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failure to fulfill reservation

I reserved a Ford Expedition 4x4 with a ski rack in advance for my party of 6 to drive to Whistler. The...

budget rent a car are crooks! be very scared!

I rented a car in Panama City, Panama in Mid November, 2007. They guest service agent who was 30 minutes late opening the store, took an hour to rent me A DEFECTIVE CAR (it shook so badly that my teeth chattered). Additionally, I was made to pay for every insurance that they had because I was an "American." Well, when I returned the car, I was told it had damages. I replied that I did not care because, "I have paid for ALL of YOUR BOGUS insurances; I was told that insurance does not pay for this damage which the could NEVER EXPLAIN.. I asked for the keys back so that I could go drive the car into the nearest lake; unfortunately they refused my request. Besides that, the workers only speak English until they find out that some of us do not speak Spanish; they you never hear another English word again... How Amazing... Ultimately, I got charged $165 for a car that originally started out to be $40.

When calling customer service, those robots apparently have no managers that they report to (must be nice to be an independent worker with no restrictions), nor can they do anything to help except to read me a script.


I have contacted my credit card and threatened account closure if they allow this charge to go through... There are two reasons for my dispute. One, the car was rented to me defective (violation of their own policy). Second, I was charged WAY above what my contract stated - fraud (which, I imagine is a violation of laws within most countries).

No wonder the company is failing. Their entire infrastructure is marked by a bunch of incompetent ingrates who don't understand the basic fundamentals of business or customer service.

horrible customer service!

I was quoted $307 for both truck $ tow dolly over the phone- the reason I went with Budget. Upon pickup I wa...

very unsatisfactory experience

Budget Car Rental

*This letter was /originally sent/ via USPS on April 20, 2007. It was resent on July 5, 2007. It was also sent via email to Budget on June 6, 2007. To this date (8/29/07), I have not received any reply.*

Budget Car Rental

PO Box 690840
Tulsa, OK 74149

RE: Rental Confirmation #44467890US5; Rental #[protected]

To Whom It May Concern:

My recent Budget Car Rental experience was very unsatisfactory. The circumstances involved in my recent rental from Budget are as follows: When my wife and I checked in at the Palm Beach FL Airport location, we were asked if we'd like to upgrade -- I declined. Consequently, I was informed that I would be getting a FREE upgrade (can you say "we don't have your car").

I drove the car to Vero Beach, FL and fueled it up there before returning the car the next day as per my rental agreement. My wife followed me to the local Budget location to give me a ride back to where we were staying. Unfortunately, my wife had to wait 45 minutes for me at the Budget office because the agents there could not seem to finalize the rental. The best explanation they could give me was */"when you were upgraded in /**/Palm Beach/**/, they didn't update the rental paperwork. We do not show you having this car."/* The best the agent could do was to write on my rental agreement "Est Total $49.77" This was OK with me -- my confirmation was for $49.79. At that point, I was willing to write off the negative experience.

What prompted me to write is that my credit card statement that I received yesterday showed charges of $93.65 for my rental -- almost double the contracted price! I contacted Budget Customer Service and spoke to Tricia (Trisha?). She said she would credit my charge card $43.86 for fuel charges (the car *was returned full*). I also posed the question "How many people who don't scrutinize their credit card statements are routinely overcharged by Budget?". At that time, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the Budget rental experience as a whole and requested that I be reimbursed the whole amount of the charge - $93.65. She declined to do so and I requested a supervisor. After being on hold for 5-10 minutes, I finally spoke to Jada. She also declined my request.

Now, I am writing to you to express my very negative rental experience from Budget: The "FREE" upgrade (higher fuel consumption), the 45 minutes my wife and I wasted returning the car, the substantial overcharge on my credit card, and the time involved in writing this letter. I feel Budget, at the least, owes me the "complimentary" rental and a FULL refund of my charges. If Budget cannot resolve this to my satisfaction, then I will not do business with your company again and everyone I know will know of my unsatisfactory experience.

I look forward to your prompt reply to this correspondence.


Edgar H McGuire

  • L
    L May 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How do we know this person from the complaint above is just pulling off a scam themselves in getting somthing for nothing? This person already got there fuel charge refunded and now they want the whole car rental to be refunded. What proof do we have that experiences are as bad as whats said and that they are possibly being blown out of proportion just to get a free car rental? For all we know this may not possibly be fair for those that have to pay for there car rental. Give me a break!!!

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tricky approaches and customer cheating

I arrived at Washington Dulles Airport one week ago and upon arrival went to Budget car rental to pick up a 5 day reservation for a compact car. The overall experience, from the beginning to the end, is horrible.

Pick up experience: When I arrived there, ready to check out the car. My driver's license was denied!!! However, I have no accident record or any kind of violation record on hold. After 1 and 1/2 hours waiting, their manager came out and entered some special code into the computer system to get my reservation through. During that waiting period, I asked the representative what is my quoted total rate for 5 days rental, he said it was $119.43.

Return: Disastrous!!! The quote I get online was $119,43, however, when I returned the car 6 days later (one day delay due to their office shut down). Their representative intended to charge me $284.36. The additional charge reason is that I am under age 25 and will pay "additional fee" which is $25/day !! But this year I turned 25!!!! Their explanation is that I must be OVER 25!! Holy ### !!!

I called their service center and encountered a very rude guy who questions my math and taught me how to calculate my age. SOB!!!! Then I called the Dulles Airport Budget office and talked to their manager. That guy was rude too. He did not admit hiding the additional fee from me and refused to take my complaints.


Below is some tricky approaches and their cheating behavior I observe:

1. The reason my driver's license was denied initially might be that according to Budget's age calculation method, I am under 25 and not eligible to rent a car at Budget. After one and half hours waiting, their manager came back from lunch and entered a special code into the computer system to get the rent work. However, they did not disclose the additional $25/day charge to me.

  • Br
    brian beus Jan 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a similar experience with budget. There were many discrepancies with the final bill. When talking to their alleged "customer care" I was informed that there wouldn't be any help . I was very disappointed and wound up paying 250 dollars more than originally agreeded upon. I would recommend not to rent from Budget

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  • Va
    Vandana David Apr 20, 2011

    I and my husband had a bad experience with Budget Rental Car. We had rented the car for 4 days. When we reached the San Diego Budget Rental, the sales person told us about charges for insurance. When we said our AAA will cover them then he said but there are something AAA wont cover etc. etc. and that we would be stuck with no car if there is an accident and will forfeit all our money. They have come up all possible loopholes and so many choices that the customers gets frustated and take their recommendation. They also charged for more than half of gas tank by tricking us onto it. Result $300 for 4 nights rental!

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refused to give a refund

I booked a car 26/4/07 - 3/5/07 Salzburg Airport. We arrived 1 day earlier, no problem. More money. The deposit went up 180 euros for one day. My australian credit card cannot handle that many euros. I offered them a cash deposit of 900 euros. They refused to take cash being legal tender. I was surprised. The result of them refusing a cash deposit was that I lost all monies already paid.

  • Ft
    F TUZ Jun 09, 2009


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double charged for one day carseat and coverage

We rented a car at the budget toronto airport from16th of March till 18th of March. And the day we picked up our car, there's a women and she wanted us to pay for cash for one day coverage and one day baby car seat. but, it was 2days rented..but, we were too tired and just paid it for cash. It was around 35$ and she gave me a paper with a signature..not a real receipt. But, we were too tired and thought we can pay it later when we pick it off. But, when we came back there's another guy at the buget in toronto airport.

He was the manager and keep saying that they don't take cash at the front desk. But, obviously she did. And we had to pay 2days coverage and 2days car seat and gas. with all the taxes , we paid 144 dollar. We double paid for one night coverage and one night car seat!! We had to wait there with a baby over 30mins and tried to explain that we paid cash and showed them the paper that she gave me.

But, they're not trying to contact her..saying it 's too early to call her..blah blah..so, we had to pay it cuz we had to leave in 30mins to take an airplane..I really want them to check fast with the women that night around 1 :00am and give my money back. They're keep saying that it's not the policy to take cash there but, she did. I'm so angry for budget Toronto airport one..and thinking about suing them..all the inconvenience that they caused and stresses..they should make it organize better for what they're doing! How can an employer doesn't know what the employees going? That's ridiculous..And I'm not going to use budge ever again! They should call me back after they check with that women! They got my phone number but, didn't call me back yet!

  • Pa
    Patricia C Jan 27, 2009

    Budget is the absolute worst. That one by the airport is particularly nasty. Be careful of Budget.

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  • Bi
    bittentwicebybudget Jun 29, 2009

    I totally sympathize and agree with you.

    I was very badly treated by Budget twice. Never again. Particularly that location at the Toronto airport. The attendants there are pathetic, have a lousy attitude, lazy, inconsiderate, slow like molasses. It took them 30 minutes just to process paper work for a car that I already booked and paid for online.

    And when you book on-line, it does not tell you that you are limited to 200 kg per day...you get this surprise only after you have singed up and paid, and once they have your credit card, they play God with you and you are under their mercy.

    Also, I tried on the toll-free number of Budget, and I waited for 30 minutes at 12 midnight and no one came on the line to help. At 12 midnight? Surely they are not that busy ! They are sleeping !

    I will never ever use Budget again. They are the worst I have ever experienced in car rental.

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  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ummm, you guys sound like losers. Why are you calling at midnight anyway?

    A manager will only be in anywhere from 9 - 4 weekdays, or anyone worth talking to anyway.

    And about your 30 minutes of waiting...I'm sure you don't b&m this much when you wait 3 hours in line at Disneyland for a ride that lasts less than a minute.

    And just so you know, most companies won't do pre-payment from over the internet. You only book online. That's something the websites do to get your info.

    And most places have a km/mi limit because you would take that car from Canada to Mexico at that price. However, you can usually convince them to put a one-time fee on your bill for going out of area, which is a lot less than what you should be paying for putting 1000+ km on a car that you would only have for a week.

    As for the cash incident, contact corporate. They will force the local office to investigate. Please contact me if you need any help with that.

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budget is a huge ripoff!

Watch out for Budget. I filled the car with a full tank of gas (7 gallons) before I returned it. The guy...

misleading information!

I rented a car from Budget through Expedia and was quoted a cost of 189 Euros. Actual cost was 592.98 Euros because of pick up and drop charges that should have been included and insurance cost (44.5 Euros a day) I was adamantly told I must take because Gold Amex did not cover insurance "in Israel, Ireland and Jamaica." On return was told by Amex that this was false. Budget grudgingly returned the fees that were erroneously charged on the drop fee but refuses to refund the insurance, even if it was taken under duress and contracted for under false representation. I believe this was intentional and systematic procedure to boost revenues. Budget no longer responds to my emails. Warning: Do not rent from Budget in Ireland. (In rest of world, they have always conducted themselves with integrity in my experience.)

  • Ca
    Catherine Johnson Nov 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar experience with EuropeCar plus they were VERY rude to me? Didn't I read the conditions, etc.? Maybe, it is ignorant, but what I read was the line that said "Amount due at pickup." That amount was 152 dollars NOT the 492 I had to pay.

    Someone should do something about this Irish scam. My brother had the same problem with Avis. He had rented his car with frequent user miles and then had to come up with an extra 400 at the airport - you can bet that hurt his trip.

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warning to inspect your vehicle carefully

This posting is to warn vehicle renters in Germany to be very thorough in inspecting their vehicle, because...

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