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[Resolved] poor quality product!

Having owned several Kenmore appliances – including 2 refrigerators - in the past, and being a loyal...

poor quality product!

I walked into the Sears Outlet in Nashville with the hope of finding a refrigerator that would fit my very restrictive space in my home. Much to my delight at the time, I found the Kenmore Elite 22 cubic ft. fridge and it was one of the only ones of its kind anywhere in Nashville. Hooray! When I asked the obviously new employee about the warranty, he said it was the same one that people get when they purchase a brand new fridge, and that if I were to have any problem, it would be replaced with a new one from the normal Sears store.

It was a "dent & scratch" and it had a few scratches on it, but I could totally live with it. It cost $1199.00. We had to pay for a connector hose for the water line, paid for a shut-off valve upon installation, and paid $60 for delivery.

Four days later, as arranged, our fridge was delivered. The installers were the BEST part of the story - they handled it with care and were SO respectful and courteous. They set it all up and left, taking our old fridge away.

We moved all of our organic food, condiments, health products, etc. quickly into the fridge to avoid spoilage, as it took a while already for them to get set up. The next day, things tasted a little warm, but we didn't fully pay attention until the next day, when the milk was really warm. We put a thermometer inside the fridge and it read 60 degrees! After itemizing all of the food, etc. that we lost, it came to roughly $1000 worth of food and medicines, condiments, etc. that were no longer trusted - a great loss to us.

So we called the company (we had the basic warranty, not the upgraded 2 year extended one) and were told that we were going to have a service technician come out. When we asked when they said Tuesday (it was Friday). So we asked when. They said they didn't know and said that we could call on Monday after 8pm to see when they might come out. Monday evening we received an automated call that said that our repairman would be here between 9am and 6pm the next day. They came in the afternoon that next day, and I had to take time off of work (not a half day, but a whole day of loss based on the vague nature of the repairman's arrival time). This was nearly a week after we had purchased and lost all of our food. We were eating out for almost every meal at this point and getting a bit impatient. If only we knew, the journey had only begun...

The repairman came, "fixed" it and left. This time we were wiser, keeping the thermometer in the fridge watching it go from 59 degrees to 60, to 65 and so on. It stabilized around 65 degrees and that was that.

So we called again, again it wasn't too urgent and we needed to wait for a few more days for another repairman to come. He came eventually, after the same 9-6 time estimate, another day off of work. He came and said that the motherboard was shot and needed to be replaced. He "emergency ordered" the part and said to give him a call when it came to us. 4 days later we got the part and called him. He told us to call the repair service center to schedule a time, so they did schedule sometime two days later - another full day off of work.

He can and installed the part and then went out to his truck to make a phone call. Turns out there are TWO motherboards on this fridge, so we needed to wait for the other part to come in.

Today, 3 weeks after purchasing the fridge, he came over. The part finally came in... almost a week after ordering it. Both motherboards installed, it still didn't work. It took 4 visits from the repairman, 4 days off of work, and 3 weeks after purchase it was finally deemed unfixable.

So what do we do?

Well, I called for a replacement as was told to come on down - come pick any other dent & scratch! Are you kidding me???!!! Like I want another almost month without a fridge!

I have talked with every department and manager in that store and in the corporate office. I get the runaround like you would not believe. They will only reimburse us for the actual fridge, not the delivery of this lemon, not the tube we had to purchase in order for it to be installed, not any loss of wages or food...

I own my own company and would never DREAM of treating a client this way! We simply wouldn't have any business if we operated in the same fashion. I am pissed, my husband is pissed, and we have money to spend on brand new appliances, but NONE of that will ever go toward Sears ever again.


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    Jane Doe Jul 11, 2007
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    Wow, that was really poor customer service. As a Sears employee, I can tell you that your issue, while not rare, is indeed an example of the many calls I get each day. You should have had a loaner fridge while you waited for it to be repaired or because the problem you had occurred within the first three months (three days even!), you should have had an immediate exchange. Under the warranty you would have been entitled to $200 of food loss...

    Sad to hear though, not surprising.

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    Dean Gekas Jul 20, 2007
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    I too have a Kenmore Trio. We purchased it in 2003. We have had the starter replaced $200. Three months later the compressor goes out. Sears says they will be out in a week to diagnose the problem then it will take another 2 weeks to get the part and another week to schedule the actual repair... one month without a refrigerator at best!!! Nobody at Sears cares about the customer. I will never do business with Sears again and I encourage anybody who cares about customer service to do the same.

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  • Tn
    TN customer Jul 08, 2009

    We have an Elite fridge that the ice maker went out after (0f course) 14 months and the warranty expired. Waited on the repairman and he said it was easy to reinstall and did we want him to come back, hubby said no, I can handle it. The new part came and we didn't get around to installing it for a couple months and the new part was broken, they wouldn't replace it saying that we didn't call in a timely manner. My brother took the two apart, used the part from the old to fix the new. After taking it out the old one had almost no telfon left on it, I guess we drank it through our ice cubes (what health affects does that cause?). Now my water no longer works on the door...this fridge is about 3 years old...piece of CRAP. I won't buy another Kenmore product again, very dissapointed in this one.

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  • Ca
    capt video Feb 15, 2011

    Maybe it was the "organic" food. I bet some tofu got lodged in the air intake. Sorry you had such crappy service, but I'm willing to bet, based on how you HAD to let all of us know how organic you are, that you get upset quite readily and find offense at every turn.

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worst experience ever!

Sears, San Bernardino CA, Freezer:

I purchased a Whirlpool upright freezer online from the Sears site. It was supposed to be delivered here this coming Monday. Yesterday (Friday) I started getting automated reminder calls from Sears to tell me my freezer was going to be delivered Monday, but they didn't have a delivery time for me yet, which they would have the evening before my delivery. Fine so far. Except then they wanted to know if someone over the age of 18 was going to be home when the freezer was delivered. Keep in mind this is all automated, because perish the thought Sears would have human contact me. Well, since I don't know what time the delivery will be, how can I possibly say whether or not someone will be here??? There's no human to respond to, so I just hang up.

Today, another automated call. I hang up because I can't answer their question anyway, and my plan was to just discuss it with the human (hopefully) who would call me back Sunday evening. The second call, I noticed a part of the recording that said something like, "Please be aware, we're not able to reschedule your delivery time." So I'm supposed to put my entire life on hold, and the business that I run, so I can have my freezer delivered within a two-hour time frame, granted, but I don't know what the window is until the night before. Do I cancel my appointments? Do I tell my son to skip school for the day? Should my husband stay home from work?

I call up Sears Home Delivery again to see if I can locate a warm body. My call is disconnected before I can even speak with anyone.

I call back. Finally, a human, stateside. Except she just doesn't grasp what I'm saying. I explain that their recording is asking me for something that I don't have (whether or not someone over 18 will be here), and that I don't want to get these phone reminders. I'm trying to explain that if I don't answer the recording's messages, I'll keep getting the reminder calls. She keeps telling me that they won't know the time until the evening before. I KNOW THAT, for heaven's sake!!! On the other hand, I don't want to keep getting these reminders because I'm not answering their automated question!!! By now I'm so frustrated and angry, I'm crawling out of my skin. Still, while I sound angry, I'm not yelling and I'm not cussing (perhaps I should have). I tell her we're not communicating very well, and I'd like to speak with her supervisor. Instead of patching me through to a supervisor, she proceeds to argue with me and tell me we're communicating just fine and why don't I think we're communicating very well? I repeatedly ask for a supervisor (at least 5 times), and she just keeps arguing with me. Finally, I hang up on her.

I call back and speak with a new woman and angrily tell her I'm canceling my order. She asks why. I tell her briefly. She apologizes and takes my cancellation.

Customer Service 101: At this point, you give the customer to a superviser who can, hopefully, talk the customer out of cancelling the sale by listening to the customer vent, soothing the customer, abjectly apologizing for the customer's experience with assurances the employee will be dealt with, and potentially averting the cancellation of the sale at the very least, and the loss of a customer and the potential loss of every person that customer shares their experience with at worst.

Nope. Just, "I'm sorry you feel that way, here's your cancellation." I just now realized I received no confirmation number. Dang. That means I'll likely get a call tomorrow night confirming my delivery... and my card will not be refunded without another go 'round with Sears. Dang.

I'll never shop there again (and I was getting ready to buy a high-end stove and refrigerator in the next month), and I'm in advertising and marketing, so I will be happy to broadcast my experience to everyone who will listen.

unresponsive to customer

I have been without a dryer now for 30 days and counting. A&E Factory Services has no concept of customer service nor do they care. This is the most incompetent, disorganized, and disconnected company I have EVER dealt with. I would NEVER purposely use them as a service provider and if I knew of anyone that was going to have to deal with them, I would STRONGLY ADVISE against it.

My saga begin when my dryer began making noises. I had purchased a homeowners warranty because I am a planner for the "what ifs" that are bound to happen. They immediately sent someone out. The company stated that the screws from the bulkhead were missing and that this is not due to wear and tear, but due to work another company had done. Well, we forgot when we first purchased the dryer (the very first day) it would not work. Whirlpool sent someone out and the gentleman (A&E technician) apparently left some screws off that damaged the rear felt seal. So, my homeowners warranty denied the claim. I immediately contacted Whirlpool who apologized and set us up with A&E. This is where my nightmare got worse.

After waiting 2 weeks, A&E technician showed up only to say that he did not have the part and it would have to be ordered (I told them what the problem was. Why come without the part?). He stated the part would have to be ordered and since it was so lite it would be sent regular mail. He continued by stating that would take 10-14 days before the part arrived. And so we waited.

My husband scheduled an appointment with A&E for June 25 (as instructed by the technician). The parts came and sat. On June 24, I missed a call on my cell phone at 8:03 p.m. It was an 800 number and I thought about not returning the call, but something inside me pushed me to return the call and so at 8:11p.m. I called the number back. I told the lady that answered the phone I thought I had received the call in error and she asked if I had a scheduled service call for anything. I told her I had a scheduled service for the following day. She said that they did not have enough technicians and would have to cancel the appointment. I thought well they will fix it soon and so I asked what date was the repair being rescheduled for. She stated July 2. July 2? I stated that was not acceptable and I would be expecting someone the following date (June 25) as had been scheduled. She said she would make a note of it.

I called my husband and he said to call them back and ask to speak to a manager. I did and it got worse. Nancy (the manager) offered no support. She stated they could not help it if someone got sick and also being that it was Sunday they could not contact anyone, so I was stuck with the cancellation of my appointment. I told her that I had taken off work and we had been reduced to going to the laundry mat (remember I have 5 people in my house and it is going on a month now). She said well I can go to work now. You talk about the lack of customer service. This company is the WORSE. I asked for their website address and she stated she did not know it. How do you work in the customer service area and not know the web address? I stated this must be a small company. She said no they were all across the U.S. I then googled on their name and found nothing but negative comments about this company. I said to Nancy I see from my search that this company makes a habit of providing POOR service. Everyone I pulled up has the same problem with you. She said is that all. I just hung up the phone.

I emailed Whirlpool because they were the reason I was in this position. I explained the situation and told them it was their fault. To not do better research on the companies that you allow to service your customers means that you don't care. I told them I hold them totally responsible for the situation I was in.

My husband contacted them on June 26 and stated the problem and that I had emailed them. The lady told him that they had responded to my email (I asked them to call me, not email me). He said that I was out of town. They tried to contact A&E while my husband was on the phone. Guess what? They did not care. A&E told Whirlpool they would not come out because they had no one available. Whirlpool did try 2 other companies, but neither had an available appointment for that week. They contacted A&E again who then promised to come to my home on June 28. They would call me to let me know what time. Well, that day has come and gone and I have yet to here from A&E nor has Whirlpool contacted us for followup. I did contact Whirpool though.

I emailed Whirlpool and told them what I think of them and A&E. Maybe had they googled on A&E's name as I did they would have gotten a clue. Right now I am not happy with either company. My dryer still does not work and I will probably have to pay for something that was never my fault.

I think both companies are horrible in the customer service arena. I would not recommend either to anyone.

Thanks A&E and Whirlpool for absolutely nothing.


  • Sl
    slatss Feb 01, 2010

    I agree, very poor service but I don't fault the servicemen, it appears to me the company is very mean to their employees, expects more of them than humanly possible, has absolutely no regard for the customer's time, they expect you to take the whole day off to wait around to be called and told that the service person won't be there.

    Again I don't blame the servicemen because they work them like borrowed mules for very little pay I imagine. My husband's thoughts are that they could drive tiny cars around because they never have a part in those big vans, always have to order it and come back next month or so.

    If Sears contracts this company they should drop them, keep the servicemen and treat them with more respect and give them raises. A & E gives Sears bad karma.

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    PEGGY WISE Feb 14, 2012
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  • Ga
    Gail Newman Oct 21, 2015

    Called American Home Shield mid September who sent them out. Had them over twice. Appointments took 2 weeks each time! 9/28 & 10/09. Each time they ordered a different part which would not work. Always called with the same excuse that they weren't coming within the four hours. 5 weeks and still not repaired. Scheduled the next appointment for 10/20. I Called another repair shop. Came the next day and within ten minutes, he diagnosed it, replaced the part and my microwaved was repaired. I would like my $75.00 returned. They did not repair it within a reasonable time, over 6 weeks, and it still was not repaired. The repairmen did not have a clue what to do. My time was wasted.

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[Resolved] oven door glass breaking spontaneously

I have a 2 year old Kenmore electric range model number 790 [protected]. The other morning we heard a LOUD boom...

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poor delivery and installation, washer itself

I purchased a kenmore 500 series washer on May 25, 2007. Was told that they don't deliver in our area until Thursday of the following week. (Even thought they delivered 16 miles down the road to Camilla on Wednesday, going right by Baconton-twice) We said okay, no problem. Good thing that I purchased the three year warranty.

After they finally got the washer to the house on Thursday-after the time that was stated that they would be there. The person who installed the washer hooked up the cold to the hot and vice versa. After finding this out, he lay the hoses down and water flowed from them all over the floor. He fixed the problem, and left.

About two hours later, water was running out from under the machine. We called Sears and was told that they couldn't come fix it, that they would bring a new machine out. My mother called a plumber and he came and saw that the problem was where the pipes had been stripped out when the person doing the installation took them off and replaced them.

We called and let Sears know about this, and then they made an adjustment to my statement.

Well, as luck would have it, the washer is now leaking water out over the floor when it goes into the spin cycle. My mother called on yesterday, they were going to send someone out with a new washer on today. They would call back by 6:00p.m. and let us know when the delivery would be. We were told between 10:ooa.m. and 12:00p.m., they would call 1 hour before, they called at 12:25, arrived at 12:30. (Why say something if you are not going to stand by it?) Anyway, the second washer in a little over 1 month is now installed, please say a prayer, that maybe this will work (this time.) Makes me really wonder about making future purchases from Sears.

I tried to find the correct address to mail my complaint to, with no luck, I decided to put it here. Maybe it will help someone else receive better service in the future.

Tekla Sellars

  • Ja
    Jazznme3 Feb 08, 2009

    I posted a complaint, but it went to another area.(?)Divide and conquer
    I just started using my new Kenmore 500 washer. About 6 loads. First load took me 10-12 min to untangle a pair of tennis shoes from the rest of nearly the entire load. I have never done anything unique with my prior washer, which was a Kenmore model...I think it was over 30 years old. Couldn't even find a year or model # on it. Wasn't sure I could get the water pump replaced. This machine is noisier. I thought they used better insulation or was I supposed to pay another $200 to get it quieter.
    Then today, I was further ticked. I did what I would call a normal wash. I went to take a sneak peek. Wish i hadn't. The water level was so low; more water in my toilet bowl!!! Needless to say, I was ___ not pleased. Is this a government regulation-intrusion method of water conservation?! I wasn't believing all these postings on various models. Now I do. However, there is no better alternative. Complaints abound!!
    I just looked up the 700 series. No better. Now I wish I could have my old girl back and try to fix her. I don't have a lot of laundry. Did without since Thanksgiving...except for 2 loads at my uncles'.

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  • Du
    Duckma Jul 18, 2011

    although the washer indicates a delicate cycle, it still uses the same agitation as any other cycle. This results in a non gentle agitation and spin cycle for delicate clothes. I feel this is a mis-representation of the "gentle" cycle. Any thoughts?

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poor service & installation

We signed a contract with Sears for a central air conditioning unit in December, 2005. They sent a contractor to install it in June, 2006. This contractor asked us to clean out our attic and said he would return the following week to install the duct work in the attic. He did not show up. After many calls we reached our sales department in Scranton, PA who told us the contractor had quit. They sent a second contractor who completed half the job and then never returned. The job was finally completed in October, 2006; the unit then broke after one month. We could not get Sears to repair it for another month. We have since been transferred from Scranton to Philadelphia to Albany. No one at Sears will take any responsibility for fixing this unit. There is not air conditioning on the second floor of our house; the last contractor told us that the contractor who installed the duct work did not install the vents to the second floor so we will never have air up there!!!! We spent $14,000 for this and we can't even get it serviced. Our advice, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS!!!

waste of time and money

I have a big problem with the staff at Sears dental they are very rude and they make you wait atleast 45 minutes from your scheduled appointment time. The Orthodontist told me in the initial evaluation that he could close the spaces in between my teeth, well I took his advise and signed a contract with Sears Dental for $129.00 a month. He never closed the spaces and every time I came in for my appointments he never changed my wires or even instructed me that I had two cavities that went untreated for several months. The end result lead to him referring me to another dentist in the office for porcelain venures, dental bonding which means I would have to come out of pocket 4,000 more dollars that i did not have. I have never been treated so inhuman in my life. I ended up taking the braces off myself. Sears Dental is a BIG waste of time and you will pay alot of money and receive NO results. Please dont waste time or money with them. The staff treats you horrible, they dont know that patients, you will wait an extended amount of time, and the final result is your teeth look worst after you leave. They created more spaces so they could refer my to someone else in the office, so everyone in the office can make a profit from you. Thats really wrong. Now Im going in to get braces from a real professional. What a waste!

  • Tr
    TRUE and LOYAL Apr 26, 2011

    Wow... I had to read this post twice before I realize that someone else had written it...(and not myself) I experienced (exactly) the same treatment! all I wanted was the spaces closed between my teeth and the orthodontist instructed me to follow his advise to sign a contract for the same treatment. To my surprise my spaces were not closed! my wires were NEVER changed...and He also recommended that I see someone else in the office for ventures! I was so heated... I think the are on a money scam... miss diagnosing patients to get capital dollar from unsuspecting patients. I have had my braces on for several years now due to no one wanting to treat me because they weren't the ones who initially put them on. (TOTAL DISASTER).. I had several cavities also and the orthodontist had not told me anything! (SO UNPROFESSIONAL). I would not advise anyone to receive treatment from SEARS DENTAL...the staff treats you horrible and you will be thousands of dollars in debt with NO results! I can't believe that they are still in business! SEARS DENTAL is a SCAM!

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  • Cm
    C. m. Miller May 09, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I accompanied my boyfriend on his visit to dayton dental and orthodontics inside sears at the dayton mall. That place is disgusting. Floors were filthy, there was trash on the floor in the exam areas and the exam chairs are in ragged shape. We did wait almost 40 minutes past our scheduled appointment. It seemed like a slaughter house to me. They were moving as many patients through that place as they could. Seems as if they are just trying to make as much money as possible.

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$100 restocking fee on a $500 item

Although I was assured that there would be no problem returning a portable air conditioner purchased as a present for my mother, I was never advised there would be a re-stocking fee, but there was!

  • Sa
    Sarah Oct 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It tells you right on the back of your receipt that there is a restocking fee on items such as seasonal, electronics, lawn and garden items etc. If costumers just started looking at the back of their receipt it would make things a lot easier you know. But of course they never do.

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  • Sc
    Scott Nov 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Today I returned a TV and was told about a 20% re-stocking fee, which I was not earlier informed of. It seems that the information was to be found on the back of a Sear’s form that was stapled to my receipt. When this was pointed out to me, I in turn pointed to the front of the form that had my name and address collected on it, and a detailed list of information that I, the consumer was to have been informed about at the point of the sale, specifically the re-stocking charge. According to the Sear’s from, I the consumer was to have been informed about the restocking fee, not misinformed by omission. Based on this information, I argued that it was Sears who had made the mistake, and therefore ought to pay me a refund, which they did. Ps…never will I but electronics at Sears again.

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  • 01
    01gisele Apr 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered custom made blinds form Sears Home Central in Edmonton. I was really undecided but my husband liked them and I was pressured by the Sears representative (Jan) that they were the best thing I could order for my house. I finally gave in and ordered the blinds. I asked the representative what would happen if I changed my mind. She replied that I was signing a contract..., giving me the impression that once I signed on the dotted line, I was obligated to go through with the order. A few days later, I phoned and asked her how Sears' prices compared with The Bay since the blinds were 50% off at The Bay. I was given a big story about The Bay jacking up their prices and that their bottom line, after the discount, would still be higher than Sears. At that time, she reminded me that "the blinds have already been ordered...", again making me feel that it was too late. I finally went to the store and had a look at the blinds in the showroom. I really didn't like them and phoned her to cancel. I was 3 days late in cancelling the order, they held me to my contract, and I was told that I would have to pay restocking prices if the order was cancelled. I talk to her manager (Keith), and he was very rude, re-stating that Sears was holding me to my contract. I decided to get the blinds installed since I was already being charged about $800.00 for re-stocking. I did ask Jan and Keith if I could order something else and if I could get the $800.00 applied toward the new order. This was refused. I know I have some responsibility because I did not to read the fine print which states that orders can be cancelled within 10 days of the order. I am usually quite aware of the fine print in a contract but, given her responses, I strongly believed that I was stuck with the order and had no option. My fault, I guess, but I feed that I was misled and mis-informed. This is covered under the Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Trading Act. I do not know if I have any recourse here, unless I want to get into a long legal battle. I have since paid the invoice because I did not want my clean credit record to be affected.

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dishonest and greedy company

Sears, Roebuck and Company
Merritt Square Mall
777 East Merritt Island, FL 32952
Tel. [protected]
Fax. [protected]

On the evening of May 29, 2007 I purchased a Bunn coffee maker for $104 at the Sears located at Merritt Square Mall in Merritt Island, Florida. The specific coffee maker I purchased was sight unseen as the model that I purchased was not open and on display, whereas a similar item was. The fact of the matter was that I didn't want the model which was on display, I wanted a model that wasn't opened and on display. While checking out I was offered and explained in explicit and great detail the extended warranty that I could purchase; which I declined. I was also invited to apply for a Sears credit card; which I also declined. Not once was the mention of a restocking free ever mentioned to me PRIOR to or DURING the transaction. NOT ONCE!

After getting the product home and opening the box, I was shocked at the very poor quality of the product. I have been a loyal Bunn customer for a number of years and have always been pleased with their manufacturing quality. It had been several years though since I last purchased a Bunn coffee maker, but apparently in that time they've changed their quality standards. I decided that the quality was not worth the expense and that I would therefore return it for refund.

6/8/07, I returned to the Sears in which I made the original purchase to return the coffee maker. I was assisted by an associated named Nicholas. Nicholas informed me that there would be a restocking fee. I informed Nicholas that I was not aware of that, and asked him what the amount would be. Relating to my refund transaction which Nicholas was processing, he printed from his computer a paper which said the amount would be $6.00. Nicholas had trouble completing the refund transaction and subsequently paged for the Manager on Duty. After waiting for over ten minutes, the Manager on Duty arrived (I did not have the opportunity to get his name as tag on his lanyard had flipped around backwards). Nicholas handed the Manager on Duty my receipt as well as the paper he had just printed. The Manager on Duty looked at both, which I presumed he actually read. The Manager on Duty walked Nicholas through the refund process. The refund was processed and my receipt given to me. Upon looking at the receipt I saw that the restocking fee had gone from $6.00 to $15.67. That's a 161% increase!

I spoke with the Manager on Duty and explained my dissatisfaction; first with the restocking fee in general and having never been told that such policy exists, and second with the more then doubling of the $6.00 fee in which I was quoted by Nicholas. The Manager on Duty informed me of Sears policy, and then showed me the back of the receipt where the policy was written. Also worthy of noting, unlike what you see at Circuit City, Best Buy, Target, and countless other retailers; NOWHERE in the store did I see any sign or mention of a restocking fee.

I told the Manager on Duty that I would like to speak to the manager or someone higher on the food chain then himself. I was led to the store office and to Claudia Lamascolo ( <mailto:clamasc AT> clamasc AT and [protected]), Store General Manager. I explained to Ms. Lamascolo my dissatisfaction and my position on the matter. The only thing Ms. Lamascolo chose to do was hide behind the policy printed on the back of the receipt. In no uncertain terms (and yes, I did say a single vulgar word a single time) I related to Ms. Lamascolo that I wanted a refund of the full $15.67 or at the very minimum to be charged only the $6.00 that Nicholas quoted as the restocking fee. Again Ms. Lamascolo refused, choosing again to hide behind and cite the back of the receipt. I then asked Ms. Lamascolo, 'so the only way I know and the only notice I have of the return policy is by what's printed on the back of the receipt, correct?' She replied, 'yes, it's on the back of the receipt.' I then asked for the telephone number for Sears Corporate.

While leaving the store I stopped at a checkout counter for something else and also to ask a few general questions. First I asked, 'do you know which items are and which items aren't subject to a restocking fee? The reply was 'yes.' Next I asked, 'when selling merchandise that is subject to a restocking fee, do you inform the customer of the policy PRIOR to the sale?' The reply was 'no, not all the time but sometimes I do.' I then asked, 'is it the store policy or Sears policy to tell the customer at the time of sale about a restocking fee?' The answer was, 'I'm not aware of any policy like that.' And finally, 'do you have a sign or notice here at the register or something that I'm able to see and read BEFORE I buy something and get a receipt that discloses the return policy and restocking fee?' To this the answer was, 'I'm not aware of any signs that tell of a restocking fee.'

Upon returning home I called the number [protected]) provided to me by Ms. Lamascolo. I spoke with a representative who identified herself as Ebony. Ebony was essentially useless, providing only the canned lip-service responses that you'd expect. However, Ebony did relate to me that the Store Manager does have the authority to waive a restocking fee and that waiving the restocking fee is at the discretion of the Store Manager. I told Ebony what I thought of the shady sneaky practices of Sears. About all Ebony could do was reiterate her previous lip-service. I then asked to speak with her supervisor. She informed me that there are no supervisors there that could help. I guess I'm to presume that Ebony, the entry level $6.00/hour Customer Service Rep is running the Sears show. I asked then for the telephone number to Sears Corporate, as in if I wanted to speak to the CEO or the COO, what is the number to call. She gave me the number of [protected]), which I intend to call on Monday.

Sears is REALLY good at telling you all about the extended warranty that you can purchase when you're standing at the register. Sears is really good at trying to get you to apply for one of their Sears credit card when you're standing at the register. But when it comes to telling you they intend to swindle from you if and when you return certain items, they conveniently find it unnecessary to tell you of that. How am I supposed to know the return policy if the policy isn't offered to me until AFTER the sale when my receipt is provided?

My position is simple. If my purchase is subject to a restocking fee, then fine, but shouldn't I be afforded some opportunity to become aware of that policy in some form or fashion BEFORE I make the purchase so that at least the purchase is made by informed decision? If I'm not entitled to know the return policy until AFTER the sale when I'm presented my receipt, how is it that Sears is entitled to perform such swindling? My position has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the $15.67. It does however have everything to do with being an honest and honorable merchant. It does however have everything to do with being a Store Manager who can do what is honest and honorable, ESPECIALLY when it's within their discretionary authority to do so.

My point Ms. Lamascolo, don't I have a right to know the policy PRIOR to the sale? My point Ms. Lamascolo, doesn't Sears have a moral and a legal obligation to inform their customers of such a policy PRIOR to the sale instead of after the sale is completed and the receipt provided?

It's been fifteen years since I've shopped at Sears. It will be the rest of my life before I ever shop there again as I will not patronize such a dishonest and greedy company. And for the rest of my life, when the opportunity arises, it will be my personal objective to honestly relate my experiences and discredit Sears. Ms. Lamascolo, as and agent of Sears, had the opportunity to do the right thing. She had the opportunity to show Sears and herself in a favorable way. She opted to be an unprofessional coward and dishonest corporate puppet.

Regards, from a 100% dissatisfied customer
T. C. Fell
206 Jackson Avenue
Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920

  • Ni
    NitaW Jul 21, 2009

    Hello, I do work for Sears in Merritt Island as an MCA (I do no cashering but I assist customers to the best of my ability). I do agree with you with the store manager. Even to lower employees such as myself she is horribly useless, even dismissing me when my manager gave me indeed...Zero hours for the week to work, giving me some odd response of my availabilty time and such (which is quite well seeing as my availability is open to close everyday...). Im happy to say im on the edge of finding another environment, the managers themselves treat us horribly, a comparison would be to how a mule is treated. It really is sad that no matter what effort you put in, the response back is horrible. I wish you all the best, and frankly...cannot blame you a bit for not wanting to come back, I plan on doing the same once im gone..

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  • Ni
    NitaW Jul 21, 2009

    Yeah i'll tell you who shops there...I dont have some nice words for the people there... however there are good people and I do appreciate them when they come.
    The points aspect however i'll tell you about it why they explain it so much. First its policy, not introducing t he customer to these things can get you into a heap of trouble... Then the ''points'' are Mandatory, not some kind of prize points or what not. Theres a certain amount you have to obtain cards and protection plans wise. If you dont reach a certain amount you have to take a class sundays and it puts you in a bad light with managers. (there is a chance of getting fired). So really when their asking you try not to think their pestering you it really is a rule that they MUST offer these...

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its time to get rid of a bad penny

I enrolled with sears master gold card. (bad move) For some reason they sent my bill to the wrong address and I didn't get my bill for two months. Since I was in Florida I didn't think it would be a problem getting my mail forwarded. They sent the bill to my physical address and the post office sent it back. It should have been sent to my mailing address. I got a letter from a collection agency so I called them immediately and found out what the problem was. They told me they would take care of it. So I sent them what I owed them. This month I was charged $85.00 late fee for two months and interest also. I paid it reluctantly with hard earned money. I paid it because I know that nobody cares as long as they get money.

It doesn't matter who has to pay. I have never been late on any payment. And my charge cards are zero balance. I am so angry that I think its time to get rid of a bad penny. I know you wont do anything about this but at least I have vented my anger.

missing components

I purchased this Kenmore 44152 washing machine (front loader) about 1.5 yrs ago. Now I have to move to a new home and apparently the delivery folks who installed it did not leave the fastening bolts required for the move. I went to the SEARS store where I purchased it and the salesperson said that this was typical - all components not necessary for the operation of the appliance are removed. He gave me two telephones - a delivery and a local parts. Neither of them can help me. So it seems that when you buy a washing machine - you are stuck with leaving it there!!! Well, I am not done with these bozos... I am going back to the store and will demand I talk to upper management. Bottom line - DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS!!! They are a bunch of thugs. Clearly, when I move my machine now, I will incur damage - and then I am absolutely sure that they will be more than happy to fix it for a price that will probably exceed the price I bought it. Way to go SEARS!!!

sears is running a scam!

Sears is doing with their appliances what they did in California with their auto service a few years ago. When that scam was uncovered their auto service business went downhill. They would tell customers they needed parts replaced in their cars, when they didn't need them. I had a service technician come to my home to service my washer. She told me I needed a part that was no longer available. And it would be better for me to buy a new washer. When I checked their parts department they said it was available, so I ordered the part. On the day it was due to be delivered I called to verify shipment and was told it was no longer available. After many back and forth conversations with Sears promising to return phone calls, which never happened. I had to always call them back because they know nothing about keeping their word. Come to find out when checking my manuals and calling other companies, I didn't need a part at all, my washer belt slipped off. I have been a Sears customer since the 1960's. I have bought my last from Sears. I will be calling other repair people to do my repairs. I will be buying my appliances at Lowe's, Home Depot and Best Buy. With the unnecessary stress from the attitudes of their customer service people and the scamming of trying to make me buy a new washer from them, for me its bye, bye Sears. If everybody would stop buying from them they will soon go out of business. Maybe then they will wish they would have done the right thing by their customers, but it will be too late. When people try to take you for granted you need to show them that they're not the only store with appliances. Stop shopping at Sears, you can do better somewhere else. Look for other technicians to repair your appliances you don't have to call Sears. There are plenty of other technicians that repair all products.

  • Rj
    RJF888 Jan 25, 2011

    Sears products especially what you pay for the Elite...Elite what JUNK

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never again, sears!

I live in Brooklyn, NY, maybe not Sears country. I have a warranty on a Kenmore water heater. It failed on Sunday, May 6, 2007, after 13 years, quite reasonably. I called the number on the warranty, which is the same as the number on the website. I had an appointment for 8-12 am on Monday, May 7, but nobody showed up. I tried to find this item on the website, but the connection appeared to be down all day. Calling the number required trickery to get a live person, otherwise all I heard was the message that I have an appointment for 8-12 am. Finally an old guy (not a plumber, a guy in a suit) showed up at 2, but all he did was check that indeed the water heater had failed (DUH, water all over the floor). I had turned off the inlet and the gas. What was that about? The fact that the thing ran 13 years is pretty amazing.

A half hour later someone called from IOWA to confirm that maybe tomorrow a water heater will be installed -- they will let me know!

On Tuesday, May 8, I got a call at 7:30 AM from the plumber, to install the water heater. That's the good news. The bad news was that they will be there some time between 11 and 5. They actually arrived at 12:30, were done at 1:30, and I got in a few hours at work.

Used to be, they showed up when they were supposed to, WITH A WATER HEATER, and it was replaced RIGHT AWAY. That is actually why I had the warranty. Well, never again, SEARS! And I was a big Kenmore fan too.

  • Mo
    Morris C. Feb 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You purchased a water heater and an extended warranty. The water heater worked for 13 years. When the water heater failed on a Sunday, someone came out on Monday to inspect the water heater to verify your claim and to verify that the water heater was the same one that they installed previously. After the inspection, you received a call within 30 minutes to let you know that they will try to get out to your house the next day and replace the water heater. The plumber called the next morning and told you he would be there between 11 and 5. He showed up within that time frame, replaced your water heater quickly, and left. What exactly is your complaint? Your extended warranty covers the replacement of the water heater. It does not guarantee you same day priority service. Your problem was resolved in about 48 hours. Your complaint actually makes me want to use Sears, not avoid using them. Thanks.

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  • To
    Tom Smith Feb 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    We at the complaints board have received your complaints, your money will be returned to you in due time. Send to me your phone number and contact details. We also have a job offer that can put a smile on the faces of people that are agrieved over poor financial services.

    Tom Smith.
    [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Mike N Mar 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Honestly, the fact that anyone would replace a 13 year old water heater under any conditions or warranty is pretty remarkable, yet you're focusing on what you perceive to be an inconvenience? Wow! This is exactly what I deal with every day being in the residential custom homes / remodeling world.. customers who have no clue how things work and have unsubtantiated expectations of what services are to be delivered. I have to agree with the first comment.. this is by far much better service than 99% of retailers could or would offer.

    Had you not had this warranty, and the strength of Sears standing behind their product, I would say to you GOOD LUCK finding a plumbing contractor who'd have come out and had that unit replaced within a 48 hour time frame. Oh and you'd have loved spending the $800.00 they'd have charged you on top of that!

    Get real. Sometimes I think folks complain just because they can.

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what happened to sears service!

What happened to "SEARS"?

I have an elderly friend who has a service contract with SEARS for her refrigerator. Last month it stopped working. She lost all her perishables, then it took them 5 days to come and fix it. Less than a month later it broke again, this was last Wednesday, May 23. Again she lost all her perishables. This time they will be out to fix it on June 5th.

My friend is a 76 year old insulin dependent diabetic. Why would it take 2 weeks to come out to fix a refrigerator? I explained the situation to the repair center and all they said was that they were sorry. I consider this an emergency. We have a large percentage of elderly living in this state and this is how we treat them.

She has been staying with our family until the refrigerator is fixed.

SEARS use to be the elite when it came to customer service. What is going on?

Carol Marchese.

  • Su
    Sumattee Mangray Jun 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchase a refrigerator from sears wearhouse on Tomlyn ST in Richmond Va, last year June and it was not delivered the date promise the manager name John promise to refund the delivery charge $60.00, as of this day he has not fullfiled that promise. I have made several phone call to his cell phone and he keeps saying g I will take care of it that your request has been sent for your refund.

    Well I am tired of waiting so I am going to call Channel 12 the TV news to look into it, call 12 on your side. Hope to get a reply soon, sears customer service has been going down its not what it use to be back in the 80's.

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  • Jo
    john zeidler Aug 01, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From the various postings I have read and my own bad experiences with sears (long time period to get a repairman to fix a garden tractor belt, poor workmanship on the repair-left a belt off the pulley, and really bad parts service, unusable new parts delivered and misunderstanding my wishes for a new usable part), I have decided the best course of action is to NEVER buy anything from them again including their K-mart stores.

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  • Ka
    Karen Key Aug 13, 2013

    Purchased a Sears washer, after one tear it quit working. Repairman came out sold me a warranty and that was months ago---still my machine doesn't work and tomorrow will be Sears 3rd repair visit . Sears will never get another penny from me and anyone else I can persuade. They used to be the best, now they cannot be trusted whatsoever.

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problems with restocking fee

I was shopping at Sears and saw a box with a hardwood floor cleaner inside. My daughter just bought a home and had asked for something to clean her hardwood floors. I obtained a salesperson and asked about the product. None were on display. He said it was not a vacuum. It dispensed a liquid on the floor and wiped it with a pad. Since I was buying the product for someone else I asked the salesperson if I could return it and he said yes. My daughter did not like the product and I brought the product back to Sears and was charged a restocking fee. No one ever disclosed the restocking fee when I asked if I could return the product nor were there any signs posted saying that Sears charges a restocking fee. I called the store manager the next day (he was not in that evening) and my phone call was unreturned. I called the Sears Home Office and they said they do not reimburse restocking fees. The only time that a customer finds out about the restocking fee is on the receipt which is AFTER the product is purchased and it is too late. They lost a 20 year customer.

  • Ih
    ihatesearscustomers Jan 01, 2011

    It is not Sears job to teach you to read. It clearly states on the receipt that you can return the product, if new and unused for no penalty.

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sears canada handling charge rip-off

By phone I ordered a vertical blind from Sears Canada, delivery of which would be 2 days hence. Within 15...

hassle free return within 30 days policy is a rip off!

Sears has no intention of honoring their "hassle free return within 30 days " policy. I purchased a lawnmower from sears and it worked for 15 minutes. I put fresh gasoline and an entire quart of oil in the lawnmower. When I tried to return the mower (less than 24 hours later), I was told that the lawn mower could not be returned because I broke it. I could not believe my ears! First they accused me of using gasoline that I had sitting around for over a year, which was false because I had just purchased fresh gas before my previous lawn mower broke that day. Then they said I did not put enough oil in the mower! Hello? I used a whole quart. They said I couldn't have.

To make a long story short, I had to send the mower out for repairs, that did not work in the first place, and was told that it would cost up to $110.00 to fix it!

Please, Please, Please, do not purchase any lawn equipment from Sears! It is a rip off!

  • Jo
    JoAnn Thompson Nov 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been going round and round with Sears trying to get my self propelled mower repaired. Despite having an extended warranty, I am told that the unit is not "covered" . Apparently an aging widow woman is the target of Sears campaign to obfuscate and cheat people. I took the mower in at the beginning of the mowing season this year because it was running rough. I was told that the crankshaft was bent which is not possible since the blade is designed to slip when it encounters an obstacle. Likely the carburetor had some old gas in it when I stored it and it varnished up the jets rather than the standard crankshaft bent baloney that Sears repair utilized to optimize its service charges. I told them to proceed with the $130 in repairs (on a $400 mower now!) and they kept the mower, sent it to Dallas, for several months. I then got a call telling me that the "Deck" needed to be replaced, seeking authorization to do so with the charges estimated to be over $300 on again a $400 mower that has been used ONLY ONE SEASON! That was when I engaged in a letter writing campaign that thus far has not produced any positive results with Sears' management. I have had repeated customer service contacts with repair pricing going from $122 to $180 (it is now nearly SIX MONTHS later!) for a repair estimate. They even sent it back to my Sears store as "repaired" but it was not even touched. The West Monroe Store sent it back and now the Dallas repair facility is again sending it back UNREPAIRED. I am filing a lawsuit in City court to recover my lawnmower and the damages. This is absolutely a total carnage and I will never never buy another Sears product so long as I live. I have been so upset over this that my blood pressure meds have had to be increased. It is absolutely incredible how screwed up Sears' response network is.

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  • Ma
    Maureen Sergent Jul 13, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is exactly what I went through in Salt Lake City Utah had to rent mower at home depot when finally told the mower couldn't be fixed was told to go to my local store with original receipt and phone number was my reference number had to pick up defective mower at repair shop (a month later it also hadn't been touched)return to sears when I returned mower to store they could find no information on me getting a replacement mower. took the mower in the night before I was going to get the replacement so I didn't have to load and unload anymore didn't want to leave in trunk. took it to receiving signed in computer no one responded employees on lunch checked backroom still no one in sight, noticed computer screen said I was helped after 8mins still no one responded receiving persons name was Jerod some person named Jeff came to help find Jerod went in back and returned saying maybe he was having a cigarette, Jerod wasn't to be found, after nearly an hour he came walking out with a disgusting sneer on his face, told him I wasn't happy and he needed to remove bad mower from trunk and would need something to cut cord from trunk holding it down, he proceeded out to my car pissed off, I was talking to Jeff and watching JEROD remove my mower from car out receiving windows (supposed to be cameras) he was tugging on my trunk and had mower on ground started walking towards the receiving door my trunk was Open, I walked out and passed Jerod and said you could of shut my trunk. Jerod replied "It doesn't shut very good, in a very sarcastic way, I said "IT DID" my granddaughter was inside receiving doors and told us me and Jeff, Jerod put a his THUMB UP and had a BIG GRIN on his face. I preceded to try and shut my trunk which he had damaged. Told Jeff, he kept trying to close it still wouldn't lock I had to crawl in hatchback in over 100 degree temperatures and tie it shut from inside. I left very mad. It started all over the next day. Had conference call with lady at sears 800 number and a lady named Ysia (sp) in Salt Lake Store. Told her I was coming down to get replacement w/phone number, she said no problem. Got to store and went to garden shop told cashier what I needed and he directly called Ysia and asked her to come to garden shop that I was waiting, he was only cashier and at least 5 other people waiting. After over 30 min. and no Ysia, cashier called her
    again she had gone TO LUNCH, we waited and she gave cashier instructions over phone now over an hour! Picked out new mower told them I wanted them to put it together, they were confused, told them I would be back that evening to pick it up and I would not deal w/Jerod. Store Manager Chris was waiting (I called to let them know I was on my way) he already knew what was going on. Got mower loaded, and Chris took pictures of lock (I again had to crawl into hatchback I'm 68 yr. old small statured women ) That was July 1, 2015 still waiting to hear from them. Didn't have a variety to pick from when replacing, upgraded at cost to me Am not happy with mower I got, to heavy to turn, to hard to adjust wheels Almost impossible, and no power, self-propelled lever is not easy on my hand hard to pull. Calling store today to return this one Will let you know how this goes

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worst experience i've ever had!

Sears in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Short Version

I purchased four stainless steel KitchenAid appliances on Saturday, February 3 for nearly $6,000. First delivery was on Saturday, February 24. The refrigerator was scratched, the stove was dented on the side and the wrong dishwasher was delivered. The second dishwasher was delivered on Tuesday, February 27; it was dented in the front. Third and correct dishwasher was delivered on Tuesday, March 13. I was given a $150 gift card to keep the refrigerator and $100 gift card to keep the stove. Both were less than 10% of the purchase price of each appliance. With one gift card, I purchased a black toaster from Three weeks later a red toaster arrived. Its not simple exchange but a rather complicated process where UPS picks up the incorrect item, upon return to the warehouse a credit is issued and check sent back to customer, then a new product must be ordered. The only reason I purchased the appliances with Sears was to get a 10% rebate for purchasing three or more appliances. The items were sold on two separate receipts (see long version for full story). I received the 10% cash back for the first receipt but the second receipt was ignored. I called to correct the mistake. Its now nearly June (4 months after initial purchase) and I still haven’t received the remainder of my rebate.

Long Version

This was the worst experience I've ever had. I purchased four Stainless Steel KitchenAid appliances on Saturday, February 3, 2007, with a total bill of nearly $6,000. As was expected, nothing was in stock so I had to wait nearly one month for initial delivery. On Saturday, February 24 my appliances arrived. I asked the delivery company to unbox everything. They said it was company policy not to unbox the microwave and dishwasher. I removed the front door so they would have plenty of room to get in. Just as the delivery service left I opened the dishwasher to find a Kenmore dishwasher. I immediately called the 1-800 delivery number and was told they would dispatch the delivery drivers to turn around. I received no return call or dishwasher that day. On Monday, February 26 I called again and was told I would receive a call back to schedule a delivery time. At the end of the day I still hadn’t received a call. I then went to my local Sears to speak with a manager. They called the 1-800 from the store and spoke with a representative. I was told my dishwasher was misplaced and a new one would have to be ordered. They scheduled a delivery date of March 13. Mysteriously on Tuesday, February 27 I received a call directly from the delivery driver. He had my dishwasher and could deliver it that day. I met him at my house where he exchanged dishwashers, again not opening it. I opened the box to find two huge dents in the front. Luckily another one was on order and to be delivered on March 13. I finally received a “good condition” dishwasher on March 13. Now back to the other appliances, as I was cleaning the refrigerator I noticed a large scratch on the side of the door. Apparently when they were bringing it through the front door it got scratched. The stove also had a large dent where the drivers had used a dolly strap to secure it to the hand truck. I called to report the two damages. I received a $150 gift card for the damage to the $2000 refrigerator, which is less than 10% of the purchase price. I also received a $100 gift card for the damage to the stove which again was nearly $2000. I purchased a BLACK toaster from since it was not stocked at my local store. Three weeks later I received a RED toaster. Upon calling customer service I was informed of Sears’ ridiculous exchange policy. UPS would have to pick up the incorrect toaster, upon receiving it back in the warehouse a check would be issued back to me, and then I would have to purchase a new one from the web again. This would be a four to five week process to fix their mistake. Also, since I had originally ordered the toaster the price had increased. I was able to return it to my local store and get yet another gift card for the purchase price. This now bring me to my rebate fiasco. I purchased the appliances at Sears because they were offering 10% cashback for three or more appliances and “free” delivery. Since the salesmen work on commission, I purchased the refrigerator from one person and the microwave, dishwasher, and stove from another salesman. This means I had two receipts to mail to the rebate center. Four to six week later I received a check that was far less than the total 10%. After calling the rebate center customer service and walking them through the receipts line by line (I am a college math professor) we determined they had completely ignored the refrigerator and delivery rebate. I was told my check would be sent within another two weeks. Two weeks later I received nothing and called the customer service center again. I was told a check was mailed but it was again for the wrong amount. Some supervisor had changed what the service representative and I had fixed. I immediately asked to speak with another supervisor. After again walking this supervisor through the two receipts line by line, he agreed that I had been sent the wrong amount. It is now nearly June, which is four months since I had originally purchased the appliances, and I still have not received my full rebate. The service center claims a check was mailed nearly 30 days ago. I guess the US postal service must have lost it (I am being extremely sarcastic in case it’s not obvious). The service center says I have to wait the full 30 days before a stop payment can be issued and a new check sent. I sent an email to Sears National Customer Relations center and have not received a response. To be continued...

  • Ma
    mad as [email protected]# Mar 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i don't know what has happened to sears customer service department. they are the worst i ordered 1 tire instead of 4 by mistake and i immediately caleed customer service to cancel the order and was told that it was to late the 1 tire had been shipped already. when i said to the rep you must have magical elves working in your shipping dept because i just 2 minutes ago placed the order. then the rep started acting like she couldn't hear me and hung up on me. i called back i got the same rep 3 times as soon as she realized it was me she would hang up. i called a 4th time and that rep put me on hold for over 15mins. i called again and asked to speak to a supv. i was told the supv was unavailable. i just kept calling different 1-800#'s until i got a rep in misissippi (nice place w/southern hospitality) she was very nice and helpful. she got me through to a supv who stated that the order had gone through and that i should reject the package when it comes so i won't be responsible for shipment costs. what a nightmare. i'm physically, mentally and emotionally drained!!! they lost a customer and i want to tell the whole world about their lousy products and services.

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rebates denial

I bought a stainless steel Kenmore dishwasher in February. I was told by the sales person that I'll get a $60 rebate from Sears for the delivery. She printed out two receipts for me: the official receipt and the receipt to be used in the rebate submission. I was told that I only needed to submit the rebate receipt and to hold on to the official receipt. Fine.

After sending in the rebate application, I received a letter in April saying that my submission was denied. It was a form letter, and it was not specified what the reason for the denial was. I called Sears, and the guy I spoke with said that there shouldn't be any problems with my rebate and that I should expect a check in 15 days. A month passes, and I called again. This time, a woman claims that I never submitted a receipt to them! I talked to the local sales office in town, and they promised to try to do something about this and will call me back. Of course I haven't heard from them since.

This happened to the rebate we were supposed to get for a freezer we bought a few years ago, too. I never kept track of that one, so it's partly my fault. But this second case shows a pattern.

So that's it. I'm never buying anything from Sears again. We are planning on buying a new range and refrigerator, but I'll be going somewhere else. I'm also cancelling my Sears credit card and my membership to the Craftsman Club. If anyone asks me, I'm going to tell them to forget buying anything from Sears.

  • Da
    dahoov2 Mar 27, 2009

    Same problem here. I ordered online 11/16/08 and was supposed to get my 65.00 delivery rebate. I never got it. Here's how it went down

    1) went to store too early for the 20% + additional 10% off sale with free delivery (rebate). I had to wait a few hours for sale to begin so thought I'd order "online". I did so but only after NUMEROUS problems online with ordering (they were late putting up the sale over an hour late and then the thing either timed out to being too busy or it'd go blank and I'd have to re-input over and over. Finally. hours later, I get my appliances ordered. I then go online and apply for the shipping rebate.

    2) A month passes and no rebate and then another. We contact the rebate center and are told we put in the numbers wrong and resubmit. We do.

    3) another month passes and still no rebate. Online says we are not qualified. We contact again and are told the same thing to re-input. We do.

    4) another few weeks pass and same thing so we talk on the phone to someone who we fax info to and she inputs info for us so NO errors.

    5) another few weeks and nothing. I email Sears Rebate Center again AND the regular customer Service. I get no response 3/26 from Rebate Center, but the Customer service center calls me on phone. Said they can't cut a check but they can give me a gift card instead for 55.00.
    a. I have to settle for less
    b. I have to spend it only at Sears or KMart
    c. I am no longer qualified for the rebate.

    In order to alleviate my aggravation and against my better judgement, I agree.

    6) This morning I get an email telling me I was never qualified for the rebate.

    At this time I am FUMING. I am contacting the CEO. I spent THOUSANDS at Sears too! This purchase alone was well over 4200.00. At this point, the time invested in this was not worth the 65.00. I spent more in time. But I am spending more time STILL writing to you all... DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM SEARS if you are banking on part of your savings to be the Rebate!!! ps The delivery took longer too and one of the items I bought ended up scratched after a couple months of use (Stove) while the previoius glass top stove I had went 12 years with no scratches. So obviously, their products are declining in craftsmanship as well.


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  • Ma
    Mark G. Apr 01, 2009

    On 3/18/2008 I went to the Sears store at Concord Mall in Delaware only to purchase a Microwave to replace one that died. The sales person alerted me to a 20% rebate if we bought 3 items, because I was going to eventually replace a Refrigerator and Dishwasher too as we are re-doing our kitchen. So we bought all three items. I waited to input the rebate for three days recommended by the sales rep. We waited for the rebate, on February 13th we received a check for one of the items and not all three, and even that check was not correct in the amount, it was not 20% of the item(s). I called Sears rebate office and talked to a Rep, he stated that he didn't know why the others were not processed and that he would fix it, I waited while he supposedly re-input the informati0n and submitted it, approximately 15 minutes in all. Now it's April 1st, still no checks received, so I go back on-line to and find that the items are "unqualified" and they will not be sending the money. I sent them an email in the contact section and I have a call in to the Manager of the store I purchased the items, but I suspect that I will not be satisfied with his call this afternoon, if he even call and I'd bet the response from the rebate section (within 48 hrs) will be even less satisfying. Sears and their rebate program is obviously a con and I will never buy from them again. This warning is just my first steps in getting satisfaction from them, next up the BBB then on to the Prosecutors office to file another complaint, then to a lawyer, 600.00 bucks is 600.00 bucks!

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  • Ma
    Mary Sewell Jun 30, 2009

    I am a patient person, who always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, until I tried to get a a rebate from Sears. I would have rather they would knock of $50 of the price of the merchandise, than wait for a $200 check that they told me was sent out several times. I feel embarrassed for them. I wish someone had the gull just to tell me the truth. I know this will come back to bite them in the butt later. I know I am amongst several that have been lied to. What a shame. 7 months and several calls, still no check. Mary

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  • Si
    sibby62 Sep 28, 2009

    Sears had a big Labor Day sale and I needed a washer and dryer. In addition to the sales price, I was told there was a $75.00 rebate for the delivery. I was told all I had to do was go online and complete the form. Little did I know I had to have a program number. I called the Sears store and was told I could pick up the form. The form had the program number, so I completed it online. A few days later I received an email stating my rebate had been declined because I didn't pay full price for the items. There was nothing on the form that stated full price had to be paid. The only stipulation was that the price had to be $399 or more which I met. I called the rebate center and talked to them, but they were adamant that I didn't meet the requirements because I didn't pay full price for the product. I have filed a complaint against Sears.

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  • Dt
    dt23 Mar 15, 2011
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    same situation here as sibby62 ... pretty sure the company that handles the rebate is stealing the money for themselves ... also, the customer/rebate center for Sears are just awful ... just kept transferring my call between those two centers ... 5 times i spoke with either rebate or customer service reps and they repeated the same questions over and over again like robots and wouldn't hear anything else or do anything ... might as well just get rid of both centers and just have customers read an FAQ because those reps are completely useless and unhelpful ... and the rebates are a complete scam, that's why they have switched to instant rebates ... but I would never buy from Sears again ...

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