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The Pep Boys Customer Service

The Pep Boys Inc.

3111 West Allegheny Avenue
United States - 19132

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 737 2697(Customer Service)
23 20
+1 888 418 2298(Rewards Program)
2 0
1 0
+1 888 396 8254(Pep Boys Credit Card:)
1 0
+1 888 545 8532(Property Management - Maintenance)
1 0
+1 800 553 5338(Fleet Services)
1 1
+1 778 729 2855(Bulk Sales)
1 0
+1 215 430 4436(Property Management - Maintenance)
1 0
Mon7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tue7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wed7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thu7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Fri7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sat7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sun7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The Pep Boys Complaints & Reviews

The Pep Boys / theft

John Villagran on Dec 11, 2018

The Hanford store employees stole my handicap pass and a $20:00 forien bill from my car. I called the manager at the store and he stated that nothing was stolen. He said he would check his cameras . He never called me back. I have witness stating the card and money Was in the front seat. I...

Pep Boys / 4-wheel alignment

LaVita Roach on Nov 20, 2018

Hello Pep Boys Complaint Center, My first issue I have is when I purchased a new set of tires for my vehicle on November 13th and the representative took my information and ordered the tires and I scheduled my service for November 16, 2018. I received a call indicating that only two of the...

The Pep Boys / tire replacement

Vu Nguyen on Nov 10, 2018

I bought 4 new tires which were installed at Pep Boys in Arlington Heights, IL. Immediately after picking up the car, I got a TPMS Check warning light. When I brought it back, I was told it was a bad TPMS sensor and it would cost almost $200 to fix. The technician said it was a...

Pep Boys / incompetent service tech.

LittleK on Oct 24, 2018

Never ever, ever, ever again!!! I took my 2007 toyota rav4 in for an oil change on sunday 10.17.2018. I should have known that I was in the wrong place when the service attendant asked me what type of oil does your truck uses??? The oil change took much longer than usual. The next morning...

The Pep Boys / tires

Bob MacIntosh on Oct 16, 2018

Went into the 2730 Story Rd. (San Jose) location for tires. No one waws at the counter. Stood there looking for help. They told me they were 'too busy'. Went across the street and spent $1, 000 on new tires. I should have read all the reviews about Pep Boys online. They are...

Pep Boys / breaks rotors drums disc brakes the whole knew breaking system and my radiator

Omaxx on Oct 10, 2018

Ok well I went in to pepboys and had them put on all new breaking system tires rims and payed for it have all the receipts and documents for that had to take it back in not even a month later because I had no breaks it was shaking all over the road took back in they said they had to...

Pepboys Store # 732 / the blatant disregard of respect and good customer service

Matthew Milette on Oct 6, 2018

I had an appointment at 3 to get inspected for Lyft Virgil told me to go wait in the waiting room waiting in the waiting room he passed me three times not saying a word an hour passes by I lose my patience and go to find out what's going on I'm told by another worker oh the one person that...

Pep Boys / es2500

Mike Durst on Sep 30, 2018

I bought a booster pack ES 2500 September 30 from the Sterling Road pep boys in Hollywood Florida this thing has black burn on the terminals as if they've been using it for their own personal use and then they're going to sell it to me in the box like that and it's now 1 AM I need it and I...

Pep Boys / tune up service

Pete Krenek on Sep 27, 2018

This is not a complaint seeking restitution for incorrect service so much as a very real concern I have about my last service. First, they were unable to pull up my account even though I'd been to that Pep Boys for service perhaps as many as ten times before. Their wish to help me resolve it...

Pep Boys / vehicle repair

J5clyt on Sep 25, 2018

3 weeks ago I had my vehicle in for repair, the engine was running quite rough especially when the air conditioner was turned on. I received a call from the manager who indicated that I needed a spark plug and two fuel injectors at a cost of little over $700. A couple days later after I...

Pep Boys / service starter

Claude Lewis on Sep 21, 2018

I was sold a faulty starter two times within a 1-year. And now I have to return and also pay for labor and towing charges. The representative did not know the number for the corporate office and was not able to help at all. This is absolutely unacceptable as Pep Boys is always under...

Pep Boys / tire services

Scott Fausnaugh on Sep 20, 2018

My name is Scott Fausnaugh. Back in July when I was on vacation with my family I had stopped at the Pep Boys in Fayetteville North Carolina to get 2 new tires on my van. I had made an appointment online and got to the store at that time. I had to end up upgrading to get four brand new...

Pep Boys Corporate Lack of Customer Care / tire purchase

Dan Eysie on Sep 19, 2018

Please understand this IS NOT about the local store I went to. This is about a complete lack of customer care as part of your corporate culture. Recently I went to a local store and purchased 4 tires, spending approximately $550.00. I have a car with different size tires on the front and...

Pep Boys / bought bad starter at pep boys

Steven Kirkpatrick on Sep 19, 2018

Bought a reman starter at Pep Boys. Store number #0742 on 8-4-2018 trans 06836. Was on sale for $77.42 +tax.and core deposit. I immediately paid $108.00 to have it installed. Brought core back that afternoon and got core deposit back. 9-18-2018 car wouldn't start. Just clicking. Had car...

Pep Boys / tires

Lynn R. Duncan on Sep 18, 2018

I purchased 4 new tires on 8/26/18. I'm a tractor trailer truck driver. My first time driving the car after 8/26/18 was Sunday September 16, 2018. I drove from my home in Greenbelt Md to Silver Spring Md. After visiting my friend for 1 hour, and parking in his driveway I came outside to...

Pep Boys / rewards cards

sharkdiver on Sep 18, 2018

09/18/2018. Weslaco, Texas. I made an appointment to replace a part on my vehicle. This was done. At checkout, I handed them a rewards card. They ran it and told me that it was declined. They said that it had already been used. I had not used it. Corporate officer said that it was a...

Pep Boys / retail store manager

David Fuller on Sep 9, 2018

Iv'e been a loyal customer of store 83 in Richmond Va. for quite a few Years. Spent thousands of dollars under the management of Dyrel Hawkins. Since he has been gone. I have noticed several changes .none of these are for the good of the customer or employee's. 1. The belittlement and...

Pep Boys / overcharged for service

Sherri Gagliano on Sep 8, 2018

Pep boys website advertises pricing for various services. They have a few prices for a/c diagnostic starting at $34.95 going up to $90 something. I brought my car in to diagnos my a/c problem. Sometimes it blows cold and sometimes hot. I explained to the supervisor. He charged me $169.95 just...

Pep Boys / oil change - roanoke, tx

Trudy West James on Sep 7, 2018

Made an appointment 2 days ago for an appointment to have my oil changed at 4:00 PM on 9-7-18. Arrived 10 minutes early to be informed I would have to wait 2 hours before they could change my oil. Why, oh why do you make appointments if your Management Staff does not know how to schedule...

Pep Boys / treatment of employees by management

Tired2018 on Aug 29, 2018

The service department manager in the Chattanooga locations think that they know more about cars then their own staff including the technicians. As I am a technician I have a lot more information and knowledge of cars. Yet, the manager has been throwing parts on cars and not paying us for...