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Sears Brands / credit card/washer (Complaint Comment)

Kmart 9459 Aug 16, 2018

the constant calls to sears about repairs should have reminded you that you still have to pay for it. 6th they wouldn't have any reason to refuse your payment likely the issue was since you didn't have the credit card with you, then you couldn't make a payment cause they didn't have your account number to apply the payment too...

Sears Brands Elyria Ohio / kenmore gas stove (Complaint)

Peggy Schaffer Aug 15, 2018

I will not be returning to sears/ Kmart anytime soon...

Kmart Stores Williamsport Maryland / product availability (Complaint Comment)

Kmart 9459 Aug 15, 2018

like they use to with Sears Holding, so the buyers are having to get what they can get, which means cheaper quality. The buyers want to sell you the higher quality at lower margin, cause they know it means you buy more, but they just can't afford it...

Sears Brands / credit card/washer (Complaint)

Red Butterflies Aug 14, 2018

Told to physically go to Sears & ask for a new one. That took another 2 hours. 4. New washer arrived. The installer was extremely nice & told me that there was nothing wrong with the washer, but the first installer installed it wrong. 5. NEVER RECEIVED A BILL NOR CREDIT CARD. Received a call from the bank & Sears...

Why Not Lease It / lease program (Complaint)

Charlie Thomas Aug 14, 2018

tractor at our local Sears store where we got it, receive the $400. 00 back that we put down and be done with it. Well, we attempted to do so today. The store would not take it back because WhyNotLeaseIt denied they told us we could do so. Called WhyNotLeaseIT while there and they said no we could not return it, had to keep it at least 5 months, and that we can't even return it then...

Sears Home Sevices / refrigerator repair (Complaint)

Jodi Barnes Aug 13, 2018

Sears replaced evaporator fan motor on May 31, 2018. Today the fan motor is making loud noises and I called sears. They are unable to provide service until Aug 29, 2018. The noise is very loud keeping everyone awake at night. I need someone to come out this week before it goes out. They charged me $400 to originally replace this part and they were able to come out the following day...

Sears Master Protection Plan maplewood Minnesota / refrigerator / freezer side by side (Complaint)

MalikaB Aug 13, 2018

Sears Master Protection Plan refrigerator / freezer side by sideprotection plan and the sears corporation for months now. For this entire summer we have not had a working freezer or refrigerator and we have five people living in our home. At this point we need your help enforcing your lemon law. Which states that after three service service appointments that the refrigerator would be replaced...

Sears Repair Service / extremely poor customer service! (Complaint Comment)

Luke n Carole Aug 13, 2018

I can truly understand why Sears is about to go under. I have read many of these complaints and am amazed to find they are similar to my situation - sounds like the problem is with the technicians. When they don't do something they are supposed to do, they lie about it. We have just about the same situation with our Kenmore refrigerator that we bought in 2004...

Whirlpool Corporation Detroit Lakes, MN / french door refrigerator w10706341a bought in 2017 (Complaint)

JulieMGoebel Aug 12, 2018

Detroit Lakes, MN at Sears and paid $4, 278. 93. Since then it has quit twice destroying all contents. I purchased the extended warranty and it's taken 3 weeks the first time to be fixed now one month before they can send a technician. My sister purchased a Kenmore refrigerator at Sears for $3500+ in September 2016 and several times it thawed the freezer and now quit...

Sears Brands Astoria Illinois / appliance repair service (Complaint)

W Harris Aug 11, 2018

Scheduled service. Washer repair. 1st appointment, tech came. Charged me $104, no fix. Scheduled 2nd appointment. Rescheduled. Appointment day, tech no call no show. Waited all day. Called. Service department only rescheduled appointment 2 weeks out. Asked for my money back. Was told they ...

Sears / lawn mower warranty/repair (Complaint Comment)

Sears hater Aug 10, 2018

Called Sears back, said they saw the engine was ordered but got another appointment date, would be there from 8-5. At 3:30 I told a friend that the tech would call at 4:45 and say he wasn't going to make it. He called my husband's number at 4:20, he had been given my alternate number because we knew there was a chance he would be in a dead zone on his phone, but he never called me...

Sears Brands Morris Illinois / refrigerator (Complaint)

Louis Churnovic Sr. Aug 10, 2018

( LG ), or SELLER, (SEARS) is held liable for these very costly products. They are obviously peddling these junk refrigerators, and nobody seems to care. They are not cheap to buy. What a scam on the American Consumer. It's a shame this foreign company is not forced to fix this problem/design, that they have known about for over A DECADE NOW...

Sears Brands Fort Myers Florida / refrigerator (Complaint Comment)

Alphonsus Platt Aug 9, 2018

are waiting on a part Sears Warranty Service is Horrible. My refrigerator is only two years old and I have had three service visits. Not counting the call in which I had to order and replace my own water filter even though I have a warranty. I am a retired principal after 33 years in education and I am a Pastor in an affluent community...

Home Depot Buford Georgia / lg refrigerator (Complaint)

Danann01 Aug 9, 2018

LG sent someone from Sears out, who could not fix the problem. Now Home Depot is giving me the run around and each person at HD that I spoke with has done a poor job of follow through thus far. Back in June I received poor service on a cooktop measurement/installation and that should have been my cue to take my business elsewhere...

Sears Brands / refund for mattress purchase (Complaint Comment)

9wood Aug 9, 2018

org/chicago/business-reviews/department-stores/sears-holdings-corporation-in-hoffman-est-il-5305 why you had to wait "30 days" for anything is absurd, basically don't bother us excuse find it rather odd this "supervisor" took offense ( my term) to your recording the call but yet they have no problems recording you in my opinion rather fascist they want there record to hold over your head " we have this on tape blah blah" but yet your not able to do same? Sears Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179 USA Corporate Phone Number: [protected] Corporate Fax Number: [protected] Corporate Email: smsupport@searshc...

Sears Brands / refund for mattress purchase (Complaint)

lmnovember Aug 9, 2018

May 17th, 2018 from Sears online in the amount of $754. 99. I used the Why Not Lease It financing to help pay for the majority of that. I paid $147. 72 as a down payment to the Why Not Lease It company using my own personal credit card. The mattress was delivered to me on May 25th, 2018. I chose the mattress I did because Sears' mattress guide recommended it to be the one best suited for me...

Kenmore Elite Trio Refrigerator / No cold air in freezer (Complaint Comment)

louis churnovic Aug 9, 2018

I wish (LG) and Sears were held accountable. It costs alot of money just to get it fixed, even though the PARTS are under warranty. Where is the consumer protection. THIS MODEL's Defect has continued for OVER A DECADE!!!...

Sears / Kenmore Elite Refrigerator / poor quality product! (Complaint Comment)

louis churnovic Aug 9, 2018

Disposable pieces of S@@@> Sears used to be a reputable company, but anymore. How I lonfg for the good old days when things were made here in America, and lasted DECADES...

Sears Brands Fort Myers Florida / refrigerator (Complaint)

michelleclaire Aug 9, 2018

On 1/16/17 I purchased a sears refrigerator to be delivered on 1/18/17. upon delivery the servicemen had damaged the interior walls of my home and kitchen as well as the product refrigerator I had purchased. I made it known to the delivery men at the time that this will need addressed. I immediately phoned sears where I purchased Ft Myers and spoke to a woman named Samantha 5:36pm who placed me on hold then came back said Adam and David are the individuals supervisors and need to address my complaint...

Sears Brands / samsung tv (Complaint Comment)

9wood Aug 8, 2018

Sears Holdings Corporation 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 [protected]...

Sears Brands / samsung tv (Complaint)

michael fredsell Aug 8, 2018

This is because they closed the Sears store in my area. My warranty ends on 12/3/2018 and after much arguing with them they finally sent a technician to look at it yesterday. The technician took pictures of the problem, troubleshooted it and found it needed a whole new screen. His supervisor told him that the part was in stock and would be in by 8/20/18...

Sears Master Protection Agreement / sears master protection agreement is a joke (Complaint Comment)

Mikre Aug 8, 2018

We LOVE our Sears Master Protection Agreement. They have come out, on time and fixed the problem every time. I just re-upped for another two years...

Sears Outlet Online Somers Point New Jersey / ge ss wall oven (Complaint)

Tammy Perger Aug 7, 2018

I contacted Sears outlet online customer service on June 9, 2018. I was assured i would get a refund and they would schedule for a pick up of the broken oven. Here we are August 7, 2018 and I have had 2 months of a run around. Everytime I email or phone customer service I am told my complaint has been escalated and someone will get back to me in 24-48 hours...

Sears Home Services Kensington California / microwave (Complaint)

EAQ Aug 7, 2018

long time and loyal Sears customer. My family believes in Sears products and, until recently, their Protection Agreement and service. Back in October 2016, I wrote to you about a problem we had with the service department regarding our washing machine and I was thankful that you listened and directed me to Lori Sephus who took the time to look into our service problem...