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Pharmacist Complaint
Re: Manuel Hernandez
Texas Pharmacist License # 21349

I have been getting my medication prescription filled a Walgreens for years.

Unfortunately, I had a very problematic experience on 07/04/19 with the Walgreens store (9173) on the 8050 N Mesa. I was on a mini-vacation in El Paso when I realized I left my medication (Lisinopril and Amlodipine) at home. I called the Walgreens pharmacy, I told them about my situation and I requested 3 tablets of each medication to hold me over until I returned home where I have my medication.

The woman on the phone stated Walgreens will not provide emergent medication under these circumstances. I was told that I can purchase 3 days' supply of medication at almost 3 times the price as I would pay for 30 days' supply. She stated that my 2 insurances will not cover the cost because I should still have medication.

I drove from one side of El Paso to the other for the medication. Upon arriving, I was told by Manuel Hernandez Jr. (Texas pharmacist Lic # 21349) that he will only refill one of my medications and he prefaced it with "One is better than nothing." I told him that I have not taken my medication since being in El Paso, for 2 days and that his decision to not refill my medications puts me at increased risk of a heart attack and/or stroke. Nevertheless, he refused to provide me with emergent medication.

I am requesting Walgreen to investigate this matter. It is my understanding that death from hypertension is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. I would assume that there are "best practices" guidelines that address filling emergent medications.

Because Mr. Hernandez' decision has detrimental health consequences, I am asking Walgreens to investigate this Complaint against both Walgreens (9173) and Mr. Manuel Hernandez.

Thank you very much!

Mark Simpson

  • Updated by Mark Simpson ยท Jul 12, 2019

    The Walgreens Pharmacy policy regarding emergent medication needs to reviewed.
    Please respond.
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