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TJX / T.J. Maxx Customer Service


The TJX Companies, Inc.

770 Cochituate Road
United States - 01701

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 508 390 1000(Head Office)
11 15
+1 800 926 6299(Customer Service)
4 8
+44 192 347 3561(United Kingdom)
0 0
+61 130 076 8913(Australia)
0 0
0 1
0 0
0 0
+31 107 114 866(Netherlands)
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Headquarters, West Campus
300-400 Value Way, Marlborough, MA 01752

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TJX / T.J. Maxx Complaints & Reviews

TJX / T.J. Maxx / unprofessional/rude employee - bad experience

katiea123456 on Jan 16, 2019

Good evening, I came to the South College Rd. Tj Maxx in Wilmington, NC on 01/10/2019. I was there return an outfit that did not work out for me. I placed the tags and receipt with the clothing items back in the original bag for return. When I got up to the register and told employee Nancy ...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / service

Nad Ferrer Ladue on Jan 15, 2019

Hi, I bought a plate from the back section of the store which are mostly broken or have scratches. This plate apparently had some scratches but I didn't study it. I bought it cause it was only $5.99 and I was just putting my candles. When I got home, I tried my candles and it didn't fit so 2...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / the words

poiuqwer on Jan 14, 2019

I was a traveller and I went to TJ Maxx on 01/13/2019. I was looking at some bags there and a young black lady came and asked me, "did you find anything good?". I said no, I'm just looking. She told me not to take anything out of the store and said she was joking. I felt so offended, but I went...

TJ Maxx / wellness steel tumbler cup

Lisa Kellerman on Jan 12, 2019

I bought this Wellness brand double wall steel tumbler cup last Christmas. I was drinking tea in my cup and after I was done I went to wash the cup out and noticed black spots inside the cup on the walls. After closer inspection I realized there were actually blobs of a black substance...

TJX / T.J. Maxx /

Trudy and Vince on Jan 11, 2019

I order online, via: email at the above address I have been ordering from you logging on only through emails from you, because when I try to logon you won't accept my password, so you always say no problem, you'll email me instructions on how to fix this problem, but I have asked you over 5...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / order number 2895723824

Tiffany T Johnson on Jan 9, 2019

I placed this order on 12/29/ 18. The items shipped on 1/2/19. I never received them. I called TJ Maxx and was told UPS returned the items to sender. I called UPS and was told that TJ Maxx cancelled the order due to fraudulent activity. I called TJ Maxx again and the suspected fraudulent...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / an employee

Melinda toop on Jan 9, 2019

I complained about a stocker at our grand junction Colorado store a couple of months ago. She was giving certain girls in our Rae Dunn group information on what days to come and what days not to come. Most of it was by text. Also she was meeting them outside by their vehicles. I don't know...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / manager harassing and bullying

Sonia Ali on Jan 6, 2019

Hi my name is sonia, I was hired at winners Morgan crossing before Christmas, the manager named reema Singh started to bully and harass me recently. She took me to her office during my shift and asked me irrelevant questions on false stories from others. I worked hard at this job closing...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / employee

PigletB on Jan 2, 2019

I was at the TJ Maxx on Richmond Ave. in Houston, TX on December 30, 2018 to make a return. The cashier named Miriam looked at my receipt and immediately said, "you can't return these since you received 50% off." I have been a loyal customer at TJ Maxx and have made many purchases but have...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / employee

pleasetakenote on Dec 27, 2018

there is a cashier in the riverhead ny store that is real evil, relishes in aggravating all coworkers, including management. begging for just a few hours allows for collection of many government benefits l. unemployment insurance year in and year out 2. food stamps 3. Leave of absence...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / dover delaware store employee complaint

BamBam64 on Dec 26, 2018

Hello my name is Christine Leyva. Known as Chris at Dover De HomeGoods store. Here is my complaint. I gave all to opening this store. I was always on time, and always showed up to work with dedication to my position respect for my managers and my work family. A week before Christmas I wa...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / unprofessional manager!

Kedrick Jones on Dec 23, 2018

Hello I'm a driver for Lizama carriers/Foward Air I deliver to TJ MAXX/ Homegoods all the time. This is my primary Job (How I make my living) I am writing you today about a manger you have at one of your stores in Lake Jackson, Texas store #601! The manager or assistant manager goes by the...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / manager

Annoyedworker on Dec 21, 2018

The rumors about Maria the manager at tj maxx nanuet ny that she's only nice mainly to Spanish employees (well some) she's a horrible manager & I'm upset I cannot find hr number to contact them I've waited too long to say anything & constantly was told to open my mouth I was wayy too nice...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / never received credit card nor bill and 3 years later now have poor credit rating

Lisa Kachnic on Dec 11, 2018

December 7, 2018 Re: TJ Maxx Synchrony Bank Account Number XXX...9407 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to express my dismay in how the TJX organization has inappropriately caused havoc with my credit rating. Apparently in the spring of 2016, I opened a TJ Maxx credit card to purchase...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / service

changt on Dec 5, 2018

12/5/2018 around 2pm I have a complaint to make about an employee at La Canada, Ca TJ Maxx store. Her name is Kisha I believe. I brought in a cart full of clothes to try on ( about 15) at the dressing room downstairs. Without a greeting, Kisha rudely said "only 10 items". So I divided the...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / quality

Sam clark on Dec 3, 2018

So I bought a pair of boots a few months ago and I put them on for the first time time today, after 3 hours the sole fell off the left one and the right one is about to go . I have never been so embarrassed as I was in town and I tripped and then had to get a taxi home cutting my day short...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / customer service & return tags

Bevies on Dec 2, 2018

Recently purchased a great Vince jacket from the runway dept. with a tag on it. Once you remove the red tag you can not return the jacket. Problem is you could not easily remove the red tag at home so it was another visit to the store to remove. At the store there was no apology from the...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / certegy

aokil on Nov 28, 2018

11/28/18 My check was declined. Certegy apparently uses profiling. I have an 830 credit score, never bounced a check, have an excellent credit history and yet, my check was declined. I stood there 15 minutes and was totally humiliated as the manager talked within ear shot of everyone in...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / kristina a sales coordinator

Naziaah on Nov 28, 2018

I purchasing a pair of Stella McCartney sunglasses on clearance. The sales associate Kristina took it apond her self to cut the security tag off the middle of the n pi se frame with scissors, and scratched the frame. Witch I told her you strached the frame. She continued to talk, I once...

TJ Maxx / service

joe4stc on Nov 27, 2018

TJ Maxx in Lexington, Sc The manager will not allow employees to buy Rae Dunn merchandise. There is a group of women that wait outside for the store to open so they can get this stuff. The manager of the store is in contact with these women and informs them when the stuff comes in. The...