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PNC Financial Services Group Complaints & Reviews

PNC Financial Services Group / the teller that waited on me was rude and hostile

David Allen Gunshore on Oct 14, 2017
I returned to the lexington ky from Vietnam with a small amount of foreign currency to exchange. I called bank and the teller Seth to me bring it in and well exchange no problem. I go there and then he informs me we can't do it now we have to send off and you need to wait. If the teller...

PNC Financial Services Group / unethical treatment (senior property manager beth dailey)

Rausha Foster on Oct 6, 2017
On Wednesday afternoon I was involved in an automobile accident at the corner of 2nd and Ross st, Pittsburgh, Pa. My brake line went out and I swerved and hit a tree in a grassy little park . Apparently this park belongs to PNC bank. Two polite security guards came over from PNC and asked...

PNC Bank / mistaken identity

southpaw360 on Oct 3, 2017
First contacted by telephone asking to speak to a person not me. I told them my name was not Jr.. and that I did not know anyone with this name . Neither did I have any sons . Now they send me letters stating that I have an unpaid debt of 38, 006. 09. And that I should contact them to resolve...

PNC Bank / pension plan

Joseph R. Santoli, Esq. on Sep 14, 2017
PNC Bank is engaged in employee pension misconduct. Employee pension participants who have contributed within the last five years to the Incentive Savings Plan have suffered losses due to their contributions being overweighted in PNC Bank instruments. Current employees can pm me on FB or...

PNC Financial Services Group / checking account

jenibond on Sep 14, 2017
I opened a virtual student account while I'm in grad school, so I would have access to brick and mortar bank features (e.g., cashier's checks). Sure enough I decided to buy a used car from a private seller. I don't use PNC as my main bank account because the interest rates are awful, so I...

PNC Financial Services Group / my mortgage documents

kacz4 on Sep 13, 2017
I called today on the phone and spoke with Fluce sorry about the spelling . 09/13/2017 @ about noon ish. I needed a copy of my mortgage statement as i am blocked out of seeing my online account. I need: recent mortgage statement, showing principal balance and showing I'm current with my...

PNC Financial Services Group / bank app - your use of google map platform

honest policy on Sep 12, 2017
2. I dont have over draft credit so any and all transactions should be denied do to inefficient fonds. Why should PNC record your line but not want to be recorded themselves . Why wouldnt PNC wave fees when they cant service the customer as exspected Why does PNC Use Google maps why are...

PNC Financial Services Group / managers demeanor

Rick Boone on Sep 1, 2017
I went into the establishment today for a cash withdrawal or cash advance I should say. They ran it not once not twice but three times only to come back and tell me that they had been did not declined and they could not give me my money while standing at the counter I logged into my bank...

PNC Financial Services Group / overdraft fees

Syrena00 on Aug 29, 2017
After my experience with pnc bank, I will officially be taking my service to a different bank. I've been a pnc customer for over 3 years, and I now hate them. I was charged overdraft fees in a total of $98 because this [censor] bank charges $36 a day for overdraft. Supposedly all of my...

PNC Financial Services Group / opening bank account

DeAnna Crowell on Aug 18, 2017
Brought my daughter to PNC bank in Fuquay Varina, NC to open an account they scheduled her an appointment to come back a week later. She comes back at her appointment 30 minutes early because she has to be at work, 45 minutes later she is still not done. There is only two people working in...

PNC Financial Services Group / credit report of mortgage

Lisa NB on Aug 3, 2017
Mortgaging a home that I currently own with a paid off mortgage from PNC. Credit report shows as a paid foreclosure. Need to have that accurately reported as a a paid mortgage for financing purposes. Report ID: 12307BXC40C3100. PNC mortgage # 4330009249933. I have attempted to contact PNC...

PNC Financial Services Group / branch service

W T Davis on Aug 3, 2017
Went into the Eden Square office to make a deposit. There was one teller on the front and one on the drive in. The teller on the front was chit chatting with an old man. The drive in teller turned and said she'd be with me shortly, she never got a customer the whole time I was in there but...

PNC Financial Services Group / checking account fee reversal

Shira Star on Jul 27, 2017
I first stopped in to PNC to change my account over to a student checking to avoid the fees. I was told over the phone it was a simple process that would take little time. When I arrived, no other customers were in the lobby and the lobby lady told me I couldn't see anyone because they...

PNC Financial Services Group / stacy sellers branch manager

TaraNeff on Jul 27, 2017
I have request several times for a letter to provide to my creditor over manner regarding my husbands acct which has been present. No returned phone calls. I have had to literally go into branch to get something resolved. Which still has not been resolved. She gives me a contridiction...

PNC Financial Services Group / branch service

Mary Pit on Jul 26, 2017
I went to your Barnegat NJ branch to make a simple cash deposit for my daughter. The girl at the front tells me she cannot do my deposit because she has no cash and I would have to wait for the next ava representative. I go sit in the back for over 25 mins for a simple transaction...

PNC Financial Services Group / home equity loan

Kathleen M Markese on Jul 24, 2017
Hello all, Hope you are doing well. I had an issue with the above manager that refused to help me even though he did not have a customer. Yes, I did get upset when he would not help me. He told me that he could not print out my home equity loan information when K Kochowicz, mgr, and...

PNC Financial Services Group / mortgage

CraigReasoner on Jul 19, 2017
Poor advice 3+ years ago from pnc. "the only way I pnc can help you is if you default on your loan" since then pnc has gouged me with fees, transfer fees, speedpay fees and attorney fees. Over $5000.00. Because of my financial history, I have zero recourse except to complain to as many...

PNC Financial Services Group / customer service

SooEasy2Luv on Jun 24, 2017
I went into the 249 Fifth Ave PNC Branch on Friday, June23rd, I stopped at the desk where there was a male greeter and I explained to him that I wanted to put my nephew's school check into my account, he said it would be no problem, he asked if my nephew had signed the check, I answered...

PNC Financial Services Group / charged fee

Becca g on Jun 23, 2017
I called in several times and asked to speak with a supervisor and calls got dropped I would call back it would drop again I called back and the girl tells me to call back between 8 to 5 to speak with some dept I work during those hours and can't call I'm complaining becasue I have NEVER been...

PNC Financial Services Group / business and personal accounts

ShePacks Heat on Jun 14, 2017
I had PNC only 3 months I had business accounts and personal accounts. Steve the business banker opened 6 accounts for my business then closed four and gave me the closed accounts numbers with the debit cards to the open accounts my clients kept trying to send money only to have fund...

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