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herb and garlic cream cheese

Purchased a container of Herb and Garlic cream cheese product expiry date showed Sept 19 2018. Last week on...

store is continuously understocked, out of things or discontinuing items.

This store opened several years ago and there has been a consistent pattern of being out of items or discontinuing items. We've tried telling the store management but to no avail. We now go buy many things at other stores because of this. We really don't count on the items to be at this Walmart store.

Why is this store so poorly stocked when other Walmarts seem to get it right?

19" blue ombre table lamp

I bought this from Walmart on 7/13/2018. The lamp is great but the attached light bulb did not work. Walmart said I needed to contact Cheyenne products, the distributor, from the info sheet included with lamp. Called them several times, always got a "this mailbox is full" message. Emailed them, no response.
I like the lamp, but just want a light bulb that works. I am very disappointed, as you should be, by the lack of response and inability to contact your distributor, Cheyenne Products. Can you help me?

charging us for an item that we returned (receipt & tracking included)

Walmart sent us a defective vacuum cleaner and after speaking with Customer Service, they sent us a label for us to return the faulty unit. In return, they sent us a replacement for that vacuum.

I had FED EX pick it up and tracked the return until it was received and signed for. Just now, we were charged for the vacuum AGAIN as they are now claiming they never received the return.

We are senior citizens living off of my Social Security and we can not afford these kinds of costly mistakes, especially since we will not receive the monies for 5-10 business days.

This DISGRACEFUL behavior is one that screams they do not care about their customers nor their overcharges. Walmart's behavior has now changed our opinions on buying from them in the future. Their attitude and behavior in this is positively shameful.

itunes gift cards

On May 3, 2018 I Purchased iTunes gift cards worth $300 from Walmart. When I tried to redeem them I got a message that they had not been activated. I contacted Apple and provided all the information but after a few days I was told that they had not been activated properly by Walmart, I went back to Walmart and the CSM was not helpful at all, she referred me back to apple. I contacted Apple again and spoke with an iTunes senior adviser who informed me that the cards had been improperly activated at check out by Walmart and so Apple was unable to help.
I have since been going back and forth with Walmart but no one seems to offer a solution. The CSM at the branch, Beth told me I couldn't get a refund either.
I have contacted Walmart Global ethics and no one has helped me. At this point, I need a refund from Walmart.

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assistant manager mike in amsterdam ny supercenter

My 2 sons both 16 and their friend 18 apparently were fooling around this evening at store and lost their...

assault at the door by employee

I am a nurse, and have been for almost 30 years. I have never stolen anything. For Gods sake, how stupid...

usa reward spot.

I completed the survey reviewed the ads downloaded the check 3 credit score for a 1000 wal-mart gift card. I...

paint department

I purchased 3 gallons of paint and one can wasn't correctly closed and opened in my car trunk! The full...

Walmart Supercenter

not receiving my deposit for returning my empty coolant ac cans

About 10 days ago I purchased a can of 20 oz. of 134a coolant. and one can of 12oz. 134a coolant. On top of...

walmart straight talk phone card $32.63

Hi I purchased e mail card for my new Samsung phone and it is not compatible and no use for what I payed and Walmart is not giving refund and said to contact bank the card is not used and I need $35 card to be compatible for this phone can you please reverse the charge immediately visa ending in 7216 TRISH Hollingsworth credit one platinum card thanks sincerely t Holly [protected]

  • Ab
    Abner T Jul 17, 2018

    First of all, it is known that the All You Need plan (30$ plan) is just compatible with feature phones ONLY, however, if this is the first time it happens to you, Straight Talk policies allows representatives to provide a replacement plan which includes 20 days of service only, and again, that is if this is the first time.
    You can call Straight Talk customer service at 1 800 430 2355, and that's the only way you can get that replacement plan.
    And remember, it is your fault ❤️

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Brought tires on the 06/04/2018 and had a blow out on my way back from Memphis I had to call someone to come bring me a spare took the tire back to the store where I got them to show them there was a defect in the tire but the manager and assistant manager asked like it was my fault said it looked like a cut. Now who is going to be driving a long and crawl under the car and cut the tire. And you can see the tire had blown out it would not cost them anything to replace a defective tire because I know they will send it back to the manufacturer
And this is calling more problems not I have to go somewhere else and buy me a spare tire because the store 00391 didn't try to help me at all if I had ran over something are hit something then there is no problem this not where the rubber hit the road it on the inside of the tire or the back of the tire I been in retail for 20 years never before had I seen people treated like this. When the tire is only 33 days old. So bought a defective item
What happen to good customer service
Every customer should be important


Walmart Supercenter

jewelry department

We came in with our baby at 3 Months, to pierce her ears, and they told us her earlobes were too small. We...

x-trac ii tire

bought a tire, and installed it on the front. the car veered to that side. I had to hold it straight. went back they balanced it and it still veered. went and had a front end alignment done on my car and car still veered off. walmart checked it once again and said it was fine. I put it on the back and decided to let it go. I have a defective tire and Walmart didn't want to let me trade it for another one. after I put it on the back and a different tire on the front, my car drives fine.

photo dept

I went to pick up my photos at Flower Mound, TX, Wal-Mart. There was a sign that said Lane Closed at the desk, but a young man was obviously in the photo processing room. (lights were on and the door was open).
A young cashier in the returns department said, called out to me and said she'd get me some help. Then the boy came out, took my tickets, and brought me my photos. He told me, I didn't pay him, but needed to check out through the 'return' line. That line extended past their ropes and into the store. I asked if I could self check myself out? Nope, those registers aren't equipped to do that.
So, I waited a long time to retrieve and then pay for my pictures.
I will not return to WalMart to develop photos.
Note: Cashiers were both very cordial. The company's service to their customer stinks.


I went to the walmart riverstone pwy, in canton ga. It took 3hrs to get a set of ties installed on my car. Got down the street, car was shaking so bad, that I knew I was going to have to bring it back. Come in the next day and this guy nathan didn't say hi or good morning. He goes what do you want? Seriously now i'm told this is going to take an hour. I'm pissed. It's bad enough just be racially profiled when coming in these stores because walmart has gotten real bad. Looks like i'm going to have to cut them off

walmart employe

Me and my son went to the Walmart at 134th and bangater at the south Jordan gateway super center and thier was a girl with the name of Amy on her badge and she was very rude to me and grabbed my son on the [censored] and called me a [censored] and was not very helpful and I want something done about it i want her fired gone that is not how you treat your costumers

multiple product problems

Never buy from wal-mart online. I purchased 2 recliner covers, cute little fox dishes and vanilla scented lotions for gifts. The fox dishes came and every single one was damaged. The lotions were wrapped in this ridiculously sticky tape that left sticky adhesive on the bottles which wouldn't come off and the chair covers never came. I looked at my account and it showed that the chair covers were shipped and had already been delivered. Lies. So I called their "customer service" in india of course, and asked where my chair covers were. She put me on hold forever and came back and said that they were never shipped because there was a problem with them at the warehouse. So I said, how much longer would they be because I had to have them within a week or I can't use them. She said they would not be able to get them to me until 3 weeks. So I said, forget it then, just cancel the order and i'll get them elsewhere. She put me on hold again for another 30 minutes and then came back and said ok, I cancelled your order. I then said that I also can't use the lotions as a gift because they are covered in sticky tape. So she said she would resend them, this time without any tape on them. So, first, I got the chair covers from another company. Then 2 weeks later, I get the same stupid chair covers in the mail from wal-mart that I had cancelled and they charged my bank account for them. It would be way too much to type with the hassle that I had to go through to get refunded but, let's just say that it took several calls, each lasting a ridiculous amount of time and several weeks. Next, I get the box with the replacement lotions that were supposed to have no tape on them. However, instead, they someone had purposely wrapped that same sticky tape around every single inch of each of the bottles, just to be jerks. So I had to call them back again and tell them to cancel the order because I had enough of their nonsense. Oh, and they had told me to take the dishes that were broken into a local store to return it and the local store would not return them because they said they couldn't accept returns from online purchases. Never again wal-mart. I should have known better than to shop at a fema camp anyways!

free $500 gift card for survey completion

I received an email from Walmart Canada telling me that I was a valued customer and I qualified for $500 gift card from Walmart Canada. I want my card or I'm posting everything to facebook. Walmart told me via email that I would receive $500 card. Asked me to verify email and take a short survey asking about customer service experiences line up wait times how often I shopped online at walmart

  • Be
    Bellamie Jun 30, 2018

    You realize it is a scam right? That the email didn't actually come from walmart? This isn't even a new scam.

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ozark trail 30 can strap cooler

My son bought this for his dad for Fathers Day at Walmart. On the FIRST use, the zipper that closes the top...