transferred over then to receive a statement in September that they were closing an account in my mothers name due to inactivity. I called three time, left messages and emailed three times about the issue, I never received a call back.
My dad actually went to the branch on Henderson Road in King of Prussia, Pa and was told that he could not closed the remaining account unless he had a paid funeral bill or a court order. The bank said they already had a copy of the death certificate but that was not good enough. I thought that was odd since everyone else (including other bank, federal government and county) excepted this but Wells Fargo would not. They then told him that the funds in that account would be turned over to the state.

Desired outcome: Would like the funds transferred to his other accounts or just cashed out

Wells Fargo - account resolution for claim dated september 17, 2021

My. Name Is Dolores A. Bonamici: I filed a claim back in September 17, 2021 for charges i did not recognize on my account checking statement ending 9167. I was refunded 230.00 to date. In the meantime, I realized I made a mistake and the payments were for my Home Depot account. I received 4 separate letters from Home depot dated October 1, 2021 which are scanned into my complaints and on file with you right now. totaling 437.00. This money was taken back from the merchant and to date has not been given back to me.
I am responsible for these payments to bring my account back up to date. I did so immediately once I realized the error.
I have made NUMEROUS phone calls on my lunch hour with only half of them being HANGUPS and others not knowing anything. Some tell me it is being worked on and they see everything scanned in and all the notes and I should be patient.
These letter from the merchant are Dated October 1, 2021, Today, November 11, 2021, 6 working weeks and the monies have still not been returned to me.

I have been to the branch managers, my efforts are exhausted and I have not even received a courtesy call from anyone. You owe me $437.00 and I want my money NOW.

Desired outcome: PAY ME

Wells Fargo - Appointment for Opening Account with Confirmation number - FAILED! - 2X

I have attempted on two different occasions to arrange an appointment and open a checking account at the Wells Fargo location at 2012 E Joppa Rd, Parkville, MD 21234. The initial appointment was given Confirmation number: T5WRTFDHOZ

I have rearranged schedules to be able to arrive at the appointment time 10-15 minutes early on both occasions. I have received confirmations of the appointment time prior to arriving at the branch location.

On both occasions, I have waited at least 15-20 minutes after the scheduled appointment time prior to leaving the branch in disgust.

On the first visit, I was told that the banker that I was scheduled to meet with was unavailable due to being recently hired and involved in new hire training. The automated scheduler was unaware that the new Wells Fargo employee had never even set foot in the branch when it scheduled the appointment. On the second visit, I was scheduled to meet with an existing banker at the location who never appeared or introduced himself. While waiting, I was able to watch multiple existing Wells Fargo customers explain a variety of difficulties and frustrations to Wells Fargo "bank tellers".

Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo staff at the branch located at 2012 E Joppa Rd, Parkville, MD 21234 appear to be incompetent and have only a passing interest in customer acquisition and retention.

Wells Fargo - Discrimination. Denied access to account with proper credentials

I was told today by Deysi Gonzalez personal banker at 103 Old Country Road Carle Place New York
that I needed to tell her where was the last place I worked and answer other security questions when I have my valid drivers license and I also have my bank debit card with me. I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for years and I was denied access to my account despite me having proper credentials. I have never been questioned like this before and I feel I was discriminated against because I am black and automatically assumed to be involved with something criminal. I would like her reprimanded for her actions.

Desired outcome: I would like her reprimanded for her actions and for this to never happen again to me it was very embarrassing.

Wells Fargo - A wrongfully delayed wire transfer from my wells checking account.

My name is Eric K Felix. My account info is: Routing [protected] Checking [protected]. I've been with Wells Fargo since 2009. I also had the pleasure of being a part time teller at the Ray and Higley...

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Oct 25, 2021

Wells Fargo - PMI Death of my husband and foreclosure after he died

My husband was the only person on the deed. Married man sole and separate property. He died 2007. Wells Fargo foreclosed 2008.
Set aside estate without administration was ordered by probate. Can you please tell me what I'm missing here? The loan contract says "fee simple and unencumbered. He had PMI. Can you please direct me to the appropriate ppl so that I can officially close this matter and move on. Thank you

Desired outcome: Closure

Wells Fargo - Your foreclosed home is being destroyed

You own property at 117 East Rd Martinsburg Wv 25404. You're letting people live a 117 and 115 East road. Right now there are over 20 people living inside and out. It is totally destroyed It's mice and roach infested. the out side totally looks like crap. They make careless fires in the driveway, back and front yards. The back of the house is burnt. all of us neighbors hate them. They're loud, with no respect or consideration for others. The hell with this covid crap! Throw them out! If you plan on making a profit by selling this place you better do it while it still standing. Infants and toddlers live with roaches crawling on them while they sleep' They eat the same food the mice and roaches eat. If you can't do something about this please get this letter to someone who can.

Desired outcome: Evict these people. Burn the house down. Sell it. Condemned it. Take control of it.

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