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Branch Banking & Trust Company / BB&T Union Kentucky / fraudulent bank services (Complaint Comment)

Mae, Circuit City, Sears Roebuck, , , The list goes on. They also fail to realize the power of the internet and the negative press that they are getting ready to receive when I post my story on every social media site from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, just to name a few. And we wont list every newspaper editor that will be receiving an editorial letter from me in every city where BB&T holds a branch location...

WhyNotLeaseIt Elmira New York / refrigerator (Complaint)

Deanna Ducreay Dec 7, 2018

I am writing to tell you sears employees are scammers. They told me my fridge would be paid in full after paying 1600. 00. They told me I only had 9 payments to make. Stupid me, did not read the lease agreement because I believed the associate. I trusted sears to tell me this is what will happen...

Sears / master plan protection agreement (Complaint)

CZiober Dec 6, 2018

Sears tech has been at my home 4 times since November 3, 2018, & my dryer is still not repaired! We are tired of parts being ordered & Sears cancelling initial order & reordering parts, & we are tired of waiting weeks for parts to be delivered! We are also tired of then having to setup repair appt & having to wait even longer...

Sears Mattress / customer service (Complaint)

Shea Coco Dec 4, 2018

Never buy a mattress from sears!!! Pay that extra amount of money somewhere else because sears customer service could care less about your complaint!!! Saving you from a headache and heartache!!! Cs will beat around the bush and will drain you until you break down in tears trying to explain your problem!!! Say away from sears!!!...

CAAD Trucking/Sears West Orange New Jersey / sears, delivery (Complaint)

Diane JT Dec 3, 2018

CAAD Trucking/Sears sears, delivery Sears has been no help. I did not hire these delivery people...

Sears Repair Service / extremely poor customer service! (Complaint Comment)

Elaine Imp Dec 3, 2018

Sears Repair Service dropped the ball from everything to scheduled appointment time through to not diagnosing the problem with my refrigerator and leaving my home while it was still not functioning properly but reporting that it was "working good". To make matters worse, I have had no response to my calls for a return visit... Allentown Pennsylvania / kenmore stove drip pans (Complaint)

paulecpc Dec 3, 2018

At sears I ordered drip pans, but do not fit right. was told I could not return at sears. had to mail it back to diy, no place on line address. thanks have order number for you. diy repair parts order #[protected]. paulecpc2@juno. com kenmore wb31k5024 range drip pan (chrome) for kenmore genuine original equipment manufacturer (oem) part$44...

WhyNotLeaseIt / lease (Complaint)

Ren m Dec 2, 2018

why not lease it from Sears. I was told after the 90 days I could purchase the washer. When I tried I was told I had to wait an additional 2 months to purchase. When I tried then, I was told I would have to pay 900 dollars to buy it out. Been fighting with them for months. I have in all paid 1500...

Sears Brands Elko Minnesota / kenmore elite french door refrigerator (Complaint Comment)

James M Price Dec 1, 2018

action suit against Sears because it seems they’ve know about this issue for years—especially, LG compressor issues that are installed in Kenmore Elite Refigerators...

Sears/Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerators Conroe Texas / kenmore elite and lg compressors (Complaint)

James M Price Dec 1, 2018

against Kenmore, LG and Sears. This pertains to the Kenmore Elite Refrigerator that are made by LG, LG compressors that have an average lifespan of 2 years and Sears because Sears knew that these refrigerators have issues and they continue to sell the pieces of crap. My refrigerator is only 2...

Why Not Lease It New Jersey / they rip off people (Complaint Comment)

repairmantoo Dec 1, 2018

I was at SEARS store seen this and it was told to me by store Rep it was like a easy pay plan, Basally am very upset I used this plan for some tools at SEARS and they will closes in a month out of business sale now. I will cancel my bank card and these fools can just stand in line or pick these tools up not paying them on Copper Penney ...

Sears Lexington Kentucky / credit card (Complaint)

Jaredjdean Nov 29, 2018

bank they tell me that Sears open $14, 100 in my name. How did an inquiry turn into a line of credit ? This is very shady and now my debt to credit ratio is up and I have a new account on my credit. I was going to borrow the money to get the cabinets and countertops but with a new account I can't...

Sears Brands / mattress dept (Complaint Comment)

Sarah Harris Smith Nov 29, 2018

worst experience with sears i’m still waiting after 6 weeks for a refund on a pool table. I’ve called them numerous times, i’m so frustrated!...

WhyNotLeaseIt Mariposa California / unable to get an explanation (Complaint)

Helen Oseguera Nov 27, 2018

and I was standing in front of the Sears Home Store Rep. giving him all of my info. and they still denied me. all decisions final?? I asked for a manager or supervisor to call me via email so to no avail I still cant get an answer or why I cant rectify the situation by giving the additional information need to get a lease approved...

Sears Brands / maytag bravos x washer model# mvwx5ooxw2 (Complaint)

cjmcjm Nov 27, 2018

In the past year alone sears has been out numerous times to replace the same exact parts. We are currently waiting on our 3rd Motor, Actuator, misc parts to be replaced for a 3rd time within this year. We are told our contract needs 3 of the same parts repaired within a year to meet the lemon policy...

Sears Brands Elko Minnesota / kenmore elite french door refrigerator (Complaint)

Theresa Cooley Meyer Nov 26, 2018

I called Sears only to find that the warranty had expired on October 22nd. I had 2 separate service people diagnose the problem and both said that there was a coolant leak and it could not be repaired. Apparently there is an issue with these refrigerators losing the coolant for no apparent reason...

Sears Brands Cary North Carolina / sears kenmore elite refrigerator - failure of product and service (Complaint)

Beth Chamblin Nov 26, 2018

Refrigerator directly from Sears several years ago. This is a LG unit branded to Kenmore Elite (model [protected]) This is a french door bottom freezer and we purchased top of the line and from Sears based on past experience with quality of product and service. We even spent the money (foolishly) on the extended service plan...