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1800 531 8722 (Customer Service)
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+1 800 472 8722 (Individual Retirement Accounts)
+1 877 899 6325 (Trust Services)
+1 800 258 4060 (Real Estate Rewards Network Assistance)
+1 800 531 8555 (Roadside Assistance)
+1 888 452 7754 (Auto Glass Repair & Replacement)
+1 877 314 2255 (Financial Planning)
+1 800 292 8294 (Survivor Relations Team)
+1 210 456 6310 (Accessibility)
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, Texas
United States - 78288
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USAAMembership access authentication

1/12/21--After trying to register for a USAA account membership, was told I already had an account. (I don't recall ever actually opening one). When trying to authenticate me, they had tech issues and asked me for photo ID. This was sent same day on their verify site. They said if I did not get a call by 1/14, to call back.
1/14/21--Rep said the email on "existing acct" did not match any I was giving them. I did give current phone # for them to call, but never received response. Rep said it could take longer to process photo ID verification and to call back 1/15.
1/16/21--worked on 1/15 so gave them an additional day to resolve. On this call, went through 2 reps who kept asking for phone # and email attached to the account..which i never recalled opening. They have my SSN, current photo ID and current phone #. We finally narrowed down the phone # used on this "acct" however, its from 18 years ago and I no longer have it. They again said the authenticator may be backlogged and to try back 1/19 if no response received..due to holiday on 1/18.

Why is a company offering free lifetime membership so hung up on security verification by phone #s and emails which change all the time? Again, they have my SSN and state issued ID...this is more secure than email/phone.

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    USAABank fraud protection harming ME the customer

    My accounts have been suspended and I have no way to access the funds in my account. I spoke to a representative from the executive services department and was informed that due to my account being investigated for fraud I will not have access to any banking services for up to three days or until the case review is completed. The representative said that nothing could be done expediently resolve the situation. How am I supposed to take care of living expenses for my family until then? I need access to my funds immediately.

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      USAAFinancial services

      I have had a great relationship with USAA for two years. However, two days ago, "glitches" in their system has caused both my checking account and credit card to be temporarily'frozen"

      In the last eighteen hours, I have had to deal with eight USAA employees, none of whom have been able to fix their mistake

      Even after been put on hold for what seems to be hours, nobody has been willing to "own my problem" but keep passing me off to someone else

      In all of the employees I have dealt with, it doesn't seem to matter to any of them that it is the week before Christmas

      I just hung up the phone with Daniel who has said that he can't fix my problem but will be glad to refer my problem to a resolution team

      However, they won't be able to call me before Tuesday

      I am old enough to remember a time when you had a problem with a company, one employee stuck with you and worked the problem until it got solved

      At USAA, those days seem to come and gone

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        USAAAuto claim

        My car was in an accident on September 25, 2020. The driver who caused the accident carries USAA insurance. Today is the 5th of October, and I have zero contact from USAA. No rental, no appraisal for damages. Nothing. I called today to get some information, and spoke to Israel. Who was VERY rude. And spoke to me as if I was to handle it myself. I can see I will have to get a lawyer to get any progress. Meantime, my car is still impounded. $ I am paying insurance on a vehicle that looks to be totaled. $ Finding rides to work $... why is an accident that was not my fault a financial burden to me? Because USAA is uncooperative and taking their time... Shame


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          USAAThey closed all my accounts

          I lost my debit card and then I noticed fraudulent charges being made on it. This was back in 2016. I Logged out and try logging in again and it wouldn't let me. so I called customer service to see what was going on and all they said: "they are refusing to do business with me". All my accounts got closed and every time I call, they cannot tell what the reasoning behind them closing my accounts. This was back in 2016 and up to this day, I can't get an answer as to why my accounts were closed. All I need to know is why they did this and how to get my membership back.

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            Jul 01, 2020

            USAA — Banking account

            My grandmother who has dementia and alzheimers had some accounts with USAA back in 2016, and one account...


            Usaa has been a good bank for retired service personnel. Yet they have now refused to allow me to download my checking account activity to my financial software. They are forcing me to subscribe to "Quicken 2018 or later).
            I use Moneydance. I now cannot import my transaction into that software. I must now seek out a local bank! Not very good for retired service men and women!

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              Mar 12, 2020

              USAA Auto Insurance — settling an auto accident claim

              I have been unable to obtain a fair settlement for an automobile accident that occurred on Dec. 21, 2019. My...

              Mar 10, 2020

              United Services Automobile Association [USAA] — Constant lies

              We have a claim against USAA Auto...Three of their agents told us that if we would supply measurement...

              United Services Automobile Association [USAA]customer service

              I am a 50 year member of USAA. Up until the last couple of years they have been great. Now it takes a great deal of time to ask the simplest question. On hold forever. Transferred from one department to another, then the rep has a very limited access to your account, and very little authority to do anything. Endless questions to certfy your identity at each new rep you are transferred to etc. website is the same problem. They used to insure pretty much everything, but now they have farmed out some types (motor home and boat) to progressive whose rates are very high. I am really disappointed in them and for the first time in 50 years, considering changing insurance and banking companies.

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                United Services Automobile Association [USAA]united automobile insurance services

                I have tried several times to communicate with someone regarding claim #
                TXY 681715 with little to no communication. At first, they were denying responsbility saying that they're client was not at fault and i'm like I have a copy of the police report in the file and the adjustor (Ms. Gonzales) asked me to fax her a copy of the report and I did. Then a couple of weeks later an adjustor named Anthony (No last name) called offering $500.00!!! So for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to get Anthony on the phone again to ask him again why were they bidding such a low offer. Again, No answer. They just keep you on hold playing music. I even calledthe State Board of Insurance to seek help but their advise was to make a complaint with united auto directly.
                Liza Gonzales # is [protected] x 32714 and Anthony # is [protected]

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                  United Services Automobile Association [USAA]refusing to pay for auto rental regarding a claim filed against one of your customers

                  I was in an accident with one of your insured who hit my vehicle. During the time of my vehicle being repaired usaa agreed to pay for the rental car. after the completion of the repair (one year ago) the rental agency (enterprise rental car) to whom you recommended charged my card due to the fact that the insurance company(usaa) refused to pay as agreed.This has been an ongoing matter, can someone PLEASE assist me regarding this matter. claim #[protected]-2 If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me @[protected]@aol.com

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                    United Services Automobile Association [USAA]mortgage process

                    We have our previous home with USAA, some problems but overall went fine. In the process of purchasing our second home and it has been terrible. They have constantly lost documents, delayed responding to realitor and buyer. Their underwriters are terrible. Latavia Nash, Irasema Robles have consistently lost documents sent to them and have provided wrong information. This process has cost us one thousand dollars in rental fees and in extending rental equipment agreements. USAA has consistently delayed the mortgage process through their incompetence. Stay away from them if you are buying a home.

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                      United Services Automobile Association [USAA]harassment from the quote service and main company

                      I requested a quote from USAA in early August as part of my search for a new insurance company. I retired and moved out of state. My previous company only serviced a two state area. After I accepted insurance from another carrier, USAA has continued to call, send email, and now are sending me physical mail. What does it take to make them quit. I wish I had never even requested a quote. It is not helping their case one bit because if I ever need another insurance company, at this point, they will be the last company I call. They have shown me that their policy is to harass people until they give in. There used to be a law against harassment and I believe it is still in effect. I just want them to leave me alone.

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                        United Services Automobile Association [USAA]Credit card balance transfer

                        To whom it may concern,

                        I requested a balance transfer of $4983.55 and paid a fee of $149.50. This transfer was interest free through 12/27/2020. On the statement dated 7/26/19 I paid all my purchases, plus the $149.50 and made a payment of $449.02 on the transfer. Total balance was $7820.19 - payment $3536.64= $4284.19. All the remaining balance should be zero interest.

                        I get my statement of 8/27/19 and I'm charged interest of $72.28. I call USAA twice. Talked to Kim on 8/28 and she said wait for statement. I talk to John on 8/29. He said that I can't choose to put my payment on purchases or transfer and therefore I'm charged interest on daily balance.

                        This is false advertising and devious business practices. If in fact this is how USAA conducts business, this is highly unethical and unfair to me. This actually means I will always pay interest on an interest free transfer (hidden and renamed on average daily balance of purchases). I always pay my balance IN FULL.

                        If the interest isn't reversed, I will be canceling this card. I can't do business with a bank who has these practices.

                        Card # 4270 xxxx xxxx 4932

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                          United Services Automobile Association [USAA]home owners

                          Usaa sucks is such a true statement. Back in 2006 my homeowners policy was terminated. The excuse I was given was that "I didn't live in the USA". Hmm. After my military service I worked for the US Govt as a Diplomat. Deployed on official orders and I was dropped. Therefore "USAA Sucks" doesn't even come close to how bad this phony company deserves.

                          They did the same thing to three friends of mine as well. So I will leave USAA the appropriate sentiment they deserve, FU USAA!

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                            United Services Automobile Association [USAA]credit card

                            Card card expires end of June 2019. Contacted USAA 2 weeks prior to leaving for a trip starting the end of May requesting new cards prior to leaving for trip. Never received the cards. Contacted USAA today because cards expires in a few days and they were no help.

                            I think that it is time to look for a credit card company that responds/reacts to customer issues/ requests

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                              USAA Bankblocking account without notice

                              On saturday 4/25 my debit card was locked. I had been contacted by email the month before and was told that there was suspected faudulent activity. They were going to mail us new debit cards. I never received them. When I called, the address they sent the cards to was my daughter's address. Still not sure how that happened. We activated the cards on sunday and at that point, usaa locked our checking account. We didn't realize it until we tried to use the card and it was declined. My husband called on monday 4/27 and was told that the account was being evaluated. I called on wednesday 5/1 and was also told that it was still being evaluated. We explained, both times we called, that it was likely us activating the cards that caused the red flag. When I spoke with customer service I told them that we have automatic transfers for some of our bills and I was concerned that those transfers would be declined therefore causing our bills to be late and possibly causing a fee. I was told that usaa would pay any late fees, etc. I was also told to call back on 5/2 and our account could be unlocked because then it would be during regular business hours. My husband called this morning, 5/2, and was told they are still evaluating and it could be another 3 or 4 days!! This is completely unacceptable! We have now not had access to our money for 6 days! How can a bank hold money that belongs to their customers for this long?? We weren't even given notice or contacted, texted or anything telling us that the account was being locked. I find that to be extremely poor customer service. At this point, once that account is unlocked, we will be closing that account. We've had usaa since 1991. I don't understand! I will be calling again this afternoon to try to gain access to the funds that belong to us!!! After that, i'm going to the better business bureau.

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                                May 01, 2019

                                United Services Automobile Association [USAA] — credit card service

                                I recently contacted USAA to remove myself from my ex-wife's credit card accounts, which are in her name and...

                                United Services Automobile Association [USAA]financial

                                Recently, my son and I were informed by USAA of a suspected data breach. They informed us via their inbox, in a message titled "Notification of New Debit Card", the information at the bottom of this message.

                                I reached out to USAA to ascertain three items: Where was my data when it was exposed, what information was exposed, and who reported the exposure to you?

                                The answer I received from the customer service representative and from Ron of the executive resolutions division is that a merchant informed USAA of a data breach. USAA is unwilling to help me protect myself by disclosing the merchant. USAA appears to only be concerned with limiting their liability due to fraudulent charges.

                                Why would a bank, USAA, that targets only military members and their families withhold critical information that could protect the very members that keep them in business? I want to know which merchant allowed my personal information to be exposed so that I can reduce my vulnerability. USAA's representatives state that the company's policy is not to disclose which merchant reported the breach. In my opinion this policy is a business protecting a business and disregarding the safety of its members.

                                USAA didn't even reach out to me personally to give me insight into why they are sending a new card. I had to call them and spend 30 minutes of my time on the call to get an insufficient amount of information regarding what I should do to protect my data from a future breach by the same merchant. My belief is that USAA should be financially responsible for any future breach of this kind from the same merchant since they chose not to aid me in protecting my information. How can I request that the merchant remove my information from their systems if I cannot determine who they are? Why would said merchant disclose to a bank that they had a breach and not to the customer, me, that they had a breach?

                                We've identified that your USAA debit card information, such as your name, card number and expiration date, may have been obtained by unauthorized individuals through non-USAA systems. Your card information was possibly obtained through a retailer where you shopped or dined, or by other fraudulent activity.

                                To reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions, we're replacing your debit card ending ####. We'll send you a new card with a new card number, security code and expiration date, and you'll receive it within 10 business days. To keep track of this new card order, review your card mailing status. Along with the card, we'll provide information about the steps you should take to activate your card and reminders for ensuring all preauthorized or recurring transactions are honored, such as providing merchants with your new card number and expiration date for recurring transactions.

                                Your Current Card
                                Your current card will only remain active up to 30 days, or upon activation of your new card, whichever occurs first. After you've activated your new debit card, please destroy your current card.

                                Protecting You From Unauthorized Transactions
                                Rest assured that you're protected by our zero-liability policy. A password is the first line of defense against cybercriminals. We recommend using multifactor authentication (MFA) as an added layer of protection. Learn more about MFA at usaa.com/MFA.

                                If you'd like to speak to us about this matter, please call us at [protected].

                                Additional information about zero-liability protection: You are not liable for unauthorized use of a debit card if (1) your account is in good standing, (2) you have exercised reasonable care in safeguarding your card from loss or theft, and (3) you have not reported to us 2 more unauthorized use events in the past 12 months. "Unauthorized use" means the use of a debit card by someone other than an account holder without actual authority to use the debit card. It does not include use of a debit card (1) by a person who was furnished the card by an account holder unless the account holder notified us that transfers by that person are no longer authorized or (2) with fraudulent intent by an account holder or any person acting in concert with the consumer."


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