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Walmart - Unethical behavior with partial delivery being non-refundable

First attempt at a delivery, the item was lost in the truck on the way to my house. The second shipment came damaged and incomplete (many parts missing). No ringing doorbell, partial and beat up, just dumped at my door. They refuse to accept a partial product but that's all that was delivered. I've never had a problem with BestBuy, Newegg, or any vendor on Ebay. Scam.

Desired outcome: Accept my refusal of delivery.

Walmart - Store #5197 Owens Cross Roads, Alabama

My son worked stocking 10pm to 7am. He was terminated after three weeks. He was told he was 'not good enough'. He may not have been as fast as others who had been there awhile, however he was improving. He is 19 and this was his first job.
Granted, he did miss two days. The first instance he was in the Emergency Room due to suicide inclinations. The second time he was vomiting, so we figured his team leader would appreciate him not coming in. At the time of him being in the ER I called to let them know he would not be in. He was reprimanded, stating no one else but the employee could call in. That makes no sense as he was in the hospital and unable to do so himself.
He did confide in his supervisor what happened. Yet, he was told he was 'not good enough'. He could have been offered to be transferred to another position instead of being terminated.
He had been depressed more so than usual since this happened. If he had(or does) act on his suicide inclinations due to this I will sue. And in a big way!
His name is Elijah Broad and worked at store #5197 Owens Cross Roads Alabama.
I have started using Publix for my groceries and Target for every thing else. I will not shop where they treat their employees in this manner. Especially my own son.
I will end my association with Walmart they you did my son.
Your not good enough!
Shannon Broad

Walmart - Rude cashier, inattentive manager, ethics committee

I was at store 00747 in Cahokia Il. on 10-22-2021 at appox. 3:30 pm They only had 2 lanes open. As I was next in line, they opened lane 3. Instead of the cashier saying "next in line" (which would...

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Walmart - Product review

My good reviews were approved but I gave a bad review that was honest about my experience dealing with a Walmart seller and it was rejected. Nothing was done when the seller ignored my message to cancel the order long before it was shipped out. Then I was given incorrect information about returning it to the store and my return was rejected because you CS on chat do not know what they are talking about. Then the seller told me it would cost too much to return it and suggested that I give the items away when I wanted my refund. Very poor service and rejecting a review is censoring. How do I remove all of my reviews? I don't want to give any good reviews if the only one bad review was rejected. I'm disgusted and now I have to wait for two weeks for a refund while the seller was paid upfront. I will never shop with you again. And I will tell others of my experience.

Desired outcome: All of my reviews to be removed

Walmart - Family Mobile

My wife lost her phone. Bought another phone. Store would not setup the new phone. I contacted the number supplied with the new phone to get the number transferred. Without having the old phone, i could not satisfy their security questions. My wife has memory problems and could not remember
the pin or other questions. They would not transfer the phone or close my account. The only way I could stop the autopay was to cancel my credit card.
Before I got it canceled they charged my card for another month.
This is not the sort of behavior I would expect from your company.
I now have to change credit card numbers, change telephone numbers and pay for use of a phone I do not have.
George Ketchum [protected]

Walmart - Great Value Instant Brown Rice

I'm very disappointed in Th e Great Value Instant Brown Rice. I've tried both ways to cook it: Microwave and on the stove top. Both need Much More time to cook then the box says! I've ended up with dry, undercooked rice all over the inside of my microwave! And, had to continually add more water to the stove top method in a pan! The instructions just are Not right!
Either that, or I really got a "lemon" box of your brown rice.!
Please replace the 14 oz package (not sure how much i paid - no longer have the recent).
Paulette Falsone
1931 King James Pkwy. #319
Westlake, OH 44145

Desired outcome: REfund or replacement

Walmart - Customer service - credit and refund/ follow up on customer dispute

TODAY IS OCTOBER 14, 2021. I have made a complaint in Phoneix, AZ, these two days I found out Walmart customer service staff is downgrading the field staff accountability. They tried to push down...

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Walmart - I ordered online

I ordered online

Supplements were allowed, but fresh bakery bun and other items didn't show, not even on the order...but the price didn't reflect the difference..

My order was
Monday, October 11, 2021
Order Created
Preparing Order
Out For Delivery
Tracking summary
October 11, 2021
Delivered | 9:15 pm
The order has been successfully delivered
Out For Delivery | 8:33 pm
The driver has picked up the order and is on the way to the customer's delivery location
Preparing Order | 8:34 pm
The items have been picked by an associate and they are ready to be picked up by the driver.

A few items in your order have been replaced with substitutions.View your order details for more information.
A few items in your order were unavailable.View your order details for more information.

Preparing Order | 3:22 pm
Your order has been received and is in queue to be assigned to an associate for picking
October 10, 2021
Order Created | 9:37 pm
Your order has been placed
Dates and/or times are local to where the activity is located

Desired outcome: Order was delivered with so many items missing, not including the subituite...and more exspensive...HELP>>>PLEASE?>>>

Walmart - Vision Center

My elderly Mother bought new glasses from Walmart Vision Center in Rockingham NC.

She had been wearing metal frames, that had started sliding down her nose, so decided to go with lighter plastic frame & a tint in the lense since she has macular degeneration & has trouble with glare. After wearing the frames for a couple days, she realized the tint was too dark. She took the frames back to Walmart Vision & asked if they could lighten them any more. They said no, she had the least amount of tint available. They ultimately decided to remove all the tint out of the lenses.

After receiving the new plastic frames back with clear lenses, she wore them again for approximately 30 days. The frames started to loosen up & started sliding down her nose again !

My Mom went back in to the store just to ask to tighten them up. She was approached by the manager of the vision store. She was extremely condescending to my Mother & berated her in front of other customers in the store. My Mom had the glasses in her case to keep them from being scratched. Before she could say anything, the manager came over & snatched them out of her hands & said very loudly, " We are going to do this only one more time!" "Do you understand?" My Mother just stood there in silence, humiliated @ the tone of voice the manager was using with her. She did not even ask why she had brought the frames back! My Mother told her that she did not want any money back. Just wanted her glasses tightened or at the very least, just wanted them to look @ them.

My brother & I are appalled by the lack of courtesy & professionalism by the manager of the Rockingham NC vision store in Walmart on Highway 74.

Walmart - refund fail

on 10/21/20 i ordered item number # [protected] on was canceled many months later by walmart.i used 2 gift cards ending in 4325 and 4761.i recieved these gift cards through swag bucks.sense i used the 2 gifts cards from swagbucks they are considered used and cant be refunded has failed to refund me with another option.i have called 10 times in the last month to try and get this issue resolved.i did not know my item was cancelled until many months later after purchase.again i have called walmart numerous times with out success and only get disconnected, hang up on or told it is being investigated.the total refund amounted to 25.00 each gift one at walmart seems to want to help me or get this resolved.

Desired outcome: 50.00 refund with walmart gift card

Walmart - Taxi cabs, from Kelowna, are owned by East Indians who own Walmart FortStJohnBC

Walmart in Fort St John BC; 9007 96A St Fort St John BC is owned by East Indians who OWN Teco Taxi Cabs which are run out of Kelowna BC. Teco Taxi's are over 30 years old and are NOT even road...

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Walmart - No checkout open, only self checkout

Yukon, Neighborhood Walmart - Really pissed that the Yukon Neighborhood Walmart didn't have a single check out open. Forced us to either check out ourselves or walk away leaving our full cart there for them to restock. My wife was in a neck brace because of a recent neck surgery. I complained to the attendant standing there WATCHING us checkout and to the 2 (apparent) supervisors at the front door. Customers at the nearby scan and go stopped what they were doing to listen and agree with my RANT. We keep going back because it is so handy but I've had enough. They won't miss my business but every little bit adds up. Half way through our check out, they did open one checker.

Desired outcome: Always have at least one checker.

I am sick and tired of seeing employees all over the store and then only 3 or 4 cash registers open. My other complaint is you can only use cash at the cash registers run by a store employee. If you use self checkout you have to pay with a credit or debit card. What a crock of crap that is. The store is changing in ways I do not like. I feel like they are taking away a lot of their brands to make room for more crap. I used to go to Walmart because of what they carried and the comfort of the store. Now you have them shoppers with their huge carts blocking isles. Maybe you should just shut your doors and cater to the people who order online if that is the business you want. But you are making it a pain in the [censored] for shoppers who physically go there to shop. I think today was the last time I will shop at Walmart. You lost me as a customer.

Walmart -

I ordered an upright freezer. It was delivered one day late by FedEx.( Just left in hallway outside door) The box was smashed and ripped. I never would've accepted it. It was dented, but being desperate decided to keep it. It would not turn on. The dial and insert was missing. Packed it up and called for a pick up. Was told Wednesday between 10-2pm. But Today, (Tuesday) we get an email now it's Thursday. In the past 3 years this was my second attempt to order something "oversized". This was 108 lbs. The other item 100lbs. We are seniors and not able to move these things easily. They did this the last time too, just not showing up for the pickup. We had to pay $40 to have someone take the last item to FedEx because Walmart holds your refund until they make you bust. Now we are unable to purchase elsewhere. We, as usual are at their mercy. Walmart will never, ever be any competition to Amazon! That company actually helps people unlike Walmart makes you jump through hoops. Never again!

Desired outcome: Pick up freezer. Pay attention to your third party vendors.

Walmart - Dairy

Return half&half container not expired . Also return heavy cream not expired that . They both were going bad . Walmart brand . The neighborhood Walmart 9526 Military West ( San Antonio ) refused to replace it . There excuse was I didn't have receipt . That that was there policy . The other was one of containers was less than 1/2 yet The other one was almost full . The point is that there's a reason for expiration date . What's the possibility that this products stayed out longer before being refrigerated. I do think that Elisia manager refused me due that we had a confrontation before . That is no reason to hold grudges . I've returned items before with no issues . I return 2 bags of green beans that were going bad had no issues with management that day . I feel if I spend money on a product. I want to get my moneys worth ( I left the products with them .) The other individual that was at customer service was Sonia AT.

Desired outcome: Yes I want to know results.

Walmart - Hiring process

Walmart I Staunton, Va has the most unprofessional incompetent HR department I have ever encountered. My husband and myself filled it apps for a part time job. My iPhone accidentally did his social...

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Walmart - Mandate on mask and the covid jab for employees

Greetings I am an emploee at store 1193 in Monroe La. This email is directed to all of the offices from CEO to the janitors at The Corporate Offices of Wal mart Corp. As a human being first and...

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Walmart - Pickup service complaints

Order # [protected], Newburgh, Indiana 47630. Monday Sep 20, 2021, picked up between 4:00 PM CST and 5:00 PM CST.

All of our orders have substitutions, we understand the need to do so sometimes but we have gone in the store IMMEDIATELY after picking up our groceries to find the products concerned in stock! Why is this ??

Are there any adults auditing your runners ?? There needs to be.
Some items are not included in our orders, no substitutions either.

In closing, Do you think it's possible for your young employees to handle and load the bags as a consumer would ????? Sour attitudes seem to be the norm for your delivery runners as they throw bags into the vehicle.

Desired outcome: Ongoing in service training is demanded here!

Walmart - Service

Walmart didn't honour it's commitment. Case in point my Order# [protected] (June 17th order). Walmart upgraded my Ps5 digital order to disc version for free to compensate for a goof up on their part which is fine. Then they did not ship it and delayed this order. On calling them they said they can't tell when the order will ship and gave me discount as compensation. After keeping me waiting for 3 months they randomly cancelled my order(around August 25th). Their website order history says that I cancelled it!!?? Which is incorrect. Then they cancelled my second PS5 Order# [protected](August 12th order) again for no reason. 
Very disappointed and frustrated with Walmart CS. If would like them to ship my current active ps5 order(Order# [protected]), which by the way is also delayed, at the same price as my first order(June 17th Order# [protected]). 
That would be the right thing for Walmart to do.

Walmart - Online delivery

After being hung up on by your alleged "customer service" drones. I am going to try this fiasco. I pay your delivery fee. When I ask for no substitutions I mean it. You delivered 2 packages of Hillshire Farms Little Smokies that I don't use. Now I'm told I have to take it back to your Main St. Suffolk, VA crap show store that I have refused to walk into for over two years. OK - that's it for me. Please refund my delivery fee as I won't be using it. I'll take these back but that will be our last transaction.

Desired outcome: Refund

Walmart - Item not delivered

Ordered PS5, shipped via Lasership. Lasership said item was delivered. It never arrived. Based on a quick google search of how sketchy/bad Lasership is I assume someone in their company stole the item. Contacted "help." They kept trying to issue refund, and not provide the item that was paid for. It took five-six tries via the on-line lottery to get the item. Order number was [protected]. Investigation number is [protected].

Desired outcome: Get PS5...

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