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sears parts direct

I ordered a transaxle for my lawn tractor in good faith.
Theyhad no trouble charging my credit card and the email told me the ship date was May 8th.
Today (May12th) I logged on the web site to see that my order was cancelled. No phone call, no email no nothing.
I called the customer no service, and of course I got no assistance and I was told it would 4 or 5 days before someone would contact me.
The issue is the part I am ordering requires a core.
The web site did not indicate this.
I do have a core and would have been glad to send it out once I receive the new part that has now been cancelled. Most of the rest of the world simply charges a "core charge" refundable upon receipt of the old part.
I do not intend to send the old part before I get the new one.
If this is a problem I suppose I will go top another manufacture and buy another tractor.
I am very disappointed in the unprofessional way this issue has been handled and the complete disregard for me by the person who decided to cancel my order without contacting me first.

restocking fee

I purchased a compact refrigerator on for pick-up at the Sears store in Calcutti, Ohio. I called's 1-800 number and cancelled my order within 24 hours and now I've been charged a RESTOCKING FEE. Prior to ordering it, the website said I would have the refrigerator within 5 days. When I got the confirmation email it said 15 days. I didn't want to wait forever so I cancelled the order. The store owner gave me the runaround saying that he didn't charge me a restocking fee, but it sure showed up on my charge card. However, he told me it is their policy to charge one. When I phoned everyone I spoke to had a different story and placed me on hold for 10 minutes at a time while the representatives spoke to their supervisor. None it apeared knows Sears' refund policy. I had to tell them what their website said about restocking fees on cancelled item. THERE IS NO RESTOCKING FEE! Finally after 3 weeks of calls, they got rude and told me to talk to the store and around and around it went. According to their website, does NOT charge a restocking fee. And the store in Calcutti, Ohio charges a restocking fee! So now I'm fighting to get my money back. And this is to warn anyone considering doing business with Sears. If you don't want it, don't buy it from Sears. I found a NICER AND LESS EXPENSIVE compact refrigerator at Lowes. The salesman was very nice. I'm planning on buying a full sized refrigerator. I'll be going to Lowes instead of Sears., although I had my eye on a Kenmore. I will no longer buy a Sears product. They just lost a 30+ year customer. Their representatives and store owners are RUDE, UNKNOWLEDGEABLE and have NO CONCERNS for their customers. But then that's big business.

  • Un
    unknown Apr 19, 2009

    I bought a weed eater at Corpus Christi Texas and I took it home. I opened the box and tried to turn it on but the weed eater was not working. I took the weed eater back but they wanted to charge me 15% restocking fee because I opened the box. I was really upset so I will never go back to Sears again. If their product is defective, why I have to pay the restocking fee. That been said the model I bough was the last one on stock so they did not have anymore to replace it.

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on line rebate

Bought a pressure washer that due to price of $299.99 and that I paid with my Sears credit card I qualified for a 5% rebate. Could file on line or via mail. Decided to do it on line, however ran into a problem in that the
"system" said I qualified for the rebate but the value was zero.
Called customer service and was told that it was a computer problem to please try again in 48 hours, did that and got the same results. Called back and again was told it was a computer problem and to mail in the rebate from etc. Will do that! However 2x I was told I qualified both times and that it was a computer problem, "what gives that such a large company can't fix the problem or is it something else?

I know have make copies of the filled out form and sales slip, mail in the form and sales slip, spend money for a stamp put it in the mail, and wait 5 to 6 weeks for a rebate check. If I want to check the status go on line. Hell I could have bought a pressure washer at Lowe's or Home depot for just a couple of dollars more and not be enticed by the 5%, but surely would not be frustrated by what I now deem as frustration and more time, effort and cost then it was worth.

dishwasher/pipe installed upside down and flooded my home

I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in sears and sears service. We have been customers of sear...


I was totally embarrassed and humiliated when my check was not approved at SEARS! I knew I had money in my checking account and I had excellent credit. The clerk was not very helpful in explaining to me why my check was
not approved. I asked to speak to her supervisor, who promptly arrived. I explained to her that my check should be good, because I knew I had money in my account. She did not apologize or give me an explanation on why my check was not being approved. Instead she told me to call the telephone number on the back of the check. If any of you know, by calling the company(Certegy), they will not tell you why your check was refused! They told me to fill out a Certegy Gold Form, which would increase my chances of my check approval. Hello...I have money in my checking account!!!
I asked the person from Certegy to give my a list of companies that uses their services. I do not ever want to go to those businesses that could possibly refuse my checks! Of course getting a list was impossible.
Now, if SEARS or CERTEGY had told me, that because I had not written checks at SEARS before, I did not have a history there.(good or bad?) If Certegy had done a better job checking into my account, they would known that I have charged my appliances there! Which, by the way, I will NO LONGER DO!!!
My point is this: If the SEARS clerk had explained to me in the beginning, that the reason my check was not approved, may not have been because of insufficient. But no history of writing checks at SEARS before! Okay, that would makes sense. I would not have been so HUMILIATED and EMBARRASSED!
That's my true story in a "nut shell". JoAnn from California

  • Me
    Meghan Jul 14, 2008

    I work at Sears as a cashier and it really isn't Sears fault that your check was rejected. We do contract through Certegy but they are a very large company and quite a few companies go through them. As a cashier, I usually do not have a problem with the company and people writing their checks, but the other day I had a teenager write a check and it had me call into Certegy for an approval. I called into the automated machine, it gave me an approval number, and that did not work. I then was sent to a customer service lady at Certegy who did nothing and said she'd forward me to another customer service person who would help me with the approval number. Instead, I was forwarded to the automated line that said "Sorry, here at Certegy blah blah blah we're sorry for any inconvenience that your check was declined." So I cleared out of the screen and rescanned the check and whaddya know, it went through, no problems. I hate the system.

    As for your comment- "Now, if SEARS or CERTEGY had told me, that because I had not written checks at SEARS before, I did not have a history there.(good or bad?)"

    That has NOTHING to do with anything-- we have out of towners come in all the time and normally it just asks for your License # and DOB.

    "If the SEARS clerk had explained to me in the beginning, that the reason my check was not approved, may not have been because of insufficient."
    It does NOT show up on our screen why you are not approved or anyone else. DON'T blame this on the clerk, blame it on Certegy. There is absolutely NOTHING we can tell you more than it was rejected because *we DO NOT know!!!* Why don't we know? Because of privacy acts so people don't complain that the clerks know private information, etc. Our screen simply says to call in and get a confirmation number.

    I'm personally sorry for your experience at Sears but there's nothing more we can do but follow what Certegy says. It is a large inconvenience to us also because we have to call in and we do feel horrible if you truly have sufficient funds but are rejected. Sometimes, as with debit cards, writing too many checks in a day can cause it to get rejected and obviously insufficient funds. We aren't told why it was, but just to refer you to the printout on the back of the check.

    Please do not take your experience out on Sears-- there's nothing more the managers can do, either.
    Believe me, there are plenty more screwups that are Sears' fault- and that's not one of them.

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  • Ch
    Chris Aug 08, 2008

    Exactly what Meghan said: Sears employees do NOT know anything about your account, why your cheque didn't go through. Think about it - privacy acts are there for a reason, lady. Grow up.

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2 week old fridge broke down lost all food

My new fridge, cost of $900.00 broke within 2 weeks, sears wanted to fix it in 4 days. I have 2 small children, and all my food went off. After speaking to the manager, they came and fixed it the next day. When I asked him about my food cost, he said he would get into trouble if they gave me a courtesy payment to re-buy food. What ever happened to good customer service, especially such a large company as Sears. I would never buy from Sears ever again and I will encourage others to not buy from Sears. I also bought a washer from Sears, so I spent nearly $2, 000, but no compensation for all my food, and it wasn't my fault, they delivered a problem refrigerator.

  • Al
    Alecia & Don Dixon Jul 21, 2008

    WOW!! I hear you loud and clear!! We just bought a new refrigerator 2 weeks ago - it took a week to have it delivered as they didn't have the bisque color in stock... THEN when it came - it was white (door handle on wrong side, too)! The delivery guy said in a very 'bored' tone, "happens all the time - call your salesman"... Since they rarely answer the phone at this little satellite Sears store - my husband drove there & they argued with him that it was OUR fault - quick to say that this model didn't even come in bisque... When they calmed down, they found that yes, it actually is available in that color... Good Lord - where has customer service gone??? SO - the correct fridge has been ordered and we now are waiting another week for that to be delivered...
    Well - if our story ended at this point we'd be somewhat satisfied... but, the plot thickens... This incorrect refrigerator (our food is all in it at this point), is NOT WORKING... NO COLD AIR... SO - called the emergency repair # (weekend call) and they can't come until Monday - okay - the guy comes this morning and discovers - NO REFRIGERANT was ever put in at the factory... Most of our food is ruined (I had tried to save it via coolers, but most didn't hold up well)... NO reimbursement for food with THIS model... I'm so sick of being treated like DIRT - what happened to "the customer is always right?"... Thanks for listening and I hope this stops someone from EVER dealing with sears again - or at least BE aware...

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faulty refrigerator & washer

Purchased new home with Kenmore Elite refrigerator model number 106-[protected] in Sept 01. Every appliance in our home came from Sears. We have had nothing but problems since them. A condenser motor went totally out after about 6 - 12 mos of leaking on the kitchen floor. It could not be determined that was the problem until it went out totally. This resulted in ruining a $500 rug in the kitchen. The door handle broke off when the repairman came in and ask what the problem was. We have since replaced 2 more door handles.
The ice maker flap will not close completely letting air into the basket and causing the ice to melt in it which caused a problem and what is caught int he shoot melt into the tray on front door. The ice maker will dispense fairly slow until you get the glass almost full - then it dumps 4-5 cubes at once- guess where they go? One the floor. It is almost like this thing is possessed.
We also purchased a washer and dryer from Sears. The washer motor went out 13 months after delivery. Of course, warranty was for 12 months!
We have owned many, many Sears appliances in the past, I would say for 35 yrs. I cannot begin to tell you how unhappy I am with Sears now. I will NEVER buy a Sears appliance again!
We have called to try to talk to a factory rep. Instead we are told that we should have bought the extended warranty on refrigerator. When you pay $1, 800 at builders cost for a product you should not have to pay extra to make sure it works. Our alternative now is to pay $65 to have a technician come out to look at their defective product!!!

  • Dd
    ddorrer May 05, 2008

    Failing to see the pattern here may cost you more money. Do not buy from Sears.

    The definition of insanity is repeating the action and expecting a different result.

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  • Ch
    chipman321 Jan 17, 2009

    On 9/2/05 my family purchased a Sears Elite Double door, bottom freezer Model 596.76532500. Shortly after the warranty period ran out, the unit stopped operating properly. To this day, the unit continues to stop operating periodically for no apparent reason. Yesterday it occurred again, and I'm now forced to toss hundreds of dollars of food in trash -again !

    Originally, I contacted Sears, thinking they would honor the warranty that had just run out, a few weeks prior . I was repeatedly cut off and transferred to an out of U.S. call center where the individuals had great difficulty in understanding and speaking English. I quickly discovered their reps were totally unresponsive, unless I agreed to sign up for a $250 plus extended repair contract. Initially agreed. After a number of frustrating calls, and several no shows - by their repairman, I canceled the repair contract and demanded a full refund. Eventually, I was able to reached Sears Corporate offices rep. I explained I have been a loyal 4 plus decade Sears customer, with purchases totally well over $25k. All I'm looking for is some coustomer satisfaction and good faith. I quickly realized this does not exists within Sears anymore. I was curt ly dismissed and told someone would get back to me. That was 6 months ago. CUSTOMER NO MORE

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  • As
    ASquared Sep 14, 2009

    I am so much in the same boat. We built our house and put all Kenmore Elite appliances in. What a mistake! The fridge is one huge failure - broken door handles, half-baked ice maker with broken parts, shelves falling in on one another. And it's the top of the line for $1800! The dishwasher I gave away after two horrible years - leaking seals, never cleaning properly and repairmen with an attitude. The stove - another gem... two of the four burners works, the knobs are cheap and break with the slightest bump and the oven loses more heat than it makes. That leaves the washer and dyer... They're actually okay except for one house call they've held up pretty well. Ironically, I cheaped out on them. Oh well, as they say Never Again!

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refund on parts shipped and returned

On April 8, I had a service call to repair my Kenmore Classic Range. The service man came out and checked the range (vintage 2003) and advised me that it needed a new "sub clock/TI" and "Element-BR". I authorized the repairs as I needed the range. He said that the parts would have to be ordered, but would probably be in by Thursday or Friday. After he left, I realized that for what I was being charged, I could buy a new range with a full years warranty instead of a 90 day warranty for repairs. I called to cancel the parts order that very day and was told that they could not stop the parts order, but to wait to receive them and then call the repair center to pick up the parts and credit would be issued. The parts never showed up until Monday and Tuesday of the following week. I phoned and they said that the parts would be picked up and credit issued. On April 18, one of their technicians arrived at 8:17 AM and departed at 8:22 AM with the parts that I no longer needed. I have been trying ever since to have the credit issued back to my Bank of America Master Card. The Sear's ID number is 000815. tje service order number is [protected]. The original technician number for the April 8 service call is 0000380, and the April 18 technician number is 0373571. I have all receipts, and the original charge to my master card was $237.52. The receipt for the credit is in the amount o $168.62, which is legitimate as the actual amount owed Sears should be: Service Call $65.00, plus tax of $3.90, for a total of $68.90. I have made so many calls to Sears that I am sick and tired of them saying, "Oh yes sir, you are due a refund and I will have someone call you back at this number sometime today." After about a week of this, I realized that no one was going to call me back and that no credit was being issued. Please help.

junk eyeglasses

In April of 2007 I purchased a pair of drillmount glasses from the Sears Optical store in Logansport, Indiana. By the time all the bells and whistles were added, I paid $600 for this pair of glasses. No warranty info was given to me at ANY time.
About 6 months later as I was cleaning them, they broke out where the lens joins the frame at the nose piece. I got online to see about contact info and that is when I discovered that I had a one year warranty on the glasses.
So I called the Sears Optical store where I purchased them and explained what had happened. The girl on the phone told me to bring them in, that they would fix them and there would be NO CHARGE. So I took them in.
The manager waited on me and said it would cost to have them fixed. I told her what the employee had told me on the phone about no charge. The manager said that the girl was new and didn't know what she was talking about, that their warranty was a limited one and that I would have to pay to have them fixed. She said that the drillmount glasses are FRAGILE and prone to break. Well, if they break a lot, then why even sell them???
Well, I was livid, but needed my glasses and my husband thought I ought to pay what they asked. So pay we did.
This time, glasses lasted about the same length of time before breaking again in the exact same spot. Rather than have to pay again, the glasses are sitting in a drawer and I am wearing my old glasses while I wait on a new pair (another $444 from a different eyeglass store).
I will NEVER EVER buy another pair of glasses from Sears Optical.

  • An
    anonymousoptician Jan 21, 2010

    Drill mount eyeglasses are sold because vain customers like you insist on having "barely there" glasses so no one knows they're wearing them.

    If there wasn't a demand, there would be no supply, hon.

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  • Ka
    kadaw Mar 31, 2011

    Well I live in california and I always buy my glasses from sears. CHEAP deal! You just have to know which glasses to get. The doctors and secretarty are all helpful and glasses arrived in a week. I usually grab whatevers on the Ray ban isle, and all I can say is that they are sturdy as a rock. I went out clubbing dancing my life away the blam my glasses fell down and some cow was stepping on them, hmm pretty harsh don't it seem!? But to my amazement my glasses survived with only a few scratches. Moral of my story is don't settle for unknown brands with tiny frames. Get sturdy looking glasses like Ray bans for the special deal of 99$ for a pair and your set for another 2 years of impared vision and eye squinting my friend. I recently just putchased 2 more eyewares which were a ray ban and a izod and I'm satisgfied since I only spent 320$ total for two glasses. Sears is good. You just have to keep an open mind my dear. :)

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  • At
    attkin May 28, 2011

    Try They have much better price. Fast delivery.

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i'm not happy with sears at all

I was scheduled to have the lawn tracker delivered on 4/27/08 between 2:15 - 4:15. The automated system confirmed the time and the date twice before the date. Nobody showed up on the day until 4:30PM and then I called [protected] to find out the status and the rep told me that it's been delayed because of some manufacturing delay.

What the ***? So, if I've not called, I'd be still waiting. I'm a very busy professional and I cancelled all my appointments between 1-5PM for the delivery. Who is going to pay for my loss? I feel like just cancelling the order and go somewhere else. I'll recommend all my friends NOT to go for Sears in the lifetime. As you can tell, I'm NOT happy with Sears at all.

their delivery service is worst ever

We ordered a washer dryer and dishwasher. Keep in mind we have to work to be here for delivery. First delivery show up 2 hours late and dryer is vented incorrectly so they have to send it back for correction. Called center to arrange redelivery of correct unit and he tells me they will have to refund me and I will have to go to sears and repurchase entire order. Oh yeah the dishwasher didn't show up with the delivery either. So after talking with supervisor this is corrected but what a *** of a customer service rep in the first place to tell me that. So we another day for redelivery and still no dishwasher. Washer dryer ok and installed. another day for dishwasher but it has a dent. They will redeliver. another day for delivery and now there it sits in our garage. Have yet to get an appointment for installation from sears though we have already paid them for such. What a joke. Will never ever ever buy from them again.

  • Me
    Meemee Elliott Jul 09, 2008

    I ordered a freezer from on Fir July 5th, 2008 to be delivered on Wednesday July 9- today. They don't make an appointment for the exact delivery time when you order but advise that they will call by phone, the night before delivery. I find that reasonable and expected just that. HOWEVER- since the day I placed that on-line order I have had NO LESS than 3 phone calls per day ( each apparently from a different representative of Sears) telling me that I would receive a phone call the night before delivery to set the exact time. After the first day of two calls I asked them to PLEASE stop calling me until they had the appointment time. They apologized and said "I should not be getting any more calls". But they did keep calling both my home and alternate (Cell) number. They leave long messages on my Cell phone which is not always turned on- but always with the same " Information" that I would be getting a call on Tuesday night after 6 Pm with the actual delivery time. Yesterday, being THE Day Before Delivery, the 1st call came at 11 AM from a Sears person who was calling to verify the order info and address for delivery but no delivery time as that is not set until after 6 PM. After that I got 3 more calls just stating that I would get a call tonight with the delivery time window! At 6:15 PM I got the first of 3 calls telling me the delivery time of 1:15-3:15Pm. The second was at &:70 and the 3rd at 9PM. This morning at 6:45 I got another call from SEARS! This time it was a lady with "dispatch" who stated that she needed to confirm that I would be home and still wanted the merchandise delivered today as they would not be loading it on the truck if I don;t want it!! I got the Sears Corporate Phone numner from her and placed a complaint with them directly about all these calls. I look forward to getting the freezer deliverd and set up today and HOPE that is the last I have to hear from Sears! I had stopped shopping at Sears years ago due to frustrations with them but it had been so long I had forgotten how bad it was.
    The only way I would recommend is to the poor lonely folks out there who would like some PHONE CALLS! Personally I've had enough!
    Sears Corprate Office Number is 1-800-549-4505

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  • Je
    JEAN WOODS Jul 09, 2008

    I have tried for over a year to get my dryer purchased from Sears repaired. They have come to repair the dryer 3 times and it still does not work. The techs have no clue how to repair the dryer and they sit on the phone while at my house trying to get info on how tho fix the dryer. they have just done small things to make it seem repaired until about an hour after they leave and the problem is back. i have yet another appt. scheduled. Hopefully I will get my dryer fixed. never ever again will I deal with Sears.

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  • Ni
    nicole lopresto Sep 09, 2008

    i purchased a stove on the 22 august 2008 with a next day delivery service but opted for another day the 25august 2008 well about 100pm that day telling me it was not in stock and could not be delivered until 5 sept 2008 which inconveince me from work so i rescheduled to 9 sept 2008 oh they sent me a 30 dollar gift card yeah!after i raised hell well today is 9 sept 2008 i get a call at 1000am after 3 calls to confirm on 8 sept 2008 that the range is coming well it did not i dialed several # 1-800-732-7747 delivery which can not verify with the warehouse and 1-512-248-7700 which cannot make delivery changes 1-800-549-4505 corporate which can not reveiw files 1-800-341-2517 extreme delivery which can only tell you it will be in warehouse the day before sears sucks it does not have the reputation it used to when i was a young child the never have to be concerned with me and my money again my husband is so disgusted he cut up the credit card thank goodness i did not get rid of my old stove 16 days later with my range

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  • Cy
    Cynthia Tobias Jan 14, 2016

    @ SEARS

    Below is the long & short of Sears Customer Service.

    I Beseech you, Do Not Buy Sears Appliances ... Run Far, Far AWAY.

    They Absolutely [email protected]#K.

    1/13/2016 7:54AM

    Dear Cynthia,

    Thank you for contacting

    I apologize that we were unable to complete the exchange process for the items under order number 961254718.

    I see that we were unable to complete the exchange as the mode of payment used was PayPal. However, while reviewing our notes, I see that one of our representatives offered pick up delivery and pay for the delivery pick up. If this will work, please do have a check with our phone support once again. To my dismay, we email team are unable to process the same from our side.

    Need additional assistance? Click here to Chat with us now!

    Thank you,
    Slater N. (nalber5)
    Sears Member Services

    Cynthia Tobias

    9:29 AM (12 minutes ago)

    to Sears

    An exchange could not be processed as you stated because I used PayPal to make my purchase. First & foremost why would Sears accept PayPal as payment if they can not support the customer with a Simple Exchange?

    With that in mind. Sears offered to pick up the dryer & process a refund (for the dryer only) and I would have to repurchase the Gas Dryer!?

    As the customer, would you feel confident allowing Sears to pick up the Dryer you paid for with PayPal, same form of payment that Sears could NOT process an exchange with and rest assure you would receive a Refund??? I think Not.

    In the exchange I would have owed Sears $100.00 + plus in total. What a disheartening dilemma.

    I am now Forced to keep an appliance I CAN NOT use. I most certainly will NOT Stop Here.

    Thank you for NOTHING Sears & the ten's of other Foriegn associates over the phone and on chat below

    Slater N. (nalber5)

    Sears Member Services


    Baxter G. (ggangme)

    Sears Member Services



    Sears Member Services


    cc. Facebook, Twitter

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on sale again but out of stock still

Sears will never earn my business again. I have had problems before but this is it. I cancelled my Sears card sometime ago due to a bad experience. I placed an order online for the Bowflex #14689 on 4-16-08. On 4-23-08 I had not received any confirmation so I called customer service. They told me my order had been cancelled (nice to know). Due to the product was unavailable. I get online and you once again have the same model on sale for a different price. How can you advertise something you don't even have? Thanks again for the great service. Someone else will love my business.

  • De
    deb Dec 01, 2008

    This week Sears cancelled two of my orders for a washer and dryer pair due to out of stock. Now I ordered another washer and dryer with pedestals over $3000. worth and waiting to receive a confirmation which I believe is going to be out of stock, even though they said it would be delivered two days from now I have my doubts. You can't get your hopes up for buying appliances from Sears. I would have to see it delivered to my home before I believe I really have an order out there.

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  • De
    deb Dec 01, 2008

    In response to my previous comment about Sears cancelling my orders, I just took a look at my Sears credit card account to see if the pending charges have been applied yet and what I found was it is gone which means my order is cancelled. I have had enough, I will get better business else where. Remember, if Sears says it's available, don't believe it. They don't even know it their own self. There system is not set up to work properly.

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  • To
    Toolman1 Apr 11, 2011

    I have tried to buy tools from Sears as far back as the 1970's. They were always out of stock on every tool they had on sale and some that were not on sale. How does this outfit stay in business?????

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master protection agreement

Sears Master Protection Agreement has become a very bad joke. I have been a loyal customer since 2003...

dissattified about service

I recently renewed my repair protection agreement which expires 4/17/2009. On 3/8/2008 a service tech. came...

high-pitched hum

Is anyone else with a Sears Kenmore Trio Elite going crazy by hearing a constant high-pitched hum whenever the refrigerator "kicks in"??? I realize all refrigerators hum or make some sort of sound whenever they kick in to adjust temperature, but really, this high-pitched noise is enough to drive anyone to the nut house! I thought we'd get used to it, but we even hear it above our television noise and even when I'm in bed (upstairs and away from the kitchen), if it's quiet and I'm just laying there, I can hear it. It's not just my husband and me who hear it...everyone who comes over hears it too. Sears says this is a "normal" noise and unfortunately, I looked in the manual and it, too, says a "high-pitched" sound is "normal." See you at the insane asylum!

  • Er
    ernie Aug 06, 2008

    I have the Trio model, not the Elite, but it is noisy ! I suggest you complain loud and often to Sears, and if you have a service agreement, or if it is still on warranty, request service and document everything. I am about to ask that my Trio be replaced with a new unit, after 2 years and many service calls for the same problem Not all of these units are noisy, as a close family member has one and it is very quiet.

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Washer broke in jan., still not fixed in april, waited 2 months for parts, they canceled my appt date 5 times to date!

Maytag washer under warranty. Transmission needed to be replaced. 6 parts need to be ordered, took appr. 2 mths for them to come in. service required 2 tech. They claimed there wasn't 2 techs avail. On Saturdays, which was the only day i can have someone home. They canceled me 5 times already. The last time they suggested i take the washer, which is now apart, and leave it outside so when there is 2 tech avail. during the week they can fix it outside!! I have never had such crappy service and will never go to sears again!! Any suggestions since i have been trying to get my washer fixed for 3 months now!

harassment about bogus past due bill!

My wife and I have received several debt collection calls in an attempt to collect an alleged outstanding...

scam and cheating!

I have family who does not speak english well a and everytime we are in the store they ask about credit cards. Now most employees are fine. However there is a sales person in the tool department who preys on people who do not understand what he is saying. Tricks them into applying for not only one card but two with out explaining anything, and when you go back to the store he acts like it was not him. The mangers don't seem to care about his unfair ways because I am sure they are making money some how!!! I am tempted to write his name but I am sure anyone who has been there knows who he is. We should and must stop these kinds of practices!!!

warranty scam!

The information on the Sears site shows that the Sears mower #88921 has a 3 year warranty however the...

kenmore central vacuum

I purchased a top of the line Kenmore Central Vacuum System approx. 5 years ago...It was a problem from the start..the estimated cost for install in the store was $100 when it came time for the install it was over $500...all of the piping was already in...we just wanted to move the unit from one side of the basement to the other...meaning one pipe had to be rerouted...on the unfinished side of the basement...I had an indepentant guy do it for $100...The wheels on the power head are always broken..I just ordered my 5th set...I also had a problem where the hose plugs into the power head...the socket burnt should have been a simple fix...but they do not make a $10 replacement part...I had to purchase the entire hose for over $200...I will never buy a Sears product again!!!

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    M G Aug 20, 2008

    Oh My Gosh, we had the same problem where the hose attaches to the power head, the socket burnt out and we too had to purchase a $200.00 dollar part to fix a $10.00 dollar problem. We are now facing yet again another problem with the power head, the electrical wires have broken and we are forced to try and get a new part or spice and dice the wires and hope they hold. All in all, I would never purchase another Kenmore vacuum system - the whole thing has cost way more that it's worth in the repair bills that we are constantly confronted with and the quality is just not there for the initial investment, buyers beware

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  • Pe
    pelayor123 Sep 18, 2018

    I purchased a Kenmore canister vac. the power head cuts off intermittently, out of warranty so I purchased another one(good suction) but now the powerhead quit working. Don't buy one.

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