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Resolved charging when my card isnt being used

I purchased a walmart moneycard a few months ago. I haven't used it in awhile. But, they keep deducting from it for some reason. I had put money on it to purchase a ticket, but, ended up using it for something else. I'm afraid if I was to put money on it, it will be deducted off, because my balance is saying -$9.01, I think. It's not right that you purchase a moneycard from walmart, & you use it as needed, & yet when you don't, you get charged. Then, when you go to add money onto it, it gets taken off for not using it.

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    Cher41355c Aug 07, 2009

    Right on!!! This is a bad gimmick. I purchased a card and paid $3.00 at the store, came home to use it and another $3.00 was taken off. When I called about it, the man said it is maintance fees. What the hell. I will stick with the Bank card and pay a dollar more and not lose money. Money is hard to come by and this place is not helping. I suggest everyone that bought one should contact their local Attorney General and report this place.

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  • At
    Atani Oct 16, 2009

    "my balance is saying -$9.01"
    Guess what: You owe Green Dot money.
    And they WILL send you a bill.

    They charge a monthly fee of $3 whether or not you actually use the card, and whether or not you choose to load money on to it. If you don't want to deal with the fees, pay of your balance, and cancel the card. Don't just ignore your problem, and assume they'll forget about they money you owe them.

    To the other commenter:
    "I suggest everyone that bought one should contact their local Attorney General and report this place."
    Report, to your local Attorney General, that a nationwide company is charging you a fee for allowing you to use their services, as stated on the card's packaging. Your local Attorney General would likely laugh at you.

    "I will stick with the Bank card and pay a dollar more and not lose money."
    I'm confused. Do you mean opening a debit account? They charge fee's too for certain services such as overdraft protection. They also tend to charge fees if you account goes below a certain amount (usually $200)

    If you meant a Prepaid Visa Giftcard, like they sell at Walmart, then yes, they are about $1.50 more and don't charge fees...but they aren't re-loadable, usually can only be purchased at a fixed amount of either $50 or $100, and don't offer any protection at all if your card is lost or stolen. Oh and did I mention they charge a monthly fee after the 13th month of having the card if you haven't spent it all.

    Companies charge fees for providing services, they aren't gonna be nice and let you use them for free and bankrupt their company.

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Resolved ripped me off

I bought a 400 dollar Playstation 3 at Wal-Mart in Plymouth MA yesterday. I got it home and noticed it was scratched. I went to return it and they wouldn't accept it, accusing me of switching an old broken one for a new one and trying to return it. Not the case at all.

Not only were they rude but they acted all high and mighty and treated me like a thief, escorting me outside, where there was a police car sitting there. I left without incident and went home.

I plugged the system in when i got home and it doesn't work. So I went back with my mother and grandfather today. New managers on duty, but same result. The serial number inside the machine doesn't match the box so they will not accept the return. They were much more polite with a few middle aged people present but still turned us away.

The next step is to contact the Wal-Mart corporate office, and the Sony corporate office. My advice to all people is to not shop at Wal-Mart and whenever and wherever you buy something expensive, open the item before you buy it and don't make your purchase there if they won't let you. I might be out 400 dollars with little to no recourse.

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    Walter Deans Mar 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Customer service in California Walmarts,
    San Leandro, CA rated an F for failure and refusing to take merchandise back. Recommend you take a tape recorder and record what the associates says because you are SOL after you walk out of the store. They also do not match prices with store 600 feet away from them. The management and associates need an to be trained again.

    Union City, CA Will not match prices with local stores after showing them sale items from the competition. Great bait and switch company.

    Fremont, CA Will not match prices with local stores after showing them sale items from the competition. Great bait and switch company.

    Fremont, CA prices at this Walmart average about 5% higher than the other Fremont store 5 miles away. It was explained to me that the people in this neighborhood could afford to pay higher prices.

    As a business consultant and trainer to big and small companies I must now admit that my experiences over the past 2 months have shown me that WalMart should change their slogan to WHEN YOU WALK OUT OF THE STORE YOU ARE SOL. ### OUT OF LUCK.



    Walter Deans

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    ThaddeusR Feb 04, 2010

    I've returned two items to the Plymouth Walmart, and what should have been a simple return each time turned into a PITA. The bleached blond, leather faced obvious 5-pack a day smoker "woman" working each time was a miserable, mean disgusting excuse for a human being.

    I received my money back each time, but c'mon. In this economy places should have their pick of decent employees.

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Resolved rudeness by staff member

I waited the requisite 1/2 hour, returned to the Pharmacy, and was told I needed to wait at least another 1/2 hour. I returned after the "second" 1/2 hour, only to be rudely pushed aside by a man who decided he wanted to get ahead of me.

I said, "Excuse me, I was first". The Pharmacist, although he heard what I said, went right ahead and waited on the man who had sidled up ahead of me. I interrupted, saying, "I was first in line", and the Pharmacist ignored me.

After the so-called gentleman left, I asked the Pharmacist why he been so rude. He ignored my query and said "Date of Birth". I asked his again why he had ignored me, and he said "Last name".

Deafness I can tolerate. Rudeness I cannot. I am switching all of my prescriptions to another store and will eventually not be subjected to their nonsense.

I have in the past patiently waited over 2 hours for my prescriptions. Customers waiting with me have shared their horror stories of Hamburg, NYs McKinley Park store. They all have had their share of the Pharmacy staff''s rudeness and inefficiency.

I hope never to set foot in a Wal Mart again.

Resolved letting drug addicts and dealers work in the store

After some research, I have come into some knowledge that was quite disturbing and really scary as a...

Resolved wal-mart automotive sucks - 2004 chevy trailblazer 4x4

Wal-Mart Automotive Sucks - 2004 Chevy Trailblazer 4x4 We took our car a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer to Walmart...

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Resolved walmart pre-paid card

I purchased a wal-mart pre-paid card and the sales clerk did not explain that we had to keep our reciept in order. To activate it. I can't find my receipt and now how do I activate it. Does this mean I lost out on $100.00? Not only that but I called the customer service and there a joke to nobody wants to help without the receipt. I want my money back. I should have just purchased it at h. E. B I would have been garunteed my money without my stupid receipt. I will never use this card again and I think it's just a scam.

  • Ar
    armywife65 May 23, 2009

    I can vouch for you on that one. I too had purchased a Visa Pre-Loan card for my son, for his b'day and they did NOT tell me I had to call the phone # to activate it.

    BUT...I did find out about the phone # activation, because I asked the clerk to make sure there was the $500.00 on the card and she didn't know how, because it was sealed. So I went to the customer service counter and that is where I found out about the activation number.

    Your right, they should have told you about it.

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  • Lc
    lcyoro Jun 23, 2009

    Give me a break! Customers have go to to start taking responsibility for their purchases. There is no way that one could explain each and every policy with each and every purchase. I would think that a person could hold on to a receipt for a minimum of 24 hours. By the way, if you knew which register, which associate and the approximate time, they could have looked up the transaction and printed you a duplicate receipt!

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  • Im
    imbeback Nov 05, 2010

    idr i bought a wal-mart card and now i own them6.00 for money i haven't used

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Resolved poor managment

I worked for Wal Mart in Glendale for a year. My work record was great. Not one write up. Then came a old...

Resolved give them money you cant get yours

I needed to pay a bill on line, so I took the last 25.00 I had to walmart and added it to my RElOADABLE VISA. GUESS WHAT Walmart gave me a reciept with a beginning balance an ending balance, a reference code, an approval code, but I have no money on my Visa. I have spent a total of 6hours at this point trying to get to my money. I have talked with many different people and they all appologize and say this will be handled within the next business day. I have explained over and over that I dont need the money tomorrow I needed it last night when I as supposed to have immediate access to MY money. They will not allow me to talk with a supervisor or give me any answers on why my money is not showing on my card.I asked one of the many people I have talked to who is going to pay me for all the time I have missed from work trying to resolve this problem, the answer I got was they will credit my card the $4.95 monthly fee. I asked how they were going to add that to my account if they couldnt add the money I gave them. This is what is wrong with America today, we spent our money locally but we have to deal with people who cant speak plain english to resolve any problems. They dont know what the problem is but they are sorry and they are working on fixing it. How ARE THEY GOING TO FIX IT IF THEY CANT TELL ME WHAT THE PROBLEM IS! So I am still wasting my time sitting here waiting on my money loosing money by not being at work waiting on their supervisor to call me back. Donald Greene

  • Da
    dawnjohnson5 Apr 27, 2009

    I totally agree. I refused to hang up without talking to the supervisor. After about 8 minutes he came on the line and I will be honest with you, he didn't help anymore than the idiot lady I spoke with first.

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  • 52
    526808 Aug 03, 2010

    this is a [censor]ing joke, all you get when trying to reach someone in customer service is a [censor]ing east indian who care barly speak english, with [censor]ing kids yelling and screeming in the background i am disappointed that walmart would associate themselves with this 3rd world trash and suggest that all frustrations be taken out on walmart in any way possible be it a terroist attack or worse.

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Resolved product care plan

Purchased TV and 2yr service plan 7/29/2007. on 12/20/2008 the TV quit. I called the product care plan 24 hr service phone # listed & was told I would get a call from the repair service in a day or two. since I had not heard any thing yet, on 12/22/08 I called again only to find out my first call had not been acted on. They even had my address as Bosie, Idaho.(never been there) I then received a call on 12/23/08 that a repairman would be there the following Wed. in the A.M

(12/24/08) but none showed up. I called again that late afternoon to find out the service call was scheduled for Wed. the 31st of Dec. and I would receive a call to set up an appointment time. The repairman called that morning to let us know he would be here in 15 min.(NICE NOTICE) The repairman told us the "power supply" was bad but he would have to order it and he would be back the following week to intall it. Today is Jan 19th and still without a TV. Wal-Mart is good at giving the run-around.

  • Bl
    blahsmackblahyada2010 Aug 14, 2009

    If you could read. Wal Mart's name is no where on that 2 yr extend warranty. So you can not blame Wal Mart.

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  • Mr
    Mr. M. Mouse Dec 06, 2009

    Nope... blame NEWCorp. They are most likely the administrator of the warranty contract. Good luck trying to talk to a human being to complain, they LOVE to play "push the number and wait" game.

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  • Ch
    chygin Dec 21, 2009

    We purchased a Vizio tv from walmart in June of 2007, the set quit working the 1st time around May 2008. It took approx 2 weeks for a repair shop to call and tell me what was wrong with my tv. They never came by (Pratigan Technology in Douglasville, GA), when they did finally arrive 4 weeks after service call they ordered the wrong part. They then had to take my television and they could either bring it back in 2 weeks or I could drive 2 hours and pick it up in a week. We chose to pick it up. The whole process Repair Now did not follow up or call to let us know what was happening, I had to make every call to find out the progress. Finally after 6 weeks of no TV we received our TV back in working condition.
    The TV quit working again on Nov 15, 2009 still under warranty. Again called to place a service claim. I was told I would receive a box to ship my TV to a repair facility and would receive it back with 2 weeks. About a week later, I called back, and was told the process changed and they were trying to find another repair shop. After another week of waiting I called to find out progress, and was told they had given up on finding a facility and were going to send me another TV. The next day a repairman calls to see if he can come by in the afternoon to look at the TV. I agreed, and 30 minutes after he left, I received a call from Repair Now. They were letting me choose another TV, and cancelling the repair. I was then told the TV was out of stock, and would be receiving a refund check in 7 to 10 days, this was on Dec 8, 2009. It is now Dec 21, 2009 and I still don't have a TV or check to buy a new one. I called tonight and was told they had approved the check and it would be mailed after the 1st of the year, and that I needed to refuse a tv that was shipped in error. I called the girl a liar for telling mail only went out one day a week. I called a few minutes later and got a different "supervisor" who told me checks went out the day they were cut and the check would go out tomorrow, and that mail went out daily.
    Anyway, I know this is a very long comment, but I want people to know the kind of service to expect from the warranty.

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  • Tr
    trish ad Apr 25, 2011


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Resolved unauthorized billing

I was sent a cashier's check in the amount of $1250.00 from a Woodforest National Bank located in Houston Texas. A letter was attached to the cashier's check informing that i had been hired to participate in a customer service survey at Walmart's money gram counter. I was supposed to keep $200.00 for conducting the survey, after completing a survey report and forward the remaining money to a Lola Grunden in Toronto Canada. This sounded like a scam so I immediately went online to see if other people are being scam or by this new scheme. I hate all the scams that are conducted online and desire to fightback.

Resolved ruined my hair

I went in to get my hair trimmed. The girl that cuts my hair was not there. This person comes up to me after signing in and stated that the girl that I wanted to cut my hair was off that day. Me, thinking everyone in here is a professial, let her cut my hair. She ask how do you want it cut. May I state that it had taken me over three years for my hair to grow to one length with the back a little shorter. I stated just TRIM the back, feather bangs and maybe thin it a little. Same thing I had been saying for years. She trims the back and then turns me away from the mirror. After cutting, blowing drying and putting about three different products on my hair. She turns me toward the mirror. It was horrifying. My hair was cut all over in 1 -2 inch layers, bangs cut straight across, and the back so short it looked like a guys cut. Oh, but she left the sides just about a inch shorted than when I came in. I cryed for a week. This person cannot take directions and sure cannot cut hair. And has no business working in a salon.

  • St
    stop the whining, you suck! Feb 22, 2009

    try putting some fried bolony in your hair, that should do the trick

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  • He
    Helen Jones Feb 22, 2009

    Most salons have the practice of giving their clients a change if they are truly unhappy with their hair cut. If it hasn't been to long since the hair cut, try calling in and explaining your problem to see what they can offer you.

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  • St
    stephenw Aug 29, 2009

    I hope you didn't pay for that terrible service!

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  • Li
    lionheartedthemoose Aug 29, 2009

    Hire a hitman. Blow that dirtbag away!

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  • Sh
    Shannon Henson Oct 18, 2009

    I went to my smart style salon and asked for a pixie cut ( I came there with about 5 inches of hair ) and the woman cut all my hair at about half an inch or less in some areas. I am BALD. I am having a hard time coping with this and I am working with the manager of the salon for a refund. Anyone want to discuss this you can reach me at
    I posted before and after pictures here, I had to dye it a dark color to make my hair look fuller...

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  • Sc
    scummings Jan 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My daughter had a terrible experience with smart styles we go in and she tells the lady she wants a trim, make it to where its just below her shoulder, I thought that there would be people working there with experience and not getting trained, the lady cutting her hair was not experienced she had another lady helping her, I thought to myself lets give her a chance, but the more they cut the more I noticed they were using my daughter as a guinea pig, so when they called the lady I think was suppose to be the supervisor over to help, I stood up and told them I was not paying for this you ladies have cut my daughters hair shorter than what she wanted, the lady that was helping the trainee spoke up and started getting rude saying you gonna pay me, my husband said no we are not and we all left and went into wal-mart to do our shopping, they didnt have what we were looking for so as we were walking out of wal-mart the lady that was helping the trainee approached before we could get out of the store and followed us out in the parking lot threating us wanting to fight, and whats so sad this lady will still have her job cutting peoples hair and my daughter has to walk around humiliated for the way they cut her hair, needless to say she cried for hours after we got home that day.

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Resolved double charged

I mistakenly swiped the wrong card while paying for my purchase. I caught my mistake and did not sign the authorization. I was told by the CSR (who was quite rude) that the transaction could not be backed up and I would have to recheck the order on the next register.

I ended up with smashed groceries (which they did offer to replace if I drove the 12 miles back to the store) and the transaction charged to both cards with an overlimit fee assessed on one. The CSM told me that I had authorized the charge to the card as soon as I swiped it. I believe that my signature is required for the charge to be authorized.

I never signed the authorization. Should I press fraud charges against Wal-Mart? They told me it will take 2 weeks to refund my card, but it was charged on the first business day.

  • Br
    Brett May 24, 2009

    You can't press charges when you made the mistake and gave the wrong card. Next time be more careful.

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  • Lc
    lcyoro Jun 23, 2009

    Once the card is swiped and the signature bar shows up, you have crossed into the land of no return. Transaction can't be stopped. Once you swiped, you petty much authorized the charge, signature or not. You don't sign online, either, but the charge goes through. By the way, reversing the charge can take 7-.10 days. That's not Walmarts policy, its the credit card company

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Resolved bad service

Today on January 3 around 8 pm, I went to your store for an exchange of an gift set. Well the item I wa...

Resolved took my funds of 250.00 and wont refund any thing

I loaded 250.00$ on a walmart prepaid visa card called to activate card they refused me the visa card and told me I would receive a check in 7 to 10 days its been 20 days and no check to pay my bills this has caused me extreme financial problems and now they have no record of the money transaction I was ripped off of the 250.00$ and the load and card fee's. I will never trust or use visa and never use Walmart again please help!

  • Co
    concernedAmerican May 11, 2009

    This is common and just another fleecing of America. Wal-mart is a communist enterprise. Yes, I said it "Communist Enterprise!" They sell a majority of goods made in communist countries for up to ten times the amount it costs to produce and ship the items. Not only do they fleece America buy turning a huge volume profit on defective goods, they contribute to a large scale problem of environmental damage. They know full well that within 60 days a large percentage of their inferior products will end up in American landfills.
    This company is criminal to say the least and should be prosecuted for their actions. The most un-American company on the planet.
    Want to Support Communism? Shop at Wal-mart. Sam is turning over in his grave.

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  • 2t
    2tiny Jul 28, 2009


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  • Fr
    frankie801 Aug 28, 2009

    walmart prepaid visa should of been active since the time of purchase the card even so if the card is a tempory one, into you get the real one in the mail only if you got the real one in the mail and loaded it first before activating it could of cause some problem since account wasn't activated with the new card in the first place because the legit one that comes in the mail has to activated online or over the phone its possible also instead of using the the tempory card that was active already you use new real card that came in the mail that wasn't acctive or you loaded it at the store and the cashier did something wrong longest you got receipt or some type proof that it came out some account you able to get your money back. and i was trying best to figure out this mystery since there isn't enough information supplied what you say

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  • Rp
    RPeterson Sep 01, 2009

    Wal-mart took my funds as well and I am more than furious after dealing with them for hours on the phone today!

    My husband and myself, recently laid off. Mother (who lives out of town and was visiting for the day) purchases pre-paid card for us to get some groceries, etc for things we needed immediately for us and our kids. I go online to activate card and am told activation was stopped and to click button for refund. Instead of clicking refund button I called the activation number on the pre-paid card. After going through the entire process again over the phone I am transferred to a call center rep @ 24/7 call center services. The rep explained to me that there was an issue because I have had 2 wal-mart prepaid cards in the past. One using my first name and the other my middle name. (I go by my middle name) On some documents, cards etc, I have to use my full name and did so for the first card. They even confirmed my full name by stating that it was on their records. I then provided her with my address, phone number, SOCIAL SECURITY Number and the activation number off of my Wal-mart receipt along with the pre-paid card number. I am then told I could have my card activated but had to fax them a copy of my DRIVERS LICENSE. This sounded absurd to my husband and myself but they had our money. So having just a few dollars to our name, we had to go pay to have my license copied and to have it faxed. I then call the company back and cannot reach a live person. I had to go through the activation process again just to reach a custoner service rep. When one finally gets on the phone, I am told my card still CANNOT be activated because I did not fax them a copy of my SOCIAL SECURITY CARD with my drivers license. I explained to her that the first rep, "Melinda" DID NOT tell me I need to provided my SS# Card and that I absolutely refused to do so anyway as this was only a pre-paid card. WE GAVE THEM MONEY! I asked if the card could be registered in my husbands name or even mothers as she purchased it and I was told NO. I explained to her that there was nothing more I could provide as they had everything except my blood. I gave them a copy of my Drivers License, they have my SS#, my current address, my previous address, phone number, activation number and card number. What more would I have to do to get MY OWN MONEY back to me. I then asked to speak with a supervisor. After 15 minutes on hold, I began to speak with a supervisor (Heidi) who pretty much sounded like the second rep (Meline) who I had just been speaking with. I explained to her that this was ridiculous, it's a pre-paid card and that I have the receipt in my hand showing where we purchased from them and they have OUR money. I told her I felt like they were stealing from us and that after sending a copy of my drivers license and now them wanting a copy of my SS# Card that I was very weary of their company. I was told it was "Federal Law" to request those items. She then informed me that at that point they wouldn't even except a copy of my SS# card if I were to send it to them. She then told me she would mail me a refund and asked the address to mail it to. I told her I (my mother) made a purchase, they had our money and I wanted the card activated today. She kept refusing and kept asking where to send the refund. I then told her I would contact her back tomorrow after speaking with my step-brother who is an attorney and she stated that she would expedite a refund check out to me via UPS (at no charge to me) and that I should receive it within 3 business days. I agreed but am very weary as to whether or not I will receive it. I find it very suspicious that so much information is need and faxed to obtain money that was GIVEN to me. It's a PRE-PAID Card! Im not applying for credit. This whole experience really has me thinking twice about the manner in which Wal-Mart operates. I even contacted the manager of the Wal-Mart where my mother purchased the card and she thought it sounded strange, yet when she went to discuss it with her manager-she told me nothing could be done on their end. Now, in the meantime...we literally have no money and will be praying UPS delivers the refund. I will never nor anyone I know purchase a card from them again.
    Needing all of my personal information faxed to them for a pre-paid card is crazy not to mention still not being able to have access to my money. It's not right and I will defintely take this further. This has left us very bad off at the moment and its not only affecting me and my husband but our children as well. I just pray my personal information goes no further and we receive what is RIGHFULLY ours.

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  • Ve
    Veronica86 Jan 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I contacted city police to file a report against this company and Walmart.
    I also bought a Walmart visa reloadable card to pay a bill, I was UnABLe to activate it, , asking me serious of questions name DOB adress social?? I didn't not give then my social thought it was pointless and fishy.. After an hour and a Hal on the phone they tell me they are gonna expedite a refund e
    Because my information did not match and neither did my social.. wTF? I never entered a social, Walmart wont do anything or give me my money back, the company won't send me to a representative just keeps ending my call.. I looked online and was surprised at home many ppl been scammed.. police is getting involved, I'm not gonna let them get away with this!

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Resolved video game return

Approximately 1 week ago my son (he's 10) purchased a DS video game, Madden 09'. Yesterday, 2/17/09...

Resolved violation of privacy, harassment, intimidation, hostility.

Treatment of employees, and moral within the workplace. The personnel director Carolyn has violated an issue...

Resolved tire service department

Hello, my name is Ann Collins (female). I use walmart for almost all of my shopping needs for home or work. I...

Resolved extra big rip off

I bought a prepaid visa and i am not a happy camper. The wal mart sales associate was happy to sell it to me but not so happy when confronted about not explaining about the product. I was unaware that the temp card was one time use. It took the personalized card 3 weeks to come in the mail which was supposedley coming in 7-10 bus.days, and by that time my brother had lost the green dot refill pack number. We use it as a source to wire money to each other but are in search of a new method because we are SICK AND TIRED OF BEING TRIPLE CHARGED!!! This damn card charges at the atm and at the card company then again every month. Lord forbid u want to call and discuss the matter oh that will be another charge.I'm a big girl can deal with being ripped off just not by rich corps like wal mart. It is bad enough the way they treat their employees. E mail me @[protected] for the class action law suit. Im serious.

  • Al
    alj Mar 09, 2009

    to the person who responded to this lady YOUR A JACKASS!, this card is a rip off i have one i thought i would buy it instead of a gift card for gas ( i get 3 cents at the pump using a gift card and at first i got the same using this card! now i don't, I just went to bike week so i put money on to fill my bike, ( figured it was a safe way and the visa would let me use it at places other than walmart! so we stopped 4 times 4-6 dollars per stop! 4x6= 24.00 i put 120 dollars on it for gas, and low and behold stop number 5 declined ( zero balance ? ) so i went online, and called what they do is everytime YOU use the card reader at the pump they take 35 dollars off your card and then within 7 (working days ) refund the difference back to you so i spend 20-24 dollars and they are playing with 100 dollars of my money for 7 days and i had to borrow money from a friend to get home! you figure it out !! they are playing with millions of dollars for 7 day periods for FREE they dont pay you interest but they collect it!

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  • Dk
    dkhbadnews Mar 18, 2009

    Walmart has sank extremely low in the past few years with False Adversting of products and services. It is a ripoff. You are charged a fee to purchase the card, load it with money and then call to activate card. When you call they prompt does not understand what you are saying and takes forever to activate, at the end I was told you are ineligible for a personalized card. Why, who knows! Y0u can't call and talk to a human without being charged. Online services do not prompt for problems. When I returned to the store the clerk, front end lead and manager all say that it is the bank not them. I explained that all I wanted was the fee I paid for the card since I needed to purchase another kind to reload, they refuse, its the bank. So now I have useless reloadable card that is not reloadable. Not the first time I have had trouble with Walmart. Several times in the past gone to purchase items from sale ad they don't have item or when I get item to check out, not on sale. Bait and switch. Walmart not customer friendly anymore, out to screw consumer.

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  • Ja
    jason Mar 27, 2009

    they ###ing idiots and rip off. thinking about suing them.

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  • Tl
    tlblight Apr 05, 2010

    im right there with u on this, thease ppl are making mad money off this and if ur not paying attention, ull never evan know it, it seems so innocent. they evan charge for not using the card its called inactivity fee." then another maintenance fee every month, thats not evan touching ne other usege charges theve got hidden in there, check this out i was reading up on there card holder aggrement, tell me what u think about this, "Changes; Waiver. We reserve the right to change, delete or add to this Agreement and to apply any such modification to a Walmart MoneyCard that has been issued to you and to value on your Walmart MoneyCard. We will provide you notice of any such modification as required by applicable law. If we decide not to enforce our rights or charge a fee in one situation, we are not giving up our right to enforce it or to charge the fee in a later situation. " basicly saying ### U WE ARE WALMART, hahaha luv it .they've got some good stuff in there card holder aggrement, check it out,

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  • Ma
    MaryNConroeTx Mar 26, 2011

    I went to walmart to load a check I had received for $100.oo and decided to add $50.00 cash along with it. The Money Center was closed, ( 4pm) as usual, so I had to stand behind 12 people making exchanges, wiring money etc. I was charged $3.00 for the check to be loaded, then the dummy couldnt add the cash along with it, so another $3.00 goes to walmart on a separate transaction. Now I get the pleasure of spending more money with every transaction... $2.00 per purchase. Old Sam must be rolling in his grave... while we try to make ends meet. So much for American enterprise.

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  • Ch
    chares bery Nov 03, 2018

    changed my debit card to a direct deposit money comes from cort ordered garden can not use direct depisit expline way my card was changed to derect ddeposit

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Resolved checking receipts before returns?!

What is the point of checking a return receipt and scanning ALL the items, even if you have about 20 of them - BEFORE you even get in line to return your stuff. This is a hassle and does NOTHING to get me through the return line faster, the people that do the returns don't even look at the labels I'm given by the scanner. WASTE OF MY TIME . I'd like to see exactly why they are doing this because the last few times I've had confrontations with this problem, no one could tell me the exact reason, they all just said it is part of their job. I don't care if it's a part of your job, if it's not making me get in and out of the store faster - then it is not beneficial.

  • Ac
    ACS1107 May 06, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree. I recently had to return three items and had to wait while the EXTREMELY slow greeter pulled out her scanner and fumbled with my receipt and items. I watched her with patience KNOWING it would help in the long run, but no, not the case. The customer service people actually put my labels in the bag and threw them away. It was really annoying!

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  • Sp
    spider2thefly Jun 23, 2009

    I would like to explain the scanning of the items at the door by the Door Greeter for you. Unfortunately, it is to deter theft. When you come in the door and have your item scanned, the Customer Service desk knows that it is a valid return and saves you, the customer, time in the long run. This is to confirm that you actually came thru the door. There are a lot of dishonest people taking items off the shelves on the salesfloor and going directly to Customer Service to return them. I t was difficult to distinguish a valid purchased item with an unopened return that Walmart had no choice but to honor. a refund, therefore losing sales. As for the yellow tags, that is just confirmation that the item was, indeed, scanned at the Greeter Station. I realize it is an inconvenience, but due to the high amount of theft in this day and age, it is necessary.

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refuse to post bad reviews!

We bought a Golden’s Gym 450 Treadmill and a 3 year Extended Service Plan with it. They suppose to deliver the paperwork via email but we never got it. Be aware that WALMART.COM doesn’t have a phone costumer service anymore. You have to deal with them via email. After we emailed that we never got the instruction how to download the Service Plan paperwork, we got a response with bogus instructions how to get it. Instead of including a link to get the PDF file they directed us to the product webpage and click there on a small link. This is ridiculous! Why is so hard to include a link in the replay email. We received the treadmill in less time (about 8 days) than expected, delivered to home ($30 for home delivery). It runs great and I can not be more pleased with the purchase. Great value for the buck!

  • Ad
    Ady Max Feb 04, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I forgot to mention that I submitted two bad reviews on their website about this and they never posted them!

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