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New Millenium Credit cards / Scam


I sent $49 for two credit cards which was susposed to have had from $300 to $10, 000 credit, line on them but they just took the money no credit cards showed but when you called them they don't answer, If they have been getting away with this for over 8 years why hasn't the FBI...

M&I Bank / Terrible customer service


We have a loan through M&I Bank. We missed a payment were trying to get caught up. Every time we called in, we were told that the car was going to be picked up. These people are worse than credit collectors or telemarketers! They WILL NOT let you get off of the phone. WARNING: Do NOT do...

Credit card and loans / Fraud and Theif by taking


I contacted LowPay, Inc on the internet, made an agreement they could take the openong fee of $ 78.00 and wait two teeks and take the annual fee of $120.00 nothing else, when i checked my account at the end of the month I found they had taken the the $78.00 and one week later took $120.00...

M & T Bank-New York / unfounded fees


M & T Bank has charged my account numerous overdraft fees, when I clearly have the money, , stating there is a PENDING transaction causing the overdraft. how can you have overdraft fees, when your account shows a positive balance. sometimes in the hundreds of dollars. They have admitted...

1st Summit Bank / Fraud and scam


The bank made numerous mistakes. Over the past several years they have deposited our money into someone else's account. They also deposited someone else's money into our account. When confronted with the mistakes the bank treated us disrespectfully. Denied that any mistakes were...

Frank A Defeo / Cancel my acct.


I gave no authorizion to charge me for this service, and i want to cancel

Advanta Bank Corp. / Closed Account on Long-Term Customer with Perfect Credit!


I have had a business mastercard with Advanta for over 10 years, have always paid on time, never paid late and last week they sent me a letter informing me that Advanta closed my account. According to the letter I received, "Our (Advanta) decision was based, in part, on the lack of... / background check


I just entered my credit card information on a website ( and charged $39.84 to perform a background check on a renter but found out that the wesite did not exist only after I attempted to click on "complete purchase". The payment went through some people call...

HomEq Servicing / my home


My loan was in an ARM at 12.5%. Homeq would do NOTHING to help resolve the problem. With the interest rates falling how can it still be that high especially when it said it couldn't go up if the rates were falling? I filed chapter 13 and they were still able to go from1384 to 1871. I...

MOHAMMAD ASGHAR / transfer money


sir, my name is MOHAMMAD ASGHAR i am from pakistan i just want to know about the transfer fee or req because on my email add there are some mails comming from "senigal" girl. she is saying to contect [protected] Telephone Number +[protected], Fax ...

people's postcode lottery / bank information


dear, i got a mail yesterday that i won a people's postcode lottery of 25, 000.00 pound sterling and i have to claim it to the royal bank of england immediately to the person named "bill newman". i also got the winning certificate for the claim. but i am not sure that i am the real winner or the people who are contacting me are real!!!

United National Bank / Scam and cheating


I received a phone call saying I had an overdue payday loan with this company. They said they were going to take legal action if I did not immediately pay over 500 dollars and that with legal fees it would cost me over 5000 dollars. I called the FBI and they said that since I had found it...

dont knowsome md.crap / dont know you people



Washington Mutual Bank / Levy/Lien on Checking Account


A levy/lien was placed on my checking account by a law firm in New York as a result of an outstanding debt. When i became aware of the levy/lien, i contacted the law firm, made arrangements to pay off my debt and was given a release to give to Washington Mutual Bank. It has been nearly two...

Riverside Bank / Poor Financial Management


Since they know I get Direct Deposit at the beginning of the month from the government they will pay a check lets say 76 dollars and then charge me 32.00 overdraft fee thus a total of about 108.00. I tried to work something out to prevent this from happening but all I received wa...

Financial bank du Benin / claim advance fee


We have receive an email from Financial bank du Benin and inform us that Uno allocate us fund of usd 1.2million which is deposit in the account in Financial Bank Benin and to activate account please send them usd 350 as activation fee and enable to activate account and transfer the amount...

Capitol City Bank / Rearranging and fees


Capitol City Bank has charged me well over $5000.00 US this year ALONE! They have hard posts and soft posts so that when you buy something with debit it doesn't really come out immediately, just whenever the next roll over update is (usually midnight unless it's a weekend or...

Pay Day Loans / Harassing Phone Calls


Wow! These people Jason Smith and William Dean started calling my boyfriend telling him that I was going to be locked up for 2nd degree check fruad and it was a felony and they were working on behalf of cash n Go. Well I did get a payday loan but i remebered paying it so i said before I...

Advanta Bank Corp. / Overcharged


The company increased my business credit card interest rate over 300% without notice and without any reasonable explanation as to why? I called to find out why. I was told that the initial credit card terms which I accepted (for me, it was issued 4 yrs ago and I could not find ), give...

Crystal Ward / Not charged as Agreed at beginning


I thought you would be charging me $8.99 as it said in your ad and that is what I agreed to. Also, there seems to be a charge from you for @42.00 that I also, diffently DID NOT agree to be charged or agree to you taking out of my account. I am disputing this amount and would like...

Ewc Payments Pty Ltd Donvale / unauthorized charged


I just recently checked my bank account and I saw an unauthorized charged to EWC PAYMENTS PTY LTD DONVALE 01. I have no clue what this is, We have not ordered anything online and I do not know what this whole charge is even about. I would appreciate any help that we can get my money back...

Cross Country Bank / Fraud and cheating


I got this credit card via the phone, I used it once and when I got the first statement it was over the limit and I called and they said that those are all fees that were applied. I asked them to cancel it and they wouldn't so a year went by of over the limit fees went onto it, they...

James Nelson / online bank fraud


found out that paula used my social security numbers to start an online bank account she is my ex mother in law. she had 2 bank accounts and was fraudulently using them. please contact me asap if u can not reach me at [protected] call [protected] thanks james

Triple advance / Taking money from checking account


I dont understand why this company is taking money out of my checking account and wish to find out why. I have no idea why they are taking money and its really making me mad.

First Bank Of Delaware / Harassment


10/25/08 Tribute enclosed a return envelope with the wrong address in a recent statement. A letter followed saying to send it to a different address, yet that address was the same one as the return envelope. I did not realize this until after my payments were sent. They now claim they...

Indymac / victim of failed bank


i am also a victm of uninsured depositors. sent letters to congressman, senators and trasury department. no reponse. believe it or not. i have asked indymac to play the recordings as i had insured all my paperwork instead i get a letter from theit law firm asking me to redirect inquiries. the...

Washington Mutual Bank / put account into overdraft then collections


i opened a checking account with wamu last year, never used their check book, my account balance was credit $5.00, lo and behold a company wrote the bank about info concerning my bank balance, address, workplace. after the bank gave out all the info about me, their legal dept. took a fee...

first option online / withdrew money without my authorization


99.95 was withdrawn from my account without my permission. How and what would happen if I did this action to them? Jail. No one steals and gets away with it. I hope their CEO looks over his shoulder a lot.

Washington Mutual Card Services / Interest Rate increased to 26.74%


Incident I am mortified that Washington Mutual Card Services has changed my interest rate to 26.74% on a mere $1500.00 balance and I beleive that this is robbery in a time of such economic crisis and holiday season and there should be laws prohibiting them from being shylocks under the guise...

Online money transfer / Online money transaction failures


Hi All, I did an online money transfer from HSBC on the 24th of September to my beneficiary bank in India. The bank claims the money transfer takes place in two international working days. However the money did not reach my beneficiary account in one week and when i complained regarding thi...

Indymac / Indymac


We just finally closed on a short sale property that took over 6 months. The seller's loan was with Indymac. They are a horrible bank to do business with. They don't return calls, they change there story from week to week, and nobody is accountable. We were at the closing table...

Fireside Bank / Wrongful info.

Sept.12, 2008 I paid my car note with my check. My check was returned weeks later. On Oct.22, 2008 I recd. a call from rep. Ms.Sylva at Fireside bank in reference to my current payment for Oct. I stated to her that I will pay my return check and my current payment on Oct.31. She stated I...

UBA Bank / banking


I can not believe they would choose to open up an account for someone let them deposit their money in this account then tell you, you have to spend hundreds of dollars to by a TRANSFER ACCESS CODE in order to use your money. TRANSFER ACCESS CODE. IT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL NEWLY ACTIVATED... / Unauthorized bank withdrawls

Opened account in 10/07 for credit card processing and was charged monthly fee. My account with Secure Pay was canceled in 1/08. I continued to get billed every month since. Every month Since 2/08 I have called in spoke with a manager. I informed them that the account was canceled and that...

Budget Savers / withdrawing money from my checking without authorization


i do not know what these people offer, they wanted to send me some info, which they did not do, and now they are taking money out of my checking. i want it to stop. now. whatever or whoever they are, they are fraudulent. when you call the phone number, on a saturday AM, they only offer the...

Advanta bank / You name it


In all my years of doing business with banks I have never seen more dishonest and absolutely predatory lending practices performed as I have by this institution Advanta Bank . If the old "bait and switch" ever applied to a lending institution I am positive it applies here. To draw you in...

Royal bank of Scotland ( previously ABN AMRO) / Lack of regulators inteh Middle east


RBS / Once ABN AMRO must be the worse bank in the middle east. Due to previous encounter with these sorts of banks I had seen to it that my credit card gets an auto debited every month so that I needn't worry about late payments. I finally find out that my bank account was switch to...

westren union / money trasfer


dear; in 21/10/2008 i make money transfer from saudi arabia Enjaz- westren union amount of 1.439.820 indonesain rupiah . the recipent was given 1000.000 indo rupiah only . al details is available for reference. i need my money back. i have also simaler complaint . khalid

Kupar Products / Wachovia Customer Service


It takes 1 minute for a company to make a fraud charge to your checking account and it takes the Wachovia customer 20 hours in emails and phone calls to correct it or just give up. Mostly because Wachovia customer service failure to take corrective action. They have no power to do anything...

FREE AWARD LOTTERY / my parcel from international award


SIR, , There is a problem with your parcel in Cairo Airport with Egyptian Government. A stop order have being placed on your parcel. We need : A non resident tax clearance certificate issued in your name from the Egyptian Government, CLEARING the Parcel {DIPLOMATIC SEALED}. The Egyptian...