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United Parcel Service aka UPS handling of damaged package — UPS questionable handling of damaged goods

3/25/2020 I am the shipper. I sent a box to a customer and received an exception notice that the package was damaged. I read on to see where the "damaged"merchandise was discarded...

complain about non delivery of package and rude customer service — Non Delivery of Package and Unethical Behaviour of Customer Service

Tracking Number - 1ZRV97670398964060

The package was originally addressed to my office but since I missed the delivery, I re-routed it to my home address with instructions to delivery by Monday, 03/23/2020, the latest. I paid extra $6 for change of delivery.

Today (03/23/2020), I waited from 8 a.m. to 9:00 pm for the package to be delivered as it reads "Scheduled Delivery 03/23/2020 - by End of Day." I patiently waited all day and decided to call and speak with a representative to track my package.

After almost an hour of being on hold, finally I was able to speak to a representative who introduced herself as REMY. I hardly can hear her and repeatedly informed her to louder her voice a little, she too cannot speak correct English...being a Filipino I could tell that Remy is a Filipino too and my call was routed to UPS Call Center in the Philippines which by the way she admitted that my call is routed to the Philippines. She cannot offer me any information but instead kept telling me that my package be delivered tomorrow (03/24/2020). While I calmly talk to her, she was in a hurry to end my call and kept trying to end it!!! I was still asking information about my refund of $6.00 since the delivery was not performed as answer from her thus, I requested my call to be escalated to her team leader or supervisor and reminded her not to end my call because I wanted to speak with her supervisor...she was ignoring my request and instead kept on recapping our conversation and suddenly ended my call.

I am frustrated with the non delivery of my package as scheduled today and even became more furious talking to an idiot customer service from the Philippines.

I need the package by tomorrow because those are important documents I need to submit by 03/25/2020.

Jacquelyn Bituin-Espiritu

Driver — Aggressive, abusive driver

Driver left two notices. Both times I was at work. He didn't get the gist that I may be working so I took next day off. I was in my garage when he pulled up and walked to my front porch. I looked up at him and he yelled, "Don't come near me! Stay away!" He's afraid of the Coronavirus. I'm in my garage wondering how I'm going to sign for this package if I can't go near him. So I waited. I looked out again and he yelled at me again and said, "I don't care if I sound rude. Don't come near me." So he's standing at my front porch scribbling something on his paperwork, and my phone rang. It was my son‘s doctors office calling. I answered the phone and the driver started yelling at me to get off the phone and tell him my first and last name. So I held my finger up to say one minute. He was deliberately yelling over top of me so I couldn't hear my phone call. I went through the back of my garage and into the backyard and finished the call with my son's doctor. When I came back out maybe 60 seconds later, the driver was gone and he took my package. He left no paperwork telling me where I can pick my package up. There was medical equipment for my son in that package. Now I can't get a live person on the phone to find out where my son's medical equipment is.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]Driver doing 50 mph in residential neighborhood

Truck number 672400, Tag Number GCB410.

On March 6th was driving at an extreme high rate of speed down my street. I live is a residential neighborhood where kids and people in general walk, ride bikes etc... I have never seen a truck or a UPS truck run through the neighborhood at such a high rate of speed. It had to be 45 to 50 mph. I drove to meet the driver and ask him if he could slow down and that kids are in the neighborhood. He said I didn't see any kids like that makes it ok to speed like this. If a kid walk out into the street he would have killed them. His attitude was terrible and he became verbally aggressive when I asked him for his name and truck number. He yelled I don't have to give you anything. So I proceeded to take tag number and truck number picture. This driver is a huge liability to your company. I use UPS all the time and your brand is everything these days, I would not want this driver representing my company with the attitude he has or the lawsuit waiting to happen with doing 50mph is a 15 to 20 mph area. Later in the day I saw him again going down my street doing the same thing, when he saw me he kinda slowed it down, but not really.

I hope you all actually use this information, if you dont its only a matter of time before he hurts somebody and UPS gets a law suit. Hopefully its not my kids or me.

UPS ShippingPackage Delivery

I was waiting for my UPS delivery expected by end of 2/28/2020.
Driver stated that he tried to deliver but not at all true.Someone even changed expected deliveryI am now not able to receive my package.
I think driver was too lazy to deliver this package.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — Guaranteed delivery

I ordered a car part from Amazon on 2/18/20 and was guaranteed delivery by Friday 2/21/20. When it did not arrive I called the CS number on Saturday and they said the UPS office...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]Reckless driver

At approximately 4:25 in Pittsburgh PA the driver of truck no. 138138 recklessly pulled out in front of me nearly hitting me then proceeded to flip me the bird and curse at me. Clearly his fault for not waiting for traffic to allow him to merge and then acted like a complete [censored]. Not a good represenative of UPS. Would be glad to talk to anybody about this incident.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — Delivery

UPS driver was 3 hours earlier than quote with a package that needed to be signed for. Called customer service who said I could pick it up @6pm. Then the local store says I...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]be forewarned "before" using ups stores

It is absolutely incomprehensible that an organization like ups, would allow their franchises stores to rack up thousands of complaints, & yet think it has zero direct impact on the ups brand itself. We used a ups store for the 1st time, & then noted that not 1 single solitary shipment of the 5 we shipped, was even "remotely" charged at the rate listed by using the ups online "quote" option. None of the 5 were billed at the "actual" weight, even though the "actual" weight is clearly listed on the receipt. All 5 were charged at an artificial "billable" weight, which was "at least 50% higher" in some addition, the ups website listed a $4.50 "delivery area surcharge", but the ups store charged a surcharge of $8.50 — almost double. We contacted ups for an explanation the reply we received was both illuminating, & so totally infuriating that we will never set foot in another ups store again. Her is the reply from ups: "be advised that ups store locations are independently owned & operated. For any information you must contact them directly. They may charge additional fees for shipping services, & fees for services may vary by location. Please note ups is not liable or responsible for any ups store".
In other words: ups is eager & willing to let stores tie themselves to the ups brand, but if "anything" goes wrong, ups has zero intentional of standing behind their franchise operations. What a totally sleazy operation & misuse of consumer trust. Ups should be ashamed of itself. Never again will we patronize a ups store or ups itself. Only fedex from now on.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]Delivery attempt with Signature

Driver tried to deliver package requiring signature. I was not home. SO instead of leaving slip that they would try to deliver next day. They decided to leave package at CVS with is 15 minutes drive from my house. Called customer service, explain my issues. was told that the way it is going forward. I could opt out, by telling my vendor that I do not want package to de left at drop zone.

My issue, is if I pay tp have package delivered to my house, why should I drive to pick it up and have to ask my vendor for special arrangements.

This is what happens with delivery companies get so big, that the customer is second to all their view.

I will avoid using UPS 100% of the time.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — truck drivers turning around in my driveway

Dear UPS Customer Service, I complained numerous occasions about UPS drivers turning in my driveway. My driveway cannot handle the weight of the trucks, and can potentially...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]next day air

01/31/20 delivery with signature required from Charlestown, IN 47111 to Media, PA 19063. Driver left package without obtaining signature after ringing doorbell once. I could not get to door on time. 02/06/2020 delivery from Philadelphia, PA 19104. Package left without ringing doorbell. Both deliveries perishable, costly medication. Theft? Exposure?

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery to wrong address

Tracking #1Z81EF10212463656 was delivered 1/31/19 to my neighbor's house by mistake. His address is 17163 and ours is 17143 SE 110th Ct Rd Summerfield FL 34491. We went to get it from him today. This delivering our packages to his address has been going on for over a year. Recently we had at least 5 packages delivered to 17163 rather than 17143. We need this to stop!!! We need another delivery person if our current guy can't deliver to the right address. Afterall that IS his job.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]failed to do what they said.

On Tuesday 1/28/20 I received an email stating that an adult signature was required on my package, It also stated that it would be delivered between 03:15 PM and 07:15 PM On Wednesday 1/29/20. On Wednesday at 12;22 PM while I was at the grocery store UPS attempted delivery almost 3 hours before they stated they would. I received another email stating that they would attempt delivery on Thursday 1/30/20. BETWEEN 03:15 PM AND 07:15 PM AGAIN!!!
Since Thursday was not possible for me, I went on-line to change the delivery day to Friday. I got it all done and then they wanted me to PAY $6.00 to change delivery to Friday! I contacted customer service and after the usual automated assistant I got to a real person (heavy accent) They said someone would call me. Later a woman did call me, she stated that they do not set a time window. So you can not believe what they tell you. SO I guess they intentionally lie to you. When I told her that I tried to change the delivery date so they wouldn't waste their time and gas to attempt another delivery but they wanted to charge me $6.00 to do it, she just ignored it and said she would change the delivery to Friday. Well, We'll see what happens but I have very little faith in UPS.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]improper delivery

On 1/27/2020 @12:45pm a delivery truck pulled into my drive set for 2 min then proceeded to pull out the gate and stopped at the gate for a couple seconds and proceeded to drive off. I then watched the gate entrance and noticed a pkg on the ground beside the trash dumpster. I then walked out to the road to the dumpster and found my pkg had been thrown on the ground beside the dumpster like trash. I do not understand why the UPS driver didn't even try to deliver the pkg rather than driving out to the entrance and throwing it to the ground like trash.

improper delivery
improper delivery
improper delivery

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]text messages regarding ups package delivery

On the surface it appears I received a genuine UPS text message to my phone alerting me to a delivery and requesting delivery instructions.

On examination it appears to be fraud and attempt to gain more information by pointing me to an attached link.

UPS is supposed to protect my telephone number, name, and other info as personally protected info (PPI) so I would not receive fraud or phishing messages.

It appears that your database of customer telephone numbers may have been compromised!

If you are interested in reviewing the text message before I tweet it to the world, please contact me at [protected]

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery

a parcel was suppose of been delivered on January 15, 2020 and it wasn't . I waited the whole day in my home for the delivery and they never showed up. The delivered was rescheduled for January 16, 2020 delivery and again they never showed up. I wasted two days waiting for a parcel. The driver took it to a UPS Depot which was even further away then my apartment and they wanted me to walk over there and get it in the snow. I don't drive and I'm 71 years old with disabilities. Then they said they would deliver tomorrow but wouldn't give me a time when it would be delivered so they expected me to wait aroung again for the whole day for a POSSIBLE DELIVERY. UPS has the parcel. Crap service!!! Don't use them . O contacted the the seller and told them what happened and told him to get the parcel back from UPS and return my money... DON'T USE UPS!!!


  • Updated by Cran Campbell · Jan 19, 2020

    Below is an outline with the service I received from this company. Online I see thousands of complaints against this company but here it is they are still operating here in Canada. Why?

    I had an item ordered online it was supposed to be delivered on January 15, 2020. I never got the delivery. It was again suppose of been delivered on January 16, 2020 and what I received from Ups was an email saying it was delivered. It was delivered to an UPS Depot about a mile away from my home the driver never tried to deliver the package to my place and took it to the depot even before the closing time of delivers of 7 pm. The email was around 5 pm. There was no attempt to deliver it here. UPS Canada calls this delivered when it really is supposed to be delivered to my door.

    At the age of 71 with some disabilities, I find this outrageous that this company thinks this is a service, a delivery service, and here it is operating within Canada. The road was ploughed where I live (see pictures) and Shaw Cable had no problems coming here on January 16, 2020.

    Right now they have rescheduled another delivery date but what irritates me is this company believes people have no better things to do but to wait the WHOLE day for a delivery, as I did, for 2 days and continue to wait when in fact it was supposed to be delivered the first day. Is this what Canadians have pride in and call Canadian business? Their license should be taken away from them. As I mentioned there is lots of complaints online against this company and I wish to know why they are still operating in Canada.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery

UPS should do better in this Age of Delivery. Sent a birthday present from Toronto to London, England. Claimed value $60. Cost to send - $81 at UPS store! Half dozen emails from UPS in U.K. - can't deliver despite correct address. First excuse, 'duty and taxes' owed (baloney.) Then, 'COD' owing (it was prepaid!) Recipient paid 'COD' charge of 31 GBP on phone! Then UPS needed 'adult' signature???. Missed birthday by 1 week. Three+ long calls to Customer Service. Lots of 'files' but NO DELIVERY until 2 weeks after send. UPS was DOWN for me.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]wrong address was placed

Hello my name Ms Rita E Bethany I am not complainting about guy I talk to. This on wrong address for delievery at 1256 Metcalf Bonx NY. I want the package not to be delievey there resend it to Rita Bethany at 910 N Mittman in San Antonio TX 78202 so I can readdress to proper address. Please this is very important I receive this package back. Because merchandise is a cellphone.
I would have cut the service off. I got wrong infromation to send.
Yours Truely
Rita Bethany
PS: Don"t delievery to this address 1256 Metcalf please called me at [protected] please or text me.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]the worst customer service, charged me extra only to abandon my parcel

They don't care about customers. They charged me almost $20 only to let me know when I logged in to my online account: "Your parcel is abandoned and will be disposed of or go to lost and found department." I called to ask where is the lost and found department so that I can pick it up. The agent on the phone won't let me know.

I asked them to help update my address where they can deliver the parcel. I have been trying to retrieve it because I need it.
Does that mean or sound like I abandoned the parcel?!!!

They lied and said that they had been trying to contact me. I didn't receive a single phone call or message from UPS!!!

They kept telling me to contact the sender or the shipper by myself. Of course, I had contacted the sender multiple times but what can the sender do when the parcel was already shipped out and it's in UPS hands now?!!

I contacted them because I needed help to find my parcel and deliver my package. My only hope to find better help. None. No help. Nothing is productive and no further information has been given. No solution is given as to what they can do to help. They kept saying "You need to contact the sender." I don't get it. How difficult or complicated is it for them to understand what I told them: I have already contacted the sender.

I have been contacting back and forth between UPS and the sender/seller. The seller sent me proof that they have contacted UPS and that they have changed my address.
I unwillingly called UPS again (praying something would be better or improved from last time) for an update. Nothing...disappointed but not surprised.

I don't understand. I updated my online account on UPS website and I gave them my alternate address on my online account: UPS My Choice. I tried to request the agent on the phone to take my new address because they said that they didn't see my new address. Instead of taking my new address ON THE PHONE at THAT moment, they kept telling me to contact the seller so that the seller changed the address. Really? I have contacted the sender.

It's been really unproductive and emotionally exhausting. I feel hopeless. I need my package. I paid extra for Express shipping, but I've been waiting for a month. UPS charged me $19 in order to reveal more information that "Your parcel has been abandoned."

Headache. Pain. I will never ever again use UPS service.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups package delivery

To Whom It May Concern (UPS);

My Amazon package usually ships via Amazon Prime delivered without a hitch by UPS. This particular Amazon package (#1ZX601X80353435393) for some reason is handled terribly by UPS; your organization that exists solely
based on satisfactory deliveries of packages. I'm very hesitant to write
this letter but it seems to UPS no one gives a care so I thought I make it
clear that it is unacceptable for a service organization to not service
their customers at a professional and acceptable level. My package was to
reach my designated location as of January 3rd while I was home the whole
time, the UPS delivery driver decided to place an incorrect address comment in the UPS system. As of today, January 8th, my package is nowhere near my hands or location. The worst part, every time I initiate a phone call to UPS, I am dealt with the utmost disrespect and unprofessionalism that NO CUSTOMERS should EVER endure for wanting their package. For UPS to stay in business in the new year of 2020, UPS must make every effort in delivering satisfactory customer service if not the utmost professionalism.

I hope my package will eventually make it to my specific destination as
I've requested.


Not Satisfied Customer

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — ups jan 2020

On the last two occasions ups said that they attempted delivery but nobody home so I waited all day for nothing. I was home all day and they were delivering two pairs of levi...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]non-delivery

I'm so sick of UPS and I will NEVER use them again! Christmas 2018 I shIpped a box from FL to IN to my daughter and grandkids and whoever delivered it DEFINITELY didnt pay any attention to my instructions of putting it on the back porch and instead it got left on her frontporch, in broad daylight, and of course it got stolen. I got NO text telling me it had gotten delivered, ket alone 2 days early! So when that Friday came, I asked my daughter if she got the box. Nope! So when I tracked it, it said delivered, front porch, 2 days earlier. Then we figured out it was stolen. It was a HUGE box with over $500 of presents in it. Granted, I did t add extra insurance, so I finally received $120 for the shipping costs. Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and they again screwed up my daughter and grandkids Christmas. The box this year was 1 of 2 big boxes again, only this time I had them shipped to her work because shes in charge of packages there. 1 box of the 2 made it, which was a box to my son and mom in IN. The other box, which was my daughters, was 'lost' although I sent the EXACT dimension boxes to the SAME person to the SAME address and somehow the box was lost. Yesterday I got a call from an Amazon return center saying they have my box and are sending it to UPS. Today its finally in transit to her. I have so much more to this complaint, but you get the just. I actually added extra insurance this year also. I'm now looking into using it at least filling a formal complaint with corporate. This is TWO years in a row that they've has to open an investigation for my daughters Christmas and it literally wore me down this time. NEVER AGAIN!

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery of a package and customer support service

Ref #[protected]-package was NOT delivered. After being on hold for over 30 minutes to speak with a supervisor (1-3-20), I was told it's up to drivers whether or not to leave a package. I live in an old house that has 3 separate apartments. It has an enclosed front porch and a back porch. The package could have been left inside either porch. I was told the package was at a nearby UPS delivery store. It was not; this was Friday; they said it would be re-delivered Monday. That is unacceptable! I called back at 8:00 PM Friday night and was on hold for over 25 minutes and was told again since it was an apartment, the driver didn't feel comfortable leaving it. There are 2 ENCLOSED!!! porches. How could he not leave the package. I've been here 18 months and have had dozens of packages delivered. What was the problem with UPS that they couldn't leave it on the porch. Horrible delivery service and horrible customer support service - the worst!!!

United Parcel Service of Americadriver delivers to wrong house

It's been 2 times now in 2 weeks that my UPS driver dropped my pkg to
404 Southwick St when my address is
406 Southwick St. Latest pkg was tonight around 4:30pm. Unlike last time, calling Amazon claims, etc, I looked at my neighbor's porch and there is was!!! My house has visible # on it and so does my neighbor. Am I supposed to stop using Amazon now cause u cant deliver correctly? I am expecting 2 pkgs tomorrow from Amazon, lets hope driver puts on correct porch this time!!!
Cheryl Reiss
406 Southwick St
Raritan, NJ 08869

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups does not knock

There should be a zero star rating just for UPS. Never had a good experience with this company. Most recent misadventure my wife worked from home for the day, waiting for an expensive & important package that was signature required (sender chose the shipping company, we would never have willingly given UPS the business). She looked up to see the brown truck driving away, and found an 'infonotice' sticker on the door. There is no way she missed a knock on the door, and even less chance that our two dogs, who bark at a leaf falling in the neighbor's yard, wouldn't have heard it. Called customer service twice to try and get a second delivery attempt, was told I would get a call from local distribution center. You know neither happened. Worst company I have ever dealt with. This is why I always ship with USPS Priority Mail. Cost is less, speed is better, and the Postal Service actually tries to deliver your packages.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups shipping

UPS Is the most garbage package delivery service I have dealt with in my life. I recently had a packaged being shipped to me and I was notified that an incorrect zip code was corrected and that the package was continuing on its way. I tracked the package the entire way up until the day of delivery when it was in the next town over. At this point, I received an email that the package could not be delivered and was being returned to sender in California... I live in Connecticut. I called UPS to inquire about it and was told that though the address was correct in the system, the label was still incorrect. Wtf?!???? So what exactly was the point of changing it in the system if this would not be able to impact the delivery of the package?!? Furthermore, I was never notified by UPS or the sender that there was anything that I could do or needed to do before hand, else I would have done so and saved all this time of having the package sent back to the sender. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that I had the option but that I'd be told the same thing. It was suggested that I call the shipper to request that they divert the package. The shipper told me that this was false because UPS had already marked the package to be returned to sender with a new tracking number and so forth. So now, my package, which was allowed to come all the way to the town over from me, is being sent back and absolutely no one can do anything about it.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ebay shipment

Tracking number 1ZXA36220379475015 shows last scanned and in Lenexa, Ks on December 11, 2019, this is Jelly in jars that should not freeze, seller would not find out why not delivered, so I am complaining for myself. address to be delivered to Ellen M. Kincaid, 2018 Holman St., St. Joseph, Mo [protected] text is fine. I would appreciate my items if they are not damaged, if they are, please issue a claim to seller and they can replace or refund my money

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]driver roosevelt bruno

This is Chevrolet dealership that receives many package through UPS — This morning I was at the Parts Department window with a internal problem and your driver interrupted forcing his way to the front when told to wait minute he proceeded to try to go around me to get to the person I was in a conversation when told to wait again he became rude and still pushing — I asked his name and where to call and make a complaint — I called got a Brandon on the phone who acted just as rude about the problem, would not listen told me to call back when I wasn't so upset — his altitude was what added to problem all he had to say was thank you he would speak to driver — He was very obvious letting me know he did not care one bit about my call — I run the local Chevrolet dealership and I often take packages to your local center and everyone is always polite _ I am shocked but the mannerism and lack of concern by the driver and Management — Brandon was the contact at the center. Mike Dallett GM Docs Chevrolet [protected]

[Resolved] United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery truck damaging driveway

Dec 28, 2019. Delivery to 10394 Holt, Chapel Hill, NC 27517. The truck came down the driveway to leave a package by the front door. Sometime between maybe 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Something on the chassis of the truck scored the concrete driveway and the decorative stone in three places; literally scratching the concrete and stone. And the truck then left black tire marks on the way out. Only one package was delivered, so there is no question it was a UPS truck. Attached are four pictures. Three show the damage. One is of the label of the package that was delivered.
I would like to be reimbursed for the cost of repairing the stone and concrete. And I would like to ask that UPS agree not to drive trucks on our driveway ; and to walk from the street to the front door.

[name removed]
[address removed] 27517


delivery truck damaging driveway
delivery truck damaging driveway
delivery truck damaging driveway

  • Resolution Statement

    This site is a waste of time. Getting anyone to respond is like pulling teeth.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]lost package

My daughter's wallet was lost or stolen on a flight from NY to CA. Her partner sent alternative ID by overnight delivery so that she would have ID to travel back to NY. It was sent on 12/21. Forget overnight delivery--It did not arrive here in CA at all before she returned to NY on 12/25.

I tried to submit a claim on her behalf and the site instructed me that the package had not arrived at a UPS facility so no claim could be made. So-reluctantly- I called UPS and they agreed to open an investigation. I told them that at a minimum, they needed to refund the fee for shipping immediately; clearly they'd breached their contract to ship the item overnight. Then they told me that any refund or claim had to go through the UPS store from where the package had been shipped. They are attempting to assert that the contract was with the UPS store not UPS. Nice try. Big surprise the UPS store is not agreeing to pay fees associated with acquiring a new id if necessary because "we sent it and did what we had to do." The store is processing a refund which they claim will take 10-15 days. Everyone at UPS insists there is no way to expedite that claim. Since I've had a refund expedited in the past I tend to doubt the veracity of that statement.

Unfortunately this payment was done by debit card. I urge everyone reading to make all charges by credit card if at all possible. I have advised my daughter to dispute the charge but it's much easier and more automatic if you do it by credit card. This is a no brainer and the charge would be reversed instantly. In this case, the payment was taken directly from the bank account and my daughter may get stuck waiting the full 15 days for this refund.

  • Updated by susanco · Dec 26, 2019

    Just FYI in case it's not clear, as of today, the package is lost somewhere in the state of origin.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]late delivery

Last Tuesday (12/17) I paid $34.93 for 2-day delivery to Florida. It was delivered yesterday (12/23). Tracking # was 1ZWA75820244533003. I should get a refund.

John Lundy
1408 Morning Crescent St.
Henderson, NV 89052


Maybe next time I should use Federal Express for my shipping needs. I can understand missing a day or two, but missing the target by 4 days is too much.

  • SubSquirrel Dec 24, 2019

    Did you file a claim with them for late delivery?

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  • Is
    IsThisRealLife Dec 24, 2019

    Hi, I’m a claims administrator for my company. Per UPS.Com, they incorrectly sorted the package. You should escalate the issue to a manager and get a refund.

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United Parcel Service of America [UPS]request to hold package at ups for pu not done

I made a request yesterday for tracking # 1zy873f1034 1662111 to be held at a ups store on s. King san jose, ca for me to pu & got a confirmation for the change in delivery. I made the same request on tracking #1z81f0y30341990404 at the same time & was able pu today at the designated store. I inquired about the package in question at the store & the clerk could only tell me it was out for delivery. A few hours later, I got email notification that it was delivered to the resident address instead. I called customer service & was told that they show change only being received today, too late to correct. I said that I got confirmation yesterday for both packages!!! I asked for the package to be picked up from resident address and deliver to ups store per my original request but was told not possible. I'm being inconvenienced by ups error and this is very terrible customer service. The rep said that the only solution is for the package to be pu and returned to sender... Which would create another problem for me!!! I tried to correct the delivery address before these packages were sent out for delivery. But i'd been given the run around by both the merchant shipper and ups and neither could help me!!! I'm very angry and upset that ups isn't stepping up to correct their own error and satisfying a simple customer request like mine!!!

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups refuses to deliver in northern ontario


UPS Guarantees the following on their website for the UPS Worldwide Saver Service to Canada from the United States.

UPS Worldwide Saver

International express shipments with guaranteed end of day delivery

Next business day delivery by the end of day to Canada
Second business day delivery by end of day to Mexico and major metropolitan areas worldwide
Day-definite delivery by the end of the business day to other locations worldwide, depending on destination
Door-to-door service with in-house customs clearance
Up to three delivery attempts

TOTAL BREECH OF CONTRACT. I ordered a package from the US to be sent to Sudbury, Ontario, a substantially populated city in Northern Ontario. UPS took the package to it's depot in New Hope, and refused any delivery from there. They made NO ATTEMPTS to deliver to the verified address. They refused to provide an address where the item could be picked up. They refused to tell me the location of the package. And after dealing with their RUDE customer service agents, wasting my time & raising my blood pressure, they updated their website that the "Customer Refused Delivery", when THEY REFUSED TO DELIVER.

It's time for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. False Advertising. Breech of Contract. Unjust Enrichment.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — ups store employee

This is regarding UPS store (address - 39962 Cedar Blvd #3363, Newark, CA-94560). Incident date - 18-DEC-2019, Time - around 5pm PST. Employee name - Indee (Andy). That guy...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — Driver rude

I wasn't home to retrieve package my mother was she saw ups driver down the street ask him if he a package for the address listed he said n a rude was yes but i'm can't give it to...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]delivery

I live in New Paltz, N.Y., we had a major snow storm a couple of weeks ago and I tell you your driver parked and walked up my 430 ft. driveway to deliver to my door, he is to be commended. In contrast my last two deliveries were left at the bottom of my driveway that has been cleared and if that driver can't drive up it he needs to turn in his license, I was a truck driver for over thirty years so I know what I am talking about. The first delivery from the second driver was my insulin, you tell me what if someone stole it, next was a very large package also left at the bottom of the driveway, I had to put it on top of my vehicle, I am disabled and hurt my back and ended up in the emergency room. This driver has no pride is his job performance and should be reprimanded. With packages being stolen every day leaving one 430 ft. from the house is not good business. I f this practice keeps up I will direct anyone I deal with to ship with anyone but you. I have known many of your drivers both city and long distance and pride in the industry in waning . I hope you will address this issue promptly.
Richard S. Lecesse Sr.

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] — Non-delivery of packages and fraud at the facility.

UPS never delivered 3 packages at my address. For days the Yorktown facility keeps posting on the shipment progress page that my packages have been delayed due to the weather or...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]late delivery due to ups

track#1Z0845470142608491 was not delivered on time and due to that I lost my client and cost of $ 96.00 for 2 posters that were for an event. Client should have recieved it 12/09/19 Monday 10:30 AM the event was Tuesday early afternoon. The package was delivered 12/10/19 Tuesday @ 7:12 PM, so by the time it was delivered the event was over.
Held up because of address correction but the address was correct and did not need an update address. Please see attachments. UPS did not help me with this I was on hold for almost 25 mins waiting for supervisor. The address modification was not needed and was UPS fault. Who pays for the $ 96.00 cost that I have lost (also lost my client) due to UPS negligence of holding up delivery. My cost for package was $ 96.00 and shipping cost was $ 29.25. I appreciated it if someone other than UPS supervisor can help me on this.. UPS can credit me the delivery amount because it was totally thier fault but why I can't be credited for the cost of posters that was for an event? If UPS was just delayed and or late due to weather I can understand because it is not guaranteed but it was held up due to UPS fault.
Elle Esse Group
Marialyn Wood [protected]
ups acct#44528X

late delivery due to ups
late delivery due to ups

United Parcel Service of America [UPS]ups

I was expecting a package by 10 AM today and it was not delivered. I contacted the sending company and they gave me the UPS tracking number where it was noted that my address had to be verified. When I tried to verify my address, the online system did not let me and advised me to call UPS. When I called, I submitted the tracking number, arranged that I would pick the package up at a UPS center today, and was told by the automated system that a representative would call me in an hour. After an hour, no call. I called UPS again and finally got an agent who spoke English poorly and repeated that I needed to keep following the tracking number to see when the package would be delivered to the UPS center. As of 8 PM, when the center closed for the day, the tracking number message still said that the package was not delivered to the center for pickup. This is unacceptable service and I do not understand how a company like this can demonstrate such inefficiency and such poor customer service.