UPSI hate ups - the worst shipping company!

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I ordered something online and they'd used UPS to send me the package. I paid 2nd Day Air so that I can get the package on time and paid higher than the ground shipping of course. The online store sent me the tracking number so I check it to make sure that the package is on time. UPS supposedly deliver it Friday (it was out for deliver Dec. 22 at 3:39AM). I waited and waited until about 10PM because I called their customer service and said that they will deliver it even late night but no package in my front porch. We will be out of town the next day, Saturday still no package in my front porch. I called customer service early morning Saturday and says they will deliver it early morning and now it's 3:30PM Saturday, still no package showing in my front porch. We canceled our trip because of this... UPS deliver personnel knock only once and they don't wait for someone to answer the door or not, so it end up leaving the package in the front porch (the package will LOST because they don't' really care). I HATE UPS, THEY ARE THE WORST SHIPPING COMPANY!!!


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    David Jordan Apr 11, 2007

    Hello, i was expecting a package today from ups. They told me that it would be delivered between 700am and 700pm. I call back to check the status and they told me its being held at my request. I never requested anything now i got to run all over looking for my package myself. 1za375p40235300462 this will be my last time using there service.

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    mazda8616 Apr 06, 2017

    @David Jordan Yes 10 years latter and the same

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    ana Jun 18, 2007

    I have more than three times UPS mess up my packages or don't deliver them at my door they are the worst service and today my patience got over it. I can't believe they state to be the best service to deliver on time and they does not care about packages delivering at all.

    I made a purchase via internet in spain of swim wear for my photography work I do. The package was supposed to be delivered in three days, I paid international fees and 120 dollars for shipping for it.

    I called to know why the package is still in philadelphia when supposed to be delivered today. They told me they gonna called me to know about information of the package. I just said it is swimwear line for my photography work.

    Then they told me they will call me later to ask me for documentation.
    When they called me a lady from the UPS customs department asked me again the same stuff and asked me the most stupid questions: what swimwear? What is the materials? Are they for women or men?

    I just said they are swimwear for men. Her questions looked like she was trying to fin out what is in the box in value. Maybe to get my package lost because the story still does not end... Keep reading...

    Then she asked my for social security and company documentations... what? I said it is a personal internet purchase I replied!! But she insisted that it cannot be a personal purchase because none can buy so many swimwear pieces. I said again it is personal purchase.

    Anyway for not discussing their stupid protocols I gave her my number not my social because I never give my social by phone to anyone.

    The thing it is that the package supposed to be sent via express after the communication with her but then they told me to be delivered by monday this is two days more of patience waiting for it.

    Today it is monday and I check the tracking system and the system says OUT for DELIVERY I was at home all day for receiving the package I stop doing my things for waiting the driver to come and at 6:00pm I called to know when the driver will come.

    The told me to wait till 7:00pm or 8:00pm so I waited then I checked online again and still the same OUT for Delivery and nothing.

    I called about 8:00pm and they told me they are gonna send a message to the driver. I wait their call back and nothing, now about 10:00pm I called and still OUt for Delivery and nothing.

    I called them and says what is happening with my package!!! they put me in hold to answer me why my package is not delivered yet...

    Then the guy told me what the drive didn't deliver my package because it was not in their truck.!!! Can you people believe this? Then I told him, where is my package if it is Out for Delivery someone has it because it was scanned to get out the main office for delivery. He told me again they are gonna search who took the package because they don't know who driver has it!!!

    They now lost my package because they even don't know where it is, and they make me lost my precious time and money and now wait that a miracle can happen to bring my package home.

    :( Damn it!!! UPS IS THE WORST WORST SERVICE EVER AROUND!!! This is my third time UPS messed up my packages!!! ALL THE TIME SOMETHING NEW and WORST HAPPENED!!!




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    mazda8616 Apr 06, 2017

    @ana You are so wright all these years latter and the same thing. The problem is everyone now today and the past now accept bad or no service. Lets change this NOW.

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  • To
    Tom Oct 02, 2007

    Check out this blog re: shipping companies - It's a project to compile phone numbers of the local depots. If you have any numbers, please add them!

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  • Ga
    G. Armandi Nov 02, 2007

    A friend from the Bronx e-mailed me the 21 of October telling med she had sent me a package via UPS, and they told her it should be here by the 31st of October! .It is the 2nd of November. We are still waiting and watching!! I tried to go on line to ask a question with the sender's address and mine, but they shut me off repeatedly because I did not have the tracking number yet!! I gave them all the other information!!! (I can't get in touch yet with the sender for it). SOoo, my package is somewhere between the Bronx, N.Y. and Oakland, Maine. I even went to the office in nearby city to inquire... Nothing!!! I can't even ASK UPS a question via e-mail. It is so wrong!!!

    I can't believe that UPS could not help us without the number! Can't they READ? The names and addresses "from" and "to" are there on the package in plain sight!!! IN this day and age when they can send a man to the moon, can't they read names and addresses??? And... do a little bit to help their fellow man (and women)??

    We never had this trouble before and it IS frustrating. What is happening these days in the 2007s? It seems as if there is less and less caring service and more and more lackadaisical attitudes!

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  • Ti
    Tim Pyne May 14, 2008

    I will never deal with anyone who ships UPS. The brokerage fees that they charge when shipping to Canada are highway robbery. I bought a used blackberry on ebay for $21 When it arrived I had a brokerage fee of $20. This is just one example. USPS has much better service for less.

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  • Mo
    Mo Jul 11, 2008

    Angry UPS is the biggest inconvenience in online shopping. - Today, 20:40
    I have ordered 2 computers in a row within 2 weeks of each other. The first one was lost (By UPS) that is why I had to order a second one. Now the second computer shipping takes the cake.

    Me wanting my new toy so bad I take the day off work to wait for the computer. I check the website in the morning and it showed:


    So I call the 1800 number and they told me that I can go pick up the package at the shipping center. At this point I am already frustrated that I have to drive a total of 40 miles to get it. I call my wife and tell her to pick it up after work. She gets there and asks to pick up the package and they tell her it is on the truck... probably. She asks to check in the warehouse just in case, so they do so and come back and tell her yes it is definitely on the truck and it will be delivered before 7:00pm. 8:00pm she is home now and calls the center back to figure out what the hell happened. This is my favorite part:

    "The package was put overnight on a holding Truck (18 wheeler) with a pad lock that none has access to. So it was not shipped out, so it was not ready for pickup nor for delivery." "If the people that have the key to the padlock find it on Monday another attempt will be made."

    2 computer lost in 2 weeks, way to go UPSh1t (Brown excellent color choice).

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  • Pa
    Paul Webb Nov 04, 2008

    USP was exposed to deliver on friday as well.Call their customer service having it delivered on monday waited and was not every delivered to nest day.Ive had the same problem with UPS.Then sceduled a delivery to next day same problem. The New Orleans, La UPS General Managers need replacing. Stock holders who care should go to CEO because this company will lose big money.

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  • Qu
    "The Fixer" Dec 02, 2008

    They are in dire need of new leadership. Some of the excuses the customers are given are unbelieveable. If drivers and customer service people had their feet held to the fire, some of these problems would go away. Obviously, they are not being held accountable for their rudeness to the customers. For the rest of them, take them out behind the barn and tear their a$$'s up. A good tune-up will strighten their minds out. When the employees start to slip again, it may take them a trip or two, to the ER. Trust me, they will come around.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Z Dec 13, 2008

    UPS service is terrible! The driver on my route, needs to be more, on the ball!
    I get many packages delivered by the USPS, with out a problem.
    If a shipper decides to use UPS, here comes the hassle. Every single time! What is wrong with them?
    Down with UPS!

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  • Mi
    Michael B Feb 20, 2009

    What customer service? Last few times I have called, I have spoken to nothing but a calling tree with limited options.

    Use to, you could get a live person and then get transfered to the local office.

    Now, just a calling tree with the limited choices of arrange to pick it up yourself, reschedule delivery, or return to sender.

    What is the point of shipping with a specific time frame (Overnight, 2 day, 3day guarantee) if they are going to find reasons to mess up?

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  • Ze
    zer0 May 28, 2018

    @Michael B You have to spam the 0 key, and or speak garbled and unintelligibly, until the robot turns you over to a real person. I had to search the web for awhile to discover this information. I can only imagine that it is yet another cost-cutting measure by UPS to not have to pay actual people to deal with problems that their people and their systems create. It is infuriating to say the least.

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  • De
    deppcg Feb 27, 2009


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  • Ji
    Jim Del Mar 20, 2009

    I worked for UPS for 10 years, about 7 years ago.

    I can tell you, that the city I worked in, was BIG on customer service. The drivers, supervisor, and agents did their absolute best to make sure that customer complaints were addressed and that the customer was always happy.

    This is no more.

    I have never had one problem receiving a package from FedEx in my building. If I call to inquire about my package, or even if I wasn't home and missed it, they always made an attempt to re-deliver it the same day or offer a reasonable resolution.

    I have yet to have the same experience with UPS.

    As of now, if I order anything on line, and they use UPS, I tell them to forget it. Not only will I no longer use UPS, but I will not be forced to deal with them. If a merchant will only ship a package to me using UPS, then I politely explain that I do not do business with any merchant that uses UPS for the final delivery.

    UPS is not accredited by the BBB. And neither is FedEx for that matter.

    But UPS has made it clear that they not only don't follow their own rules and promises when it comes to the one thing they are supposed to be doing. Delivering my packages to me safely and ON TIME.

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  • Rh
    R. Higgins May 02, 2009

    UPS is the worst! They deliver when they feel like it--usually days or even weeks late! FedEx, on the other hand, always delivers on time. I will never use UPS again!

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  • At
    A. T. May 26, 2009

    UPS is capable of putting small business out of business. So far my personal experiences as follows:
    1. Shipment to an international trade show simply not shipped! When I contacted them they told me it was a mistake and they would ship it that day... so it could arrive after show finished.
    Cost of the show, cost of travel, (air ticket, hotel) ... NO goods to show. MAJOR embarrassment in JAPAN! Show organizers, customers... you do the math.
    2. Shipments STOLEN; I made police reports. UPS refuse to acknowledge the loss; the shipment is ' Unfortunately undeliverable at this time. We cannot trace release any information about who has handled the parcel, this is confidential" !! Despite their advertising promise of "Any delay in delivery and we will refund your shipping" they still demand payment for the lost shipment!
    3. Shipment delays. As R. Higgins says, days, or weeks late. No matter what the urgency. And of course no apology or refund.
    4. NO customer service.

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  • Rf
    rfileds Jul 09, 2009

    I Had a package sent to me a simple 1lbs letter and i waited for two days and she didn't receive it, and I called them and they said the package did not have our apartment number on it so they couldn't send it. so i had to wait until the next day to get the package, but as soon as i recieved the package our full address was on it (including the apartment number), i will never use ups again it was my first time and my last. they are just a bunch of lazy people.

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  • Mh
    MHILLNET Aug 15, 2009

    Similar problems:

    Sent Next Day Air - payed $50 for overnight service.
    UPS makes a mistake and delays shipment. Has a chance to deliver on Saturday, says they are going to deliver on Saturday and does not do it.
    All they can do is apologize. The manager states that they would not have upgraded to Saturday delivery anyway.
    We will use them NEVER AGAIN. This is the type of thing you would expect from the POST OFFICE not the private sector.

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  • Fr
    Frog42 Nov 04, 2009

    I am handicapped and cannot get to the box if they leave it on the front porch, so in the special instructions I always tell them to leave it at the rear door. Apparently they can't read. I struggle to get it inside every month.

    Either that or they don't give a rat's patootie. I'm betting on the latter.

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  • Da
    danielle brunson Dec 15, 2009

    i hate ups as well..they are very lazy when delivering there packages..i am on disability and is always home during the week..its xmas time and i do a lot of internet shopping i have been waititng on seversal packages had not heard from ups not a note or anything saying they attempted to deliver my packages..when i track them boom they are delivering them to my apt office..this is so sad they are being paid to deliver the pkgs to ur door but is to lazy..i am so sick of them..i finally reported them and i am going to see if this situation will stop..if not i will no longer purchase items from stores using ups.

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  • St
    stevejer Dec 17, 2009

    OMG, I just Googled the words 'I hate UPS'. It's amazing to find out how many soul brothers/sisters I've had. I've always thought UPS is an example of an entity rising beyond the level of its own incompetence. Latest example: Paid expedited shipping for a package for Christmas that is still languishing two weeks later in a UPS warehouse. Contacted UPS and was basically told there's nothing they can do. I'm going to start boycotting any company that uses UPS. Never have had any problems with USPS.

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  • Mo
    montell Jan 30, 2010

    It's a simple job, read the numbers on the box and match them with the number on the house. After a week of "customer service" agents telling me that it was delivered, and there's nothing they could do about it, ("look around the house, in the bushes, or hidden around back") I noticed an empty house a block away with my package on the doorstep. Stupid ###, I will never trust UPS again.

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  • Sh
    shippmate Feb 04, 2010

    UPS, FEDEx, USPS all three business models are terrible. It's a huge headache having to deal any of these companies. I hate them all!

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  • Gr
    grey boy Feb 09, 2010

    My package was supposedly delivered on a Monday at 5:30, problem is, nobody was homa at that time. Online tracking stated "DEL CUST MAN", delivered customer man?!?! WTF?!?!?! No signature was obtained. A tracer was opened and it took UPS 9 DAYS to visit my house to ask me about a missing package. Then they told me the tracer was closed and to contact the shipper for info, jerks. The shipper has sent a new shipment, unfortunately via UPS. We'll see what happens.

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  • Pa
    paull Mar 24, 2010

    Worst company ever... when I buy something in USA to be shipped to Canada they charge a outrageous brokerage fee. I bought something for 70$ Tax $3 and they charge 38$ plus it take 6 days to deliver. The suck and I will never ever use them again

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  • An
    antony.con Mar 31, 2010

    I'm living in the UK. UPS is terrible even here! MY package was supposed to be deliverd this monday, i payed £6.29 for the next working day delivery but then it was postponed until tuesday :S, then the tracking system says that my home address is incorrect and my appartment number is incorrect or missing. So i phoned them up the same day and had to give them my address and phone number again. They told me it will be delivered on wednesday. Well today is wednesday and i havn't recieved my package. The tracking status changed at 4:35am(destination scan) but has not been updated since.
    This is my first and last time using this company after this trouble they have caused me and because of the many complaints all over the web i have read.

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  • Fo
    former UPSer Jul 22, 2010

    Havingworked for UPS for almost 10 years, I can tell you truthfully by firsthand experience that when the
    employees themselves call UPS "United Package Smashers" they speak accurately. Mgmt. gives lip service to treating every package as a "guest of honor" but they're hypocritical liars because their first and foremost priority is their profit margin and cramming packages into trucks as fast as humanly possible.

    Here's a good rule of thumb for deciding whether or not to use UPS. If it's a letter or something non-breakable, and you need it to arrive quickly somewhere, then by all means use UPS. They're the fastest.

    If the contents are fragile or precious to you or the receiver, then go with Fed Ex of the U.S. post office. Statistically those two companies pay out far less money in damages to their customers than UPS has to because they actually do care more about their customer's goods than their bottom line.

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    UPS is the most garbage service our family has ever experienced in our life! I literally HATE them! Sent a brand new flat screen 40 inch Samsung television from BC to ONTARIO. UPS guy at the store even helped me package the television into a brand new UHAUL television box which was purchased the day before. The UPS guy assured that the TV was packaged properly and still insurance was purchased just incase something goes wrong. Well guess what... Shipment of the television arrived, the box was destroyed and even the foam protectors that was placed on the corners of the TV were broken. The television itself was destroyed, dented, chipped and falling apart. We were upset, but relieved that insurance was purchased to cover the loss. UPS picked it up and afterwards we were accused of not properly packaging it into a corrugated box that was used! $800.00 down the drain and no compensation for their reckless behaviour! I'm shocked that they are not already out of business! So don't be a fool and do business with them thinking that it won't happen to you because you probably will be in for a rude awakening!

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  • Ja
    j.aaronclark Dec 09, 2010

    UPS is the worst, I 100% agree! Why do they leave packages on the doorstep and not just wait for someone to answer??? I hated it when they told me that my stuff had already been delivered to my home when in fact it hadn't been. Oh, I paid the two day thing also! UGH! We as consumers really need to get the word out about UPS! Tell friends, family, neighbors, everyone!

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  • Ma
    mamali Dec 13, 2010

    in my case I was sitting at home waiting for the shipment, it was supposed being between 9 am to 7 pm.
    no delivery and surprising I noticed that the there was an attempt and I was not home!!! for sure no Info-notice was on my door either. the driver was so lazy and has simply ignored my shipment! happened in Austria - Vienna. I try not to use their service again but unfortunately some vendors work only with them.

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  • Lo
    lobes Jan 29, 2011

    I agree... the worst shipping company ever... their domestic service takes longer than international shipments. My package was never delivered and they said the recipient rescheduled the shipping date when nobody came to deliver any package. So after three days of calling hare and there and waiting for the shipment, finally someone called and they said i can come pick a shipment because they don't deliver on the weekends. Because of their service I lost three days of my business which they don't seem to care at all. I personally wouldn't ever use their service.

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  • Pu
    PUS Feb 03, 2011

    Honestly, UPS has some lazy azz employees(driver) that they don't look into, don't even ring the door bell and took off within couple of second to make a quick route. I was home all day(took off from work) expecting the package to arrive and ended up with a packages slip on the door at the end of the day( multiple times has occurred, otherwise I would not leave such comment). Again, poor service and bunch of lazy a-- drivers. Hopefully, in the near future every company will have more shipping couriers to choose from at check out.

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  • Ea
    Eagle Chris Feb 09, 2011

    My usual UPS driver was in yesterday again with missing packages from a multiple package delivery from one of my suppliers. He then goes on to tell me that he doesn't know what's happening with UPS as he hasn't made a multiple package delivery with all of the pieces in over three weeks. Good job UPS, you suck. I see comments from people who are occasional users of this service, try imagining that this is the service I have been given for years and I ship thousands of dollars worth of their service each week from Canada clear across the country and in to the USA daily. You'd think these buttholes would sort of look after their large accounts at least. I am trying to convince my company that Brown "HAS" indeed done enough for us today!

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  • Sa
    saber1 Feb 24, 2011

    I trusted UPS to do a simple job, deliver my documents to my accountant in Florida. Quite and easy task one would have thought. Chicago to Florida, 2 day delivery $25.85. What is wrong with these incompetent people. Read label and deliver package as addressed. Now how difficult is that. Well in the case of UPS this is a very difficult task, I'm really not sure why, maybe common sense is not a requirement for working on such a tough task.

    Oh and a word of advice. Don't bother calling UPS to ask why your package didn't arrive, after reeling off your tracking number to at least 5 people and the words from customer service, huh, i duno, but if you pay a further $15.00 i'll find someone with a brain to redeliver your package.

    Really UPS, without a doubt your company is a total disgrace

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  • La
    LA1 Apr 15, 2011

    I am currently on the phone with UPS...i was expectating my books for school to arrive I paid for the two day service. the day of arrival UPS misplaced the package. The next business day I called again they said it would be there by 5:00 NO PACKAGE!!! Still im waiting for this package and I have yet to speak with someone who can tell me where my packages are! How do you make the same MISTAKE two days in a ROW #fail #companysucks #UPSsucks! I will NEVER use their service again. I have now missed two assignments, becuase of this I am totally upset this has been the worst experience ever! I hope that no one ever uses UPS is their a way for us to contact coporate!

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  • Ef
    EfEoEuErEtHyH0H3 Apr 16, 2011

    First and foremost, having the opportunity to work at UPS as non union and union capacity (hourly, (package handler) and as a supervisor (hub operations), I can vouch (for my hub I worked at) that the management cries when a package is "misplaced".

    The packages are not misplaced on purpose, most likely an employee did not pay attention or placed the package in the wrong truck. Usually, when your package says it's
    out for delivery and it's not even on the truck, that means the preloader put it in truck #1 and scanned truck # 2 and made the system believe the package is in # 2. When that driver goes out, he will be looking for that package frantically when that stop comes up, and by that time, most likely the customer will be calling UPS at the same time..

    These are called missorts (back when i worked there), and management does take them as serious incidents. Since management is non union, (and most likely the employee who
    performed the missort, is union), the only thing that can be done is to document said infraction and write the employee up if it's a common issue.

    I was a supervisor for 4 years, in a high volume sorting operation, in which on average, processed about 40, 000 packages per shift. I had about 35 - 40 employees, from sorters, loaders, stewards, etc.. who are all human. UPS may get a bad apple here and there, and since I left the company a while ago, Im sure they implemented a better system to avoid the missorts.

    I even had packages missorted, the tracking system said my package was en route, and I waited 2 extra days.

    In my sort, I had trucks who's destinations were all over the country. California, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, .. etc .. I had about 28 different destinations, in which myself, and other employees had to remember by zip code. Some trucks (trailers) can have over 80 zipcodes. Sometime, s the IE (industrial engineering) dept. never see's the sorting process, and assigns trucks that go opposite directions in the country, right next to each other. Sometimes a loader might load 1300 packages (and there is a certain way to properly load these trucks so things do not get damaged).

    Quality Assurance employees perform load quality audits daily, takes pictures of the loaded truck, make sure company policy is followed, and make the supervisor aware of quality issues.

    For an example with the missorts, Lets say We have two trucks on the same conveyor belt in which an employee stands at, and sorts packages by allowing california packages go down the belt, and maryland packages go behind him on another belt. These sorters will physically look at over 2000 - 3000 packages an hour. They must look at the zipcode, or a human readable code.

    You may have Amazon who ships +1000 daily to one truck / destination, and other companies ship countless of other boxes.. etc, and sometimes the sorter will have a wall of packages coming at them at once. Sometimes the belt will get stopped, and the sorting above him (where the initial packages came from in the first place) keep on coming, even if this sorter's belt is stopped.. Once he sorts the 100 packages in the 2ft of conveyor belt in front of him, he starts the belt back up, and has to "bump it" (turning it on and off) until he is able to sort without turning the belt off.

    He might accidentally miss a maryland package, and it will go down to the california truck. and, 99.9999% of the time, these packages get caught by loader who is loading the truck.. But sometimes, one might get by.. Sometimes the packages have multiple labels and the person handling it at that time, didnt see it.. So lets say he accidently loads it.

    That Maryland package will have to go to California. The system shows it, but it's too late. A driver already took that trailer bound for California to the rail yard or airport.. etc .. The trailer is already gone. There has been many instances where I came in on a sunday, and unloaded 1500 packages from a tractor trailer to find a missorted envelope. We cannot stop a train once it's enroute, nor can you an aircraft once it's off the ground.

    This is a fast pace work environment, and when I left, they were implemented new technology to make the scanners (the one's wore by the loader) to reject packages not programmed for that destination. UPS has the best tracking interface. second to best other than GPS. Now, that Package has to go to california, before anyone can get it. When the truck is unloaded, that package will be scanned, and it will show it's a missort, then it will be pulled and next day air to the customer.

    I am not defending UPS, Im not defending the customers. I just wanted to shed some light on how the process work, and when looked at, it's an amazing operation. Nothing is ever perfect, but, im sure there will always be room for improvement.

    One more thing. As a supervisor, I ran through walls for my employees, and they did the same for me. There has been many times where these packages come like a waterfall at Niagara Falls.. The best loaders can only load so much, so fast, and accurately before the hammer comes down on them. It's either speed, and no accuracy; or quality and accuracy and a ten fold work load on the employees. Its a hard thing to balance in this operation, which the supervisors try to find common ground.

    I use to test my loaders and sorters all the time. I use to make dummy packages, with fake labels, throwing it the truck, and see if the employee catches it. Again, 99.999% time they do.
    When they didnt, they got a write up. When they did catch it, I would let them watch me work why they got paid watching me. (people who work in a union shop, will see why management shouldnt work and cannot work union work)..
    If my area was running smooth and I had an extra supervisor, it would be common for me to "network" with them this way to gain trust, confidence and work ethnic.

    The point in this is, if your package is a day late; most likely, someone does has to answer it other than the person at 1800UPS .. I did many times ..

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  • Ze
    zer0 May 28, 2018

    @EfEoEuErEtHyH0H3 Actually, it does sound like you are very much defending UPS. My experience as an employee was quite polar opposite of yours. Managers would "salt" loads with real, not fake packages. If they were your buddy, you might get one salt a week, or maybe even one per night. If they simply didn't like you, for any reason, they might salt you 3 to 5 times per truck. Care to guess how many salts left on the wrong truck? It was deplorable, to say the least. And this is just one part of how bad that facility sucked.
    With my current experiences as a customer, I am guessing that the facility I previously worked at is still awful, if not worse.
    Top this all off with my most recent experience, which involves (as just one piece of this mud pie) a personal guarantee from an individual at that facility that I would absolutely get my package. 5 days later and said package is still MIA, possibly locked in a truck. Possibly. Nobody knows for sure. Seems a super huge flaw to me. Not to mention that the tracking says the package has been out for delivery for over 84 hours now. I should hope that if this driver has not returned after 3 1/2 days that they have at least sent out a missing persons report.
    And for the record, when UPS attempts to deliver to the wrong address, and they have the DIAD information that proves as much, then the tracking status should not say that the customer "was not in." It should say "Sorry, we screwed up and tried to give your package to the wrong person."

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  • The complaints reflect my experience with UPS. Most things arrive in good shape and good time. But they don't handle exceptions and urgent situations well. And they have no effective customer service. They are a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday operation - union to the core. I once paid $50 for guaranteed delivery by Friday. When the package didn't arrive, I checked the tracking number and found the record online. The record said there was no such address as mine. A surprise to me, of course! I tried late Friday to contact UPS unsuccessfully - I did not know how to get thru their voice response system (there is a trick that I learned on the next Saturday morning at a UPS store). I got thru by phone and they located the package at a local warehouse, but I was not allowed to pick it up (9 - 5 Mon. to Fri. again). I finally got the package - too late for its use the next week. The address was correct! Clearly, the driver was tired Friday night and wrote up a phony excuse to avoid a late delivery. I wrote to the CEO and the Board, never heard a thing from "customer relations" (if they have such a thing). Only solace was that UPS store credited me the $50 for the failure against the guarantee.

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  • On
    OneCitizen Jun 07, 2011

    Lately, UPS has really sucked! It's as if they're following the model of AT&T for the worst service. It's virtually impossible to speak to a human on the phone at UPS since their automated phone system is on an endless loop - reminding you that customer's of UPS mean nothing to them. Will avoid using UPS in future whenever possible.

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  • Mi
    Mike McCarry Jun 09, 2011

    I would have to agree ! This week they lost an expensive package without explanation and claim to have attempted delivery but no notice. BUT that is trivial compared the experience my wife had today, she went to the post office at 140th st 7-8 Ave, stood for 20 minutes in 95 degree heat to be turned away because she had a 3 pound teacup yorkie dog in a bag hung over her shoulder. This brings customer service to a new level even for UPS, to top it the employee was just about as nasty as they can get ! I registered the complaint in the hope but have complained twice before about the same type of behavior and no change. In my opinion this is a group of people who are entitled and feel tenured for life of employment, it is a culture and those in charge came from this culture so don't wait for change anytime soon. Advise use FED EX when you can.

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  • Lm
    lmoran Aug 25, 2011

    I ordered a computer over the internet. I used the tracking number provided on UPS website yesterday morning which stated"out for deliver" waited all day and NO delivery. I checked the tracking again this morning and stated it was delivered yesterday at 2:20 pm and left at side door. I called Ups and told them I never received the package. Their response was "Did you check with your neighb0rs?" I explained that I am disabled and was not able to check with my neighbors due to their homes not being wheelchair accessible? Why would it be my responsibility to check with my neighbors to track their error? I called the retail store and now have launched an investingation on what happened to the package. I also asked the retailer wasn't the package signature confirmation? They said it was left up to the driver of UPS's discretion. How convenient.

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  • Ow
    OwnedU2Fast Feb 16, 2012

    The biggest con is that if you order next day shipping on Friday, you will get it on Monday as they do not deliver weekends. Pure suckage. I was expecting an airsoft gun on the 18th, a day I REALLY need it for, and now I should be "expecting" it on the 21st. Other than that, two days late, or one day late from the expected shipping date usually, but I haven't had any terribly bad experiences with UPS. If you need a package on the weekends, or before Monday, go with FedEx.

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  • St
    Stegasaurus Mar 01, 2012

    UPS really sucks. I hate having to use them, but unfortunately I run a small business, and I have no real choice sometimes. They are extremely slow to respond to problems they create and their drivers and shipping center staff are incompetent ###s. I've had shipments lost, delayed, damaged, and just about any other problem one could imagine. They always deliver my stuff at the most inconvenient times, such as when I'm at work, and make no attempt to try to work with me to deliver what I need when I need it. This stubborn inflexibility is what I hate the most about them.

    Most recently, I had a computer part shipped to me, and lo and behold, they tried to deliver it when I was at work. I live in an apartment, so they can't leave my stuff at the door, lest someone will steal it. I can't go pick it up at their shipping center because it's out of town, and their hours suck. So I went to their website and tried to change the day of delivery to one of my days off. They say they can't commit to a set time, which is B.S. They always deliver it as early as possible when I can't be home to pick up my stuff, and when I am home, they either don't deliver it all day, or wait until the last possible moment to show up, so I was held hostage in my own home waiting for their stupid driver.

    It took till the end of the day of the rescheduled drop-off for their tracking program to register the delivery change I made on a Monday to deliver on a Wednesday. Then they inexplicably slap an exception on my delivery and make me wait another damn day for delivery. The stupid driver didn't show up until Thursday at 7:00 P.M. So I had to waste two of my days off waiting for something that I could've had at the beginning of the week if they would allow you to tell them what time you are available for delivery. The USPS is superior in every way and I try to use them as much as possible.

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