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Ups canada sucks,
Poor customer service
High school drop out customer service,
Poor jokers.
One call takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to sort out issues or even 30 minutes to arrange pick up on phone.

Avoid ups canada by all means, it really sucks,

It is waste of time, money and peace of mind / .

Just avoid. . .

Ups sucks all the way,


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Jun 15, 2022 12:38 pm

My nieces graduation gift was supposed to be there Tuesday June 15th. Even said it was OTM (on the way). Today Wednesday June 15th and now it says it might be delivered by 7:00pm. So UPS here in the United States sucks just as bad. If we had a local fed x I’d use them. Fed X is more accurate on their deliveries. Tried to find a complaints dept, but they’re so terrible they don’t have one.

Jun 07, 2022 9:46 am

Worst customer service ever. A parcel of mine was stolen after UPS delivered it 3-days early. I was out of the province and had changed the delivery date, which was confirmed by UPS, but they delivered it anyway. After acknowledging the package was delivered in error UPS said they would pick it up that day and deliver it on the correct day. But they never picked it up, and I watched it sit outside my door for 2-days on the doorbell camera before it was stolen. Now when I send UPS emails or messages about this they are ghosting me and no one is calling me back.

Jun 07, 2022 10:10 am
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Good Luck...I wrote to UPS top management about my situation and they also did not its a neglect of customers issues by UPS management from TOP to BOTTOM...and they want our business...NO WAY!

May 19, 2022 7:02 pm
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I wish I had seen this site before shipping my package with UPS Canada.

I shipped a package which contained my daughter's used clothing and personal stuff(towel/shoe/grooming things) she uses and needed with her on a short trip to California.

Shipping was done at my local UPS outlet in Mississuaga-ON and was told expected delivery date would be APRIL 29th 2022...I filed whatever paper/documentation at this outlet, paid my charges and went off about my business.

Unfortunately the nightmare began soon after the package got to USA border customs in Michigan.

The package was held for not listing the personal items and didn't have a 3299 form or unaccompanied articles declaration for personal effects shipment.

1) UPS outlet Rep should have known this was required and should have had me fill this form as required right from beginning...BUT NO... they didn't, therefore caused delay. On top of that, I was the one who called UPS customer service after tracking and noticing the HOLD, they should have called me right away...but thankfully I was proactive in acting on it as soon as I saw the hold up.

2) Customer service Call to UPS is is timed, you get an initial recorded message about filling a survey at the end of a service call. Sadly almost 95% of my customer service calls (over 30 calls) were prematurely ended by this Survey program. On top of that customer service representative can not callback customer in the event of such disruption even when you tell them this problem with phone system.

3) After UPS told me what customs needed and assisted me to complete and send the requested documentation/forms, my package was still NEVER released. My package was held for additional 17-DAYS after UPS local agent sent the request documents. I also sent them through email personally to email address provided by UPS customer service.

4) I made several calls to UPS customer service and I would really hope upper management can play the audio conversation and read transcripts of my is HORRIBLE what I experienced...MIXED messages..I have emails from UPS Reps who said Customs have received all requested documents and yet my package was never released.

I finally ask UPS to return my package since the delivery windows had daughter had waited too long and she was due to return back home to Canada.

I requested a REFUND for my charges since this whole delay was caused by UPS and they couldn't deliver package on time by APRIL 29th as estimated.

Again it has been FRUSTRATING and a struggle with UPS where one Rep tells me to wait for my package to be delivered back to me before asking for REFUND, and to be told by another Rep that I have just 15 days after shipping to request for Refund and that window has passed.

5) Trying to escalate and speak with a manager or supervisor has been fruitless and impossible.

I get the run around from UPS telling me my package was shipped as "standard" so even though they caused all this delay they can not refund my charges.

I will send this post comment to UPS upper management for then to know what a HORRIBLE and POOR their services are.

They don't value customers and definitely don't DESERVE our business !


(Leo from Brampton-ON)

Apr 11, 2022 2:44 pm

UPS truck # I52288 plate BA 30406 ontario licence plate drove onto private property of 1945 Wilson Ave, April 11th at 1:pm

I thought he was delivering a package truck remained, I approached driver told him its private property he blocking the way he needs to move, he replied " I'm eating my sandwich, he said what? you gonna call the cops. I said no I will complain to UPS. turns out there is no one to complain to. UPS just lost another customer.

Apr 29, 2019 4:44 pm

Avoid this company! Not only did the package I sent by express not get to its location by the guaranteed date (sure, really guaranteed! What a joke!), the UPS company refused to give a refund. After they made the mistake of not being able to use GPS or a map.

The address was correct on the package, but UPS denied it was so. Because they want to keep the money obviously. The staff at the UPS store were only slightly helpful. They were more worried however, about deferring blame to UPS than solving the actual problem.
Will never use UPS again. I would give 0/5 if I could.

Jan 30, 2019 1:09 pm

UPS Canada is the WORST delivery service I have ever used. My package is sitting at the office for over 2 weeks because they don't have a driver to deliver the package to my address. They don't even have an option to give online customer review! On a Scale of 1-5 I would give: '0' A BIG ZERO.

Oct 24, 2018 10:04 am

Not accommodating AT ALL! I have recently moved within the time of putting in my old address, i contacted UPS to have it moved. During this point and time my parcel had not been delivered yet. Furthermore they said that there is nothing they can do until the first delivery attempt has been made... After that i can choose to have it delivered to another location for a fee of $6.00! What the Hell! what kind of shipping company is this! I also had a delivery coming in that was being delivered my canada post, was asking the same thing and "no problem" they said changed it immediately and yes it will take one extra day. Next time im going to make the delivery hard for them and get them to deliver it Downtown office where its impossible to park. Seriously UPS... you need to change your shipping style and management, doesnt really seem like your reading your review at all!

Aug 27, 2018 4:08 pm

Whenever I'm the one making the choice on who gets to ship my items, I never choose UPS. They're just about as bad as Canada Post for an attitude of disdain and incompetence toward their customers.
I've had items shipped from Amazon that were left outside in the rain by these jokers.
I've called their call centre to complain and usually have to hang up and call back a few times to reach someone who speaks clear English.
I've had drivers actually drop something off with me (when I coincidentally happened to see the driver dropping it off) who referred to me by my first name, which is unprofessional, and call me "man" (also unprofessional, since I'm not their buddy).
I've also had one of their drivers come down my street to deliver to other houses while blaring music full blast from their truck for the duration of their delivery.
I've seen two-bit, fly-by-night courier operations that were more professional than this outfit. The problem is that most Canadians have been conditioned never to complain, even when they get rammed up the arse.

Jul 21, 2018 6:34 pm

Absolutely horrendous service. The driver that delivers in my area is stubborn and makes false assumptions about addresses. Customer service is horrible and does not take steps necessary to resolve issues.

Jul 09, 2018 1:33 pm

I am so angry with UPS I might burst a blood vessel.

I was to receive a parcel with a check from a client on a Wednesday. That check was to pay my rent and buy groceries.

Parcel didn't arrive. I checked tracking number and it said they tried to deliver parcel but address was wrong. Address was not wrong, they tried to deliver to another town!

Long story short, a week goes by, dozens of phone calls, asking to speak with supervisors, they said they would call back, they never called back. I signed up for e-mail notifications, no notifications were sent, webpage not up-dated, no one knows where my package is or if it will ever be delivered.

Another dozen angry phone calls, cutsomer service is a joke.

Then they said I should file a missing package report on-line.

Went on-line and filled out all the information six times! Each time the page failed to load, then sent me to a page saying service temporarily unavailable and try again later!

Still no response from UPS, I cannot buy food to feed myself and the cats!

I have never encountered such a degree of incompetence and lack of any customer support.

The impression I get is if you ship using UPS, the drivers will rifle through your package for anything valuable to steal, and if not, they will just toss the package in a dumpster somewhere and we as consumers can just go screw ourselves because there is nothing we can do about it.

They need to be shut down and it's employees all charged with criminal fraud!

Jun 04, 2018 7:28 pm

UPS Canada is a big fail. I ordered 3 phones from Rogers. 2 were delivered on time, but the driver said the address was incorrect on the 3rd one. I have spoken to them everyday for a week trying to get this resolved. The address was confirmed correct from the first call. Everyday (except Sunday) they promised me delivery. Each call with them was around 1 hour long. Everyday it turned out to be a lie. Online tracking showed it delivered to an access point 2 days after it was ordered, which has been confirmed by the access point and UPS support daily that's incorrect. I had their dispatch actually call me directly today today at 1:30 to guarantee it would be delivered by 3:30 today. Of course that was another lie. I called to order a rush delivery tonight, and when they realized the pick up location was their dispatch centre, they said it couldn't be done. The last 2 people I spoke with there were Jeysel and Brix. They suggested I go back to Rogers for a credit because of their mistake! I honestly don't know what it will take for them to actually deliver on the only thing they are paid to do. They offered me a $50 UPS shipping voucher to use within the next 3 months as an apology, but more of the same crap is not appealing to me.

May 12, 2018 6:54 am
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Ordered new tires and rims from American muscle.They were shipped on April 24 using UPS Three showed up .
Still waiting on the fourth tire and rim so I can use my car.The UPS Driver said I should have my fourth tire and rim The
next day and didn't know way I didn't received all four the same time THANKS.Contacted American Muscle to find out what happen with my order who were very helpful; and found out my tire and rim was somewhere in UPS warehouse in Ont. Now the date is May 12, / 18 and still haven't my Tire and Rim.Not happy with UPS service in Cananda

Jan 03, 2018 5:31 pm

There seems to be a common theme of drivers lying about delivery attempts. Same thing happened to me today. I'll now have to take a 3rd day off work to receive my package! What are they, negotiating a new contract or something? Work to rule? Do they get paid by the delivery attempt? There's no way anyone tried to deliver a package to my house today because I've been sitting in my living room, by the front door, working on my computer, waiting for UPS. They said attempt at 12:29. Well, I was right by the door at 12:29! No card or anything left to indicate that the driver actually got out of the truck to make the attempt. So i've got a $5000 guitar rolling around the back of some truck in winter time. [censor].

Dec 08, 2017 1:52 pm
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I had a shipment scheduled to arrive yesterday. There were 8 boxes. They only delivered one, the lightest one (2 lb) and said they didn't have a truck for the other 7 boxes! These are small boxes, total weigh of the shipment around 230 lb, I am not talking about big boxes or furniture that needs a 53' trailer. I requested a change of address to my home, instead of business. They changed the address on the one that was already delivered and took the other 7 boxes to my business place today instead. They couldn't deliver, of course because the business was closed. I called them and had tons of excuses but couldn't do anything and said they could not redirect the truck today. I spent a few hours yesterday trying to work around because the shipment did not arrive and now they are telling me that there is NOTHING they could do. Not even try to deliver earlier on Monday! NOTHING! The supervisor I spoke with was a useless as the regular customer service rep I initially spoke with. You guys need to get better customer service and actually be able to do something to help your customers, for the money we pay you to ship/deliver. It is not the first time I had issues with UPS but I am going to complain as far up as I can, if needed I would go to media because it is not right to not be able to trust a shipping company after we pay so much money for their poor services.

Dec 06, 2017 12:29 pm

If I could give UPS 0 stars, TRUST ME I would! I ordered a gift that was supposed to arrive on Dec 5th and according to UPS it was supposed to be delivered between 15:35 and 19:35 at least that is what their email stated. Well at 9PM I was still waiting for my package. Checked website at 9PM it showed due to tecknical difficulties package is delayed. Called UPS was told there is a 45min wait time for customer service to reply because of high volume calls. NO WONDER. Called this morning was told that it will be rescheduled no definite time or day. Yesterday i had to cancel a doctor's appointment and now they don't know when I get my package. Was told to monitor their website for new info. Horrible, incompetent and honestly, a piece of ** company! I hope they go bankrupt one day because their way of dealing with their customers is sure to lead them down that road when everyone starts going to Canadapost!

Sep 29, 2017 1:48 am

Delivery girl from UPS just shocked me today. I set up a parcel pickup service from ups. When the girl showed up at my door, she looked very angry even I didnot start talking to her . When I was filling up the sender info form she rushed me like crazy. She told me twice " you should drop off your parcel by yourself " . Last time she told me that she took her pen away from my hand! I told her "I just need to fill up the receiver address . I won't take long". But she took her pen back I have to go inside got my own pen. When I was inside she kept knocking my door. Finally, I passed my parcel to her and I apologized abouting waitting. She didnot answer anything and left . I said "Thank you" but no replying!
I understand she is really busy at work, maybe she hates the pickup service make her has extra work. But I can not believe she gives this bad attitude to customers.

Sep 07, 2017 7:51 pm

These [censored] blacklist me, tell other vendors slanderous things about me, then hijack my parcels when by accident someone tries to send me something thru them. Ordered a jacket from italy, I already know its gonna disappear wont get sent back to italy, , its just gonna disappear. They write fake entries in the tracking logs to justify sending the parcel back and forth multiple times. Took me 3 trips before I understood I'd been blacklisted. Meanwhile I've been using the same visa purchase card for 3 years its not even a credit card. How could I be doing fraud if its a visa purchase card? How can UPS get imaginary messages from my bank indicating that the transactiopn is fraudulent when my bank has no record of telling them that? UPS are slanderous brown suit nazis. [censored] them.
Heres an example of their fake tracking log entries. Notice they entered the false comment at 19:02, but their delivery trucks finish at 19:00. They never even attempted the delivery.

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Aug 04, 2017 3:35 am
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Now that i have the packages banged up and opened it to find contents are damaged ups canada doesn't want to cover claim, clearly the damage was caused after canada customs inspected it, the tape follows the wrinkles of impact.

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Jul 31, 2017 1:31 pm

I tried to reach UPS by phone and email, there is no option to call or write to complain
calling local UPS store won't help either
Look like UPS does not want to do business in Canada any more ? 7/31/2017

Jul 18, 2017 11:01 pm
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Sep 26, 2016 10:23 am

I made an international purchase and the goods were delivered by UPS. The courier at the door asked me to paid the duties and taxes which I was expecting to pay though. Politely handed the credit card over and he gave me document/receipt as a proof of payment at the delivery time. it has been 2 months since then I receive a bill from UPS that I have to pay duties and taxes on the same purchase on the same shipment that I received while back.
I decided to call and resolve the problem. The young lady on the phone asked all the info and said she will send them to the financial department and they will call back. Later that afternoon I am receiving a phone call from UPS a lady that was so rude telling me that the card didn't went through the driver typed the wrong numbers and transaction didn't went through... despite lady on the phone been so rude and unprofessional in the end she threatened me that if I don't pay they will send me to collection agency. I asked if there is somebody else I can talk to cause to me she was so unprofessional and rude that I though she is just another girl on the phone taking complaints from costumers. She said that there is nobody else above her and that I can only talk to her.. imagine she was supervisor or some sort of manager.


Feb 29, 2016 7:18 pm
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I paid for next business day service. Parcel was delayed due to 'mechanical' problem At least that is what the tracking in website said. No phone or email contact from UPS. Next day was Saturday. I waited all day for the parcel. Turns out I am not on the delivery Ok on Saturday list. Next day is Sunday- No delivery option at all.
Monday- I have been waiting all day. Just went downstairs to the apartment lobby and found a UPS sticker on the window saying no buzzer number shown. I am the only one with my last name on the buzzer intercom. It is in plain site.
Now, 4 days later, I have to go to the UPS store to retrieve the parcel.
Not pleased with UPS.

Jan 08, 2016 1:25 pm

UPS uses a business model based on hidden fees, the "illusion" of customer service, refunds that they try to never provide, fraud and extortion on your doorstep.

Nov 26, 2015 1:13 pm

they just DON'T care ! vote with your feet …. find a company who does have an iota of care for humans, unlike ups(hit).

Oct 23, 2015 2:03 pm

UPS Canada is the most pathetic, disgrace of a company in existence! The agents lie like SOB's, deliveries are always delayed with some sort of "exception", their parcel tracking site is a JOKE...updates take forever and you never know the status of your parcel/s, if and when they arrive they're battered with distressed packaging...and they just don't give a crap! Avoid at all cost!

Oct 01, 2015 10:48 pm

Letter I sent to ups:

Tracking number above. On the afternoon of sept 29 I went online to my choice and changed the delivery to pick up at facility. On sept 30 I called the 1-800 number just after 8 am to enquire if thevpkg was ready for pickup. I was told it was in the process of being pulled off the truck and would be available after 10 am. I went to the facility just after 11 am to pick up my pkg. the young lady at the counter was confused and I was told there was no package. I informed her of my emails and discussion that morning. She couldn't locate the package. Eventually someone else came over checked then left. No info given to me. She went to the back and came back a little while later. Still no package and no info. Another lady came from the back, looked at the computer screen and said she would be right back. She never returned. The young lady tried to contact a driver but he did not respond. Much time had passed and they went about serving other customers with no resolution to my situation. I was then told that the package was on a truck. They did not know which truck or which driver. Once again, there was confirmation it was to be held for pickup. I told her I would go home and wait for the pkg and expected a call to confirm. No call came. I called the 1-800 number again and spoke to a very pleasant and helpful lady (the a ONLY person that displayed any concern whatsoever). She informed me that I would receive a call back from the facility within an hour. At 1:11 pm I received a call from a woman [protected]). I hope that call was recorded and will be reviewed. She told me that I had not signed up for hold at facility until after the package was dispatched that morning. I informed her of the t, mid I signed up the day before and asked her to confirm in my file. She was extremely rude, condescending. I asked her "why can't you people communicate and give me an answer". She snapped at me "you people?! Who is you people?" I responded "your staff, peers and coworkers" . She stated they were not her staff and coworkers. I asked "don't you work for ups" and she wouldn't answer. I asked again and she became angry and refused to answer. I asked again and she raised her voice and told me I was being stupid and then said "no, I work for FedEx". I was shocked at her level of unprofessionalism and was even more frustrated by the whole incident. I stated I wanted to speak to a supervisor and she said "no". I then asked "what is your NA me, ". She replied to me "what is your name". I asked again and got the same response. Again and the same response. I stated I wanted a name or employee number for my records. She refused. I was told the item was on a truck a few streets away and she would call me tight back. After an hour I called the 1-800 number again as she had not called back. I was told that they had tried to contact me. Nobody tried to contact me and I trust you can confirm that by checking phone records. I had kept the phone with me at all times. I asked to have a call back. I never did receive a call back. I can honestly say I have never before been treated so poorly and am shocked by the lack of service, professionalism or concern for the matter. I can only assume that ups did not want to deal with the matter and chose yo ignore me instead. My package was delivered early that evening. I will be happy to advise anyone not to use ups and tell them of my horrific experience. I will post online as well. Our organization uses fedex. We are very happy with the level of professionalism and service (very unlike ups). As the economy impacts all business in calgary we were entertaining the possibility of another organization only to perhaps save money. However, ups certainly will not be a consideration moving forward. This was the worse interaction I have ever had from any service.

Sep 25, 2015 9:12 am
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To the Complaint's Board:
I am appalled at the number of negative comments I have read concerning UPS. What in heaven's name is happening with this once great company? In the 1990's in the USA, you were in hideous trouble, and dying fast. It was my associates and myself at the ATLANTA CONSULTING COMPANY, and CPS Inc. who came to your rescue. For 2 years, in those years of massive technological change, we did our best to turn UPS around. Your company went from a rating of very poor to VERY GOOD, and Big Brown took off to become one of the most reliable courier companies in North America.

What has happened? Now retired, I admit, I live in a difficult area of Canada. From the thriving city of Toronto, Ontario Canada (population near 4 million) and retired to the magnificent island of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Cape Breton is rated as the BEST ISLAND TO VISIT in North America for Tourism. Our history, culture, and longevity, as well as beautifully clean air and environment, sits directly off the North East Atlantic Coast of Canada, near the city of Halifax. A Causeway connects to our Island. Sydney is our Capital City. Our natural water DEEP PORT, is slated for a 2 billion dollar SUPER HARBOUR for the new Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCV) now under construction by the major oceanic shipping companies of the World. Soon ships of 50-60 foot drafts will ply the Atlantic Ocean. Sydney is the only natural harbour big enough and deep enough to take these new Super Ships on the entire North East Coast of North America. And we are shovel ready for instant construction. It will signify the beginning of a whole new generation of financial regeneration in this Global Market, since the 2015 opening of the new Doubled Suez Canal. No other major port on our eastern coast can even touch these ships, Because we have prepared for the new, coming age of the ULTRA
LARGE CONTAINER VESSELS of the 21st century, we are the only port capable of taking these new ships. Through the latest technology of any port in the world, Cape Breton Island will become the Number One Port, the shipping hub for these ships, capable of carrying up to 18, 000 containers per ship. Twinned with a new fast rail service across the island, it will serve all of the eastern United States and Canada straight to the middle states of USA and provinces of Canada. Billions of dollars in service related industries will spring back into life, making the USA financially powerful and strong, once again. For Canada an equal future of high employment, new industry will also spring up.

As part of the team of specialist who rescued UPS from near extinction in the mid 1990's, I feel personally involved in seeing that UPS is no longer the victim of terrible reviews and outraged customers. Wake up, Executives and Management of UPS. You are sliding backwards. And if you do not soon respond (your service to our island is deplorable, and it appears this goes for Mainland USA and Canada). You're not alone in this game. Fed Ex would be happy to take your business. I understand the massive and complex systems necessary to make a great courier service. But, in the years of your renewed, good fortune, you have sat on your laurels, instead of keeping to rigid standards and new and highly advanced technology. It is no longer the 1990's UPS. Either reinvest and rebuild; train your personnel from drivers to managers and executives or I very much fear Big Brown will soon be BIG TROUBLE. Get with it UPS. Your business is tired, your employees underpaid, under-trained and lack enthusiasm for their work. Your packages on Emergency OVERNIGHT GUARANTEED DELIVERY, are not reaching their destinations as promised. Your technology is becoming second rate, and your customer service frankly STINKS. It is time for your "fat-cat" executives to either reform or retire. Your management and delivery teams require strict retraining and the incentive to LIKE and be PROUD of their jobs. Time is passing fast. Fed Ex and other courier services will be more than happy to take your share of business away. WAKE UP UPS. Timothy R. Laurence PhD (retired consultant).

Sep 09, 2015 8:56 pm
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UPS is the worst delivery service. This is what happened to me:

August 3, 2015: My family sent me three frames and four boxes of plates.
August 13, 2015: UPS delivery man came to my residence, and reported that the business unit is closed -- note that my place is residential condo. I called and asked him to come back the next day.
August 14, 2015: UPS delivery did not come. I called UPS 5 times to arrange for delivery for September 4, 2015 because I would be away for vacation.
August 18, 2015: UPS made another delivery attempt. I called UPS to confirm delivery for September 4, 2015.
September 2, 2015: I called UPS to confirm delivery for September 4, 2015.
September 4, 2015 10 a.m.: I called UPS to confirm delivery for the day. They said the items are being delivery today.
September 4, 2015 6 p.m.: no sign of the delivery man. I called UPS and the agent said that the address is incorrect and hence there will be no delivery.
September 4, 2015 6:10 p.m.: I informed the agent that the address is correct because there has been two previous delivery attempts. I asked her if I could speak to her supervisor.
September 4, 2015 6:15 p.m.: The supervisor read the history of this delivery and made a quick call to the delivery center.
September 4, 2015 6:20 p.m.: The supervisor promised me to personally follow up this delivery for the next business day.
September 4, 2015 7:50 p.m.: The UPS delivery man showed up with three frames and two boxes. One frame is completely shattered and the two boxes of plates are broken (pictures attached). The delivery man said the other two boxes would come the next business day.
September 8, 2015 10 a.m.: The UPS called me to confirm that I received all the items. I informed that I am still waiting for two more boxes. Then, the UPS agent told me that the two boxes are discarded due to damage.
September 9, 2015: I am told that the UPS is not going to pay for the damaged items or the discarded items.

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Aug 20, 2015 4:48 pm

My boyfriend and I bought my Dad's birthday gift from amazon and got it delivered as an express package, my delivery was two days late and to top if off, UPS dropped it off at the wrong house in their front door and misplaced it. They told us that it's amazon's problem and won't give us our money back. LIKE HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU DROP IT OFF AT SOMEONE'S ELSES HOUSE ! They're complete scammers, their service is horrible and they steal your shipments.

Aug 13, 2015 10:15 am

This is my experience and what I has send to book seller complaining and suggesting a different service.
Here is the UPS tracking number [protected].

I still have not received the package yet; not for the reason I was not there. It is UPS that is a wrong business partner.

1. Print material in N, A. has no tax; however, UPS charge $13.86 Canadian ($300 Taiwan $$$) for broker fee - this wash out your price advantage.

2. Worst, their service is absolutely the worst. Here is the run down.
- Driver arrived on August 7, not home leave a slip - that is ok and understandable.
- Driver supposed to come on August 10 and I worked home all day and the driver reported no one to collect $$$ and that is a lie.
- August 11, received 2 calls from UPS and confirm delivery on August 12
- August 12, driver (same as same writing on the slip) leave the slip on the side door rather than the front door as the front door has the signed slip and envelope with the cheque. - what kinds of service is this?

Please do us a favour, don't use UPS. Your normal post office service is far more reliable and guarantee than else.

Check out - world-wide free delivery via normal post service - far better.

If I could not get the books in this week, I would like to cancel the book. I order a service, not trouble.



May 20, 2015 7:27 pm

BIGGEST RIP OFF OF ALL TIME! Ordered a DUTY FREE item from the US to Canada. Value of said items was $22.75 USD. I was nailed $23 CDN in f*&^ng BROKERAGE FEES? You have got to be kidding me! ‪Called 'customer service'. LOL what a joke. Said that by my paying, i agreed to their TOS and too bad so sorry. Oh but I could feel free to drive to Ft Erie and clear it myself!. What started out as 2 $11 USD items ended up costing $36 CDN EACH!

Feb 26, 2015 10:01 am

UPS Canada is absolutely the WORST service EVER! I stayed home all day waiting for a package, I called in the morning to give them my apartment entry code to make sure the delivery man would have it and he still didn't bring the package to my door. Instead, he posted the notice on my mailbox. I've tried to file an official complaint but no one at UPS will help me. I paid so much money for home delivery and didn't get it. I had to go an pick it up from their location. UPS delivery is LAZY!

Where can we complain to make a difference? Anyone know? If yes, please email me at [email protected] I had a small shipment that I had for one of my clients who is a bride, I ordered my package from New York for priority pricing. I did not consider that UPS would be closed down for family day on Monday February 16, 2015. But my client is getting married on Thursday Feb 19th, 2015 and she is a very loyal client who brings me alot of business, so I wanted her to be satisfied with my continued service, to be told several different stories from the clerks in the actual depots, to the operators on UPS hotline to the supervisors and managers...IT WAS CRAZY! I was told so many stories how it is at Fort Erie but online it shows that it was at the concord brance near to my business, then it was in a warehouse at Pearson in Mississauga, the evening staff are there not for looks and not assisting clients, we were all irate, tired, tired of waiting, tired of all the lies from all the staff, tired of the "I don't know where it is?" when you fully have a sophisicated system that can track all packages?

The day staff was awesome with the little staff that they had to work with, overwhelmed with the complaints of irate customers that were there the nite before but got the job done eventually, cause some of them have a heart and a conscience. IT IS REALLY CRAZY. So after 2 days of fighting with them, writing all their lies and excuses, finally one of the staff found my "priority" shipments, on a skit into a part of the UPS warehouse that is not used as frequently as others on a skit abandoned by an open back door? So it seems like one of the staff was trying to steal my package. All is well, my bride is beaming, she looks beautiful, another satisfied customer but I think I got 10 grey hairs in the process. I just got up for I was exhausted after all that drama.

Jan 08, 2015 1:51 pm

Wow what is wrong with UPS! My package had the 1st delivery attempt on Monday, the info notice said 'no buzzer#', so I called UPS and provided my buzzer #, and was told that I could choose for it to be delivered at a certain time of day which I did. Tuesday it wasn't delivered at the specific time, and again said on info notice 'no buzzer#' when I already called and provided it. So I called again and was told they don't deliver at specific times for anyone, and that they don't know why someone else told me that. So I asked for it to be delivered to a local UPS facility but wasn't allowed to have that option because I owed a COD fund, which can only be paid to a driver. I asked fine where can I pick my package up, they gave me an address an hour from where I live, and with the time to pick it up directly coinciding with my work hours making it impossible for me to receive my package. So I finally decided to give them an alternate address of a friend thinking this was all solved finally. Wednesday they made a 3rd delivery attempt at my address even though I gave an alternate address, and the info notice said again 'no buzzer#', which I already called 3 times about and gave them, and I was home and could have received the package if the guy had just buzzed me up, but he literally just walked to the door and put the info notice on it. I called UPS for the 4th time and was told that any new info about the package takes 1 business day to process, and that it would be delivered Thursday. It's Thursday today and I just looked at the tracking progress and it says there's a delay because the package was wrongfully sorted at the facility, and will have 1 business day delay. Every time I've called UPS its so hard, have to go through 5 min of listening to a machine just to get to a person, and the customer service people are so quick to get off the phone with me even though I'm polite and understandably frustrated that nobody can give me any real information or process anything I tell them. UPS has made it impossible for me to receive my package, I'm actually so shocked at this I want to punch that driver in the face, and file a formal complaint against UPS, this is ridiculous!

Oct 29, 2014 3:19 am

Same here UPS wanted to charged me $42 brokerage fee for an item that costs only $38. I called UPS and said I will clear my item myself. They were not happy. Any way I cleared the item and I sent them the clearance form. They confirmed the receipt and said that they will deliver my item next day. But they did not. I called again and they said again will deliver next day. They did not. So it is more than 5 days that they tell me they will deliver next day. Has not yet delivered. Apparently they do this to any one that clear his item so telling them in away if you do not pay us we will delay your item delivery. I have not seen such poor service. Funny thing is that when I track my item through their website it says that customer requested that it will be picked up by customer. When I talk to UPS Canada about this they say sorry the info on website is not correct. Is almost 20 days that my item has been shipped (supposed to be a 4 days delivery) and they have not yet delivered.

Jun 23, 2014 4:48 pm
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The think about customer service is, you are providing a service for the customer. The sad thing is you can't put those to words together within your company without it being a complete lie. You have employees that don't follow up on stuff, hang up the phone on customers, put slips on the doors that blow down the street, you provide a 12 hour window for delivery...lets think about what you are asking. The customer to take a day off of work to wait for UPS to show up...2 - 3 hours is reasonable, 12 hours is not "Customer Service". This is a company that is being run by the employees not the employer. I have been introduced to 12 people within your organization over 1 package and still have not receive it.

I’ve talked to 11+ people within UPS 2 week spending 5+ hours of my time on the phone.

First call - Rob - Told me that a kindergarden kid could figure it out why couldn’t I…… he would reveal his employee number. (1.2 hours)
- 2 minutes later.
- Nicole - I asked her to repeat the information on my file and asked for Rob’s information. She told me she had no idea who he was and there was no notes on the file. After this I waited on hold to talk with a manger and that is when I met Clowie.
- Clowie (MNL1DXM) I asked her if she was management or supervisor and she replied “Yes I ‘am a manager which is above the supervisor”. She explain to me that the package was going to be redirected because we got it before it hit the port. She also explain to me that Rob’s boss was Luis (MNLLUB) and she would have him call me ASAP.

Then tracking the package I seen that it was going to Prince George BC which meant it was going to the wrong address. This is when I made another call to UPS to find out what was going on.
- Erica (VBC1EJF) - I asked her what was going on with my package and she told me it is in route to Fort St John BC for delivery. I asked her for the information on the file and she said that there was no notes other than the issue I wanted to file about Rob. This means that Clowie didn’t do anything about this package after she said it was looked after and the address change was done and I should see it in Edmonton in a few days. At this point Erica transferred me to Raymond (MNL1RXS) which was supposedly a manager.
- Raymond (MNL1RXS) - Thanking with Raymond he explain to me that Clowie was a supervisor not management and explain to me that they can’t re-route the package and it needs to go back to the supplier for them to resend. I explained to him with tracking # 1Z90630RDK97472143 was from the same company and shipped to the same wrong address was re-routed to Alberta from BC without any issues. Raymond then explained to me that Luis (MNLLUB) was Rob’s boss about the way he had talked to me on the phone, wouldn’t provide his ID# and then hung up the phone and Raymond had told me he sent an email for Luis to call me but I told him I would wait on the line After 38 minutes I talked with Luis (MNLLUB).
- Luis (MNLLUB) - manager supposedly - I explain the situation to Luis assuming I would get somewhere with this but history repeats itself and after arguing with Luis for an hour he tells me “ I am going to end this call” and I told him he can’t hang up the phone on me…..the line went dead.

And yes another call was made. I call the number again and asked to speak with Luis manger and while I was on hold guess who calls me back and acts oblivious to the conversation 2 minutes ago……Luis. I was flabbergasted, he told me that there was a request for a call back to my number. I told him “are you kidding me? you don’t pay any attention to whom you talk to?” Someone that argues with someone else for an hour and then calls this person back and has no recollection of the call 2 minutes ago is not looking after the best interests of the company. I told him who I was and that he hung up the phone on me and I quote Luis’s response……”No I didn’t” and then we argued about it for 15 minutes and he denied it the entire conversation so I told him I wanted to talk with his boss and that is when I met Francis (MNL1NEA).
- Francis (MNL1NEA) [protected]) After repeating myself about the same issue, Francis changed the information that Clowie was suppose to do days ago and then I seen the information change in 5 minute with the tracking number. Let’s recall that Clowie said it was done. Francis explain to me that he would have Clowie call be back in this issue and explain to me why she lied to me about what wasn’t done. 1.5 weeks later Clowie still has not called me back.

The package at this point continued to the wrong address and then I called again
- Amber (Canada 3473 Chain Manager) She explain to me that even with the address change they couldn’t change it because it had not stopped in the canadian port and it was continuing to be delivered to Fort St John BC. She also told me after I explain to her the above information over the last week that she would note this on the file and get back to me. After the conversation on phone today, none of this information was put into the file and none of it is being dealt with.

The one thing I have learned about UPS over the last 14 days is they play telephone tag with the customer until he gets tired of the ### operation that is being run. There is absolutely no accountability and no follow up from employes to management. I have come to a conclusion that everyone within the company is covering all the negative information up to prevent the cooperate level from seeing how incompetent their people are within the organization. To prove this several hours were wasted over “1” tracking number and this is better know as non-productive time. When you are having website built so people can go voice their experiences with UPS and it’s all negative that’s not a good way to keep a company running. You all tell us to send your concerns to UPS and things will be done……..100’s of thousands of complaints are on the websites and nothing is changing. Do all these email’s get re-routed to the trash as spam? If you do see it I guess you don’t have to deal with it.

Jun 18, 2014 11:12 am
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UPS Toronto is horrible! Stay away from that service. I place an order in 4 different occasion and the stores only delivery through ups. I never got the package. In all 4 occasion UPS show in their web page that nobody answer and they attempted 3 times. what a lie!. plus they never leave a note. avoid ups service. is the worst and customer service is really really bad
is safer and better with canada post. I order from all over the world and I have no problem with canada post.

Dec 23, 2013 8:56 am

The package I've been waiting came in at a destination depot already, supposed to be delivered the next day right on time. Suddenly the tracking says "Departure scan", then went to another province! WTF!

My daughter who's supposed to receive it from me as a Christmas gift is leaving the night of the delivery date. Now I have to spend more on shipping.

The package was here in the city already, how could some ###ic employee(s) do this?

Dec 03, 2013 12:30 pm
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Ruined Christmas for me 2 years ago, hope to God it doesn't happen again (Grits teeth in angst) I wish I had a photo of the parcel when found, let me tell yaa I was not happy! I had ordered something from a catalogue and specified please send it Canada post as id heard how bad UPS could be, they sure didn't prove me wrong. The company ignored my request and sent it UPS anyway...rrrrr! (Wont ever buy from them again -cough lee- cough valley. I kept checking my tracking because the parcel was a present for my hubby. I was a stay at home mom at the time too so theres no excuse that they couldnt get a hold of me. I waited and waited it said the package was to be delivered that day, wait all day no package, then wait the whole next day nope, then the next day I start getting worried and I look online, package successfully delivered? so I phoned UPS and they then informed me that the driver can leave it and sign on my behalf? WHAT THE HELLS THE POINT OF HAVING SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION THEN? (Yelling @ UPS if theyre reading this!) So Where the hell is it? Sure enough my hubby comes in from outside with a half soggy box as whoever left it put it in the snow on my deck. (YOU ###!) Thank-God it wasn't a perishable, or electronic! But there went Christmas because my hubby found it and it was his present. So story doesn't stop there, this year I order an apple product unaware they ship through UPS (Good freekin gravey!) I would have went direct to the apple store if id have known alas too late. So heres the most recent dilemma I have with UPS: Oh this time its the in-town distributer heres my google review on their company to tell this most recent story, and let me tell you next time ill make sure if any company ship UPS I'll never buy from them!
(Toy store/ distribution center review:) As a UPS distributer these people should be taken off the list! I have a sick 3 year old at home and received an email that my UPS shipment is in, I work in the afternoon, this was morning time, I had just come from that area of town where Id seen the woman finish shovelling the walk in front of the store around 9am. The area was really dead so I knew the store shouldn't be busy. I tried to phone the store to ask a few questions about UPS, and see if I could come pick up my parcel as last time UPS delivered a parcel they shoved my package in the snow and signed off on it as delivered, I found it days later half melted so I don't trust UPS and didn't want this to reoccur. So I phoned like 5 + times within an hour, knowing that there's a huge snowstorm and no one is driving let alone shopping. This is the first business in town that has 1. never gotten back to me, after leaving two urgent messages 2. the answering system had many rings before the answering machine kicked in, then suddenly next time I called it was down to 3 rings, then suddenly straight to message, so now I know she's rudely avoiding me. I bundle up my sick little girl drive down to find an empty store, and a rude woman full of excuses, then she starts in on me like I'm the bad guy for being upset that she cant pick up a phone? Oh and that I have an attitude problem? How dare you! So she quickly looked through the parcels, its not here! She replies snidely, Do you have a yellow card? (No I don't and didn't know I needed one that's why I tried phoning you five + times to ask what I need to get my parcel. So I said ok I'll keep an eye out and check back, as I'm leaving and she replies in a snobby childish way, "You just go ahead and do that then." So I said Here if you're going to be rude I'm phoning your manager to complain about you! And she informs me she is the manager and in fact owns the place. Oh really, so that gives you the incentive to treat potential customers like crap? I worked customer service and the first words out of my mouth if there was a problem were; "I'm sorry it got a bit busy, how can I make it up to you, or how can I help you?" Oh and if the phone rang I would answer it and say; Can I call you back or put you on hold for a moment? In my opinion this is immature and inexcusable customer service especially for a distribution center for UPS and I think Fed ex? I also will never spend my money in their store ever. Even though I do not like UPS I will be complaining to them as well as that's a load of bollox, you cant get a hold of people with simple questions and concerns, and then you're treated like that?


UPS Canada is the worst Courier ever. Cleared a $30 M-Size shirt for $12.21. Ordered the same in XL, to clear it was $42.34. Absolute crooks, will never use them again.
Anyone but UPS.


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