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Inside UPS - What did brown do for me?
As a former employee of UPS, I felt a compelling urgency to write this letter about discriminatory and harassing work conditions that are practiced and tolerated by management within United Parcel Service Company.
There is an individual - known within the organization as the hatchet-man - who worked/works as a Division Manager for UPS buildings: DC, Springfield, Newington and Alexandria. On a daily basis he singles out and viciously targets, African-Americans, Hispanics and female staff. He verbally intimidates and threatens the jobs of his subordinates, undermines their efforts to complete assignments, belittles them in front of their colleagues and staff. His behavior in formal settings such as meetings has been witnessed to escalate and cause stress related medical symptoms in staff. The list of people he harassed over several years is enormous. . His actions have been reported yet continue to go ignored by his superiors, HR and top management. In fact, his interrogational style is supported as hardnosed and effective. He is allowed to discriminate against whomever he wants because he has no direct oversight. Projects have unreasonable timeframes for completion and outcomes. His behavior is vindictive, and personal attacks are implemented against those who do not conform to him. Information is not effectively communicated so that you are not informed about changes in meetings or deadlines and then he uses public forums to ostracize lower level management staff. Personally, I have required return visits to my physician who considered returning me to medical treatment for hypertension during my length of time working there. These harassments are documented with HR and UPS Employee Complaint Line. Although many people have complained - including myself, repeatedly - nothing has been done about this person. I know that my complaints led to my termination, but no matter how much I complained to HR I was never heard; my cases were never investigated. I was subsequently terminated by the organization and denied unemployment in November of 2008 for an offense the organization categorized as grounds for dismissal and refused to allow mediation.
When people like this individual are allowed to rule as he does, it creates a fearful and abusive environment. I witnessed it first hand and feel it is important to expose the truths about such happenings because people - who are afraid to loose their jobs or to speak out - are still being abused by his actions. My constant complaining led to my termination and no investigation was ever conducted on my behalf. I have sent complaints to the UPS complaint Line and EEOC to report such happenings but no action was taken to resolve this. I know these actions continue to go unmonitored, therefore, I want others to be aware that this oppressive behavior affects the daily lives of those persons suffering at these locations.
When I applied for employment at UPS, I came on board with an extensive background (26+ years) as a Computer Programmer. I was told that I had to earn the IT jobs and had to take a series of tests to qualify for an available position after a year with the company. In the interim, I worked as a package scanner making $9.00/hr. After a year, I tested for management and wrote a letter to the head of Human Resources stating my expectations and goals. Each year as required, I wrote a letter requesting the opportunity to be considered for a position in the area of my expertise but did not receive a response. When I questioned the rationale for not being given the opportunity to be considered as a candidate for positions in the informational technology division I was informed by HR that they are "special jobs" and not everyone has the qualifications as a candidate. I further asked if all candidates with a background in Computer Science have to start as non-technical worker before they could transfer, I was not given a definite answer. In response I forwarded this question to EEOC to investigate. As of today, I have not received a response.
I, like many of his other victims, are not getting the help or support we need to stop this type of behavior. I realize UPS is a private company and they can select whomever they choose but I feel that without having been informed of their policies or protocols in writing, as well as verbally by the human resource department I question the integrity of this practice and I have been denied my right to opportunities. It is my expectation that those responsible for regulating unfair practices, such as the Department of Labor, should do something to assist a person that was obviously harassed and discriminated against. I intend to send this letter to all that will listen until I am offered an appeal.
Please note that I have a list of persons willing to testify and persons who were abused mentally and quit rather than deal with the company unjust politics. Also, since I worked as a Safety Specialist for the company I have knowledge and witnessed violations of OSHA laws in which many of the documents that OSHA reviews were falsified to appear compliant. I can easily prove this information since I maintained the books and witnessed such activities.
There are so many truths that should be exposed about UPS, harassment/discrimination and noncompliance that strongly exist and are not being addressed.
I look forward to intervention to take place on my behalf and those who remain at UPS.
Lawanda R. Davis
[protected] (cell); [protected] (work); [protected]


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mar 03, 2022 12:17 pm

UPS still treats their drivers like this don't be fooled the issue has not been resolved as i hear every day how the drivers are being harassed, abused and mistreated.

Nov 12, 2020 6:59 am

Subject: Asking us to pay Freight and Duty for an Incomplete and damaged shipment
Shipment (AWB: 1Z84Y4A78693020425)was moved by shipper as 3 boxes on a wooden pallet properly packed and secure, initially UPS kept us in dark about the whereabouts of the shipment for almost a week.
Finally we received 2 boxes out of which one was damaged to the extent that material was useless, The missing box was never located or delivered.
There is no doubt that the shipment was mishandled and damaged by UPS during their internal operations.
UPS not only turned down our claim for the shipment citing that it wasn’t properly packed, wherein shipper has in the past moved similarly packed shipment AWB:1Z84Y4A7E599604403 through UPS .
Not only did we lose a longtime loyal customer, they refused to pay our past dues as well. On the other hand they want us to compensate them for the damaged as well as for the missing box
Taking this as a one of incident we continued to work and move many shipments through UPS and paying their dues on time.
But now they have blocked one of our shipments and are asking us to pay freight and duty of the messed up shipment.
We have already lost a good customer due to UPS and now we stand a chance of losing another.
Please sort out these issues and arrange to deliver the held up shipment without further delay.

Luster Shipping and Logistics LLC.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jun 14, 2018 7:56 am

My husband was a package car driver. Been with the company for 38 years. Management was horrible. Didn't care if you were sick or hurt. If he would call in, they would hang up on you (these guys did not get sick pay) . Once, he was at an uncontrolled intersection, he had the right of way, a young gal came flying thru, hit the package car and flipped her jeep on it's side. Luckily, no one was hurt. She was ticketed for failure to yield and my husband was fired! UPS considered it an "avoidable" accident. Management would lie, change your time card, belittle you etc. All they cared about was their bottom line. Package car drivers were constantly under scrutiny to deliver packages according to their strict and rigid timelines. They didn't care if the driver was speeding but if that same driver got into an accident you can bet he/she would be fired. My husband was recently involved in an accident in his package car on the freeway. He went from 60 mph to 5 just like that. A tire blew and the brakes locked up. The package car was swaying back and forth over a river bridge. He was slammed into the steering wheel and thrown around the truck. Management was pissed off because he was in the far left lane of the freeway and couldn't get the truck over. One of the female managers even questioned him as to why he didn't try to drive the truck to the hub so they didn't have to tow it! My husband now has serious neck injuries and we are in a lawsuit. It used to be a good company, it paid the bills and had good benefits. Now, they don't care if you have a life and/or family beyo nd working hours. You are sub human.

May 28, 2018 11:03 pm
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"We should try to get a class action lawsuit against them for what they did."
^ This! Yes!

Dec 22, 2019 6:07 pm
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Replying to comment of zer0

How do we start a class action lawsuit? I would help if you have any ideas about doing this because what they did to me was criminal and to this day no one has ever taken responsibility for their actions.

Nov 17, 2017 3:17 pm
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I emailed Evan Sernoffsky who wrote a story about the 2017 UPS shooting in San Francisco to give him some insight into the abuse I personally had to deal with. This is only a portion of what I dealt with. To this day I have never gotten justice from the nightmare I went through.
Dear Evan,
          I worked in the UPS in Lawnside, N.J. from [protected]. On May 7, 2002 (Jim Moffitt, immediate supervisor, Joe Knooren, Woodbury ctr. supervisor and used to be my supervisor and set me up, Kathy Decree, Marlton ctr. supervisor, Jim Carroll, head of security and Joe Greco, was Woodbury driver but now works in Business Development), all 5 of them walked me in the small Marlton ctr. told me to sit, closed the door and Jim Moffitt held his back against the door, his hand holding the doorknob so I wouldn't be able to leave and no one else could come in. I was petrified. They verbally battered me. Jim Carroll showed me a picture of a rug with a big slice in it and said I had done this. I told him I didn’t do it and I would have to be blind not to see this. When I took the picture I would have seen it.  Joe Greco said you clearly could see that these slices were made by you.  I told him I didn’t do this. Jim Moffitt said how do I use a utility knife at home. I told him I don’t use a utility knife at home and rarely cut things. Joe Knooren asked me, if he asked me to cut the customers pkg. and I knew I was going to damage it would I have done this anyway. This seemed like a strange question. Like this had been planned. He was implying that I would have done anything to keep my job. Jim Carroll said I had to pay $50.00 a week out of my check every week and I had to sign a paper. Someone was going to pay for these rugs and it wasn't going to be them. I told them I couldn’t afford $50.00 a week out of my check(I worked part time) and I wasn't paying for something I didn't do. I told them maybe they could afford this but I couldn't and I didn’t slice these rugs and I followed their orders to do this job. I asked them if they were going to fire me and they said I had to resign. They didn't want it to come to this and they seemed shocked that I wouldn't sign the paper. I was so petrified. They all knew me well and thought I was easily conned. They knew I was a nice person, treated everyone with respect and wasn't really loud and did my job and helped whomever I could help and for some reason this meant I was mentally weak but they were wrong. I went to get up to think about it and Jim Moffitt had his hand on the door knob and body in front of the door so I sat back down. He said I couldn’t go home and think about it that I had to make a decision now. I was very scared, I sat there in silence as they were staring at me. It seemed like forever but it was at least over 30 mins. I told them I'm not signing anything and I'm not resigning, to do what they had to do.  So Jim Moffitt, Joe Greco and Joe Knooren left. Jim Carroll took my ID card and Kathy Decree said she would walked me out. Oh yea, Kathy Decree said Jim Carroll was doing me a favor it should have been $300.00 a week. I dont even make that much a week. When Kathy Decree walked me out I was so humiliated. I told her that everyone from every shift is going to be in shock because I am one of the most well liked people in this place. I went right to the Lawnside Police dept. he told me that I looked like an articulate woman to right it up and take it to the civil rights dept.
I believe the reason this happened to me was I had a civil rights complaint against Joe Knooren(which I dropped the charges because I thought it was hard to fight a big company. 
I filed  charges against all five individuals that were in the office with the civil rights again and they said it was retaliation from my last charges and reopened that case up. I was stunned when they didn’t even show up for the hearing but it was in their favor. I was really held against my will and it should have been criminal charges. They have me listed resigning, with papers being signed but I never signed any papers.
I have 8 pages of just some of the abuse that I endured in my 13 yrs of being there. Unfortunately I stayed all these years and they took a job away from me that I deserved. I tried so many government agencies to get justice but who cares I'm just a stupid woman. 
The other employees and I always said that the abuse we took that one day someone will come in and use a gun to unleash their anger on innocent victims.
It's been over 15 yrs. since this abuse and I still have nightmares and it hindered my whole life.
Thank you for listening and God Bless You for trying to make a difference! 
[email protected]


Jan 08, 2018 3:49 pm

Marie, Jim Moffitt is a [censor]. HE treats people like garbage and they dont tell anyone their rights. They made me and all my other coworkers stack boxes around us until I got hurt then I had to sign papers saying it was my fault. I had doctors orders to work small sort after hurting my back and breaking my tailbone. Two hours later I was back in DA. I not only passed out but puked all over the platform and all they let me do was sit in the break room for 10 minutes. They are slave drivers and a bunch of thugs who prey on the weak and women. When I quit Jim put me on a blacklist where I can't even attempt to apply, it immediately flags my social and yeah, Kathy is their fixer. She does all the paperwork signs all the fake resignations and authorizations for their [censor] accusations meanwhile they have security guards there that SEXually harass every woman who walks in and out. I had them slap my [censor] with the scanning wands and stand in front of me refusing to let me leave unles sI gave them my number while other male coworkers walked right past. That place is a cess pool for abuse and criminal behavior on the part of MANAGEMENT. Lies, defamation of character, threats and false imprisonment. UPS needs to be sued on a national level for all the employees who have had to go through this especially at the hands of people like Jim MOffitt.

Jan 29, 2018 1:07 pm
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Debra sorry for the harassment you went through from these thugs. We should try to get a class action lawsuit against them for what they did. To me they are no better than terrorists.

Nov 24, 2016 1:27 pm
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Driver engaged in "t-taking, " placed four packages directly in front of the door so that I could not get them. Responded to me "you either get them or you don't." This is done in this area, Charlotte, NC and others, to get in with people of poor character, often "blood suckers." They've been trying to keep the townhome complex safe for whatever they want to do -- it's harassment, down-slowing, devalues our properties. What's ironic is that I am the EASIEST customer to deliver to and have never asked UPS for anything receiving delivery at the same address for 16 years.

Jun 03, 2016 8:26 am

Formal UPS Complain

Here is a copy odf th e complain that I´m just making public. The UPS response I´m also going to make it public to see if it was really no big deal.

On 4/12/2011 I imported four electric shades from china using the United Parcel Service had to pay 140
USD for the worst transportation service that I could possibly hire.

this is the UPS information :

Account No. 7MX03FYWE8
ID number GD10023696
guide NUMBER 1985V5HXGZP
folio 30945
UPS Reference : [protected]
1Z guia aerea : 1Z1985V50449807587
UPS office : Eugenia 189 Col Narvarte

I received the worst possible service from UPS since the shades arrived several days late at the Mexican UPS office. Since there was no transport available when I called, they ask to pick the shades by myself at the UPS office.
Can you believe that ! I paid for a transportation service and I have to picked them by myself since there was no transportation available according to them.

When I arrived to the UPS office they say that they already send the shades to the destiny address although I explicit ask them to wait for me.
So, I had to return back to the office again and wait for its arrival.

When I finally received the shades both sides of the UPS package was totally broken and the aluminum tubes were totally damaged and coming out of the UPS package. There was not a single protection at any end of the packed.

When I ask them what kind of service did I hire, they minimized the problem and they said that I was no big deal. No big deal ? When I show them that all of the four tubes were bended ?
When I arrived home and I open the package I also notice that the product was incomplete and one plastic strip was missing.

The pictures that I'm sending shows an excess of abuse and lack of care from UPS.

When I ask for the manager name to report the incident, they didn't want to give his/her name. And they told me that they were going to pick up the shades with no justification at all. When I sold them that I had to talk with the manager to find out what was going to be the compensation process nobody from UPS gave any information although I asked several times for it. I know that the manager whoever it was had precise instructions to pick the damage tubes without giving any explanation about the return process. They tried several times to pick the damage products at my house( three times) and at the office (two times )

I didn't allow them to picked them up without a clear explantion of the process that it was going to pass. I thought they were just trying to hide all evidence of bad service because they didn't want to give me any repair or exchange order.

I had no other option to file a complain with the consumer authorities in Mexico City at the Profeco.

The audience supposed to be held the 20 of May at 10 AM.

Nobody from UPS showed up so I'm asking for an international respose because I'm not going to leave things as they are.

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Jan 25, 2016 3:35 pm

Rachid Fergati, Bandula Ratnayake and everyone at UPS Dubai are satanic. They are the worst, heartless, self absorbed people in the UAE.

Jan 02, 2017 4:33 pm
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Replying to comment of Yacoub

They pushed put Janice Fernandes, harassed the Sales guy in Abu Dhabi Sushan Mass. They harassed Peggy O Dea, bullied Meena Morthania. Jason Carmichael harassed Uchi and threatened her. There is a French majority that hate the Americans. So Rachid is also responsible for firing Vinesh. Bandula preaches Jesus to everyone. But he is a hypocrite and he should stop preaching about Jesus. The UPS management fired everyone associated with Paul. JFC supports the French mafia. They also harass sales people constatntly. UPS is garbage. They treat their drivers like garbage and discriminate against everyone.

Jun 03, 2017 1:04 pm
Replying to comment of Lorelli

American company without americans. What a shame. Everyone in the senior management including Bandula Ratnayake and ex GM Rachid Fergati and the new GM that one of their top customer is shipping prohibited items to Saudi like fake phones and sex toys. They treat everyone in the company like garbage and robot. They are not living up to the standard of true UPS brand.

Dec 28, 2015 4:02 pm
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Agree with all the comments above - I am the wife of a11 year veteran of UPS who is now experiencing the harassment and down right racial discrimination because all of the African American workers are being targeted on a daily basis. There is bullying tactics, intimidation, unprofessional abuse of power as a manager to create an atmosphere of fear and retaliation if you complain. There is a culture of managers and centre managers that are friends showing special favours and not forwarding the complaints to the Headquarters. When the CEO came into office he sent out an official notice that everyone should be treated with respect and employees should not be talked down to, but instead now it is getting worse. There is a big culture of retaliation by management staff if employees file grievances, there workload is increased and picked up on every little thing to aggrevate and stress the employees. This particular Manager in Brooklyn is a bully using his size to intimidate his workers, are we in the 19th century when these things were condoned and brushed under the carpet, what can be done, how can the media hold UPS to answer for their management tactics anyone know a way to get these grievances highlighted in the public.

Aug 27, 2015 9:53 pm
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Agree with all comments... Work as driver for 12 years now... Harrased by management I'd the norm for me these days...discrimination is evident everyday one of the 6 females that have to prove ourselves capable by enduring dispatch sup.hate for is a joke...yet we have to know it word for word...never a thank u or good job always.. Why couldn't u do it faster..150lb weight limit is ridiculous ...I work industrial park route that SD forgotten about raises our stop count whenever they feel like it...nothing but lack of communication and total chaos every minute of everyday... Personally I think there is a special place in hell waiting for ALL management... You can't treat people like that and not expect to suffer consequences of your actions, ..

Mar 17, 2014 3:08 pm
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Yes, it is deplorable the way UPS treats their employees. They are just a money making machine. Full of the Brown stuff and swimming in the green stuff. I have worked for them faithfully and dutifully for over 15 years. They have held me back for promotion, even though I have qualified and attained all of their requirements for a promotion. Management people are allowed, even encouraged to mistreat, disrespect and retaliate against their employees. Management makes false promises and are only concerned with their own advancement and personal gain. I have been witness to the fact that they will lie, cheat, steal and falsify documents to meet their goals. UPS is not genuine. Most of the management people, as they rise within the ranks, are mistreated in similar ways. This unscrupulous behavior and bad practices are shared and considered to be the norm for business as usual at UPS. They believe UPSer's are in a world of their own. Free from any sense of morality, fairness or integrity.
Managers seek out "like minded" dastardly types for promotion because they know they will not question the unethical and illegal practices of their team. If you do not display a blind devotion to the leader's deceitful and unethical standards of management, you will not serve with or beside him. It will be clear that you are not considered a "team player" and therefore unworthy of joining the higher ranks.
UPS speaks of an open door policy, code of conduct, and integrity which does not exist. UPS uses this rhetoric as a smoke screen to hide the reality that their business operation methods are based on sociopathic behavior.
It is time for UPS employees to speak out and share their experiences. Don't be afraid to speak the truth. Clearly you are not alone. UPS is a soul-less giant propelled by greed to fulfill their gluttonous profit margin. And in this quest, they rob their employees of dignity respect.
UPS pressures all employees to give to the United Way. UPS then uses their employee's generous donations to gain company recognition and publicity for the millions of dollars raised. Managers are pressured every year to meet a certain "quota" dollar amount for pledges. So, during the fund-raising period, UPS management uses tactics of coercion that include shame, guilt, and embarrassment. They even imply favorable treatment if you pledge the UPS corporate "suggested" amount. They essentially sell preferred parking spaces (close to the building) to employees that donate an even higher prescribed amount, known as the "Leadership" giver. Please, don't get me wrong, donating our time and money to those in need is something we all need to do. But the fact that United Parcel Service exploits their employees to improve upon their public image is deplorable.
A great number of UPS employees are only allowed to work a maximum of 3.5 hours a day and they are paid $9.50 per hour. So, when you factor in the employee's transportation costs to get to work, etc. their job at UPS only affords them to live at the poverty level. They are also subjected to extreme working conditions of extreme hot and cold temperatures as they sort packages in the facility. As Ups feigns a great concern and interest in helping those in need, they continue to capitalize on and benefit from the meager income that they bestow upon their hard working employees. This is my perspective. Share you story.

I am a wife of a freight driver whom is older and has been nothing but degraded since the day he started no matter what he does. The union is another joke, now they fight for a driver whom has had 14 accidents and only joins when it benefits him but let someone whom has paid since day one, was steward and still had to pay dues "this floors me as the hours spent not being paid to take care of stuff was ridiculous" and comes to work faithfully they do NOTHING for. No matter what he has to prove his allegations the UNION talks to the manager and guess what, the next day his shift changes, his hours cut and is now being followed by the managers girl friend with a camera. Now we had been in a situation where we had to take a sisters 4 kids in. I am in a wheel chair and it is a struggle every day try to survive. We do not have enough money to buy food if we buy our medicines, the 2 old boys had been in sports but they will have to be pulled out because we can not afford it and now they have him working until 7 or 8 at night. He has a bid start time of 5 am. Call the union and gets the run around. So now we are not able to feed our family, losing our home because you can not survive on pay checks that differ 2 to 3 hundred a week. We are in such a turmoil all the time, stressed to the point it is affecting our health. He knows that with his age, not many people are going to hire him so we are stuck. The manager knows this and the sick ### uses it against him. I could go on and on with so much more but I know it does not matter. The last time a higher up came about the problems the manager and him spent the time together at a couple of clubs, with the man staying at the managers home. Guess what we got, a month of 4 or 5 hour days. I see only a couple of ways out of this and the sad part is none of them are very good. We are thinking of giving the kids to the state. With us not being able to keep up with our house payments we know we are going to lose it. This is tearing us apart. You see all these articles on the UPS and UPS Freight CEO and all those right underneath him being so caring, they are for those that the world can see that they are helping. When is comes to ANYONE in that company caring about people like us who are a part of them, we are not worth anything. I have tried calling all the numbers they give, my husband has called everyone that he can at the company but the sad part is we get no one that is not the managers buddy. I hope that some day people do start standing up but as long as they are in fear of not being able to have a job any where, then it will never end. He is not suppose to record anything that goes on but yet he is followed and recorded or pictures taken by a person that has nothing to do with the company except she is sleeping with a married supervisor and it is used against him. The pictures though that my husband has showing the managers and supervisors clearly violating company policies are NOT able to be used. He did not tell anyone he was taking them!? I think the hardest part is when I had to have my husband put in the hospital because he thinks the only way for us to quit suffering is for him to be gone. People say things about truck drivers, well if they knew half of the mental torture that my husband endures each and every day they could understand it.

Feb 27, 2013 10:44 pm
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i work for UPS FREIGHT, i am going on 6yrs, i worked for fedex for 14yrs. i left because i was not getting many hours with fedex, the full timers are only guaranteed 35 hrs at federal express, so i quit to go work for UPS FREIGHT because i heard they were working 50 plus hrs, what i really wanted . i have been fired on CHRISTMAS eve when i was on FMLA. they told me i did not fill out the proper paper work, which the terminal manager gave me. after a few weeks went bye, i received from UPS FREIGHT a letter of apology saying they made a mistake. i went back to work on 2-4-2013. once again a have been terminated today, because he felt he was threatened by me, which is a lie, me and my union steward were the only ones present. this terminal manager is 7ft tall and over 500lbs, and he was threatened by me, what a joke. i have been harassed now for over 6 months now, and every one sees it, he has caused a driver to quit be cause he also was harassed non stop, and more are also quitting. i never been talked or harassed by any employer or any grown man like this before, i have been called a liar, a thief and lazy..

ups has a bunch of punks working for them . and they areso dependant its pathetic ups hould be sued if everybody stood up and took their 10 and their lunch the company would have serious financail issues .. the upper management is disgusting .. and they sell their soul for a salaray thats barley livable .. the stock is the only thing worth it .. their so dumb they dont realize they can go somewhere else and make 80% of that .. but theyd rather stay and get chewed out every day .. and harrass employes

the hatchet man mustbe russ baker ? or mike kelly ? 2 genuine ###

Jun 14, 2012 5:40 pm

Everything above is true. I know I am the wife of a driver of 35 years. He was fired today for getting a coffee outside of his break 3 minutes. He works 11 to 14 hour days every day for the past 35 years. We should have known when he was at UPS less than one year and we had our son he took the day off to be with me at his birth. The next day he got a warning. He should have quit then. Over the years he has given UPS hours of free time by not taking lunch because they would threaten termination. UPS pay OK not great considering the physical labor and endless harassment. I raised our children alone. I was always alone we never saw each. Guess what I think this time he is done with UPS I cannot wait. WHAT I DO KNOW IS THAT THE UNION IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH. STOP THESE ### NOW BY STANDING TOGETHER FIGHT TOGETHER DO NOT COWL IN A CORNER BECAUSE YOU WILL BE NEXT. DEFEND EACH OTHER. SORRY PEOPLE YOUR DAYS WILL COME. YOU HAVE POWER IN NUMBERS USE IT STAND TOGETHER. STOP THE HARRASSMENT. NOW!

Feb 23, 2011 2:10 am
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typical UPS superviors

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Feb 20, 2011 8:02 pm
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i had the "pleasure" to work for Buster Brown for 32 years... never drove one of those "trucks"... worked inside as a "red circle employee"... in other words a preloader!... was hired back in 1975 when the 50 pound weight limit was in... saw many changes with the company, especially the late 70's and early 80's... the changing of regimes... center managers coming and going... snotty nosed, pimple faced, part time supervisors thinking they were goin to change the world... 21-24 year old know it all's... i was called everything in the book... from verbal, mental, AND physical abuse... it just flowed down-hill... i remember being called "a trouble maker and a Rebel Rouser"... i loved it!... and the more they got on me, the more i got on them... i started working for them when i was 30, and with 8 years of military service behind me, the trip on the Brown Brick Road, to me would be kinda exciting... and it was... "fun, fun, fun in the auditorium"... ok enuff of the fun writing... my point... UPS loves and dwells on making a person's day, if you are a driver or a P/T 'er... vindictive liers, they are... NOT to trusted!... EVER!... they don't give a rat's [censor] about your well being, your health and welfare... nothing!... numbers, that's all they care about, numbers!... YOU are there for one reason... to try and make a living... but it can very, extremely difficult to work with the personalities of UPS management... don' t be intimidated by these clowns!... read your contract book and YOU document your daily work... go to google and search: Survivor's Guide to Survival At United Parcel Service... i could write a lot more, but my blood-pressure is beginning to rise

Jan 22, 2011 12:10 am

To all, seem ups is getting away with too much, In our building they are going after the older women tell us that if we can not lift 70 lbs they will disable us. They are putting us in jobs that are too physically demanding after having us do lighter work for years.I personally have been harrassed, fired about 5 times already and have pissed off many ups managers by knowing the contract too well. In all the years working for them I can't figure where this freakish work ethics originate from, seems like a cancer throught out the company that is just full of miserable idiots. I used to get fired up mad at every twisted encounter with ups doing something adverse towards me now I just look for ways to go right back at them with what ever I can .If anyone has suceeded in making a change write to all of us about it.This big brown company will someday fail no matter how many billions they make the world will not keep putting up with the crappy service, the bad attitudes, the smashed or missing packages. They will eventually get what they are looking for FAILURE. I hope to all that have been through the brown crap that I have find a better future with a company that leads with compassion, honesty, and intellegence.Good luck to all of you.

Jan 14, 2011 5:12 am
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I 100% agree with all comments made on the company ups. I'm going through similar problems right now as i speak. I am very tired of being spoken down to, harrassed, and intimadated. I see and agree with all of these comments but something needs to be done NOW. I am ready and willing to fight for my people and myself. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and fairly. Ups must have ties with this eeoc organization beacuse nothing is getting done. If someone reads and agrees with me please comment and maybe we can do something serious about this b/c im just sick and tired of it and will go to all ends to make things right!

Jul 12, 2010 7:38 pm
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One word of caution Jackie. At UPS you should report any incident THAT day. UPS will question why you waited for a month before reporting your problem. If you ever get hurt on the job, UPS will try and convince you to wait until tomorrow, telling you that you may feel better. DON'T WAIT. If you come in the next day and say that you do not feel better, UPS will claim that you could have hurt yourself off their property. Fill out an accident report that day, and if you find that you do feel better the next day, then you can void the accident report. Good luck on your situation.

Jul 12, 2010 5:06 pm

I feel for you. Nobody should have to work in that environment! I am going through something very similar, only my male supervisor hit me. (I am a female) I waited about a month and a half to report this supervisor to my HR Dept because I didn't even know what a real hostile work environment was, but he would not stop harassing me. HR pretended that they did not believe me, and my situation got worse. 3 other pople have left in less than a year, and they have 3 different complaints. I hired an attorney and filed a complaint with the EEOC. What is going on with America? There is absolutely no reason to cause innocent working people so much unneeded stress and depression.

Jun 27, 2010 7:21 pm
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UPS employees can take some satisfaction knowing that one day these abusive supervisors and managers will leave, (fired themselfs or retired) knowing that when they are gone, no one will ever call and say hello. I have seen some harass their employees their whole career, then when they leave UPS, nobody ever calls just to say Hi. To me it is sad to work for a company for 25-30 years and leave and NOBODY wants to ever see, talk, play golf, or even care about that person. I hope that the money that they made will want to watch a game on TV with them sometime. No ex-employees will ever call !

Jun 27, 2010 4:57 pm
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ups is a very abusive work enivorment. I too am subject to harassment on a daily basis. I have three supervisors. All three tell me to do stuff if one supervisor assignment is'nt worked on. Because another supervisor told me to stop that assignment and do their assignment. I get yelled at by the first supervisor because the second supervisor told me stop. I respond don't yell at me your counter part told me to do this. Everyday I have to deal with this it's f*&+ing crazy.

Jun 26, 2010 8:41 am
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hello im a ups driver and had to take time of, due to stress and back injury, ups bully and and threaten drivers, ups in london r having serious probs with driver not coming in because of the treatment, we need to fight back im sure theres 1000 of people feel the same, the boss sees blind because the more stops we take the more money he gets, i think u have to b very sad person to see people suffer so u get more money,

Jun 22, 2010 1:55 pm
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I was terminated from U.P.S. after 24 yrs. It is a long chain of events, but be prepared for U.P.S. to postpone your hearing/court date for as long as possible. The company will try to starve you out for as long as they can. In my case, it took over 4 yrs. to get an arbitration date because U.P.S. claimed they were not ready. I worked as hard as I could for this "Brown Family", yet they treated me like this. Very sad.

May 10, 2010 3:13 pm

dear all,

did you take UPS to court? If yes, what happend, if no, why not?

I am in the same situation and planning to do so. please let me know...


I too have been harassed by USPS management. I had an on the job injury and from the day after my injury the supervisor was telling people he was going to fire me. I don't get it he was going to fire me for pulling a muscle. I was called a cripple and harassed on a daily basis and 3 days after filing an EEO complaint I was fired. I'm determined to see this complaint thru to the end and file suite if necessary to reach a suitable conclusion.

Dec 04, 2009 4:09 pm

I have to tell everyone that UPS was the worst place I have ever worked. I
am a retired decorated veteran that worked for UPS in management and it was
a nightmare to say the least. I found UPS management to be dishonest,
deceitful, and incredible disrespectful to their employees. I was not a
proponent of the union but I am now. I encourage anyone who is seeking
employment anywhere, especially UPS to only go if you are going to be in the
union. To all others I request that you use anyone but UPS for your
shipping needs. I would recommend that you request USPS or FedEx when
purchasing on line. I cannot in clear conscience support an organization who
treats their people so poorly. I was warned before I went to work for them
that if you are looking for money that was a good place to go but if you are
looking for a good place to work then FedEx was the place to go. I really
thought I would find both at UPS but did not find either one. Their
management is paid less than hourly and treated much worst. I'm back in the
real world again and loving it!

Jun 01, 2009 11:21 pm

I worked for UPS for three years, two and half as a supervisor (Upstate New York). They break every labor law imaginable. I had to file a sexual harassment suit when my boss called me on a vacation week. 3 times in 24 hours, two of which were at 1am and 3am and he called me a "f-in cu*t". They have such uneducated package handlers working for them that they don't think anyone knows the law, and that they can treat people like dirt. And it's sad that they get away with it.
The harassment charge to them was a joke. They didn't care. And I'm not a millionaire so I couldn't get a lawyer.
They've got so much money to brainwash people with advertising that surprise, it works! Advertising and brainwashing is the name of the game now'a'days. Not laws.
I would NEVER ship or support this company in ANY way.
To prove a point managers would throw dell computers around the warehouse. They would scream that they would f***ing kill employees every single night. They would talk about f***ing females in front of the 10 females in the entire warehouse.
Seriously, it is the grossest company I have ever known of.
If any employee brought in a camera, or if anyone actually did a real audit of UPS in upstate NY, they would be shut down without a doubt.
I would testify in anyway I could be of assistance.

Oh yeah, and concerning customers. They refused to give out a number. I worked in the office sometimes with clerks, and seriously customers are an annoyance and joke to them.

As a union employee at Worldport, I agree with these posts. It appears that managment personnel make the rules up as they go, with catch all phrases as " failure to follow management instructions", as well as deny, lie, delay, and maligning the truth etc. I have a similar situation, just started with a warning letter generated by my area part time supervisor who does'nt care for me at all and the feeling is mutual. However I've always treated him with the same respect and courtesy as he has given me. I'll start this week to resolve the problem with greivance procedure, then HR and see what happens. May be looking for another job myself before this is over. Thanks for getting your message out, we need more people like you getting the truth about UPS 's inside underhanded dealings with their employees.

May 07, 2009 11:43 pm
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Mrs. Davis,

I understand your plight of disgust towards UPS. I have been a driver for them for the last 4 plus years. I was terminated after a dispute with my driver supervisor when I refused to "play fetch" after a package that he tossed from one side of the truck to the other. Management sided with the driver supervisor and I was terminated. The sad part about it is my shop steward I believe is actually one of them because he doesn't put up a fight when they do something wrong. At my hearing I was prepared for their nonsense and used the company policy against them for which they were not accostumed to or had little or no knowledge of. I broke down that contract and hit them where it hurts and they offered me my job back but they didn't pay me for the time that I was fired. If I'm not mistaken we work/worked in the building and I believe that I no exactly the supervisor that you are referring to. If I don't say so myself he is an idoit and you are right they don't stop him from his plight of madness. He has left a trial of harassed employees. I to have filed a charge with the EEOC against them and look forward to calling them out when the light is properly shined on them. I think I no exactly who you are. I think we need to speak in further detail...

Apr 23, 2009 9:29 pm

I feel for you. UPS is a freakishly cold and arrogant company. I work for the Customer Service department and all we are told to do is shrug the complaints off and reply with TEMPLATES and CANNED RESPONSES. It is a company with a dead and unflexible personality. Reflects on the management staff too. I just stay here because I have no choice. But given the option and the resources, I will resign. That's all I have to say.


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