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Complaints & Reviews

they charge for oil change/refill rad. floid never did!

I took my 2002 dodge intrepid to pepboys for a reg. Oil change... I explained to the men working that a mechanic (Family friend) had just looked at my car less than an hour ago and told me I was really low on radiator fluid I asked them to make sure they fill it up... My car was in and out in less than 30min. I asked the tech before I left if he replaced the fluids he said that I was good on all my fluids now... Well a little over 2 wks later I was driving to joplin mo. I never made it there. My car broke down started smoking less than 24 miles from joplin! The heat index was over a 100+ my fiancee and I got stuck on the side of the rode, luckily a ok state trooper came along and drove us to miami ok. Where we had to have our car towed there $95 then we had to have another person tow it from there to tulsa where we live another $200! I had 3 diff. Mechanics look at my car they all said that my car 's inital breakdown was the result of having no rad. Fluid.!!! I called pepboys and the manager there stated that he would look at the tapes and get back to me... He never did I had to call him back, he then stated that this was not pepboys fault that I poss. Had a blown head gasket nut would need a comp. Check to see. I called their corp # and they had my car towed to pepboys and did the comp. Test - they said it was a blown head gasket nut it couldnt have happened from no rad. Fluid...!!! They (Even the area sup.) said that chrysler has defective parts on my car that go out... They said that they would be glad to fix it for me and would even give me a disc. Instead of the almost $1900 they'd only charge me $1600!!! Um, yeah, ok its not your fault although every mech. I've talked to said it is - nut youll give me a disc. Why??? I am a mother of 6 in school for nursing that now is stranded all b/c of pepboys!!! Please everyone stay away from there!!!

broke my ashtray

I took my car to Pep Boys for a oil change, its a older 1986 Buick Park Ave.. Now my car is a mess on the inside, and I am a heavy smoker, well when I took the car in the ashtray was overflowing with cigartte butts, I should have emptied it, but didn't. When the car eas pulled done I paid the bill and went out to my car and the ashtray was hanging by the lighter wire, I went back in and asked what was this all about and the manager told me the mechanic was doing me a favor and dumped it for me but could not get it back in. I had to special order a new ashtray assemble from GM at a cost of 112.00. I got it and put it in myself and took the bill back to the manager and he refused to pay it, he told me that when you bring a car in for service it should be clean. I am writing the corporate office, I will keep u posted.

  • Su
    subieboy1 Sep 30, 2010

    if your gonna complain about that imagine how a tech feels when he goes into a pigsty of a car clean your car before getting it serviced i would have refused to work on your car because of your sloppy ###

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billed for work not done

bought the famous buy three tires get a rebate for the fourth tire. week later got a phone call from pepboys saying the tires i bought didnt qualify for rebate .Irvine tx store
went three days later to Harlengen Tx pepboys for airconditioner work was charged for evaporator block and clogged tube to be cut cleaned and rebrazed. never happened . had emergency brake pads replaced. Waited 6.5 hours and overcharged. Was quoted $300 was charged $550 paid $440. still had same airconditioning problem. went to independent garage they replaced the clutch fan and cured the problem for $200 parts and labor.
First stop in Irvine on 4/13/2010 stopped in Harlengen Tx on 4/16 and 17/2010
There is no such thing as a evaporator block on a 2003 dodge 2500 with a 5.9 diesel.no tube was found rebrazed.
pepboys complete rip offs!! will never us them again.

wrecked my car

We took our Expedition and Outlander to Pep Boys for service. $400 later, they returned the Outlander to us about lunch time. I had to call them at 3:30pm to see about my Expedition. They told me they found the issue, but that they part had to come from the dealer, would call me with a price tomorrow. 5pm, I get a call from Juan telling me he has bad news. They were able to find a vacuum hose that would fit, but while test driving the SUV, someone rearended them! Not their fault, but why I was even more pissed is that Juan was not apologetic at all. Just kept saying it wasn't their fault and that we needed to come down and show our insurance. I get their and Juan ignores us. I then state that I am their about the Expedition and he doesn't even look up from his paperwork and says he knows, but they have it all straightened out and he'll call me Monday! I ask why he didn't call me when I had told him we had a 20 min drive to come down there and he states that he was too busy. Wow, sorry to inconvenience you, when you wrecked my accident free vehicle! It took 2 days of calling the store and corporate for me to get Charles, a service manager, who actually did the right thing. He called Corporate and the insurance and made sure it was being handled correctly and not only that, he waived the cost of repairs that we were going to have to pay Pep Boys. Now they did still try to only give me a 10% discount (something I got with a coupon anyways!!!), but the minute I said Charles said it would be free, they handed over the vehicle. However, I still had to deal with a Geico investigator claiming I was letting the vehicle be used for business purposes! I also lose trade in value, as the reason we were having repairs was so that we could trade it in in good repair and now even repaired loses trade in value. Kudos to Charles at the Alameda store in Albuquerque and BOO to the rest of that store and their corporate office.


On Wednesday March 3, 2010 while driving home from my university, I experienced some stiffness in my steering when making turns. Being very dependant on my car I immediately headed over to the Pepboys in Elmont store #180. The service representative inquired about my problem and I informed her that I was having a hard time when turning she asked me if I checked the power steering fluid and I informed her that it was not empty. She informed me that she will have to do a steering evaluation which will cost me $22 to locate the problem I agreed because I wanted the problem resolved. I then sat in the service area and started studying for my exams. At approximately 16:45hrs I was approached by the service agent and she asked me to head to the counter. When I reached the counter she informed me that the power steering pump is defective and will need to be replaced, she pulled up an estimate for the service including labor for $758.88 which includes a wheel alignment as listed in the service order. I agreed and she informed me that she will order the pump and the car will be fixed once the pump arrives.
At 19:43 hrs the mechanics informed me that they will be unable to fix the problem due to the shop closing I was asked to bring the Car back on Friday. I agreed. On Friday I left the car at pepoys and returned to pick up the car at 1600hrs. When picking up the car I was not informed that the problem was not fixed I was just given the bill for $758.88 and was given the service Manager’s card. Immediately when I started my car I noticed that there was absolutely no difference in the stiffness. I called the service manager Raj who informed me that I should drive the vehicle for a bit. Based on his instructions I drove the vehicle on the cross island parkway for about 35 minutes, the problem became more severe. I then brought the car back to Pepboys. I was asked to leave the car over night and they will look at it. The following day I was called by Pepboy’s manager Raj and informed that my rack and pinion was defective and that he will replace it. I was then called at 1400hrs and was informed that my vehicle was ready to be picked up. I arrived at 16:45hrs and was given the vehicle with a bill of $244.41 I because I was assured that the problem was fixed.
When I entered the vehicle the stiffness had became a bit better but was still present. I drove the vehicle home and parked it. The following morning on my way to my university I noticed that the car was making a frightening sound and the turning became stiff once again. I pulled over and called Raj, he did not offer towing assistance. I left the vehicle in the street that day and took public transportation both to and from my university.
I dropped off the vehicle to Pepboys on Friday. Manager Raj called me at approximately 11:00 hrs in the morning he informed me that the turning was fixed and that my vehicle needed brakes which is what was making the freighting sound. I informed him that my brakes are covered under warranty and he informed me that he will fix them. At 15:00 hrs I was informed that my vehicle was ready to be picked up. I arrived at Pepboys at 1600 hrs and was told that the brakes were replaced under warranty but I would have to pay for new rotors. I agreed and paid the $200.57 for the service. When driving home I still had problems with the vehicle stiffness and was told by Raj that the issue was with a part from Nissan that is “nationally backordered.”
On Saturday when driving my vehicle I heard the same sound from the brakes and I feel the stiffness in my turning. I immediately called Pepboys call center and filed a compliant. I was informed that I will be contacted with 48hrs.
I did not use my vehicle since then and had to borrow my girlfriend’s car. I called Pepboys management a total of 8 times to this day and have not heard from anyone from Pepboys customer relations or from their Area Director like I was promised.
I took my vehicle to my local mechanic and my Nissan Dealer, both informed me that the problem all along was the rack and pinion the fluid pump should never had been changed for the problem I was having. I was informed by both that it was an incorrect diagnostic and was given $1800 for repairs not including the brakes. I was also informed that the rear brakes were never replaced; on the safe side I repaired the back brakes for a total of $126.
On Saturday April 3, 2010 in good faith I brought the vehicle to Pepboys, I confronted the store manager about the back brakes he stated that his mechanic might have over looked the brakes. I also confronted him about the front brakes, I had a warranty on Ceramic Brakes he had his mechanic install Bronze. (Ceramic are top of the line, Bronze are the cheapest possible brakes.) Manger did not have anything to say about this remark. I then asked Raj to take the vehicle so he can see what I feel. He took the vehicle for a test drive with me in the passenger seat. He stated the car is fine and he does not feel anything wrong with it. I asked him to let go of the steering wheel for a second, he immediately noticed that the car shifted to the left. This concluded that the car was not aligned even though they had charged me for the alignment. I then showed him the clanking and ticking sound that was evident when driving, he told me that it was a simple fix and was caused because his mechanic did not install the rotors correctly. He took the vehicle back to the shop told me that his mechanic Brian was working on the vehicle. At 1600 I noticed that Brian was talking to a female who stated her car was overheating. I wondered if Brian is working on her vehicle then who is working on mine? At 1645hrs I was told that the vehicle was fixed and was given the keys, before even exiting the parking lot I noticed that the sound was still evident. This concluded that they did not fix the vehicle that day as promised. I returned to the service manager and he told me its busy I don’t have the time to fix it today please bring it back, please note there were 7 mechanics working that day.
Pepboys committed fraud in the following ways.
1st time they repaired the vehicle they made me pay for the $758 telling me that the problem wasd fixed when in reality no difference was made.
2nd time I was told a new rack and pinion will be installed a rack and pinion was never installed.
3rd time I was informed the part needed for my car was nationally backordered and to try back in three months, (this is when the warranty period for the service expires 90days, how convenient). The deal and the mechanic said they can retrieve the part.
4th time I was told my brakes will be changed under warranty from my purchase from May 2009, the rear pads were not changed.
5th time my brakes that were under warranty were replaced with the cheapest brakes possible not only is this unethical it is illegal.
6th time they charge me for an alignment that was never preformed
In conclusion I have spent $1203.86 for service that was not rendered. The service shows warranty which they did not back. They even asked me to leave the shop because I was there for warranty. They informed me the car was fixed when it was not and charged me for it. They preformed and charged me for a diagnostic that was inaccurate. They made my car worse from having a steering problem to a steering and a brakes problem. Because of this I have spent countless hrs in the shop since March 3rd trying to resolve this issue. I have spent $133 from Nissan dealer for a diagnostic which states the rack and pinion is the problem and is not nationally backordered. I also spent 125 from another shop to fix my rear brakes so I have some working brakes on the vehicle. I have called Pepboys Customer Relations many times to have this issue resolved but have never received a response from corporate or their area director.
I have all documents available for all transactions listed above which will be provided if necessary. I think I have made an effort trying to have this issue resolved with both the shop and their Customer Relations but no one is willing to work with me. On the wall in the service area it states “100 percent satisfaction guaranteed if you do not like the repair we will re do it or refund your money” they did not want to redo the service so I asked for a refund based on this slogan but was denied. Thus, I am disputing the $1203.86 from Pepboys since I was fraudulently misled on all three transactions so I can have my vehicle fixed by Nissan.

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29 minutes

I always skeptic about Pepboys all these years because they are OVERPRICE
But, I decide give it a try when I saw the ad for 29 minutes oil change plus $13 rebates

Yesterday, I went to Pep Boys in Rowland Height for oil change. After waiting for 15 minutes, Finally, Someone asked me what do i need.
"Oil change" I said. The employees told me, "You have to wait for 1.5 hours for that? WHAT!!!
What happened with 29 minutes? ... It is count at the time they pull in the car... but for now... you have to wait 1.5 hours...
Come on...

This morning, I went to another Pep boys in Chino hills for same reason. I talked to one employee named JOE. He might be the manager for that department
SAME THING! 29 minutes becomes 2 hours. WHAT!!!
JOE said: They have 3 CARS ahead of me for the oil change., ...

1. WHAT 29 minutes sign for?. I better go to Wal-mart "across the street" -- at least they are certainly changed it for less than 1 hours
2. 3 CARS oil change = 2 hours? HOLLY MOLLY...Do you know how to manage a store???. I closed my store the next day.. if I am the owner...
3. PEP-BOYS employee are working TOO SLOW

DO NOT need to spend another minute on these store.

  • Su
    subieboy1 Sep 30, 2010

    no you should know something about cars you idiot, and oil change only takes 29mins for some cars, some of them you have to pretty much remove a lot of skid plates before getting access to anything, also engines are hot, if you want your car done in 29 minutes you do it yourself and get burnt, me personally if im doing and oil change and the car is pipping hot and the customer wants it done right away, guess what hes gonna hear from, go f^$K yourself

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  • Mo
    Moore77 Jan 15, 2011

    That's just how the public is about knowing nothing when it comes to cars. It's sad that they bring it to you for service, which they don't do for a living, then everything you tell them is quickly refused. The sad part is if half of these people that come to Pep Boys know so much about cars, first why are they bringing it to us, second, why don't they fix it themselves? People in the automotive industry get no respect. We have windows where they can see out in the shop, we let them stand out by the bays and we have cameras all over. Hmmmm I don't think dealerships have that freedom for customers to see all that. Wonder why???

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false service and misinformation

This has to be the absolute worst service I have ever received. My change oil light popped on one morning and...

untrained managers

Today I went to the PepBoys store located in Miami Lakes Fl to purchase a water pump for my car.

Well, they only had one employee behind the parts counter, it was the Parts Manager, a fellow by the name of Aquiles. I couldn't believe this Parts Manager, he didn't have the slightest idea on how to even use their computer to look up parts. I then asked for the Store Manager, and guess what, the lady that labeled herself as the Store Manager didn't know either. They actually invited me around the counter and I had to look up my own parts, after providing him with the part number he had no idea were to find it or if they had it in stock, unbelievable.

Needless to say, I left pissed and without a water pump... For years I owned an Auto Parts store myself, I can not imagine having an untrained employee dealing with the public, much less a manager. In my personal opinion, a Manager must know ALL aspects of the operation.

Wake up PepBoys, start training your managers, or you will continue to loose business to the competition, this time around I ended up going to Advance Auto and not only they had competent employees, they also had the parts in stock. And yes, you guessed right, I'm not going back to PepBoys again.

Cannot get them to start!

I moved out to Vegas in Sept 2008 and thought it would be cool to have ATV's for my family and I to kick...

tire change

Took in a 15" rim with no tire and asked for a new 205 65 R15 tire to replace the bad one. The service writer Matt said it would be no problem and it would take about 45 mins. After about 35 mins Matt came out to tell me there was a problem and that my rim was 16". Now tell me why would the other 3 tires and rims be 15" and not this one? I walked outside to my car just to check and make sure I did not read the #'s wrong while my girlfriend stayed in the store to find out the price of a 16" (which should i even mention was almost double the price of the tire that I was suppose to be getting put on) I brought in the tire that was bad to show them that the tire size was 15". Matt the service writer took me in the shop with my tire and a tape measure and he measured from edge to edge of the rim and kept telling me that it was 16'' and that they will not put a 15" tire on it. I showed them that the tire that came off the rim was indeed a 15" and that it fit; by me putting it back on the rim. Matt kept insisting that it was a 16 " rim and the only way that my 15" tire fit was because it was worn out and stretched. By this time I am pissed and they are refusing to put on the tire that the car calls for because their tape measurements show that need I say again from outside of rim to outside of rim is almost 16", needless to say I took my rim and tire the hell out of that store so pissed off I didn't speak to my girlfriend the entire 45 min. ride home. When I got home I decided what the hell I'm gonna measure this rim just to make sure I'm not the crazy one here, so I take the tire inside the house and lay it on the kitchen floor with the inside of the rim facing out and damned if the rim size is stamped inside the rim (15x8). I'm thinking about going back up there tomorrow and show them, but then again they will most likely say o' thats not the same rim you brought in yesterday, because you know Pep Boys it the BEST store around and they don't ever do anything wrong. I feel that they tried to take advantage of me; thankfully I did not fall for it. However i guess i could have let them put a 16'' tire on it and watch someone get hurt when it blew off (POSSIBLY ME)...

car was never serviced

On 1/29/2010 I left my jeep cherokee for oil change & tire repair at
12:00 pm. Was told I would be back by 1:30, was also told it would be ready by then by Manager Roger Robinson. He left the store at that time as I did. I returned at 1:15 pm to pick up my jeep and it had not been moved or serviced. I have bought a pair of wiper blades which he said they would put on and also some floor mats earlier. I think that this was very sorry business and on top of that could not find anyone there to help me until I went into store area asking for service. The manager gave me an estimate print out of the bill which was a total of $46.77. It sure seems that now days a business would not be able to turn away business for even this small bit of money, but I sure will let this story be know all over Conyers.

Customer: Beverly Wright [protected]

double charged

At Pepboys on Carrollton Ave in New Orleans they have a VERY rude Assistant Manager. He replaced my...

tried to scam me

My car overheated the day after Christmas on the way to Abilene, TX from Houston, Texas. I was in the middle of no where. (Comanche, TX) It was my water pump I was certain and I turned the car off as soon as it overheated and had it towed to Abilene. (75 miles - $260). I took it to Pep Boys. They called me back within a half hour after they had the car to tell me that the head was cracked and that it was going to be $3000 to fix it. I did not have $3000 to fix it and I needed to go back to home the next day. So I rented a U-Haul and towed my car 400 miles home ($400 to rent U-haul and tow dolly and $120 gas). I took it to my regular mechanic and low and behold- it was the water pump. I even paid the extra money to have the head and the block checked for a crack and there was not one. My regular mechanic also mentioned that there is not a diagnostic to check for a cracked head that can be done that quickly. (Oh – I forgot to mention that Pep Boys charged me $38 diagnostic fee) Pep Boys knew I was stranded, knew I needed to get home and they were one of very few places open the day after Christmas. I will never ever go to Pep Boys or let anyone I know go to Pep Boys. If anyone has any info/advice on how to report them and get them to pay for some of the cost that I incurred because of them please tell me. I am desperate and broke!!!

  • Sa
    Saba1 Mar 15, 2010

    Thank you so much for posting this tiffanidrive:
    The exact same thing is happening to me right now and you just helped me to stop second guessing my intuition.
    They called me today from Pep Boys saying there is a crack in the head and priced repairs at $3, 250.
    It just didn't sound right to me.
    I paid the $35.50 fee to check the cooling system - and got my car out of there.
    I made it to my regular mechanic without even running hot. He already thinks it was a scam.
    I will find out in the morning.

    If it turns out to be a scam - I'll be reporting them to every agency who will listen.

    Thanks again, and I'm sorry it happened to you on Christmas out of town. That makes it even worse that they tried to take advantage.

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i took my truck in for a thermostat replacement and to put a new radiator they took 3 days and cost me a freakin motor they took my truck for a test drive and said they motor blew up then they show me the oil that they said they drained out of it and it was rearend grease im not stupid plus my trk was on the lift and the oil plug was still in the pan i talked to the manager and he said he saw the so called oil come out of my truck and then said it was caused from useing lucas oil in it then he told me they had a motor to fit my truck that they had with 160000 miles on it for 3500 installed i have all the paper work i took my keys and called a towtruck to pick my truck up i have 2 kids and a wife that is goin to school for nursing i cant afford to sue these guys and lose the time off fromwork so now im out a 9000 dollar truck that im still paying on and had to get another one till i can afford to fix this one i really wish i could have sued these guys because they are doing this to alot of people how do they stay in business

  • Ha
    Happy Fella Dec 20, 2009

    Punctuation, correct grammar, and proper capitalization are some terms you might want to look up on the internet. That being said why on earth did you take your truck in to get the thermostat changed? You can do this at home in just a few minutes. Again, use the internet as a reference.

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false advertising

I printed an online coupon for Winter Preparation Maintenance Service, $10 off and the service includes:oil change and filter, tire rotation, wiper blades, battery service, top fuels and battery test. It is good at any Pep Boys until December 31, 2009. When I arrived at this Pep Boys location, the cashier refused to honor the coupon, and gave me a printout of the "real" Winter Preparation Maintenance Service, which only included the oil change and filter, battery service, and wiper blades, it did not include the tire rotation or top fluids, or battery test. The cashier stated he "did not know what to tell me" and to "take it up with them" meaning customer service/online website. I did not get the service performed, I walked out, but this is definately false advertising and signed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau. I tried to call customer service, but just kept getting a machine, which I refuse to talk to, I want to talk to a real person.

poor repair

I went to Pepboys from a 29 minute oil change & a tire rotation on 12/05/09. I arrive before 9:00am. They...

repair service

Horrible Repair Work! Horrible Customer Service!

I've had my car back into this location 4 times to repair my car. They've taken $2500 from me and have YET to fix my car. They replaced many parts that I am certain didn't need replacing. They've broken my engine and replaced it twice. They've taken a month and a half (so far) to make these so called repairs and have YET to get the job done right. Today I took my car BACK because, despite my replaced engine, the check engine light comes on, the car dies if it is running in park AND they actually gave me the car back without ANY antifreeze!

Customer Service is an absolute joke. Even management is completely unsympathetic. They never call you back; I've had to call daily to check on the status of my car only to continue to receive more bad news. I cannot believe that they are allowed to perform any services at all. They should stick to selling parts. Unless you need tires and MAYBE an oil change, stay as far away as possible from this Pep Boys.

  • Re
    Repairgod Dec 04, 2009

    They're losing their compitent technicians because they are not taking care of them. I'll include a link to a post of my own from this very site.

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improper labeling

Purchased a 2-guage 48 inch battery cable only to find that inside the plastic package was a 40guage 38" cable. This occurance wasted hours off my time because the product was either mislabeled or a lessor product than indicated was purposely substituted. Tried to return product, but they wouldn't take it back unless I divulged a whole lot of personal information which I didn't care to give. When I phoned 'Customer Service' at their headquarters and explained the situation, they basically didn't care that they were about to loose a steady customer over an $11 claim. This BTW was their store on South Lamar in Austin, TX.

awful, awful, awful

Ohhh, pep boys... Never again! Despite hearing not-so-great things about them in the past, i'd go there frequently simply because the hours are convenient. Last weekend, I took my car there for an oil change and a state inspection. I also noticed some stiffness in my steering wheel; mostly while backing up, so I had them check that.

Well. They quoted me $1400 and told me I needed a whole new rack and pinion on a three-year-old car with only 58, 000 (That has never been in an accident). They also failed my car on the safety inspection and told me this needed to be replaced before they'd pass me. They said it was, "a huge safety issue and I shouldn't be driving my car."

I didn't even know what a rack and pinion was, but I was so freaked out! Anyway, I definitely didn't have $1400, so I called my car's manufacturer all frantic and upset hoping for some sort of help. They told me they needed an official diagnosis from the dealer first, which is completely understandable. My car passed every single diagnostic test the dealer ran on the steering system. They found nothing wrong with my vehicle — other than my tires desperately needed replacing. I knew I needed new tires, but I didn't realize they were so bad that they were causing the steering tightness! They increased the tire pressure at the dealer which right away made a huge difference in the steering.

Yesterday, I went to a trusted independent mechanic (Recommended by two of my co-workers) who installed four brand new tires and told me — again — there was absolutely nothing wrong with my rack and pinion! He also told me that even if there was, there is no way it would ever cost even close to $1400! (Oh, and by the way, he passed my car on the state inspection — which I should have passed in the first place at pep boys!) my car is fine now.

I am furious!! Pep boys not only caused me three days of stress and money-worrying, but they had me second-guessing my car's manufacturer that i've been loyal to and trusted for many years! Plus I was scared to even drive my car! Not only that, but I dropped $96 on that oil change, the failed inspection, and their diagnostic fee. The oil change i'll pay for, but I want my money back on the rest! Shouldn't someone who "knows about cars" simply suggested tires first before going all "rack and pinion" on me?

Moral of my story/lesson learned = never going to pep boys again!

  • Re
    Repairgod Dec 04, 2009

    Compitence at Pep Boys? Good luck with that!

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towing scam

There is a towing company that is contracted by pepboys to tow away cars that park in the pepboys parking...