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Today i called 3 times put on hold 3 times and hung up 3 times. All in a total of 1 hour that i lost.
I called was put on hold by the answering system, with continued messages letting me know i had 2 calls ahead and eventually 1 call ahead and eventually someone just picked pick up and hang up. Unacceptable service, fix it. Your store location where this happened is at walgreens in harrison new jersey.

Jun 14, 2019
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  • Ca
      Jun 17, 2019

    I just made the same complaint. I had to call Walgreen's 9x's today due to medication issue. I understand, that i'm going to be put on hold. however, their wheel tape message for holding, told me, over and over again. if I hear "I;m sorry to have you wait, the reps are busy and there's 3 phone calls ahead of me" drove me over the edge. this averaged out to listening their "hold message" every 17 mins. for a 10 minute call. to be fair Corporate contacted me and because I was on the phone holding, I didn't answer. fast forward, I then call the pharmacy and the pharmacist says "oh I see you made a complaint" (I didn't give my name or phone to Corporate. the pharmacist agreed w/me about the hold button. per Corporate, this is a common complaint. FYI: the number for customer service is not a Walgreens location; it's subcontracted by Walgreens to handle complaints. sorry, so long but it's beyond crazy that this crap continues.

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  • Ri
      Jul 08, 2019

    It took me 3 days to get a medication that had 1refill on it.(Walgreens in Harrison n.j.)automatic answering service is a nightmare to say the least.I spoke to 3 different pharmacist w before one told me medication in question would be ready in about 20 minutes.returned to find out a different medication was filled.all well and good.what about the medication that I have been waiting 3 days for now?.that one is now ready...ok I now am handed someone else's!pharmacist said a report would be made and apologized.the Walgreens in Harrison is a disgrace.can anyone tell me where I can take a complaint further than the store?? Richard g

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  • Pr
      Jul 12, 2019

    Using Walgreens’ app or is really the best way to go anymore.
    You’re totally right about phone service. As a highly-sensitive Empath, tho... I get to feeling bad for the employees. The stores have skeleton crews who can barely take care of customers staring at them. I’m glad they help the people in line before the phones, until it’s me trying to get something done on my lunch break lol. Since I started using the app and I’ve had much better results. I can send messages from the website (change that to 3 month supply please; use my discount card instead of insurance on that one; etc) and chat with pharmacy staff on the app (I can only afford 2 weeks’ worth right now and don’t h. The app shows the status of my prescriptions (kinda like the pizza tracker on the Pizza Hut app) and the date I last picked them up. I can tap the one I want to refill and send it to any location in the country to be ready in 2 hours. LOVE.

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