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PG Glass reviews & complaints

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PG Glass - Frameless shower

PG Glass — Frameless shower I had a frameless shower installed by the Bronkhorstspruit PG. There were three consultations to be sure we were on the same page. When they were installing I expressed my...

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PG Glass - Call centre

Firstly, I have been holding on forever, at my air time expense, to get someone to answer my call. Eventually after at least 1/2 hour I get through and book an appointment 2 days in advance. I ask...

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PG Glass - Windscreen replacement

My reference number is 4257622. It's over a month since I made a claim for my windscreen replacement and I'm still waiting. I'm even afraid to drive this car now. I was told to wait until the 19th of November, which was almost a month - this I have never heard before. But I waited patiently. Now I'm being told, the windscreen is not ready and no one knows exactly when will this get resolved. It is getting unsafe to drive this car now with such a windscreen.

Urgently please advise what should I do!

M. Radebe

Desired outcome: Replace windscreen soon

PG Glass - Mobile unit - replacement of back windscreen on a VW

I am receiving horrible service from PG glass Montague in Cape Town (Mobile Unit). After providing my VIN number and details regarding my car and backscreen window, the mobile unit STILL rocked up at my house with the incorrect back windscreen window.

To top it all off I have now been told that VW back screen window without the wiper will cost me a total of R4300, 100% more than the previously suggested price.

I have called PG Glass over 7 times since Saturday (13th November 2021), sent emails and provided details regarding my car and window and yet they cannot deliver.

This is the worst most atrocious service ever How can a back windscreen for a VW Polo hatchback 2011 Vivo cost R4300??? I was told this by the consultant.

Desired outcome: They need to be reprimanded and taken to task .

PG Glass - Frameless shower

I had a frameless shower installed by the Bronkhorstspruit PG.
There were three consultations to be sure we were on the same page.
When they were installing I expressed my unhappiness with the placement of the stabilization bar. I was ignored. Then was told they didn't have all the parts necessary to install finished. They would be back. They then returned and completed the installation
The placement of the corner shelves was not where we agreed on. The door and side panels are not level. The bottom does not seal so it leaks. The door does not close properly so also leaks. The big side panel bows. It is not level.
Nothing is correct
Yesterday I opened the door to shower and the corner shelf came crashing down
I am very unhappy. I want my money back. The agent agreed to come remove it and refund me
I feel that there should be a reimbursement for the holes in my tiles and the constant cleaning in the bathroom.
The floor is wood and damaged

Desired outcome: I want to be sure this does not happen to someone else. And I want to be sure something was done about it

PG Glass - Poor service

On the 20/09/2021 I went to PG Glass in Kathu and paid for the installation of new windows for my house. To date 28/09/2021 I am still waiting for them to come and install the windows. I called them on the 24/09/2021 to enquire about the delay and I was promised that they will send someone out immediately which never happened. Yesterday 27/09/2021 I drove to the premises to find out when I can expect the installation and again they acted surprised that someone hadn't been to my house to do the job and again asked me if I'm going home immediately and they will be sending someone behind me. I'm still waiting this is such unprofessional and dishonest service.

Desired outcome: I want my money to be returned or they need to honour their contractual obligation and do what I have paid them to do.

PG Glass - Service

I had a problem with my windscreen and my insurance momentum charged me a access fee of R500, the guys from pg glass came to my house to fit the windscreen, to my surprise they charged me double on their speed point machine. Now it's a hustle to get back my refund. I've spoken to a lady by the name of Yvette who promised me that the refund will be processed within a week, it's over 3weeks now no refund was made into my account. Now they are even ignoring my calls.. BAD SERVICE I MUST SAY

Desired outcome: My refund

PG Glass - My wind screen which was not replaced

I am complaining of my windscreen which was not replaced however as per my insurance company PG glass has already been paid for the invoice. This is not ethical and need to be reported to hello peter. Its two week and I received a ticket from the traffic department in a road block regarding my windscreen. How many other customers are affected with such service. Its almost going for the the week

Desired outcome: 0782651486

PG Glass - Window Tinting

My vehicle was taken to PG Glass in Paarl on 16 July 2021 for window tinting.
After completion I collected the vehicle and drove to TyreMart to obtain a quotation for tires. The vehicle did not want to lock using the remote buttons on the key. I phoned PG Paarl and asked what could be wrong.
I went back to them, but the team was not available. I said its fine let me test the spare key at home. Went home and tested it, also did not work.
I informed PG Paarl that it did not work, they said they will let me know when the team is back. Later they contacted me and, on the way, there the check engine light came on. I informed PG Paarl that I will have to drive through to Mercedes as the vehicle's check engine light came on and it was misfiring.
The vehicle was at Mercedes till the next Friday when I collected it.
Only then I realised the radio is also not working as I was listening to a CD on the day the vehicle went for Window tinting. I phoned Mercedes and they said I can bring the vehicle in to check. Because we had prior arrangements, I took the vehicle back the next week. I then informed Mercedes that the vehicle went for window tinting, the service advisor then said but that could be an issue to the amplifiers for the radio antenna and central locking situated in the rear door on the glass. Any water could damage that. This risk was never highlighted to me by PG PAARL.
I took the vehicle in, and they confirmed the amplifiers where damaged.
Mercedes reached out to PG PAARL, indicating the replacement cost.
The manager wrote a very unprofessional email dismissing my claim.
I have asked them to assist with the cost and provide the so call video clip they had of when they tinted my vehicle.

Vehicle Details:
2005 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor Coupe
CJ 82063

Please assist in resolving the matter.

Wilhelm Wasserman
Cell: [protected]

Desired outcome: I would like them to replace the amplifiers that was damaged.

PG Glass - Cut of mirror and drill 4 holes

On the 8th July I ordered a mirror to be cut round and 4 holes to be drilled. I then was promised that the mirror will be delivered on the next Monday the 12th July. Then the riots happen and I had to wait until it was safe to for the company to deliver. I then phoned on the Friday the 16th July and told that there was a diesel problem. I then was promised that they will deliver on Tuesday the 20th July. I phoned the Wednesday morning to find out what happen and then was promised that they will deliver that day. Thursday morning i phoned and the same story was told to me. Today is Friday still no mirror. I now sit with a unhappy customer please help to solve this. i was told to pay in full for the mirror to be cut and did so. Now PG Glass haven't deliver and no contact was made from there side to explain the delay. I have to phone every time to find out what the problem is. Please help. Document no 14515. Branch 7HS

PG Glass - Site Visit

No prior notice was given to me that PG glass will be doing a site visit.

I did request that I shall inform PG glass when there will be access to the unit. Only once I've arranged for someone to come oversee the site visit.

PG glass did not phone me as requested, they arrived at unit and asked for the keys to my unit.

I did ask PG glass to phone me once they are in the unit to discuss a few things, the lady that was taking care of my quote ensured me they will ( that's once I've confirmed they can enter the unit)
They did not give me a call.

I can not explain my level of disappointment, invasion of privacy and neglect of customer satisfaction in this matter and I shall take this further.

Desired outcome: Disgusted

PG Glass - Damage to vehicle with windscreen repair

I logged an insurance claim (6/6/21) #4161851 for PG Glass to replace my cracked windscreen. The mobile team from the Tokai Branch attended to the call. Firstly the rubberizing around the window was damaged and had to be replaced. They also refitted the plastic panel below the wipers poorly, which left a gaping bubble. The technician insisted the poorly fitted plastic panel was pre-existing 'sun damage' to my car and that I can simply claim it from my insurance. This was untrue as it was not present before the work they did (this bubble was directly below the chip and would not have gone unnoticed). At the second call-out (Thursday 17/6/21 at 15h10) to replace the rubberizing, the bubble in the panel below the wipers was also corrected after I insisted on it. After the technician team had left, my husband noticed that there was new damage to a plastic strip above the drivers side of my car. The damage was at the point where this strip touches the windscreen and it seems as if the strip was hooked up and bent up when they lifted the windscreen off. This resulted in permanent damage to the strip where it bent upwards and the inability to fit this strip securely back into place. The result is a loose fitting that will dislodge when driving and damage the vehicle when flapping in the wind. I immediately phoned PG Glass for the technician team to return [protected] at 16h19). My call was taken but not actioned. I phoned back on Monday 21/6/21 and was told the call was never logged. It took me reporting this to my insurance company to get any action from PG Glass. Their response was to send the same technician team (without any objective assessor accompanying them) to assess the situation. At this appointment the technicians agreed that the damage could have been as result of their work but claimed they did not notice it at the time and they will add it to their job card (23/6/21 16h00). To my surprise the subsequent feedback from my insurance company was that PG Glass accepts no responsibility for this damage as it's unrelated to windscreen repair (01/7/21). They maintain the damage is not in close proximity to the windscreen and therefore could not have been as a result of their work. Please note that if the damage was caused by anything other than the removal of the windscreen, why is the panel damaged at the contact point and why is there no other damage to the roof of the vehicle? The technician has now lied to me twice, yet PG Glass is unwilling to objectively assess the situation. There is now R 2000's worth of damage to my vehicle that PG Glass is passing on to me to pay out of my pocket. This is unfortunately very poor and dishonest service.
I have photographs of the damaged panel, showing clearly what I have described above. I have more than what is uploaded below. Images were taken on the day of the damage. A visual inspection of the situation can also clearly confirm the situation.

Desired outcome: For PG Glass to objectively assess the situation and honour the repairs of the damage to my vehicle.

PG Glass - Steel replacement windows

Pg glass kathu quoted me for steel replacement on my home windows. Accepted the quote and paid them in full 19/04/2021. Till date still struggeling to finish the job. It looks horrible and amatures doing it in 6 weeks did 1 and not corectly it is the 4th time the are re making the windows. The building contractor cant finish his job as we are waiting for pg glass to finish their part.
Noe the walls been damage,
The frame grind away, alminuim are scratched and dent. What must we do looks horribille

Please need help cant go on like this

Desired outcome: Get quote from building contractor and replace the wole windows as the walls are damaged

PG Glass - Windscreen not fitted

Proof of payment send on the 22 April 2021 to Yvette Botha. She did reply to my email and confirmed the payment. They would have contacted my client the same day to arrange for the windscreen to be replaced. Phoned the call centre today, only to be informed that the windscreen has been replaced. Tried to get the problem sorted but with no luck!!! Did send Yvette an email again to informed her that the windscreen as NOT been replaced and if she could please advise. No response!!! THE WINDSCREEN HAS NOT BEEN REPLACED AND PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE

PG Glass - Windscreen

On the 13/01/2021 I went to pg jhb to sit my windscreen because I got confirmation via a phone call and sms that I must come that week so I choose that I will go wednesday morning, when I got there to my surprise there was no glass and they claimed they called to let me know but no one actually did, ok fine I left then they told me the me they will send their mobile team to me at work, monday on the 18/01/2021 which is today waited almost the whole them got worried then picked up our office phone to find out where is the person that supposed to come and install my car glass only to be told we still don't have the glass in stock and it could take up to six month for a glass to arrive, what nonsense is that??? [protected]

Desired outcome: customer service is poor

PG Glass - Rear window replacement

I contact on the 3/5/2020 PG glass Rustenburg (+[protected]) and ask for a rear window with demister for my Corolla after the Gardner damage it with a bush-cutter They said after I pay a deposit...

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PG Glass - Service complaint

I am absolutely disgusted at the shocking service of the Somerset West branch. For three days my daughter has been waiting for a damaged glass door and window to be replaced. For three days the...

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PG Glass - Lack of service, 3 weeks and still haven't received my order

Good day I placed my order on the 25/10/2019 with a lead time of 10-14 days, after calling and emailing to no avail and being assured by Dumasanie on 3 occasions that my glass would be completed...

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PG Glass - Window with cat flap

Shocking service, wrong advice, followed up 4 times to be told they would phone me back. Not once dit they keep their word to phone me back. Had to wait 2 weeks for small catflap hole to be cut into...

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PG Glass - Shocking service and communication from pg glass menlyn (4 weeks ongoing for a windscreen to be replaced)

My insurance claim for windscreen repair was registered with PG Glass Menlyn on the 3rd of June 2019 by our Insurer, Santam Insurance. On the 12th of June 2019, I received a call from PG Gla...

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