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Bank of America Corporation Customer Service

928 Reviews

Bank of America Corporation

100 N Tryon St.
North Carolina
United States - 28255-0001

Customer Support Phone Numbers

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+1 315 724 4022(International)
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+1 757 677 4701(Credit Card Issues)
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Mon8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sat8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sun8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Bank of America Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Bank Of America Corporation / returns

vjones1963 on Nov 9, 2018

I EMAILED THE CEO BRIAN 11/8 Veronica Jones Thu, Nov 8, 1:29 PM (21 hours ago) to brian.t.moynihan, me, dfwholistichealth2018 I filed a claim against GAMEDAY MEDIA. A $500 transaction turned into $2500 and $3500 of invalid charges. I was assured by BOA when I filed a claim that after the...

Bank Of America Corporation / unethical behaviour

schild of Medusa on Nov 9, 2018

In the matter of delivery of the ATM Card through the Bank of America employee Mrs. Justina Mcdonald phone +1265687677 HQ, Charlotte NC, I am telling you that the delivery is being conducted under false false information giving the White Collar Crime the knowledge. As a result, the content...

Bank Of America Corporation / bank teller

Alishea on Nov 3, 2018

Last week y'all detected Fraud on my card and contacted me, I Appreciate that on Friday, November 1, I went to the bank to To make a withdraw, there was a customer in front of me And two or three customers behind me, there were three bank tellers two waiting on customers and the other...

Bank Of America Corporation / credit card

felicia0312 on Oct 29, 2018

I closed my credit card account in May & set up payment arrangement to pay off balance. They took the payment on June/July 8th. I received an email and call that my balance went from $900 to $1300 & my payment arrangement has been declined even though they took out the money from 2 month...

Bank Of America Corporation / credit card account turned off bc I didn’t use it enough

Brian Burge on Oct 24, 2018

My account was recently closed. They sent me a list of reasons why but they was inaccurate and every reason was false. The bottom line when I got off the phone with a manager after waiting 45 mins to speak with him was you don't use it enough, we can't make money unless you use it...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking account

Beth Cook on Oct 23, 2018

I have been with bank of america over a year and all was good until about two months ago. I made a serious error in my checking account and it overdrew it and caused problems for about a moth but I slowly got it fixed. I had much less than perfect credit and had been working really hard to...

Bank Of America Corporation / a denied credit card dispute

Alma Gonzalezz on Oct 18, 2018

I purchase a car hood and bumper, the bumper was received and the hood was not i filed a dispute for the hood plus shipping fees, the claim department processed 2 claims that same day 1 for full invoice of 2 parts and shipping $515 and 1 for the missing part and shipping $363.78. the one...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking deposit

Anna Sabio on Oct 16, 2018

On March 19, I made a mobile deposit for $5000. The $5000 was a personal check from my aunt from her credit union (Arrowhead Credit Union). On March 26, the $5000 was debited out of my account with reason "DEBIT ADJUSTMENT DUPLICATE ITEM". I called customer service and was told to file a...

Bank of America / credit card car rental

Payne 1111 on Oct 16, 2018

I used my BOA cc to rent a car July 2018 credit cards are supposed to be your insurance BOA only pays up to the deductible ONLY if all requirements are met I jumped through all their hoops and sent everything that was required to BOA exactly when the rental agency finally contacted me about...

Bank Of America Corporation / base earned reward points

Vijay K. Bhat on Oct 14, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I have been using VISA credit card (Last 4 digits 5439) from Bank of America for many years. A few days ago I called the customer service Reward department to get my reward for which I am entitled for. The customer service rep told me that she was giving me .5%, I told her...

Bank Of America Corporation / rewards card

unhappy 1234 on Oct 13, 2018

So I notify BOA of my travel plans. Where I will be staying and the exact dates. I attempt a $23.00 charge at a food store in the notified area. My card gets frozen. I had even requested a phone call if any problem did happen. I get through after 30 min. and talk to Mr. attitude who tell...

Bank Of America Corporation / customer service

LaNette Miles on Oct 11, 2018

Stopped in after work to obtain a temporary debit card for my lost card. This is not my regular bank but closest to my work and with the limited banking hours offered, I stopped here for my bank needs. Sadly, I was kept waiting for 30 minutes and when I asked if someone else was available...

Bank Of America Corporation / edd bank of america webiste

Hdorame on Oct 11, 2018

The website designed for EDD Bank of America looks good but has many malfunctions. First of all after I sign in it get a pop up that suggest to download the app to my cellular device. After checking the 'Do not show again' box it continues to pop up. Then re directs to sign in all over...

Bank Of America Corporation / call center in utica ny

Mari!!! on Oct 10, 2018

I am writing to complain about an employee that answered my call from the call center in Utica NY. Her name is Rebecca and claims she could not give me her last name, Her mangers name is Rich. Rebecca stated that this was the only call center in Utica NewYork. I had a couple of question...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking account closed without reason and balance cheque not sent back within 10 business days

DeepakKumar03 on Oct 9, 2018

Hi Team, I had my checking account with BOA with "Card Number" - "4117 7440 5809 4355" and last 4 digit of my SSN is "9708" which was closed on 18th Sept 2018 and I had a balance of $14, 914 in my account. Bank was supposed to send me my cheque within 10 business days but I didn't receive...

Bank Of America Corporation / harassment and afraid

Ladama on Oct 7, 2018

Hi My name Is Brenda and I have been a regular customer for the past 20 years or so and also my entire family. I understand we are in critical times and is also a community bank for a Hispanic area.. This past Friday October 6, 2018..I decided to arrived early to do my transactions.I...

Bank Of America Corporation / credit cards being closed

B Pritchard 66 on Oct 6, 2018

I have been card holder for over 17 years with good payment history. I recently had both credit card limits increased and used much of this with assistance in furnishing new house and paying for recent wedding. I just was notified via mail that both accounts were closed. I don't understand...

Bank Of America Corporation / abusive overdraft fees

Miguel M-S on Oct 3, 2018

Yesterday September 2, 2018, my Bank of America's account was in positive numbers and with three pending charges already reflected. Nevertheless, today September 3, two overdraft charges appeared on my account for two other amounts that the previous day were not pending. Today, September...

Bank Of America Corporation / waiting time

Beatrice 19 on Oct 2, 2018

My business visits your location. 5 times a week and I have being thinking about moving forward with my business somewhere else yesterday I visit you location and the wait was ridiculous and on top of that one of your employees was so rude I believe her name was Veronica or at least that'...

Bank Of America Corporation / customer service

Casshina Alexander on Oct 2, 2018

Hello, My name is Casshina Alexander. I will like to make a complaint about a representative that I visited with at the branch 7300 North MacAuthur Blvd. STE. A. On September 26, 2018 I met with a representative by the name of Ms. Arzoo to open a account for my daughter. For some reason M...