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Complaints & Reviews

They refused to return a check

Beware of wells fargo

They stole my mother"s money. They have no customer service. They do not care about their clients an customers.

Save yourself money and aggravation and invest with another bank. Read the following:

My mother is 96. She had a check sent from Constellation Energy for $290.64. She misplaced the check. Constellation merged with Wells Fargo. I went to my local Wells Fargo branch and spoke with Rafael Cervantes. He called the main office. They told him to fax a copy of the check, a letter from me, and my power of attorney, and they would replace the check. They lied not only to me, but to their own employee, Rafael.

In February I received a letter stating American Stock and Transfer was responsible for the check replacement. Once again they lied.
I called them, and they told me I was misled. They found the records of the original check, and said all was transferred to Wells Fargo. He said that they knew this! They sent me a letter confirming this.

Despite getting an email saying that I would be getting notified regarding my complaint in 10 days, I never did. I called once again and complained, but no one seems to care.

When the check was transferred to Wells Fargo my mother had an investment with them values at tens of thousands of dollars. They were obligated to forward the money to my mother, their client, or at worse send it to unclaimed funds in Maryland. They did neither.

When a company keeps money from a client this is stealing, and Wells Fargo as such are thieves. I believe my mother is entitled not only to the value of the check, but also all interest she is entitled to. I hope that the complaints I make to various federal agencies penalize Wells Fargo for their illegal conduct.

Tony Raymond
973 Circle Drive
Baltimore, MD 21227

poor branch conditions

This Wells Fargo is being NEGLECTED and CHEAP to cheap to install a drive up ATM. When the bank is closed drunks loiter in the lobby begging bankers for money to go to the liquor...

Failure to honor agreement

When my social security disability was approved in 2014, Wells Fargo said the most secure way to receive SSDI was to have a "secret" direct deposit account, of which the account number would only be known by the bank, social security, and myself. My SSDI deposit went into that secure account and I transferred into my "primary" checking as needed. In 2017, a family member was discovered to have charged thousands of dollars on multiple credit cards of mine, ; I have been unable to pay the debts and my Wells Fargo "primary" checking was garnished. The bank said only funds in the "secret" "secure" account are exempt from garnishment. Finally, last month (2/5/20), I [thought] the issue was resolved. The overdrawn primary checking was closed and arrangements were made to set up a payment plan for paying the overdraft amount of about $450 in monthly payments. The in-person banker could not handle that part, so he got someone on the line who could. She told me to make a "good faith payment" of $5 right then, but she said she couldn't set the actual payment amount that day. She said she'd call me after the 14th to make arrangements. Fast forward through a brutal month of extreme marital problems to today. I had transferred the money necessary to pay the monthly household bills into savings so it was set aside.

I logged on to Wells Fargo online banking, a few moments ago, to xfer funds back to checking and got ready to pay bills (electric, gas, water, utilities, garbage, etc...). I am still shaking! The entire overdraft amount was taken from my savings to pay off the overdraft in the closed checking! Nobody ever called me. They claim they sent a letter, but I did not receive any letters about the closed account other than one confirming I was closing it! I went through the initial representative and, after a long period on hold and multiple re-explanations of the situation, "it was a valid transaction and cannot be reversed in any amount."

I finally got him to get his manager on the phone, which was a broken record of the same "valid transaction, nothing can be done, " and the most infuriating, "I completely understand your situation, I'm so sorry." Really? His bills aren't paid and the bank broke their agreement so he can't pay them? He's having very serious marriage problems with a verbally abusive spouse? Hmmm...I doubt that.

And there's NOBODY at Wells Fargo that can reverse the transaction, citing any kind of situation at all?

What am I supposed to do...TODAY??

Service Fees Fees

It's been over 5 working days since I've contacted Wells Fargo (Case No. 6698194) concerning the 30.00 monthly service fee imposed on my checking account. I have yet to receive a reply. I do not know why my checking account was designated a Portfolio account since since its inception as I have not used such a service when a general checking would have sufficed and I have never allowed my minimum balance to drop below the required balance of 1, 500.00 thus avoiding any of these service charges.
I left my checking account basically dormant since it's opening. It was used primarily to avoid out of state ATM charges from my primary bank account. With retirement, I intended to designate Wells Fargo as my primary account and my first auto annuity deposit has been routed to there. It is approx. this time that I noticed service fees had been assessed to my account beginning November 2014. When contacted, Wells Fargo promptly changed my checking account to a standard account. My grievance is the vast overcharges that have been assessed my account even though all required minimum everyday checking balances have been met and the "Portfolio" service that my account was placed in has never been used. To this day I am still not familiar with what that designation even entails.
I am requesting remittance for these spurious maintenance fees that began November 2014 to the present time. I find Wells Fargo deceptive in designating my account to a higher penalty account when all this time my basic fund requirements were well in excess of the minimum and the portfolio account is viewed as simply the means of unnecessary and opportunistic service fees.
I am requesting a formal reply regarding this monetary imposition (now in excess of 1860.00) by Wells Fargo within five working days. If I am not contacted or do not find equitable resolve with Wells Fargo, I will refer my grievance to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency US Dept of the Treasury to assist me this imposition.
In case Wells Fargo has misplaced my address it is 13222 97th Ave NE C104 Kirkland, Wa. 98034 My email address is I request a formal reply to this inquiry in writing; an e response is sufficient.
The OCC will be issued a cc of this notification.
Thomas P. Reich

auto loan

I have been trying to get my name off an auto loan for 2 years. I have called wellsfargo and was told the only way to remove your name from a lone is as follows.
pay off
or get a court documnet asking to get your name removed from the loan.

I have spent over 5k to get my x wife to court to get this done and now. Wellsfargo is telling me my name can not be removed. My credit has taken a 155 point hit cause my x will not pay the bill and she cant refi cause her credit is bad and she cant sell the car as she is upside down on the car.
This is horrible customer service and I have been banking with your institution for more then 20 years! I have had 4 auto loans and 3 home loans with you and this is the poorest service todate!


WellsFargo cost us thousands of dollars when we filed for Medicaid fo my Father. They had opened so many accounts in his name it was criminal! Took months to find all the account...

dispute denied of request for refund of $2,000 for terminated contract

I paid an attorney $2, 000 on August 29. He decided not to take my case to file for me to have custody of my grandchildren. John Pfister. I have emails showing his confusion...

customer service

I am currently outside of the US and i can't access to my online banking account. Also any password reset options doesn't work to solve my problem. It's been a few days but still customer service doesn't provide any help except saying that they will call me but they don't... I can't reach to my money and i am in a very hard situation because of the bank...

employment recruiter

The text displayed between myself and a hiring manager in Charlotte, NC I feel I was being dismissed and the recruiter was not trying to help. I would like to be able to interview for the position but I would not like to speak with her because I feel as if she would not really help

-----Original Message-----
From: DEssence Lee Black
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2019 2:05 AM
To: Williamson, Claire
Subject: Interview Status

Hello Ms. Williamson, Im contacting you regarding the status of an application and interview I was offered. On Tuesday December 17th, 2019 I received a text message to schedule an interview for the position ( Phone Banker 1 ), but on Wednesday December 18th, 2019 I received an email stating I was ineligible for the position. I would like to confirm if these two positions are the same and am I still to attend the interview I have scheduled. As well as I may need the proper address for the interview.

On Dec 19, 2019, at 9:07 AM, Virginia.C.[protected] wrote:

I would double check the email you are referring to (must be a different position outside of Wells Fargo). I have you on my calendar for a phone screen Friday. Please make sure to call in to the Bridge line at the correct time.

I also checked your application this is the only position you've applied to at Wells Fargo. I am not sure where the confusion is, we never send out emails stating "you are ineligible" for the position, unless you fail a background, but that would come post offer. Hope this helps.

Thank you,


-----Original Message-----
From: DEssence Lee Black
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2019 11:23 AM
To: Williamson, Claire
Subject: Re: Interview Status

I certainly do apologize for the confusion may I please confirm the email you have on file to make sure Im receiving the proper information about the position. It should be ([protected]

On Dec 19, 2019, at 11:24 AM, Virginia.C.[protected] wrote:

It must be this one, otherwise you wouldn't have my contact information.

Have a great day.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Thank you,


-----Original Message-----
From: DEssence Lee Black
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2019 11:39 AM
To: Williamson, Claire
Subject: Re: Interview Status

I have your contact information because I received a text messages about scheduling the interview only with it. In the text it informs me to check my email for more information and I have yet to receive any email. Hence the reason I asked you to confirm the email I had on file. Due to the dismissal of my situation like I cannot comprehend who I receive emails from, what they are about, and how you simply can't confirm the email I have because obviously some information is being misconstrued which is rude and unprofessional on your end I'll no longer be interested in the position. I will be getting in contact with someone over you as well regarding your demeanor and how you handle possible employees.



I am sorry if you feel this way. You have access to your application within our Careers website and you can view/ edit all the information you have entered when you applied to the requisition. If you would like to withdraw from the position, that is 100% up to you. At no point have I been rude or unprofessional, sorry you feel that way. Best of luck to you and in your job search.

Happy Holidays :).

Thank you,


  • Liz Bri Feb 01, 2020

    I am Liz Bryant from Wells Fargo. Do you think we would really hire you with a ghetto name like Dessence sounds like a character on ghetto fabulous. Probably came to the interview with those big gold crazy earrings and a weave. Try contacting Cerita Battles at Wells Fargo maybe she will give you a job there ha ha

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individual banking

WF removed a large amount of money from my checking account without authorization five days ago putting my account into overdraft. I was without funds. They did not explain, help . I lost hours over Thanksgiving weekend, Monday, Tuesday and today trying to deal with getting this straightened out,

They haven't returned the money . I've spent approximately 7 hours on the phone with customer service and visited my branch three times. Online access to my account was denied. Recurring payments were frozen. My debit card was discontinued.

Further, they've offered no explanation.

  • Liz Bri Feb 01, 2020

    I am Liz Bryant from Wells Fargo. You sound like another customer trying to scam our bank. So many customers have tried this lately. Go try your fraud somewhere else. At Wells Fargo we are way to smart for this.

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over limit fees

Yesterday, or the day before, I've paid the overlimit fee of $7 and something cents on my credit card. And when I checked today, it went up to over $22. This isn't the first time this happened to me. I would pay the overlimit fee two times before, and it would still go up.

I don't know what is going on with Wells Fargo, but they're being leeches lately, and it's stressing me out, because they would literally TAKE money from my credit card, on top of charging me. I don't remember them used to doing that honestly, but stuff like this makes it hard for people with low wage jobs to make their payments.

I have a spending habit which got me in the red in the first place, and I've been better at it lately. And these vampires are not helping.

wells fargo home project credit card,

Dear Customer Service,
I have decided to close my account of 6 years due to lack of customer service. I have been a consistent customer and was happy with my Wells Fargo card until today. I went online and checked my account balance and paid the remaining balance in full. I received a statement after a few days stating I owed more money. I've called customer care and spoke to Melanie about an interest charge of $24.86 after I paid my account in full and wanted to have it waived. The line of credit is $27, 000 and it was paid in full with no late or missing payment.

She said that interest can be waived. Now, I clearly understand how you guys don't care about customers or customer service. You would rather lose a customer with a line of credit of $27, 000 who will likely use that card again where you guys will make thousand dollars of interest instead of waiving $24.86

To my understanding, Wells Fargo doesn't give a fly about loyalty or customer service.

Wells Fargo Property Loss Divisionhomeowners repair check delays

Filed a claim with my homeowners policy beginning of August 2019. Paperwork and signed check from State Farm was submitted to Wells Fargo Property Loss Division/Loss Mitigation August 26th. After repeated calls and resubmission of documents requesting self contracting, check is finally issued and received September 24th for 1/3 total amount of submitted check.
I was told repeatedly that 50% of the repairs needed to be completed before a second disbursement of another 3rd in would be released. Final installment would be disbursed upon completion of 90% of the repairs with inspections prior to each check being cut. If repairs were at 90% for first inspection, all remaining funds would be sent, as per several representatives.
Inspection deemed 90% complete October 23rd 2019 and receipts faxed over October 29th.
From the beginning, multiple calls almost daily were made to the property loss division with different answers frequently provided for the same questions.
On October 29th 2019, after being told on several occasions by several different Wells Fargo Representatives that the balance remaining of the claim check would be disbursed in its entirety once the inspection met 90%, I was informed that inspection had to be 100% and the total remaining funds would NOT be disbursed until that time. Not ONCE was this EVER disclosed to me or discussed!
The friends I have helping me with repairs have exhausted the first installment of $2201. They are working without pay currently.
My intent has been to use these funds to make other necessary repairs to the house with the intention of selling. The delay in receiving my claim check due to the widespread and complete incompetence of the Property Loss Division is causing unmitigated stress and anxiety! I have NO idea how this Division can operate this way! It is utterly appalling and absurd! I have been lied to repeatedly and nobody gives a damn. They should be fined for sheer stupidity alone!
I now have to wait even longer for an exception to be made (apparently that requires 5 business days for someone to read a piece of paper), a check to be cut (2 business days), and it FedExed to me (overnight or 2 business days, nobody knows). To say I am beyond furious is an understatement!

liz bryant evp national sales manager wells fargo

I am Ereca Miller wife of John Shrewsberry CFO of Wells Fargo. Liz Bryant was after my husband for the CEO job, of course she didn't get it. My husband confessed to me that they spent some cozy nights together in Aspen but no more of that is going to happen. Liz Bryant is disliked by everyone at Wells Fargo she is responsible for much of the mortgage fraud and foreclosures that stole people's homes, especially from black customers. Everyone knows this and the public needs to know. You can see from the picture than John and I are very happy together so Liz stay with Brooks and keep away from my husband!

liz bryant evp national sales manager wells fargo
liz bryant evp national sales manager wells fargo
liz bryant evp national sales manager wells fargo
liz bryant evp national sales manager wells fargo

account takeover department

My banking account was closed based on authorized access for a loan to pay emergency bills. I'm unable to access my online banking account I've been trying to get in contact with a representative to get a claim number so that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible. Really hoping for a response. Available to any calls or emails.

  • Liz Bri Feb 01, 2020

    I am Liz Bryant from Wells Fargo. Are you sure you are not making this up? You sound like just another customer trying to scam and steal from our bank. Try getting a job and paying for your own things.

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I had sent funds to my daughter to pay for a cell bill. I enteted my daughters mobile phone and submitted the amount. My daughter gets an email stating that the funds were credited to her pnc bank account. My daughter does not and never has had an account with pnc. Needless to say I called your 1800 number and filed a dispute. I was credited the monies to find out your company took the monies back. How can a customer have to pay the penalty that pnc bank never updated their clients phone number and my daughters phone number is the same. I asked for the case to be reopened and it was to find out it was closed again. When speaking with your representaive I was told wells fargo is not going to work on getting my monies back because pnc refuses to give it back. Kind of funny how the customer loses. I am considering on moving my bank accounts elsewhere and informing friends and family to do the same. Your company has gone south and I can see why. There is no more care for clients...just your pockets.

credit card

Could get no resolution to account closing for $42 outstanding bill. Did not receive alert of a problem. Billing statements were confusing to agents I spoke to. I lost considerable amount of rewards without restoration. I feel I was treated unfairly considering all circumstances and billing confusion. Lack of timely notification. I have had previous issues with auto pay not working and poor communication. WF is detrimental to maintaining my great credit rating history

Wells Fargo - Charlie Scharfnew ceo of wells fargo is a joke!!

I can't believe they picked this guy Charlie Scharf to be CEO of our company! Everyone knows he hates women and blacks, he's a puppet and nobody likes him. I was after the CEO job but of course I won't get it because I'm a beautiful smart and successful woman. My name is Liz Bryant and I applied for the CEO position of Wells Fargo because I know the company inside and out and the picked this guy Charlie Scharf! Total joke!!

new ceo of wells fargo is a joke!!
new ceo of wells fargo is a joke!!

unable to access joint information due to pointless policies

1) mobile banking (either online mobile or through app) should allow for complete control of bill pay - including cancelling a bill payment
2) joint accounts should be able to see all set-ups created by any party on any online account that has a joint stake in the account - specifically in bill pay
3) joint account parties should have the right to opt in on the default to keep other joint account holders from having access to the joint account settings that they set up individually. The default should not be cut off access.
4) the policy that 2 or 3 cannot be done because of security is a farce. Nothing stops either of us from seeing what was done, who did it, and when it was processed, nor are we blocked in any way from creating or removing our own spending obligations (bill pay, deposit, withdraws, credits, etc). we certainly can not be stopped from damaging behavior on joint accounts (overdraws, removal of all funds, etc), therefore claiming a security issue prevents joint parties from editing obligations made by any of the joint parties on joint accounts is ridiculous.

The Story:
My wife and I have a joint checking, savings, and credit card account. WF requires us to have separate online accounts. This creates a sense of security, because if there is a problem I cannot deal with issues on her account through WF customer service.

This makes sense. If my wife opens her own checking account or credit card or what have you, I should not be able to access her online account and do whatever I may with her personal finances.

However, on joint accounts there is an unnecessary separation of information. My wife is not tech savvy, and so when we established our accounts we created just one web account on her specific debit card. I established all of our bill payments on that online account. She rarely touched the account. Sometimes she would get the password and lock both of us out of the online account. Customer service would not let me reset the password - again, this makes sense, but was frustrating. At WF suggestion I made a second online account in my name. However, this one does not show the online bill payments that I set up on her online account.

Recently, I noticed that our bill pay was paying our cable and that our cable was also our cable company was pulling money using autopay that I set up. When I tried to cancel the WF bill pay using their mobile app I could not see the bill pay in my account. After switching to her account I could not cancel the bill pay in mobile (terrible not to have full features on mobile). I called an agent who would/could not help me because I was not my wife. I finally cancelled it, using her account, using a desktop online access.

The issue here is, Why can't I see all of the bill payments associated to our joint accounts (checking, savings, & CC) and edit or cancel them on either online account? We agreed we wanted these accounts to be JOINT.

It's not like I can't see in my transaction history that a payment has gone out, that its reoccurring, and that she set it up (or that I set it up) - our names are labeled next to the transactions. Therefore, there's no privacy of transactions (ie, no real security there). What's the benefit of me not being able to access it on my online account?

Either of us can clean out the account, dump a bunch of money in it, set up payments to anyone/anywhere... but we can't stop payments made by the other? Stopping payments is the MOST secure item to have access to. Perhaps it would be conniving for me to cancel a reoccurring payment that she wanted to maintain, but that is best solved by her setting up a private account and using that account to maintain her reoccurring payment. Therefore, there really isn't any financial transaction security.

It's nearly 2020. There's definitely no excuse not to be able to set up a joint account bill pay on her online account and cancel it on mine. Certainly, if it came down to a dispute it would be simple to pull system data to prove that I had gone in and cancelled the bill pay she set up. At a minimum, the system should ask us if we wanted the settings (such as bill pays) that are associated with joint accounts to be viewable or editable by the other joint account holder(s). Probably this should be the default with an option to turn off sharing features.

The whole concept that this creates security is a complete sham. It makes the experience needlessly difficult and complicates managing our finances. It actually encourages less security! As stated before, I know and manage BOTH online accounts! Why? because it's the only way to manage our joint bill pays while honoring my wife's wishes to not have to do that chore. However, I also have the capacity to access personal accounts (if she had any) on her online portal. If I could access the joint settings (bill pay) from my account I literally would never even bother with her account.

Finally, If I haven't said this already. I wish it were possible to edit and cancel bill pay from the mobile site or app. Again, it's almost 2020 - get with the times.

customer service

On Friday sept 20 I go into Wells Fargo in west end of Atlanta to cash my 401 k check so I can pay my bills. I just switch jobs. Now this is the first time I used this bank I...


Unfortunately due to me becoming ill and put on dialysis from kidney not working my hours of work went from 60 hours week to 25 hours a week. This cause me to fall behind on payments which I know is my fault not blaming anyone.

However, they came out after I spoke with them and picked the vehicle up Tuesday 2am which took them 30 mins to get it out the yard. I contacted Wells Fargo at 8am to pay to get it back and they advised they had no record of it being picked up and did not no where the vehicle was. I was advise they locate it and they would help me due to my condition they have a program for this. Went to the place after located which had to make appointment at 12:15pm 35 mins away from my house to only find out the vehicle was not at location the driver had reach max hours to drive so he took it to his home which it set in his yard 5 mins from my house. Took them 2 hours to bring it to the company location that it was suppose to been at and I was told not be late or could not assist me to only find out that I was not able to get it. They would need to inspect it and to value the worth of the vehicle and then they could give me a price of what it would cost to be return to me.

I was told I get a call this morning ( Wednesday) which never got. I contacted them to see what information I could get they advised that it can take up to week to process and them be able to give me my options to get back.

Never had this happen before but from speaking with people most company charge you the behind payments the fee for the pickup and the following payment.

very rude bank teller employee

I went there to withdraw my money from saving account on 09/06/19 but I don't remember which card is it because I m not often use it I m living hawaii they don't have...

checking account

I received a offer for a loan and found out it was a scam, then a man called the bank with my information and withdraw 229.00 over the phone.! I am and was the only person listed...


I went to this branch, on Thursday 29th, to have some papers notarized and after twenty minutes of waiting, the person that was trying to help me started to call around to see if...

Virtually all associated with customer service and fraud department are inept. Virtually all struggle with the truth or even knowing what to do.

On Tues. evening, Aug 27, 2019 I noticed a charge I did not recognize. I called the [protected]. This is the CS number and I asked for the fraud department. Before they would let me talk with the FD they found it necessary to "verify" me. Once I got to the FD I had to re"verify" myself. I made mentioned that I had what appeared to be an unauthorized charge in the amount of aprox $194.00. After some lengthy discussion and being transferred to a FD supervisor, where for the 3rd time I had to "verify" myself, I was told that I would need to and they would close my account and send me a new card. After more lengthy discussion and some quoting of P&P, I told them NOT to close my account and to not open a fraud investigation, " I'll figure it out myself. Thanks for nothing, Goodbye" and hung up. Spent a good part of the balance of the Aug. 27th evening and part of the 28th tracking down and resolving charges. On the morning of Aug. 29, 2019 I went to a supply house to pay for an order that a contractor would pick up later in the day. Imagine my surprise when the card was declined. Upon my illustrious bank, I was informed that my account was closed because I had suggested that the $194.00 charge was not authorized and some type of fraud investigation was occurring. No comment about what type of customer service I received other than, if I treated my customers like I was treated I'd be out of a job. They indicated that a new card was being processed and I'd receive it in 5-7 days! I asked if they could get it to Amazon as Amazon can deliver things overnight. You know the answer to that. They did indicate that they could get me a new card on a rush order but it would cost $16.00. I queried the agent as to how they expected me to pay for a card on an account they were not authorized to close and hadn't notified me of such. You guessed it. "That's our policy sir" I waited until 9:00 and went to my branch and spoke with the Branch Manager, N. Webb. After explaining the situation, he looked up my account and told me that my card reflected "lost". Lost? He let them know that the card was not lost and needed to be reactivated. They treated him almost as rudely as they treated me. In the end, they would not reopen/activate my card. Promised I'd receive a new card prior to noon on Aug. 30, 2019 and they would charge me $16.00 for the favor. With friends like WF who needs enemies. Run and hide

checking account promotion/ bonus

I recently submitted a complaint. I am not sure whether you approved my essay. However, because of some unforeseen circumstances, I have to ask you to please remove thi...

wells fargo makes disappear your money in a blink

This is the worst bank ever. I had to close the account because almost clean my savings with monthly charges and the credit card is terrible I had to call every month they hide charges into your monthly payments and the courtesy charges take it away, they put it back . Be aware never get a credit card from this bank, I am so upset and disappointed, you never will think that your money that had been obtained with so much effort fall in this horrible bank that makes disappear your money and a blink. Please do not put your money in their hands.

checking account

As Wells Fargo has not responded appropriately to areas of serious concern to my family and myself, I am filing a formal complaint with the Florida Office of the Comptroller, with...

auto loans

I've had a terrible experience with Wells Fargo from being turned away to being flat out ignored. Every individual has a story or something that they went through and since Wells Fargo supposedly does "What's right for customers" they should listen to their customer instead of ignoring them. I've reached out to Wells Fargo 4x today and no one answer. What kind of BRANCH doesn't answer the phone? That is beyond unprofessional and inconsiderate. My experience with customer service and live individuals have been horrible. My issue still has not been resolved and I've been at this going on two years now. How can Wells Fargo say that they place customers at the center of everything they do and want to exceed customer expectations and build relationships that last a lifetime when they're ignoring them?

funds drawn from my account for my ex husband debt to wells fargo

I have recently divorced my exhusband, Murtaza Hudda.
He has defaulted on all his accounts, including his Wells Fargo checking account.
We however had a joint account ending 9404, and I have been using this account to pay bills in both our names.
However, I transferred to cover check I wrote and I noticed DR-Right off took place from this account to pay his debt.
I do not have any obligation to his debt and am requesting a full refund on those collection funds. we are legally divorced and this has caused considerable financial hardship. With total $300.76

checking account

I made several transactions with my debit card over the weekend. At the time of these transactions, I had money in my account to cover them. I was told that the transactions were put on hold and not processed till the next business day. Once this was done, the bank claimed I didn't have enough money to cover the transactions and charged me several fees. I was even charged for transferring money from my checking account to my savings account sending money through Zelle. I do not have overdraft, so if the money was not available, I would not have been able to do these transactions. I am currently overdrawn and should not be and was charged fees that I should not have been.

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My name is Raghu kanth chary i have 8 years of experience in top most banks hdfc and axis banks, your company judge me unworthy candidate, at least no response from your side...

auto loan

I was behind in payments and contacted customer service. I paid 400 on July 9th and the remainder of 169 on the 16th. On the 20th they repossessed the car with it being current!!!...


Visited the Wells Fargo location on White Lane Bakersfield CA in the Superior shopping center. Usually visit the California Ave location but sometimes stop to this one as its closer to home. I am very dissatisfied with the service. Management would not override my check to allow me to cash it all. I've cashed it ALL for the Same Exact Amount both on my check(since I'm salary, I always get paid the same) and account in the past(a few $$, never overdrawn, just don't like keeping much in the account). I came in at 12:25pm 7/18/19 and the Manager told me she couldn't give me all my cash. Its very upsetting because she could of overridden it- she said so herself- but she choose not to. I saw a lot a new faces, like i said i don't come consistently but every so often and the old manager, i think her name was Becky? She knew me from this and the California Ave. People quitting at this location because of the poor service/staff??

I am complaining about the appalling service I and other customers receive this morning at the wells fargo branch on apollo drive in largo md

I got to the bank around 9:45AM, planning to take care banking need early and move on to run other important personal errands.
To m6 surprise there were only two cashiers available and after waiting 15 min one of the cashiers put up a sign go to the next cashier. By that time 4 other customers lined up behind me. We all remarked this is a shame. This neighborhood has one of the most high capital incomes and we all have money in bank plus financial investments and who ever this manager is appears not to respect our time and our patronage.
On customer ask a young lady talking to the male cashier who put the sign in his window, "why were there only on cashier working? She remarked we are doing something else. Well she does no5 realize that the customers may do something else and take their money out of Wells Fargo and pu5 it somewhere else.
The idea came to mind as customers started having a discussion about the unprofessionalism that was being displayed right before our eyes A customer remarked that his father had his money in Riggs Bank for many years and went to get a loan and was refused even though he was a faithful customer. We know that the bank uses our money to invest and make more money. Well this man's Farther decided to take his $170, 000 out of Riggs and put it in another bank.
out of Riggs bank . Riggs bank is not around anymore. So customers get ideas from other customers waiting in line . Also, no one wants to see anyone mistreated especially when we are doing an honest business with your Bank.
I am not a marketing expert, but I believe it would be to Wells Fargo's advantage to make sure customers are served in a timely manner to prevent such discussions and respect the customers time just like you expect your worker to respect your companies time.
On a positive note I travel from Atlanta to Maryland often and I go to to the Wells Fargo at th3 Market Place on Camp Creek and the customer service is tops. They are efficient and it appears they go all out to make sure the banking customers are satisfied.
I do not know who the manager is at this bank but they may need to take a course in Banking customer service.
The cashiers were polite and accommodating after we finally got to the only one that was available but by that time it was too little and to late. I pray that you address the management issues at this bank.
I have several accounts at Wells Fargo and does my Husband who has a business.

home mortgage

I've been a customer since 2009, currently have two mortgages with them. I logged online to make payments and experienced a problem with mobile app as only one mortgage payment...

checking account monthly fee

Hello, I would like to close my account. When I opened it there were no monthly service fees associated with opening this account .Since then I have been getting charged these...

Wells Fargo Bank — loan modifications

This company only still operates now in 2019 because if it is c;losed down totally and immediately the stock market would crash. These criminals took on hundreds of billions of...

customer service

My sister died and I had to close her account Since I was out of town I called in to see what to do. A man told me to send in my power of attorney form with a notarized letter. I did. Then I heard nothing. I called again and they told me that they had sent a letter telling me to send in a death certificate. So I did, and waited. What did they send me, checks to he estate of my sister. So I called again and the woman who said she was in charge of the program said the had mailed back the two forms at the end of June. This week I received only the death certificate back and the letter was dated July 5th. I sure know why Wells Fargo has such a bad reputation now. Complete incompetence.

  • Updated by Bruce Josephson · Jul 12, 2019

    I would not have needed my power of attorney letter if it had been addressed to me. Sounds to me like a scam to prevent me from depositing checks from the bank accounts.

debit card spending limit

I deposited $20, 000 into a Wells Fargo bank expecting to be able to spend my money as necessary. My card was then declined so I called the number and spoke to Arlene and her manager and was told the maximum daily limit I could spend was $2, 000 a day. I don't understand why this bank won't let me spend my own money and increase my daily amount. Please contact me at [protected] with any feedback on why I cannot increase my daily limit on my own debit card. If I do not get a response within 24 hours with a solution to increase my daily limit I will have to close my account.