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Walgreendiabetic syringes

I went to Walgreens and purchase a pack of diabetic needles to come 10 per pack the pharmacist grabbed the pack and I noticed it was open she said it was okay procedure stapled it together to close it up sold it to me when I get home I noticed that the package said that she'll for sterility so that was my first concern then when I went to use one of them I noticed that that it was Barb and I took them out and start looking at them and several them or bark or and Ben and there was they're Walgreens Brands BD syringes also I went back to the pharmacist show to made my complain to her and she offered to exchange them so I said why aren't you concerned that the pack was open and that some of these syringes are bad and they're brand new interlock bar they all know they're okay but she called A co-worker and kids started to examine them and he noticed and agree with me that were Barb and some of them were bad so I grabbed the pack back and I went and tried to call their corporate I returned the next day and I went and asked the pharmacist for some help and she asked me what I wanted to do so I wanted to make it report but she told me that she can just take my information and to make the report and I can get a copy of it so I asked her again for the corporate number and she gave me a number that was disconnected so I don't know what to do in this case any advice

  • SubSquirrel Jul 13, 2019

    Your syringes had names on them? Your post is convoluted and makes no sense. You agreed to buy the opened box of syringes instead of asking for another one.

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