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Walmart Stores Complaints & Reviews

Walmart Fort McMurray Alberta / poor customer service, very dirty store, unsafe conditions

P.J.01 on Apr 24, 2017
There are shelves falling down, employees standing on rolls of paper towel to stock shelves, it is obvious that this store has not been cleaned in awhile! Alot of empty shelves! Very disorganized. The employees have given up. I called and emailed corporate office but nothing has been done . No...

Walmart / walmart 2yr repl plan

lunac on Apr 22, 2017
Purchase an RCA Maven Pro Tablet around December 2015. In Nov 2016 the screen would start to flicker erratically and would not keeo a charge. In simple English, this 2yr Rpl Plan is a worthless plan for electronic purchases. Neither RCA or Walmart honors their warranty. Walmart calls it an...

Walmart Stores / tablet

andrea paul on Apr 18, 2017
order a tablet seens two month ago and haven recieve it because when i was placing the order for the city it was surpose to be miami and when i put it kept putting doral so i left doral and i never got the package and i am from saint lucia and this is not the first time that doral thing...

Walmart Card/Green Dot Card / Prepaid card

grannyeeyore53 on Apr 8, 2017
I had my direct deposit go into that account and on November 25, 2016 my direct deposit went in but I didn't know it and never imagined it would go in that early, so on November 30, 2016 I checked to see if my check was there yet but it wasn't so I waited until December 1, 2016...

Walmart Money Card / I ask for a replacement card and they didn't send it because they didn't put it in

lenzaval thompson on Apr 6, 2017
i called for a replacement card with Wall-Mart money card on march 28th and they said 7 to 10 business days. On the 7th day I looked for the card and it was not in. So I called them to ask why, and they said it was never order. So to make a long story short I cant pay my bill because they...

Walmart Stores / Moneygram

Jc355 on Apr 6, 2017
We have recently moved and our previous home is still for sale. I've retained a neighbor to mow and trim and he requested we use Walmart to send his money. The closest store is 30 minutes (minimum) away so I elected to go on-line. I did everything that was asked and received an email with...

Walmart Stores / great value sharp cheddar cheese, 32 oz block

Cora Jo Auringer Huebsch on Apr 5, 2017
I purchased a 32 oz block of Great Value Sharp Cheddar cheese and when I used it, I found that it is rubbery ( like processed velveeta cheese product) and did not taste like a Sharp Cheddar cheese. I use you product frequently and know that it hasn't been like this before. I have taken a...

Walmart / Equate meal replacement drinks

Susan Owens Snelling on Apr 4, 2017
I got a case of 12 drinks and they were all splattered with what looked like the same thing that comes in the drink. I drank all but the last three. I opened one today and took a swig only to find something thick in my mouth. I spit it out and it was a huge chunk of MOLD. I purchased thi...

Walmart / Great value ready to bake pie crust

catladyx8 on Apr 4, 2017
I have used this product for many years but recently I bout a package with the two crusts in it to make a quiche for a friend and myself. I was shocked to find that the crust no longer fit the 9" pie plate that it is designed for. I did the best I could for the first quiche, but it did not...

Walmart Stores / Walmart.com doesn't cancel orders even five minutes after ordering

Paul Markey on Apr 3, 2017
I placed an order on Walmart.com and decided that the item was incorrect causing me to have to immediately cancel the order within about five minutes of ordering. I used the Walmart.com process to cancel as required, and I received a confirmation email shortly afterward telling me that the...

Walmart Stores / Rdvr5304 hair dryer.

Robert Roan on Mar 31, 2017
Hello. I have had 3 of these dryers and this last one is the worst. I've had it for approx 4 months and started smelling something burning. I really didn't think much of it until I saw where it was coming from...the top of the dryer was melting and smoking. Drops of plastic going into the...

Walmart Stores / I bought a2 year extended warranty accidental warranty for my lg stylo 2 from walmart

LG Stylo 2 on Mar 25, 2017
I followed all the steps provided and I was told that I would get an email with it gift card in it for the amount of the phone I called they gave me an answer I've never heard of before they said my phone was picked for some kind of Salvage something never heard of it anyways my phone...

Walmart Family Mobile / Continuous charges after closing account

CamiMcG on Mar 17, 2017
Shortly before moving to Tennessee from Texas, I had been forced to close the bank account that was linked as a direct payment method to my phone bill with Walmart Family Mobile, as the account I had was will a local credit union. I had opened a new account with a different (national) bank...

Walmart / Tires

Ms. Jackie on Mar 16, 2017
I purchased some tires and paid extra for the warranty. Well I had a nail in the tire and they refused to fix it. I want to know is what is the extra warranty is for? It states that anything that happens to the tire they would fix it or replace it. The attendant stated that the tire had...

Walmart / Horrible service!!

Isaya on Mar 6, 2017
I made my order on Walmart and was promised 2 day shipping. Their rep said that they had a special offer and shipping was free. First of all shipping was not free and in the end I was still charged. And the second thing was that it took more than two days to get my item. It arrived 15 day...

Walmart / Broken laptop

Kevin on Feb 28, 2017
I have purchased a laptop from Walmart and it arrived broken and simply did not work. I tried everything and wasn't able to turn it on. Walmart customer service did nothing to help me. I told them about the broken laptop but they said that was not their fault and that they were not responsible for...

Walmart #6577 / mgr svc over pharmacy

AnnTwinette Bickham on Feb 22, 2017
On 02-21-2017 I called the Wal Mart Pharmacy and the Mgr. Billy answered and was very rude and nasty. I tried to explain to him Bystolic changed to generic metoprolol succinate interactions 100 mg and Vesicare to Oxybutyniner 10mg per my doctor. Dr. Williams office 985-646-1122 said they...

Walmart Stores / I robot vacuum

My ship on Feb 19, 2017
purchaced I robOT over internet and was supposed to get it before jan 30ih, it is now feb. 20th and all i have seen is they took my money with no return of it after contacting by phone and internet with no response. now i am out 300.00 dollars and have to fight to get it returned. watch...

Walmart Stores / Returning item purchased on walmart.com

Verdicchio on Feb 8, 2017
In December 2016 I purchased an apple adapter through Walmart.com. and received a date of arrival in Jan 2017. Figured this was due to holidays and was okay with this. Finally the item arrive and much to my surprise it was shipped from out of the country{China} now we determined the item...

Walmart Stores / Womens top from walmart

dawntamaramore on Feb 7, 2017
Date Feb 6, 2016 My last package from Walmart was left in the trash area by my garage. That is a no no. Please have driver either leave in my mail box, if small enough or come to my front door, ring bell and leave the package. Tracking-1L720800621572 Ships from Walmart Arrives by: Fri, Feb...

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