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Jan 16, 2022

USAA - Bank Account

I was a loyal USAA member for a long time, until they decided to randomly close my bank account and not tell me why. After hours of being on hold with them and trying to figure out what happened to my account and why I couldn't use my card they told me "We're exercising our right to close your account and we don't have to disclose why." This happened just weeks before Christmas, I am active duty military and live 1700 miles from my family so hearing this devastated me. I had no access to any of my money and had no backup accounts. I was unable to visit home for christmas, get food for my daughter or my wife, and it was a struggle to get gas in the car. I had to borrow money from people (and I still do.) I was told that I would receive a check with my money in 30-60 days (from November 18th) it's now been 58 days and my account isn't even closed yet, so no check. When on the phone with USAA and voicing my concerns about food and seeing family, the USAA employee told me "On the brightside, at least you'll be getting your money back." Really? USAA doesn't care about active duty military or their families. This incident proves that. I will never trust this bank and I hope if you sign up that you're aware this could happen to you at any moment.

Desired outcome: I want my hard earned money that I saved.

Jan 13, 2022

USAA - Credit Card charged

I used Car rental company, car broke down and was changed, car rental end up charging me twice, disputed the charge with USAA, submitted all evidence along with a picture of card dashboard showing the problem, respond I got from USAA dispute team the charge was valid.
contacted car rental and submitted same exact evidence and next day I received an email from Car rental apologizing for the charge and I got a refund.
it sounds that USAA didn't even investigate or didn't care to do so.
been banking with USAA for a while, but what's the point if they can't help me when I needed them, time to close all my accounts and find another bank.
I am very disappointed and don't advice to bank with USAA.

USAA - Credit Card dispute

I filed a credit card dispute after the vendor did not follow through with the pre-paid contract. I followed and even submitted a copy of the VISA codes, timelines etc.
USAA denied my claim. I requested this be re-evaluated as i was clearly within VISA's operations outlined.
After following up multiple times with zero update, i finally recieved a call from a "manager." who was rude, stated inaccurate data and lied that they have attempted to reach me. There are not missed calls, zero notifications from USAA and the reps are refusing to escalate.
I've been a long-time USAA member and am severely disappointed in the decline in their treatment throughout this entire process.
In reading other reviews, I'm sad to say i agree that their service has severely declined. The reps are either untrained, incompetent or are instructed to not address any concerns and exhaust the already frustrated customers by confusing the situation even more.

Desired outcome: FULL REFUND


USAA - Account Lockout

1/5/22: tried to use debit card at gas station and was told I had insufficient funds. Checked balance, had enough money but money was "unavailable." Called USAA and was told it was a security issue, not on my side of the account but on my husband's side. He would have to call.
1/5/22: Husband tried logging into account and couldn't log in. Tried calling only to be met with 3+ hour hold time. He can't sit and wait that long.
1/6/22: Used chat function on app to talk with someone. Were told our accounts were locked due to a fraud claim but they couldn't provide more information and we would have to wait until 1/7 to file to get an update from the fraud department.
1/7/22: Called and was told the same info as on 1/5. Wouldn't provide information, said husband had to call. Called back with husband and were told they couldn't access his account at all. Called back again and have been on hold for an hour with someone trying to get information.
Our money is being held hostage with no indication of when it will be available again or why it was locked in the first place. We need to pay bills and we can't because our money is locked in this disaster of a bank.

Desired outcome: I want my account unlocked, my money available, and to close my account with this bank

Dec 21, 2021

USAA - The entire company

In September 2021 I received a letter saying I was declined for a credit card, well good because I did not apply for one, then about 2 weeks later I received a credit card with a $10, 000 limit, I...

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USAA - Homeowners insurance claim

Usaa blows.. Policy holder did not replace hotwater heater in decades and it leaked causing thouands of dollars in damage to our unit! Contacted usaa and asked for an adjuster to come out asap and or if we could do a virtural inspection... They declined. When we submitted our claim to them they said the policy holder was not responsible. She is! We have had other units face the same problem and the insurance companies (not usaa) all settled the matter with no problem and in a timely manner! Now we have to get our insurance company involved and our lawyer and have had to pay out of pocket to address the damage. Will be going for punitave damages. Usaa you suck and as for our neighbor you suck to!

Desired outcome: pay for the damages as per the policy

Dec 18, 2021

USAA - INSURANCE keep charging after property was sold... YEARS AGO!!!

Sold not only 1 but 2 of my properties, plus a car that I got rid of too that were all insured under USAA at the beginning of 2020/late 2019. This was all right before covid. I notified them; hey I got rid of these things we need to redo my binder.. oh but no.. They kept charging me and now its over 2 years later and to the point that one side will have to drop the other. Ive tried calling, Ive tried getting a specialist on the phone yet they keep saying Oh thats in a different department, let me transfer you (repeated multiple times). OH and prior to, I actually had an accident were my tire came off the rim while driving, hurt my shoulder, had to spend the night in a strange city.. and they said it was my fault and USAA wouldnt even pay for a new TIRE! Here it is I pay all this money per month for a service that I NEVER got back in return. Still today that same vehicle when the tire came off actually cracked the sub frame upon further inspection. This company is just an BackSeat type Company still trying to tell others whats best. Its just plain sad that this institution is picking on Veterans and current members of our Armed Forces and they play their customers like a joke!

Desired outcome: Get me a real supervisor with no shit common sense. Service Members Stay away from the SCAM

USAA - Fraud abundant

I have been trying to contact whoever in the fraud dept. for almost a week for some sort of scam that was happening on my account checks for 20, 000 and 9, 500 were processed and cleared multiple...

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Dec 13, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - No longer allowing members to purchase crypto

USAA has now put a ban on its members from purchasing crypto... I have use App for two years and have never had a problem. Now I am no longer allow to use MY DEBIT CARD... notice I am not...

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USAA - Insurance

I have a vehicle getting repaired because of someone rear ending me at a traffic light. Not my fault. Driver did not have insurance. Not my fault.

I took my car to Gerber, they couldn't get me in for repairs until February. I went to another shop who could start right away. I gave them the truck. There was a long lead time to get the bumper. Only 3 remaining in U.S. plus supply issues of today. NO one told me that there is a limited time for auto repairs. If I had known I would have not dropped off the truck until the bumper was in.

I picked up a rental car. USAA decided that the time for repair of auto was exceeded. Again, didn't know that existed. USAA stopped paying for the rental car on December 1. No one told me. On December 8 the rental car company called me to inform me, not USAA. I called USAA who told me about time limit. Had they told me I would have turned in the car on the 1st. By the way. Truck still in shop being repaired.

I am asking them to pay for the extra $300 the rental car cost me. They should have informed me of all the limitations. So far, it's too bad for me.

I am now looking for a different insurance company. Hartford is looking pretty good.

Desired outcome: Pay the $300 the rental car cost me since USAA did not inform me.

Dec 18, 2021

Here is USAA at it again. Breaking down their policy to better suit them and not the person needing actual help. Horrible guys!

UPDATE: I finally spoke with a manager at USAA. She is fantastic! She listened intently to my concern. She then took care of the rental car, and told me the supplemental that was submitted has been approved. She is going to ensure someone calls the repair shop to inform them it has been approved! Made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Still waiting on resolution

Dec 01, 2021

USAA - Checking account

My debit card was hacked. Someone tried transferring money from my debit card to Navy Fed. Now my account is frozen, after I called twice. First rep said use wife's card. Used it three times. Now my account is frozen for 3 days and I have bills to pay. 17 years with them and this is twice they have screwed me, one with insurance now with checking account. Do not use USAA, stay local.

USAA - Auto insurance

A deer hit my car causing damage. I filed a claim with USAA. The car was totaled by USAA because the cost of fixing damages was more than the car was worth.
Without my knowledge or approval, USAA arranged to have my car picked up and taken to salvage yard 2 hrs away. The car still had the license plate on, registration in the glove compartment, my personal property in it, and no key with the car.
My hospital badge (where I work) was in the car so I missed 5 days of work until the car was returned and I could retrieve my belongings.
This caused undo stress to myself and my wife.
I want USAA to rescind my deductible AND give me compensation for loss of income.
Your prompt response and resolution is expected especially for a USAA member of over 40 years.

Desired outcome: Return deductible and compensation for loss of income.

Dec 18, 2021

Good Luck buddy! USAA has a horrible client relationship.

USAA - Fraud department

My husband took a picture of a check to deposit it into our savings account on 11/1/21, on 11/4/21 the bank pulled the check because they couldn't read the check. This put our savings in a negative...

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Nov 04, 2021

USAA - Policy billing

I have USAA and they cancelled my policy with no warning. I had made my past due payment on a Friday and come Monday they had cancelled it. So I called and was told I would need to pay 6 month...

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USAA - Auto insurance

My car was involved in an accident after I failed to get it into park all the way and it rolled away and into some trees on Aug 13th. There was body and mechanical damage. It has been a disaster to get the claim dealt with. They took my car away telling me it was probably totaled. Ten days later they contacted me about paying for the body damage and stated the inspection was only virtual (even though they took it away) and didn't realize it had other issues. They told me the repair shop would need to figure it out and send a supplement estimate. My body guy is not a transmission guy and determined something happened to the transfer case but was not comfortable enough to determine what. That took 2 weeks of a back and forth with insurance before they realized not all repair shops are transmission shops. It finally gets to another shop for the estimate. It is now early October and insurance reviewed that supplement. On October 5th, insurance says they are going to send a human out for a third estimate. Fast forward to Oct 18th and they deny the mechanical claim and tell me I have to return my rental. I voiced my displeasure and that I would fight it. They said to get additional diagnostics and they would reconsider. The next day, the 18th, I return my rental and an hour later insurance calls to say the vehicle is totaled. I clarify it is the correct vehicle and I was presented a total loss settlement offer that I accepted. They took possession of my vehicle the next day on the 20th and had me sign over my title and overnight it, as well they had me remove the car from the policy. They recieved the title on the 21st. That same day I found a replacement car and signed a purchase agreement for pick up tomorrow the 26th and I would $10, 000 down from my total loss settlement and finance the rest. The next day Friday, the 22nd, they send me a message saying they will no longer total it. I'm now in a legal fight and an very stressed out because they will not honor that binding contract of the total loss settlement agreement and I'm locked into the purchase of a different vehicle. They do not seem interested in hurrying things along. I have filed a complaint with the state and I have spoken to a lawyer who is reviewing my documents.

Desired outcome: Honor our total loss agreement and pay me for mental anguish for dealing with this for over 74 days


USAA - NSF fees

Have had a snowball of NSF fees. had 6 removed 3 supposedly by accident and I should be thankful for this according to the office of the CEO. Have dealt with them twice and got 0 resolution other than more NSF fees on top of more NSF fees. I get 3 removed and 3 more appear. Im told there is not 1 person in the entire USAA organization that can refund more than 3 NSF fees in a year and the person that was able to do an extra 3 is now going to be reprimanded. Thats pretty sad. Wayne Peacock should be reprimanded for what has happened to this bank. I just want my money back that was stolen from my account because of your NSF fees. There are 8 remaining fees that should be returned to me as a customer of 20 years I deserve some kind of respect. If you cannot do this I will pull my money and allotments and say goodby to you and tell everyone I know and post my opinion everywhere online that I can find.

Desired outcome: Give me back my $232 dollars.

USAA - Increased insurance policy costs

I've been with USAA for over 40 years, and have witnessed: * customer service take a nose-dive in the last decade... * decreased effectiveness & follow-up in customer communication (except when I'm...

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Oct 06, 2021

USAA - Molds inside the toilet room

On 23 Sep 2021, I filed a claim about the molds growing in side the toilet room of the master bedroom. Initially, I was told that somebody will contact me to take care of this problem. A week later, nobody contacted me so I kept sending messages asking for an update - and no replies. I just got a call and text message from an adjuster they assigned and made me an appt for 11 Oct 2021. I requested an explanation about the delay and no answer. Why did it take this long? I am a customer for 20 years and this is not the way I want to be treated. Totally unacceptable, disrespectful and shameless business.

Desired outcome: Explain the delay and compensate the $2,000 deductible for this.

USAA - Banking fraud?

USAA Fed Bank took money via a Misc Debit from my checking account on 8/24/21. They claim the debit is from an external, unidentified bank. They can neither tell me who the unidentified bank is nor why money was taken, they refuse to redeposit my money. Neither USAA nor I know of any credit possibly entered in error. Their "back room" has been investigating this since 9/2/21.

Repeated calls to USAA has not produced an answer nor even a call back. I have spoken with Crystal in their Office of the CEO on 9/10. Today I spoke with Daniela in the Office of the Bank President. No response. Is Bank Fraud possible?

I know USAA Bank paid a $85mil penalty to the Fed less than a year ago for "engaging in unsafe or unsound banking practices."

Desired outcome: refund money taken from me

USAA - Insurance rates

I have been a member of USAA for 47 years and have never had a complaint about their insurance rates until this year.

During the six months from my last renewal my insurance rates have jumped from approximately $522/6 months to $780/6 months. This is an increase in excess of 47%. My wife and I have not had any claims, accidents, tickets or any other faults on our finances or insurance. The only insurance change in the last year was when I purchased a new RV and, since USAA no longer insures RV's, I had to insure it with another company.

I therefore called USAA to find out what was happening. The ensuing telephone conversations, which went from 0930 EDT until after 1600, and the blatant misinformation and total lack of any help from the USAA representatives have left me in shock. They flatly refuse to review my coverage beyond changes in mileage driven, or question their underwriters actions. Instead they are blaming the increase on the need for USAA to stockpile money to cover claims due to storm damage by other members! Because of my longevity with them and my spotless record, I refuse to believe this.

I wrote a detailed complaint to USAA and, to date, have not received any response.

Additionally, my home owners insurance rates have increased more than more than $300 since my last review with them and, again, their explanation is that they need money to replenish their reserves.

I have not filed any claims on home owners insurance and have not filed a claim on auto insurance for 5 years. I have gotten quotes from other insurance companies which are only a fraction of the cost with USAA for even more coverage.

If they don't correct this problem or come up with a legitimate reason for the increases I will have to change companies after close to a half century with them.

Desired outcome: Investigate these extreme increases and adjust them to reality.

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