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unauthorized credit card charges

Somehow the Valero Gas Station at 15603 7th st in Victorville CA. ran up $437.91 in charges to my Well...

lotto ticket scam jefferson & 16 mile rd.

Stopped to purchase lotto tickets. Two female employees and one older man behind counter on Feb 13th. I...

Harrison Township Lottery Scams

foul language

Foul language around women said the word pussy while women was making a purchase, one chashier that I...

declined checks

For the past nine years, each time I have attempted to cash a check through Telecheck, it was declined even...

no admittance bathroom

The bathrooms at your franchise located at 18001 Franjo Rd. Plmetto Bay Florida. 33157 Are always broken.. No...

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refusing to take used motor oil

I had taken my used motor oil to this Valero for correct disposal of used motor oil. The attendant inside wa...

ryan barker (employee)

At my local gas station located in Albuquerque New Mexico on lomas blvd. Near Louisiana. I stopped to grab a...

Resolved charging incorrect gas prices

Pulled into Gas station for gas, gave cashier $40 for gas, after I filled up I realized that I did not...

Resolved rude waitress

We stopped in several times...twice in one day during our travels. We liked the food but were turned off by a...

sexually harrassed by the cashier

i walked in to buy cigarettes and ask directions. When the cashier told me "if u show me your boobs i will...

Resolved bad gas

The Valero gas created a melt down of the two catalyic converters and a heat shield in my Toyota Highlander according to two Toyota Dealerships. The 2008 Highlander was serviced before the business trip and is kept in pristine condition. Advised the consumer site at Valero as to their poor, inconsistance and damaging product. Embarrassing as a stock holder to own such a poor product!

worst car wash service

This is the absolute worst service station that I have ever been to in my entire life. It may well be the worst business of any kind that I have ever been to.

Here's my story: Today I drove my car over for a quick token car wash. I drop my token then I follow with the green light red light signal move my car into the washing hub However, because somehow the car wash machine's sensor has some error happened which pending the movement and then green light flash again i move my car alittle bit forward then next second red light flash again means my car in the right position.. but NO the machine still not moving forward to wash my car but instead my car stuck in the middle of the washing hub can not move but the brush already full half way down my car can not moving .

I wait for few minutes rec'd No assistant nor help to get the machine restart...then the guy(sat in the booth) finally notice and show up but not helping but start shouting to me from Wait far behind !!! he shouting which i hardly can heard him ...he kept asked me to move my car but i can not because the red light still flash i don't want to risk possible destroyed my car under dis-functioned wash machine...it took me longer than 10 minutes finally he restart the machine and green light back on and I can pass through got my car out of the washing hub...of course I complained (in an assertive but calm voice) to him for the failure of car wash and requested him refund my money because service incomplete ..meantime he never stop screaming at me. said I'd failed to follow the instructions but I said I exactly followed the green light red light to move forward and stop my car to the exact right spot ...he just won't listened and such rudest attitude I simply just won't accept !!! he probably think that I'm a petite Asian lady for such situation who have no choice but to accept it and walk away

One person I know of went there for an auto repair, and Uptown Shell openly admitted to her that they broke another component on her car, but refused to pay for repairs. She ended up successfully suing the station in small claims court.

I could go on, but by now you should get the idea. Unless you want your car destroyed and the rudest service ever, DO NOT go to Arco/Valero Burlingame CA that's right next to Mike Harvey at 1000 Broadway Burlingame CA!!!.

Resolved rude clerk named margie

Went to Valero to purchase some lottery tickets after work. I was the first in line and had clerk who wa...

Resolved shocking!

I have come to understand that customer service is a thing of the past, and no one gives a *@#* about your...

rude service

Valero store in waxahachie, tx has a horrible manager named laura. She smokes her cigarettes in the entrance to the store. I have complained to her because I don't want to smell like smoke and she just gave me a dirty look. She also speaks to her employees with vulgar language. I asked her employee when laura wasn't there why she puts up with that abuse, she says she is afraid of retaliation. Someone needs to manage the manager at this location.

  • Ja
    jaberwocky Nov 11, 2011

    "Someone needs to manage the manager at this location."

    someone needs to mind their own business...and get their gas elsewhere.

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  • Ramelle Nov 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Shop elsewhere.

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  • Do
    Donna Babel Nov 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Vallero Gas Station in San Andreas California has terrible management. The guy who runs the place, "Sooko/Suko" has hired his sister, who has a chair at the cash register, so she doesn't have to stand up as do the other employees at the cash register. If you don't interrupt her while she is reading her book, she is usually in the back and sometimes in the front snatching food from the hot food window. Her mouth is usually full, and if she moved any slower, she would be going in reverse. She also has a tendency to short change you. This has happened too many times to me. They used to get 200$-300$ per month from me buying gas, and I am no longer going to go there after two years of enduring this, I just thought at some point it would get better, but it has definitely gotten worse. It is worth it to me to drive another 1/2 mile to get normal service. I don't know if they will notice the decline in money or not...I hope they do.

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  • Re
    Reviewer15767 Oct 15, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Valero Gas Station at 4401 SW, 8 Street, Miami, FLORIDA has on Board $2.179 and is collecting $2.249 They are misleading all the client that arrive there. Do something, please.

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gossiping about fellow employees with customers present

I was at the valero store on guadalupe and ellsworth #1659 and overheard as did several others this employee [krista] telling another employee that her assistant manager was a thief and lazy . I go to this store because of the friendly faces and excellent customer service, i won't return and will tell others to do same if this girl remains an employee there, this was not only rude but very unprofessional at best. we go to this store to shop not listen to gossip from a rude clerk, who should be ashamed of her behavior.

Resolved selling alcohol to someone already drunk

The last two times I have went into the Valero listed above, the cashier has sold a six pack of beer to an...

Resolved very poor service

I visit this Valero station, located on General Mcmullen St, several times a week. This morning I noticed as soon as I walked in a long line and only one clerk. SATURDAY!! This is not the first time I walk in and the line is long. Several times I notice a second or third clerk either standing around talking or doing minor tasks which could easily be done after the customer line is taken care of. After this morning I will be taking my business elsewhere.
Please feel free to contact me. My name is Andrew Solis and my phone number is [protected].
It is unfortunate that such a well known company does not train it's employees better customer service!! Thank you

debit card fraud

Filled my tank with gas at this station on November 10, 2010. Gave attendant my debit card to pay. He kept my...

Westmont Gas Stations

Resolved I honestly think this is a scam

I have had a Valero gas card for about 6 months and I have always made my payments on time or so I thought. I kept getting late fees, when I called to ask why I was told it take 7-14 days to process payment. I pay on-line and I don't use the paper bill service. I always payed about 5-7 days before my due date. I pay all my bills online:gas, cable, phone exc exc and I have never heard of a electronic payment taking 7-14 days to process. I honestly think this is a scam. I would advise anyone to avoid this company at all cost. I have canceled my card.