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bad customer service

Ordered part for Dewalt cordless drill since the web site said it was in stock. Received an email 2 days later that it was back-ordered. Called immediately and canceled the part, customer service rep said it was canceled. Two weeks later, received another email that the part was backordered, called again to cancel and was told that they could not control their supplier and even though it was canceled, it would probably still ship and that I would have to return it (and pay for shipping). I spoke to a supervisor and she promised to cancel the order. Five days later, received another email saying that the part had been shipped.
I would not recommend using Sears Parts Direct for any reason. Their web site in not correct on the parts in stock, they do not have control of their suppliers and they are not honest in their commitments to customers.

not showing up for appointment again

This was the third repair call for Frigidaire refridgerator. This time, Sears repair didn't even show up. I waited all day, cancelled appointments and they never showed. Lousy customer service. After buying the expensive warrenty, what good is it?
I was scammed and ripped off .

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    NoSpam Jun 14, 2008

    Frigidaire by Electroulux sux. The compressor on our 5 mo old Frigidaire failed - ruining the food (same as on our 20 yr old Kenmore/Whirlpool). When GM owned them - they were one of the best.

    The repair guy admitted they are now "made in Mexico junk" - thanks President Clinton/Congress (NAFTA - btw - PNTR by President Clinton sent the rest of our jobs to China).

    Frigidaire woulden't cover the food loss & Lowes (where we got it) was unsympathetic - saying they wouldn't do anything since it was over 90 days old.

    No more Frigidaire/Electrolux anything for us.

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inproper installation

On Feb. 27, 2008 my wife & I had a new furnace installed in our home. I'm a truck driver & on the road alot. When I got home & saw the furnace, I was quite impressed. But then I noticed where they had broken the wood molding that surrounds the outer edge. When I asked my wife if they said anything about the molding she said no. Needless to say I was upset. I called the Sears department manager & yes I was quite blunt with him. the repairs were made. Now during the furnace installation one of the installers had to go under the house, (we have a mfg. home). At some point during that time the installer indicated to my wife that our AC was low on freon. Since it was still quite cold outside we couldn't test the AC. Now that the warmer weather has set in we decided to call a certified AC company. The technician discovered that the quick disconnect lines and the seal were damaged and that we had no freon in our system at all. To have the system fixed and the AC charged it has cost us $618.00. We've lived in this home for 12 years and have never had a problem. Even last year we ran the AC without incident. Once again I called the Sears Home improvement dept and spoke to the same manager. He indicated to me that since we went to an outside source he wasn't going to do anything about it. I said to him we can do this professionally or we could do this the legal way. He again replied he couldn't do anything or should I say won't do anything. Since when does Sears dictate to customers who they call for other home work? We own this home and who we decide to call for repairs or improvements does not require the approval of Sears Home Improvement Dept managers.
Now I'm concerned how the furnace man released the freon or did he really capture the freon ? If he just released the freon into the air he violated federal law and he endangered my wife and granddaughter.

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    Chris Pascale Jan 21, 2009

    Over the summer we had a door and window installed at a cost of $4, 600. We figured the price was worth the quality and the assuredness that the job would be done right.

    When the door and window were installed I was very happy with how much better it was than the old ones, but the first night we had some luck that it rained because the sliding glass door had water pouring out like a waterfall. The installer came back, tried to fill it in with caulk rather than take the door out. At our insistance he took the door out and said the problem was fixed. It rained a week later and the door was fine but the window had a leak. The installer came back and tried to blame it on our siding. More caulk.

    I had an independent window and door guy come out and he thought I'd put it in myself and that it was "the worst job" he'd ever seen.

    He wrote me a report and the manager tried to send over the same guy. After much debate someone new came out and it turned out that not only was the job done all wrong, but that the door had been manufactured incorrectly. It was upside down, which explained why it was so hard to open, contrary to the installer comments on it just being heavy.

    Next time, for $4, 600, I'll get the whole house done by a door and window company with their own people.

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Resolved we'll never use them again

My husband and I had a truly miserable experience with Sears as well. Their prices for our new A/C system were steep compared to Lowe's and Home Depot out here in IL, but the Sears name and replacement plan prompted us to go with them. We were assured that we would be guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Turns out that the sales rep ordered incorrect components, prompting 4 additional visits from an independent contractor hired by Sears, not Sears personnel themselves. We don't even know if these guys were licensed. Ultimately, we had to repeatedly contact the manager out here, Jay, to finally have a thermostat and its associated charges removed from our bill. Turns out we were being charged almost $500 for this thermostat, but we had no way of knowing since specific item charges and item information were blocked out our paperwork - all we knew was the general *type* of what we were getting. Numerous calls to our "project coordinator" whose job, we were told, was to ensure everything went smoothly, went unanswered.

We recently had a furnace installed with a fantastic service provider who itemized and explained everything, and could provide proof of licensing and background checks of employees.

My husband and I are pretty easy customers to deal with, overall. I will never be as naive and trusting as I was with Sears again, however, and am very thorough and detail-oriented when getting estimates, so I suppose our Sears experience was a good education, pricey "tuition" and all. Sadly, Sears' 20th-century reputation is not relevant to its 21-st century service.

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    Joe Bachman Jul 26, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in the market for a new central A/C and heating system. One of the many quotes for a new heat pump came from SearsPro that I scheduled on line. Sears contacted me very promptly and scheduled an appointment. The Sears Employee arrived two hours earlier than scheduled (ok, glad I was home). We walked out into my yard and looked at my old central unit system. He asked me the square footage of my home and what I was interested in. He then began fumbling through hundereds of loose pages of paperwork trying to find a price of a unit for me. After about 10 minutes, he found a unit that was "supposedly" what I needed. He seemed in much of a hurry. He gave me a price, then added installation costs, etc... and asked if I had any questions? I asked a couple of questions about warranty and who were the contractors that would be completing the work.

    Then he asked me if I had a sheet of paper. He then scratched out an estimate of a blank sheet of paper of what a new unit will cost me with installation and the whole nine yards. He also did not wear a sears identification card as I was told he would be. Then he told me he was late for a barbacue with his kids and excused himself to leave. He left me his number if I had any further questions.

    I felt that this was a very unprofessional meeting. If I'm going to be spending between 5 and 10 thousand dollars with a company, I'd like to feel that I was a little more important than a scratched out extimate on a scrap sheet of paper. I'd also like to think that I wasn't holding him up from something more important.

    After reading the negative comments from other Sears customers on this web site, I think I'm going to buy a Trane system.

    -Joe Bachman-

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warranty coverage

Bought a grill from Sears two years ago (model #415.16220. The bottom casting has begun to warp. It is bowing...

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Resolved bait & switch

Sears Holdings advertised a 1080, 50” Sony TV. I went to the store in Utica, Michigan and purchased the TV for just under $1, 400. I picked up the TV and went back to my office. I looked at the box and found that the TV was labelled as a 720. I returned to the store within 45 minutes and the clerks said that the ad was incorrect and would not be honoured. They would give me $100 off of the current TV if I would keep it. I told the salesman that the process was called “bait and switch” and is highly illegal. Sears only lists their part number and not the model number of the TV on the receipt. This makes it very convenient to switch products if the customer is not attentive. I asked for the store manager and she was very angry but did give me her business card. She said that Sears Holdings is not responsible for any mistakes in their ads.

The ad clearing listed the model number and specifications. The salesman stated the ad was valid and in fact sold another TV at the same time I bought mine. The couple did return to the store minutes before my return but they took the additional $100 discount.

The discounted price on the 720, 50” Sony is no real bargain.

Sears just swapped the model using their own product code.

In this manner Sears can switch the 1080 TV with a lower cost 720. If the customer does not notice, they sold the TV at market price. If the customer returns the TV some will take the $100 discount and think they received a good price.

This is just modern day bait and switch.

I returned the TV and would love to have a lawyer and the BBB pursue action against the new Sears Holding for this poor behaviour.

I wonder what Roebuck would have said about the new behaviour at Sears Holdings?

Resolved bad product, bad service

My Husband bought a CompuCarve system which is a wood carving system for $2, 000.00. We got it home, set it up and it didn't work. I bought the extra warranty coverage. Sears told me they could send someone to fix it, but the soonest they could do this was 4 weeks away, but if I wanted to bring it into a Sears repair center it would be repaired immediately. I brought it in on April 30th. I have not heard from them since. I called the number Sears gave me and when I inquired about the machine they hung up on me four different times. I called back on the 5th time and spoke to someone who told me they were having trouble getting a part. I found out the people from Sears I was talking to were not even located in Austin. I wanted to talk to the local Sears repair center and they told me they would call in an hour. They called me 5 days later. The woman from Sears couldn't tell me anything accept that I couldn't get a new machine and would have to wait to get the nonworking machine repaired. After another week and a half I went to the Sears repair center to see why I hadn't heard from them yet. I spoke with the manager of that department. He told me that it wouldn't be ready for another 2 to 3 weeks, that I should have returned it for a new machine, but it was to late for that now. I was very upset and went to look for Sears administrative offices. The only office I found was the HR office. I went in and there wasn't anyone in there. There were several offices, all of them were empty. I found a poster on the wall with a picture of the manager of that particular Sears store. There was a telephone number. I have since tried to call that number like the poster suggested, but there is no answer, and I have called around 20 times. This is a problem that has been on going for almost 2 months with no end in sight. Plus we are out $2, 000.00.

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    Sandra Aug 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same Sears Repair service problem. My frontload washer broke. It was leaking water, called Sears Repair service and they came out, looked at the washer and said it needs to replace the hose. He broke the clap so he replaced a new one…charged us $20. He continued to say if you want to do it yourself, you have to pay me $70 for just being here. We decided that since he’s there to just go ahead and fix the darn thing. We have been without the washer close to 1 a week already. After he replaced the hose, he tested out, noticed water flushed out like some part was missing and when he checked the front he noticed the water pump broke(a big punctured hole, we believed he punctured it himself). My brother said it was not there before but to get our washer fix, we just let him order the part. He said it will not be ready for 9 days. So appt is between 1-5. Tech called my cell to see if anyone’s home. I had my family member stay home the entire day to wait. he called again at 4pm and i missed him by 2 mins, I called the tech back at 4:02pm, he turned his cell phone off. I called the Service Center, the rep said he will page the tech. No one showed up. I called again and the rep said she nothing available tomorrow but will try to get tech anyways. Friday came I called since no one showed up, the rep said oh it’s for August 13 next week. At this point I already spent $390 and my washer is still broken, I want my money back, ask to speak to supervisor, the chick had me on hold for 30mins and NO SUPERVISOR. so I used another phone to call and the other rep put me on hold for another 15mins until I gave up. I swear I will never put my foot inside sears again.

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terrible service

I have purchased a dehumidifier with extended warranty from the local Sears store (Sioux Falls, SD) a year ago. Now that the new season started, it doesn't work. Since it's still under warranty, I called the store's service center and set up an appointment for in-home repair. A repair man was supposed to come today between 8 and 12 am, but nobody came. When I called, they couldn't find a record that an appointment has even been set up. The lady on the phone was very rude and condescending to me.

I wouldn't submit this complaint if this would have been the first time, however, it is not. This is my second dehumidifier from Sears, and the first one was also defective after just one season, and I went through the same stupid game of trying to get someone to repair it then too. The repair service was unreliable, the people rude and disagreeable, and they kept telling me that they couldn't find any records of my purchase - mind you, I had all the paperwork and receipts and business card of the sales person who sold the dehumidifier to me.

I find it inexcusable and unacceptable that I have to go through such a torture every time I need something fixed and that they can't find the records of anything!

terrible service on website, phone, and appliance scheduling

1. Phone Service Complaint, 2. Website Complaint, 3. Garden Tractor Complaint, 4. Scheduling Repair Complaint...


Buoght A Arrow 10x12 shed from sears 1.5 years ago. Last winter the roof collapsed in. Emailed customer service Then had to file with the bbb. They then told me it was A Act of God . Link to youtube Sears and Arrow both Suck.

failure to honor commitment to refund

Sears, Middletown, NJ affiliate SearsOneSource intervened when defective dishwasher needed repairs costing...

denied rebate

On Saturday morning 22 March 2008 I went to our local Sears Dealer to purchase a riding lawnmower that was advertised on sale for the amount of $999.99. Upon arrival I told the manager of the store that I wanted to purchase the mower that was priced $999.99. He then proceeded to tell me that another mower was on sale and would be a better deal for me. He showed me the mower that was priced $1099.99, he also pointed out that it had more horse power.

He told me that I was getting the upgraded mower for the same price since I would receive a rebate in the amount of $100.00.
When I wrote a check to pay for the mower his attendant filled out the rebate form, put it in an envelope and even addressed it for me. I took it home, put a stamp on it and mailed it.

In view of the above I firmly believe that I was duped and misled.
I am a very senior citizen living on a very modest fixed income.
I am of the opinion that I should not be responsible for this obvious mistake and that I should be penalized for a mistake that the store made and I should be entitled to a rebate of the $100.00.

Your attention into this matter would be greatly appreciated.

William Luttrell
641 Bryan Dr
Moncks Corner, SC 29461

  • Mo
    MoJo Jul 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Four years ago we purchased a Sear's brand riding lawn mower (54" deck). It has been a nightmare ever since!

    To begin with the clutch didn't work and the deck was not able to be raised and lowered. It was brand new! So we had to order parts and wait to have it fixed. Since then it's only gotten worse.

    Our latest fiasco is yet another deck problem. The deck bracket is soldered on, not bolted. Therefore you can't just go to the store and buy the bolts to reattach the deck. oh NOOOOOOOOOO ... you wait, and wait, and wait, to get service. We had to wait two weeks after calling in for the repair (this is normal), then almost another two weeks to receive the part (this is normal), and then another week (this is not normal, it's usually TWO weeks' wait) for the service technician to be scheduled. Then guess what. Yep ... they called today and cancelled. A technician is ill.

    We paid over $900 for an extension on the warranty. Can you believe that? $900!!! After paying $900 it still takes SIX WEEKS to get the thing repaired. I'm not even addressing the problem here of how often it breaks, because we have repair technicians out here approximately every month that the mower is in use, so there's just too much history to write down.

    This has been our rainy season in Missouri, as you probably have heard. Rainy season, grass and weeds as tall as I am, and we can't mow our front and back yards to keep the snakes away because we thought we would be loyal to Sear's (why ... WHY?) and buy from the local little store. Never again! I've been looking at large refrigerators from Sear's but will not buy. I'll go to Lowe's.

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Resolved poor incompetent and uncaring service

Mr. Bruce Johnson President & CEO Sears Corporate Office 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Dear...

customer service

Thursday May 22, 2008 at approximately 8:45 pm I went in to the Sears Department looking for a Clerk whom had helped me earlier in the Week with Mattress information. I approached a Clerk in the electronics department because there was no one around in the area of the Mattresses to see if he could get someone to help me. He advised me that the lady whom had been helping me earlier that week was no longer in for the day but he would get the lady in the Appliance department who had worked in the department before. When the Lady came to the area of the Mattresses and was informed of what the situation was and that I was interested in Purchasing the KING SIZE mattress and that there was a special going on until May 25th she LOOKED at her watch on more than one occasion and was trying any and every way to get me to come back tomorrow. I then acknowledged the women that if she was not willing to help me I would take my business some place else, Which she still advised me that the sale was on till the 25th of may and i had lots of time to get the sale. the only advise she gave me in the conversation was to come back and play the scratch and save on the weekend. Someone who is spending over three thousand dollars on a mattress really doesn't care about a scratch and save event, but the sale on the mattress of choice at the time of the sale.

Since when was 8:45 closing and since when has SEARS treated there customers with such DISRESPECT!

I am so disappointed with sears and what is so sad is this was a gift for my Brother who is getting Married and Just bought their house. They were Actually going in to your store June 1st to start there Registry with Sears and I will make sure that I advise them the treatment that I received from sears and why I will refuse and tell everyone the service that I received from this store. It is terrible that a store with such a great Name and History has people work for them that treat there finest customers with SUCH IGNORANCE!

You can look up my History as a Sears customer for the last 15 years and you will notice that in the past few years i have been a repeat customer one who just purchased a two piece leather set from you which was more than a three thousand dollar KING SIZE mattress. I have no problem going to SLEEP COUNTRY to purchase my mattress and it is extremely disappointing.

I expect to hear some sort of response back from someone regarding this unfortunate matter, if sears WANTS to keep a returning customer happy which I question now after this experience.


Melanie Stapledon

  • Jo
    Joe Schmo Aug 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ah, women.

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  • Os
    osiana Mar 22, 2009

    Sears is awful. I went in today for the bridal registry and they are horrible at Southgate in Edmonton, AB Canada. At The Bay they know how to treat customers very well. Skip Sears and go to The Bay.

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  • Ro
    Ron Sepetis Apr 03, 2010

    They are incompetant. I took my Lawnmower for a cleaning and tune-up to their Service Center in St. Laurent Quebec. I asked what it would cost and I was charged $54.95 + Tax up front and that their Serviceman would call me the next day if there was anything else. I believed that this was the true cost but they put the word "estimate" on the initial invoice. When I returned home latter that evening; I had a call from the Serviceman telling me it would be over $90 dollars for my 11 year old Lawnmower including chaniing a broken but functional Knob that I had already said not to change. I guess they don't communicate amoung themselves !!!

    The next day I called to find out why the cost had almost doubled and I was informed that the work had already been done; and this $90.00 + was the true cost and the $54.95 + taxes was a non-returnable charge to estimate the cost of the Tune-up !!! How is it that these incompentants, with all the tune-ups they do, cannot provide a customer with the true cost of the service requested up front for what is regular maintenance ?

    I now understand that at this Service Center the $54.95 + taxes is an up front cost to estimate the cost of repairing an item brought in for repair and is removed from the final bill if the item is repaired or used to cover their Labour Cost of discovering why the product is non-functional and providing a complete cost of repair. I feel that this is fair since they are expending labour to allow me to determine if I wish to proceed with repairs or junk my product.

    However, when it comes to regular maintenance like the Tune-up and cleaning; I should have been provided with a proper cost up front for this normal maintenance as any Garage or Dealer can do with cars. This is not an impossible request. Furthermore, if I did not agree to the Final $90 cost they were going to keep my $54.95 + taxes to phone me and say it would be $90.00 + dollars within 15 minutes of my leaving it there according to the time on my answering machine. UNBELIEVABLE !!!

    The final issue is that if this $54.95 + taxes is an estimate ; they completed the work without my permission after the $90.00 quote; a clear violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

    Beware of Sears Canada Service Centers and their underhanded Business Practices. They are incapable of providing proper estimates on a known maintenance procedure and will rip ypu of for $54.95 + Taxes to prove it.

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  • Ro
    Robert Murdock Jul 06, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased a Refrigerator on June 20, delivered June 23rd. (at cost of nearly $300) Told to leave it for several hours before plugging in. Waited until the next morning, plugged it in...surprise it doesn't work. Called immediately. Sears is only available in our area on Wed and Fri (we're 35 minutes north of Toronto, 35 minutes south of Barrie) My wife is a chemotherapy patient and it took until July 06th before we could meet up. When the repairman called, my wife missed the ring by one ring and immediately called Sears who assured us the repairman would show up. Guess what, 3 hours later no repairman and when I called they said he was "out of our area".
    No-one thought to call us. Now we have to wait until July 13 before the repairman will return!! This company has definitely jumped the shark...bring on Walmart and the Big Box companies. Customer Service is definitely a thing of the past with this outfit and so will their business soon!!

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poor performance!

I am finally posting a complaint forewarning all about Sears PartsDirect after many experiences of similar poor performance in getting parts for Sears Kenmore appliances. It is my guess that this outfit is in fact a separate contractor used by Sears and other retailers to peddle their repair parts on the web. I say this as I am on my third event now where PartsDirect have not delivered as promised and when you call to complain, they immediately put you over to "Sears Public Relations" at another location. It has been my experience with these other people (if indeed Sears people) that they are just as bad (or good if you like) at "promise more, deliver less."

I have a huge Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator about 8 years old. The evaporator fan motor has become noisy which is nuisance to listen to but more importantly, if it fails then the whole system fails and you come home to a big puddle of water. I looked the parts up I wanted online at PartsDirect and placed the order on 4/18/2008. All parts were noted as "in stock" but I got a notice a few days later that the evaporator motor was on backorder until May 9th. I did receive the replacement fan blade and was told the mounting grommets had shipped but never received any tracking info. By May 12th I had not received the grommets nor had I received notice that the motor backordered for May 9th had shipped.

I called PartsDirect and learned that the motor was backordered again this time until June 9th and was told that the grommets showed as having shipped by UPS and were probably in transit (2 weeks later?). They could not give me a tracking number but said that I could get it at their website which I couldn't. Tracking for every item said "pending".

So I called to complain again and was put over to their "Customer Relations" department which is just a way to get problem calls off the parts line and over to a black hole with a mouth that tells you something to quell your upset. The mouth that spoke to me was "appalled" at these events and would investigate this. Someone would be calling me back in 2 to 3 days.

It is now 5 days later and no one ever called back. In the meantime, I went to RepairClinic.Com and ordered the motor for a bit less than Sears PartsDirect. It was in stock, was shipped the same day on three day delivery and arrived in two.

This is the last time I will deal with Sears PartsDirect and also I've purchased my last item from Sears. There has been a lot of speculation about them going out of business and I can see why when they have been producing poor quality goods for the past few years and providing such poor service. We have a house full of their stuff and are sorry to see the change but I expect most it will be replaced by other manufacturers' equipment over the next five or ten years.

  • Nc
    NCpoppie May 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    More on the saga of really poor performance by Sears PartsDirect (SPD).

    I called SPD on Saturday, May 17th after posting the complaint above. I told the CSR that I had not received a call back from customer relations as promised. The CSR was "appalled" and wanted to immediately connect me to customer relations again. I said "No thanks!" but I'd like to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold for a few minutes and a "supervisor" got on the line, listened to my story and promised to investigate and call back later that day.

    It's now three days later and no call back and no surprise either. I did go to the SPD site to check the status of the parts order and guess what? The part that was in-stock when ordered, and then backordered to May 9th a few days later and then backordered to June 9th when I called about this? Where is it now? SPD site says it is backordered until June 30th.

    These people are a joke.

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  • Se
    Searspartsguy Feb 15, 2009

    I work as an associate with sears parts direct and I understand how frustrating backordered parts can be and trust me its a shame when it does happen but it doesn't happen often and customer relations and sears parts direct are in the same building, we are not an outside entity or third party contractor. As far as never recieving a callback I find that hard to believe but if that did happen I apologize and I'm deeply regretfully of the service you recieved.

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  • Fr
    Fred Russell Apr 29, 2010

    Ordered an electric clutch ($266) for my Sears lawn tractor on April 20, 2010, order# W487413. On April 27th I received a bracket instead of the clutch. I called Sears on April 27 and they said that they would send the correct part. Called back on the 28th for the tracking number for the part and they didn't have any information yet but someone would call me. Never happened!

    Checked the PartsDirect web site for shipping information on the 29th - no information. With no shipping information available, this means nothing has been done toward correcting this error.

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  • Ge
    George Chiang Jun 06, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Horrible company!!! I literally just placed this order over the phone only to find out they ordered the wrong part! And they will not let me cancel the order!!! WTF???? They said I have to wait until it is shipped here, call them to get some refund authorization number, and send it back myself!!! HOW FRUSTRATING! WHAT AN AWFUL COMPANY!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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$311 for glasses I cannot see out of!

I purchased progressive lenses at sears. Returned three times because could not see with them. I was told the prescription was correct and to go back to my opthalmologic. The website says "satisfaction guaranteed with no questions asked." do not believe sears or their optical provider, u. S. Optical. It has been one year and I am still fighting to return glasses I cannot wear. They told me I must return within 90 days - I did try!! U. S. Optical runs the sears optical centers so it is useless to bring a complaint to the store manager. My eye doctor told me they sold me inferior lenses that were not the quality of my current lenses (Much older) and they should take them back immediately. Warning: you get what you pay for - see your eye care doctor who is a professional and has your health and wellbeing in mind. U. S. Optical and sears will take you money and not give you anything but the run around. Very, very bad business. Their optical departments should have to be registered with the state and have guidelines but they don't. I wonder how many elderly people have been cheated by sears optical. Sears - shame on you!!!

alarm sounding!

8 weeks ago my alarm sounded on my freezer. I could see that the digital display had stopped working; it...

Resolved unprofessional customer service

On 05/05/08 I took my car in to Sears Automotive to purchase two new tires, since I was getting two new tires, I decided to get an alingment done on my car, even though the alingment on my car was perfect (i thought since i was getting two new tires i should). It did not take to much time to have the work done on my car. Once they were completed with my car, I got in it and started to drive away. Right away I realized that the steering was very hard (stiff) and that my car was steering to the LEFT rather than straight. Since I had to go to work, I could not turn around that day. So, I insted went back to Sears Automotive on 05/06/08 so they can fix the car alingment, this time the customer service was not good, they hardly had anybody working that day. Once they were finished with my car, I drove off again. Once more the alignment of my verhicle was not good, it was steering even more to the left. Since I was leaving out of town, I could not take my car back the next day, so I went back to the store on 05/12/08, in a very calm, nice matter, I asked the customer service representative to please let me speak with the Supervisor. The supervisor made his way to the section I was at of the store, and ingored me and pretended to be doing something else, he finally then goes towards me with an attitude. I explained to the supervisor that I was being inconvenienced for the 3rd time by brining my car into the store, so they could fix the alingment. I explained that when I initially brought car in the alingment on my car was PERFECT, and the only reason I got an aligment done was because I purchased two new tires. I told him that once I drive away, the alingment on my car is HORRIBLE, it steers to the LEFT rather than straight. In a very UNPROFESSIONAL MATTER he started raising his voice at me, and said that he does not know if my car was good or not, he cannot take my word, he then said the streets are uneven and that is why your car is steering to the left. He then told me that he thinks, I don't know what an aligment is...Again in a calm voice, I told him I know what an aligment is, I know that streets are uneven at times, and I know for a fact that the aligment on my car is not straight, and steering to the left, I asked him if he could please get a qualified technician to do the alignment on my car...He claimed they are all qualified techicians, and he said that the alingment on my car was good, this according to the specs that he is given from his computer screen...Soooo they took my car back into the shop where a technician was to preform the alignment...The techncian working on my car called me to the back, because he wanted to show me what his computer is reading, he said that he did everything and the car is still not going to be aligned straight. The technician claimed that I was in an accident or my car was in an accident, and that is the reason why the alingment on my car is not going to be straight. MY CAR HAS NOT BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT, THE ALIGNMENT WAS PERFECT BEFORE THE DREADFUL DAY I TOOK IT INTO THE SEARS AUTOSHOP. The experience at this Autoshop was HORRIBLE. Also, the Supervisor whom I spoke with, was actually the Department Manager and his name is JAVIER RIOS...He tried to belittle me, and was very unprofessionl and rude. The technician who worked on my car his name was George (I have his last name, but I will not disclose it, as he was only trying to do his job, even though he too tried giving me an attitude). I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMEND ANYONE TO GET AN ALIGMENT DONE AT SEARS, EVEN IF IT IS FREE (I had to pay, and they did not even want to give me a refund, they keep saying oh you have a 6000 mile warranty on it). IF YOU WANT NEW TIRES OK...ANYBODY CAN PUT NEW TIRES I CAN PUT NEW TIRES...BUT FOR ANYTHING ELSE I RECOMEND YOU TAKE YOUR CAR TO THE CAR MANUFACTURER OR CERTIFIED TRAINED TECHNICIANS OF YOUR CARS MODEL, OR A CERTIFIED WELL KNOWN AUTO SHOP... Javier Rios the Dept. Manager very unprofessional and RUDE... Oh the only nice person was the Customer service representative who does the paper work. He was very pleasant and helpful in his own way.

Resolved horrible sears home improvement customer service

I would like everyone to know how absolutely unprofession and horrible sears home improvement customer service really is. I had called sears for a siding consulation. The first available appointment was over a week out, but I accepted. The day of my appointment, only hours before, they cancelled. When I called and asked to reschedule asap, I was told that if they weren't quick enough for me, I could always cancel. I went ahead and rescheduled to give them the benefit of the doubt. The next appointment was over a week from the first. The day before that one, they called and cancelled again! When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was put on hold for over half hour and in the end, nobody would speak with me on this. How horrible is that? Eventually I did receive a voicemail saying that if I would kindly reschedule, they would give me $125 credit. Wow, if I can have that every time they cancel, in a few weeks I can have my whole house redone for free. After this experience it certainly appears that this company cares nothing about professionalism or customer fact, I wonder if they even care about making money seeing as they certainly don't try very hard to get your business. My overall experience was horrible and I will never do any sort of business with sears again.

sears parts direct

I ordered a transaxle for my lawn tractor in good faith.
Theyhad no trouble charging my credit card and the email told me the ship date was May 8th.
Today (May12th) I logged on the web site to see that my order was cancelled. No phone call, no email no nothing.
I called the customer no service, and of course I got no assistance and I was told it would 4 or 5 days before someone would contact me.
The issue is the part I am ordering requires a core.
The web site did not indicate this.
I do have a core and would have been glad to send it out once I receive the new part that has now been cancelled. Most of the rest of the world simply charges a "core charge" refundable upon receipt of the old part.
I do not intend to send the old part before I get the new one.
If this is a problem I suppose I will go top another manufacture and buy another tractor.
I am very disappointed in the unprofessional way this issue has been handled and the complete disregard for me by the person who decided to cancel my order without contacting me first.