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short sale approval

Regarding loan # [protected]. Borrower address 9858 East Gray Road Scottsdale, Az 85260. we put an offer for $715000 Cash on the property on April 2009 we never were able to talk to no one or to get a counter offer or anything. we got the verbal approval from second lien . we believe the brower owes Countrywide 645000 pluse mtg payment and late fee. we believe its a good over special cash . Can you please help me with that.

Monica Latecz
Designated Broker
American Pride Realty
[protected] Cell
[protected] Fax

owerdraft fees

It a sceem, how it can be legal? They charge me 8 x $35.00 using card from 4 days ago for $4-$6 charge...

ripping me off more than $3500.in over draft charges

I thought that I muct be the most inept person on the planet to not be able to balance a checking account. This bank has literally robbed me. A company put a payment through my account for $500. and I filed a claim to their check fraud dept. and Norma (the person in charge of my claim) Indicated that it was not a bank error nor is it illegal for a company that has your banking info to use it and take any amount of payment!!! I was shocked. But that one cost me about 800. in fees. To make a long story short, It has happened several times, I have stopped payment on these items and BofA still allows them to go thru and when they do they steal so much money in overdraft fees it has now reached almost $4 thousand dollars. I cannot close my account because it has to be at a zero balance and everytime I get it to zero, some other fee or payment goes thru that night and not only does it not close it is usually up to another $300. or more the next day. I have literally been trying to close this account. I have called so many times and talked to every person there that will listen, praying that I find one person that will help me either freeeze my account or close it. But its been over 4 months and I am not back up to negative $754. and I just put in a thousand dollar payment friday and I promise, everybit plus $754. has gone to overdraft fees. I think this bank is literally stealing from me!!! I have the biggest resentment and I have never felt more violated by anyone, let alone a BANK. I have transferred my direct deposits but the account just continues to grow and I owe everywhere fees and payments since they returned every payment and check I should have been able to pay no problem. I have literally cried on the phone and when I get off the phone with them more than 5 times. I just don't know what I can do????

  • Bo
    bogue-sailor Aug 31, 2009

    Hire an attorney and sue BAC immediately. That is the only way you will get them to close your account. They probably can't block these electronic charges but they should close this account .

    Alternatively You need to talk to the headquarters people not some local yokel at a branch. You are the victim of identifty theft. You need an consumer attorney not some local idiot that doesn't know anything about these problems.

    Also you can complain to the Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks, the federal agency that oversees all federal banks. You can call them at Toll Free: 1-800-613-6743, do it today.

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  • Am
    amftgb Sep 04, 2009

    You need to go through the company that is making these transactions. Why would you not go after them and sue them for the trouble they're causing you?

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constant phones calls

I get 10 calls a day from this company it always begins with this is not a sales call then slowly proceed...

worst customer service

I have never been to a bank that is worse than Bank of America. Everything about this bank is bad. I am not the only one complaining about them I have done my research and have got to know that there are many people who think the same about this bank. I have never had any problem with any other bank but this one from day one I have had a tough time dealing with. The customer service here is the worst. It is the crappiest service you can get as a customer. You can never get respect here for them respect is like something out of this world. I wish I never had an account with them. They are terrible. Every time I think about this bank I regret it. Bank of America is by far the worst bank I have ever come across. Please stay away from this bank you will lose your patience dealing with them. I give this bank a -100 for customer service and overall too.

  • Ja
    Jack Dec 11, 2008

    Several Complaints here.. I have just had it with this bank. They treat their customers like second-rate citzens even after we bailed them out with OUR tax dollars.

    First, I had to fly out to Las Vegas because my Uncle became ill. While I was there he found out that he had terminal cancer and had a short time to live. He asked me to take care of some things because all of his family is from Michigan. He had a notary come to the hospital and filled out a General Power of Attorney and a Medical Power of attorney so that I could access his accounts and safety deposit box. I arrived at the bank and the manager denied me stating IT HAD TO BE ON THEIR FORM. I called the notary and she said that it was a legal document and they had to honor it. She even payed a visit to the bank manager and they still refused. We got the bank form but by that time; my uncle passed. I will now have to go back to Nevada several times over a VERY small estate that will cost more to settle than what he had. In the mean time; THEY FROZE MY BANK ACCOUNT!!! and put a FRAUD ALLERT ON IT!!! They had no compassion or care! It took over an hour to get it straightened out.

    I arrived back in Michigan and needed a few bank statements to reconciile my Dad's account. I waited 30 minutes at their Telegraph location and finally spoke to someone who told me we would be charged. I was NEVER charged when it was Laselle. All of the kind tellers we had when it was Laselle were now gone. I was upset and left. I went to their Michigan Ave location and waited 40 minutes. Today, I went in to find out why I have not received my current statement and was told "Check with your local post office". I walked out and decided to file a complaint via email. I was now emailed back twice stating that all complaints must be sent via the US POST OFFICE only... so I stopped here... I hope they do not have any other policies or procedures when I go to withdraw all of our accounts. I feel more than an appology is necessary at this point.

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  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact [email protected] for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

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  • Ne
    never again Jun 06, 2009

    The entire country will celebrate when this Supreme FRAUD of a bank goes Chapter 11. NEVER bail this shitbank out! Put their CEO in a dark hole for the rest of his life.
    The problems and headaches with bank of america are so many, so enormous, I have lost count. The worst of all, is their incessant process to block my card leaving me with no access to my own funds. They have done this incessantly and in the worse moments. Try having that done to you when you are 9, 000 miles away in another country, have arrived late at night, and can't withdrawn your money to pay your hotel bill and have nowhere you can go, no local currencies or cash to make a call, for taxi, for anything because the bank has blocked access for you to your own money. Not only is it embarrassing, but it has caused so many delays and losses in business as well. In asia I was once stuck to sleep on a dangerous train station because B of A had blocked my card to access my money so I could not get to my hotel, or pay the hotel bill which is charged in advance in some countries! I was basically like a homeless person, while I had thousands stuck in my own account with no access to it. On another occasion I had over $11, 000 in payments to make for a business meeting in a hotel when B of A blocked my card. Hotels will not take payments until the day of a meeting which makes it more complex to cover incidents like this and payments are often far greater than my credit card limits so I pay with my checking card (or, tried to). I was unable to process any payment, and was stranded without a room to stay in (the hotel wouldn't give me my booked room since they were unable to process the payment) and the hotel security harassed me for two days over a weekend to pay the huge charges - which I could not get access to because the bank had blocked my card. All because of B of A! It doesn't matter how many verifications and statements you issue to this bank that you will travel and not to block the card. They will still do this and there is no stop to their incessant harassment. Everyone hates Bank of America. I hope they go bankrupt and their CEO will get some incurable disease and suffer for years before he croaks, f***g shitbank!

    B of A has put me in many dangerous and complicated situations by blocking my card, leaving me stranded. Their f***g CEO should be executed or jailed for life.

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  • Ad
    Adowa Sep 03, 2009

    I totally agree. I received a government refund check in the mail that was drawn on Bank of America, but I did not cash it right away. Today, I needed the monies, so I stopped at Bank of America at 3821 Minnesota Avenue, Washington DC 20019 to cash the check. The teller asked me if I had an account with Bank of American and I told her no. She asked me if I would like to open an account today, I told her thanks, but no thanks due to other reasons. Well, she was very nice until she found out that I did not have an account with. BOA. She directed me to sign the check and put my right thumb print in the middle of the check. Well, I did that but she claimed that it was not good enough and that I should do it again. So, I did and she proceeded to hold the check up to the window while saying very insulting smart remarks. I tried to explain to her that the ink irritates my skin due to medical issues, but she just started to over talk and talk down on me. She thrused some change into the small window drawer along with an envelope (did not bother to tell me that she place an empty envelope in the window). Well, due to her very nasty rude and abrupt attitude, I thought she just put the monies in the envelope, so I took the change up that she threw into the window and proceeded to walk away. She called me back and stated that she did not put my monies in the envelope. I explained to her that most banks put your monies into the envelope prior to placing it in the window for the customer. Wow, she really went off then. She stated that she did not put the monies in the envelope because she wanted me to count it before leaving the window. I tell you, this teller was absolutely rude. I thought to myself, I see why I never opened an account with Bank of America because that teller was just plain old out rude. Then she had the nerves to tell me to have a blessed day. Wow, what a hypocrite. BANK OF AMERICA, YOU REALLY NEED TO TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES. ANYWAY, YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD AT LEAST HAVE MANNERS DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC, LET ALONE A SENIOR CITIZEN.


    Dissatisfied Customer

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account payoffs

I've been paying off my credit card and about three months ago I started getting letters from them saying they are going to write off my account if I don't call and make a payment. So I call and make a payment and next month another letter and I call again and pay. Three weeks ago I get a letter stating that if I don't make a payment of $220 by August 13 they would be selling my account or whatever because I have been "unwilling to resolve the issue" Today I get a letter saying I better pay a qualifying amount or else they'll file my account and take legal action or sell it to a third party and the usual threat stuff. Every time I call I tell them I need to make payment arrangements based on the letter and they tell me to pay a certain amount. If that isn't trying to resolve the issue then what is????

  • Ch
    christine zimmerman Jul 14, 2010

    I made a payoff payment to FIA in 2008 and then recently I got a form from the IRS that they sent them a 1099c form to them for over $4583.00 which now the government says that I owe $682.00 plus late fees, FIA said that my account was paid in full. I never received any thing from them, not even a paid off notice. I'm not sure what to do about this I paid them off and have no proof, except that it is not on my record, the numbers that I have for FIA are no longer in service. Is there anyone out there that has a number to FIA card services so I can clear this up with them Email me at [email protected], com

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home equity loan

I have also been a loyal customer of Bank of America for the past 30+ years, having my mortgage, home equity line, credit card and checking accounts with them. Well, not anymore...the latest trick is reducing my line of credit with no notice whatsoever, and frankly they don't really seem to care! I live in a very desirable area of the country, my mortgage represents about 45% of what the property is worth, and BOA is telling me that they use their own proprietary software to determine that the value of my home is now equal to what I paid for it seven years ago! I don't know about the rest of you, but I am not taking BOA's BS any longer. I think I can find another banking system that still knows why they are in business!

  • Te
    Teresa Lawrence Aug 21, 2009

    My Line of Credit ($5, 000.00) has been blocked without any notification because the value of my house went down. I found it when I was checking my accounts on line. I was told that there were 2 options: Apply again with the new value of my house or apply for a credit card with "O" interest for 6 months.

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  • La
    Lamblue Jul 14, 2010

    I owe just under $2, 000.00 on my 8 year old home equity loan and received a payoff demand statement on 7/12 stating I owed a little more than what my balance I check regularly on line stated. I went to the bank and asked a loan officer what this meant as I had not been late but one time in the last eight years (and that was paid within 15 days of the due date). At first she said this was a standard letter sent out stating the pay off. When she called, she found out the loan was a balloon loan and should have been paid off May 10th. I explained that I may have gone over my due date (of which I was unaware of since I had never received a letter until the month of July) because I had used 2 or 3 budget saver coupons that were included in my yearly equity loan coupon book. I explained I had taken those to the bank in person to make sure I could pay only $5.00 for the month and skip my usual $734.00 monthly payment. I was assured each time that I was able to use the budget fitter coupons and there would be no problem with my credit or anything like that. However, yesterday, I was informed those coupons should not have been sent to me since I had a ballon home equity loan. Now I have to pay off my balance and possibly have my credit ruined because of their mistake. I am not sure what to do. I am going to contact the attorney general's office, but I would also like to contact an attorney. Any suggestions?

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fraud in loan modification

bank of america has consistantly failed to negoiate home loan modifications again and again .they nee to be...

credit card company abuse

I am writing because I was abused and disrespected by FIA Card Services. I have a credit card with them which had a credit limit of $7, 000. I never have the card at anything more than $2, 000 owed at any given time. I make all payments in time and always 4 to 5 times the minimum amount. Last June they spiked my APR from 7.9% to 16.20%. I called to ask why and whether they could reconsider lowering my APR and credit analyst Eric Kayetano said NO. And not only that, he decreased our credit from $7, 000 to $2, 000 leaving us with an available credit of $180. Not only that, he also told us that he should close our account immediately and that we're lucky he didn't do it. I'm 67 years old and have never been so grossly disrespected by any company as they did today. Me and my whole family are appalled at this company's unfair and ABUSIVE practices.

Yvonne Guardiola

  • Jo
    Jo Cox Apr 18, 2011

    A credit card customer of Bank of America is using my bank information to pay his credit card bill.
    I am not on the credit card and neither do I use this card and when I call Bank of America to tell them and to request that
    my banking information be removed, they are extremely rude and hang up on me. I have called them three times and they will not talk to me but they will take my money when they card is not mine and neither are the expenditures.
    My bank account is now overdrawn and they still will not remove my account information. I am not even in the country and how can I make a deposit.
    I have been very worried and they were so rude that even I can't even sleep.

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nsf charges for pending transactions

I contacted Bank of America by phone today to find out why they had charged me (4) 35.00 overdraft fees. I show that my account was still had 8.00 in it when they began charging me these fees. Granted I have been with Bank of America for over 7 year and they have never done this type of thing before. I contacted the [protected] and spoke with Ishamela who was very nice but proceeded to tell me that three of the overdraft fees that they charged were for a pending transaction of 28.00 that did not clear until 8/3/09. They processed the fees on 7/31/09. Keep in mind, I receive my direct deposit 8/1/09 from the State of Texas - actually BOA receives my direct deposit on 7/30 but they hold it until 8/1/09. She stated they do that for pending transactions now. If this is policy for BOA, WHY ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS NOT INFORMED OF THIS INFORMATION. How can they change policy about MY funds and MY account without informing THEIR "valued" customer of the changes? I told her that they are stealing money from their customers when they do that. How are you going to charge a fee for a transaction that is pending and has not yet been cleared thru the bank?? She stated there was nothing she could do about it. I then went online and talked to an online rep. I do not remember his name but the supervisor stated his name was Sam. He then told me that this is their practice and they will not do anything about it. When I asked for a corporate number he stated they don’t have a number just an address. This is ridiculous. I am being penalized for pending transactions. They took a total of 140.00 from my account and 135.00 of that was for a transaction that had not even cleared the bank. I have never been treated like this before. They didn’t even try to satisfy a "valued" customer as they stated when they pull up my information on both the phone and the internet. They just stated what they were not going to do and moved on from that point. All of this took place 8/6/09. I tried to contact them 8/1/09 and the line was so busy I couldn’t get thru. I work 8-5 with the state. It is difficult to find time to do what needs to be done. I am outraged that banks are pleading with the government for funds and ripping off the people who trust them to take care of their money. I will be sending this information to every possible consumer and agency to try to get this resolved. It is obvious that Bank of America doesn’t care. I pray that you all do. Thank you.

  • Ed
    EdMachete Aug 19, 2009

    Same thing just happened to me. Does anyone know when this practice began? I used to be able to beat the pending charges with a deposit to cover the funds before they actually posted to the account. Do other banks have the same practice?

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Mean Customer Service

I would like to vent a story than happened to me today concerning my Regions Bank overdraft protection credit card issued by FIA Card Services. Basically, it is about my encounter with a bitter, seemingly evil "credit specialist" that I spoke to on the phone.

I called and initially I spoke to a very friendly guy and I told him that I wanted to increase the credit limit on my card from 2500 to around 5000. The card had a zero balance, had only a couple of times had a balance over 100 dollars, and had never been paid late in the year or two I've had it. I told the associate that I wanted the limit increase so that I could take advantage of a low balance transfer rate promotion that was on the website. I have a Citibank card with a higher APR and a balance of around 8400 dollars on it, half of which I plan to wipe out with a student loan that's about to go through. The guy says that sounds great and he would be happy to do a balance transfer over the phone in the amount of 2000 dollars because that would make it more likely that I would get the limit increase if they knew that's what I was using it for. I said that was just fine and he said that he would have to transfer me to a credit specialist in order to approve/deny me the limit increase. He said that it would be a conference call so that he could explain my situation and try to get me what I was wanting.

I held for maybe 10 minutes and the same guy answered and said the credit specialist was on the line with us. I said hello and the specialist said nothing to me and instead said to the first guy, "yeah OK, hang up now." Well, OK, I thought, I guess the specialist didn't like that guy. The specialist then starts rapid firing very specific questions about my finances at me. Of course I expected some questions but this guy made it sound from the get-go that he had no intention of giving me anything I wanted and was far from friendly in his tone. For example, he asked me about my liquid assets and I asked if that included things like a 401k, to which he replied, in a hugely sarcastic manner "No, SIR, that is not a LIQUID asset. A LIQUID asset is something you can spend NOW. You need to have LIQUID assets." For some unknown reason, he just seemed to be trying to find fault with every answer I gave him. I know he has to really assess my ability to pay his company, but he didn't have to belittle me with his tone, sarcasm, and disregard for me as an imperfect human.

Now, I understood before I called that there was every possibility that I would get turned down due to my credit score or whatever, and I was prepared for that. However, he then puts me on hold, apparently to think about what he would do to me, and returns after awhile with an even worse tone and says to me, "Now, SIR, I have to tell you, not only can I not approve you a limit increase, but I see no other option but to close this account immediately." I was completely shocked and asked why he would think that was necessary, to which he replied that I had 8400 dollars of debt and for my income this was too much for him. Fine, I said, but I didn't even want 8400 dollars of credit. I wasn't even buying anything. I just wanted a transfer. Also, the first guy had already approved my balance transfer of 2000 dollars. Well, this second guy decides that he is cancelling that and fully closing my account apparently just to be mean. Keep in mind that I've never been late on a payment on anything ever in my life and that this card had a zero balance on it for months at a time.

I should also mention the origin of this account. It is a card that is used as a safety net in case of overdrafts from my checking account. So, it is a useful account besides any balance transfer stuff. Well, this guy doesn't care about that and says that he is in effect also cancelling my overdraft protection on my checking account, as opposed to maybe just lowering my credit limit. I can't believe that this guy would treat me this way with no real good reason and while I'm trying to think of a response to this without going crazy on the phone, he gives a very curt farewell and then effectively hangs up on me. I sat there for a couple of minute playing this scenario back in my head, trying to figure out what this guy would have absolutely zero interest in me as a human being and all I can conclude is that he was apparently evil. My credit score, while not great, is not terrible, I've never missed a payment on anything, I have no obscene debts, no car payment, and I work a decent job that I've had for over 3 years. I understand that nothing will likely come of this, but I felt I had to vent my frustrations and tell people that Regions and FIA Card Services really made me feel like crap today.

  • zoloftn151 Aug 13, 2009

    Story was way too long to read.

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  • Monte Write Aug 13, 2009

    If I were in your position, I would go to your local Region's Bank and talk with a bank manager there in order to let them know what happened when you called FIA Card Services. I THINK that FIA is a company that was outsourced by Region's bank to handle all the credit cards that their customers have. FIA represents your bank. IF there is nothing they can do about your closed credit card account or regarding your overdraft protection that was canceled, I would go to another bank and apply for a checking account with overdraft protection, as well as a new credit card. If you get all that you need at the new bank or credit union, I would close the account at Region's Bank.

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  • Yh
    yhtac Feb 06, 2010

    I know my response to you now might be irrelevant at this time, but my feelings are to not let this company/corp and any of their employees be able to get away with that kind of treatment to their customers, whom if they forgot are the ones providing some of their employment and paycheck!!! I have also experienced rude, and curt service representatives (if you could call them that)!! Seems anyone I've dealt with had that same arrogant attitude. I m not sure if they are all just miserable and discontent with their jobs or perhaps they have all been trained to perform in this manner. Unfortunately, this company is huge and untouchable and our menial complaints will never be a concern to them. Us credit card customers don't even compare to their other money making profit providers. Unfortunately, a lot of us didn't choose them as our credit card company and have been forced to accept their terms and deal with their disrespectful service/rep agents. I would really like to pursue registering a complaint to someone in that company who might give a SH T!!! I know I absolutely can't contact the "Customer Satisfaction Department", nor via any of the contact phone #s given. Does anyone have numbers to some upper management??? I know writing a letter will only find its way in the Trash File.

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  • Br
    breakspirit Mar 15, 2010

    I'd like to update my story. I sent it to both Regions and FIA. FIA never responded, but Regions did send me a letter stating that they attempted to get FIA to reinstate my overdraft account. FIA, of course, refused. So, I went to my local Regions branch, told them I was closing my account because of FIA, and never looked back. I recommend everyone switch to decent credit unions if they experience treatment like this. Thanks for reading my long story.

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inappropriate service fees

My name is Sean McGrew, and I’m a Legal Assistant to attorney Deanna Dailey, with the law offices of Sprenger + Lang. We are conducting an investigation of Bank of America’s practice of inappropriately applying service fees to customer checking accounts. In the past, persons have posted on this blog regarding their issues with Bank of America. If you would be interested in assisting with our investigation, please contact us at [protected]@sprengerlang.com. Thank you.

  • Ka
    Karen Nov 29, 2008

    This company is another diet scam, after canceling order was charged $29.95 showed up on bank statement unautherzied. Was told would be charged $1.00 for shipping and handling for a free product. Product did arrive and had 7 pills inside. If not canceled in 14 days . credit card would be charged 89.95 every 31 days. this was in fine print on web site. Site stated is was on ophey winfrey show. Hope others read these complaints.

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  • Ar
    Arlene Vega Dec 01, 2008

    I purchased a 30 day free trail products and then I get charged 69.95 and 79.95 twice in a month and both times it put my acctount in the red and I've now gotten hit for over the limit fees WTF ... is this for real I called the number and it rings and rings ...

    How do I get all that money back it 's almost $300 if not more.

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  • Li
    LINDA ZIMMERMANN Dec 02, 2008


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  • Gi
    Giselle Dec 03, 2008

    Central Coast Nutraceuticals.
    The company is a rep off.
    I order a free trail of Acai Pure Trial from them .
    The charge was for $1.95 only .
    Well I received the Acai Pure but it cost me $ 44.85.
    They also sned me 1 package of Hoodiburst Gum $9.95
    and Hoodiawater 1 unit $29.95.

    I called them many times and everytime I will get a message saying waiting time 120 minutes to send e-mails to [email protected] . Well they all came back .
    How can this company still be allow to keep ripping off people like us ?

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  • Vm
    v.m Nov 01, 2009

    don, t go for any online buying of any products. they take your crdit cards number and first trial is free later without informing you they charge you after 14 days . these acai berry products are all bulshit. nothing works.

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fradulent activity - they stole from my bank account

I noticed unauthorized activity on my bank account and immediatly open a fraud case with my bank. FIA Card Services had made up a "check" interestingly enough and submitted it as a "phone" payment. Listing themselves as my signatory on this bogus check. My bank concluded their investigation of the fradulent activity and found my claim to be valid.
If you MUST deal with them, be VERY careful. I called asking for supervisors several times to alert them to the fact that there must be some mistake - only to be told - Oh no, you remember don't you - YOU made the phone payment...I have never in my life at any time made a phone payment for anything.
Scary that they are that unethical. I have documentation to back up my claims if any lawyers out there get enough cases and want to go after them. I would be happy to provide it!

  • Cu
    Customer Dec 31, 2008

    I had autimatic payments for my credit card with Bank Of America FIA Card Services, once I noticed that I did not have sufficient money in my bank account number I called to cancel the automatic payments. They obviously decided to continue taking these payments out of my bank account. This action caused my account to be overdrafted from $ -119 to $ -500. Their employees are incompitent, that do not pay attention to what the costumer is saying. I said many times to them to stop those payments, everytime they tried taking the money out of that bank account and there was unsufficient funds I was charged $35 from Bank Of America, and when FIA tried deposit the money back to my account I was charged another $35. I tried calling many times to speak to the person "taking care of this problem" and she was never there, never returned my call. When it comes to solving a problem they caused me, they do not return my call. However, when it comes to calling me for payments they are calling me 24/7.

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bad ethics/

In March we offered on condo. In April we were told our offer accepted. In May we were told it was for sure...

usury interest

I accepted an offer for a BofA credit card through a professional organization at 9.99%. After I started using it, I made a late payment and went beyond the limit twice. My interest was raised to 26.9%. I complained through my professional organization and the interest was reduced to 9.9% once again. I began paying every other week, and didn't use the card. Somehow, during one period, my first payment fell within the previous month, and the second payment was 2 days late. The immediately raised my interest rate to 26.9%. I'm still fighting this incredible rate, can't believe a professional organiza-tion could be conned like this by BofA.

  • Ma
    MAPnVAa Aug 11, 2009

    Fully agree - Just posted a complaint about BOA raisinng rates and fees, just as all the other big banks are doing. Congress needs to aggressively rein in these big banks - they are a real threat to the Nation's economic recovery.

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hold time

I've been banking with bank of america for 4 years now, and in the last year my reward for being a loyal...

wont give a closing date for refinace

I applied for a home refinance in april it is now august almost 5 months later, I can not get them to give me...

lack of customer service

Why is it that a company of the size of Bank of America cannot have a web site or telephone service to address customer problems. If you call them you are routed in circles and/or you have to mumble to get an agent to pick up the phone. When you try to contact them online you never get a response. It would appear that they cannot keep CEO's and having to pay out on their poor decision making has cost us all. I have a phone number for their office in Simi Valley but it is as bad as all of the rest of the phone numbers. I can only hope that they tank!

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    Dimskiy Feb 24, 2010

    Please read my post:


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I have a HotShot company based out of Oklahoma. I've dealt with Countrywide twice. The first time we were to be paid by Comchek at PICK UP. I faxed them everything they required including our W-9 (which is posted on CentralDispatch.com but I was told to send it with the invoice anyway, so I did) I immediately was put off by Al, then when I couldn't get ahold of him, I would leave messages for Katy because I was told that Katy or Al were the only ones that could give me a Comchek #. No response from her either. After 2 weeks I finally talked to Al and he said he would fax me the Comchek #. He didn't! I couldn't get ahold of Al for several days after that, by this time, I'm not very happy! He told my husband that they never received our W-9 (which by this time I've faxed it 3 times) I informed Al of this and he in so many words called me a liar. We said that we understood why they have an awful rating on CentralDispatch and his exact words were "CentralDispatch ratings are ### and that he was in no hurry to pay people like us". I asked what he meant by that and he said people that are trying to avoid paying their taxes by not giving them their W-9. He hung up on us and we called right back and got ahold of Shane in Dispatch. My husband asked if he was proud to work for someone that didn't pay their bills and asked if he got paid for the work he did for them. He said he did. Then my husband said ok, if you work all week and are to be paid on Friday and they say I'll pay you Monday then Monday they say I'll pay you next Monday, how are you gonna feel? He said I'd be pissed. My husband said that's exactly my situation. We did what we said we would do, now it's your turn. After a very long conversation, he decided to help us and by the end of the day, we had our Comchek #. Shane said he would expedite our pay if we ever took another load for them so we just took another load on June 31st. (Payable with Comchek after delivery) Needless to say, we've got the same run around but Shane wouldn't help us this time. I faxed an invoice on July 4th and after getting nowhere I finally talked with Al on July 20th and he said, call back tomorrow and I'll fax you a copy of the CHECK. I said you were supposed to pay with Comchek, it was on the dispatch sheet. He said they don't do business with Comdata anymore. (I'm sure because they didn't pay them either!!) I was furious! **And I noticed today they are posting new vehicles on CentralDispatch showing payment is by Comchek!** They are total liars! We happened to have a driver in California so I faxed him the paperwork for this load. The address they have on Central is a UPS Store and they only have a PO Box there. I called one of their references and it was a cell phone for a girl that hasn't worked for the company they had listed for 3 years. (She wasn't happy with my call and hung up on me!) The other reference said they didn't know why they had them as a reference because Countrywide owed them money too. He said he had also tried to collect money from them at that location. He said I needed to tell my driver if he finds him, to go in, ask for Al and if he shows his face to "kick his ###". I did some more research and found that they are Worldwide Shipping Services, Inc. dba Countrywide Auto Transport and the actual physical address is: 999 CORPORATE DR. SUITE 130 LADERA RANCH, CA 92694 My driver went in the ofc. as was told it was only a "call center". He noticed Al Alamad's name on a door and went in, being chased by the woman that told him it was only a call center, saying he couldn't go back there! He threw our invoice on his desk and said he was with FTG Transportation and he wanted to pick up a check for $525.00. Al said, "how did you find me?" My driver responded with, the internet. He was able to pick up a check, we were lucky! This company needs to be shut down! Please, save yourself the headache if you are a customer, don't call them. If you are a carrier and want to get paid, don't call them!

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    JP Auto Aug 25, 2009

    Just for your info folks I had just spoke to their bond company to get payment and they told me that this operation has been shut down, bond yanked. If you will notice you can't find them anywhere on the web or the different load boards.
    Hopefully it will remain that way at least till they understand how to respect the hand that feeds them!!!

    JP Auto Transport
    Omro, Wi

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  • Fr
    Freightmann Oct 24, 2009

    There was over $500, 000 of claims to their bond company. Yes...not a typo. Over $500, 000. It appears they raked in as much as they could over a fairly short period of time, and then dissapeared. Blatant fraud. No idea why these guys haven't been locked up.

    Beware also. Semper Fi. Auto broker out of Las Vegas.

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  • Ay
    Ayers at Cortes Mar 05, 2010

    We were scammed by Comdata too. They owe us hundreds of dollars. Richard Packard and Chandra Jackson have stolen money, and have the nerve to send invoices of $0 on an account that was closed in 2008. But, they won't return the money from our last factored load or the money in the Fasttrak account either. Good scam artists though. It sure is working well!!

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