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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Delivery’s delay for 2 weeks and bad customer service

My delivery by TNT has been delayed for more than two weeks. It's really urgent. I'm at home anytime in the past two weeks and I can receive all my parcels on time from other courier companies. I've tried to arrange it for 23 Mar, 1 Apr, 4 Apr 2020 on your tracking system but you just didn't deliver it and I didn't get any notice from you. I've tried to contact your customer service for 9 times but she just didn't help me.

My email address is [protected]@163.com and consignment number is [protected], postcode is NE1 2TT.

Please find Rebecca Enock
Customer Service Representative
TNT UK Northern Europe
Tel: +[protected].
for details.


This is not resolved but I just didn’t realize your TNT courier only only have bad service but display personal data

worst communication and customs clearance service ever!!!

I usually use DHL to get my products into South Africa and never had any problems at all! Now, my new supplier chose TNT to deliver to SA and I end up with loads of problems - hotline extremely unfriendly and does not understand easily, everything has to be explained several times, they used wrong email address and then phoned a wrong cell number with the result of heavy delays. They do not answer to my emails - and you have to write to them several times and beg them to please answer. The hotline is available but when they put you through to the responsible person NOBODY picks up the phone. And I am now still waiting for my goods and response by TNT.
I can only recommend to pay the higher fees of DHL or any more professional courier service instead of shipping with TNT - I will NEVER use this company again.

stolen goods

I am appalled and furious. On 11 July 2019 a package was collected by TNT in SA, Jhb. To be shipped to me in Plano, Texas, USA. Tracking nr GD999265765WW. I received the package today on 12 August 2019. I opened the FedEx box which it arrived in, only to find the inner box was opened and someone had stolen my goods. The value of this package was R5, 500-00

stolen goods
stolen goods
stolen goods

customs clearance

It seems complaining won't help, but I'm going to take a chance; My consignment arrived on the 26th of July...


My parcel has been sitting in head office or clearance from 26th april. I contacted them on the 29th after my...

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luminaires from greece order cai 937208 for ppwk - cxl | order cai 937206 for goods - awb# [protected]

Dear Sirs,
Was my first time to deal with TNT Egypt . They had not bad presentation about their services and they were so frankly when they declared that they are good in shipment but very bad in customs clearance so they advised me to clear any orders on my own way.Accordingly i accepted as i have a benefit that me as a diplomatic case i take advantage that i have fees exception.
Thankfully, under your direction we had couple of shipment reached safely and we cleared them .
Now, my last order (Luminaires from Greece Order CAI 937208 for PPWK -CXL || Order CAI 937206 for goods - AWB# [protected] ) had been released and asking me to pay the customs fees !!!The reason that the order was released in night shift !!! what am i suppose to do.!!!
It has been 2 months now and nothing is solved although i have supported the team with all documents needed to finalize their work with the customs !!! ... now we are bearing all penalties we are paying for the shipment late because of your bad system. Why you have custom cleared it and you know that you are weak in such branch...

Please advice as this was the first time to face such problems that i never faced with other companies.

tnt [protected] // mawb [protected] // laser graphics not received

RE: TNT [protected] // MAWB [protected] // LASER GRAPHICS Complaint : TNT China Cheating We are Laser...

Doha Airlines

impatient and rude staff

Called for a despatch from my Singapore office to Pasir Gudang. It was my first time calling for such courier services. The call operator got impatient when I failed to provide the exact details to her expectations and speed. Fine, I had plan to let it slide but the courier guy's attitude was the last straw.

He had passed me the airway bill for me to fill up and the address was longer than what we had to write for mailings to a local address. He got peeved and walked off, saying he'll be back before the end of business for the day. Before that, he sarcastically mentioned, "Wow, taking ages to fill a form!". I was too busy to even respond to him but thinking of it in the aftermath makes my blood boil.

These 2 episodes seriously spoiled my otherwise peaceful day. I was attending to some work-related stuff requiring my immediate attention as well. All he have to do was to take 5 mins of his time and everything would have been settled by now. I'm PATIENTLY waiting for him to return and collect my 100g parcel.

Would seriously contemplate on whether to call TNT the next time I require such service. Very poor attitude and service.

Ref no. (quoted by operator): 281739
Airway bill no.: GD [protected] WW


Dear all very sad and disappoint to tell that TNT is not a professional organisation any more. We have a shipment #[protected] stuck in custom in India from last 10 day. We are continues taking follow ups regarding the same, provided all the information and document needed. Still we are not getting any information regarding the shipment. They don't respond properly on call, they keep asking for "" GST and AD code"" which we have provided 1 week ago.
This is an urgent shipment for our project. But the executives never check from their side and keep harrassing the customers


I would like to make a serious complaint about one of the TNT lorry drivers - PK61 WKU I was driving along...

service delays and lack of answers from customer service

AWB Nos:--
GD329 686 288WW/pick up date: 8th March 2018/Tianjin, China
GD329 686 291WW pick up date: 10th March 2018/Tianjin, China

Destination: Cotonou, Republic of Benin, West Africa

The usual time to deliver a simple document package is 4days on any premier courier service.

The online tracking for both the above are NOT giving any conclusive details.
Your customer representative offices of Cotonou does not have a clue on the whereabouts of the packages!

Kindly update on the problems, reasons for the delay and also the likely date of delivery of the courier package.

shipping from new zealand to italy

One mouth ago I sent back to Italy from New Zealand my personal goods. I spend almost 600$. The company stop...

driving issues

I would like to complain about one of your drivers. He was driving today in vehicle PL13 FVP in Lincolnshire near the A15 Haconby at approximately 12pm.
I was travelling along the A15 towards Morton and your driver was waiting at the junction at Haconby onto the A15.
There is no way he did not see me, I had my headlights on and he looked towards me and as I got within 50 metres he pulled out in front of me and then drove extremely slowly along the main road. He then turned off into Morton.
This was extremely dangerous driving and gives your firm a bad name I think.
Thank you for taking time to read this and hope this sort of driving is stopped.
KJ Sleight


delivery delay and customer service does not respond on their promised time.

My Shipment GD119620830 Collected from Italy 31st July 2017 On TNT website shows delivery 4th Aug 2017 Today...

no delivery

I am still waiting for my two parcels. It has almost been 3 weeks now. I am getting not feedback nothing. I demand to know what it going on. Their system have apparently crashed, but that is just their excuse for no service delivery. They gave me a whats up number to use which has also just ignored me flat. I want 3 weeks worth of income reimbursed to me as I could do no business. I had to give away free products due to the fact they never delivered my parcels!!! I want it delivered today!!! Tracking numbers: [protected] and [protected] phone me on + [protected]

I was taking to an employee on whats app and this is a message I just reveived from them! How shocking!!

Mam we are still waiting for a feedback from customs. Secondly, I don't appreciate your unpleasant messages. I will block you if you continue using offensive language when communicating with me.

express international freight

Parcel scheduled for collection from Tyma CZ, 0n 26/06/17 for shipment to Belting Ware, Cape Town. South...

consignment note: [protected] long overdue

Dear TNT Customer Service,

We have been customer of TNT for 3 years.

We are now undergoing trouble for consignment note [protected]. Arrived in Jakarta since 28 May 2017. Have been told to wait until 12 days and then TNT staff told that needs formal clearance process. Waiting 12 days just to be told that, are you really serious? Then finally delivered on 19/6/2017 (more than 20 days since arrival in Jakarta). Happy? Not yet. They told that they have made mistake and the goods need to be delivered back to TNT because custom clearance process is not yet finished, maybe not even started. Now they will take the goods back. I can only hope and cry. My customer has been accusing me of liar because of this.

Hope can be resolved as soon as possible. I have repeatedly beg your TNT staff to accelerate the process of this AWB.

Anybody reads this can help resolving this issue please?


Best Regards,
Christian K (PT. Kenkad) - [protected]
TNT Account: 116295 (PT. Kenkad)

consignment note: [protected] - loss of 1 out of 3 cartoons

This is a letter I receive from TNT 3 weeks goods being collected. Three cartons were collected, two small...

charles barkley

TNT announced that it was providing a show for Charles Barkley to host a show on race in America. Really? Are...

failure to compensate for or accept complaint about lost consignment

The logistics company TNT lost my passport renewal application (shipment number [protected]). It contained my...