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1860 120 7777 (India, Retail Customers)
1800 200 3344 (Register Your Grievance)
1800 103 8181 (Wealth/Private Banking)
800 0424 2448 (Europe)
1800 101 2553 (Singapore)
+91 223 366 7777 (Head Office)
+91 265 672 2286 (Registered Office, Gujarat)
+1 866 424 2448 (United States)
+44 344 412 4444 (United Kingdom)
+973 80 004 877 (Bahrain)
+852 22 342 651 (Hong Kong)
+65 67 239 009 (Singapore)
+94 114 242 400 (Sri Lanka)
ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra-Kurla Complex
India - 400051

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ICICI Bank Complaints & Reviews

Jun 10, 2020

ICICI Bank — Unauthorised credit card charges

On 5th March 2020, the two transactions of Rs. 2000 (total 4000) were made in UBI Lokhandwala. The first...

ICICI BankCredit card closed but still they collecting payment

I have closed my credit by paid the default amount completely and informed to the customer care and i'm still seeing the message of Rs ****** due amount every month. I have told to the customer care executive several times but still they continuosly calling and giving trouble if it continues i'll file a complaint againt the Bank

I need this to be immediately addressed and clear by debts

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    ICICI BankMoney deducted for oneassist service

    ICICI BANK has deducted Rs 1899 on 28.02.2020 (Friday) for OneAssist without my consent vide SR670049304 dated 28-FEB-20.
    Bank staff are unable to resolve the issue as they are not interested in taking complaint from me.
    Tried customer contact service several times but to no avail.

    Please refund the amount immediately as I did not opt for any such service else I will proceed legally.

    Email id :[protected]@yahoo.com

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      ICICI Bankcredit card are payment fees to be waived off and deactivate auto debit in my account.

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      My name is Jatin Jain and I am a privileged customer of ICICI BANK FROM MORE THAN 7 years and from 2 months I am facing issues regarding the payment of the card bill due to which I am charged with Rs 4000 late payment fees which is wrong due to technical issues while making the payment and even i called ICICI bank customer care previous month and this month and informed them about the charges and they told me that that we will waive off the charges so kindly pay Rs 20000 this month and remaining late fees we will waived off but now ICICI bank is not helping a Privilege customer and supporting the customer to resolve this issue. I have a salary account in ICICI bank and one more thing, that auto debit automatically activated by ICICI bank without informing to the customer. Need your help and support in this to resolve this issue.

      Jatin Jain

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        Aug 30, 2019

        ICICI Bank — Unethical behaviour by bank employee

        I am mohit ahlawat, my firm nobel 91 enterprises has current account in icici bank, city jhajjar. Haryana...

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        ICICI Bankunethical behaviour

        This is regarding complaint no SR620077155, I have written an email to ICICI. I have been cheated by the Vasanthapura branch Bangalore, No one is responding to my problem. They made me transfer all the money before 31st march 2019 assuring that I will not be charged for DD, and now they are changing words and have charged me at the last moment, i have tried to connect to them and they are not even lifting my calls. I hope ICICI bank will look into this and will not cheat its customers.

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          ICICI Bankurn sms not coming to my registered mobile number

          I have icici bank nri account in india and I am working in singapore. I have activated my singapore registered number with me for icici bank use only. I have to transfer some amount to india and its very very very urgent for me. I am trying to add a payee around 15 times but every time I am not getting urn for adding the payee. When I called customer care they are saying that they are sending every time. One guy tought me that I have to send a message as urn nickname to [protected] and I will get urn for that payee. I tried 10 times but didn't get urn number. Instead of that I am getting sms from icici bank is urn has been expired. How come urn can expire within 20 seconds? Will I get some help here? This is very urgent for me.

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            ICICI Bankdebit card emi illogical charges

            Hi team

            Pls support


            Sent Items
            Re: 000H2aEEADBR6Q3R: Your Amazon.in order [protected] has been cancelled
            "arun" to you & others
            Sat, 25 May 2019 21:59:24 GMT+0530

            Hi Team

            Why u talking non sense, y including the latest emi with Amazon which starts by June?

            Read the below facts carefully before sending templated responses:

            Talk only about the Flip kart total valued INR 17999, monthly average emi will be 1616

            1. March month emi bounced I agree, for which u placed lien for INR 4600 + INCLUDING THE BOUNCE CHARGE AND LATE PAYMENT CHARGE.

            2. May month Emi u have debited the emi well within the due date. Why debiting 2900+, which is more than the emi value

            I once again request u to not to send empty minded templates to complete your target

            Also share your CEO's contact details for me to explore your incompetency.

            Any illogical replies would lead this case to relevant forums and to the attention of honourable Banking ombudsman


            Sent from RediffmailNG on Android

            From: customer.[protected]@icicibank.com
            Sent: Sat, 25 May 2019 09:50:23 GMT+0530
            To: [protected]@rediffmail.com
            Subject: Re: 000H2aEEADBR6Q3R: Your Amazon.in order [protected] has been cancelled

            Dear Mr. Kumar,

            We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

            With reference to your e-mail, we inform you that your request regarding your concern with vide SR612286487 has been closed stating that " EMI loan booked for amount of Rs-17999 with 12 months tenure and EMI amount is Rs-1616.08. 2nd EMI loan booked for amount of Rs-12131.10 with 12 months tenure and EMI amount is Rs-1089.22. you did not maintain sufficient balance, hence LPC charges was levied to his account and the same cannot be reversed. Please maintain sufficient fund from 3rd onward to 7th every month for EMI deduction ".

            We thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you.


            Spandhana Bandari
            Customer Service Officer
            ICICI Bank Limited

            NEVER SHARE your Card number, CVV, PIN, OTP, Internet Banking User ID, Password or URN with anyone, even if the caller claims to be a bank employee. Sharing these details can lead to unauthorised access to your account.


            On [protected]:58, Arun M wrote:

            Hi Team

            Pls ensure




            Sent from RediffmailNG on Android

            From: "Amazon.in Marketplace"
            Sent: Thu, 23 May 2019 12:28:54 GMT+0530
            To: [protected]@rediffmail.com
            Subject: Your Amazon.in order [protected] has been cancelled

            Greetings from Amazon.in,

            We're writing to inform you that your order [protected] from Amazon.in has been cancelled.

            If you paid using net banking or credit/debit card, your refund will be initiated with your bank shortly. Your bank may take 2-4 business days for net banking purchases and 3-5 business days for credit/debit card purchases to credit the refund amount to your account.

            If you paid by Gift Card, your gift card balance will be credited to your Amazon account within one working day.
            Note: If the order contains other items that were not cancelled, a refund will be initiated after the other items in the purchase are fulfilled.

            For more information on refunds, visit the following help page:

            If you're still interested in this item, search for it again on www.amazon.in.

            We've included your order details below for reference.

            Order #[protected]
            Placed on 22-May-2019

            1 of TheGiftKart Luxurious Toughened Glass Back Case with Shockproof TPU Bumper Back Case Cover for Honor Play (Red & Black)

            You can leave feedback for the seller from the following link:

            Thank you for choosing Amazon.

            Got questions? We've got answers. Visit our online Help department, available 24 hours a day: http://www.amazon.in/help


            Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.


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              ICICI Bankaccount closure

              I have submitted the requested documents for account closure 4 TIMES and my account has yet to be closed. Their customer service is the worst I have ever seen and the people who work for them are completely clueless. I HATE this bank and will NEVER do business with them. STAY AWAY from this company!! They only want to hassle you and never want to offer any help or guidance.

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                Apr 16, 2019

                ICICI — unauthorized charges on my debit card without my permission

                This is to draw your attention that my ICICI debit card [[protected]] has been unauthorizedly charged by...

                Apr 11, 2019

                ICICI Bank — not able to reach customer care executive for explaining the issue

                I received an information on March 26, 2019 at 06:48 pm from ICICI Bank as under: Dear Customer, "Greeting...

                Apr 03, 2019

                ICICI Bank — online purchase with debit card emi

                I applied for a debit card emi service to purchase a mobile phone from Amazon.in in last year november. After...

                ICICI Bank — current account

                geetings from bhatiyani enterprises i m current account holder since 10 years.my account number i...

                ICICI Bankicici bank credit card

                My name is ZIYAUDEEN.I am an ICICI Bank Credit Card Holder. Last Feb I got my credit card, the representatives of the Bank called me on my cell to convince me to enrol in CPP India's Card Protection Program for a annual fee of Rs.1295. I refused to become a member. Subsequently, I got 3 more similar calls to persuade me. I flatly refused to join. On someday, I received an sms from the Bank that my card had been debited Rs.1295 for joining the program !!! But I didn't create the account for my icici credit card now I have got 6000 something need to pay I just call to card protection department and they told me they will reduce only 850 rs I have to pay balance 820 rs and they closed my protection plan also but I dropped mail to higher authority to repay my full amount but still I dint get any mail from them .
                I called icici customer care also they didn't give good response ...I don't want to pay 6500 rs for my non use card

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                  ICICI Banktricks customers in to buying their insurance schemes while transacting through net banking

                  Beware of ICICI bank signing you up for un wanted insurance. While making fund transfers through ICICI net banking they had automatically signed me up for their insurance products, twice in a row. There was no option to opt out, had to call the customer help desk to back out the transaction. There was no indication on the screen (typically they would have given the option to sign up with No selected by default) . When we try to call the number given, they dont respond:

                  18th Oct : IMPS transaction : 99 deducted for health ins.
                  Dear Customer, your Account XX0240 has been debited with INR 99.00 on 18-Oct-18. Info: BIL*BPAY*[protected]*Vector

                  1st Nov : IMPS transaction : 375 deducted for Home content insurance
                  Dear Customer, your Account XX0240 has been debited with INR 375.00 on 01-Nov-18. Info: BIL*BPAY*[protected]*Home C.
                  Dear Customer, you have purchased a Home Content Insurance of Rs.2.5 Lakh for Rs.375.Your Policy Number is [protected]

                  tricks customers in to buying their insurance schemes while transacting through net banking

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                    • Updated by Tossy Thomas · Nov 01, 2018

                      update : Bank has reversed one of the charges

                    ICICI Bank — transaction dispute

                    SR557930157 IS Complaint number, SR557930157 is complaint no From my account money has been deducted a...

                    ICICI Bank — cpp one assist/ unauthorised charges from my account

                    Recently.. like a week ago, some representative of ICICI Bank called me and talked to me about the Credit...

                    ICICI Bank DHL Courierdhl on demand for icici bank documents

                    Literally, DHL On Demand that ICICI Bank uses to send documents to the USA is the most unreliable inefficient courier service I have come across.

                    On many occasions, they have not delivered the package and then I get the notification that the package was not delivered as no one was there. They basically skip your home maybe they are running late or whatever. One time I had to post a large slip outside saying Please ring the Bell and wait for at least 1 minute.

                    This time around I went on their website and rescheduled the date of delivery and got confirmation but to no avail, they still tried delivering on the earlier date. so what's the point of having these fancy online processes when no one is going to follow them.
                    It seems either DHL has no regard for ICIC account or their drivers are not in their control and pretty much do what they want to or their website requests are completely ignored.
                    Such gross incompetence. ICIC should seriously think about using another courier services.

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                      ICICI Bank — nri account

                      ICICI Bank is the worst bank in India, maybe the world. They hire total idiots with no brains. It took me...


                      ICICI Bankmutual fund scheme

                      Dear ICICI Fraudster,
                      Eight years back I went to ICICI Dwarakanagar branch in Visakhapatnam for depositing my money and on of your [censored], MOTHERFUCKER employee suggested (forced) me to invest in some screwed up mutual fund scheme and made me invest in that scheme. I was asked to pay the same amount (Rs 50, 000) for the next three years.
                      I have been to your screwed up ICICI Prudential office located in CBM compound multiple times from the couple of years to get my money and was always persuaded to wait for the entire term (8 years) to get maximum benefits.
                      Last year (2017) when I went there, one of your agent said that the scheme will mature on June 30, 2018 and the entire amount around Rs 3, 50, 000 will be credited into my ICICI Account. He NEVER mentioned (neither did the [censored] who made me deposit my money in the first place) that if I come even a day after June 30th that I will lose my entire money and will be getting basic pension ( with 5% interest on my principle amount). Today, July 7th, 2018 when I went to the bank, this process was mentioned to me.

                      I was NEVER ever informed about this screwed up process. I being a widow without any income and totally depending on interest need the MONEY RIGHT NOW for various needs.

                      I never expected this from ICICI bank. You guys are no less than robbers, dacoits and cheaters like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi (of course whom are we kidding here? Your CEO Chanda Kochhar is a fraudster as well). If you guys really need money you and your employees should try begging on the streets which will be more honourable than cheating people with their hard earned money or you can also try involving your female family members in prostitution by which you can earn more money and sympathy as well.

                      Deeply troubled and very unhappy customer

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