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Complaints & Reviews

A cosmetic

Dhl South Africa-I'm not satisfied with the Dhl service ...a package was sent from Nigeria to Cape Town since last two weeks, I received a message to paid for clearance of R514 of which I did ... I called Dhl today I don't know the way they response to me, they say I can't receive my package until the lockdown is over
Pls I will be glad if I can get a reply pls
Thank you !

A cosmetic

DHL Express


I order on line an Apple product: smart battery case for my new iPhone.
This is the tracking number for the DHL express delivery is [protected]
Call the customer center on Wednesday 12th of Feb to be deliver on Friday 14th of February instead of the original delivery Thursday 13th of Feb.

I did insist with Stephanie the delivery must be done on this Friday morning because I'm flying over sea and I will not be in Hong Kong for the next 6 weeks.

Customer officer did guarantee me it will be done and deliver this Friday morning.

Received a call this Friday morning at 10.37 by a DHL agent saying the delivery cannot be done this morning without giving me the real reason.
He told me the will call me back. I never received the call.

Called the customer center and spoke to the same lady Stephanie I had on the phone last Friday.
She did admit the driver forgot to take the parcel this morning so that's why no delivery.

I would like to be compensate. I would have to buy the product again because the delivery didn't happen on time and I need it during my trip.
This is unacceptable.

This is the product

package delivery

Please remove DHL Romania from the delivery options in Aliexpress!

I don't know why a company like Aliexpress is working with someone like DHL Romania because they are misserable!

I'm waiting for my package for 3 weeks since they received it, i sent all the documents since day1, i call multiple times and they just don't do anything!

They are a terrible service, please read Google reviews for DHL Romania!


This is regarding parcel with waybill number [protected] picked up on Dec17, 2019. since 20 Dec the parcel has not moved and is processed for clearance at Miami.

This was to be a Christmas gift and in spite of my many e-mails, there is no response from DHL.

Request you to kindly clear the parcel and deliver at the earliest under advise to me.

thanks in advance


very worst delivery service I have ever experienced.

Worst delivery service I have ever experienced. The driver left a note and signed and ...saying the final delivery attempt was made. No prior note...
at that moment, there was not any family members at home. Those are gift for Christmas day. but so far, there is no response to us. I think Canada should be better to let it get out of the Canada market.

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Worst delivery service I have ever experienced. Driver left note saying final delivery attempt was made. No prior note left. I signed to release for delivery. They have never returned. I called to track the packages and was told the tracking number I had was invalid and the weigh number the driver wrote on the notice was illegible. Although the note on door had my correct name the customer service person said they had no such name in the system. I asked to speak to a manager and she was the rudest individual I have ever encountered in customer service in my life.Is this a ploy so that the drivers can keep packages instead of delivering them? I paid an exhorbitant amount to get rush delivery for a Christmas present and now have no present. I will be filing a complaint with the Ohio Attorney Generals Office and the BBB.

goods not delivered

I have been trying to get truthful information on a delivery to Bethel, Vermont. Of 3 packages 1 was delivered on the day promised but the other two did not arrive because of "adverse weather conditions".

So 2 of the 3 parcels were impacted but not the other one? On the same day Amazon were able to deliver two parcels without any issues. The tracking information still says "shipment will be delivered once weather conditions improve". This is just lies.

My niece has been driving from Boston to Bethel everyday and there are no adverse weather conditions. I had an email to day that parcels would be delivered yesterday but surprise, surprise nothing turned up. I have tried for two days to get a truthful answer from customer services but they just keep trotting out the adverse weather excuse and refuse to contact Boston directly to find out what is actually happening. This is appalling customner service.

These are Chrostmas gifts for my young nephew who will be distraught if they do not arrive. The longer DHL gives me the run around the less time I will have to make other arrangements if they have "lost" the shipment.

There is absolutely no sense of ownership of the problem or any desire to get an answer. This is quite the worst example of arrogant, disrespect for the paying customer.

destroyed package shipped twice.

In may of 2019 I had ordered some products from guatemala for my buisness. Cost for shipping almost $700, 00 for a small 2t by 2ft box!! They never let me know the shipment was in canada, no delivery as usual and no contact. They sent the shipment back saying I did not want to pay for it! Liars!! I did finally get the shipment two months later and the entire contents was destroyed. They added a note to the package saying that the lids came off in travel. The lids are locking and every jar was smashed, along with shampoos and bamboo tooth brushes that were broken in half... Not an easy feat!! Dhl says I have to deal with the guatemala office who keeps ignoring me and my shipper when I was there just a week ago. I want my money back... All of it!!! I want shipping costs back too!! I'm tired of this bull [censored]. Give me my money back. I am willing to start a law suit which will include all the money I lost and customers I lost and profit and time lost!! Full refund wanted!!! I have many photos that were already sent in, if you need more I can send!!

packet sent on 2nd december from karachi and could not reach till 8th december 2019 to addressee

Airway bill: [protected] Tracking number: [protected] Packet was sent on 2nd December 2019. It is regretted...

my parcel were not delivered correctly, unethical behavior


I have had sended recently a very important parcel from Belgium to Turkey to my husband. The logistic partner from DHL works with Yurtici cargo and they have not delivered our parcel. After calling the DHL center in Turkey Istanbul we had heard that they twice arrived at home and that was nobody at home. That is a [censored]! My husband were all day home and were waiting for the parcel which very important for us. I am complaining about the unethical behavior from the Yurtici Cargo because they are lying! They have neighter left a note behind that they came. My parcel was about to send back when my husband called the yurici cargo and he went to there self to pick his parcel.
I am definately not content with the delivery
Parcel sended from Belgium/Genk to Turkey Balikesir/ edremit
postcode : 3600 Genk
>> trackingnumber : [protected]

I am complaint about delivery my shipment

my shipment tracking number is ES200682052KR in tracking is that my shipment is completed, but it was't never even delivered first time because information about recipient was't at home is incorrect and wrong because we are was waiting for shipment delivery whole day on 22 Nov, 2019. But about 9:00 am information about our shipment was changed quickly as a an succesful delivery and that delivery was completed. Could you please comment this situation and deliver our shipment as soonest as possible who can get our shipping parcele and who it could be even possible in one second after unsuccesful delivery? person who was responsible for this shipment have got it ?? why in your tracking website you often display fake information it is unprofessional and make people mess and mad.
this situation is not a single. the DHL delivery service put us in that situation not for fist time. how it could be possible in dhl company and even in Germany

  • Ha
    Habibullah Alemi Nov 25, 2019

    My parcel no is 9375579500 arrived at destination(Kabul intl airport) yesterday November 24, 2019. In the morning November 25 I called DHL customer service office to send the parcel to my nearest DHL branch, he promised to send in the afternoon, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm I was waiting for the parcel when his officer came checking my parcel not finding, they missed it at main office! I called main office he immpolitely answered to send it tomorrow afternoon! It means killing two days of my time. Please pay close attention to this type of unskilled DHL officer's treatment.

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loss stock whilst goods are in transit - dhl admit liability

The issue that I have experienced was: 2 pallets were collect from our warehouse in Norfolk. Each pallet had...

incompetent useless corporation

DHL has to be among the worst shipping companies that I have had the misfortune of having to deal with. I am absolutely amazed at how inept these people are. The last time I had a package shipped it took about a month for them to move it out of Germany. If this is an example of express service I would hate to think what their normal service might look like. Right no my package is currently rotting in their warehouse since the 23 of October. Here it is the 5 of November and it is still waiting to be shipped to me WOW. Among my friends who have had similar experience, when I told them that the package was coming DHL their response was "Good luck"

driver attitude

Today the dhl driver came to my house and my 14 week old puppy ran to him. The man said the dog was harassing...

DHL Express

delivery still not delivered

Package sent from Miami, USA to Saint Germain-en-Laye, France for express delivery on Thursday, October 11, 2019.

Package was not delivered to our Corporate Office in Saint Germain-en-Laye on Thursday, Oct. 11th or Friday, Oct. 12th or Saturday, Oct 13th or Monday, October 14, 2019.

Each time Customer Service was called and each time delivery was promised.

We are still sitting here with nothing being delivered. This was an urgent delivery.
Where is our package?


On Thursday 10th October at 13.39 I called Dhl to inform them that the package I had just sent containing 1000 euros worth of computer was to be stopped as I had discovered i was a xictim of fraud. I was informed that the package was still at the post office and I was to go and get it back when they reopened. When i got to the post office a 14.50 they had already given the package to the driver. So i immediately call Dhl and informed them 14.59. I was then told that a stop had been made on the package and it would be sent back to me, i was so relieved. So imagine my anger when the next day i recieved a phone call at 9.55 to say that the package was in France and being delivered and there had been NO stop status placed on it. Thrn i was told they would try and stop the package. Then finally on Friday at 16.06 i was informed the package had been delivered. That meant that had lost 1, 000 euros plus 100 euros delivery. I cannot believe that in the 37 hours between when i informed Dhl that i was a victim of fraud and when the package was delivered NOTHING was done to help me. I will be seeking legal advice as i thnk it is disgusting service and it has caused me so much stress. Although Dhl are not the fraudsters they certainly helped them reach their goal.
Package tracking number [protected]


DHL Express

dhl service quality of the dhl uzbekistan services

Dear DHL Global,
I would like to bring to your attention of the disappointingly poor quality of service in Uzbekistan. I have recently used DHL to send a piece of document from Tokyo to Tashkent (tracking number: [protected]), and we faced shockingly poor quality of service in Tashkent office. Specifically, I would like to highlight the following points, and expect your response on these points:
1) Messy schedule of DHL Tashkent office. We tracked and found out that the document "clearance processing complete"d on 31 August. It took 2.5 days for the document to reach from Tokyo to Tashkent. On the 31st August, we called DHL office and asked if we could come to DHL Tashkent (as the timing of delivery was important for us). When we called, DHL Tashkent told us that the Uzbekistan office will be closed during 1-3 September (inclusive dates). The communication was very rude, and without any prior notification on the website or formal announcement on DHL Uzbekistan website. What is this mess?
2) Lack of due responsibility and lies. Ok, on the 31st August, we decided to wait till 4 September, and asked if we can take the document from DHL Tashkent office. The DHL office agreed on the phone that we can pick up from the DHL Tashkent office on 4 September early morning. However, DHL office suddenly decided to send it with the courier. And the personnel told us that "we agreed to send the document during the daytime, any time". First, agreement was not any time - it was early morning "8:30 - 9:00"; second, it was not by courier - it was "pick up from DHL Tashkent office". Who will bear the responsibility for the lack of responsibility and the unprofessional lies of the DHL Tashkent office?
3) Rude officers/courier drivers. We did not ask the driver's or officer's names as it is possible to track them by the tracking number of the document. On 4 September, when we called the driver, he responded very rudely and forcefully (with anger, we felt), saying "he will deliver the document during the daytime" although we tried explaining to him that we agreed to pick up the document early morning, and timing is very important (we need to submit application for a visa). So, we had to drive to him to pick up the document ourselves. We pay money for your services, howcome you can not deal with simple communication skills of your employees? Why customers who are paying you must suffer from the poor quality of services? Who will reimburse extra costs incurred by us in terms of taxi costs to your driver?

I hope DHL HQ will review this case, and respond adequately.

Best regards,
Khusniddin ([protected]@gmail.com)

Unethical behaviour and client abuse

Formal Complaint to DHL International at 11h54, 13 August 2019

Here follows a complaint addressed to DHL Hong Kong on 12 August 2019 and another complaint I wanted to address to DHL Mauritius but have not on 13 August 11 h 52.


I paid for DHL Service for the shipment of JD014600007114510588 a solar inverter of brand Eyen OPS 1012E. Waybill: [protected].

According to your tracking information

On Sunday, August 4, 2019
Shipment was picked up HONG KONG 22:51.

And on Wednesday, August 7, 2019
12 Customs status updated MAURITIUS 10:03
13 Clearance processing complete at MAURITIUS 12:37
14 Processed at MAURITIUS 13:04
15 Departed Facility in MAURITIUS 13:08.

It is worth pointing out that I have not been contacted IN WRITING by DHL at anytime to date regarding this shipment.

On Monday 5 August 2019, at 11:18, I received a call of duration 1 sec and, at 11:55, another call of duration 1 minute 56 secs from a DHL staff member and that he said that regarding shipment I had to pay Taxes, Duties and other fees. His Phone number: 637 8811.
I explained to him that a Solar Inverter is totally exempted and zero-rated in Mauritius and that I could not understand why DHL is charging me Taxes, Duties and other fees.

He said he took note of my points would clear the matter at once.
On Wednesday 7 August 2019, at 15:50, I received a PHONE CALL of duration 37 secs and, at 15:51, another call of duration 1 minute 42 secs from someone who said he had a packet to deliver on behalf of DHL. His Phone number: 5497 0405. I asked him if there was any payment to be made. He said the were Taxes, Duties and other fees. I told him I did not have sufficient funds at my place. He said he was taking parcel back to DHL office and that I would have to settle the matter with DHL Staff.

Now, it is a most deplorable that YOUR TRACKING INFORMATION on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 gives an INACCURATE, DISHONEST and FALSE information:

18 Recipient refused delivery MAURITIUS 15:55.

I, the Recipient never refused delivery. DHL did not properly handle Customs Clearance and DHL Staff member who called me on Monday 5 August did not make the necessary arrangements for the declaration of the solar inverter.

It is most PUZZLING that your tracking information makes no mention of Monday 5 August 2019 PHONE CALL by DHL Staff member.

It is also most DAMAGING that your tracking information FALLACIOUSLY REPORT the content of my PHONE CONVERSATION on Wednesday 7 August 2019 with the DHL Delivery member. Is that cover up?

And your company puts a further burden on me the client:

19 Shipment held - Available upon receipt of payment 18:12.

Please explain to me what payment DHL is claiming.
Is it payment for DHL failing to conduct its job properly?

Does DHL practice double invoicing, have hidden fees, engage in fraudulent practices?

I, the client, should be refunded and compensated for doing DHL Staff Job and having to suffer the harassment of explanation and hardship of what should have been a straightforward shipment.

Do I pay DHL for having so many difficulties in getting my item delivered or should I say: in not getting it delivered? Why is it such a hassle for me the client?

Is DHL a harassing, an abusing, a blaming and a shaming the client company?

I am most disappointed by DHL service. Is it DHL usual practice to turn a client into a make runner?

I have never experienced any difficulties with other companies which have taken care of the shipment of the same item (solar inverter) on two other occasions since the beginning of this year. On top of it their costs were cheaper. There were NO CHARGES (no taxes, duties and fees). ZERO rupees claimed. And their service was most pleasant and excellent.

I do not thank DHL for its most incorrect, troublesome and unprofessional dealings
Is VERBAL communication purposefully privileged over WRITTEN exchange to cover up malpractices?

Fraud and Abuse are punishable by law in Mauritius.


Jean Laval Nagapen

On 12 August 2019,

I addressed the following Email the Mauritius Revenue Authority.


I am informed by DHL that the MRA has charged Taxes, Duties, VAT and Clearing Fees in respect of DHL Waybill: [protected] - Solar Inverter for Jean Laval Nagapen.

Please find attached invoice for the solar inverter. Product landed in Mauritius on 7 August 2019.

According to MRA Document REF: INT 03/14 and MRA Import tariff 8501.32.10 Photovoltaic system, including photovoltaic generators are fully exempted and zero-rated.

Please confirm amount of Taxes, Duties, VAT and Clearing Fees charged by MRA in respect of DHL Waybill: [protected] - Solar Inverter for Jean Laval Nagapen.


Jean Laval Nagapen

On 12 August 2019,
at 12:02

I have received the following Email from Mr Sateedanand Ramburuth of the MRA

Dear Sir,

Needful has already been done and the error rectified - kindly contact DHL for delivery of your consignment.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kind regards
RAMBURUTH Sateedanand
Section Head
Airport Cargo Operations Section (ACOS)
Freight Forwarders Centre
PATS Building
Tel.: + [protected] ; +[protected]; Fax: + [protected]
Email: sateedanand.[protected]@mra.mu

On 12 August 2019,

I have replied to RAMBURUTH Sateedanand, Section Head, Airport Cargo Operations Section.

Thank you for your assistance.

For the record, I will not contact DHL. Maybe you could intervene.

Because I have been subject to verbal and written abuse from that company in the outcome of that issue.

My only hope is that the Solar Inverter is delivered in mint condition, free of any charge and with apologies, refund and compensation by DHL.

As a client, it is the VERY least I can expect.

As a client, I am not the one who should be doing the DHL Staff job, the DHL job.

Please note that as a result of the improper handling of the matter by DHL, that company itself has put on hold my shipment.

And it still is...

UNBELIEVABLE! Complete nonsense.

That's not OK with me.

What about the result of that issue on my person and my activities?

For the record, also note that verbal and written abuse are punishable by law in Mauritius.

From my point of view it is a case of fraudulent practice from DHL.

And that issue will be taken a step higher.


Jean Laval Nagapen

On 12 August 2019,
at 13:00

I have received the following Email from Mr Sateedanand Ramburuth of the MRA

Dear Sir,
Well noted - I shall contact DHL and ensure that your consignment is duly delivered to you.
Dear Mr Beeharry,
Kindly follow up on issue and keep me posted.

Kind regards
RAMBURUTH Sateedanand

On 13 August 2019, I received an Email from
Pascaline ARAYO (DHL MU)
at 8 h 47

Dear Mr. Nagapen,
Thank you for your mail.
Kindly be informed that a request has been opened as per your below mail concerning your complaint.
My colleagues Ms. Diya/Mr. Javed, working on same shall revert back to you today at 11:30 am.
We remain at your disposal for any additional information you may require.
Kind regards,
Pascaline Arayo (Ms)
Customer Service Advisor

DHL (Mauritius) Ltd
Cnr Mgr Gonin & Sir Virgil Naz Streets
Port Louis
Phone :+[protected]/+[protected]
Fax :+[protected]

On 13 August at 9 h 55,

I replied to
Pascaline Arayo (Ms)
Customer Service Advisor

I shall check your reply by Email at 11h30, this 13 August 2019.
Jean Laval Nagapen

On 13 August 2019.
I wanted to address an Email to

Pascaline Arayo (Ms)
DHL Customer Service Advisor

Here follows the complaint I wanted to forward:

13 August 2019.

From my point of view, the focus of DHL Mauritius is how to serve the customer the worst experience, the focus of DHL Mauritius is how to abuse the customer.
From what I have experienced from DHL Mauritius, its culture is insanely customer frauding centric.
DHL Mauritius attitude is game playing Heads it wins Tails the client lose.
Your Email at 8h47 on 13 August 2019 confirms the above.

Your are concerned with all but the Client. No mention is made about delivery of my shipment and property.
Your priority is a request that has been opened. What is the purpose of DHL Website and tracking information then? Printing erroneous information? Manipulating the client conversation?
What about my shipment (under your AUTHORITY since 4 August)?

Ooooppppsssss! Sorry. I should have asked that question. It is not DHL Mauritius concern nor its priority.

According to your Email, DHL supports that EXPRESS SHIPPING is making the client PAY and WAIT and "remain at his disposal for any additional information he may require".
I don't need additionnal information. Everything is on your website. You accused me of refusing shipment. I never refused shipment. DHL DID NOT DO ITS JOB PROPERLY AND WAS (AND STILL IS, since you havent change your position) TRYING TO FRAUD ME INTO PAYMENT OF CHARGES for which, as I told DHL Staff member on 5 August, a solar inverter is exempted.
I have had to intervene to get things right with the Mauritius Revenue Authority.
It is puzzling that DHL cannot handle such a simple shipment from Hong Kong to Mauritius. And makes it such a hassle and burden on the client. Adding insult to injury : opens a request nine days later...
That is the service I have paid DHL for. It is 11h35, 13 August 2019, in Mauritius. No Email from DHL Mauritius. And FRAUDING being the intrinsic culture of DHL, isn't the latter looking for some way to make me the client to PAY for more fees? Instead of PROVIDING A PLEASANT SERVICE?
And Pascaline Arayo (Ms), Customer Service Advisor, is at too high a position in the company to take the delivery of my shipment in hand. She has delegated it to her colleagues Ms. Diya/Mr. Javed, who shall revert back to me.
I take good note of the DEVALUATING THE CLIENT ATTITUDE of DHL Mauritius.
I was right about the ABUSE being part of DHL Company Culture in my compalint addressed to Hong Kong. I have a second confirmation that it not only verbal, it is written too. It is DHL Mauritius Culture.
Is DHL Mauritius looking for a certified excellence award in client abusing, frauding, devaluating, manipulating, dominating, etc.? The TOP in Mauritius?

Jean Laval Nagapen

Unethical behaviour and client abuse

DHL Express

my parcel

i shiptment parcel to my cousin in US then last update was customes updated and release by customes and one...

DHL Express

I am complaining about your delivery service.

The deliveryman was especially very rude to me. It is Friday which falls on the 14th of June 2019 that he...

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