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CB Automotive Fueling and Charging Valero 14856 West Magnolia Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 91403, US
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14856 West Magnolia Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 91403, US
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Valero - shocking!

I have come to understand that customer service is a thing of the past, and no one gives a *@#* about your satisfaction level as a customer. Ive realized that expecting English out of a gas station is a rarity and also in the past. But what I cannot understand, nor tolerate, is lying to my face, telling me what just happened didn't happen, and treating people poorly.
The pump i was using (#5) like most pumps, has the little lever that holds the trigger so you don't have to. My first attempt, the trigger clicked in successfully for a second, then the entire nozzle kicked back out of my gas tank, causing gas to spill out. Second try, I'm thinking I didn't have the nozzle straight, same thing. I call the attendant, he comes over and attempts himself. The same exact thing happens to him. Trying to find a way to tell me its my fault, he says"maybe your gas tank is full). I know this to be untrue because I was on empty pulling up and had only put in $20.00. I have a truck, it is not possible, and more importantly, i know that is not the cause. He tries again, and now that is 4 attempts and 4 spills of gasoline all over my truck, on the ground, and wasted. He said he would refund me a quarter, ¢.25 for the spilled gasoline. Then he left. I requested to put 2 bucks back into my tank. He said no. I went inside come to find a different clerk, this one didn't speak a word of English. After knocking on the office door, out comes the woman with an attitude. "What is the problem here". I ask her to come to the pump with me, to show here what happened. I suggested she watch the tapes, to show that the same thing happened to her employee. Looking at her watch and staring me up and down, she could care less, and basically told me that i am the first customer to have said anything about this, therefor, somehow i decided to complain for no reason? A good percentage of people DO NOT USE THEIR VOICE and speak up. They rather eat the food anyway, even though its not what they ordered. They rather not go back if they realize the receipt is incorrect. No one wants to bother, and no one is to blame. No wonder we are where we are at this time in the world. Anyways, (sorry, got derailed for a second)...The woman walked away from me, left me standing there, offered NO help, no solution, no apology, no responsibility, and couldn't care less. The reality is, she knows her store wont shut down as a result, and although this is true, unless people start treating their voice like the gift it is and using it, we will never be able to change things, or behavior, or help in reshaping them. I feel like Michael Douglas today in that movie Fallen Down, and totally feel where he is coming from.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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