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Bank of America / Unethical behavior

Lorena Turner on Dec 12, 2017
Bank of America is no longer reflecting charges made to a checking account by a debit card immediately after a charge is made, instead they are processing everything at the close of the next business day. This means that if your account says you have $500 in it, then you go ahead and spend...

Bank Of America Corporation / customer service

Jessica fonseca on Nov 20, 2017
Every time I call customer service I have super long hold times dropped calls uninformed unprofessional childlike behavior and not to mention rude interrupting me not listening to my concern and having to be hasseled by calling back over and over w unresolved issues, such as lost check...

Bank Of America Corporation / customer service credit cards

Marc Schoen on Nov 15, 2017
Bank of America and there resolution department Eziilia Lutcher are the worst customer service agents ever to deal with. Go to any other bank these people are a joke after 25 years of being a loyal customer. After a absolutly negative experience with the sly Ezila Lutcher the resolution...

Bank Of America Corporation / edd debit card

Deenie Davis on Nov 14, 2017
I live in Northern California. BofA used to have several banks in our area which they closed. It would now take at least 3 hours to reach their nearest ATM. Now people receiving unemployement and disability are forced to use other bank's ATMs and pay their fees. EDD should cancel contract...

Bank Of America Corporation / charges withdrawn.

Jade Kilgore on Nov 11, 2017
I have 2 unauthorized charges. One in which a check is written to BOA on 10/16/17 for $100.00. See attachment. My statement makes no indication why BOA wrote a check to themselves. Additionally, I have a pending NTTA charge of $40.00 that I did not authorize dated 11/10/17. They asked if i...

Bank Of America Corporation / my mortgage delinquent payment ending 228884536

Show this comment to Lawyer Ashley Leigh Pope, so you can finish finding ways to steal money from your customers. Dear Bank of America Support Team, first I want to finish where I left off, after Bank of America representative slammed the damn phone in my ear after asking for proof of my Oct...

Bank Of America Corporation / why does it take 10 days to two weeks for a check to clear!?

BoA 5ucks on Nov 6, 2017
I was assured that after my first deposit, which took 2 full weeks to clear, I would never have to wait on another check to clear like that. I was told it would be quick like my other competent banks, deposit a check and all the money clears within a business day or two... I carefully made...

Bank Of America Corporation / my checking account was closed without telling me

Kathleen Atkinson on Oct 30, 2017
I opened up a Bank of America checking account on October 25, 2017 and deposited $30. Everything went great and the lady Evelyn San Diego was extremely nice. Was looking forward to depositing my cash assistance from my state when the funds came in. Today October 30, 2017 I went to go log...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking account

hai2018 on Oct 25, 2017
In May 17, 2017, I requested a $400.00 claim and Bank of America refused to return it to me because s.f. superior court had made fraud. In 9/10/2016, I had open my claim with Bank of America and in June 16, 2016, I open a claim again because I did not see it started my claim. My claim...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking account

hai vuong chi on Oct 24, 2017
In May 17, 2017, I requested a $400.00 claim and Bank of America refused to return it to me because s.f. superior court had made fraud. In 9/10/2016, I had open my claim with Bank of America and in June 16, 2016, I open a claim again because I did not see it started my claim. My claim...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking account overdraft fees

Tunisia Offray on Oct 23, 2017
I am writing this email to file a complaint to your company for excessive overdraft fees and misleading on-line banking information as it resorts to available balance information. I recently opened my account with bank of america I am a small business owner and I wanted to establish myself...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking account

hai2017 on Oct 23, 2017
In may 17, 2017, the bank refused to return money back (attachment #1)to me after I have requested a reopened claim #160313100311, with fraud unit. It was a fraud by SF Superior Court and I cancelled my card ending in-3859. I have made a complaint with attorney general(complaint#697838)in...

Bank Of America Corporation / horrible new policy that will help them lose many customers

Kwikvin on Oct 15, 2017
It was bad enough Bank of America charged the person cashing the check $7 for every $100 On checks from a business to a person. Now they are doing it on person to person checks? Don't they know that's going to make their checks one of the most undesirable forms of payment. Basically if...

Bank Of America Corporation / deposits

Toni Brewer on Oct 12, 2017
This is my second complaint. My name is [removed] acct [removed]. I have been depositing payroll checks since April, holds have been placed since then, a couple of months I understand, but this is excessive. I have gotten ALOT of misinformation. For a few of my recent paychecks I was able...

Bank Of America Corporation / claimed money

Lekhaz on Oct 7, 2017
I filled a claim like two weeks ago about two different transactions made on my account (***8512) with the amount of $89.95 and $89.95 and the claim no is 170928110159, and those money was returned to my account, and I was issued new ATM but to my biggest surprised, I woke up this morning...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking deposits

jgonzale71 on Oct 6, 2017
I spoke to one of your representatives on the phone this morning (10/6/17) in regards to electronic checking deposits from a vendor. On Friday, 9/15/17, Check N' Go (vendor) deposited $255 to my Bank of America checking account. The deposit posted to my account on Monday, 9/18/17...

Bank Of America Corporation / account closure department

Chanman5623 on Sep 25, 2017
My family has had our business checking relationship with Bank Of America for almost 13 years. Our banking needs have been simple and our record impeccable. Out of the blue, we received a letter stating that our accounts would be frozen and closed within 60 days. There was no reason stated...

Bank Of America Corporation / payment deposit

Valerie09 on Sep 25, 2017
My names are valerie and I made payment to this account bank name: hayden parker account number: 488070012572 routing number: 026009593 I made a payment on the 08/11/2017 at 09:10 am the sum of $7300 from bank of america in tennessee. Please I need to know why the receiver hayden parker...

Bank Of America Corporation / transaction holds

Stephanie Ritch on Sep 18, 2017
My son received a student loan check for school that Bank of America is placing on hold for over two weeks for no reason. Their excuse is there is a confidentiality reason, that it's on Wells Fargo's side. Well because B of A apparently can't do their job, I went in personally and spoke...

Bank of America / Simply awful

Josephine on Sep 8, 2017
The most terrible customer service ever. Does it actually exist? How many people work for you? Two or three? Maybe that would explain why you're so slow and answering emails takes you a month. Even if they reply, it's always scripted and nobody cares about the details. I'm so tired of...

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