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Walmart Stores Complaints & Reviews

Walmart Stores / customer service of one of your employee..

Mary Ann Jaramillo on Oct 16, 2017
Me and my son went to Wal-Mart at kernan blvd s 32246 and because it's we just need small items n convenience to us we went there n shopping even though I'm a costco card member. Okay so we were at laundry soap ilse and we saw a laundry soap it says by 2 get one free. We asked the stock...

Walmart / new deli take and bake pizza

Sick from Pizza on Oct 14, 2017
You have replace wonderful take and bake pizza and will. Loose thousands of customers with this crappy new pizza you have now. It is greasy and Gunky and does not taste like pizza. It's horrible. Try one and you will see. Nobody will buy this stuff once they Try it. All my friends will stop...

Walmart Stores / tire lube express

Jennifer Rushing Arter on Oct 14, 2017
Today called walmart to check on a price and availability of a tire due to mine being completely flat. I was told they were in stock so I very carefully made my way to Walmart only to discover that this particular size wasn't available. I explained I had just called and they verified the...

Walmart Stores / price different than posted on website

cindy kunz on Oct 11, 2017
To whom it may concern: On September 20, 2017 I placed a order on your website for a crib. #5341752391933 Yes it was a good deal. I figured maybe you were clearance the cribs out . Guess what the day came for the crib to be delivered and it never came so I contacted customer service they told...

Walmart / price gouging

mlthompson4 on Oct 10, 2017
I shop repeatedly online with walmart as well as in store, I buy the same items, and will go into the recent order list and just click away. What I didnt notice right away was that the price of all the items that i normally purchase increased to up to 3 times the amount. The items that...

Walmart Stores / brach's 110 piece kiddie mix

Linda5 on Oct 2, 2017
I just went to the neighborhood walmart and purchased 2 bags of the 100 piece bags. I opened 1 of the bags and immediately noticed 2 empty wrappers. So I decided to empty the whole bag into a bowl and count how many pieces were in the bag and to also find the 2 missing unwrapped pieces of...

Walmart Money Card / the card I bought wont work

Wildbillbrock on Oct 2, 2017
Green dot in their infinite wisdom has changed the rules on using a temporary card...you can no longer use a temp card for anything other than face to face transactions...as the rep told me...why does anyone need a card for face to face transactions...and the kicker, they dont let anyone...

Walmart / gift card scam

Wemwem on Sep 29, 2017
I keep getting this page pop up on my tablet from Walmart for a gift card, your supposed to do this survey for $1000. I'm in the middle of something and this page pops up and the only way to get rid of it is to shut down what I'm working on. And then back track to what I was doing. And...

Walmart Stores / refund

M. Decker on Sep 23, 2017
Hi. On 8/31/17 I went to Wal-Mart store in Landover hill and make a payment to my mortgage company Nationstar(Mr. Cooper) at 1:14pm. Amount of payment for the mortgage company was $1707.24 and a fee of $17.99 for a total of $1725.23. $1495.73 was from my debit card and $230 cash. Reference...

Walmart Stores / online accounts

scotsmaninusa on Sep 23, 2017
check your online orders and see if there's a pkg going to... Cesar Andres Rodriguez Tarapuez 7801 NW 37th Street CO158Q97046N Doral, FL 33195 That address is a shipping agent . I called them (305) 592-0839 and found out there's several wal mart pkgs waiting to be shipped to Columbia on that...

Walmart Stores / refusal of product coupon. unprofessional behavior from management.

Management refused product coupon.They told us since coupon did not scan they will not except it.They didn't even try to explain why.They just refused the coupon and walked away, after leaving us with a you are a dumb customer look.We never felt so embarrassed before.We spent over $170.00...

Wal-Mart / employment

marcer on Sep 19, 2017
I was hired a Wal-mart store recently, I formerly worked for Wal-mart at another location, The new store just recently said to me, I was not a new hire on the day they let me go, they said I was a transfer. I said you did not tell me that on the day that you hired me that I was a transfer I'm...

Walmart Stores / walmart repair/replace poli for cell phonescy

sheila walters on Sep 18, 2017
I opened a claim with Walmart customer care for a Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone. I was told when I called and described the problem could not be repaired but I would be given a Walmart Gift Card for the $399 purchase price as soon as I returned the phone. They e mailed me a shipping label...

Walmart Stores / bad service

khorshid on Sep 11, 2017
Never again I will use their website for ordering stuff. They have no respect and it's pretty sad. Many times the delivery of my order was delayed, then they changed their mind and cancelled it, then called me and said that my order wasn't cancelled, but the shipment was delayed. Again...

Walmart Stores / Worst Customer Service Ever!

Irene Sherman on Sep 7, 2017
For over a month, my husband and I have tried numerous times to resolve what should have been a simple problem.On July 18, 2017, he purchased a "Hacksaw Ridge" DVD at our local store. It came with the promise of a free "instant" digital copy on Vudu. He had purchased over 200 movie title...

Walmart Stores / customer service

CIH on Sep 6, 2017
On August 19, 2017, I ordered an RTIC cooler. The next day it showed shipped and my credit card was charged. Then, the next day they reversed the charge from my credit card. I called customer service and was told it had shipped and would arrive within the week and my credit card would be...

Walmart Stores / outdoor chair cushions

Carol Bullard on Sep 5, 2017
A little over a month ago I bought 2 sets of Bristo Set chair cushions from Walmart on line. The cushions are Better Homes and Gardens as is my Bristo set also bought from Walmart about 7 years ago. The cushions that came with the Bristo set lasted a good 5 years before they needed to be...

Walmart Stores / pharmacy

Gaye.hick on Sep 5, 2017
We changed Family Dr to Dr Anna Powell in Cleveland GA in May 2017. We have had a terrible time with Pharmacy in Cleveland GA changing our family Dr to new one. We run out of meds because of them. They won't listen to us or drs. Please help us!!! We have had so much trouble with Pharmacy ...

Walmart Stores / certified refurbished apple iphone 5s 32gb gsm (unlocked)

Suraj Singh on Sep 1, 2017
I ordered online to Walmart Order # 4881 7926 75059 Dated 08/05/2017, the Item ID # 51756134 @ $ 137.97. Sold by Tech. Zone. The payment was done through credit card at the time of order to Walmart. This above mentioned order was cancelled by me before its dispatch, On the same Date 08/05/2017, to...

Walmart Stores / nextbook tablet

I just got a Nextbook Tablet less than a month ago and it's a piece of crap. It was a replacement from Walmart of a Lenovo tablet I loved. I was promised a replacement tablet if anything happened to mine. I paid extra money and everything. What a joke! As soon as I turn it on, it overheat...

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