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carpet cleaning

Carpets Cleaned 11-26-19, Called on 12-2-19 to request a redo because carpet was dirty than before it was cleaned, asked for a different clinician, sent the same guy twice, requested a refund on 12-23-19 never heard back from supervisor. I have called several different numbers and left messages 7 times. Supervisor is never there. I have been hung up on when I said I would wait to talk to the supervisor.
I have sent emails to Brooklyn.[protected] 4 times attention Dave or Steve

carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning

sears a/c duct cleaning

They showed up to my home while I was out. I was specifically told that someone would call me 30 minutes prior to arriving. I just happened to get back home earlier than planned when they were getting in their truck to leave. I asked them in and they obliged. One of the two techs asked to visit the main unit and shortly after showed me a photo of something he supposedly photographed in my duct work which indicated mold. He immediately told me that the job would not be $99 but would be more around $2000. He had me a dirty, worn sheet of paper which explained (in poorly written English) what this type of situation entails and how Sears would handle it. I could not believe this was a nationwide company I was dealing with. I have attached the paper they gave me. He handed me another paper which vaguely named and priced the items that totaled the $2k for the work.

I think the document attached pretty much says it all. I called the office and asked to have a manager call me but nobody has called. Even if what they said about my a/c duct work is true, I would never have them touch my system. I've called another company. Don't trust Sears!

sears a/c duct cleaning

rim and tire for lawn cart

Bought a Lawn Cart 2 years ago from Sears. Tire failed over winter, ordered a new one in April from Sears so I could do my yard clean up. It was delayed and then back ordered...

carpet cleaning

This turned out to be just another Classic "switch and bait" I called Sears as I have always shopped in their stores for over 50 years- I assumed that the Sears carpet...

Sears Carpet & Duct Cleaning — air duct cleaning

I paid more than $2000 have have the air duct cleaning and service three furnaces. When they left, about half of the ducts were not cleaned and none of the furnaces were working...

Kenmore elite fridge model #aap73631503

This refrigerator is only 2 1/2 years old. There are rust spots on the outside on the stainless steel. I emailed the company 7 months ago with pictures and never heard a word. Then I called and no one seemed to care. Now, the 2 interior plastic food bins inside are cracked. I just spent over $70 ordering 2 new ones. We are building a brand new home an unfortunately since this fairly new frig looks like crap and seems to be made very poorly, it will be going in the utility room instead of the kitchen. This will be my last Kenmore especially since no one seemed to care or take the time to investigate the rust spots. I read online a few other people had the same problem but I guess it wasn't enough customers for Sears to care. If you are interested in seeing pics I will be more than happy to send them. but at this time, I am assuming I won't even get a reply. Been there, done that already!

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    loriann2 Aug 10, 2016

    Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning
    Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Contacts & Information
    Posted: Aug 10, 2016 by loriann2
    Kenmore Elite frig model #AAP73631503
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    This refrigerator is only 2 1/2 years old. There are rust spots on the outside on the stainless steel. I emailed the company 7 months ago with pictures and never heard a word. Then I called and no one seemed to care. Now, the 2 interior plastic food bins inside are cracked. I just spent over $70 ordering 2 new ones. We are building a brand new home an unfortunately since this fairly new frig looks like crap and seems to be made very poorly, it will be going in the utility room instead of the kitchen. This will be my last Kenmore especially since no one seemed to care or take the time to investigate the rust spots. I read online a few other people had the same problem but I guess it wasn't enough customers for Sears to care. If you are interested in seeing pics I will be more than happy to send them. but at this time, I am assuming I won't even get a reply. Been there, done that already!

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Filter left out of my furnace

I engaged the services of Sears on 3/22/2016. A service planned for $154.95 to clean 14 air ducts, the technician suggested cleaning of furnace and all that lead to a total bill...

Carpet cleaning

Made an appointment to have an entire house cleaned. The appointment time was for 8-12 on 9/25/2015. I waited until 230 before getting a call from the technician. They claimed...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — &upselling & and &bait and switch&

We decided to get our carpets cleaned and chose sears because we have generally been pleased with their services. After receiving an estimate of approximately $288 for our desired...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — Lack of customer service/missed appointments

I have been a customer of the carpet cleaning component of your business for years. I called to make an appointment and as usual I spoke to Scott. He gave me an appointment...

Sears Carpet CleaningHorrible Customer

I called Sears carpet cleaning two to three weeks ago to set up and appointment
to have my carpet clean .I called after bad service the first time I wanted to give the company a chance. Bad Bad Bad customer service. The first time I call they gave me appoint and didn't show up and this time the same thing no excuse or anything
they asked me if I wanted morning or evening I told them morning both times a no show. this company is bad I wouldn't tell anyone about this company. they give you good prices but they can't live up to their word to their customers.

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    Taylorh2 Aug 16, 2013

    I like Stanley Steamer. Never have had any problems in the 7 yrs that i've used them.

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    Taylorh2 Aug 17, 2013

    Because the letter writer is from Virginia.

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Sears Carpet Cleaning — Left water stains and lines on carpet

If you want your carpet cleaned by Sears and you live in Seattle, good luck. First, you are actually dealing with a cleaning crew from Portland, Oregon. They drive into Seattle...

Sears Carpet CleaningDirty Dealings

This Company is all about Dirty Pool not playing clean! Beware of their scupolous practices. They do not follow through on what they promote and advertise, and will look for ways to make you pay more than the special price even if nothing is in the fine print to justify their new rule. What is most appauling is that they'll even go as far as to take advantage of the elderly and their caregivers.

  • SearsCare Jun 18, 2012

    Good afternoon TB,

    My name is Mike and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I came across your post today and wanted to reach out to you. I am sorry to see that our carpet cleaning service has disappointed you. We strive to be up front with the prices of all of our services and I apologize if there was any confusion. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to discuss your experience and also to ensure that your carpet cleaning needs were met. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at [email protected] so you don’t have to be upset by this any longer. In the email, please provide a contact number and the phone number the carpet cleaning service was scheduled under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your Screen name (TB) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Mike D.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

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    carpet cleaning Jul 26, 2012

    Your articles are purely enough for me.

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Sears Carpet Cleaning Service — Carpet Cleaning

AVOID THIS COMPANY - THEY WILL UPSELL YOU SERVICES, IN ADDITION TO THE PRICE THAT IS QUOTED YOU ON THE PHONE! Save time and headache, avoid this company for your carpet cleaning...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — Ruined carpets

Sears cleaned my carpets and sprayed bleach on spots that ruined my carpet. They told me to not walk on it for a few days so I was unable to see the bleached out areas. We were...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — Bad Job

53039 Sears carpet cleaners cleaned 2 rooms in about 10 minutes and once the carpets almost dried, you could see the spots they missed and my carpets were not bad at all. In fact, I...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — Extremely poor business practices

I hired Sears (Lorton, VA office) to clean the carpets in a house I was renting. They were selected because they are a national chain and my landlords are very picky about their...

Sears Carpet CleaningCustomer Service

Below is the e-mail I sent to Sears that goes through the "service" I had from them.

To Whom It May Concern,

Let me just say, the customer service I got from your company was HORRIBLE!! I work in customer service, so I try to be understanding. We booked an appointment on Wednesday night (6/15) online. I got a phone call Thursday morning confirming the appointment and telling me I would get a phone call 30 mins prior to them showing up to let me know they were on the way and that they would be there between 8am and 10 am. I then got a phone call on Saturday afternoon while I work saying that I had to call again to confirm the appointment. I called back on my break and asked why I had to confirm my appointment again. I was told it was SOP and that they would be at my home by 12pm and I would still get the phone call 30 mins prior. So the appointment window was changed, at this point; not a problem. Sunday morning I get up early and move all the "extra's" out of the way. At noon, I still had not heard from your company. I call in and I am told that the rep who picked up the phone would call the tech and call me back to let me know when they would be at the house. 45 mins later, I still have not heard back. At this point I am very frustrated. I work Monday - Saturday, 9am to 7 pm, and Sunday is my only day off. I call again and ask for a manager. I am told that a manager is not there. I ask for a floor lead. I am told they are not available, that I will get a phone call within the hour. Please keep in mind at this point it is 1pm, they are an hour late and I have not gotten 1 phone call from anyone at your company. An hour passes, still no phone call. Not from a lead, not from a tech saying they are on the way, or another rep letting me know they are running late. At 2 I call back and ask to speak with a manager/lead. The girl who picks up the phone tells me she is the lead, whether or not that is true..I don't know. Regardless, I tell her the history of phone calls, she apologizes and calls the techs. She learns they are running late, but calls me back and tells me they will be there by 3. 15 mins later she calls and tells me they are on the way. They arrive at 3. Now the job they did was ok. I noticed that they didn't do some of the things they should have based on the survey I am filling out and my only real complaint about the job they did is that they didn't move furniture. (couch, love seat, etc)
Honestly, you would think that it would end there. I waited 7 hours for a tech to show up on my only day off, with no phone from your company until I had made several to you. It doesn't.
After the tech finished, I got a courtesy call asking how satisfied I was. I go through the days events. I told him I was satisfied with the job the tech's did, before I knew they hadn't done everything, that was my fault. However, I told him I was completely unsatisfied with the customer service. He tells me 1, he is going to e-mail me his name. I never got an e-mail. Secondly, he tells me that he is going to have an actually manager call me. I let him know what my hours are and that I would like the call by 9 am. The manager is suppose to work from 6am to 4pm. Since I work from 9-7 I got up an hour early this morning to make sure I was up to take the call. Guess What? No phone call.
So I spent 7 hours waiting yesterday, my only day off. I spent 3 hours waiting this morning.

We have used Stanley Steamer forever. They have always been on time except for once. I got a phone call 2 hours before they were suppose to be at my home letting me know they overbooked and told me what time they would be getting there. Not only that, but they gave me a very nice discount that I didn’t even ask for. They always do a fantastic job. They move all furniture that is not to heavy for the 2 techs to move. The only reason we had gone with you this time is because Stanley is not open on Sundays and no one else was available to be at the house on Saturday. We had actually thought about switching since you are cheaper than they are. We get our carpets cleaned about every 2 months as we have pets that are older and have accidents occasionally. Not only will we never use you again, but I will not recommend you, that should be obvious.

Working in a customer service position, I expect 100 times better. I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrated and angry I am.

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    SGM H. Jul 12, 2011

    I hired Sears (Lorton, VA office) to clean the carpets in a house I was renting. They were selected because they are a national chain and my landlords are very picky about their carpets and demanded approval of the company prior to my being able to contract them. Sears was very accommodating in scheduling and answering some questions, one of which was if there were going to be extra charges for pre-treating. The scheduler said that it was a two step process where the carpet would be pre-sprayed and then steam extracted. I thought this was acceptable so I went ahead and scheduled the service.

    The technicians showed up on time and walked through the house. The lead tech said that the master bedroom was a room that would need to be considered 2 "areas." I did not dispute their findings, agreeing to pay the extra $45.00. After walking through the rest of the house, the lead tech and I agreed that there would need to be a red stain removed. he explained that they could do it but that would be an extra $75.00. Again, I agreed to the fee because I knew that the landlord was very picky and would try to ding me on it. So, the original quote was $339.00 + the $45.00 and the $75.00, but when he showed me what the final charges were it was up to $1, 189.00. I of course asked him where the extra charges were coming from, he responded that it was for high-traffic area cleaning and stain protection. I mentioned that I was renting and that I did not want to pay $270.00 for stain protection. He said that he was required to do it for the warranty, but, that he liked me so he would remove the charge, but, that I could not tell anyone or he would be in trouble. He then pointed out that the other charges were non-negotiable and that he had to charge me for it. I was in a quandary because this the Friday before Memorial Day and the landlord would be in on Monday to do the close-out inspection. So, against my better judgment I agreed to pay $859.00.They started to clean the carpet which aside from regular use was in good shape.

    After approximately 2 hours they finished. When they left, the carpet looked pretty good. They instructed me to close the windows and turn the air conditioning down to 65 degrees and the carpet would be dry in four hours. I did as instructed, although it did seem odd. I left for the day and came back the next afternoon to find large areas of browning everywhere they sprayed the high traffic treatment. I was horrified, knowing that the landlord was going to freak out. I tried calling Sears and spoke to the scheduler, he said he would take my info and have quality control get back to me at 7:30 a.m. on Monday.

    This where it gets ugly!

    I did not hear from the for three days, only hearing back after repeated calls. At first, they said they were going to send out Quality Control, but then said that they would send a technician out to try to re-clean the carpets. One week after the initial cleaning they sent out the new cleaning team. They tried to clean the carpets, concentrating on the brown areas. The tech tried very hard really working on those areas. After he left, the carpet again looked pretty good. But, after a day, the carpet began to show signs of rippling and still had light brown staining everywhere the 2nd attempt to clean had been concentrated. The landlord called to say that Sears had now damaged the carpet and that I needed to see it. So I called Sears again to have them look at it. Four days later they sent out Quality Control to have a look. He agreed that the carpet was damaged but, he thought he could get it looking good and once that was done, would have a contractor look at it to see if the damaged areas could be repaired. This was now two weeks after the initial cleaning. The next week, Sears contacted me to schedule the QC tech to out to personally clean the carpet. When the tech showed, it was not QC but another team to try and clean it again. The team lead looked at the carpet and said he did not want to attempt to clean it for fear of damaging it worse. He went back to his office and told them his findings. I called to find out how the problems were going to be addressed, being told that they were being looked into. At that point I stopped payment on the check I had written, explaining that when they resolved the issues I would remit payment.

    I received an e-mail a few days later (we are now 3 1/2 weeks pat the original cleaning date) saying tha they would have to take pictures of the damage and would need to send someone out. They sent the original QC person to take pictures (even though he took them originally). He was surprised that the problem had not been resolved yet and he would have it taken care of as soon as he returned to the office. It was another few days before I heard from Sears. One of their supervisors called to apologize for how long this had taken and promised to have it resolved immediately and should have been resolved in one day. She held to her word (we are now in the 4th week) and sent another Supervisor out to ### and correct the cleaning issues. He worked very hard to get the carpets clean, explaing that the staining was caused by a pH problem. He then said he would have a carpet contractor out to repair the damaged areas. This was nearly 5 weeks after the initial cleaning.

    I received a phone call from the first supervisor stating that since the carpets were cleaned to an acceptable level, I needed to remit payment before they would continue to try to rectify the problems. I made payment because my landlord would not return my deposit until Sears corrected the issues. I explained to Sears that I was hesitant to make full payment because I would lose leverage on getting them to complete the repairs. They said they would not act further until my account was paid in fill and that they would send me to collections if I did not pay. After making payment the Supervisor said ahe would get back to me to schedule the carpet contractor. That was a week ago, we are now in our sixth week trying to resolve the problem.

    I received a message from the supervisor today, stating that since the original cleaning team had checked a box that said there was rippling in the house, that they would not take responsibility for any damage to the carpets. I explained that there was no rippling, that when the last cleaning team came out, one of the techs happened to be on the original team and said that the rippling was not there. That the landlords had seen the carpet after the first team had left and there was no rippling. I went on to explain that I had photos of the carpet after the first team left and the staining occurred and there was no rippling. The rippling occurred after the second team tried to clean the carpet a week later. She explained that since that box was checked, Sears had no liability in this case. I asked if that gives a license for Sears to damage customer's carpets and not be liable for the damage. She said that they were a reputable company and that they would never do anything like that. I pointed out that we were 6 weeks into this process and that if they were truly a reputable company this would have been resolved immediately and I would not be in the position to lose my $2, 400.00 security deposit because of their incompetence.

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Company won't return calls or come fix items that they damaged

Major Complaint Against Sears Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning By Karen S. Hannah June 6, 2011 Complaint Filed Against: Sears Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning 8922 Telegraph...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — Terrible Customer Service

Well I really dont know where to start, as this morning I had a appt. with Sears to have my carpets cleaned. The technician that arrived at my home was so rude and arrogant that I...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — poor service

After I moved all of my furniture and vacuumed every inch of the apartment, the Sears carpet cleaners showed up at my door without a portable water supply, so I was unable to get...

[Resolved] Sears Home And Carpet Cleaning — substandard cleaning service and fraud

In November 2011, I received cleaning services for my carpet and upholstery that were substandard. I called in to Sears Home Services one day after cleaning and left message re...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — unauthorized extras

Watch out for unathorized pressure-tactic up-selling on carpet cleaning services: I arranged for carpet cleaning of my home over the phone with Sears Carpet Cleaning Edmonton...

Sears Carpet, Upholstery And Air Duct Cleaning — Bait and Switch

I am extremely unhappy with Sears Carpet cleaning and their bait and switch tactics! We recently hired Sears in Alexandria, Virginia, to clean my 1 bedroom condo for $164, which...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — Terrible job

Syracuse NY Sears Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. I would NOT recommend this service to anyone. Just off the bat let me say that I scheduled 2 carpets, stairs, a hallway, a sofa, 2...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — Terrible Service

I needed my carpets cleaned and rather than go to a small cleaning company, I wanted to use a professional big name corporate company.What a mistake that was!! I had an...

Sears Carpet CleaningRip Off

I wasn't home when they did the carpet cleaning. My roommate was. My carpets were worst than before they came. It took him 10 min to do the entire house. So basically he just wet my carpets. When they sent someone out to re-do the carpet; it was the same guy. So of course he was a real jerk because he had to come back. He started an argument with me in my own home, yelled at me and then tried to charge me cash on the side to fix his shabby work. Little did he know I was on the phone with his office when he was proposing that. Needless to say the guy was kicked out of my house. Sears agreed to refund me my money. But I haven't seen not one penny. It has been six weeks now. Everytime I try to call the office no one will help me. No one returns my call. I have to go to small claims court to get my money back. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, FAR FAR AWAY!!!

  • Cr
    Crappy company Apr 19, 2010

    Wow, sounds like exactly what happened to my wife and I. We had our sofa cleaned then re-cleaned only to have the finished product look worse than it did to start with! They re-scheduled our appointments twice at last notice, then when I called to complain all I get is the run around. For six weeks I've been trying to get someone to call me back, to date, nothing. What a worthless company.

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Sears Carpet Cleaning — damage


Anahiem Sears Carpet Cleaning Anthony Mayo — rudeness, arragont and unbending

i registered a complaint against the anahiem Sear carpet cleaning service earlier today and tonight an Anthony Mayo called. said he was the general manager and he was equally rude...

Sears Carpet Cleaning Service (Toni) — rudeness and inflexability

i wanted by carpets cleaned by sears as i had before. i had to reschedule 3 times because i was helping to move my mother in law into a home and because of packing, family company...

Sears Carpet Cleaning — Damaged House Refused to Cover It

I originally went with Sears since they had the best prices, but in this case you really get what you pay for. I had both a duct and a carpet cleaning. The duct cleaning as far a...

Sears Carpet CleaningBait and Switch

We needed an empty 2 bedroom house carpet cleaning - due to the advertised "special" price we went with Sears. The technition, who was polite, walked around the house and immediately told me that the three "high traffic" areas would need special treatment, at $25 each, to remove the darker traffic dirt. I refused, saying that the carpet had normal wear, and that if they couldn't clean it, to leave. He said he would do his best, and I came back after 20 minutes, after he did one room, and the traffic area was noticeably darker than the rest of the carpet. At that point, I was trapped - we were selling the house, and I did not have the time to bring in an honest company to replace Sears, so I told him to use the "special treatment", which had now been lowered to $50 for the three areas, and he sprayed a cleaner on the areas, which lightened them considerably. Sorry Sears, but you really blew it, as I will never use one of your franchise services again.

Sears Carpet Cleaning — carpet cleaning

I am just writing in order to save anyone who is thinking about having their carpets cleaned or ordering appliances the trouble of dealing with not one but TWO incompetant...

Sears Carpet And Upholstery CleaningPoor service, abusive treatment, dissatisfaction

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction to a recent service from your upholstery and carpet cleaning and am requesting a refund. I arranged with Sears Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Ottawa at [protected], to come to my address, which is [privacy edit] Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 2N5 on August 10, 2006. Ken and Tania, who called themselves technicians, arrived at 8:50 and left at 9:35a.m. Upon arrival Tania asked me for towels, I said "You need towels?", Her reply was "Yes if you do not want your area rug to get wet". I wondered why I should have to supply towels. You would think they would have some protective product for carpets and wood floors. Ken asked me if the chesterfield and chair had been cleaned before, I said it had been as far as I knew. Tania plugged their machine into the hallway outlet of the Condominium, to which I questioned her, she responded that they always do that. Well while they were steam cleaning the furniture (chesterfield and chair), someone unplugged their equipment. Because of this I was reprimanded by the Board of Directors. I did not like to be questioned about this. When they completed the cleaning such as it was, Tania was unrolling the area rug back into place, after which time she had asked me if I wanted it rolled back into place. I replied that I certainly would, then I saw water on the hardwood floor right in the area where she was about to roll the carpet. I said Tania there is water on the floor, so she throws the towel at me and says you clean it up, which I did. She also asked me if they should put the chesterfield and chair back in place. Of course, I would not be able to do so myself. I waited a day or so for the furniture to be dry before checking for cleanliness of the items in question. I was NOT happy with the results, so I called Customer Service on August l4th and spoke to Sharon Wilson at [protected]. She said she would send the same two technicians back on August 15th. They arrived and Tania asked what I wanted them to do. I explained that I called for their service initially because I had dirty furniture that needed to be cleaned and it is not cleaned satisfactorily. Ken said if it did not come clean on the initial cleaning it will not come out on second try. He started yelling and said he wasn't listening to any shouting, which he was the only one doing that. I am fortunate that I had my daughters here to support me and to be witnesses of this abuse to a senior citizen. Second call to Sharon Wilson about the terrible experience I had to endure. Sharon said she would send another technician in the name of Tim and Shaun, who she said were their best furniture experts. Does this mean that they have bad and good technicians doing this work? Arrangements were made for August 24th and that Sharon would call me on Saturday evening with the time that they would arrive. Again no call and I had to call to see what time they would arrive and was told between 2pm and 3pm, they did not show up at all. Every time someone was to come to clean, the furniture had to be moved, which was again another inconvenience.

Again another call to Customer Service, this time I finally got to speak with Josie Lavoie, the manager. She said Tim and a helper would come on Sept 11th, in the afternoon, I had been waiting for a call from Julie for some time, Sharon was to arrange it and it never happened.

Julie said I would get a call on Saturday evening advising me of the time Tim and helper would come. No call was received again. Again on Monday morning I had to call was told they would arrive between 12 and 1pm on Sept 11th. Tim and helper, (whom I was not introduced to) arrived at 12:20 and left at 12:50. Tim asked for the work order which I produced, then he had to go to the truck to phone someone to see what process to use. He used a solvent that did remove some of the dirt on the spots that he used it on, however the piping which he did not touch, and the cushions are still dirty. The solvent smell caused headaches and the smell lasted for days. I really feel like I have been treated very poorly which I thought was Sears policy to have happy customers. I am definitely not satisfied with the service and treatment I have received.

Up to this point, I have been a long time satisfied customer of Sears, but this experience has left a bad feeling in my mouth, and I am requesting the return of $133.56, the amount I paid out to have clean furniture. So far I am not asking for remuneration for the poor service and abusive treatment that I have put up with.