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Check cashing!

I was at my local Publix Supermarket on 5/4/20 19:18 S1010 R151 3141 CO417 my cashier was Saveon A. which I...

Denied my check

Went into Dillons to pick up my medicine. Was denied my check. Received a piece of paper from the lady she...

tried to cash a state issued check.

I go to Shaw's ever month and cash a monthly state check. Today they refused to cash it and gave me a paper saying call Certegy Check Services.

I called, it is all automated and I still have no idea why it was refused. You never get to talk to a real person, you can give the automated system your information and they will mail you a credit report.

declined check

I was purchasing groceries at the Mariano's in Hoffman Estates, IL. on 12/28/19 at 02:20 p.m. I usually shop at Target and Jewel but for the holiday, I chose to shop at Mariano's. I only shop here once a year. I have never had a problem writing a check at Jewel or any other establishment. When I wrote my check for $181.84, I was told they could not accept my check and was given a receipt with an [protected] number to call or an email address of to find out what the problem was. I chose to do the email and was informed that they were unable to tell me why they did not accept my check. This is so wrong on so many levels. I used my debit card from the same account and the purchase went through. Something should be done about this company. They are causing embarrassment to people for no good reason. I have read several of the complaints on line about these people for the same problem I encountered. Why are they allowed to still be in business?

check cashing

Went to Walmart to cash a payroll check never had a problem before they have me put my social security number in and check the check amount fee and then sign name . Then boom tell me can't cash a completely legitimate check give me a little receipt to call certegy for reason why this is absolutely outrageous the reason was the check number and the amount was to low and questionable ! Check number was 366 the amount was 129.00 since when does a payroll check number and the amount of check have to correspond this is ludicrous something needs to be done to CERTEGY this is not legal practice something is strange here they take all my info run the check threw have me accept and sign then deny for some outrageous reason unreal!

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check declining services

10/09/19 I went to Lowe's in Consumer Square in Plattsburgh, NY and tried to buy a Lowes gift card for $150. Both of my checks from 1 from Champlain National Bank and 1 from Dannemora Credit Union.

I tried to contact a real person from this company and you cannot talk with anyone. I pay my Lowe's credit card with my checks from either one of these checking accounts and it's not a problem, but in store I can't. In front of at least 4 other shoppers. I looked like a fool trying to scam someone.
This is unacceptable to me and Lowe's doesn't seem to care either. I tried calling the store manager for assistance so I could cash a check. My solution is I will shop elsewhere whenever possible. My husband and I have spend thousands of dollars at this store and this kind of treatment is unacceptable and unfair.

declined check

My husband and I went in Kroger's on Saturday October 5th and we wrote a check for $228.30 for groceries. and the check was declined. Upon talking to the store manager we were told they are using a check verification service called Certegy. They gave me the phone number and I called them with a response that there was no derogatory information about our check and that we was declined due to my check writing profile. This experience of being turned down in a store full of people was very embarrassing for us. I was a regular customer with Kroger for over 15 years but I had always used our checking account but this time we used my husband's account and we get turned down. My husband and I are very upset and we will not be in Kroger or any other store with this verification company.

check declined

My check was declined at TJ Maxx. About 80% of the time I write a check to cover my purchase(s). I have sufficient funds to cover any check I write. The Store associate called CERTIGY but it I never talked to a real person! The reason given was because of my check writing profile! There's NO returned checks on my profile so what's the deal? I'm afraid to write checks now for fear of being embarrassed. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

check writing authorization

I had no problem cashing checks at a local merchant.Dollar General. One day a check went thru on their machine but never went to the bank.Several days later tried to cash another check, denied. Called Certegy and gave them the referrence #. They said check was bad. Not the denied check but the one that was okayed by their machine. Bank stated that they never recieved that transaction. Come to find out, Dollar General's machine made a mistake. It put only a partial acct number down. plus where the check number is suppose to go, it put the missing part of the acct number. It didnt put the check number down at all. So check didn't go to bank.
Had to call collection agency with a phone number proveded by Certegy to get this fixed. Had to coordinate with bank and collection agency to have check paid. Cost me nothing but alot of my very expensive time. Anyways check was now paid for but it was at least another month not being able to cash checks!!! Finally the other day with Certegy's OK I was able to cash a check!!! Great!!! Short lived the very next day, today I was once again denied PERMISSION to cash a check by certegy! We need a list of all certigy's clientelle so as they can be boycotted!!!

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    1 Star Certegy Apr 25, 2020

    I agree 100%. This phony @$$ company needs put out of business! Any other business that operated like they do and had as horrible of a rating, would be out of business in no time.

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check cashing issue

Twice I attempted to cash my financial aid check at a local Walmart. Both times I was denied and both times I had numerous problems ever reaching anyone at Certegy for an explanation. I end up in automated call center limbo with no answer.

Very frustrating. Also, I don't need a Walmart employee smirk to accompany my returned check, to be honest. The denial of payment comes pretty quickly, so it should be just as easy to get an explanation rather than being dismissed and treated like a criminal.

check verification services; check writing

Certegy declined two checks written to lowes and I am a busness owner who writes business checks. There explanation was that I had written to many checks in a few weeks or they were out of sequence?? All my check cleared well before I attempted to write more (if that really matters) so I called the 800 number and ask why I was decling they said iwas or could be at risk... (risk of what) no answer just that it is company policy!!! So I gave the guy my personal account number and routing number he stated no negative transactions and should be good to go. I write a check from my personal account and it was declined.. I spent thirty minutes on the phone with a supervisor who stated the same thing. I asked what risk am I that all checks have cleared and was told my personal account was good then declined. I am so over this with lowes and whomever uses this company. They declined me because I write to many checks and yet they all cleared wtf is this. I was declined four years ago because the checks were out of sequence by numbers,??? Again wtf is this.. How is any of this a risk? Anyone else want to take this to court and see what can be done because I am in the process.

declined check

My debit card chip was malfunctioning so I had to order a new debit card. While waiting for new card to...

check cashing

i was turned down to cash a check issued by rustoleum paint company as a refund for some issues i had while trying to use their products. they were very quick to reply and after i posted my receipts they promptly sent me a check for the full amount i paid.
i have been "cardless" and "bankless" for the past 15 years, meaning i dont have any credit cards in my name nor do i have any accounts with banks. I pay with cash and get treated like im a criminal. When I do want to make an online purchase i buy gift cards. I have a paypal account but wont even log onto their site anymore, that's another story in itself. Once in a blue moon I end up with random checks like this or from some class action suite (those sneaky F'ers now will issue checks for $4 several times making it worthless to even bother cashing them, talk about low life garbage lawyers and corporate greed at it's best) and when I try to cash them I have to put up with companies like this who deny my checks due to their having incorrect information logged on file with them?! So how do they get mismatched names, SS numbers and addresses for someone with a very uncommon name and the check itself shows my address and name, my drivers licence shows a picture of me, my name and address and my drivers number then I key in my SS number and they cant seem to be able to accept that its me? been living at the same address for 10 years and before that 1 address for another 10 years! Not like im moving around and have gone without an address for some time. I register my car and pay car insurance, pay utility bills for city waterand electric, pay Taxes on my property and get mail from my investment firm without questioning who i am. Last time I checked I had a 705 credit score (but still TMobile didnt really want me to continue service through them without a big deposit and I felt the same way about them since I wasnt even getting 1 bar of service at my home, but when I sent them an email asking to disconnect my service after 3 days, since I couldnt call I but could get on line through any available wifi hotspot, they failed to do so until a month later and sent me a $190 bill which I finally had them tear up for lying to me about their coverage) but that seems to mean very little in reality (go figure how that can be) when you arent allowing anyone to have direct access to money in real life.

Im thinking lack of bank accounts are why they turn down so many people, If I had a bank account why would I be needing to cash a check elsewhere at the cost of $4 per check when my bank can do it for free and sometimes by sending a picture of the check is all thats needed?

my car was paid in full with cash, my home is paid for, my bills are paid on time but I cant cash a $63.00 check anywhere (tried walmart and Frys grocery who has my information on file for the last 30 years) seems certigy has a tight grip on most businesses so all I need to know is who they arent affiliated with so I can just go to one of those places. I think it would be best to make a post showing other places that accepted your certigy denied checks so others can quit wasting their time looking and simply find a place from the non certigy list.

check cashing

I also had to wait a couple of weeks, while the payroll people got their act together, in order to receive a... / Certegy

certegy checks

Their system is screwed. I wrote a check at dollar general. Check was good but I was declined called 5 time...

Fort Madison Retail Stores

check cashing at walmart

I had to do a 401k loan for part of my down payment on a new home. Needed to be able to get th cash quickly...

my check waz

I have 3200 dollars check that eould not cash and women that waz doing it waz very dessreplew to me and... / Certegy

ralphs/kroger unable to proceed with my transaction in los angeles ca on venice blvd

Certegy Check Services decline my personal check through local bank for $100.51. The store manager at that...

check denied

Writing check to King Soopers in Broomfield, CO. on 7/12/18. Got check denied and had to call toll free number for Certegy check services. Who told me a check written 6/22/18 to PetSmart for $10.84 was not cleared. MY BANK CLEARED THE CHECK ON 6/28/18. Certegy opened a claim and gave me another toll free # to call. That call required me to give more personal information and still couldn't help but to write a dispute which could take up to 30 days to clear. Also I could not provide a copy of the cleared check via email had to find a fax machine and I could not conference in my bank on the call to clear this immediately. And then was told I wouldn't know if the dispute was cleared except by mail. So my checks will be denied by other merchants until Certegy clears UP THEIR PROBLEM!

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    phelix 2 Jul 17, 2018

    On 07-12-2018 at Fred Meyers Store #458 located at 12906 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Everett Washington 98208 my wife wrote a check #7208 in the amount of $118.20. It was declined by your company. My wife has written checks at that store for the last 18 years. She has never bounce a check or had one returned. She called the phone number 1-866-0259 an automated answer only wanting all her personal information. Driver"s License, social security number date of birth, check routeing number. Could not get a real person. She refused an hung up. I her husband called an same thing, but I held the line open an after some time another automated voice sent me to an Operator. I then asked for a number of Certegy for a reall person an was given 1-866-740-3276. A real person answered an before I said anything said, what Vip Room or persons name was. Then said, this is a Casino. But would not tell me where. I have filled out a consumer complaint form an gave copy to a Mr Nick Fletcher Operations Manager at store #458 on 7-16-2018. My wife has wrote checks
    at our local Casino we go to an can write a check up to $5000.00 dollars. I have not mailed this Consumer complaint form as waiting to hear some follow by Mr. Fletcher of the Fred Meyer Store #458 to see if he can remedy this situation so that Store will not lose a valid custormore for the last 18 yrs. I am her husband I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer ovf over 27 years. I will pursue this to the FTC an Federal District Court an Kroger the owner of the Fred Meyers stores if have to . Certegy already has two past employees that stole millions of consumer ID from different stores. One in 2007 an then 3013 where Certegy had to pay $3'5 million for Consumers checks being declined. The wife at our Casino does not actually have to write a check out. She just gives them her Driver"s License an they give her the amount she wants up to $5000.00. The cashier at the Fred Meyers check out stand store #458. name was Nancy. I hope you have some one there in your company that will respond to me. my phone is 425-299-8715. e-mail [email protected] . Thank you Mr. Duane Sanford husband of Sherri A Wright born in 1951 . Our Adrs. is 4404 125th pl se Everett Washington 98208'

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    phelix 2 Jul 17, 2018

    @phelix 2 REQUEST A RESPONSE FROM FRED MEYERS Portland Corp Office for west coast. Or Certegy itself.

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check cashing at walmart

Went to cash a check for 2000 at Walmart which is there limit and you denied it saying it was over there limit which it is not, now when I go to speak to agent which Walmart advised me to do because the check is good and they do cash up to 2000, it does not give me a option to speak to anyone, now the bbb will be notified tomorrow and also my local news 8 on your side will be aware of this issue because I have sent them a email explaining how your company isn't allowing the consumers to speak to a agent and not to mention cash the check which is in with walmart's limit, At least if you denied someone, please give them the courtesy of speaking with someone not like your pot smoking Eric aka manager who was not helpful and kept saying it was over the limit and Walmart was telling him it wasn't, I will u can take my word file suite against your company for FRAUD. The BBB will have my complaint first thi g in the am.

check cashing at walmart / Certegy

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