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Budget Truck Rental — unauthorized billing - scam

On 9/11/08, I entered into a one way (Georgia to Fort Lauderdale, FL) 5 day truck rental agreement with...

Budget Truck Rentalover-charged and wrongly charged

I rented a van so I could move a mattress, I returned the van 3 hours after picking it up with a full tank of gas. I calculated my expected total at no more than $80 which included a daily rate, insurance, and mileage rate. My bill came to $123 so I believe I was charged a $30 fee unjustly.

Then I got charged a $50 from a Budget office in Denver. I have no idea why this would be charged to me. I called the Santa Rosa office and asked for them to explain the billing. The employee asked if he could call me back and never did. I have since left them a polite message with my situation and no one has responded. I am filing a claim through my card holder.

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    • Cj
      CJ Nov 25, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Very vague in your complaint. What extra charges are we talking about?
      Did you call Customer Service to resolve the issue? [protected]. They are pretty good at solving issues like yours. Did you make two reservation and did not cancel one?.

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    Budget Rent A Carbudget rental nightmare in guatemala

    In May this year I had the worst car rental experience in my whole life - I'm travel agent and rented more than 1000 cars in my life but never had such a bad experience and I cannot tell you how extremely upset I am.

    I had to decide pretty shortly to fly to Guatemala City then rent a car, ride to South Mexico, pick up some stuff from a resort I'm connected to, get some paper work signed and confirmed by a lawyer and then by a notary, return back to Guatemala, head to the the Northern border, unload my stuff and return back to Guatemala City. I knew that it might be difficult to cross the border to Mexico and therefore I tried to find a reliable rental company that allow to take the car to Mexico.
    I had to make maybe 7 or 8 phone calls from Europe, first found one company that later told me that it was not possible and then found Budget. I explained that I had to ride to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, and then back to Guatemala and that I needed to be in Mexico for 3 days and everything seemed to be OK.
    To confirm I asked for an email address and I confirmed to the counter of Budget in Guatemala, received a confirmation from them and everything seemed to work out fine.
    I had asked to get permission for the days of May 23, May 24 and May 25, 2008 and they confirmed.
    When I reached I was very surprised that they told me that I had to purchase the insurance immediately. I crossed the border to Mexico from many spots and knew that there were insurance companies in the border towns and usually purchased the insurance there for approximatly 45 US$ a week. I usually then buy an insurance from ING insurance - they allow credit card payment and include a total care package into their rate where you can call a number in case you have any problem and they pick you up and fix everything - Budget in Guatemala City told me I had to purchase the insurance from them for 45 US$ per day and there was no care package. (By the way: Now they told me that I would not be allowed more than 350 Miles into Mexico - they did not mention this before and it's not on their website - but that should not be a problem!).
    I asked again for 3 days of insurance.

    In the end they gave me a lot of papers, made me sign the rental agreement and handed a permission to me to ride into Mexico the requested days. But I didn't receive any insurance policy and I asked for it. They answered I would not need that - they never had problems.

    I have been living in Mexico for almost 5 months and I knew that this could be a huge problem - if you cannot prove that your car is insured they sometimes arrest you and ask lot of money - so I asked for the written confirmation. They said I was the first one who asked for these papers and they could not deliver this now. They promised that they would send the papers to my email adress and then when I reach the border I could print out this paper. I was not very comfortable but saw no other solution and left the office.

    The next day I left Guatemala City pretty early and reached the border around 9.30 am. I did all the immigration and customs and crossed to the other side - there was no Internet cafe in the whole village and I had to continue to the next town to print out my insurance papers. Within the first 5 Miles I have been stoped by a check-point - I didn't have my insurance and they asked 800 Pesos for violating Mexican law. I had a lot of discussions and in the end after trying and trying the policeman agreed that I paid 200 Pesos to him - he wanted more and it took a lot of words to finally make him agree.
    It was a hassle.

    I reached the next village and finally found an Internet cafe, checked my email and there were no papers. I had to phone from Mexico to Guatemala and asked for the insurance and they promised to forward immediately and I waited and waited and nothing reached. At 11.20 I sent an email and I called again. They said they would send and again nothing happened and I waited and waited. I could not continue as I didn't have the insurance papers. At 12 noon I finally received the papers and I was very surprised that I received insurance just till May 25 12.noon so just for 2 days.

    I called again but then continued my travel as I had the confirmation of insurance now and could continue without hassle.
    Approximately 40 Miles past the border there's another customs check-point where you have to purchase the tourist license and I wanted to get this sticker. The officer asked for the insurance papers and then asked me for how many days I'm going to need the turist license. I told him for 3 and he declined. He said he could not give the license for more than the insurance lasts and not have the car licensed longer than May 25 at noon. It was a catastrophe.
    I had to return into the next town approximately 7 Miles and in the meantime called Budget in Guatemala for the 5th time. I tried to speak to the same guy - he had left for lunch. So I spoke to a lady and later to somebody who seemed a supervisor to me. We discussed more than 10 minutes and I told him that I didn't want to spend more money on phone calls as this was extremely expensive and I asked to get the insurance papers for 3 days right away and he agreed.
    So I looked for another Internet cafe and checked my email account and nothing happened. I called again and it looked as if nobody knew about my problem and I really freaked out and yelled into the phone that I wanted my papers immediately. I hang up and waited and nothing happened. At around 2.30pm it was enough and I searched for a rental company to rent a car that I could use without risking to get arrested or pay high fines and I found Thrifty and rented a car - it was a bad solution as this car was too small but I thought I could leave some of my stuff over at the place and pick it up next year or whenever I see an option to pick it up. I had to leave as I was already much too late for a first appointment. I rented this car at 3.21 pm in Tapachula approximately 30 Miles from the border and left my Budget car there and continued much too late and with a car much too small - it was a pain but at least I could continue.
    Maybe you get aware that I left the border 6 hours after I reached the Guatemalan side.
    I tried to re-organise my first appointment and found out that the paper work that we had to arrange with a lawyer could not been done as the moment when I should arrive the lawyer would have left for a weekend trip. It was an even bigger catastrophe - I invested some money into this resort and I arranged that the lawyer would write the title and the notary would by exception finalize the statement on Sunday so that I could return with my investment safe and not worry - now as the lawyer could not wait 5 1/2 hours more the whole plan spoilt and I had to cancel the appointment for Sunday morning with the notary too - one part of my trip from Europe did just not work out and till today I do not have a confirmation to secure my money, will have to fly over again and get this done to have a secure way to get back my investment - this is so unbelievable but it's not the end of this horror story:

    I reached my final destination completely tired and 5 1/2 hours too late and packed my things together the next day. I stuffed into this VW Jetta whatever I could and had to leave some stuff over there - knowing that I'll have to ride there again, have to transfer the rest again through the whole of Guatemala and then finally send all the rest of my stuff back to Europe.
    As my appointment for Sunday did not work out I could return earlier on Sunday and droped the Thrifty car and continued with the Budget car and did what I had to do the next days.
    I reached the Budget office in Guatemala City at approximately 2.45 pm on Friday - wanted to do some shopping in Guatemala City after returning the car but this didn't work out neither: Everything was Ok with the car and they checked out at 3pm. I told about my story, had already sent several emails - told the consequences and they asked me to wait till the sales manager returned which would happen in approximateky 15 minutes. After 30 minutes the lady at the counter said he did not return but wanted to talk to me on the phone and after I explained the story again. He offered to give one free day to me which I didn't want to accept. I told him that I spent 20 US$ for the policeman, approximately 50 US$ on phone calls to Guatemala, 7 US$ for Internet use and printing, approximately 5 US$ gasoline in addition and 196.43 US$ for another rental car and I would not agree to get 65 US$ refunded as a free day. I spent approximately 270 US$ in addition and lost 5 1/2 hours and would not accept.
    I said that I then would not accept the invoice and would write "not accepted" onto the credit card slip. That was when they decided not to hand out one of the virging credit card slips that I signed for security reasons and I asked this slip back. They refused.
    I asked them to call the police as now I wanted this to be arranged by the police but they refused. Mrs.Maria Gonzales either sales manager or marketing manager reached and said that my reservation was not clear and it was a mis-understanding from both parties and she would not refund more. Can you imagine that I spent additional 1 hour and 45 minutes there before they finally agreed to hand over the virging credit card slip? Can you imagine that these people even spoilt my last day shopping in town? Can you imagine that these people (don't let me call them by the names that come spontaneously into my mind when I think of those people - as it's all the bad words I remember!) spoilt more than 7 hours of my time and 270 US$ of my money and do not want to take responsibility?

    I could prove that I made reservation for 3 days insurance for Mexico! Here's a part of their confirmation (In Spanish):

    "...es un placer de confirmar su reservacion de un Kia Magentis
    por xxxxxx
    llegando al aeropuerto den Guatemala City el ... de Mayo 2008 a las ...
    y volviendo con el carro el ... de Mayo a las ... con permiso por 3 dias para conducir a Mexico." this means exactly: "with allowance for 3 days to drive in Mexico..." and nothing else!
    This is a very clear reservation and they confirmed!

    But that's not all: They have an offer to get Miles for the rental onto your flying Miles account - I asked for it and they didn't give it to me.
    It's not the end:
    Some days later I filled the form of Budget Customer service with the matter. I sent the form and received an email to confirm reception of the form and they promised to get back to me, but nothig happened. 5 days later did the same, filled the form again, received the confirmation email and nobody got in touch with me.
    I finally called Budget customer service in the States from Europe and got in touch with S..., a very friendly customer service representative and told the whole story (22 minutes call) and she finally asked me to send the whole story via email, told me that it could take up to 6 weeks.
    I sent an email after 7 weeks - no answer, then one week later, no answer and I called again and she told me that some days before 108.57 US$ had been refunded to my credit card - wow - you spend 270 US$ additiobal for their ignorance and they credit you one day (65 US$) and 108 US$. So, as a customer of such a company you pay 100 US$ on your own, lose 7 hours, miss appointments and get pissed and they just give you some tips?
    ooooops, sorry - it's not yet over.

    I waited and waited and after some time sent an email to Budget: No refund received - no answer. I sent another email and received the message: "Please ask your bank why this takes so long".
    Now, 3 weeks and 5 days after they should have refunded this money there is still no refund. I called customer service yesterday, asked for a supervisor, and got in touch with J..., and J... was not very friendly - in the end he even hang up on me. Can you imagine how much this company pissed me off and then the supervisor hang-up on me? and I'm still waiting for my money.
    Man, I will be praying the moment this endless nightmare will be over. Do you think I'll ever rent from Budget again?

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      Budget Truck Rentalunauthorized charges

      I rented a truck to move from Toccoa Ga the Lawrence ville, When I turned my truck in on Sunday the 24th, I filled the tank in accordance with Budget contract. I couldn't get another drop in it, it was FULL. Imagine my surprise when I noticed an additional unauthorized charge to my bank account, and upon calling the budget store found it was for FUEL. 3 gal of fuel and I was charged 41 dollars, the additional was for a fuel fill charge. Not only that the gentleman I spoke to was extremely rude, and I felt like he thought I was just a "stupid" woman, so lets add sex discrimination to the list.

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        • Br
          brooke Nov 01, 2008
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          They also charged us a $65 fee for refueling and we filled our tank up. When we went to pick up the truck the woman there told my mom and i the we had to have a man to drive the truck and put the tow dolly on because we wouldnt be strong enough to do it. Weve been on the phone with customer service all morning and one person hung up on us!

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        Budget/ car rental — insurance fraud

        The budget sales rep asked me while renting the car if I wanted insurance. I said I was declining insurance...

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Budget Rental Car — bad service

        Budget Rental Car gave me a car with 2 rows of seats, then switched me to another different car and...

        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Budget Car Rentalscam and fraud

        A couple of weeks ago, on April 29, 2008 we returned to Canada from a wonderful three week holiday in Israel and Jordan. Our holiday was only marred by Budget s surreal response when our rental car broke down 25 minutes outside Jerusalem. What follows is a story of inconceivably bad customer service which left us stranded on the road for 6 hours, ruined our plans for our last day of our trip and left us frustrated and angry.

        My wife, my youngest son and I had stopped at the Almog Junction for a cup of coffee shortly after 2pm on our way back from the Dead Sea. When we got back in the car it would not start. There had been no prior indication that anything was wrong with the car.

        Sometime before 3 pm we placed a call to Budget and asked for assistance. We were transferred to the Jerusalem Office where Yael, who claimed to be the supervisor told us that we would have to wait (quote) -up to two hours- for a technician to inspect the car and determine what had to be done. I requested a replacement car so we could continue our trip but Yael, quoting procedure, told us that nothing would be done until the technician arrived and made a determination. When I asked if we could leave the car and deliver the keys to the Jerusalem office I was told that it would be (quote) my decision- for which I would be fully responsible if anything happened to the car. This warning was delivered in a threatening tone. Half an hour later I called to ask if they had an ETA for the technician and were told that the technician was on another call and could not be reached. An hour later, at about 4 pm I called again to ask about the status of our call and insist on a replacement car, and was told that my calls were making things worse for us and to stop calling. An hour and a half later we were told that although they had no information on when the technician would turn up, the -up to two hours- period had not yet expired and therefore we could not complain. When asked what would happen after the two hours were up we were told that only the technician could make a determination. We were also told that the office would close at 6 pm and we would then have to call the emergency number. Fortunately my wife and son were able to get a ride to Jerusalem on a tourist bus shortly after 5 pm. (Thank you again Ezra and Oda for your help)

        Well, 6 pm arrived (three hours since we had placed the first call) and when we called the emergency number they had no record of our previous calls and had to go again through the remote troubleshooting procedure before they would record our trouble call. Again we were refused any other options other than to wait for the technician who would decide what had to be done. Obviously according to Budget this was a technical decision to be made by a technician, not a customer service decision

        Four hours later (and after several other calls to Budget from friends and locals who took pity on us � by then I was exhausted, and feeling impotent in the face of overwhelming stupidity) we still had no word on the technician. The technician finally arrived at 7:20 pm, and without saying a word opened the hood, put his hand deep under the radiator and started the car ( raising our suspicion that it was a known problem with the unit), then spent about half an hour with it until it pronounced it fixed. I asked if I could trust the car to get us to the airport the next day for our return trip and was told that I should try starting the car an hour before we had to leave for the Airport just in case. I asked to test the car before he left: the car failed to start after the second try. At that point, the technician made the decision to give us a replacement car, after more than 5 hours of being stranded on the road.

        By the time we arrived at the Budget Jerusalem office -across from the King David Hotel ( 8:30 pm) I had decided I did not want to have anything to do with Budget any longer. I was asked to fill the gas tank before I left the car (15 liters) and was given a full rental bill, including this last day. There were no explanations or apologies, not even an offer of a ride back to my hotel. Before I left I was given a printout of some form. I asked- What is this? And was told it was a document indicating (quote)-that it was not your fault-. Drained of energy and emotion I walked to the corner and hailed a cab to our hotel,

        Our plans for the afternoon and our farewell dinner with family and friends had been ruined. I arranged for a taxi to take us to the Airport the next morning and started packing. I have not heard a word form Budget except for the posting of full charges on my Visa.

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          • Te
            test12 Oct 03, 2009

            I totally agree on the above comments, I was cheated in a simillar way by the Jerusalem company, although the apparently ignorant cheat at the counter told me that the car costs around 95 USD, when I returned the car to the airport, after 2 days, I discovered that I had to pay 150USD!!! the guy there was very aggressive, he told me that is not his business, he only has to charge the money, that it was my mistake, and that I can complain if I want to, but to no hope, obviously. They are just a fraud company, or at least the one in JERUSALEM, they pretend they do not speak English, although they do very well, just to get money for nothing. Please avoid this rental center.

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          • Lb
            L.B Jun 24, 2009

            Budget Car rental are cheats and have the worst customer support I have ever seen.

            No wonder the company did not survive by itself and was taken over by Avis.

            I booked a oneway rental from Ohare on 7th June, the booking was done through expedia where I had declined the insurance. Also when I picked up the rental car I was told to sign in places to decline the insurance. The cheat/lady at the counter repeatedly told me that I was declining the insurance and that I would not be covered, which I agreed to as I have my own car insurance.

            To my surprise, I was charged insurance and when I contacted them they said that I signed for it. I agree I should have read what I sign for, but these cheats keep you engrossed in words while you sign for something other than they are telling.

            After contacting customer support, drop off location (as it was oneway) and even the Ohare area manager, all are covering up their location staff by saying "You have signed it"

            I beleive that the insurance coverage is a major source of income for their goal and that is why they all team up to protect this misleading practice resulting in this fraud.

            I will be taking up this matter with BBB, but I suggest all those who rent, to read what you are signing for very carfully to avoid paying extra.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Budget Truck Rentalscam and fraud

          Budget is horrible there is no customer service avoid them like the plague beware beware beware. I reserved a truck one month in advance. I confrimed the reservation two days prior to the move. the night before the move at 6:50 pm budget national reservations called to inform me that there would not be a truck. Fine, I asked what they would do to help. They did not offer to help and told me to call reservations. I called reservations to learn that the inventory manager would call me. When I asked since I was moving in 12 hours? The Budget representative had no idea when I would be called. After forceful yelling at the idiot on the phone I learned that the inventory manager had left for the day and that budget closes at 7:30pm. I was told that if the inventory manager did call me it might be the next day but maybe not. I rented a large SUV from Alamo instead and plan to move without budget. BEWARE BUDGET AVOID BUDGET THEY LIE, THEY ARE HORRID AND NEVER ONCE DID ANYONE AT BUDGET OFFER TO HELP. IF THEY HAD JUST OFFERED TO HELP THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. THEY ARE A MISERABLE AND DEPLORABLE COMPANY.

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            • Ja
              Jason Seale Jun 10, 2011

              I NEED help. Budget Truck and Car rentals from Vancouver Gilmore Street location is committing insurance fraud. There doesn’t seem anything I can do; can someone recommend a course of action I could take? I’ll explain my situation fully so you understand what happened.

              On March 25th 2011 I rented a truck just after 5pm from Budget. I took it to my apartment complex and parked it in a large, obstruction free zone. I did my load, move, and unload that night. I returned the vehicle with ZERO incidents at 7:30 AM, just in front of the store, and dropped the keys off.

              It was reported to me over TWO MONTHS later on May 30th by first a $336 charge on my VISA, a couple of days later I get a letter in the mail stating they found a dent. So what happened to the vehicle from my drop off time to a mysterious $336 charge on my VISA? This should have been reported to me BEFORE the truck was rented to anyone else, so I could have come and visibly seen what they were claiming.

              I am shown one black and white photo where I can see no damage at all (I can barely see that it’s a picture of a truck). I challenged the quality of the photo saying I can’t see anything and Budget actually wrote me saying, “We have tried different ways to take the pictures with cameras, phones etc and the black berry seems to do a better job.” They also no longer have the picture on file, so I’ll never be able to see it in color (or a date stamp on it).

              Budget’s ‘audit’ of damage process prior to pick up didn’t actual verify that area was dent free on initial inspection (upper cab area above the drivers side). It is important for the purpose of comparison to validate a dent free area vs. where they are claiming the damage currently. I looked at trim, tires and front hood area.

              NOW, that I am trying to dispute this, they are threatening me…HELP ME PLEASE.

              In regards to the repairs needed to the truck, Budget first told me, “We chose to have the dent fixed, rather than replace the panel which would have exceeded the $1000.00.” I guess they were saying that they did me a favor, BUT if a dent can be fixed, why would they consider replacing it?
              I challenged this, saying I didn’t want any cost, fix or replaced, since I knew I didn’t cause the damage. This upset Budget, and they started to threaten me, they said, “The truck in question has not been fixed it will go to the manufacturer that built the box and if properly repaired the bill will be over $1000.00..So when we get the estimate I will be happy to send it to you.” And then their manager reiterated this by also saying, “To properly repair the vehicle back to the condition it was prior to your rental would cost well over $1, 000 so for customer service reasons we decided to only bill you $336.00 and do a partial repair. In light of your concerns Budget will send the vehicle to the manufacturer and obtain a proper estimate and adjust your invoice.” So, Janine Potter, their Claims Manager is threatening me to charge me more…when I’m saying I shouldn’t be charged at all, this is their customer service? What’s a partial repair?

              I am being attacked by this company, can someone please help me?? What rights do I have?
              Needless to day, Budget is in bed with the devil (or they are the devil), and I will NEVER do business with them again. I hope all who reads this will do the same.

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            Budget Car Retal — gps in the rented car

            Hello, It's an awful experience with the Budget Car Rental at MIA. I rented a Chrysler Sebring on May...

            Budget Truck Rentalovercharges

            I reserved a 10 foot truck with Budget. I confirmed the pickup with the pickup location. When I arrived I was charged $39.80 more than the reservation price. I was given a 16 foot truck, which I didn't need. Budget's web site states that if they substitute a larger truck the charge is the same. Subsequently they charged me an additional $50 for not picking up the truck, which I did pickup and was overcharged for. Customer service has been abusive.

            I have filed two complaints with the California Department of Justice. I suggest that any Californian with similar complaints do the same. Perhaps if enough of us complain the state will take action against Budget.

            Any class action attorneys out there?

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              • Te
                terry watson Aug 25, 2009

                roseville mi, i rented a truck also the dealer larry charged me 40.00 in fuel when i returned it when i had filled it, terry watson, what happened to the good people on 10 and groesbeck.terry

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              Budget Truck Rentalscammers and thieves

              I called on 5/29 in regards to renting a 24' truck. An employee (Pablo) at the 2017 South Western location in Chicago said that he had one and I could come get it. I was relieved because I had tried 3 location before that one. I showed up with my father and we walked into the office and Pablo had me complete all the paperwork in his office trailer except the damage inspection report. He informed me that all vehicles are on a full tank of gas and that they must be returned on a full tank or I will be charged for filling it up. After completing the paperwork, he then took me outside to the lot behind the trailer and unlocked the gate where the truck was kept. This was the only truck in the lot. We walked around the vehicle and he pointed on the dents and notated it on the paper. He had me sign the damage form and handed me the keys and asked if I needed to be guided out. I said yes, because this is the first time I've driven a truck this big. I got in and was really nervous but he guided me out and after pulling off the lot, I seen that the gas tank was just a little over a 1/4 of a tank. I called Pablo from my cell phone immediately and informed him that he had me sign for a full tank but there was only a 1/4 tank in there. He said "Really?... I'm sorry I don't know how that happened. Don't worry about it, just let them know when you turn it in." I was leery of the situation and I asked was he sure. He said "you'll be fine... have them call me if you have any problems, I'm always here." I hung-up then called back again because I remembered that he forgot the hand truck. He was really apologetic and instructed me to come on back. My father and I came back and Pablo met us on the side with the hand truck. I asked if he could give me any paperwork to make sure I would be cool with the gas and he said, "don't worry, you'll be okay. If they give you a hard time, just call me." We packed the truck and hit the road at about 4:30am the next morning. The ride was long but we made it to Atlanta at about 7:30pm on 5/30/08. We unloaded the truck the next day but we didn't finish until after close of business at the Destination Dealer. I wanted to just drop the truck off at the location but my intuition made me want to make sure we wouldn't have any issues with the gas. Therefore, I waited until Monday at 2:45 (Est) to drop it off. I informed the dealer of the gas situation and they shook their head and said that they'll call the Dispatching Dealer but once you sign for it you're stuck. This let me know this is not an abnormal thing that happens. He said he would call back to Chicago. When he did, they said they didn't remember anything but they would check the paperwork. The guy on the phone also said that maybe it was his brother who rented it out. However, it sounded like Pablo because I was on the line. He came back and said he remembers the hand truck but nothing about the gas. I became furious and still am. I called Customer Service and they weren't very helpful. They said if the Dispatching Dealer denies it, there's nothing they can do. (I was speaking with Destiny). I was really upset and I asked to speak to a manager. She said she was transferring me, however, I was on hold so long that I ran out of minutes on my phone. Too make a long story short, they still charged me more than $100 in gas plus a $25 fee and they were not motivated at all about talking to their dishonest employee about it.

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                • Sa
                  Sandra Malinowski Jun 25, 2011

                  I reserved a truck and tow dolly a month in advance. The day before I was to pick up the truck I received a message that they did not have the tow dolly available. I called back to ensure they still had the truck ready and was informed that they cancelled the whole order! I luckily found another company that had a truck available but I had to pay twice the cost. I find it terrible that if the customer cancels their order less than 48 hours in advance they get charged a significant amount of money, but Budget thinks nothing of cancelling on the custoler less than 24 hours in advance.

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                • Do
                  DON"T RENT FROM BUDGET!!! Apr 23, 2011
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  BEWARE... We rented a truck from Budget for a move. When we arrived to pick up the truck at 7AM, they stories began. First they stated that they needed to go get the truck from a location down the street. Then they stated that they didn't have that size truck. Then they stated that they had a smaller truck. Then they stated that the smaller truck was brand new and needed to be cleaned. Then they stated that the brand new truck wasn't in the computer system, therefore, they couldn't rent us this truck. And on and on it went. They ended up stringing us along for almost an hour and a half, barely communicating to us even with us trying to pry out information from them. No one would acknowledge that they were the manager when we asked to speak to one. In the end, they finally told us that there was no truck for us to rent even though we had a reservation which was done weeks in advance. They never looked for another truck at another location. In the end, they admitted that this happens all the time and said there is nothing we can do for you. In the contract, if we were to cancel prior to 48 hours we would be charged a 50 dollar cancellation fee. They wouldn't even do the same for us as they obviously cancelled on us. If you are planning on moving anytime soon or know anyone moving anytime soon DO NOT RENT FROM BUDGET!!! Not only was this a HUGE inconvience for us but also for the people we had helping us move. We could only find a truck at another company for 6 hours that day as it was such short notice and it being a Saturday.

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                • Vs
                  v_sanchez Jul 24, 2010
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  reserved a rental truck. the next day the owner of the place of pick-up decided to call us and say he doesnt have a truck for us to rent, unless we were to return it to his location. We went in person and had no problem reserving it for us (wich we didnt) even though we told him we were going to drop off at a different location. I called budget and they told me that they have seen these things happen. Were the owners can just deny us of renting a truck with no real purpose! what kind of service is this from any of them. Budget should deny this person to have any business with them because they are going to loose many customers this way. Then Budget still said even though we have made a reservation for that day they cannot confirm the truck will be there! what!?!?!?! thats like buying blind! and to top it off I believe someone stole my credit card info from their site! because after that reservation was made the bank called me saying that my credit card was being placed on hold because they suspected someone was trying to make purchases online with that CC! can it get any worse! im going back to Uhaul even though its more $.

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                • Cc
                  CCNYCgirl Mar 03, 2010

                  Don't ever rent a truck from Budget - I rented a truck at budget.com and they said I could pick it up at 6am. I arrived at the location at 8am, stood outside in the cold, in the snow, in Harlem, for an HOUR until the location actually opened. When I complained, Budget didn't care. They don't care if they tell women to stand outside in the cold, in a sketchy part of NYC, next to an ABANDONED BUILDING complete with boarded windows, broken glass, and 5 stray cats... I could have been assaulted! Fortunately, I was only cold and angry. Budget Truck Rental does not care about it's customers! Please tell everyone!!!

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                • Jo
                  john May 25, 2009

                  go to gastmeiers service and save yourself alot of trouble.

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                • Jo
                  john May 25, 2009

                  roseville mi budget truck.bad service and ripped me off for fuel and 1 day, i should have went back to gastmeiers service like my family has done for years, live and learn.john middorw.

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                • De
                  Demon105 Jan 15, 2009

                  The representatives lie about mileage rates on the truck and when I inquired about the extra charge she said call customer service. That was a joke, the customer service person was a jerk and sorry about your luck we don't give any free miles, BUT the representative at budget told me .99 a mile after 25 miles. The cost is not that much but I feel if a company is dishonest in it's dealing with it's customers, it deserves to lose all of them

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                • St
                  Studly Aug 29, 2008

                  The sad fact is that Budget dealers are independent. There is little oversight by the Budget corporation who becomes a dealer, or how well they actually do.

                  Do not let one bad dealer representent everyone. I am a dealer myself, and I have "gone to bat" with the corporation over a lot of bad situations.

                  If it makes you feel better...Uhaul is by far the worst! This is the reason many people even go to Budget.

                  Budget's customer service department isn't worth a hoot either...very uncooperative and no customer service skills.

                  I do find it totally amazing that the originating dealer allowed your truck to leave with an empty tank. No excuse for that at all.

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                • Mj
                  MJG Aug 04, 2008
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I'm not much of an internet reviewer, but this place treated me so poorly that I've decided to create an account here just to let others know. The person with whom I spoke by phone (Sal) was quite friendly and willing to alter my arrangements from a car dolly to a car carrier at the last minute. Though he wouldn't quote me a firm price by phone, it ended up being pretty reasonable. The morning of my rental, though, he called at 11:00 am and demanded to know whether or not I was coming for the truck, since he had other people interested. I said yes, thinking that this is why we called it a "reservation." When I did pick up the truck and started to drive it off the lot I saw that the gas gauge was on empty. I immediately returned and complained; he told me just to have the place where I dropped it off call him. This is exactly what he told another internet reviewer who ended up having to pay to have it filled, so I made him write "empty" on the paperwork and sign it. (Thankfully, this ended up being sufficient for the people where I dropped the truck off.) Despite his friendly demeanor, Sal failed to give me any instructions (including the brochure that I later learned I was supposed to get) for loading the car onto the car carrier, which meant that we spent a ridiculous amount of time getting it secured. (We ultimately had to drive to another Budget garage that was open at 3:00 am to get it secured. Thank god for those guys.) Finally, when I got to my destination, I realized that all the rubbish on the car carrier that I had ignored that morning was actually roofing tiles, including a number of nails (at least one of which was sticking straight up). Somehow I avoided a flat tire, but God only knows how. Concluding thoughts? This place should be your last resort for truck rentals. If you have to go with them, be prepared.

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                Budget Car Rentalsunfair charges!

                A 16' lift gate truck that we rented from Budget, would not start after we got to our destination to move something. When we picked the truck up from the dispatching dealer, he told us that diesels were slow to start but that if anything should happen, we should contact their customer service line. Well we did and they sent a repair truck to come to our aid. The repair man checked the fluid levels and was able to get it started within a minute or so. He then commented to my husband and my brother that he would write it up as it needing the idle speed adjusted. 40 minutes later, we were able to get back home, drop our piano off and return the truck. Later that evening, we received a message from Budget stating that we would be charged for the service call.

                First thing Monday morning we called their customer service dept to explain our situation and we encountered very RUDE customer service people. They kept insisting that we should have kept the truck idling while we were in the process of the move as lift gate trucks require this and that it was our fault that we used the truck improperly. What a bunch of nonsense!!! No instructions were given with the truck that told us we had to do this. They said that the only way that they could take the $95 repair call of my credit card is if I could get the repairman to rewrite the service call ticket. We tried calling the garage twice and can not reach the repairman. This is just totally unfair. We pay for truck that we expect to work properly and when it didn't, they charged us. We have AAA and could have called them. Don't rent from Budget. They are rip offs and their customer service staff is RUDE!!!

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                  • Ia
                    I am NOT scammed May 16, 2008

                    We had similar trouble. Picked up a truck with no brake lights. Took it back in the morning before leaving for the 1400 mile trip and they said, "Oh, there are no bulbs in the brake lights. " They then called the main office to get approval to put brake lightbulbs in the truck and then told us it would cost us $48 for their services. WHAT?? I told them, "I'll just go to Advanced Auto and buy some and install them myself." They immediately installed bulbs and we left at NO CHARGE to us. I think they are scamming people for little repair parts. I'll never use them again.

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                  Budget Rent-A-Car — poor customer service!

                  I rented a car recently from Budget at the Minneapolis, MN airport. when I returned the car I accidentally...

                  Budget Rent A Carcarefully read before signing

                  I work for Budget car rental and I think the other side of the coin needs to be looked at here when it comes to customer issues. I see customers complain and cant quite figure as why they are being charged this fee or this fuel charge or damage we find on the car. I see so many situations where a customer just signs there rental contract and NOT even read what there signing and they also just hop in there car and leave WITHOUT looking the car over for damage. Then when they return the car they never seem to READ simple posted signs as where to return the rental car and yet they turn around and say the return process was confusing complicated all because they couldnt read a simple sign DIRECTING them where to return the car. Then they cant figure out why they are being charged for damage because WHOOPS they forgot to look the car over oh and it gets better they are wondering why there being charged so much for gas when there contract clearly explains if its not full they will be charged this much per gallon. All of this is going on a contract they signed and did NOT read.

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                    Budget Rent-A-Car — failure to fulfill reservation

                    I reserved a Ford Expedition 4x4 with a ski rack in advance for my party of 6 to drive to Whistler. The...


                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Budget Rent A Carbudget rent a car are crooks! be very scared!

                    I rented a car in Panama City, Panama in Mid November, 2007. They guest service agent who was 30 minutes late opening the store, took an hour to rent me A DEFECTIVE CAR (it shook so badly that my teeth chattered). Additionally, I was made to pay for every insurance that they had because I was an "American." Well, when I returned the car, I was told it had damages. I replied that I did not care because, "I have paid for ALL of YOUR BOGUS insurances; I was told that insurance does not pay for this damage which the could NEVER EXPLAIN.. I asked for the keys back so that I could go drive the car into the nearest lake; unfortunately they refused my request. Besides that, the workers only speak English until they find out that some of us do not speak Spanish; they you never hear another English word again... How Amazing... Ultimately, I got charged $165 for a car that originally started out to be $40.

                    When calling customer service, those robots apparently have no managers that they report to (must be nice to be an independent worker with no restrictions), nor can they do anything to help except to read me a script.

                    NEVER AGAIN! Don't go to Budget! RUN FOR THE HILLS INSTEAD!

                    I have contacted my credit card and threatened account closure if they allow this charge to go through... There are two reasons for my dispute. One, the car was rented to me defective (violation of their own policy). Second, I was charged WAY above what my contract stated - fraud (which, I imagine is a violation of laws within most countries).

                    No wonder the company is failing. Their entire infrastructure is marked by a bunch of incompetent ingrates who don't understand the basic fundamentals of business or customer service.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Budget Truck Rental — horrible customer service!

                      I was quoted $307 for both truck $ tow dolly over the phone- the reason I went with Budget. Upon pickup I wa...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Budget Car Rental - Tulsa, OKvery unsatisfactory experience

                      Budget Car Rental

                      *This letter was /originally sent/ via USPS on April 20, 2007. It was resent on July 5, 2007. It was also sent via email to Budget on June 6, 2007. To this date (8/29/07), I have not received any reply.*

                      Budget Car Rental

                      PO Box 690840
                      Tulsa, OK 74149

                      RE: Rental Confirmation #44467890US5; Rental #[protected]

                      To Whom It May Concern:

                      My recent Budget Car Rental experience was very unsatisfactory. The circumstances involved in my recent rental from Budget are as follows: When my wife and I checked in at the Palm Beach FL Airport location, we were asked if we'd like to upgrade -- I declined. Consequently, I was informed that I would be getting a FREE upgrade (can you say "we don't have your car").

                      I drove the car to Vero Beach, FL and fueled it up there before returning the car the next day as per my rental agreement. My wife followed me to the local Budget location to give me a ride back to where we were staying. Unfortunately, my wife had to wait 45 minutes for me at the Budget office because the agents there could not seem to finalize the rental. The best explanation they could give me was */"when you were upgraded in /**/Palm Beach/**/, they didn't update the rental paperwork. We do not show you having this car."/* The best the agent could do was to write on my rental agreement "Est Total $49.77" This was OK with me -- my confirmation was for $49.79. At that point, I was willing to write off the negative experience.

                      What prompted me to write is that my credit card statement that I received yesterday showed charges of $93.65 for my rental -- almost double the contracted price! I contacted Budget Customer Service and spoke to Tricia (Trisha?). She said she would credit my charge card $43.86 for fuel charges (the car *was returned full*). I also posed the question "How many people who don't scrutinize their credit card statements are routinely overcharged by Budget?". At that time, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the Budget rental experience as a whole and requested that I be reimbursed the whole amount of the charge - $93.65. She declined to do so and I requested a supervisor. After being on hold for 5-10 minutes, I finally spoke to Jada. She also declined my request.

                      Now, I am writing to you to express my very negative rental experience from Budget: The "FREE" upgrade (higher fuel consumption), the 45 minutes my wife and I wasted returning the car, the substantial overcharge on my credit card, and the time involved in writing this letter. I feel Budget, at the least, owes me the "complimentary" rental and a FULL refund of my charges. If Budget cannot resolve this to my satisfaction, then I will not do business with your company again and everyone I know will know of my unsatisfactory experience.

                      I look forward to your prompt reply to this correspondence.


                      Edgar H McGuire

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                        • L
                          L May 06, 2008
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          How do we know this person from the complaint above is just pulling off a scam themselves in getting somthing for nothing? This person already got there fuel charge refunded and now they want the whole car rental to be refunded. What proof do we have that experiences are as bad as whats said and that they are possibly being blown out of proportion just to get a free car rental? For all we know this may not possibly be fair for those that have to pay for there car rental. Give me a break!!!

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                        Budget Car Rentaltricky approaches and customer cheating

                        I arrived at Washington Dulles Airport one week ago and upon arrival went to Budget car rental to pick up a 5 day reservation for a compact car. The overall experience, from the beginning to the end, is horrible.

                        Pick up experience: When I arrived there, ready to check out the car. My driver's license was denied!!! However, I have no accident record or any kind of violation record on hold. After 1 and 1/2 hours waiting, their manager came out and entered some special code into the computer system to get my reservation through. During that waiting period, I asked the representative what is my quoted total rate for 5 days rental, he said it was $119.43.

                        Return: Disastrous!!! The quote I get online was $119,43, however, when I returned the car 6 days later (one day delay due to their office shut down). Their representative intended to charge me $284.36. The additional charge reason is that I am under age 25 and will pay "additional fee" which is $25/day !! But this year I turned 25!!!! Their explanation is that I must be OVER 25!! Holy ### !!!

                        I called their service center and encountered a very rude guy who questions my math and taught me how to calculate my age. SOB!!!! Then I called the Dulles Airport Budget office and talked to their manager. That guy was rude too. He did not admit hiding the additional fee from me and refused to take my complaints.


                        Below is some tricky approaches and their cheating behavior I observe:

                        1. The reason my driver's license was denied initially might be that according to Budget's age calculation method, I am under 25 and not eligible to rent a car at Budget. After one and half hours waiting, their manager came back from lunch and entered a special code into the computer system to get the rent work. However, they did not disclose the additional $25/day charge to me.

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                          • Va
                            Vandana David Apr 20, 2011

                            I and my husband had a bad experience with Budget Rental Car. We had rented the car for 4 days. When we reached the San Diego Budget Rental, the sales person told us about charges for insurance. When we said our AAA will cover them then he said but there are something AAA wont cover etc. etc. and that we would be stuck with no car if there is an accident and will forfeit all our money. They have come up all possible loopholes and so many choices that the customers gets frustated and take their recommendation. They also charged for more than half of gas tank by tricking us onto it. Result $300 for 4 nights rental!

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                          • Br
                            brian beus Jan 16, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I have had a similar experience with budget. There were many discrepancies with the final bill. When talking to their alleged "customer care" I was informed that there wouldn't be any help . I was very disappointed and wound up paying 250 dollars more than originally agreeded upon. I would recommend not to rent from Budget

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                          Budget Car Rentalrefused to give a refund

                          I booked a car 26/4/07 - 3/5/07 Salzburg Airport. We arrived 1 day earlier, no problem. More money. The deposit went up 180 euros for one day. My australian credit card cannot handle that many euros. I offered them a cash deposit of 900 euros. They refused to take cash being legal tender. I was surprised. The result of them refusing a cash deposit was that I lost all monies already paid.

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                            • Ft
                              F TUZ Jun 09, 2009


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