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Resolved poor quality

This is a major complaint that needs addressed because of the defect in your Kenmore Side by Side refrigerator continues to break. I purchased model 253.5466340A in Nov. of 2005. In Dec. 2006 the water arm paddle broke off when I pushed a glass against it. I was highly disappointed with the quality of the material used to make this piece, a cheap plastic. Since the 1 year warranty expired a month earlier, I had to pay $235.67 for parts and labour to fix it. But I thought OK now this should be good for 15 or 20 years. But I was wrong. In July of 2008 the exact same watering arm piece snapped off again and broke while someone was pressing against it with a glass to get water. This design must be defective, the materials used to make it sub par. You expect a major purchase like this to last years. I was hesitant to buy Kenmore because I didn't think it was known as a strong, dependable brand. However after visiting the store and talking with a salesman I was convinced otherwise and purchased a stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. I'm beginning to regret this. I'm in need of a washer & dryer and was considering shopping at Sears but my confidence is lacking. I cannot spend $235 every year to have this water arm replaced. Your company needs to come up with a new piece that can be installed so this won't happen again. I'm sure you have other complaints from people who have this model, I've read the blogs. This defect needs to be corrected. Please provide a solution to this problem that won't cost me additional monies out of pocket. If I spend $235 to fix this (only to have it break in a year again), it will nearly have cost half of what I paid for the refrigerator to begin with and it is only 3 years old. I would appreciate your immediate and thorough attention in solving this matter. Thank You.

rotten tactics to charge late fees

I have automatic payments scheduled to Sears Mastercard to avoid late fees and hassles in general...

waiting forever for sunglasses and being told stories

I ordered 4 pair of glasses from Sears Optical during their "complete pair of glasses for $99" special which...

Resolved customer disservice is impossible to deal with

Our 7 year old Kenmore washer, on which we are forced to have an extended warranty because it is such a piece of trash, broke for the umpteenth time 5 weeks ago. Sears sent a tech, who could not repair it, and who could not persuade Sears to replace it. Instead, Sears will repair it again. I was told my appt would be 10 days later. 10 days later I had 11 parts, but no one came to fix my machine, though I waited home all day and had checked my appt time and called several times during the day to make sure they were indeed coming. The next day, the tech I'd had called back and said no one could come because the part I needed was on back order for at least 10 more days.

So, we waited those 10 days, plus 4 more. Meanwhile, we have received at least 3 calls per day from Sears, wanting to know if we have received all of our parts, and wanting to schedule service on our washer. The same person never calls twice, nor does anyone call back when we are told they will. No one is ever aware that we have already been called, or that we have been waiting for a month now for our washer to be fixed. Sears wants us to wait for over $1000 worth of parts to arrive at our house, then send over 2 repair techs, when they have time, to fix this sucky machine. They won't replace it, even though it would cost them less, because we didn't purchase that type of extended warranty. We won't purchase from Sears again.

Resolved their people that answer the phones are like robots

Out 2 weeks ago and he said dryer was repaired. It ran for 3 days. I called back in and the first available...

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Resolved do not trust them

Brand new heat pump installed by Sears on Friday is not working. Men from their subcontractor, Triad Heating...

Resolved what a shame

Sears has just introduced a new maternity line that does not carry plus size maternity. Their previous line of maternity clothing extended to 3x. So, as America gets larger and larger, Sears decides that they will not service this population of women. There are SO FEW places that offer plus size maternity - only JC Penney and Motherhood Plus are the only national retailers I know that carry up to 3x maternity.

I asked Sears customer service repeatedly for their maternity buyer to contact me directly and received a boiler plate canned response in return each time.

Sears, shame on you!!!

  • Jo
    John Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    lose weight you fatass just because they dont carry your size, now you think sears is terrible, they carry plenty of sizes for other women.

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Resolved bad delivery service

I am writing to tell you about the worst experience I have ever had with any business. On May 2, 2008, My...

misleading online practices

I placed an order on their website at the end of May. I was charged a delivery of $65.00. Sears made a $1.00 run on my card to make sure it was valid then didn't hear from them. I called and was told the item was out of stock in my area. After numerous e-mails back and forth, they advised me my order was cancelled because the item was no longer available. Their website still lets me order it in my zip code Yesterday I spoke to a manager of their Lawn and Garden dept in South.Fla who assured me they had 3 of those in stock. Sears refuses to ship it to me in Atlanta. This is 2008, we do have ground shipping available in this country and as a matter of fact all over the world. Sears has no interest in Customer satisfaction.

Resolved Terrible service

I contracted for a kitchen remodeling job with Sears Home Improvement, 1024 Florida Central Parkway, Longwood...

appliance repair overcharge

Sears...what can one say? They seem to have good prices on their appliances and their service technicians promise nothing but the best, but what do you get? If you aren't careful, you get ripped off!

We called Sears for an estimate to repair the dishwasher purchased from them two years ago. We scheduled an appointment for Wednesday, which is the only day they come to our area. The repairman came and gave an estimate of $287 to repair the machine but informed us that the part had to be ordered. According to him, our options were: a. Choose to have the repair made. We call Sears to schedule it and the service charge for his visit that day will be deducted from the estimated price, or b. Choose to replace the dishwasher. We use the receipt and envelope he provides for $65 off a new one purchased from Sears. He said I had 2 weeks to make the decision, so I paid the $69.22 service charge.

Our research indicated that the repair option was best as the $65 could only be applied to an appliance costing much more. I scheduled the repair the next day and asked if the repairman would bring the part as it was not a part they carry in the truck. Customer service assured me he would.

The next Wednesday, two repairmen arrived...neither of whom was the person who had been here initially. They were unaware that we had already been given an estimate. They confirmed it on their computer and informed me that they did not have the part as it had not been ordered and I would have to pay for it to be shipped directly to my home. Another appointment would be scheduled for installation the next week. I inquired about the guarantee to deduct the $69.22 from the cost. They agreed this was correct but it was to be applied to the labor cost. My receipt shows that the balance owed when they returned to install the part would be $71.12. I paid $140.81 for the part.

The part arrived in the mail within a few days, but the man who came to install it was not one of the previous three. He installed the part and attempted to use his laptop computer to print the receipt, but claimed his computer had no reception in the house so he went outside to his truck to charge my Discover card and print the receipt. I followed him and signed the receipt outside.

After he left, I discovered I had paid $149.33. He had not deducted the $69.22 from the charge. I called the phone number on the receipt but was told that I had been charged correctly and nothing could be done. I asked to speak to someone else and was transferred from one person to another often being put on hold for up to 20 minutes at a time. Finally I was told that a message was left for the billing department and they would call me back.

I waited six days for that call and none came, so I called again and got the same run around. I am unsure how many calls I made because for some reason I kept getting mysteriously disconnected. I had to go back over the same questions with whomever answered each call. Eventually I was transferred to someone who seemed very understanding. She agreed that I was correct and promised a credit would be applied to my Discover card and a customer service person would call within 24 hours to tell me when the credit would appear.

After two weeks, there has been no call and no credit. I called again and asked to speak to the last person who spoke to me. The standard answer was given that they have no way of knowing who it was, despite the fact that the one "understanding" person claimed to be able to trace back all the calls I had made. (Maybe I was transferred to the "patronizing department.") I asked once again to speak to A & E Services (the people who actually do the repairs) but was told that I was already speaking to them. I asked again to be transferred to a supervisor. Instead I was put on hold for over 20 minutes. When a new voice answered, I had to go through the whole list again of my phone number, name and address and problem. This person put me on hold and eventually came back to tell me that she "tried to contact the billing department but they weren't answering their phone, so (she) left a message for them to call me." I am not holding my breath.

I looked on line for a place to direct my complaint and found that there were innumerable complaints similar to mine. One person told that he received his $69 back after filing a complaint with his state attorney general. I am following his lead.

Resolved rude manager threatened me

I anticipated a pleasant day at Sears in Laguna Hills, but a rude employee threatened to call the "security" police because I had my sweet golden retriever with me.

I didn't see a "NO Pets" sign on the entry door. (She's welcome at Macy's and Nordstrums, why not.) I walked past several registers, bought my $300 vacuum and none of the employees objected. That's when one of the "Brand Central Lead" personnel began yelling at me and telling me I had to leave immediately. His voice echoed throughout the department as he bullied me with his unprofessional behaviour. Though I had no problem if Sears refused pets in their store, I wanted to explain. That's when he leaped for a phone to call police "Security."

If customers aren't treated with respect at Sears, I'm not sure I want to shop there again.

  • Me
    Meghan Jul 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm not quite sure why you are bringing pets into department stores... regardless of how 'sweet' it is. I have a golden retriever also, but I wouldn't bring it into a store.

    The manger should have said that there are not dogs allowed in the store and to please take it out to your vehicle but I honestly would think someone is out of their mind (I am a cashier) if they bring in their dog in with them. It's kind of rude to the store.. it could be additional "messes" to clean up. What if the dog would bite someone? Sears would be involved in a lawsuit. I'm sorry but no dogs in a department store.. to me, it doesn't seem far-fetched. Guide dogs ARE different because they are trained (not saying yours isn't, but they're trained to deal with people) and they are approved through the ADA but having your pet hanging out in the store is just.. I don't know. I can't think of anything without insulting you, which is not my aim of this, but.. Well, I'm just going to stop.

    They did go about it the wrong way but why would you want to drag your dog into a store? I wouldn't think the store would have to put up a sign, it's kind of a given..

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  • Je
    Jenet Enninga Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After finllally getting my washer replaced which was on warranttly. And after a month of waitting for parts. I call you, yes, I was upset but wouldn't you after not having clean clothes for a month. I live outside town and if I wanted to go to a laundrry mat I wouldn't of gotten a washer. I went in only to find out I had to pay an extra $117. 49 to get a washer of equal ability instead of the manager explaining it to me she was short and very rude. I will never shope at a Sears again. And I plan on telling others too.

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  • Pl
    playpiano89 Jun 03, 2016

    lol "YouWontLikeMeWhenIAmAngry", she wasn't using the word "short" to talk about the physical appearance of the manager. Rather, she was using the word to describe the manager's demeanor. Being "short" with someone basically means that they are abrupt, or snippy in the way they are communicating.

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  • Yo
    YouWontLikeMeWhenIAmAngry Jun 03, 2016

    This sounds like a compound complaint.

    Complaint 1: The manager was "short and very rude".

    Not sure what being short has to do with a complaint, and while very rude may be a complaint it usually good form to detail how she was 'very rude'. As far as I can tell your biased against short people and are being overly-critical of someone because of their height.

    Complaint 2: You had to wait a month to get your washer (fixed, replaced, something).

    Once again lacking details to describe what was the problem. Were you trying to replace the washer, or get it fixed? Is your complaint that it took a month, or that it took longer then expected? Were you given an accurate time line initially?

    While you may have a valid complaint it is hard to separate your discrimination against short people with what the actual problem was.

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  • Re
    Retha Devere Jun 03, 2016

    My son and I went in to purchase a dryer, the lady behind the desk watching T.V. with a young boy, hesitantly asked us if she could help us. Since we were pourchasing a dryer my son asked about getting a credit card. Her reply was how old are you, and she had the most digusted look on her face that remained thur the whole time we were there. Even if he was not approved we still needed a dryer but he wants to build up his credit, the boy behind the counter asked if he was in college and my son said yes. He told him to go to his bank and they would most likely give him a card etc. Debbie Bird the manager said well Sears is not going to take the hit on you. How rude to just assume he would not pay his card.He is in college with a good job and has the cleanest record for a 20 year old. The story goes on but I am sure you get the picture. We went to Home Depot and I have to tell you there customer Service was "OUTSTANDING" I will in the future purchase all my appliances etc. from them... I had no idea with the economy in such bad shape that your managers could treat people the way she did and get away with it. I am ssooooo glad I diden't call your repair service as I have done before, and that I decided to buy new because I would never have know what your business employed. I work in customer service also and that leaves me wide open to let the public know how we were treated! Retha Devere

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craftman tool lifetime warranty

I bought a lot of hand tools from Sears based on their lifetime warranty just in case something breaks and...

horrible company

Sears is a horrible company. I worked there for a year and there is so much drama and unfairness. First they make almost everyone in the store get credit apps and warranties etc. If you don't meet their unrealistic goals of one credit app per hour, you get written up and eventually fired. They also like to fire employees without warning and for tiny little mistakes that most other companies would just talk to their workers about. The Sears I worked at, (#2278) had horrible management as well. Managers took at least 7 breaks a day to smoke or eat or whatever, while the employees often missed lunches etc. and still had to punch out for them. The managers also hire people that they are friends with, and pay them more than other workers even though they have no previous experience or skills. Bottom Line: Don't even bother applying to Sears. They will use you and never appreciate you.

  • Me
    Meghan Jul 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you don't meet their unrealistic goals of one credit app per hour, you get written up and eventually fired.

    Uhh.. I work at Sears as a cashier and one credit app/hr? Our goal is one a day (and oh well if you don't get it, make it up the next, as long as your APO is 2), so I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. They are not *that* strict- however if you consistently get 0, then I don't blame them for being mad and wanted to fire the employee for being lazy. Generally asking the question to each customer (like we have to, by law), will at least get you 5/month, trust me, I have lazy coworkers and they manage to make goal.

    Managers took at least 7 breaks a day to smoke or eat or whatever, while the employees often missed lunches etc. and still had to punch out for them.

    Yeah, the managers do take breaks 2309times a day, but I really, really doubt they make you miss lunches and punch out. If so, you need to call the Better Business Bureau and report your store because they changed the punch in/out for lunch from 30 minutes max to AT LEAST 30 minutes, no less.

    Am I no way defending the company that I worked for 2 1/2 years, got two raises, left for a yr, and started at a new store and the HR lady has *yet* to even talk to the ASM/Store manger about giving me my old pay (I am making minimum wage right now!) despite advertising everywhere "will pay for experience!' but those are a little extreme... sounds like you're blowing things a bit out of proportion since I've worked at more than one store and its the same goals, same old crap.

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  • Ki
    kitt360 Aug 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i also written a complaint on this message board and i totally agree with you i worked at store 2980 and my complaint board reads sears sucks

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  • Sm
    smiley Feb 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh please you can not force credit down peoples throats. credit companys are scared to death right now and dont like people to charge them up because their afraid they wont pay. plus sears makes more money with customers who use check' s bills. people dont want a large credit card bill to have to pay off. Sears should be more concered that people are actually comming into there store and people actually buying stuff than having managers bully around their associates. Sears needs a serious reality check. the managers go beyond what their suposed to as managers. Than when the associates arnt happy they stupiedly ask why arnt you happy at your job. well if they quit being bullys that harass all the time
    and get off the associates ### they would be. sears managers know nothing about motivating
    people. only trumping up any reason they can to write people up. they need more than a reality check they need psychological help.

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terrible experience

I'm inspired to write this now as I sit (one year later after project began) waiting for someone to show...

Resolved their technicians are not dependable

I bought a sears kenmore front loading washing machine with a 5 year extended warranty. From the beginning, it breaks down every six to eight months. When I call the service to get it repaired, sometimes they come and sometimes they do not. When I call to complain it they don't arrive, they tell me that the technician called the house and there was no answer! I explain that I was home waiting for them and that I need to have my washing machine fixed. They try to get in contact with the supervisor of the techs and put me on hold. Then they come back and apologize and say they could not reach the supervisor, reschedule the appointment. Some of the technicians get upset if you ask them for identification, especially if they are not wearing a sears uniform. They automatically leave if they don't have their ID and you have to reschedule. Meanwhile, your machine is not working and you cannot wash your dirty clothes. Beware of sears extended warranty.

bad company

Warning!!! Do not purchase anything from sears!!! I purchased the kenmore elite stainless steel refrigerator with ice machine in sept. 2006. Within that time the ice machine had to be replaced 6 times. It basically broke every 3 months. There customer service is absolutely horrific. They give you the runaround about everything and their service people are very rude and just try to sell you things. They told me since I had so many problems with this that they were going to replace the whole thing but what I had to do was have one more service call which I did where as the service man told them that it yet again was broken and had to be replaced. Afterwards no one returned my calls as they had promised to do and I was told that their "one source" department no longer supported the sears store that I purchased my fridge from so they were closing the case. What a nightmare. I warn all consumers to avoid sears at all costs. I am also reporting them to the bbb for their terrible business practices. They should not be able to get away with ripping people off like this.

  • Ga
    Gari Gill Aug 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Kenmore Elite bottom freezer refrigerator's light inside the two french doors failed to go out one night and I had all the food on the top shelf go bad. It got so hot it melted the entire casing that the lights were mounted in plus the plastic covering over the lights. Very disappointed in Sears.

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  • Ba
    BARRY STEBBING Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HI - This is in reference to the Sears "Kenmore Elite Trio". Ours was purchased in 9/07 . The refirgerator would get warm and
    the alarm would go off, the ice maker would not work because the freezer was too warm. The repairmen visited 4 times, 3 of these times they put in a new motherboard, new motor and new
    fan. Each time we lost $100's in food that had gone bad and Sears
    would not replace. Each time we were told they found the problem and all was well. On 11/05/08 the entire refrigerator stopped working during the night. We have 5 children and no
    food. After spending most of the day on the phone with Sears we
    were told our warranty had expired and even though we had all
    the above problems and claimed our refrigerator was defective, Sears refused to help our family.

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  • Me
    mellaken3 Jan 05, 2009

    This is a follow-up to the complaint I made on Jan. 3, 2009 regarding the light in my Kenmore refrigerator getting too hot. As of today Sears repair has been to my house and has ordered parts to repair my refrigerator, new light assembly and new circuit board where they say the problem is orginating. The total of the parts and labor is over $600 and we are not being charged for any of it. BUT! I firmly believe had I not done my research on line and got the flash service number and all the other information we would have gotten the run around. When the service tech came in I point blank asked him if he'd seen this before to which he answered "yes" in fact he said he'd done "more than a few repairs in the last year". I already had the flash service number and knew there had been a recall. He got on the phone to his manager and within 10 minutes he had the ok to fix the problem, no charge. I told him that I had no intention of letting Sears/Kenmore off the hook. My husband and I are retired and we have nothing better to do right now than to make Sears corporate lives a nightmare. I told him I was prepared to contact CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and FOX NEWS as well as newspapers. I told him that I wasn't mad at him and not to take this personally but I was not going to stand for it. So I hope this helps all you others out there still struggling with Sears. I still believe that Sears should step up and do the right thing and I'm still going to do some letter writing and see what if anything I as a consumer can do to get this problem fixed before someone loses their lives and/or their property.

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  • Vn
    VNessa Aug 08, 2009

    My refrigerator went out last night in the middle of the night and I have service scheduled for Tuesday. I will post again after service to see what the outcome is but I will not stand for Sears giving me the run around. Stay tuned.

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  • Jg
    J.Gonzalez Apr 20, 2013

    We purchased a new Sears Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 795.51373.001 for $1800.00 dollars a year ago thinking it was better to spend a little more and get better quality. Well after only one year it has broken down, it is not cooling at all, our food has gone bad, and when I called Sears they did not care, they sayed it will be 5 days before they come to check it out and I will have to pay 70.00 dollars just for the housecall plus the cost of the repair. It does not matter that the warranty just expired 2 weeks ago. So, I am not going to buy expensive product from Sears, they cost too much for the poor quality you get. Only one year of service, $1800.00 dollars and its already broken down. What a dissapointment.

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  • Re
    Rexhw Oct 11, 2015

    I have had the same negative experience with Sears/Kenmore regarding a new microwave/convection oven. Appliance has never worked and I am still waiting for repair or reparation. Item was purchased in March 2015. I moved into my new home in June and made my first request for service on June 25, 2015. It is October and I am still waiting!

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heat pump

Complaint activity report case # [protected] bbb of chicago & northern illinois

Consumer info: alber, business info: sears holdings corporation

Location involved: (Same as above)

Consumer's original complaint :
I purchased a heat pump plus maintenace agreement from sears and had it installed in my home on may 8. On june 10 I attempted to report a problem with it and get a service call scheduled. Over the past two days I have spoken to a dozen or more people including people at home office who are charged with customer relations. All have been unable to schedule a service call, unable to have someone contact me who could schedule a service call. Some have given me incorrect information, many have been rude.

I would like my money back and my heat pump repaired.

Consumer's desired resolution:
I would like my money back and my heat pump repaired.

Bbb processing

06/12/2008 web bbb complaint received by bbb
06/12/2008 web bbb member or mip complaint validated by bbb operator
06/12/2008 otto email send acknowledgement to consumer
06/12/2008 otto bbb inform mip member of complaint
06/17/2008 web bbb receive business response : 6/17/08. I received the complaint filed by mr. Alber. I have contacted him and left a message on his home #. I also sent him an email to assist in resolving any issues he may be having with the hvac system. If you have any questions please contact me directly at [protected].
Michele compston
Ship regulatory complaint specialist
06/17/2008 nvv email forward business response to consumer
06/18/2008 web bbb received consumer rebuttal : (The consumer indicated he/she did not accept the response from the business.)
I called michelle this morning for the third time. Voice mail again. I also sent her an email.
No responses. She called me once, sent me one email. This is typical of the service and response I have experienced with sears in this matter. My complaint is open and getting worse.
Please escalate this above michelle. I do not believe she has the ability to address my concern.
Thank you
Ms compston called and left me a voice mail. I have returned her call twice, leaving voice mails both times. I have not yet spoked with her.
06/18/2008 nvv bbb forward consumer rebuttal to business
06/23/2008 bbb more info received from the consumer : hi correction to my last comment. It was thursday, june 18 that michelle told me she would call me back by the end of the day.
As of 5 35 pm edst, monday june 23 she has not called me back or responded in any other way.
06/23/2008 bbb more info received from the consumer : hi michelle,
On thursday, june 19, you told me you would call me back before the end of the day with an update from your "senior management". I am still waiting for your call.

Best regards,

— original message —
To: michelle compston <[protected]>
Sent: wednesday, june 18, 2008 11:36:52 am
Subject: re: ship #7905445

I have called you twice and left voice messages.

This morning I also got an email from bbb requesting that I close my complaint based on your email. Of course, I rejected that suggestion and in fact the fact that you would think that you could close my complaint just by calling and sending an email has made my dissatisfaction with sears greater.

By the way, do you know the status of my heat pump?

Best regards,

— original message —
From: michelle compston <[protected]>
Sent: tuesday, june 17, 2008 2:06:09 pm
Subject: ship #7905445

Hello. How are you? My name is michele and I work for sears in the legal department. I am writing to you in response to the complaint you filed with the better business bureau. I would like to help resolve any issues you may be having with the air conditioning system. I can help arrange an appointment for our contractor to come out there, inspect the unit and correct whatever issues there are. My contact information is provided for you below, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Michele compston
Regulatory complaint specialist
(B) [protected]
(F) [protected]
Email: [protected]
06/23/2008 bbb more info received from the consumer : today, june 23, at about 5 35 I heard from michelle compston via phone who told me that her senior mgt had decided that my complaint had no merits. She referred me to ms. Rachel cheek at [protected] who is a "legal case mgr" in michelle's words a paralegal. I think it reveals their attitude toward customers that they would escalate me to a lawyer - well not really even a lawyer, but paralegal.

  • Sa
    sarah levine simon Mar 11, 2009

    I'm going thru the same thing with Michele and Rachel. In fact it's been over two years, a heating system, without warranty, no final inspection ever called by Sears, problems etc. Collection actions by Sears, Citi and
    Sears non funded for a chimney lining that never went in. My email is [email protected] . Please contact me. My case is being investigate by NY State At. General, finally. I'd like to share experiences re Sears. Sarah

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  • Cr
    C. Ray Jun 22, 2010

    In September of 2009, I purchased a new gas furnace and heat pump from Sears. It's 9 months later and I am still having problems with my (NEW) $8000 unit. My first issue (besides the lage hole left in the bedroom wall) was only two days after installation, when the AC quit blowing out cold air. Supposedly the tech forgot to tighten up something and the freon gas leaked out. Someone came out and fixed the problem (or so we thought). A few weeks later the thermostat quit working, so it had to be replaced. That Winter (2009-2010) the heater didn't seem to keep the house warm. The Heat pump ran all winter long (even when temperatures reached 0 degrees outside). I had ice and frost build-up on my (NEW) Heat pump and had to break ice off the unit daily. I was told that nothing was wrong by one person from Sears, while another person from Sears told me that wasn't normal. (Nobody ever came out to fix, or address our concerns that Winter). When warmer weather came around, we turned on our AC, only to find that it didn't blow out any cool air. I called Sears and had someone come out to fix it. The tech told me that the thermostat is not the correct one for our Heat pump, and that the unit is leaking freon. The tech also stated that having the wrong thermostat is the reason the our Heat pump ran all winter long, and that it wasn't wired up corectly and their was no temp sensor outside to tell the Heat pump when to stop running. My winter utility bill was higher that it had ever been (almost $400). Sears is dragging their feet on this issue. I finally told them to refund my money, or replace the unit with a new one. They assured me that there is no damage to the unit even though it ran all Winter long (then proceeded to tell me that it was normal to run at 0 degrees, even with ice build-up on the blades and outside vents). I'm fed up with Sears, their customer service (or lack there of), and their lies! Next move is to contact the local news and then finally an attorney. I will sue for legal fees, too!

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  • Do
    Doc Hardy Jul 02, 2010

    I would no longer deal with Sears at this point. I would however contact your Consumer Affairs Dpartment. Here in KY they work for the people and they get right in there with the program. I have used them on a few occasions regarding different matters, such as unkept promises and non-response from businesses. They are great.

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Resolved they stole my money

In 2004, I purchased a Kenmore top load Washer, Dryer, and 5 year extended warranty from Sears. My washer stopped working in the 4th year that I had it and I called Sears warranty department to have it fixed. To my amazement, they did not have a warranty recorded for my washer. I explained where I purchased it and the location as well as the price - $1, 100 (total cost with 5-year warranty).

On the day that I had purchased my washer, dryer, and 5-year warranty; I also paid for the same style washer, dryer, and 5-year warranty for one of my friends. I asked her to call and see if her warranty was recorded - and hers was recorded and the warranty was to expire on September 2009. I used various phone numbers to see if any of them would pick up the warranty, but to no avail. I am at a lost. I paid for a 5 year warranty on my appliances and Sears never recorded it in their system. In addition to that, they don't even have my dryer listed as being purchased. I even asked if they see the washer and dryer being delivered by them, to my house. Nope, that wasn't in their either. However, they have the model numbers of both the washer and dryer. Obviously, the store associate, took my money for the warranty, but did not record my warranty when I made my purchase.

bad customer service

Ordered part for Dewalt cordless drill since the web site said it was in stock. Received an email 2 days later that it was back-ordered. Called immediately and canceled the part, customer service rep said it was canceled. Two weeks later, received another email that the part was backordered, called again to cancel and was told that they could not control their supplier and even though it was canceled, it would probably still ship and that I would have to return it (and pay for shipping). I spoke to a supervisor and she promised to cancel the order. Five days later, received another email saying that the part had been shipped.
I would not recommend using Sears Parts Direct for any reason. Their web site in not correct on the parts in stock, they do not have control of their suppliers and they are not honest in their commitments to customers.