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Walmart Stores Complaints & Reviews

Walmart - Dawn / Dawn purchased the biggest bottle and it was watery

britney griffin on May 28, 2017
I purchased the biggest bottle of dawn you make and when I got it home it was like water and didn't bubble at all. I feel as if I got a defected bottle. Walmart wouldnt take it back because I had used a lot of it trying to get it to work properly. to actually get bubbles! lol its not...

Walmart Stores / charges without my okay

Ssims58 on May 23, 2017
Will do my best, name is Sheila Sims May 18 for 97.43 May 17 for 9.99 May 15 for 28.34 Life insurance ok May 15 for 98.66 May 14 for 97.43 May 14 for 97.43 May 14 for 28.34 Life insurance ok May 13 for 8.99 showtime sub May 13 for 8.99 showtime sub May 13 for 28.34 Life insurance ok May 12 for...

Walmart Stores / family mobile

Dispy on May 23, 2017
Dear staff on duty,  I bought one family mobile prepaid phone 3 months ago from a walmart store the phone model is Samsung on5 The time of purchase they said you can unlock this devise after 3 Months of usage. Today is the day and I called customer care, and they said they don't have...

Walmart.com / charged twice for the same big ticket item

Kitty Davis on May 22, 2017
On 11-14-16 I purchased a lift chair from walmart.com. It was very uncomfortable and I called about returning it. They said they would do some type of UPS ticket to have it picked up and credit my account. In the meantime, my sister-in-law bought a huge piece of foam to put in it. So, I...

Walmart Stores / wrong oil filter placed on truck

Go@HpF on May 19, 2017
On 04/29/17 service order # 48570079662 Oil change was performed and a Fram Cor10060TLE oil filter used on my company truck at 323383 miles.The truck is a 2012 Ford F-150 with a 6.2 L V8 Gas Engine and the motor seized at 323807 miles. Our research states that this filter was not to be...

Walmart / Insufficient funds on debit card

Falisha Wallace on May 11, 2017
I called NetSpend on 5/5/2017 and reported that I tried to pay a bill from the card ending in 5483 on 5/5/2017 and it declined. I put a debit load of $100.00 on the card at Walmart and they charged me $103.74, which was tax on the loading. I had a remaining balance of $16.00 and some...

Walmart Stores / Product billing

shashirekha89 on May 10, 2017
Hi team, I did shopping in walmart yesterday and i bought totally 3 mens wear (1 shirt, 1 tshirt & 1 bermuda) but today when i was going through the bill i see that i was billed for the tshirt twice when i have only purchased one of it. I have attached the bill for reference. I do not...

WalmartMoneycard/Greendot / prepaid walmart moneycards processed through green dot bank

Gary S. Irvin on May 8, 2017
On May 13th 2016 WalmaryMoneyCard/Greendot Bank accepted my emplyers direct deposit int my account. On Monday May 15th I attempted to pull out some cash from an ATM I had used numerous times previously. I was told the bank declined my transaction. I went home and called customer support. I...

Walmart Gift Cards / Taking surveys and not receiving the gift card

Cathy Cawley on May 8, 2017
I took the online surveys because I was told that you could win get cards and other things I am a single mother on disibilty because of cancer and I could have really used the money I spent trying to receive the Walmart card and it will be hard to take the lose but I need to know if I wa...

Walmart Stores / your lp

neatdude on May 8, 2017
I don't understand this, I was banned from your stores for stealing.But should it not only be the store that I stole from. They told me that I was banned from all stores for a year? Not that I would come back after how I was treated. But you see I am 19 years old and currently living with my...

Walmart Stores / Walmart money card/ mastercard

misuse customer on May 6, 2017
On 5/06/2017 @ 1420. I loaded $160.00 on my money card. Drove out of town to destination. Could not use moneycard at hotel. Called the call center spoke with a reprersenative of walmart. I stated it to her that my card did not show balance. I was told that there was some issues going on. I...

Walmart Vision Center, University and Lockwood, Sarasota, FL / Glare coating on trifocals

Mary Mansfield on Apr 28, 2017
I have been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old, now 75, and have always had good luck with them. I ordered a pair of trifocals at Walmart Vision Center, Lockwood Ridge Road and University Parkway in Sarasota, Florida. I ordered the glare coating, which until now has been wonderful for...

Walmart Stores / Box product sent in

lroby99 on Apr 27, 2017
Unbelievable! A tiny lipstick that was sent Fedex arrived just fine. However the lipstick measures 1/2" by 5" It came in a box that measured 15"x10" stuffed with a ton of paper. Why??? You are wasting all the extra box and paper and it is not cost effective for your store. A padded small...

Walmart Stores / Extended warranties

Corey Welch on Apr 27, 2017
I bought a 55 in rca online, and was sent to my apt. It didnt work, so they sent me another. It didnt work, so they upgraded me to a different brand because of my hassle. The 3rd didnt work either, got 4th one, and had problems in first 2months. They cant fix it because it was being...

Walmart Stores / Nextbook tablet

Janie S Garcia on Apr 26, 2017
Back in February 2017 I returned an RCA tablet to Wilmer product care plan they sent me a mailing label I sent my 125.00 tablet that had 2 years extended warranty which I paid 37.00 and the tablet still had about 2 weeks before it would be a year that I had that tablet. So they get the...

Walmart Stores / Walmart money card

Groovey on Apr 26, 2017
In December 2016, I purchased 2 Walmart money cards & placed $500 on each card. One card was loaded correctly but the 2nd had only $100 instead of $500. After several calls to Customer Service with no assistance & several trips to the original store with no response, I loaded a complaint...

Walmart Fort McMurray Alberta / Poor customer service, very dirty store, unsafe conditions

P.J.01 on Apr 24, 2017
There are shelves falling down, employees standing on rolls of paper towel to stock shelves, it is obvious that this store has not been cleaned in awhile! Alot of empty shelves! Very disorganized. The employees have given up. I called and emailed corporate office but nothing has been done . No...

Walmart / Walmart 2yr repl plan

lunac on Apr 22, 2017
Purchase an RCA Maven Pro Tablet around December 2015. In Nov 2016 the screen would start to flicker erratically and would not keeo a charge. In simple English, this 2yr Rpl Plan is a worthless plan for electronic purchases. Neither RCA or Walmart honors their warranty. Walmart calls it an...

Walmart Stores / Tablet

andrea paul on Apr 18, 2017
order a tablet seens two month ago and haven recieve it because when i was placing the order for the city it was surpose to be miami and when i put it kept putting doral so i left doral and i never got the package and i am from saint lucia and this is not the first time that doral thing...

Walmart Card/Green Dot Card / Prepaid card

grannyeeyore53 on Apr 8, 2017
I had my direct deposit go into that account and on November 25, 2016 my direct deposit went in but I didn't know it and never imagined it would go in that early, so on November 30, 2016 I checked to see if my check was there yet but it wasn't so I waited until December 1, 2016...

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