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PNC Financial Services Group reviews & complaints

PNC Financial Services Group complaints 272


PNC Financial Services Group - Branch banker

I made an appointment with Nickolde (may have spelled wrong) To open an savings account for my boys on 12/18/21. I got there maybe 5 minutes late. He was helping someone else waited until I was there...

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PNC Financial Services Group - Loan officer how I was treated about ok deposit

PNC has advertised about how you can deposit your check and access it now with for a fee, well that is wrong, they don't tell you that you have to be a millionaire as well and not be considered scum...

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PNC Financial Services Group - Banking Overdraft Fees and False credits

PNC ROBBED FOR $1724. I have my SS check auto deposited at PNC where I have been a customer for over 20 years. They have charged me for 25 overdraft fees since April 1st. My SS check just hit today and when i looked my balance was at ZERO. On top of that they gave me a "credit" for $1000 last month to" help" me with all my overdraft fees. So when my check hit last month they took the $1000 back? which really hurt me WAY MORE . When I called they told me "oh that is only a TEMPORATRY CREDIT" until u get caught up. I was devastated. I had some auto pay bills coming out which I thought I had cancelled but apparently I missed a couple. It has been really hard since my father just recently passed of Covid. I admit I withdrew from everything for a time. So they charge me for the bills I missed plus $36 return fee plus $36 for insufficient funds MULTIPLE times. I get hit by the bills plus a late charge. I told them what a hard time I have been having. They do not care. But to take my ENTIRE check from me and my son is just dastardly. I thought at the most at least I would have the $700 counting the $1000 they credited and then took back. BUT NO I HAVE ZERO AND IM AT THE END OF MY ROPE!

Desired outcome: ALL I want is all the bank fees removed. It is not hurting them at all. I am in a huge mess and they can easily fix it. I am not asking for extra money but them playing with my account like this isn't right


PNC Financial Services Group - Personal loan

I applied for a personal loan thru my bank (PNC) was denied & never sent anything thru mail why.
Local Branch - Ormond Beach, Fl. (Phone [protected]) Manager Jamie Jimalioutchkine appealed the denial
Supposedly with my updated info. (evidence) of a good & more credit report/history from Transunion & Equifax.
(PNC Only Uses Experian)
Few days later she said it was denied because of judgements on my credit file & delinquent payments.
Which is not true, (none) never had a late payment in over 95 months of current credit file & never had any judgements. (ever)

Desired outcome: Approve the Personal Loan Requested/Applied

PNC Financial Services Group - My Account was closed out without any reason from the bank

I got a notice stating that PNC is closing my account without any reason. I went into the bank and had a talk with them and both bankers said nothing was wrong with my checking account and they said that the Financial Service Group would not give any reason to them or to me . I had the checking account with them for the last two years and they have not given me any reason or warning for the account closure this was very rude with a customer.
I am very unhappy with the bank and the service which they are doing this is not done with the bank. I have to face a lot of difficulties doing my account setting and bill payment once again with others banks.

PNC Financial Services Group - Pnc bank overdraft fee

I am constantly being charged overdraft even if I check with the bank the day before where my account is always to the good they sneak charges and do not tell you some thing as pending tell you that they say something is pending but it is not at the time and sneak in constant overdraft fees I'm constantly calling them they are constantly denying me I asked them it is showing I am not overdrafted the night before and then all of a sudden something comes up that is not a check which overdrafts me once a week I am tired of this bank they constantly hold your paycheck longer than anybody else when we get paid direct deposit they constantly do not update what you youWhat your account is open till one day a week which is Tuesday it is very misleading it tricks you and this is how they make their money I do not understand how they constantly charge their people I want to do a lawsuit I don't know what to


PNC Financial Services Group - My checking account accrual of overdraft fees

There was a purchase that was taken, put back and taken again that caused my account to be overdrawn. I have over 600 in overdraft fees and I think this is so wrong. I want those fees refunded. I cannot afford this right now and the bank manager clearly said this wasn't my fault. Me and my family are really struggling right now and this is added stress!

Desired outcome: Refund of all overdraft fees


PNC Financial Services Group - Bank refuses to honor their own check

My employer has a corporate account with PNC Bank. They issued my paycheck from that account. I deposited the check into my account. PNC Bank refused to honor the check, calling it fraudulent.
My rent check has now bounced. I have no money and I'm out of food. I'm going to be out on the street because of their lies and incompetence!
Their customer service was rude, refusing to help me at all. They told me to come into a local branch. I live 1,000 miles away. They didn't offer any assistance whatsoever to clear up their mistake!


PNC Financial Services Group - HSA Account

The worst!  I have requested a debit card for my wife twice within the last 6 months and have failed to receive the card.  I called back in October and was told there were no record of any of the requests which was very concerning considering the 2nd time I called in and the rep placed the order and was told they could request one for me.  Requested to speak to a manager and was put on hold for 30 minutes to be notified that a manager was not available and would call me back in 2-3 days.  Is has been a over a month and still have not received a phone call.

Customer service is not a priority for this company at all!

PNC Financial Services Group - Overdraft fees

I have been with PNC for a while now, and while I don't mind paying what I owe, their fees have been killing me. On their website, it shows my balance and my available balance, which is minus any pending debits. But when I get deposits, it shows I have an inordinate amount of over draft fees for smaller purchases that occurred before debits of things like car insurance and electric. I am consistently trying to get out of the hole and they keep burying me with these fees. I called customer service and they said there was nothing they could do for me. I also had a pending Covid-19 credit from them since September 2020 that would show up and then disappear. I just got paid 2361.00 and they took over 1500.00 for God knows what now. Their statements are confusing to read and change their order daily. I want my overdraft fees credited from March to August. Is that too much to ask?

PNC Financial Services Group - Credit card automatic payments

Contacted customer service on 09-29-20 over a deduction I had cancelled due to the fact it had increased over $1000 per month on that day I was told they stop payments and file a dispute. On10-23-20...

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PNC Financial Services Group - Gift cards

My children have pnc giftcard which wer sold to meta bank - meta bank has charged one card 2.50 twice and closed the other two which had balances (althoug samll) of $6.75 and $18.09. Thye are out $29.84 in total.
I want my kids money refunded - please call [protected] to discuss.
Brian derham

PNC Financial Services Group - Refuse to refund my loan payment check

RE: Request for Refund Payment PNC Bank Refusal to refund Car Loan Payment I am writing because of the deeply unsatisfactory company's customer service procedures that I am constantly still having...

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Apr 04, 2020

PNC Financial Services Group - Chinese virus ppp loan

On March 31 2020 I contacted my local branch about the PPP loan. They advised me to make an appointment. I did..April 7 10;30 am. On april 2 I called to confirm, Check... On April 3 2020 I received...

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Mar 03, 2020

PNC Financial Services Group - Unauthorized charge

I have had a PNC checking account for 10 years. This account have never exceeded $5, 000 in average balance. Recently I noticed a charged of $25 per month bank charge. Called and they said it is because my balance is not $5, 000. I said it's never exceeded that and I was not charged that before. They said: Previously this account was a grandfathered account, which was a type we no longer offer. We had a recent migration of accounts and the system transitioned the account to Performance Select. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS! NOR WAS I NOTIFIED! NOW THEY ARE STEALING MONEY FROM ME. WHY WOULD THEY SWITCH ME TO THIS ACCOUNT IF MY BALANCE HAVE NEVER EXCEEDED THE REQUIREMENT?!?!

Dec 31, 2019

PNC Financial Services Group - incompetent employees

PNC has really gone down hill. There services online and via telephone are HORRIBLE! They can't help with anything. I have to go into the bank at least once or twice a month to get things sorted out. I lost my CC right before X-Mas. I called to cancel it. That took about 30 minutes b/c they basically needed everything on the account that I was apparently supposed to have memorized. They were supposed to send me out a new one 3 weeks ago. I called back today to find out that the CC was never cancelled and I was never issued another one. Mind you it took them almost 4 weeks to get me the first cc that was apparently lost in the mail, and I had to AGAIN go into the bank to get another cc reissued. They have no clue what they are doing anymore. I can't wait to switch banks.

I've had it with PNC Mortgage. They gave bad advice and almost lost my home. Maybe that was what they wanted. Careful with your personal data. The kind that is available to every customer service agent that answers your call, and all the others, for that matter. I've since left PNC, thank heaven, but the same info that's available to the agents, even years after I left, has been used to hack my identity. Unfair to say it was them but they are the only people that routinely had access and verified by me when I called their [protected] phone number.
They still do not comply with several request, written and verbal, to verify that my escrow monies collected way back in 2013 were properly paid to both the local property taxes and insurance.
Go with PNC for a mortgage if you want someone to ruin your life until you can get rid of them. Totally inept and corrupt, IMHO

PNC Financial Services Group - auto loan

I had an auto loan with PNC Bank. I had setup an automatic monthly recurring payment for this loan.
Last month, I paid off the loan in full.
However, this month I noticed that PNC Bank still deducted the monthly amount from my checking account.
When I called up customer service, they said that since the account was closed they could not pull up any details, and the only way to resolve this now was for me to go to a bank physically.
This is bad customer service.
If the loan has been fully paid off, how can they continue to deduct money from my checking account?


PNC Financial Services Group - withdrawal from atm pnc bank at turkey hill

On August 26th 2019 I reported to my Ace flare bank account about money not being dispersed to me but the ATM telling me it had. No aceflare had to cancel and report my card lost or stolen and also tells me that I have provided documentation for the claim which I have not. They provide me with a $400 provisional credit and give me a claim number now they put the $400 back on my card within 15 days as a credit while they investigated further into my claim I get a text message today from aceflare saying they did not find a bank error. Now they want to take $400 from my account. I don't know whether it was PNC Bank that has scammed me or Turkey Hill or aceflare now while I was there at the ATM there was another lady that had the same thing happen to her we tried talking to the manager at the turkey hill in Shamokin and she claimed it was out of her hands and couldn't provide me with a phone number or any information on the PNC Bank ATM machine. I have called NetSpend I have called MetaBank I have called aceflare my next call will be to Turkey Hill and then after that it will be too PNC Bank in after that I'm going to report it to the US attorney's office and the office of thrift supervision and the Better Business Bureau how can they say I received cash when I did not aren't there cameras everywhere at Turkey Hill and aren't there cameras on the ATM machine how can they figure that I receive that money? Ace flare pretty much called me a liar I will never do business with them again and when I find out more about PNC Bank and Turkey Hill management in Northumberland I will update more. Something shady is going on in Shamokin Pennsylvania Turkey Hill PNC and aceflare and I smell a lawsuit.

Sep 10, 2019

PNC Financial Services Group - the branch manager

Connie is the worst manager by far. Being a customer who needed help - she makes you wait in the lobby for 1/2 an hour before she asks someone else to take you while she sits at her desk writing...

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PNC Financial Services Group - closed check, of 15 234.00

I deposited a check for 15, 234.00. The ATM did not like the hyphenated name and rejected it. PNC said they issued another check and sent it to my address. 17 days later and it hasnt arrived. I have been on the phone for hours trying to get the matter resolved. My PNC mortgage is due! I have a refrigerator payment due Friday, if not I lose my 6 months same as cash status and have to pay interest. We tore out our capeting to have hardwood installed and are now living on plywood. There is a reason I sold shares in my stock I have held onto for 40 years! PNC is horrible! I will spread this story to everyone I know(Facebook, Instagram, etc)

Update by Jennifer7777
Aug 14, 2019

*Lost check*

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