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Complaints & Reviews

home loan modification

In January my husband after not working for several months started the paperwork to apply for a home loan modification through Bank of America. We were asked several times over a few months to provide the same documents over and over again. In August my husband received notice from one of his credit cards that they were reducing his limit (this was a business account) from $10, 000 to $1400. He contacted the credit agency to fine out BofA had notified the credit companies we were several months behind on our mortgage. I will skip all the fluff in between the past few months making phone calls to incompetent people to the present. Now we have been told we don't qualify but owe BofA $5000. BofA sent our loan to Freddie Mac, that was 2 months ago. Now we are still waiting but being told our mortgage is way behind as we have not paid. We have proof via canceled checks our mortgage has always been paid. Yes we paid the approved "TRIAL" period but we were never told to stop that payment. So, in a nutshell BofA has destroyed my husband's credit making it very difficult to run his business. What ever we owe to BofA will be put on the back of our loan so we will be actually paying more for the original loan. We were not one of those people who bought above our means...we actually purchased a foreclosure 3 years ago at $240, 000. We put $20, 000 down and now owe $172, 000. Our house is worth about $90, 000. It is really a shame that this bank has destroyed our credit, not helped reduce our mortgage payments but made them higher, and still have not given us a final answer. We have also asked for a total breakdown from them of all money in and out so that we can compare. We hear nothing from them. Should we walk away??? I was trying desperately to keep our house but now I am not sure we can because of the damage BofA has done.

  • Cb
    cblake919 Aug 13, 2010

    I applied for and received a loan modification, on my home loan with Country Wide in Dec. 2008.

    Bank of America took over my loan in April 2009. I immediately began receiving letters form B of A regarding applying for the same modification, saying they needed additonal financial information.

    I have sent them the same information several times, and was notified that it was received. The last letter received and the information returned May 2010.

    I received a call from B of A today, Aug. 2010, and was told I owed 13, 000.00 for back mortgage, and that I was turned down for the modification in Oct. 2009. I have received no notification of anything.

    B of A has received and accepted my mortgaage payments at the modified rate all this time with no contact to advise me, my payments were short. How can this be!! I was also told the 3 month deferrment, that Country Wide re-negotiated with me, by adding 10 years to my mortgage, was included in the 13, 000.00.

    I would like to make my situation public and need any information on having this company stopped from the outrageous fraud they are inflicting on people and stop this practice of stealing homes.

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  • Bo
    BOFA SUCKS BIG! Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We were "approved" to qualify for the Home Loan Modification. BofA sent us the docs t begin our Trial Payments beginning 01/1/10 and was to last for 3 periods. Well, here we are in September 2010 and I have faxed and Fedexed the same type of documents multiple times over this past year...everytime they asked, they got their documents. A month ago, they said they needed some bank documents and I faxed those. I just received a letter stating that I do not qualify for the modification because the home is NOT my Primary Residence! WHAT???? Where else am I supposed to live? How did they suddenly decide that I don't live there? I don't understand why they could be playing games like this! Why didn't they just ask to verify? They are just a bunch of Crooks!

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  • Sd
    sdphrp May 03, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My original mortgage company was Taylor, Bean and Whitaker but Bank of America took over my loan. I recently had a death in the family that caused hardship with my finances. I contacted BOA about a home loan modification and it has been a NIGHTMARE from the start! I have NEVER been late with a mortgage payment. I contacted BOA about my financial situation and they made it seem like everything will be o.k. I started the process in January and it is now May. I recently received notices from BOA stating that I am NOT eligible for a home loan modification and they want to do a short sale.. WHY? HOW? I thought the reason for a home loan modification was if you were having financial hardship! I will NOT be able to make a mortgage payment this month and I'm worried that they are going to lock the doors and take my home! I am disabled and have a daughter that I am raising on my own. I thought the purpose of the home loan modification programs were for people in MY situation. I have NO other family to help me and nowhere else to go! One attorney contacted me about my situation and wants to charge $2, 000.00. If I had that kind of money then I WOULDN'T be in the situation that I'm in. Does anyone out there have any FREE advice? PLEASE HELP ME!!

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  • Sd
    sdphrp May 05, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I guess Bank of America is scoping the internet for complaints! I had just posted a comment on here and BOA called me! I just realize today is my 5TH mortgage anniversary! YEAAAAA...not!! This has been the worse situation that I've ever been in!! I have NEVER been so stressed about anything like this in my entire life!! I used to be so proud of my house but it has become a nightmare! NOT the house just my mortgage company!! I TOTALLY DESPISE BANK OF AMERICA! They should change their company name to "BANK OF UN-AMERICA"!! i still say they should be shut down! Investigate them and you will see so much illegal activities!! SHUT THEM DOWN!1 I think the government should make them pay back all of the money that they invested in BOA!! THEY ARE CROOKS AND NEED TO BE STOPPED "TODAY"!!!

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holds on deposits for a whole week

I've been banking with Bank of America for years and thought they are good.

I recently started to notice that I got ripped off quite often.

Whenever I make deposits for more than 5k/day, BoA put a hold on my account for the amount over 5000 for a whole f... week. So when my scheduled payments due, BoA charged me for overdraft. Beautiful reason.

I called BoA today when I noticed the hold and both their customer services as well as the Suppervisor told me that there is nothing they can do about that. It's their policy.

Seem to me that BoA has become so big that they now don't need customers. We should go and do our banking some where else where they value us.

management & security guards who don't know who the customer is

My recommendation is that you do your banking at Wells Fargo, a Credit Union, or a bank that hires management and security guards who value the customer. Sad part is that many of the employees here (minus a few) are pretty good.

There were unprofessional and unwelcome comments made by security officer in the parking lot. I parked in the "Bank Only" parking space after using the bank and checking my account via the internet @ the nearby starbucks.

The security officer made a comment to me that I didn't walk into the bank nor out of it; when in face, I had my statement printout that I did in fact use it and didn't spent less than < 40 minutes at the nearby Starbucks. He made some false accusations about me that were untrue. Perhaps he doesn't understand that both the taxpayers + customers are keeping him the bank going. In this case, I am both a taxpayer and a customer and so are you.

My recommendation is that you find a bank or credit union that doesn't make accusatory comments to the customers face.

Schwab First Invest Visa - Now FIA

FIA Card Services has taken over the Schwab First Invest Visa.
We are about to see a whole new level of complaints.
Schwab customers are a whole different critter – a different DNA.
Their spending is high, and they usually pay in full each month.

Checking out FIA I have noticed two things.
Online – Hard to find most recent activity. It was last on the list.
When looking at last statement – could only see minimum amount due.
No where is the actual bill amount to be found.
(This is going to drive Schwab customers batty)
With online bill pay - it only shows the minimum payment in the box.
You must change it manually.

Still pondering why FIA sends their bills on such plain envelopes.
It always appears as junk mail in a regular sized envelope.
All my other bills come in smaller envelopes, and at least the words credit card services on the return address portion. It takes months to realize that the only mail you get without a name in the return address is your FIA credit card bill.

Lets see how complaints change from here on out.
Now FIA has new critters in town, let’s see what they do with them.
If they start messing with the 2% cash back – and making it a scam like Discover and Chase, they can expect to lose many good customers.
We’re smart enough to know the cash back scams!
We’re not your average Americans.
We take calculators to everything – and crunch every number.
After all – we are investors.

customer abuse

we have done bussiness with b of a for 40 years and they got our tax payer money with bailouts and then they played god with our money as to who would stay in bussiness, and when you can't survive the economy and get a loan they force you to default and then are quick to ruin your credit so you can't get anything from anyone. That is customer abuse. I hope some crazy person blows up all their offices.

  • Ma
    mad at b of a Sep 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hahahahahahahahahaha bofa sucks

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  • Ma
    mad at b of a Oct 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I didn't need to respond to your dumb ###, you validated my post with your response. I guess you didn't read all the complaints against bofa or b of crooks. You made b of a look just like how they treat their customers, like grap. You blame everyone else, but the only mistake I made was doing bussiness with your bank of crooks, and when a customer has done bussiness with you for over 40 years and the economy tanks, you choose not to help the very same people that helped your bank grow all these years. B of a is getting such good press these day's, and then you have time to comment, rather then help your customer's, just show's that b of a really doe's suck, even after your bank took our hard working tax payer money to bail your worthless bank out, where was our bail out? I only made that the statement I did to generate a response from b of crooks and it worked. Why don't you go to work and help people rather then spend time writing comment's that make your bank look worse. I watch the news and love it when they talk how b of a keeps getting caught screwing people around. b of a will soon be going down as people realize that the employee's have made it personel when dealing with the public. My dad had the right idea, DON'T trust banks. Now do your job and stop making yourselve look like a dumb ###.

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  • Ma
    mad at b of a Oct 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is intertaining, just reading your post's to all the other complaints. What doe's b of a or crooks pay you to screw with people on here? You and your bank should be trying to help people not screw them. This bank will go down and so will you. You can't treat people like this and stay in bussiness.
    Move your money to a real bank with customer service or a credit union, they treat you with respect. BANK OF ALBUQUERQUE RULES!
    BANK OF AMERICA whoop's, I mean BANK OF CROOKS! SUCKS!!! and so doe's mellen67! Mellen67 go to work and leave honest people alone.

    2 Votes
  • Ma
    mad at b of a Oct 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You need to get a job, if you have so much time to piss people off. I didn't need some one to help me with my house, but my bussiness and the 17 people that lost their job's due to the bank's helping dumb people like you who can't manage their bills with their weekly checks. Unlike you I have supported b of a for 40 years and when they had customer service and empolees who cared about the small company's who by the way are the back bone to this country. You have no idea what your talking about. I have never defaulted on anything, just had to close my company because the economy tanked due to people like you who where allowed to buy a home they couldn't afford and then have to help them out. I didn't create your lack of common sense, you should have bought something you could afford and not rely on the rest of the country to bail your dumb ### out. When you need some work done on your home, the good companys and the mom & pop company's are gone, you will be hiring big company's with big profits to fix your home, then you will wonder why doe's it cost so much, I don't understand it. Do your home work before you put your both feet in your mouth. The reason b of a can't help is that they only havestupid people like you who have no idea what customer service is, but they are on a power trip and that will close that bank. The other post that I've been reading with your big nose stuck in all of them, tell's all of us you have way to much time on your hands instead of working, you would rather piss people off. Your post's say it all, your a stupid employee of the bank of crooks. BABK OF AMERICA SUCKS AND SO DO YOU!

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  • Ra
    Ralph L. Padgett Jr. Jan 01, 2011

    We the American People need to bring BANKS to ther graves, BANKS are the only reason the housing market has declined so drasticly!!! If the BANKS( ALL OF THEM) would not have allowed short sales and then BANK owned properties ( THAT IS THE PROPERTIES THE BANKS FORCLOSED ON ) to be sold at a fraction of what they were worth the housing market woulkd not have taken so much of a drop. Lets face it if you and I could be rewarded for selling things for a fraction of whay they were worth because we could not loose, why not do it? We the AMERICAN people need to just stop paying mortgage payments until the BANKS readjust the loans that we have taken out with them to the current assested value. Banks will take all of your monies as long as you will allow them to do so!!! If when you are broke and can't pay any longer they will forclose and sell that same property at a fraction of the mortgaged amount.Stop letting them stick it to you!!!

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holding deposit funds too long

Bank of America play 'games' with their customer deposits. I am out of town on business and needed to get a cashier's check to pay an urgent bill. I tried to get a cashier's check with a Chase ATM..but there were no Chase banks in New Hampshire. But there was a Bank of America in New Hampshire. So I deposited a Chase deposit in a Bank of America bank in New Hampshire and the check cleared the next day.. and I had proof. However, Bank of America REFUSED to release the hold on the funds until 10 days later - regardless if I could show proof of funds clearing. I feel that Bank of America practices criminal banking procedures and until someone stands up to them, they will continue their shenanagans.

atm deposits of co-signed check

Has bank of america made it difficult to deposit co-signed checks using an their atm? This policy and action by bofa is ridiculous.

Recently I ('a') deposited a $22, 000 check (From a securities company) , signed by the three persons listed on the front, into a bofa account via an atm. The check was returned to me.
The original check was made out to a, b, and c. A, b and c signed the check. A also wrote that the check should be deposited into an account (Number specified) in which a and b were owners.
After about a week I got a letter from bofa that they had removed the deposit from a & b account, and returned an enclosed "voucher" check to a because person c was not an owner on the deposit account, and an atm had been used instead of at the counter where person c should have been to confirm the deposit.
This means that bofa will not allow someone to deposit a check signed over to them by a third party.
Has anyone heard of this policy?
This could affect you if a tenant gets a government supplemental check and signs it over to you as part of a rent payment.

  • Kh
    khloee04 Sep 18, 2010

    They do NOT accept 3rd party checks. PERIOD. And thast is what this was. WTH deposits a 22 thousand dollar check in an ATM anyways? This SCREAMS of a scam...

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  • Bo
    bofabs999 Nov 16, 2010

    They wouldn't even allow us to deposit a cosigned check into our account, in person at the counter, unless the person who the check was made out to, who had signed the back of the check first, was physically there in person at the counter when we were depositing it into the account.

    If you cosign a check and deposit it YOU are responsible for the check being good. BofA could put a hold on the check amount until the check clears. This is how life is supposed to work.

    Bank of America has just become arrogant and hard to deal with, their policies are ridiculous and in this case actually prevents their customers from being able to use their own accounts and make these deposits. (We went down the block and deposited the check into an account we have with a different bank. No problem)

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customer penalized for teller error

I deposited two checks on 09/07 at the drive-thru and the teller gave me a receipt...for my total deposit and I went on my way. Four days later I received a letter from BOA that they are taking the funds back from one of those checks because the check was "lost". Lost? I didn't deposit it in a machine, I deposited with a human being.

After numerous calls and visits to my local branch, I am being told that it was lost in transit, in a machine that handles over 7 million checks a day, and they will not refund my money. Every month on the same date I deposit a check in that exact amount.

I have been a customer with this corporation for more than 20 years. I depend on that check every month. I am close to being in the red because of them. Customer loyalty means nothing to a corporation. I am in the process of transferring to another bank, preferably a local state bank.

How do these people sleep at night? Oh...they have no conscience, I believe they sleep very well.

  • 55
    557603 Sep 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh, this would piss me off! I would complain to the BBB.

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  • Da
    Daizidog Sep 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've chosen to send the Consumer Protection Agency a little note concerning BOA stealing my money. And yeh, I'm pissed.

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atm withdraw error/missing $803

On the 1st of September I went to Bank of America to withdraw $800 from the atm using a different financial...

irresponsible bank who screwed my credit and my home is in foreclosure for nothing!

I have paid my Making Home Affordable and HOPE trial payments on time and had a perfect credit score until BOA screwed me over and now my home is in foreclosure for nothing. They keep on asking me for pay stub copies, tax returns and I keep on sending them in and then they say oh, they could not find it and now the time is up for the program; so guess what... We will take your home, just sign off on your Deed and hand it to us! Can you imagine? These people are ###. I hope their homes go into foreclosure!

  • Gr
    gregkid Jan 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have similar problem .

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  • En
    Enzo Lugano Jun 03, 2016

    You can't be in foreclosure unless you missed payments, duh! People what is wrong with America you agreed when you borrowed the money to pay it back otherwise the lender can take the house and sell it. Glad I moved back to Switzerland away from you pathetic Americans!

    -1 Votes
  • Jo
    john bierens Jun 03, 2016

    i asked for a payoff and got a notice which says that "this loan is in foreclosure".this is the first I heard of this.Also there are charges called fees due? additional fees and costs? and uncollected late charges.I would like to know what the fees due are and the additional fees and charges are. the total is $1200???

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breach of trust

This is a letter that I wrote to Brian Moynihan, President of Bank of America:

I know that Bank of America has been swamped with loan modifications due to the housing mess.   I was given a 5/1 Interest Only Loan in  2005, and made a $70, 000 down payment on the property.   Like everyone else, I was intending to refinance, but did not know about the credit default swaps and deregulation of the banks that would cause the crash in real estate.  I had no idea that I was given an improper loan.  I have owned property all my life and always trusted the decisions by the banks and mortgage companies to treat me fairly.

I started trying to get help in August of 2008, when my small RI business lost revenue after the Oct. 2008 crash.   After this, I must have sent in my tax returns and financial documents at least about 5 times.  I always faxed the documents to a different person and phone number, and was never given any confirmation that the info was received.  This was concerning, as I faxed my personal information and data, and I would like to know that the information is secure, and not have my tax returns show up in all your different offices with my TAX ID's and other sensitive information.

I have an extensive paper trail of correspondence with BOA that I wrote through your website.   During that time, I asked for the name of the person who was answering my emails, but I was never given a name or a phone number.  I pleaded just to have ONE worker assigned to my loan workout, but it never did happen, and I am continually switched from department to department in different states.   I have the same stories you have heard about all the different agents that I have spoken to during the course of this struggle to get some customer service.  I have my checking and savings with Bank of America, and went to my local branch, but no one could help me with my mortgage.  I do have an advocate that has been able to help with the credit reporting.  

I finally was contacted in Jan. 2010 and was given a special forbearance for 3 months, then placed in a trial modification in May 2010.  I was told that this would not affect my credit.  I was to make my 3 trial payments and then get the permanent papers.   During this time, I also received "Notice to Accelerate, " and was told by a worker to "throw it in the wastebasket."  I still have no decision on my modification, and in fact, BOA did report me to the credit bureaus as 120 days late, even though I have never missed a payment.  When I look at my account online, it shows that I have a past due balance of more than $7, 000.   How can that be past due if your bank agreed to the trial payments, which I have made faithfully.  

They are clearly breaching my trust with their negligence and lack of fair dealing with customers. This is on their website Code of Ethics:

Doing the Right Thing
We have the responsibility to do the right thing for our customers, shareholders, communities and one another.
Trusting and Teamwork
We succeed together, taking collective responsibility for our customers’ satisfaction. This is a quote from Mr. Moyihan:

"Trust is at the heart of what we do. Our customers and clients want to know they are doing business with a financial services company that they can trust; that all our associates will treat them fairly, communicate forthrightly, and make clear, honest and ethical decisions. Trust is crucial to the value we provide our customers, and it’s fully expressed through the combination of our Core Values and our Code of Ethics."

I am looking for an attorney to file a lawsuit against Bank of America. Please contact me.

  • Jb
    jbnewport Sep 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    But, what you said is not true. You have no idea if I " blow money like sand." Bank are doing all they can to confuse, extort, and pocket every last penny from its customers, after taking all the bailout money provided by taxpapers to bail them out from their corrupt practices.
    With a name like Stealth Pilot, you must be paid by Bank of America.

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  • Jb
    jbnewport Sep 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your comments display your ignorance. Just because I put 70k down, doesn't mean I make more money than you. (from the sound of you, you don't make much, however). Maybe I wanted to put that money down to keep my payment at an affordable level so I wouldn't be in this situation. You are blaming the mortgage crisis on individuals, when in reality, it was the banks and mortgage companies that caused this crisis in real estate through their risky deals like the credit default swaps, deregulation, and predatory lending. Because of this, your savings isn't going to be worth much either when we have a currency crisis. Go do your research so you can make educated comments.

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a mix up on my payment

I had a 5 yr. Mortage with boa. It is my 5th yr. Should od been payed off june 2010. We had a sickness and asked for lower payments for 2 months, they said they would put the payments at the back of the load, so instead of june 2010 to be payed off it would be in nov. That was ok with us. Now they send me a intention to forecclose. Anyway when I mcalled them got nowher till aa nice lady at our local bank called tem, and got me to speak to a surperviser. Well I had a hard time finding her and she did call me back.In the mean time they said I was late with a payment and the loan was settled in june but I owe the rest of the money that was put on back of loan. Anyway another lady said that it was a misstake on there part, that I was not behind and have to look into what happened. But they are sending my check back. So sorry for the mix up, but I still owe money to the, all we want to do is send them the payment we send brfore. But it seems noone knows what is going on and will et back to me, noone has yet. I never got the payment back they said they were sending, or how much I owe them nothing. I kept telling them I was never behind in he 5 yrs of the loan. Now do I sent them a payment of what I sent before or what.
Barb sewell, nj

  • Ti
    tired of playing nice Dec 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel for you. I have been dealing with BOA for over a year now, trying to get my modification straightened out.
    They took my loan when Taylor, Bean & Whitaker went under and it has been a total chaotic mess since! All I can tell you is to make sure and keep a log of every time you call them, who you talk to and what they tell you. Also make sure and keep copies or receipts for anything you send to them (even Western Union). They have filed foreclosure proceedings against me saying that I haven't made a payment in over 6 months and I have every Western Union receipt to prove otherwise. I was sending payments by Western Union to the address they gave me, to make my new "modification" payments (that they still have not "officially" approved, but I'm supposed to keep making payments! It has truly been a nightmare!! I honestly don't know how they stay in business the way they run things. But I can tell you this; with everything I have been thru in the past year, and continue to go thru, if there is a class action suit brought against them for this mess..I am going to be in with both feet!

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unhelpful with home loan modification

Don't believe the new commercials for " Bank of America" they will lead you to believe they love puppy dogs, children, apple pie, and are there to help, etc.
They took over my loan- didn't pick them, told me they found an error after paying two years into my home loan - That now I must pay an extra mysterious $300.00 extra a month (Wonderful!!) I knew what I could afford & signed loan documents with a different bank, but now I'm trapped with being ripped off by them each month. I'm now two months behind and will probably have to lose my home (THANK YOU BANK OF AMERICA), better yet if your late you cannot send payment by mail or on-line you have to call it in and do it by phone ($30 phone fee - only way to make payment) that's on top of the other fee of $200 for it being late. I know they say the banks don't want your real estate, but I'm not convinced.
I have no explanation on the extra $300 which threw everything off, additional they will do everything NOT to modify your loan- they will tell you to eat less food, use less electricity (REALLY NOW!) and the person on the line will sound like a teenager who still lives with his mom and doesn't have any reality of what it's like to pay basic bills. Bank of America's only interest in you, is the interest it gets off you!!!

  • Wi
    wilsonjr8 Sep 03, 2010

    I completely agree...but in my case I am all more than willing to turn my home over because I will have bad credit, which I already do because of the derogatories they are reporting. So they will have a house that $70K is owed than what the darn thing will sell for now all because we are just asking for the interest rate to be lowered to current rate of 4.25% and they are refusing Goes to show they are just money hungry. No asking for the amt owed to be lowered but we are underwater and I assumed that what this Obama thing was for, people who are now underwater because the real estate market took a nose dive since he has been elected. Everyone says it was Bush who caused this but why are there more foreclosures now since this guy went into office, what a joke!!!

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  • Ma
    MarianL Sep 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In Cyberspace, the First Amendment is a local ordinance. Think for yourself and let others do the same

    Unfortunately, when they're in the spotlight they're subject to the brightest lights. One may not like exposes, which is your right. One may think it's NOT your or anyone else's business, which is your right. If I find that it is MY business, I can read about it and write about it. That's my right and my freedom. All democracies require I be an educated citizen and that I voice my opinion. As the United States Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized, the Internet offers a new and powerful democratic forum in which anyone can become a "pamphleteer" or "a town crier with a voice that resonates farther than it could from any soapbox."

    Asking if web site owners, or owners, is or are a patriot or a terrorist is a valid question. Asking if web site owners, or owners, is or are a patriot or a terrorist is a valid question because an open and free media is essential to democracy. The Internet is a common area, a public space like any village square. So far, it is the largest common area that has ever existed. Anything that anybody wishes to say can be heard by anyone else with access to the Internet, and this world-wide community is as large and diverse as humanity itself. Therefore, from a practical point of view, no one community's standards can govern the type of speech permissible on the Internet. In the words of John Barlow, a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) -- "In Cyberspace, the First Amendment is a local ordinance".

    FACT: America is still a Free Speech Zone. The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized that ALL United States Constitutional rights extend to the internet. That includes Free Speech, Free Expression and anonymous Free Speech and Expression. NO website owner can set up rules that overtly or covertly violate the United States Constitution, or any America’s state’s constitution. No website owner can require overtly or covertly that a user must give up their rights to participate on a site.

    You Have the Right to Blog Anonymously. You have the right to speak anonymously on the Internet. There are legal protections in several states and all federal jurisdictions.

    You Have the Right to Keep Sources Confidential. Apple v. Does established the reporter's privilege for online journalists before the California courts and defends bloggers from subpoenas seeking the identity of confidential sources in more jurisdictions.


    You Have the Right to Make Fair Use of Intellectual Property. In OPG v. Diebold, Diebold, Inc., a manufacturer of electronic voting machines, had sent out copyright cease-and-desist letters to ISPs after internal documents indicating flaws in their systems were published on the Internet. Bloggers establish publication as fair use. Bloggers are free from frivolous or abusive threats and lawsuits. So Tom Lewis of Broowaha’s equally asinine cease-and-desist letters are unconstitutional and thug harassment.

    You have the Right to Allow Reader's Comments Without Fear. In Barrett v. Rosenthal, Section 230, a strong federal immunity for online publishers, applies to bloggers. Bloggers are protected from liability for comments left by third parties.

    You Have the Right to Protect Your Server from Government Seizure. In In re Subpoena to Rackspace. EFF successfully fought to unveil a secret government subpoena that had resulted in more than 20 Independent Media Center (Indymedia) news websites and other Internet services being taken offline. With your support, EFF can hold the government and the private sector accountable for investigations that cut off protected speech.

    You Have the Right to Freely Blog about Elections. The United States Federal Election Commission ruled that blogs can comment on political campaigns.


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modification hamp

I have been trying to get approved for a hamp fha program for a year now every reason in the world why fax wasnt sent paperwork was not signed ! I have done everything i was asked and still there is a payment of $1700 that includes taxes and escro.. I have lived in this house for 14 years and do not plan on leaving 31% of my income is a $1100 dollar payment that i can afford and i will never be late !! I tried myself and now hired an attorney i have been told that an in house modification is what is being offered from $1738.66 to $1701.00 ??? 6.35 % to 5.00% plus $1900 up front in 5 days ?? assumming i got the $1900 $1700 i can not afford ..my house is worth 200k i owe 225k i would really like to stay here my kids were born in this house i was told by a friend of a friend that i should support "I support the John Wright Vs. Bank of America lawsuit"

I just want some help please

Ali Fidan

unfair business practices

I went to check the balance on my checking account and noticed that it was -850, 000 dollars. I called customer sevice and it turned into 1.5 hour and 5 different people telling me they couldnt understand it. I finally got ahold of someone from the fraud department that said the bank decided to end the relationship based on something from my credit report. I was never notified of the attempt to close my account and now i have to go without my funds (over 5000 dollars) for 15 days to process the closure. I have been a loyal customer since 2005 and this kind of business practices people should start paying attention and let everyone know never to use this bank. They obviously do not care about the individuals that made them to what they are today.

Signed a pisted off American

  • De
    denise Apr 24, 2009

    I have read the many complaints about Bank of America and realize mine is just one among many. I had banked with them for over 30 years, have good credit and go screwed by them also.

    I am wondering if there are lawyers out there who are willing to take the cases against BofA for unfair business practices in class actions.

    I have written to the congress people on the finance banking committees and did not receive one response. The average person is not thought of in the bail outs. They keep sticking it to us.

    Why are they able to play their games with credit to the average consumer? Why are there no regulations protecting us. At the very least we need to spread to word, start the movment, make our representatives act for us...not the big financial companies who hold all the power.

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  • Gu
    guy10782 Apr 24, 2009

    Last time i checked every regulation is there to protect the customer.

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  • Ze
    zepher Oct 25, 2010

    This in fact happened to a co-worker of mine. He checked his balance and was overdrawn 830, 000. He had 25, 000 in savings which the bank gave back to him, seems there are people who work for BOA who have placed cameras in atms to catch pin numbers. The rest is history. This was on the news but disapeared very quickly. My advise tell everyone you know to close all BOA accounts, cause the feds will do nothing to help you.

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  • Or
    Orhei Nov 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same thing happen to me with Bank of America. The last time I was able to enter my online account it showed I had a minus $874, 430.31 balance. This is impossible. Now I can't even access my online account which is in Dallas, Texas . I live in a foreign country so I can't go to my local neighborhood bank. I have noticed that most of the people that have comments think it's a big joke. I don't. It is very serious.
    Charles S Moore

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  • Vi
    viciousxlette Jun 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well all I have to say is I been banking with bank of america for 5 years now they never told me that transfering money from my savings to my checking would charge me but I found out after I transferd money three times that they do so my savings account is negitive they also told me that when I spend money round it up to the dollar up so if I had 23.75 in checking I actually only had 23 and after a certain period of time they would match whatever was put in there that way not once have I seen a dime of that and then I check my bank account to night cuz I got a email saying insufficant funds and I hadn't used my card and I don't even have checks and it was a check that was processing and they are charging me $35 already and they said I have to pay it by the 24th or ill get charged another $35 its bull

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house insurance proceeds

Bank of America ripped me of legally!
I complained to them so many time, but never heard from the, the survey that they send you is just a bogus one, i put

my email address, phone and name for somebody to contact me, but they never did.
I lost my house in a national disaster, After the insurance paid me, i had to give the check to the bank (at that time

Countrywide), they gave me 1/3 of the proceeds to start rebuilding, and told me the 2nd and 3rd proceed will follow

when i started. Bank of America bought Countrywide. after that they gave me so many problems for issuing checks, that i

had to borrow money from family and friend to get my rebuilding going. They kept more than $160, 000 of my money in a so

called escrow account for more than a year and paid me less than $3 interest on it and at the same time were charging

6.5 percent interest on my mortgage!! I wanted to pay off Coutrywide at first and when it get the time to rebuild get a

construction loan with a much lower interest rate on the money that i was getting, not the money that i would be

getting! But Countrywide promised that their payment would be very easy and I shouldn't mess with it. That wasn't the

case when BOA got the loan. Anyways I lost more than $15000 in interest alone. Not to mention that every time BOA sent

me a check, they would put a hold on it at BOA, on their own check! Once I got a check for $10, 000 and took it to BOA

in Camarillo and wanted to cash it, the would give me just $1000 in cash! They said I should have called three days in

advance for getting cash. Can you believe it? I do have the name and days of all these incidents. But nobody listened

to me, ever. So my suggestion to you, if anything happens to you house, and you get a check from insurance, payoff the

bank, so you don't have a mortgage payment interest for a house that you don't have for a year or two when your are

rebuilding. I don;t know who are these lawmakers that make law for consumers that require them to give their insurance

proceeds to the bank, and not to get any interest on it, but at the same time pay interest for same money as mortgage

to the bank, and go through so much hassle and beg for your money that the bank is keeping! In a so called escrow

account ( supposedly the bank cannot touch the money, give me a f..break!).

  • Ul
    Ultimateace Aug 14, 2010

    All Im saying is I cash checks for 10-20k about 2 times a month.. never have issues, they have to make funds available if the check is drawn on their bank. (I did one time have to wait 24 hours for them to get more cash but that was the never repeated)

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holding payroll check for extended period of time

My husband was in the middle of switching jobs and we had just enough to get by and after $300 in overdraft...

benefits I have paid for 6 years

To all:

Bank of america fraud of benefits

I filed for the cardholder security plan with bank of america.
This service I have paid for the last 6 years.
Now after being laid off in april 2010 I activated the benefit was approved for 15 months.

I have been not only been faxing one of the benefit managers of the benefit department directly the paperwork required each month but have also sent a mailed copy to the benefits department with a tracking number.
I phoned to follow up on the status of my benefits and the representative informed me the paperwork had not been received... So I faxed and call to comfirm receipt of the paperwork.
Now I receive in the mail a notice the maximum number of payment cancellations has been reached... What??? Really and at the end of this notice thank you for being a valued customer...

I had changed my morgage to another bank and will never engage in any finicial activity with bank of america. Personal or business accounts. When I return to the corp world I will never recommend bank of america or use the for any corporate business.

very bad cust. service

I filled out an online application for a new mortgage and got pre approved. The problem started after i received the packet from them. I sent all the documents as requested. They started questioning about some transactions that I had made in the last few months. I tried to get the documents for that. They said they were not satisfied with them. Finally they said all is fine and that they needed a "signed letter about my birth date". Seriously, i asked after I had sent them a copy of my dl, my passport and my birth certificate. I sent it anyways.i did not hear anything at all until i asked my agent to call about 36 hours before closing. They came back saying now they had a problem with the appraisal. the same appraisal company that they had asked to do After i had asked my loan officer about it and he had said everything was fine.Then they said they will do an emergency appraisal the next day so that i could have my closing on the day scheduled. NOTHING, NO ANSWERS. I had to extend the closing. I finally decided to apply with a local bank.(they got it approved within a month as promised). Anyways later when i call them to cancel my loan app. the manager says that it is in review and that I should get the results within a few days. A week went by with no answer. After i got my loan approved with the other bank, The same day i get a call from a lady saying she will be my new loan officer. I tell her she is the fourth person that is handling my case withing the last month and that i have got my loan approved through another bank and to stop wasting my time and their underwriters time. I have been a customer for them for 7 years and the only reason i went with them was thinking it would be easier since they would have my records and financial statements. It has been really ridiculous, Especially"signed birth date letter". even they did not know what they wanted when i asked. they asked me to write a letter saying i am so and so and that my date of birth is such. I am going to be taking my business somewhere else after this type of service.

Anybody listening!!!

total confusion and mahem

Description of complaint:
would you like to hear about how they are making money off supposedly helping people with "Home loan modification" programs? Trust me this is as concise as I can be; A year ago I asked to be late on 1 payment due to a change in my pay period. They signed me up for a loan modification through the "Keeping Home Affordable" program and told me I qualified in the first phone call and that it would lower my payments, I said OK and they said my packet would be there in 6 weeks. That was a year ago, after a year of me continually calling them (I could not even tell you how many times I called and how many people I talked to... all the way to the CEO's office!) I kept sending them money each month even though I was told I didn't need to by some and told the opposite by others. My online accounting (my only source of information on my account)did not show my payments made until I raised hell last fall and then some were all credited on the same date and they still were not labeled payments but MISC, I have filled out the loan modification papers and documentation twice without any confirmation of receipt except from UPS, and still there is no record of the money I have sent them since and the modification is still not complete. I have called my " so called workout negotiator- Terrance Holt" uncountable times, you cannot leave a voice mail it routes you to a customer service rep. who knows nothing! After a some random sleazy guy showed up at my home and handed me a hand written slip of paper telling me to call BOA Home Loans about my foreclosure (what?).. I finally kept calling till the "workout negotiator- Terrance Holt"answered his phone extension last week and he told me he had "closed" my loan June 30th, I asked why my online record still showed me in still in arrears and my payments are not posted and WHERE IS MY MONEY GOING? he said it was in a "special account" I could not see!. Every time I talked to someone (including the CEO's office) I asked for written documentation of what they were telling me and they would say they could not provide that, I would ask for their email address and they could never give one. My credit reports shows me as not having made a payment for a year! My questions; Why couldn't I just be late one month? Where is my money that I have sent almost every month for a year?(the only time I did not send a payment was the months immediately following my "approval of my app" and was told NOT to) the answer must be that they are making money off this process...Who is making money off my money? How is it possible that at the end of this process, I owe MORE than I did when I bought the house 2 years ago? Why can't I get a straight answer in writing? When am I going to get to see in chronological order penny by penny, what has happened to my account? Who is going to fix my credit report? I am sending this to the CEO's office and to a consumer advocate, I think they BOA count on we consumers being ashamed of our financial situation and not wanting to complain, well I am DONE with that. thanks for listening

  • Bo
    BOA loan 108701096 Sep 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I suspsect that what Bank Of America is doing is collecting the money from the government to assist homeowners, then finding a way to forclose on the house for some made up technical reason. If the house is Fannie or Freddie insured, they collect the money from the government for the loan. I appears that they have figured out a way to mainipulate the system to get paid on both ends.

    I received a so called modification from BOA last year due to medical disability...my payments went from $800 down to $460. I was told that this modification would be permanent, that I would still owe the full amount of $159, 000, but the terms would be longer and interest lowered.
    In less than one year they raised my payment back up to nearly $900. Why? They said it was due to a change in the interest.
    When I asked about the rules that state that the modification was to be 31% of my income, they just kept saying that it changed due to the ARM changing with no clear explanation. They also said I could not request another modification.
    Basically, the 31% income rule is not accurate, my payments are higher than they were before the modification, and I will be homeless soon...literally, I have no where to go, credit is ruined, my pets are out. This modification is devastating.

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  • Ju
    JUSTMAL Nov 13, 2010

    the exact thing is happening to me it has been going on a year now. I have involved HUD and FANNY MAE they still are doing this stuff. who do we go to to hold these people accountable. They are deseptive and try to cofuse you They will say you do not qualifie for the Barack Obama making homec affordable program but read it closely because they manipilate the caculation. Then try to put you into BofA's affordable home program which is totally different and does not follow the rules. They will confuse you to think you are getting the Obama program until you pin them down to give you a answer. Someone has to hold these people accountable. I hear that because I live in California I might be in luck . I was a former Countrywide home loan and Bof A took it over mine is a Fannie Mae but they lied to Fanny Mae. I to have them not showing payment on my credit report. I get intent to forclose letters all the time what I do is go through HUD and have them on the phone when I call and let them speek for me that way everything is documented with HUD also with HUD so I have proof .

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  • Ra
    Rahel Schwartz Apr 26, 2011

    I am going through the exact same thing with Making Home Affordable program through B of A. I went through a divorce about a year and a half ago and bankruptsy. I have owned my home a little more than 4 years and and always paid my mortgage on time. I applied for modification back in October 2010 and was pre-qualified for the loan over the phone. I was asked to send documentatation and I did. They replied and said I am missing some documents, and i sent it again and also faxed all the documents. I called after a week to confirm and was told that my documents have been received and is being reviewed. Then I got a letter stating that they declined my request because I did not provide them the documentaion on time. I called and told them that I have proof of everything and they said they can appeal it and reopen the process again. I called to check again and they told me everything is looking ok. When I called to check a week ago to check my status, I was told that my application was denied because they were not able to get a hold of me to discuss payment options, eventhough I did not receive a phone call from them regarding anything. The only thing I have received from them is a letter to update my contact information. When I have told them that I have not received any phone calls from their office, they said I have to appeal the deceision but I can not start the appeal process without receiving a decline letter from them. The day I received said the letter, I called them and and asked them to reveiw my case and I was told by a very rude, diserespectful young lady (Andrea ID # 6728) that I can not appeal the deceision no matter what and hangup the phone on me. I am a responsible, single mom who is working hard to keep my family going and supporting my children. My situation is not due to irresponsibility, but due to something I have no control over. These people are trying to frustrate everyone so that you can give up and loose their house. I will fight and do everything I can to keep my house and also get some legal assistance. This is not fair!

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