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Oct 15, 2008

Valero - questionable signage price practices

I always purchase my gas from valero stations depending on which one has the lowest price. Over the past year I have usually purchased from one of four locations. In all this time I stopped for...

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Aug 14, 2008

Valero - terrible experience

Hello! Thank you for accepting my complaint. I visit Valero Store #719 in Wharton, Texas on a regular basis. We motorcycle ride so I often have to use the restrooms. This store has the dirtiest, stinkiest bathrooms I've come across all over Texas. They are worse than an outhouse. Please ask them to clean the restrooms. Their restroom is unisex and there is constantly urine on the floor and seat. It's totally disgusting. Does the health department oversee this?

Thank you for your assistance.


Good afternoon 02/03/2009
You sent me some coupons for merchandise but I can't find any close store's to me to shop at.
I live at 1065 Cornell Ave Albany, California 94706
USA. I do thank you for the coupons. Maybe I can give tthem to a friend. Thank you Louis L. George.
[email protected] Ph.# [protected].

Well I got a really bad experience with this valero gas station unfortunally I don't have the location number, but its in spring, tx at cypresswood dr and treaschwig corner. For a fast convient way I would ALWAYS go there for ANYTHING. One day coming out of work I stop to get me a beer, cigarrettes, and milk for my son, well the jerk attendant asked me for my ID which I gave and he said that " if i leave in texas why don't I have a TX ID" I had gave him the consular mexican ID. Which in my opinion I don't think that he should of told me that because I do HAVE my TEXAS TDL which at the time I didn't have with me, AND I SURE DID TOOK MY BUSINESS SOMEWHERE ELSE! He is NO ONE to tell anyone OR especially me what to have he ain't not freaking mayor or president to tell a customer that! So they lost a really good customer just for that ### racism question!!! AND I WILL TELL ALL MY FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS WHO LIVE AROUND HERE NOT TO GO THERE AND PEOPLE THAT COME VISIT ME EITHER!!!

Thank You for having this board!

Sincerely, MRS. GARCIA

Jul 17, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Valero - 5 bucks for nothing

I pulled in to Valero #[protected] on Saratoga and Moorpark, in San Jose, CA. All I needed was for them to loosen a screw on my rear-view mirror with an allen wrench. The mechanic on-duty loosened it and asked for 5 dollars. "For what?" I asked. Paid him (which I saw him pocket) and decided to boycott Valero. Fist of all this employee should be reported for arbitrarily charging customers. With gas prices being what they are, how dare Valero employees charge for loosening a f*****g screw. I was a good customer, but I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

You shouldn't have paid him.

Jul 07, 2008

Valero - attendant is not answering

I went to valero gas station this morning 7/7/08 I used my
credit card and did not even asked for a picture i.d. and then
after i used the gas i noticed that my tire was flat so i went back and got tokens. the air machine was not working so i went to the window again and rang the bell and rang the bell the lady attendant was not coming out. I waited for 10 minutes I'm already late for work, and finally i had to just use my key to knock on the door . Then, she had came out. I don't know what it is that she was doing at the back. I let her know that the machine is not working if she can give me another token bec. this happened before when i put in 3 tokens and it did not work. So all she had to do is give me another token and the machine would have worked. California law states that when we purchase gas then air and water is free. She said she did not have another token. So they only keep 3 tokens in their register? I asked her well can she give me a quarter so it can work she said no. This is not the first time that this incident happened with this lady attendant. How do I complain to the gas station owner?

I bought a gas on Valero Service Station and paid by credit card. The sum I used to pay was $50 but when I received my receipt there was written $70. I started asking about this misunderstanding and came to a conclusion that it was not a mistake, but a planned fraud. Don’t use them!

All weekend I watched this. The gas price on the sign posted by the road was $3.86 / gallon. When you pull in, the price on the pump was $3.96
Is this a way to get people in who would not recheck the actual price? This stinks. Bad enough that gas is so high, but to try and lure you in with false advertising is a low move.

This guy now has posted a separate higher price for credit cards, but his price on the large main sign by the road is the lower cash price! I glanced up as I was pumping and noticed there was a separate credit card price next to a "cash" price. I was pissed. I called the manager this morning and he hung up on me.

Jun 20, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Valero - very rude clerk

I visited a Valero corner store # 4199 in Bossier City Louisiana Airline Drive Location. The clerk was Miochi Thornton. This clerk was very rude and just a plain *** I would never recommend stopping at one of these stores they need to better train theses people!!! I really hate dealing with these folks that wake up in the morning living from pay check to pay check so they are mad at the world well let me tell you this go get you a better EDUCATION- Ed ja ma ca tion as they say then you will be where I am until then get a life.

Valero corner store # (2417) in Dallas Texas has employees who act the same way. Don't even take a Marlboro coupon in this store the foreign employees look at you like you are trying to rip them off and tell you that they do not except Marlboro coupons from the mail.

Its because Valero hires foreign clerks that are uneducated. they do not represent the company in a professional manner. They treat customers like crap.

May 25, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Valero - terrible service and employees

I'm writing this post after the worst experience I've ever had in a retail establishment. 11.06.06 I visited the Valero on FM 518 in League City. I needed to get gas and to save my cash I decided to...

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May 25, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Valero - scam and fraud

On 5/17/2008 my son and I stopped by Valero to fuel up our dirt bikes. In the process we always fill a can or two as extra gas for the trip. On this occasion we had an empty 5 gallon can. A brand new...

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