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+1 888 925 2559 (Ally Auto, USA)
+1 316 652 6430 (Ally Auto, USA & International)
+1 877 247 2559 (Ally Bank, USA)
+1 757 247 2559 (Ally Bank, USA & International)
+1 855 256 2559 (Home Loans)
+1 855 880 2559 (Ally Invest, USA)
+1 818 459 4591 (Ally Invest, USA & International)
+1 888 916 2559 (Credit Card)
+1 800 971 6037 (Fraud Hotline)
+1 704 444 7824 (Advertising and Marketing)
500 Woodward Ave, 16th fl
Detroit, Michigan
United States - 48226
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Ally Auto Mail

Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 9001951, Louisville, KY 40290-1951
Payment Disputes, Payments with Restrictions
 or Endorsements, or Customer Service
P.O. Box 380901, Bloomington, MN 55438

Ally Bank Mail

General Bank Correspondence
P.O. Box 951, Horsham, PA 19044
P.O. Box 13625, Philadelphia, PA 19101

Ally Invest Mail
P.O. Box 49050, Charlotte, NC 28277-3432

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Ally FinancialAutomatic deduction

Ally insures my car and they took three deductions (automatic) from my account in a row. One on the 23/November, 25/November and December 26. I have no money in my account - 150+ and they will not refund me my 26th dec. payment. We are broke the week after Christmas with no money to buy food or gas. Ally caused this and the fact that I can not feed my children for the past two days means nothing to them. PROCESS PROCESS PROCESS is all I hear from their indifferent hearts. Ally and lied and cheated me and I am furious and will go higher with my complaint. Talk Truth to Power

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    Ally Financialmail in deposit

    mailed a payee check to ally bank. Using ally envelopes & deposit slip. 24 days ago. from Topock AZ to ally bank po box 138626 philadelphia PA [protected]. called on dec 18th a ally rep answered ask her if ally had my deposit but is it just hold up And she told me to be patient. I said ok. Bit still no! advance of said check even being closely ready to deposit. date dec, 28th. Question where is said check? Lost in the mail? Was it cashed? Please don't tell me to be patient. I have bills. What do I tell my creditors... amount was @1020.00 sent from the stewartship assoiation inc p.o box 3879 kingman AZ [protected] thank you for your time

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      Dec 01, 2020

      Ally Financial — Brokerage

      I invested an index Option with a short call position and was get a Margin Call for 200% of the underlying...

      Ally FinancialOverdraft fees

      I had a scheduled payment on oct 30 2020 but needed to canceal.. Lack of funds so I called customer service and explained my situation and that I would be making a payment through the 3 party billing on oct 30 2020 and they told me that it was too late to stop the payment and I asked them not to take it out of my account so my bank charged me a 30 overdraft fee on 11/2/2020
      Then ally came through again on 11/03/2020 and again I was hit with another 30.00 fee then again on 11/5/2020 til finally I asked my bank to do a stop payment which luckily they were able to do a one time courtesy. I have been trying to get in touch with someone at ally financial auto since nov 1 2020 have been back and forth, put on hold, disconnected. They asked me to fax over my bank statement which my bank did 3 times and they stated they never received.

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        Ally Auto FinanceAuto loan

        I am on the phone daily with this company. I am unable to get anything resolved due to represent his supervisors and managers hanging up on me. I have asked for corporate assistance and have received done I've waited days for callbacks and just need a resolution. I made a payment it was applied to interest only to which the manager dawn at extension 527-2974 advise me their payment processing center is allowed to apply payments anyway they see fit. I made a payment offered to show bank confirmation even provided the confirmation number through the website and my bank to which I was told does their company no good I need to dispute it through my bank. This is all caused a 30 day late hit on my credit and over $100 in late fees. All I wanna do is pay this loan off and not deal with this company again. I need that 30 day hit removed from my credit so I can do this. Ally continues to tell me to dispute it through the bureau and if I had any faith in the company I would do it but I don't.

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          Ally FinancialDealer customer service

          Called in on 10/8/20 at 335 pm csr jerry very rude hoping phones calls are recorded because this is one you can listen to and teach future csr's what not to say to a person on the line trying to figure out what is going on. And then asking for a supervisor is like pulling teeth with him. He just keeps arguing with you. Seriously get him off and retrain him.

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            Sep 17, 2020

            Ally Financial — Lien release

            The loan was paid off on 5/13/2019. I'm calling for months to get the Pink Title or the lien release...

            Ally FinancialAuto lease

            I extended my auto lease on a monthly basis as allowed by Ally Financial due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have always payments on time and made my last payment on July 22nd, which is the payment due date. I then turned in the car to the dealer on August 8, 2020, for which I received an Odometer statement. My account is now showing past due as of August 22nd. I have called their customer service but they said they are looking into it. First, they said they haven't received proof of return, I checked with the dealer and they said they had sent it. I also faxed them my copy of the Odometer statement. On August 20th they emailed me stating they had received the statement. I last called them on August 24th to correct the past due status on my account. Customer service stated they would take care of it but it is still showing past due. Eventually, this will be reported to the credit bureau and affect my credit negatively. Ally Financial is by far the worst auto leasing company I have dealt with in the past 20 years and will definitely not be using them in the future.

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              • El
                Elaine Philips Jan 04, 2021
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I am having a similar experience. During COVID-19 I deferred 3 payments, deferred is what the email says and my understanding of deferred is paid later not extend the lease. Now with 3 months left on my lease, the payments have tripled. Eight calls later, multiple transfers to different departments and no one can explain why the payment is so high. I expected to pay for the 3 months that were differed at the end of the lease. But why is the payment tripled?
                Will never use Ally again.

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              Ally BankClosing my accounts

              Good standing with the bank, almost 20 years, received notice that all my 3 accounts will be closed at no reason, no reps or supervisors provide the reason, have 10 days before bank will kick me out, I have essential deposits. I've tried to escalate my case, no one calls back. I truly believe there is an error, yet, no explanations besides "we can close your accounts at any time for any reason" but what reason?? I asked how to save my accounts, the answer from Ally "decision has been made". Is it even legal to do such a thing?

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                Ally FinancialDeposit

                Tried using ally e-deposit using a cell phone. Resolution not good enough. Trying using scanner resolution not good enough to try to get deposit slips & envelopes through ally bank on line four months later still not arrived. Called all bank ordered deposit slips and envelopes 2 months later not arrived and yes checked shipping address it was correct

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                  Ally AutoFailure to obtain duplicate title from DMV

                  Account # - [protected]
                  Since November 11, 2019 I have been trying to register my vehicle in Ohio. The original title was lost by Ally auto, and they have since failed to obtain and send the duplicate from Massachusetts DMV to Ohio's BMV. Every time I call I'm told that it will be a couple of weeks for the duplicate to be obtained and that the previous submitted paperwork was incorrect. How many times can the incorrect paper work be submitted over a four and a half month period?? I have a vehicle sitting in my driveway that I cannot use. We will never do business with them again in the future and will counsel all of our friends/family/strangers to stay far, far away.

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                    Ally FinancialTrying to charge and account was paid in full

                    Can anyone help and point me in the right direction, i got my car in 2013 and and in 2018 i was one day late on payment so they repoed my car in the middle of the night i was told if i didnt get my car within 5 days i would be charged for them to make a key. I picked it up two days after repoe they tryed to charge me 162$ for a new key, its now 2020 i had two payments left and they repoed my car again because i never paid the 162$. In order to get it back i had to pay the 162$ plus my last two payments plus repoe fees i went the next day and paid everything in full my account even shows a zero balance. A few days later i got a letter stating i owed 162$ and they are holding my title intill its pid but thats the reason they just repoed and i paid everything in full now there holding my title hostage intill i pay more which i already paid. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get help with this as i paid everything in full and refuse to pay anymore then i have to. I just want my title i been paying on it since 2013 and now enough is enough please help...

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                      Mar 01, 2020

                      Ally Financial — Ally Financial Auto

                      Margaret Sheets ACTT# [protected] [protected] [protected]@gmail.com I hope someone can help me!! I bought...

                      Ally FinancialCar financing and car notes

                      Ally financial is the worst place to ever finance your car with. They will tell you that you don't have to make payments while doing a rewrite and still have it on your bill and continue to put repossession orders on your car after you been done made a payment on your car. They have the worst customer service ever with bad attitudes out this world. NEVER FINANCE WITH ALLY FINANCIAL!!!

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                        Ally FinancialCommon Practices

                        Ally Financial contacted my neighbors, to whom I do not have a relationship with nor are on my account, to discuss my financial situation. I was told it is common practice to find associates to the borrower, however none of my neighbors are associates. My privacy was violated. Federal law protects consumers against unfair, abusive, and harassing debt collection activities. The law that governs debt collector actions is known as the Fair Dept Collection Practices Act or FDCPA. This law sets strict limitations for what debt collectors can and cannot do, including who they can contact as well as when, why, and how those communications occur. All of which were violated.

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                          Nov 01, 2019

                          Ally Financial — collections and redemption

                          I tried to resolve my issue with collections to request an extension on a car that I've always had great...

                          Ally Financialno objection certificate for the loan repaid which was taken from gmac in may 2002

                          I had taken Auto loan from GMAC financial services in 2002 however the bank no longer is in existence. We need to get No Objection Certificate(NOC) to get the hypothecation of the car removed since the loan is repaid in full long ago in 60 installements(5 years). How can we deal with such issue as Regional Transfer Office in India insists on having NOC before removing hypothecation charge. Please assist in such cases.

                          Below provided are my mail details for further communication

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                            Sep 26, 2019

                            Ally Financial — customer service

                            I called to ask if ally offers their customers to refinance and before I got the question out of my mouth the...

                            Ally Financialcar financing / collections

                            I was going through divorce. The car was in my name but my ex still had the vehicle and was not making payments. The account fell behind. Ally Financial representatives began to call me up to 5 times a day. Eventually, family and friends told me they were receiving calls about the account - even people I'm not close to. I began to wonder how they were getting these associations. It turns out these people were going to my social media pages, looking for people I'd taken pictures with or interacted with on my pages and then tracking down their information.

                            Talk about an invasion of privacy on two accounts: mine and those whom they contacted about me.

                            I'm currently seeking legal council about this.

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                              Aug 09, 2019

                              Ally Financial — unfair business practices

                              August 9 2019 I recently turned in my leased Mitsubishi Out lander 2016 at Universal Autogroup Mitsubishi...

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