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not taking coupons

I went to redeem several Chobani Yogurt coupons last night at Wal-Mart- 3025 Lancaster Dr Ne, Salem, OR 97305. I had several free coupons for Chobani products that they sent me to replace the ones that were bad that I had purchased when all of the mold got into their product. The yogurts were recalled because they were making people sick, so they sent out replacement coupons for their product a few weeks ago.
They are manufacture coupons and the instructions are right on the coupons. The Salem Wal-Mart refused to redeem the coupons, saying that they "system doesn't recognize the bar code on the coupon and they therefore have no way to redeem the coupons for the free Chobani products". I spoke to a supervisor, who also said that they couldn't redeem the coupons. I am a little bit upset as I spent about 15 minutes trying to find all of the products to match the coupons exactly, put them on the counter for the clerk with each item, matching each coupon (together) and then another 15 minutes waiting for her to even find a supervisor and for them to then decided that they wouldn't accept them. I have contacted Chobani as well, but I wanted to let you know because I think this is very disappointing as they are manufacture coupons and it was an issue that was all over the news, etc. I am not sure which store will take them and this is very frustrating as I really wanted to get the products replaced. I left feeling angry of all of the time that was wasted and I don't think I will be returning to our Wal-Mart any time soon. I would rather take my business elsewhere. Here was the terminal number on my receipt : M014479 10/6/2013 at 21:21 Network ID: 0082 APPR Code: 260514 TC# 607066651448022969625

not taking coupons

  • Fo
    foxygrandma Oct 07, 2013

    I have had the same thing happen at various stores for other items. It isn't just WaLMart, for some reason some of those free merchandise for replacement items just don't work.

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  • Li
    Lindahay Oct 16, 2013

    Had the same thing happen to me today at Walmart in Mt. Pocono PA. Not only would they not accept the coupons, but they accused me of making copies, even after I showed them the watermark on the back. Shame on Walmart.

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