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Walmart Stores Complaints & Reviews

Walmart Stores / mainstays oven mitt

Nina Staats on Jan 17, 2018
To whom it may concern, Yesterday (1/16/2018) I was cooking dinner and using the oven. I was using the oven and had a hot dish ready to be removed. I put on my oven mitt and reached into the oven to remove the dish. Immediately my thumb and entire hand seared with pain it felt as if I...

Walmart Stores / service

Merle Seward on Jan 11, 2018
Went to Walmart in Lincoln. ill on 01/10/18 at 12:26 pm. paid for 10 items. bill was $33.74 i wanted a couple of dollars more so i wrote my check for $35.74 i told the salesperson, who acted like i was nuts for getting only $2. i guess she had already rang it up for the exact amount...

Walmart Stores / employee abuse

elena mccaine on Jan 10, 2018
have never seen a Walmart that treated thier employees so badly. Here in Pittsburg KS we like to help our neighbors, support our local shops and stores. That is what we do. We have been under a flu pandemic since Christmas, new years day it was on all local news stations. In the building I...

Walmart Stores / cheating and fraud by walmart and its copartners

alok rattan on Jan 3, 2018
Kind Att: I am shocked to see that walmart a big name company has associates with cheater companies to sell on line products. My order no 6291794720995 (body armor, biker jackets) ordered on 24 dec 2017 which shoUld be delivered on 2 jan 2018 USPS NO is # 9274890204310802532669. which wa...

Walmart Stores / car care in tire installation center.

MaryEP on Dec 28, 2017
Copied from a complaint left on wal--mart website. Incident last took place on November 2017. Resolution: Discipline mechanic and refund cost of oil change & extended service fee. I would like to bring my experiences with your Pittsburgh Mills, Frasier Township store to your attention. My...

Walmart Stores / being rude

raic on Dec 27, 2017
My name is Raileen Clark. I'm complaining about is that my mother was in there this afternoon and she asked one of the workers to repeat what she said and my mother told the worker that she can't hear very good and that's why my mother asked her to repeat what she said but she ignored my...

Walmart / computer tower

David Williams on Dec 26, 2017
Ordered a comp. tower from wal mart on the 16 0f dec. Have receipt for payment and given a delivery date, a PROMISED delivery date of dec 21. We just have to make sure were there for a signature confirmation. We wait all day and at about 6pm our promised delivery date turns into an...

Walmart / service complaint

Linda Tompkins on Dec 26, 2017
the package clearly visible for everyone that drove by, I live on a main road. Showed it was a sew machine, had a picture of it on the package. Carrier could have walked 50 feet more and put onto my porch. Tracking #7889 0652 6519. Highly discussed know that people are stealing packages. I...

Walmart / hiring criminals

First Born Triplet on Dec 24, 2017
Just to let you guys know that I was shopping in your store and I noticed a worker who was not wearing the regular uniforms your employees were.Instead he was wearing a red suit and red hat. He is overweight and has a white beard. Well I would suggest that you do a criminal background check...

Walmart Stores / online shipping

wallysparks on Dec 22, 2017
When they guarantee that an item ordered online will only take 7-10 business days and it takes more than 2 weeks, and it's still not delivered, this is rediculous!! The fact that there is no discount either for being so late is terrible, especially this close to christmas. I suppose the...

Walmart / huggies

Keishun Slap Leakes on Dec 20, 2017
About 2 weeks ago I purchased a box of 174 pampers (Huggies) same brand I've always used and love but this box of diapers were so defected over half of them were trash. The adhesive straps didn't attach at all so after returning to exchange them with proof I was denied a refund or exchange...

Walmart Stores / tv commercial

cdt060884 on Dec 17, 2017
I am extremely offended by your recent holiday commercial where the little boy is counting down to Christmas and it shows the dad waiting until the last minute to shop and pick up gifts! Men are NOT the only ones that wait until the last minute to shop for Christmas gifts. I find thi...

Walmart Money Card / customer service

sarahb52404 on Dec 15, 2017
The reps that I talked to today were completely rude and incompetent. The first time I called about getting a card expedited because my card never showed up by mail. The first rep wanted to argue about when my card was processed and mailed out. I explained that it didnt matter when the...

Walmart / refusing to resize watch band

stonzee on Dec 15, 2017
I bought a watch on Walmart.com. The band needed to be resized so I took the watch to my local Walmart. I took the receipt with me to prove that I had indeed bought the watch on their website. The sales associate refused to resize the band. I showed her the receipt and she still refused. I...

Walmart Stores / associated retailer

Chance66 on Dec 12, 2017
I ordered a doll from AMI Ventures Inc.A retailer associated with Walmart.I didn't receive the doll on or before delivery date, I called the seller and the doll was sent to another state and than they said I would receive the doll the next day, well I didn't receive it so I called again...

Walmart Stores / customer service

Bill Pearce on Dec 12, 2017
Walmart is Managed by people that refuse to listen and react to customer complaint. I was in the food industry for the first 20 years on my work carrier. I live in Ocala FL and have shopped at their HWY 200 store near Hwy 484. I have called and written to corporate how badly run the Lunch...

Walmart / awaiting ivr transfer made to me my walmart money card from my husband

John Andre on Dec 10, 2017
Hello I have been awaiting a transaction sent to me from my friend using direct express service. The Transfer was initiated on 12-04-2017, On his US Direct Express Account Online, I waited for several days and i went to Walmart to complain about the money not yet available in my...

Walmart Stores / walmart wont refund me my money for package I ordered from them

Asiah Pooh on Dec 7, 2017
I purchase a handheld game through online Wal-mart. I never received the package. I tracked it down and it went to another city. I call Wal-Mart customer service to let them know that they mailed my package to another city. They told me that I had to call a third party company called...

Walmart / walmart money card

Kristi Buchanan on Dec 1, 2017
I bought a Walmart money card for direct deposit and it goes through Green Dot bank I never received my card I've requested a second card didn't receive it. I called customer service multiple times they give me the same answer Everytime all my money is on this card that I have...

Walmart Stores / google chromecast

Sumeet Jadhav on Nov 28, 2017
I have ordered 2 quantity of Google Chromecast online on November 23, 2017, to GIFT someone. Yesterday I received my delivery, but when I opened it the box contains only ONE pack of Google Chromecast. I was very disappointed because it is a gift for someone. When I called customer care, I...

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