Tim Hortonsthe product and the service I received

K Dec 02, 2019 Review updated:

I worked at Timmys for many many years in management positions I know how Tim s are suppose to run and how the customers are suppose to be treated. I went thru the drive thru at this location last night at approx 720 pm after repeating my order 3 times at the speaker I drove to the window and was shocked to see how rude the girl at the window was I ordered 2 large hot choc one with cream a med hot choc with cream and a large triple triple after waiting at the window for a good 10 mins we got our order and left drove home which is approx 10 min drive my coffee had milk in it and no sugar i ordered a triple triple and all the hot chocolates were water I drove back to the store to get my order replaced the first girl laughed when i told her ALL of our drinks were made wrong the next girl to help us Im assuming was a supervisor because she seemed to be the only one dealing with compaints and could get into the cash register. When I told her about all of our drinks being made wrong she proceeded to telling me I was lying and that they had just filled the hot choc machine so there is no way they could be water after remaking my order 2 more times and still tasted like water I asked for my money back I know because of the mix up she should have offered me a free coffee coupon which she only did after I told her I was management at Tims for years, then she told me I could only have one after I got angry and told her no I get one for each drink she hesitated got very rude and gave me 3 more. I loved working for Tims I know sometimes it is a very hard and demanding job and you have to deal with alot of very rude impatient ppl she had no right to call me a liar and never should have argued with me or been as extremely rude as she was. I honestly hope management will be contacted and this employee will be disciplined . I know when I was management if any of my employees ever got treated the way I did they would DEFINETLY have a couple days off. Sorry for the long complaint but she really needs to change her attitude or find another job where she doesnt deal with the public

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