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price gouging

Due to the recent tax increase on tobacco, loose tobacco (Top, Bugler, Drum, etc..) increased by just over $26 per pound. It doesn't take much math to calculate the increase for a 6 ounce can of tobacco. Yet when I went to the nearest WalMart to buy a can of Top tobacco, the price had gone from around $14 to over $36. That's at least a 22 dollar increase. The same is being done in the Brookshire Bros. chain of grocery stores in Texas. They have anticipated an increase in people who are willing to roll their own to save money, so they're raised the prices. I urge others to order from catalogs or order online. The businesses that I mentioned will not be getting my business any longer.

  • Wa
    Wallyworldhater Jun 05, 2009

    I too went in to get a can of Bugler for my son stationed on Iraq. He had a friend get some from Louisana a month ago and it was only 12.oo + tax. When I asked for the price, the lady scanned it and it came to $39.16 with tax! I almost swore out loud. I asked why it was so high, and the response was, "Well, tobacco prices have gone up three times this year. Plus the new tax." I called my wife because she had spoken to my son, and asked her if he had meant the can or a pouch of it. She said the can. I told her how much it was, because he had ask us to send two cans, and she said to go ahead and get one. My wife talked to him again that night, and when she told him how much it was, he said to forget it, just take it back. So, today I went back to the store with the UNOPENED can, reciept in hand, and after waiting twenty minutes for the "enthustiastic" Wal-Mart employee behind the return counter, was then informed that I could not return it. I asked why and was told that it being a tobacco product, it could not be returned, and that there was a sign in the tobacco shop that stated that. I never saw any sign. I told her that I wanted to see a manager. That took another twenty minutes before the "enthustiastic" manager came strolling slowy to the front. She just looked at me, a glaze in her eyes, and said "Yes sir, what can I do for you." I told her that what I had told the other person, and that I wanted to return it. Well, I just got the same old song and dance, "Texas law says we can't take a tobacco product back once it is purchased and leaves the store." Well, needless to say, Wal-Mart has become even lower in my opinion, if that is possible, and I will not do any further business with them.

    Boycot Wal-Mart (The GREEDY SOB'S) Pass it on!

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fraud and lies

I have had an on going problem with Douglas tires I purchased at WalMart. I read another thread on Douglas tires. My concern is not the same. First, I have a 2001 Century Custom. I drive approximately 10, 000 miles a year--mostly in my neighborhood which is relatively new and the roads are well maintained. I take a few trips out of town each year which average 400 miles round trip on interstate highways. I am not an expert and do not claim to be one. I maintain my car as per manufacturer recommendations. I think I have addressed the major issues which arose in the other thread.

My problem is different. I admittedly purchased the tires because they were inexpensive. Since I do not drive as much as most people I know, I did not see the need for high performance tires. I went to WalMart because I am a single mom on a disability income. That was a mistake which has cost me.

I purchased two tires in 2005. The tread wear was acceptable. In 2006, the tire would not hold pressure and was replaced under the road hazard warranty I purchased for $10. Okay, I thought that I might have hit something and not noticed it. However, a few months later, I noticed a separation on the sidewall--a straight line across the sidewall which ballooned out on both sides of the line. I took the tire back. I was once again told that it was a case of road hazard and that the tires were horrible and caused problems--two different WalMart tire employees told me this. In May of this year, I noticed yet another identical line across the sidewall. I took the tire back and was once again told that I must have hit something and that with this particular Douglas tire, going over a speed bump at 5 mph could do the tire in--I was charged $20 for tread wear (which, mysteriously was not recorded) and $10 for yet another road warranty plus balancing and stem charge. It is now June and I have another line across the tread. I have had the tire for 1 month and 3 days. After inspecting all of my other tires and seeing that I do not have a pattern of uneven wear or abuse, the manager agreed to replace the tire free.

After some discussion, I was not charged for the balance, road hazard warranty and stem (another $18). The new tire was mounted. I drove home a total of 2 miles. You can run your hand around the tire and feel where the belt is joined. There is already a rough spot. I guarantee that within a very short time, there will be a line form across the sidewall and my problem will reappear.

I have driven 20, 000 miles since the first Douglas tires were installed. One tire made it the 20, 000 miles. That tire would not have made it close to the warranty. Since I feared that It would develop the problem and had it replaced with a better tire. Two different WalMart tire employees have told me that the problem is with the low end Douglas tires. I asked if they would apply the proration to a better tire. I was told no. I feel like I have been caught in a trap. Since I replaced the Douglas tire, I theoretically had several thousand miles of warranty Although WalMart employees changed their mind about the initial source of the problem and now say it is a manufacturer problem, I was still required to pay from $18 to $41 each time the sidewall separates. Why, if they believe it to be a defect in the tire, should I be out for a new road hazard warranty and the other charges? If, as my local WalMart employees have said, the tire is problematic, why are they still selling the tire? Between the road warranties, stems, balancing, etc, I have been out $100 over the cosst of the tire itself PLUS tread wear (fortunately, minor). I should have bought high performance tires. Even today, although I have only had the latest tire for 1 month, the tire tech said it was just the tires. I will not purchase more tires at WalMart. I am praying that the latest tire lasts until my income tax return in Jan. so that I can replace it with a much better tire.

This is a problem with how the tires are manufactured--the fact that the tire put on today is already suspect should be proof enough that it is not my vehicle or my driving. I will never purchase Douglas tires. WalMart has pocketed $40 for road hazard warranties when no road hazard was involved. They should not sell tires their employees say are defective.

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    proud[usaf]wifey Dec 14, 2009

    You think after having problems with the same brand of tires over and over again that you would stop buying that brand and spend a little more money and get some that are well worth the money. If you think about it, you could've just spent the money and gotten some decent ones versus buying the el cheapo's and ended up spending the same in the end. Think about it.

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  • Te
    Tech123 Jan 25, 2010

    Douglas is the Cheapest Tire because it is a Crap tire. It's the last resort if you plan on getting rid of the car and have to buy tires then great. Get the Douglas but make sure you sell it right away. Ever here of the saying you get what you pay for. Duh don't keep buying the same tire if it keeps giving you trouble. I think this Complaint could go either way. Yes it's a bad tire but also the Buyer was STUPID in buying a tire they knew was bad over and over again.

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can't resolve issues

My daughter received a money card from my father for her birthday. When he purchased it, the clerks neglected to tell him that it had to be activated with a special code on the bottom of the receipt. (It does state this information on the back of the envelope that the card comes in, in small print, however.) Never-the-less, my father didn't read it, and wasn't informed of it. I have now spent the last 2 months attempting to convince someone, anyone at Walmart, to help me locate the SPECIAL code! To no avail, I still have no answers! There is apparently no identifying numbers, codes, bar codes, etc. to isolate this purchase. As sophisticated as computers are today, tracking inventory and whatever else needs to be done, they cannot locate a purchase made at a particular store, on a given date, with barcodes and amounts loaded onto the card. How convenient that is for them! I have called the numbers listed on the card, but if you haven't activated it, then the automated system disconnects(it doesn't allow you to speak with a real live person). I have contacted the managers of the stores in my location, who have contacted managers at the purchase location, still no information, except "sorry, it says you have to have the receipt to activate". I have even contacted GE Money, the issuing company, they also refuse to help. Where do I go now? This cannot be this hard! There has to be a way to track and identify these cards.
anyone with any insight, please advise!
email: [protected]

  • Em
    Emily Milas Mar 04, 2010

    That is what happened to me. I purchased 50.00 Walmart Visa gift, (plus 6.00 service charge), moneycards for my neice and nephew. They lost the authorization codes and have not been able to use them. I called the number on the back of the card and there is no live person to talk to. If you reach one there is a charge. I called the Green Dot bank that creates the card and they said to call the number on the back of the card. The Walmart, in Greer, SC tried to retrieve my credit card purchases on the corresponding days but was unable to get the codes.
    They had no other suggestions. The contract, which the buyer is suppose to explain to the recipient, is 3 pages of legalese! My neice and nephew are 14 yrs. old! If the card has not been used after 60 days, it is forfeited. I am out 106.00 dollars and Walmart and Green Dot gained. Crdeit card legislation was passed by Congressman Levin but did not address this problem. It is a legal scam! The Walmart and Visa names draw the buyer in, who has no awareness of the problems., Walmart knows that few people will pursue the problems if the process is difficult. Anyone with advice?

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  • Ke
    Kelly Mar 04, 2010

    I agree, this is a frustrating problem and it took me several weeks to finally resolve it. I eventually contacted Walmart's Corporate Headquarters where I received a much needed helpful email. I have attached it below for all to see. I have no idea why this has to be so difficult, but apparently the information is not widely publicized, even to the managers and customer service associates of Walmart. I actually printed a copy and hand delivered it to my local store where the CS Associates truly tried, without success, to help me.

    Hopefully this will get posted where it can be seen! If you stumble upon it, please copy it, save it, or send it on to anyone who may need it! Money is too hard to come by these days to just let it go!
    My issue involved the Walmart Money Card and I know it has helped several people who have contacted me from this website . I do not know if it will also work with other issuers but if not, contact the corporate headquarters! Might as well start at the top!

    Keep in mind you will be required to give personal info, which is not a problem for most. The retrieval of the money was good enough reason for me, but the principle of the matter was the icing on the cake. The card was a gift to my daughter, and I was certainly going to exhaust all possible solutions. It paid off in the end!

    [***If you require information regarding Activation of a Wal-Mart MoneyCard please call the Wal-Mart MoneyCard - Activation Line at 1-877-965-7848. They are open M-F 5:00 am - 10:00 pm PT, and Sat. & Sun. 5:00 am - 7:00 pm PT 365 days.

    NOTE: If you have lost the receipt with the Activation Number on it, you can call this number and enter a sequence of numbers up to 14 digits 3 separate times ( EX: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1, 2, 3 etc ) to start the activation process. Once you do this, you will be asked to provide personal information for security reasons prior to speaking with a representative.

    Thank you,
    Customer Relations***]

    Good Luck to All!

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  • Mi
    mirandamber Apr 17, 2010

    Yes I am with the post above mine, go through the activation proccess. And the quickest way to bypass all the garbage is to enter a date of birth UNDER 18 years of age, You will immediately get a live person. I figured this out after about 6 calls.

    I got the cards for my kids, activated them online and never got the personalized cards. I wasnt going to let the kids use them until the personalized cards came, but they never did. (because I put them in the kids names and they are under 18) So I called to speak to someone and it was a joke.

    Just use a birthdate that makes you well under 18 and they will get you to an agent to speak to "a parent"

    What a nightmare!

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rip off

This is the second time I bought a Walmart money card and when I put 250.00 on it and tried to pay my light...

horrible customer service

OMG!!! Where do I begin?! First off, I went into the studio on 04/09/2008 to schedule an appointment for my...

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unauthorized charges

Wal-Mart charged me over $7.00 for one box of Bryers Ice Cream! I thought my total was rather high but I did not scrutinize my receipt until I got home. This is when I realized that I was overcharged considerably for my Ice Cream. I normally pay between $2.75 - $4.99 for Bryers Ice Cream but at the time of this particular purchase my Ice Cream cost over $7.00.

Upon checking my receipt I learned that my ice cream was listed as IMPULSE IC. The UPC number next to the item marked as IMPULSE IC was the same as the UPC number on my box of Bryers Ice Cream. Someone at Walmart imputted the item name IMPULSE, with the letters IC, along with the UPC code for Bryers with great care.

The term used to identify this overpriced item 'IMPULSE IC' is of interest as well. Some may consider Ice Cream an impulse buy, a common term used in the world of retail marketing and sales.

I feel that this was done purposely by Wal-mart. I believe that they have considered the chances they would be taking If they ripped off consumers in this mannor.

A customer might be upset but would hardly leave the comfort of their home for two extra bucks or to return melted ice-cream.

I might never have noticed the high price of my ice-cream purchase that day, and with that said, I did in deed notice. I acknowledged that Wal-Mart has effectively ripped me off for an extra $2.00 or more that day.

And that day, I choose to enjoy my overpriced Bryers ice cream, I did not return it to the store, and I vowel never return to Wal-Mart or any of its Subsidiaries again.

Wal-Mart is what's wrong with America! We should have listened!

  • Pr
    proud[usaf]wifey Dec 14, 2009

    Seriously? Either you're used to buying it on sale or you definitely weren't paying attention at the check out. If you would've been paying attention while you were checking out you would've noticed this mistake and could've asked for a price check. Sometimes items get input into the system at the wrong price therefore ringing up incorrectly. Nobody's perfect and mistakes do happen. Also you should've checked the price of that item on the shelf and if it said that it was a lower price on the shelf than what it rang up as then you could've gotten it for the correct price, it also could've been brought to the store's attention, and it could've been corrected then and there. Wal-mart is not what's wrong with America. It's people that feel the need to complain about everything and can never be satisfied.

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hiring process

To whom it may concern, I would like to give feedback on the current hiring process at Walmart. I wa...

advetisemens of the lowest prices

I went to wall becuss of their cosntant ads on tv, and in the paper and at the store, that they have the lowest price's!
I went to buy a carton of Kool SuperLong's becuse of their add, at Tates Creek sout, I bought the carton for$48.25, I went to four other place's within walking distane, all were $10.00's to $7.00's lower than Wallmart!
Like at Kroger's, Tates Creek Centre, who were $10.00's cheaper, 4101 Tates creek Road, 2721100, and Rite aid, Tates creek centre.
I tried contacting 1-800-wallmart, where there Wallmat stor manager evening shift said to call and con
mplain, but when I called there was nowhere, to complain to!
It said go there site, and there wasn't any place to complain!
I will not shoppe at Wallmart anymore!
Peter J Brown, 3395 Spangler Drive. 67, Lexington Ky, [protected]

  • Di
    dietfood Nov 01, 2009

    yes, yes, yes you as to check the sales prices on wallmart products, this is going an for it still not change.

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I like the fact that this store has the merchandise I want. But everytime I patronize this store, they charge me more money than the posted prices, or they have no price on the item I wish to purchase. It's as if they don't even sell the item. Many items are marked one price in one location and a totally different price in another location within the same store. Or items are marked on the shelf for $.98 and the cashier charges $8 at checkout. Everytime I visit this store there are (At least one) items not priced correctly or not priced at all.

  • JustSayNo Apr 05, 2009

    Have the cashier scan the item first, then decide if you want to buy, or have them to contact a supervisor regarding the article.

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photo dept.

I took in a memory card (Ditital camera) to have pictures made and the receipt said to pick up on mar.31...,,, no pictures!!! Icalled them tonight and no pictures... That made me mad!!! If the pictures weren't going to be ready then they should of not told me the 31. March. That is not good for business and talk spreads fast.. Thank-you [protected]

  • In
    IndianaGuy Apr 01, 2009

    You don't need to take a digital camera in to get the photos. THE CAMERA DOESN'T HAVE FILM IN IT ! You can look at the photos on your computer and print them at home. DON"T TRY TO TAKE YOUR CAMERA APART TO GET AT THE FILM ! THERE IS NO FILM IN THE CAMERA - I AM SERIOUS ABOUT THIS !

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check cashing

My brother and I were at the local Wal-Mart store in Conover, NC attempting to cash a loan check. The check was from the Apollo Group, written on the Wells Fargo bank. My bank, located inside this store, was closed. At the customer service area there were signs, three of them, documented on my cell, stated we will cash your Tax Check and more! Below this message states "We can cash them all!" I had successfully cashed the last check 3 months before at the same location. They refused to cash my check this time. I went back outside and called the 1-800-wal-mart customer service hotline. I told my situation to two persons on the hotline, and they instructed me to go back in the store and wait for the highest management. The manager came out many minutes later. I repeated the conversation I had with the first cashier, and asked why the check was not cashed. He left to "check on some things" to a door near the customer service area. After a bit of a wait, the cashier was given instructions to cash the check. She asked me to endorse the instrument, and she wrote my ID number down, complained about my signature, asked me for my phone number, and social security number. After writing on my check, which means she took ownership of the instrument, the point of sale machine would not read the MICR numbers. They claimed there was a problem with my check. I asked her to enter it in manually, she claimed she could not. My brother and I then returned to the payphone to again call the customer service number. As we were waiting on hold, two police officers approached us. They stated that “Wal-Mart has asked you to leave” I responded “Can they do that? Police said “Yes, this is private property”. We left at that juncture. Wal-Mart rents spaces in its store to other businesses, and did not have authority to force us to leave. We do not steal; we were not loud, mean, or disrespectful. Our lives were endangered by Wal-Mart forcing us to leave. This needs to be addressed. These people made me feel like a criminal, just because they did not want to cash my check.

  • Su
    summerj2008 Aug 31, 2009

    Wow, something is really being left out in this story. Very odd.

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  • Pe
    pettydeb Dec 19, 2009

    Walmart does not just call the police because they want you to leave. When you try to cash a check after banking business hours, this kind of thing can happen. Since you bank at Woodforest (I am assuming since you said your bank was inside the Walmart) they are open 7 days a week and you could easily have went there the following day to cash your check. Walmart did nothing wrong and if the machine can not read the check, then that is that.

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  • Ji
    jimbostl Mar 30, 2010

    My sister received a fed ex envelope today with a check to cash and send to a Chinese account. I think they didn't take the check because it is a scam. Apollo Group is a company that owns schools, University of Phoenix being one of them. I doubt if they know about the scam. I'd call the FBI.

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the "sweepstakes"

I just don't understand why a retail company would advertise on the receipts that you could enter to win a couple thousand dollars on a gift card through them or cash if all it is is to get you to "pay" for another sweepstakes with something that has nothing to do with the retail companies sweepstakes contest.
I think it's a way for them to "get" the money from "other" offers so that they can say "you could win $1, 000.00 gift card."
At least the walgreens sweepstakes surveys are honest and only want your opinion on the customer service at their store in order to have a chance to win.

no refund

two weeks ago i bought a walmart money card its a visa prepaid, there was a problem with the card so i wa...

poor customer service

I recently made a purchase with my money card, then had to cancel the order, QVC put the request back the day after I canceled my order (3-9-09), but when I called your costomer service center and I use that term loosely, I was told the funds would not be back on the card until (3-19-09), I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no supervisor was available and was put on hold for 20 minutes then HUNG-UP ON, I was on my cell phone and burned the minutes, just to be
hung-up on, so I called back and again was told no supervisor was avaiable, at this point I became out-raged, so the rep. hung-up on me again. I am going to use the remaining funds on my card then CUT IT IN HALF AND NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR COMPANY AGAIN!!!

  • B3
    b33 May 17, 2009

    Been there - had the SAME thing happen to me. Their customer service is a joke. They HOLD your money until they decide they want to release it. RIDICULOUS.

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  • Se
    Sepeda, Mel Aug 25, 2009

    OMG, the same thing is happening to me; i placed an order on the 15th of August then saw the same product that came with a kit on the 16th. They said "no problem we'll cancel the order and replace” what they didn't say was that there was a hold on my account for the first order. So when they did the reordered they put another hold on my account. There were two holds for 7 days and here come the hurricane of overdraft fees; I couldn't even transfer money from my savings account because the bank only allows 6 transfers. well I called on the 18th sent over a fax from my bank to corporate req a refund on the OD/Fees and it was denied, not only that but on the 19th they canceled my order with out my knowledge, they told me that someone said "there is no Melinda at this number, helloooo "it was my cell phone" and every time i called they knew exactly who i was before I could tell them who I was!!! I spoke with Inez in corporate and she told me that qvc could not verify my account information, my phone number and also said they left me messages on my cell phone that supposedly was not my phone number?!?! but wait on the 18th i sent them a fax from my bank about the overdraft fees so besides all of this I am still out 180.00 and no product, Inez said that the would not refund me the OD/Fees, nor would they discount the product 180.00. And i could not sign back up with QVC with out clearing "this up" which “they” caused. So basically what she is telling me is that an inquiry for there product cost me 180.00!!! HOWS THAT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I work of the police dept. here in Austin and you bet your 180.00 worth that EVERONE WILL KNOW WHAT HAPPEND AND I STRONGLY SUGGEST NOT DOING BUSINESS W/QVC!!! IF anyone has any sugesstions on what i should do please do not hesitate to email me [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jason wistleblower Aug 26, 2009

    Wal Mart repeatedly held my money and flat out lied about their charge for loading my card, the contract said that it was free if you cashed a check. When I tried I was refused by the sales clerk and denied for twenty minutes to speak to the manager. I know that $3.00 is a small amount for me but when a company does it to thousands of its customers it's big money. I feel that a class action suit would in order. I am also writing to the Federal Trade Commission for illegal and fraudulent practices. Please email if you agree. [email protected]

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  • Sh
    ShayT Dec 29, 2009

    I agree this so called company would not even activate this card for my son (he is 16) they said I needed to give my information to get it activated, so I agreed because this was his Xmas gift. After being on hold for over 45 minutes just to be hung up on and the next person I got said they could not verfiy my account (ok it's my name and social and birthday) that the system automatically closed the account and will send me a refund check in 10 business days. Which means my son has to wait 10 more days to enjoy his Xmas! I asked for a supervisor and he was RUDE there's nothing I can do your out of luck and he hung up on me! What kind of place is this? whatever happend to Customer Service???? this makes me not even want to go to WalMart again after all of this drama! this is the company you trust with your customers???? So awful!!!

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  • Gr
    grddh May 13, 2010

    This is a disaster! My card was stolen so they claimed they would report it''compromised'' and i would receive another in 7-10 Business days. It been a 5 weeks since then and they have had the nerve to cancel my account!!! They ought to be ashamed. They lie to me on the phone when i call abd they need to be taught a lesson.

    To contact go to and email 'theflagmaker'

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horrible customer service

Where to start with this wonderful company...Lets go with the East Town one first...On Oct 24 2008 I recieved letters home frommy kids teachers they were having Halloween Parties so I figured I would go to Wal mart and get chips( had to get other items as well) Well they had they 22 bags of varity of potato chips on sale like 3.50 instead of the 5.98 so I grabbed 2 enough for both kids classes I get to check out and they are ringing up higher I point it to the cashier...She calls managment this lady in her mid 50's came over I explained to her the price... She told that she would give me 1 at the 3.50 but the other for 5.98...I said Iwill show you where it says 3.50 ...She told me that it was not in her job discribtion to go look I could take it or leave it...She was being so rude mademy kids cry...I told her I wasent buying nothing from there and my total was already 256.00 and still everything hadent been rung up... Here are my 2 kids crying cause of her tone and to top it off she called security on us! We hadent done anything at all how embarrisin so I called the next day to speak to someone over her they assured me she would be talked to!grrrrrr...I never went back to that walmart agian...

Ok on with the next...Clinton HWY... I ordered my sons b day cake 3 weeks in advanced...A hot wheels birthday cake...Itold them I would be there to pickit up May 30 at 12pm...well I go at 12:15 pm topick it up the old lady in the bakerytoldme it wasent done and his party was starting at 1:30...So I went back at 1 pm and tried to pick it up well she toldme I was blowing hermind and when she got the oppertunitiy she would make it... Itold her how long in advanced I ordered it and his party was in 30 mins told me wasent her problem...ok had to call everyone and tell them it would be later another hour passes shes finished! Its hot pink =[ and doesnt look like what I ordered I asked the lady what was this she said I made a mistake and grinned ugh I asked to speak to the store Manager and got another run around and was pretty much told they couldnt do nething about it and I was talking about that lady's attitude and he said there busy u must I love Target forget walmart Ihope they go bankrupt

  • Ar
    armywife65 Jun 27, 2009

    ok, now I am reading or trying to read your posts( which is hard to read, because you don't proof read) I can see some mistakes, but ###ing gee wiz..go back to school fat ###!

    First of all, what you wrote about Walmart, some may be true, but I doubt if all of it is. And you should have called corporate, they would have done something about it. I know for a fact

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  • Ss
    SS09 Jun 27, 2009

    Screw Walmart! and armywife your the fatass!! FatASS!! HAHAA

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  • Ar
    armywife65 Jun 27, 2009

    LMAO! sorry far from being fat. but I bet you are along with that other ### fatass! ...HAHAA HAHAA!

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  • Ph
    Phoenix0686 Nov 01, 2009

    armywife why dont you get a job instead of posting comments about people supposedly being fat how does someone making a complaint about wal-mart automatically make them fat? Is it because it had to do with cake? If so that is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard..even if it doesnt have to do with cake what you say is still the most idiotic things i have heard. And why do you broadcast that you are supposedly married to a soldier? Do you feel special? I am in the Army and so are multiple family members but i am not making screennames saying so. Also, you sound about 14 years old. No one over the legal drinking age uses "LMAO" or "HAHAA HAHAA!" like a child.

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overprocessed hair

I was in the Smart Styles in Southaven, MS at 6811 Southcrest. I started having a Lupus attack while the stylist was doing my hair and she thought that I was trying to get in front of the other patrons in the shop. The next day after the attack had subsided I realized that my hair was over processed and that she had cut almost 3 inches of my hair, mind you I was charged 54.95, which included 44.95 for the retouch and 10.00 for my hair being long. Perm was also left in my head and I had to re-wash my own hair to get the residue out before it took what was left of my hair. The sytlist was the manager of the shop and she had a very bad attitude the whole time she was doing my hair and this was before the attack. I think they should have a simple questionaire that should be completed to find out about the patron before doing their hair. So if a situation arises they will be more able to handle it and not get a worser attitude. They stylist name was Camilla.

  • Au
    Autumn in tex Aug 01, 2009

    I understand haveing a health problem is something that no one wants to deal with but it is not the salons problem to deal with. I been to this salon as well as better ones like toni and guy and they dont have a questioniare either. If you asked that of them then you have to ask every restraunt you eat at to have one, every store you shop at and etc just in case you have an attack. Im sorry your hair was messed up up but really dont see how your Lupus attack is there fault maybe where an medical id bracelet so they know to call 911 and if you were sorry but from your statement it seems like you left on your own free will.

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  • Ha
    Hairstylist701 Oct 13, 2009

    There is no such thing as a retouch on a perm. Your perm may have grown out, but they still have to re-wrap your whole head of hair. It's not a retouch, so they were right to charge you for a full perm because that's what they did.

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awful place

I worked for walmart for nearly one year, and in that time I witnessed a violation of EPA regulations in relation to the amount of silver waste (which is highly toxic) allowed on site(25 gallons). when I reported it to my manager he told me to hide it, in front of other associates, I talked to my assistant manager who told me to just do as I was told, I called out MEM and out general Market Manager. the issue was resolved, but I was yelled at for not telling my manager that it was a violation of our EPA mandates(which as the manager over the photo lab he is REQUIRED to learn through walmarts computer based learning) and was then written up and summarily fired within 60 through no fault of my own. I firmly believe that walmart does NOT actually inspect its stores, and fails to ensure that its management follow the laws that govern them.

I have, of course, been granted unemployment.

  • Kn
    knreeves Sep 27, 2009

    I'm glad you received unemployment. You should have not been fired. Have you considered suing?

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  • Jw
    Jworkman87 Feb 25, 2010

    You should have not been fired. The walmart managers don't care about the employees. They are there to get a big salary and to ### on anyone they can.

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withdraw fees and transactions

found out prepaid visa cards will over draw if a company summits a fee visa may and has agreeed to pay fees and wait for money to be added to card then charge you overdrafts this card is suppose to prevent overdrafts and fees if the money is not their the card should decline . i just recently found out i have a 400 dollor atm limit visa says go inside bank you can take more off card but then says i have to take up to 400 dollor increments chargeing me 4.00 dollors per transaction. then i just recently put 650 on my card took 200 plus fees of 4.00 off then i tried to take off 400 plus fees they told me my balance is 68.00 i asked where is my 400 dollors they told me a traction from two weeks before was pending so they are holding my 400 for 5 days concerning the pending 400 dollors the problem with this is i had 1200 on my card at that time and took off 1100 so again where is my 400 and why cant i get it i have bills waiting on that money visa assures me that my 400 will be back on my card in 5 days what r they doing holding my money in their bank to collect interest off it or did they barrow it for 5 days and put it some where else either way they dont have my permission to use my money doesnt that make it stealing where im from thats illigal if they did this to me how much money are they makeing illigally off everyone else

  • Jo
    John Mar 28, 2009

    I agree, they over drew my money card too!! I was like wtf??? Anyway, i wont use this card ever again, its a rip off. They make you pay cash, then hold it until they are ready for you to spend it!!!

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reversal of transaction takes 10 days to get your money back

used my walmart moneycard to pay entergy bill, but i keyed in incorrect zip code . the money was approved by...

lack of cashiers

They tell you on receipt to go to website and enter to win gift card due to your shopping experience there. Well there apparently is no site so this ia a scam. But I will tell you I would rather take a "beating" than go to the store here in town! It is not well stocked and the people they have working there are rude and very unhelpful when you asked for help finding something. I worked there many years ago and quit but I was trained a lot different than they are today.